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"c-124" "c-13" "c-130" "c-131-d" "c-131d" "c-150e" "c-17" "c-26a"

"c-45" "c-46" "c-47" "c-47's" "c-47d" "c-50" "c-54" "c-5a"

"c-60" "c-7" "c-97's" "c-99" "c-circle" "c-l" "c-shaped" "c-span"

"c0254263" "c05515622" "c1" "c118" "c119" "c124" "c130" "c130+air"

"c130s" "c131" "c1310" "c141" "c2" "c45" "c45h" "c46"

"c47" "c47+airliner" "c47+ground" "c47+marine" "c5" "c50" "c537" "c54"

"c54+" "c54-size" "c97" "ca" "ca'" "ca299" "caa" "caac"

"cab" "cabal" "cabala" "caballero" "caballeros" "caballo" "cabana" "cabanas"

"cabansag" "cabassi" "cabasson" "cabazon" "cabañas" "cabbage" "cabbie" "cabbies"

"cabeca" "cabell" "cabello" "cabeso" "cabin" "cabin'" "cabin-" "cabin-like"

"cabinet" "cabinet-level" "cabinets" "cabins" "cable" "cable-broadcasted" "cables" "cabo"

"caboc" "caboolture" "caborn" "cabra" "cabral's" "cabrejas" "cabrera" "cabreria"

"cabresto" "cabrillo" "cabriolet" "cabrito" "cacamoundis" "cacapava" "cacaruaba" "cacciatore"

"caccivic" "caccivio" "caceres" "cache" "cachoeira" "cachoeirinha" "cackling" "caconde"

"cacophonous" "cacti" "cactus" "cactus-like" "cacuso" "cad" "cadair" "cadaret"

"cadaver" "cadavers" "caddell" "caddo" "cade" "cadena" "cader" "cadet"

"cadets" "cadi" "cadillac" "cadillacs" "cadivilla" "cadiz" "cadmium" "cadmos"

"cadnam" "cadore" "cadorette" "cadotte" "cadouin" "cadours" "cadre" "cads"

"cadwst" "cady" "cadzand" "caelestia" "caen" "caernarvonshire" "caerphilly" "caetano"

"caetano's" "cafe" "caferina" "cafes" "cafeteria" "caffeine" "cafres" "café"

"cagarra" "cagarras" "cagayan" "cage" "cage-like" "cage-mates" "caged" "cages"

"caginas" "cagliari" "caguas" "cahaba" "cahersiveen" "cahill" "cahills" "cahn"

"cahors" "caiana" "caiden" "caiffe" "cailar" "caille" "cain" "caipe"

"cairanne" "cairns" "cairo" "caistor" "caithness" "caixwyh08mc" "cajati" "cajazeiras"

"cajneiro" "cajoling" "cajon" "cake" "cake-pan" "cake-tin" "cakes" "cal"

"cal-berkeley" "calabash" "calabona" "calabozo" "calabrese" "calabria" "calafell" "calahan"

"calais" "calalzo" "calama" "calamine" "calamities" "calamity" "calamuchita" "calan"

"calasanz" "calaveras" "calcareous" "calcedo" "calcerosa" "calcified" "calcination" "calcinations"

"calcined" "calcium" "calculate" "calculated" "calculates" "calculating" "calculation" "calculations"

"calcutta" "calcutta-dum" "calda" "caldas" "calder" "caldera" "calderon" "caldwell"

"caledon" "caledonia" "calen" "calendar" "caleta" "calexico" "calf" "calf's"

"calf--occurred" "calf-length" "calf-like" "calfate" "calfskin" "calgary" "calhan" "calhoun"

"cali" "caliber" "calibrate" "calibrated" "calibration" "calibrations" "calibre" "caliche"

"calico" "caliente" "calif" "california" "california's" "california--100" "calig" "calignaia"

"calingasta" "calistoga" "calkins" "call" "call-in" "callahan" "callair" "callao"

"callaway" "calle" "called" "callela" "caller" "callers" "callery" "callicoon"

"calling" "callison" "callisons" "calls" "callsign" "calm" "calmar" "calmed"

"calming" "calmly" "calmness" "calmon" "calms" "calouste" "caltagirone" "caltanisetta"

"caltanissetta" "caltech" "caltowie" "caluire" "calumet" "caluso" "calutrons" "calvados"

"calvaire" "calvary" "calvat" "calvert" "calverton" "calves" "calvi" "calvin"

"calvine" "calvinerevealed" "calvinia" "calza" "calze" "cam" "camacho" "camagua"

"camaguey" "camanez" "camaqua" "camarasa" "camargo" "camarillo" "camarthen" "camas"

"camba" "camberley" "camberwell" "cambodia" "cambosu" "cambrai" "cambria" "cambric"

"cambridge" "cambridges" "cambridgeshire" "cambrils" "cambuquira" "cambá" "camcorder" "camden"

"came" "camel" "camels" "camembert" "cameo" "camera" "camera's" "camera-telescopes"

"cameraman" "cameramen" "cameras" "cameras---and" "cameron" "cameroon" "camilho" "camilla"

"camille" "camillo" "camillus" "camilo" "camino" "cammarata" "cammell" "camo"

"camoflage" "camoflage-green" "camoflauge" "camoflauged" "camouflage" "camouflaged" "camp" "camp-out"

"campaign" "campaigns" "campamento" "campana" "campania" "campbell" "campbells" "campbellsville"

"campbelltown" "campeadore" "campeche" "camped" "campello" "campelo" "camper" "camper-trailer"

"campers" "campestre" "campfire" "campground" "camphor" "camphorated" "campiglia" "campillo"

"campina" "campinas" "camping" "campli" "campo" "campobasso" "campobello" "campos"

"camps" "campsite" "campton" "camptonville" "campus" "campville" "campwide" "camus"

"camusoni" "can'" "can't" "can-cylinder" "can-green" "canaan" "canaberra" "canada"

"canada's" "canada--when" "canadian" "canadian-american" "canadiannewsnetwork" "canadians" "canado" "canal"

"canali" "canals" "canandaigua" "canard" "canaria" "canaries" "canary" "canatuma"

"canaveral" "canberra" "canby" "cancel" "canceled" "cancellation" "cancelled" "cancels"

"cancer" "cancri" "cancun" "candanchu" "candau" "candelari" "candellin" "candid"

"candidacy" "candidate" "candidates" "candide" "candidly" "candle" "candle-carrying" "candle-like"

"candle-wax" "candlelights" "candler" "candles" "candlewood" "cane" "cane-like" "canelinha"

"canes" "canet-plage" "canfield" "canford" "cangzhou" "canhotinho" "canine" "canine-like"

"canis" "canistear" "canister" "canisters" "canjilon" "canjuers" "canna-umbrinus" "cannabinoids"

"cannae" "cannery" "cannes" "cannes-la-bocca" "cannet" "cannikin" "canning" "cannock"

"cannon" "cannon-like" "cannonball" "cannonball-shaped" "cannonballing" "cannons" "cannonville" "cannot"

"cano" "canoa" "canoas" "canoe" "canoe-cylinder" "canoga" "canon" "canoose"

"canopies" "canopus" "canopy" "canos" "canota" "canovanas" "cans" "cantabria"

"cantal" "cantaloupe" "canted" "canteen" "canterbury" "cantillana" "canton" "cantonment"

"cantrell" "canuelas" "canute" "canutillo" "canvas" "canvas-like" "canvasback" "canvass"

"canvey" "canyon" "canyons" "cao" "caoa" "cap" "capabilities" "capability"

"capable" "capacitance" "capacitor" "capacitors" "capacity" "capanle" "capao" "caparica"

"capataneni" "capay" "capayan" "cape" "cape-like" "capel" "capella" "capello"

"capen" "capers" "capes" "capetown" "capilla" "capin" "capital" "capital-journal"

"capitalism" "capitalist" "capitalistic" "capitalize" "capitalized" "capitalizing" "capitan" "capitol"

"capitán" "capivari" "caplan" "capo" "capocci" "capocci's" "capodichino" "capodimonte"

"caponi" "capped" "cappoquin" "cappuro" "capr" "capri" "capricorn" "capricorne"

"caprock" "capron" "caproni" "capră" "caps" "capsized" "capsule" "capsule'"

"capsule-cylinder" "capsule-shaped" "capsules" "capt" "captain" "captained" "captains" "caption"

"captivated" "captivates" "captivating" "captive" "captive-carry" "captivity" "captors" "capts"

"capture" "captured" "captures" "capturing" "capua" "capuchin" "capulin" "caputh"

"capuzello" "capão" "car" "car#82+separate" "car's" "car-" "car--the" "car-lengths"

"car-lifted" "car-manufacturing" "car-pacing" "car-phone" "car-racing" "car-radio" "car-roof" "car-shaped"

"car-size" "car-sized" "carabinieri" "caracal" "caracas" "caracavelos" "caracaya" "caracciolo"

"caracus" "caraguatatuba" "caraliamis" "caramel" "caramia" "caramy" "carangula" "caransebes"

"caransebeş" "caranza" "carapito" "caraquet" "caratinga" "caravac" "caravaca" "caravaca's"

"caravan" "carayaca" "carazinho" "carballo" "carbide" "carbine" "carbon" "carbon-arc"

"carbon-based" "carbon-copy" "carbon-like" "carbonara" "carbonate" "carbondale" "carbonized" "carbonnier"

"carcass" "carcasses" "carcassonne" "carces" "carcinoma" "carco" "carcouet" "carcross"

"card" "cardan" "cardano" "cardboard" "carde" "cardee" "cardeiros" "cardelli"

"cardemil" "cardenas" "cardiac" "cardiff" "cardigan" "cardiganshire" "cardinal" "cardinal-3"

"cardinal-bishop" "cardinali" "cardington" "cardiologist" "cardiology" "cardoso" "cardozo" "cards"

"care" "cared" "careen" "career" "careering" "careers" "careful" "carefully"

"carefully-engineered" "careme" "carera" "cares" "caressed" "caretaker" "carette" "carew"

"carey" "carft" "cargo" "cargo-type" "cargoes" "cargojet" "cariati" "caribbean"

"caribe" "caribou" "carie" "carignan" "carignan-de-bordeaux" "carl" "carla" "carlan"

"carlborg" "carle" "carleton" "carley" "carlin" "carlinville" "carlisle" "carlo"

"carload" "carloads" "carlos" "carlos's" "carlotta" "carlotto" "carlsbad" "carlsberg"

"carlson" "carlsson" "carlstadt" "carlton" "carlyle" "carmacks" "carmal" "carman"

"carmania" "carmarthen" "carmarthern" "carmathenshire" "carmel" "carmela" "carmelo" "carmen"

"carmi" "carmo" "carmon" "carmona" "carnabon" "carnagie" "carnarvan" "carnarvon"

"carnation" "carnations" "carnaubinha" "carne" "carnegie" "carneiro" "carnelian" "carnestown"

"carney" "carnforth" "carnival" "carnoustie" "carnoustle" "caro" "carob" "caroda"

"carof" "carol" "carole" "carolina" "carolinas" "caroline" "carolyn" "caroni"

"caronia" "caronno" "carora" "carotenuto" "carousel" "carow" "carp" "carpark"

"carpathia" "carpathian" "carpentaria" "carpenter" "carpenters" "carpentersville" "carpentras" "carpet"

"carpetbag" "carpinteria" "carpio" "carpiquet" "carpool" "carport" "carr" "carragher"

"carraizo" "carranza" "carrara" "carrasco" "carrascosa" "carre" "carregal" "carretas"

"carriage" "carriage's" "carriages" "carribean" "carrickfergus" "carrie" "carried" "carrier"

"carrier-based" "carriere" "carriers" "carries" "carrington" "carrion" "carrizal" "carrizales"

"carrizosa" "carrizozo" "carrión" "carrodilla" "carroll" "carrollton" "carrolton" "carrot"

"carrot-clouds" "carrot-shaped" "carrots" "carrum" "carruthers" "carrville" "carry" "carryall"

"carrying" "cars" "cars'" "carsize" "carson" "carson's" "carstairs" "carste"

"carswell" "cart" "carta" "cartagena" "cartaya" "carte" "carted" "cartel"

"cartels" "carter" "carteret" "carters" "cartersville" "carterville" "cartey" "carthage"

"cartmel" "cartographer" "cartography" "cartons" "cartoonist" "cartoons" "cartouche-shaped" "cartridge"

"cartridges" "carts" "cartwheel" "caruao" "carvalho" "carve-out" "carve-outs" "carved"

"carvoero" "carwhere" "cary" "caryl" "cas" "casa" "casablana" "casablanca"

"casalbordino" "casale" "casalegno" "casalincontrada" "casalnuovo" "casalvieri" "casamajou" "casanare"

"casas" "cascade" "cascades" "cascais" "cascas" "cascavel" "casciano" "casco"

"case" "case#385" "casebook" "casefiles" "caseile" "casella" "caselle" "caserne"

"caserta" "cases" "cases--have" "casette" "casey" "caseyville" "casgrain" "cash"

"cash-landrum" "cashier" "cashiered" "cashman" "cashmere" "casilda" "casimir" "casimiro"

"casina" "casing" "casino" "casinos" "casistica" "cask-like" "casket" "caskets"

"caskey" "casks" "caslar" "casnewydd" "casolaro" "casolaro-notebooks" "caspar" "casper"

"caspian" "casquets" "cass" "cassadaga" "cassam" "cassel" "cassells" "casselman"

"casserole" "casserole-ufo" "cassette" "cassia" "cassie" "cassini" "cassini's" "cassino"

"cassiopee" "cassiopeia" "cassock" "cassola" "cassopolis" "cassowary" "casstown" "cassville"

"cast" "castalia" "castaneda" "castanet" "castanet-le-bas" "castanheira" "castanuelo" "casteau"

"castel" "castelar" "castelet-les-sausses" "castelfidardo" "castelfranco" "castelibranco" "castellane" "castellanos"

"castelldefels" "castelle" "castelleale" "castelli" "castello" "castellon" "castelluccio" "castelo"

"casterton" "castiglion" "castiglioncello" "castiglione" "castilian" "castilla" "castillo" "castillo's"

"castine" "casting" "castle" "castle-bravo" "castlegar" "castleton" "castner" "castor"

"castrejana" "castro" "castronuno" "castroville" "casts" "casual" "casually" "casualties"

"caswell" "cat" "cat-and-mouse" "cat-eyes" "cat-faces" "cat-like" "cataclysm" "catadorians"

"cataguases" "catalan" "cataldo" "catalina" "catalog" "cataloged" "cataloging" "catalogue"

"catalogued" "catalonia" "catalyzed" "catalán" "catamaran-shaped" "catamarca" "catandorius" "catanduva"

"catandório" "catania" "catanzaro" "cataract" "cataracts" "catarina" "catastrophe" "catastrophes"

"catastrophic" "catavi" "catawba" "catch" "catch-me-if-you-can" "catches" "catching" "cateau"

"categorically" "categories" "categorize" "categorized" "categorizes" "categorizing" "category" "catemaco"

"catena" "cater" "caterham" "caterpillar-track" "cates" "catete" "catfish" "catfish-like"

"catfish-shaped" "catharines" "cathay" "cathedral" "catherine" "catherine-elise" "catherines" "catholic"

"catholics" "catia" "catlett" "catlike" "catm-9xs" "cato" "catonsville" "catrilo"

"catron" "cats" "cats-eye" "catskill" "cattails" "cattenom" "catterick" "cattle"

"cattleman" "cattolica" "catwalk" "cau-cau" "caubert" "caucasian" "caucasus" "caudan"

"caudate" "caudate-putamen" "caudillo" "caudry" "caught" "caujac" "caujimolpa" "cauldron"

"cauldron-shaped" "caulfield" "cauliflower-like" "caumont" "cauquenes" "caus" "caus-initiated" "causal"

"cause" "cause-" "caused" "causes" "causeway" "causing" "causses" "caussiniojouis"

"caussols" "caustic" "cauterized" "cautioned" "cautions" "cautious" "cautiously" "caux"

"cava" "cavaillon" "cavalerie" "cavalese" "cavalheiro" "cavallo" "cavan" "cavanac"

"cavanagh" "cavanesse" "cave" "cave-dwelling" "caveat" "caved" "caved-in" "cavelli"

"caveman" "cavenago" "cavender" "cavendish" "cavern" "caverns" "cavero" "caversham"

"caverswall" "caves" "cavetown" "cavezza" "caviness" "cavinessreport" "cavities" "cavitt"

"cavity" "cavort" "cavorted" "cavorting" "cavorts" "cawdor" "caxias" "caxton"

"cay" "cayenne" "cayey" "cayman" "caymans" "caynarachi" "cayuga" "cayuse"

"cazalla" "cazeneuve" "cazeres" "cañada" "cb" "cbc-tv" "cbp" "cbpdv"

"cbrn" "cbs" "cbs-hytron" "cbs-tv" "cbsnews" "cc" "ccdc" "ccg"

"cci" "cclr" "ccr" "cct" "ccts" "cctv" "cd" "cd-observer"

"cdc" "cdn" "cdr" "cds" "cdt" "cdt--within" "cdz" "ce"

"ce-1" "ce-2" "ce-3" "ce-3s" "ce-4" "ce-5" "ce-ii" "ce-iii"

"ce-iv" "ce1" "ce2" "ce2+" "ce2+photos" "ce2+radar" "ce2+radar's" "ce2+still"

"ce3" "ce3+radar's" "ce3s" "ceara" "ceará" "cease" "ceased" "ceases"

"ceasing" "ceballos" "cebolla" "cebrero" "cebu" "cecchini" "cecil" "cecilia"

"cecilville" "cecina" "cedar" "cedarburg" "cedaredge" "cedarvale" "cedarville" "ceded"

"cedeira" "ceder" "cedric" "ceduna" "cefaa" "cefora" "cega" "ceglie"

"ceiba" "ceiii" "ceiling" "ceilings" "cejas" "celano" "celebes" "celebrate"

"celebrated" "celebrating" "celebration" "celebrations" "celebrity" "celen" "celendin" "celerinictus"

"celerino" "celeste" "celestial" "celestron" "celibate" "celina" "celis" "cell"

"cellar" "celle-sous-gouzon" "cellini" "cellophane" "cellophane-like" "cellphone" "cellphones" "cells"

"cellular" "celluloid" "celluloidal" "cellulose" "cellulose-like" "celotto" "celsius" "celso"

"celtic" "cement" "cement-colored" "cemetery" "cemitério" "cenap-report" "cendras" "cennina"

"cenon" "cenon-sur-vienne" "censor" "censored" "censoring" "censorship" "censure" "censured"

"cent" "centaur" "centaure" "centauri" "centaurus" "centenary" "centennial" "centeno"

"center" "center-of-gravity" "centered" "centerforinquiry" "centering" "centers" "centerville" "centimeter"

"centimeters" "centimetric" "cento" "centorino" "central" "centrale" "centralia" "centralize"

"centralized" "centralizing" "centrally" "centre" "centreville" "centrifugal" "centrifuge" "centro"

"centro's" "centronics" "cents" "centuries" "centurion" "century" "ceo" "ceparano"

"cephei" "cepoes-viseu" "ceramic" "ceramicist" "ceramics" "cerat" "cercle" "cercyon"

"cerda" "cerdon" "cereal" "cerealogist" "cerebellar" "cerebral" "cerebrospinal" "ceredigion"

"ceremony" "ceres" "ceresco" "cerese" "ceret" "ceri" "cerillos" "cerilly"

"cerise" "cerisier" "cerkev" "cernada" "cernelle" "cerniebaud" "cernoy-en-berry" "cerny"

"cerpi" "cerpy-en-valois" "cerrillos" "cerro" "cerros" "certain" "certainly" "certainty"

"certesti" "certificate" "certificates" "certifying" "cerullo" "cervantes" "cervera" "cervia"

"cervka" "cerțești" "cesa" "cesar" "cesare" "cesareo" "cesena" "cesium"

"cesium-137" "cesp" "cessation" "cessenon-sur-sphere" "cessieu" "cessna" "cessna-type" "cessnas"

"cesson" "cestas" "cestas-gazinet" "cesário" "cethana" "ceti" "ceto" "cetus"

"ceulacocha" "ceuta" "ceydalen" "ceylon" "ceyras" "cf" "cf-105" "cf-18"

"cfast" "cfb" "cfhq" "cfs" "cg" "cgi" "ch" "ch-47"

"ch-53e" "cha" "chabeiul" "chabeuil" "chable-beaumont" "chablis" "chabut" "chaca"

"chacabuco" "chacalluta" "chacao" "chacara" "chaclacayo" "chaco" "chacon" "chad"

"chadderton" "chadron" "chadwell" "chadwick" "chaenactis" "chaff" "chaffaut" "chaffee"

"chafredo" "chagala" "chagan" "chagas" "chagrin" "chaillou" "chailly-en-biere" "chain"

"chain-like" "chained" "chains" "chair" "chaired" "chairman" "chairmen" "chairs"

"chaisi" "chaj'n" "chakari" "chalabre" "chalac" "chalais" "chaleix" "chaleleon"

"chalet" "chalets" "chalk" "chalk-white" "chalkboard" "chalker" "chalkwell" "chalky"

"challans" "challenge" "challenged" "challenger" "challenges" "challenging" "challes" "challis"

"chalmas" "chalmette" "chalon-sur-saone" "chalons-sur-marne" "chalupiak" "chalupy" "chalus" "chama"

"chamber" "chamberat" "chamberlain" "chamberlin" "chambers" "chambersburg" "chambery" "chamblee"

"chamblin" "chambly" "chambois" "chambon" "chambon-sur-lignon" "chambéry" "chameleo" "chameleonic"

"chami" "chamical" "chamita" "chamlang" "chamonix" "chamorro" "chamouilley" "champ"

"champagne-sur-seine" "champagnole" "champaign" "champigny" "champigny-sur-marne" "champion" "championing" "championship"

"champlain" "champlost" "champoux" "champs" "chan" "chanaral" "chanat" "chance"

"chancellor" "chancellors" "chancery" "chances" "chandelier" "chandeliers" "chandelle" "chandler"

"chandlers" "chandra" "chaneques" "changde" "change" "change-motion" "changed" "changes"

"changing" "changjahwan" "changping" "changson-ni" "changsong-ni" "changsu" "changti" "chanhassen"

"chaniproject" "channel" "channeled" "channeler" "channeling" "channelings" "channels" "channing"

"chanon" "chant" "chanted" "chantepie" "chantereine" "chantilly" "chanting" "chantonnay"

"chantrans" "chants" "chanute" "chanzotte" "chaos" "chaotic" "chaoyang" "chapada"

"chaparra" "chapayevka" "chapdelaine" "chapeau" "chapeco" "chapecó" "chapel" "chapelle"

"chapelle-basse-mer" "chapelle-la-reine" "chapelle-lez-herlaimont" "chapeu" "chapin" "chapinal" "chapins" "chaplain"

"chaplin" "chapman" "chapmanslade" "chappaqua" "chappell" "chapter" "chapters" "chapuis"

"chaput" "character" "characteristic" "characteristics" "characterize" "characterized" "characterizes" "characterizing"

"characters" "charbonneau" "charcoal" "charcoal-black" "charcoal-like" "chard" "chardon" "chardonnay"

"chardzhou" "charente" "charente-maritime" "chareze" "chareze's" "charge" "charged" "charger"

"charges" "charging" "chariot" "chariots" "charitable" "charlatans" "charlemagne" "charlene"

"charles" "charles-chase" "charleston" "charlestown" "charleswood" "charlette" "charleville" "charleville-mezieres"

"charlevoix" "charley" "charlie" "charlotte" "charlotteobserver" "charlottesville" "charlottetown" "charlton"

"charmak" "charmanne" "charmeil" "charmes" "charmes-la-cote" "charmov" "charnay" "charny"

"charovsk" "charred" "charriere" "charring" "charron" "chart" "chart-recorder" "charted"

"charter" "chartered" "chartres" "chartreuse" "chartruis'" "chartruiz" "charts" "charvak"

"chascomus" "chascomús" "chase" "chased" "chaser" "chases" "chasing" "chassagne"

"chasse" "chasseurs" "chassin" "chassis" "chastain" "chastity" "chat" "chatchee"

"chateau" "chateau-chinon" "chateau-farine" "chateau-thierry" "chateaudouble" "chateaudun" "chateaugay" "chateaugiron"

"chateauguay" "chateauneuf" "chateauneuf-du-pape" "chateauneuf-sur-charente" "chateauneuf-sur-loire" "chateaunev" "chateauredon" "chateaurenaud"

"chateauroux" "chateax-roux" "chatel-blanc" "chatel-guyon" "chatelet" "chatelguyon" "chatelle" "chatellerault"

"chatenay-malabry" "chatham" "chatham-kent" "chatillon" "chatillon-sur-seine" "chatou" "chats" "chatsworth"

"chattanooga" "chatten" "chatter" "chattering" "chatterjee" "chatters" "chatting" "chatton"

"chatty" "chatuzange" "chatuzange-le-goubet" "chauchina" "chaudron" "chauffeur" "chaulnes" "chaumeau"

"chaumes-en-brie" "chaumiere" "chaumont" "chaunay" "chauny" "chautauqua" "chauvet" "chauvigny"

"chaux-de-fonds" "chavaniac-lafayette" "chavannes" "chaves" "chavez" "chaville" "chavunco" "chazelle"

"chazey" "chazhma" "chbosky" "che" "che-chiang" "cheadle" "cheap" "chebabat"

"chebanse" "cheboygan" "chebucto" "chechen" "chechen-ingush" "chechnya" "chechyanov" "check"

"check-engine" "check-up" "checked" "checkered" "checking" "checkmark" "checkmate" "checkout"

"checks" "checktheevidence" "checktheevidencecom" "cheddleton" "cheech" "cheedam" "cheek" "cheekbones"

"cheeks" "cheese" "cheesefoot" "cheever" "chegutu" "chehalis" "cheju" "chekhov"

"chelahis" "chelan" "chellaston" "chelles" "chelmford" "chelmsford" "chelsea" "cheltenham"

"chelyabin" "chelyabinsk" "chelyabinsk-40" "chelyabinsk-70" "chelyan" "chemical" "chemically" "chemicals"

"chemie" "cheminot" "chemist" "chemistry" "chemistry-technetium" "chemists" "chemnitz" "chemong"

"chen" "chena" "chenango" "chenarides" "chenault" "chene-bourg" "cheney" "chengcun"

"chengde" "chengdu" "chenille" "chennault" "chenxi" "cheny" "cheorwon" "cheox"

"cher" "cheradame" "cherbonnieres" "cherbourg" "cherd" "chereng" "cherepovets" "cherepovetz"

"chereze" "cherie" "cherished" "cherkashin" "chermanne" "chernobrov" "chernobyl" "chernobyl'"

"chernovtsy" "chernyakovsk" "chernyavski" "cherokee" "cherokee-6" "cherry" "cherry-picking" "cherry-red"

"cherryfield" "cherryville" "chertoff" "cherwell" "cheryl" "chesaning" "chesapeake" "cheshire"

"chesne" "chesneau" "chess" "chest" "cheste" "chester" "chester-grusinski-10098655" "chester_lytle"

"chesterfield" "chesterland" "chesteron" "chesterton" "chestertown" "chesterville" "chestnut" "chestnut-color"

"chestnuts" "chests" "chet" "chetai" "chetco" "chetwynd" "cheu" "cheval"

"chevalier" "chevenon" "chevigny-en-valiere" "chevigny-fenay" "chevillon-sur-huillard" "cheviot" "chevre" "chevrolet"

"chevron" "chevron-shaped" "chevy" "chew" "chewing" "cheyenne" "cheylard" "chf"

"chh" "chi" "chi-lung" "chia-li" "chiaka" "chiang" "chiapas" "chiaravalle"

"chiarzò" "chiasson" "chiassons" "chiba" "chiberta" "chic" "chica" "chicago"

"chicago-and-" "chicago-and-alton" "chicagotribune" "chicama" "chichaoua" "chichester" "chichijima" "chichita"

"chick" "chickadee" "chickasaw" "chickasha" "chicken" "chicken's" "chicken-coop" "chickens"

"chickwit" "chiclana" "chiclayo" "chico" "chico-cerro" "chicopee" "chicora" "chidlaw"

"chidley" "chidsey" "chief" "chief's" "chiefly" "chiefs" "chieftain" "chien"

"chiesa" "chieti" "chignolo" "chihuahua" "chikaltana" "chilca" "chilcomb" "child"

"child's" "child-like" "child-size" "child-sized" "childerhose" "childers" "childersburg" "childhood"

"childhoods" "childish" "childlike" "children" "children's" "children--gilbert" "children--lucia" "children-gilbert"

"childress" "childrm" "childs" "chile" "chile's" "chile--close" "chilean" "chileno"

"chiles" "chiles-whitted" "chili" "chilili" "chill" "chillan" "chilled" "chillicothe"

"chilling" "chilliwack" "chills" "chilly" "chiloe" "chiloporo" "chiloquin" "chiltington"

"chilton" "chiltose" "chilwell" "chimanimani" "chimayo" "chimbay" "chimes" "chimney"

"chimneys" "chimo" "chimpanzee" "chimpanzees" "chimurbay" "chin" "chin-shui" "china"

"china-mexico" "chinaman" "chinasona" "chincarini" "chinch" "chinchero" "chincheros" "chinchilla"

"chineham" "chinese" "chinese-american" "chingford" "chingola" "chinhoyi" "chinian" "chinigo"

"chinle" "chinnampo" "chinook" "chinooks" "chins" "chinthurst" "chip" "chipinge"

"chipmunk" "chipola" "chippenham" "chipperfield" "chippewa" "chipping" "chips" "chirac"

"chiraleș" "chirat" "chirens" "chiricahua" "chirimoya" "chirols-veyrieres" "chirp" "chirping"

"chirring" "chirruping" "chirundu" "chis" "chisago" "chisamba" "chiseled" "chiseled--with"

"chiseling" "chisels" "chisholm" "chissay-en-tourain" "chistopher" "chiswell" "chiswick" "chisworth"

"chiszar" "chitose" "chitral" "chittenden" "chiu" "chiu-chiu" "chiva" "chivhu"

"chize" "chl" "chlldren" "chloene" "chloride" "chlorine" "chlorine-like" "chlorophyll"

"chmielnik" "chmurny" "chn" "chny" "cho-do" "choate" "chococo" "chocolate"

"choconta" "choel" "choele" "choice" "choices" "choir" "chojnów" "choke"

"chokecherry" "choked" "choking" "cholet" "cholla" "chomedey" "chomerac" "chomette"

"chondrite" "chongqing" "choo" "choose" "chooses" "choosing" "chooz" "chop"

"chopper" "choppers" "chopping" "choppy" "choranche" "chord" "chordwise" "chores"

"chorine" "chorley" "choro" "choromoro" "chortiatis" "chorus" "chorwan" "chorwon"

"chos" "chose" "chosen" "chosica" "choteau" "chouteau" "chouzy-sur-cisse" "chovel"

"chow" "chowanski" "chown" "chowpatty" "choy" "chp" "chr" "chr-"

"chris" "chrisman" "christ" "christ-like" "christain" "christchurch" "christelle" "christensen"

"christi" "christian" "christiana" "christianity" "christians" "christiansen" "christiansen's" "christianssund"

"christie" "christiernsson" "christies" "christina" "christmas" "christmas-tree" "christo" "christofilos"

"christol" "christoph" "christophe" "christopher" "christophorus" "christos" "christovào" "christy"

"christóvão" "chrockatt" "chromatography" "chrome" "chrome-colored" "chrome-like" "chrome-ovoids" "chromelike"

"chromium" "chromium-looking" "chromiumlooking" "chronic" "chronicle" "chronicler" "chronicler's" "chronicles"

"chronicon" "chronological" "chronology" "chronos" "chryses" "chrysler" "chrysopetra" "chrysotemis"

"chrystal" "chrysólogo" "chu" "chualar" "chubby" "chubut" "chuck" "chuckle"

"chudów" "chuensamnaun" "chugs" "chugwater" "chukotka" "chula" "chumbicha" "chumstick"

"chung" "chunk" "chunks" "chupa" "chur" "church" "church-bell" "church-like"

"churchgoers" "churchill" "churchtown" "churchville" "churchyard" "churn" "churned" "churning"

"churns" "churubosco" "chute" "chuuk" "chuxian" "chávez" "château" "châteauneuf-du-pape"

"ché" "chéradame" "ci" "cia" "cia's" "cia-" "cia-developed" "cia-friendly"

"cia-initiated" "cia-mod" "cia-rdp05s00620r000300730012-6" "cia-rdp68-00046r000200090019-9" "cia-rdp68-00046r000200090025-2" "cia-rdp79-00999a000300100006-5" "cia-rdp81r00560r000100030026-1" "cia-role-study-ufos"

"cia-run" "cia-trained" "cia_explaination" "cia_oscurapeak" "ciae" "ciama" "ciampino" "cianci"

"ciano" "ciaufo" "cibinului" "cibola" "cic" "cicada-like" "cicadas" "cicagna"

"cicaida" "cicatrice" "ciccioli" "cicero" "cid" "cie" "ciel" "cielo"

"ciencia" "ciencia2" "ciencia_antigravity02" "ciencia_flyingobjects174" "ciencia_henrydeacon01" "cientifico" "científicas" "cier"

"cier-de-riviere" "cier-de-rivière" "ciers" "cifex" "cifre" "cig" "cigar" "cigar-"

"cigar-balloon" "cigar-like" "cigar-object" "cigar-shape" "cigar-shape-fuselage" "cigar-shape-night" "cigar-shape-object" "cigar-shape-ovoid"

"cigar-shape-saucer" "cigar-shape-shape" "cigar-shape-shaped" "cigar-shape-shapes" "cigar-shape-ship" "cigar-shape-tornado" "cigar-shape-ufo" "cigar-shaped"

"cigar-shapoed" "cigar-ufo" "cigarette" "cigarette-cylinder" "cigarette-like" "cigarette-shaped" "cigarettes" "cigarrales"

"cigarrette" "cigars" "cigarshaped" "cigno" "ciguela" "cilix" "cima" "cimarron"

"cimolais" "cimpulung" "cinarca" "cinc" "cinc-" "cincinnati" "cinco" "cinconad"

"cincsac" "cindacta" "cinders" "cine-theodolite" "cineflex" "cinema" "cinematographer" "cinetheodolite"

"cinfaes" "cing" "cinnabar" "cinnamon" "cintalapa" "cintegabelle" "cintra" "cinyras"

"cinzia" "ciné" "ciolica" "ciommunicate" "ciompi" "cios" "ciotat" "ciovni"

"cipher" "cipolla" "ciq" "cir" "circ" "circe" "circle" "circle's"

"circle-explosion" "circle-of-lights" "circle-shaped" "circle-winged" "circled" "circles" "circles--3" "circleville"

"circling" "circuit" "circuiting" "circuitry" "circuits" "circulación" "circulaire" "circular"

"circular-foil" "circular-object" "circular-shaped" "circular-winged" "circulate" "circulated" "circulates" "circulating"

"circulation" "circulatory" "circulo" "circumference" "circumferences" "circumferential" "circumspect" "circumstance"

"circumstances" "circumstantial" "circumvent" "circumvented" "circumventing" "circus" "cirencester" "cires"

"cirf" "cirgues" "cirou" "cirrus" "cirtisoara" "cirvis" "ciry-le-noble" "cis"

"cisaer" "cisco" "ciserns" "cisneros" "cissman" "cistella" "cistercian" "cistercians"

"cistern" "cisterna" "cisternas" "cisterne" "cisternes-la-foret" "cisu" "citanova" "citation"

"citations" "cite" "cited" "cites" "citeseerx" "cities" "citing" "citizen"

"citizen's" "citizen-news" "citizens" "citizens-news" "citizenship" "citroen" "citron" "citroën"

"citrus" "citrusdal" "citta" "city" "city's" "ciucaş" "ciudad" "ciudanovita"

"civero" "civic" "civil" "civil-military" "civilian" "civilians" "civilization" "civilizations"

"civilized" "civray" "ciência" "ckolo" "ckov" "cky-tv" "clack" "clacton"

"clacton-on-sea" "clad" "claf" "claiborne" "claim" "claimed" "claiming" "claims"

"clair" "clair-du-rhone" "claire" "clairette" "clairsville" "clairvoyantly" "clairvoyants" "clam"

"clam-" "clam-saucer" "clam-saucers" "clam-shape" "clam-shaped" "clam-shell" "clam-shell-shaped" "clamar"

"clambering" "clamecy" "clamercy" "clammy" "clamp" "clamped" "clampett" "clamps"

"clams" "clamshell" "clamshell-shaped" "clan" "clancarty" "clancy" "clandestine" "clandestinely"

"clanging" "clangs" "clank" "clank-sounds" "clanking" "clanks" "clanwilliam" "clap"

"clapp" "clapped" "clapper" "clapping" "clappison" "clara" "claras" "clarbec"

"clare" "clarebaut" "claremont" "claremore" "clarencc" "clarence" "clarendon" "clarenville"

"claretto" "clarey" "clarice" "claridge" "clarified" "clarifies" "clarify" "clarinda"

"clarion" "clarita" "clark" "clark'90" "clark'92" "clark's" "clarke" "clarkes"

"clarksburg" "clarksdale" "clarksmobile" "clarkson" "clarkston" "clarksville" "claro" "claros"

"clas" "clash" "clason" "clasp" "class" "classed" "classes" "classic"

"classic-looking" "classic-shaped" "classical" "classically" "classification" "classifications" "classified" "classifies"

"classify" "classifying" "classmate" "classmates" "classroom" "clatford" "clatskanie" "clattering"

"clatu" "claude" "claudeir" "claudine" "claudino" "claunch" "clause" "clausen"

"clausing" "claut" "clavarazza" "clavering" "claw" "claw-hands" "claw-like" "clawed"

"clawing" "clawlike" "claws" "clawson" "claxby" "claxton" "clay" "claye-souilly"

"clayish" "claypans" "clayton" "clayton's" "claytor" "cle" "clean" "clean-shaven"

"clean-up" "cleaned" "cleaner" "cleaning" "cleans" "cleanse" "cleanup" "clear"

"clear-cut" "clear-dome" "clear-domed" "clearance" "clearances" "cleared" "clearer" "clearest"

"clearfield" "clearing" "clearinghouse" "clearintentgover00fawc" "clearlake" "clearly" "clears" "clearwater"

"cleary" "cleats" "cleavage" "cleaveland" "cleburne" "clee" "cleethorps" "cleft"

"clem" "clemence" "clemens" "clement" "clemente" "clementine" "clements" "clemmons"

"clenched" "clenching" "clendenin" "clepf" "clerebaut" "clergy" "clergyman" "cleric"

"clerical" "clerici" "clerico" "clerics" "clerk" "clermont" "clermont-ferrand" "cleroux"

"clevedon" "cleveland" "clevenger" "clever" "clewell" "cley" "clichés" "click"

"clicked" "clicking" "clickonlinearchive182006" "clicks" "client" "clientele" "clients" "cliff"

"cliffland" "clifford" "cliffs" "cliffside" "clifton" "clifton-hampden" "cliftonville" "climates"

"climatic" "climax" "climb" "climbed" "climber" "climbers" "climbing" "climbs"

"clincher" "cline" "clines" "clingerman" "clinging" "clings" "clinic" "clinical"

"clinically" "clinicas" "clinician" "clinks" "clint" "clinton" "clinton-sherman" "clintons"

"clip" "clipped" "clipper" "clipping" "clippings" "clips" "clisson" "clive"

"cllaim" "clo_se" "cloak" "cloak-like" "cloaked" "cloaking" "cloaks" "clock"

"clock-like" "clocked" "clockface" "clocking" "clocks" "clockwise" "clodomira" "clods"

"cloned" "clones" "cloning" "clopton" "clora" "cloride" "close" "close-"

"close-by" "close-encounter" "close-fitting" "close-knit" "close-range" "close-set" "close-up" "closed"

"closed-circuit" "closed-door" "closely" "closeness" "closer" "closes" "closest" "closet"

"closeup" "closing" "clostridium" "closure" "clot" "clota" "cloth" "clothed"

"clothes" "clothesline" "clothing" "clotte" "cloud" "cloud'" "cloud's" "cloud-altitude"

"cloud-boomerang" "cloud-ceiling" "cloud-cigar" "cloud-cigars" "cloud-covered" "cloud-cylinder" "cloud-enshrouded" "cloud-like"

"cloud-object" "cloud-ovoid" "cloud-ovoids" "cloud-physics" "cloud-saucer" "cloud-saucers" "cloud-shape" "cloud-shaped"

"cloudback" "cloudbank" "cloudcroft" "clouded" "cloudless" "cloudlike" "clouds" "cloudy"

"cloudy-glass" "cloukey" "cloven" "clover" "cloverdale" "cloverleaf" "cloverleaf-saucer" "clovers"

"clovis" "clown-pseudo-human" "clowns" "cloyes-sur-le-loir" "cloying" "clr" "clsc" "cluain"

"club" "clubmoor" "clubs" "clue" "clueless" "clues" "cluj" "cluj-napoca"

"clump" "clumps" "clumsily" "clumsy" "clung" "cluny" "cluses" "clusone"

"cluster" "clustered" "clusters" "clutched" "clutching" "clutter" "cluttering" "clwyd"

"cly" "clyde" "clyffe" "clymene" "clymer" "clywd" "clóvis" "cm"

"cm1472" "cm96908" "cmd" "cmdnt" "cmdr" "cmm-306" "cmndr" "cmndrs"

"cmo" "cmp" "cn" "cnbc" "cnd" "cnes" "cni" "cnn"

"cnty" "cntys" "cnyn" "co" "co-" "co-author" "co-authored" "co-captain"

"co-chief" "co-editor" "co-founded" "co-founder" "co-founders" "co-founding" "co-lead" "co-manage"

"co-occurrence" "co-ordination" "co-ordinators" "co-owner" "co-pilot" "co-produced" "co-sponsor" "co-sponsors"

"co-worker" "coacalco" "coach" "coaches" "coachon" "coachon's" "coady" "coagulant"

"coagulates" "coagulation" "coah" "coahuila" "coal" "coal-black" "coal-like" "coalesced"

"coalescing" "coalition" "coalora" "coals" "coamo" "coandă" "coari" "coarsegold"

"coast" "coast-to-coast" "coastal" "coasted" "coaster" "coastguard" "coasting" "coastline"

"coasts" "coasttocoastam" "coat" "coat-hanger" "coated" "coatepec" "coates" "coatesville"

"coathanger" "coaticook" "coating" "coats" "coatsville" "coatzacoalcos" "coatzalcoalco" "coauthor"

"coauthored" "coauthoring" "coauthors" "coax" "coaxial" "cobalt" "cobas" "cobb"

"cobbled" "cobbler" "cobboseecontee" "cobbosseecontee" "cobbtown" "cobden" "coble" "coblence"

"cobo" "cobourg" "cobra" "cobre" "cobs" "cobweb" "cobweb-like" "cobwebby"

"cobweblike" "cobwebs" "coca" "coca-cola" "cocaine" "cocalinho" "cocconi" "cochabamba"

"cochesett" "cochise" "cochrane" "cochransville" "cock" "cockatoo" "cockcroft" "cockebiddy"

"cocked" "cocker" "cocking" "cocklebiddy" "cocklin" "cockpit" "cockpits" "cocks"

"cocktail" "cocle" "coco" "cocoa" "cococha" "coconino" "coconut" "cocoon"

"cocoon-like" "cocoons" "cocoyoc" "cocozza" "cocula" "cod" "coda" "coddington"

"code" "code-like" "code-named" "code-names" "codebreaking" "coded" "codename" "codenamed"

"coderosa" "codes" "codford" "codigoro" "codinas" "coding" "codovni" "codovni'62"

"codroipo" "codros" "codroy" "codsaw" "cody" "coe" "coed" "coeds"

"coefficient" "coelho" "coenze" "coerced" "coetlogon" "coeur" "coexisting" "coexists"

"coffee" "coffeee" "coffeen" "coffer" "coffey" "coffeyville" "coffin" "coffin-like"

"coffins" "coffs" "cofico" "cofounded" "cofounder" "cofounders" "cog" "cog-wheel"

"cogan" "coggan" "coggia" "coggin" "cognac" "cognard" "cognies-chausee" "cognies-chaussee"

"cognitive" "cognizable" "cognizant" "cogollos" "cogolludo" "cogwheel" "cohabiting" "cohasset"

"coheix" "cohen" "cohenour" "coherent" "coherently" "cohesiveness" "cohuna" "coil"

"coiled" "coimbra" "coin" "coin-disc" "coin-disk" "coin-disks" "coin-like" "coin-shaped"

"coincide" "coincided" "coincidence" "coincident" "coincidental" "coincidentally" "coincides" "coinciding"

"coined" "coining" "coins" "cointelpro" "coior" "coipos" "coire" "coisin"

"cojutepeque" "coke" "coker" "col" "col-de-chat" "colanguil" "colares" "colarfes"

"colatina" "colborn" "colborne" "colbun" "colby" "colcerasa" "colchester" "colclough"

"cold" "cold-war-embassy-games" "colden" "colder" "coldfield" "coldly" "coldness" "colds"

"coldstream" "coldwater" "cole" "cole's" "colebrook" "colectivo" "colegio" "coleman"

"coleraine" "coles" "colesburg" "coley" "colfax" "colibita" "coligny" "coliins"

"colin" "colisimo" "coll" "collaborate" "collaborated" "collaboration" "collaborations" "collaborative"

"collaborator" "collaborators" "collage" "collambatti" "collange" "collapse" "collapsed" "collapses"

"collapsible" "collar" "collarless" "collars" "collate" "collated" "collateral" "colle"

"colle-sur-loup" "colleague" "colleagues" "collect" "collected" "collecting" "collection" "collections"

"collective" "collectively" "collector" "collectors" "collects" "college" "college's" "colleges"

"collegeville" "collegno" "colleret" "collesano" "collicut" "collide" "collided" "collides"

"colliding" "collie" "collier" "colliers" "collierville" "collingham" "collins" "collinson"

"collinsvale" "collinsville" "collis" "collision" "collisions" "collison" "collongis" "colloquially"

"colloquium" "collosus" "colloto" "collusion" "colm" "colman" "colmar" "colmor"

"colo" "colodrero" "cologna" "cologne" "coloma" "colombia" "colombian" "colombieres"

"colombo" "colon" "colonel" "colonel-general" "colonels" "colonia" "colonial" "colonies"

"colonists" "colonization" "colonize" "colonized" "colonna" "colonne" "colonsay" "colony"

"color" "color-changing" "color-slide" "color-white" "coloradas" "colorado" "colorado-utah" "colorados"

"coloraro" "coloration" "colored" "colored-grey" "colored-yellow" "colorful" "coloring" "colorless"

"colors" "colossal" "colour" "coloured" "colpo" "cols" "colt" "coltishall"

"colton" "coltrane" "coltsneck" "columbia" "columbia's" "columbiad" "columbian" "columbos"

"columbus" "columinst" "column" "columnar" "columnist" "columns" "colun" "colusa"

"colvin" "colwick" "colwood" "colww3a" "colwyn" "colônia" "com" "com-12"

"coma" "coma-like" "comal" "comanche" "comandante" "comar" "comarruga" "comas"

"comatose" "comb" "combat" "combatant" "combatants" "combate" "comberouger" "combes-la-ville"

"combination" "combinations" "combine" "combined" "combines" "combing" "combs" "combs-la-ville"

"combusted" "combustion" "comdr" "come" "come-on" "comechingones" "comedero" "comedian"

"comedy" "comella" "comely" "comeray" "comercio" "comes" "comes--and" "comet"

"comet-" "comet-fireball" "comet-like" "comet-shaped" "cometa" "cometary" "comets" "comfort"

"comfortable" "comfortably" "comforted" "comforting" "comic" "coming" "comings" "comint"

"comisión" "comité" "comm" "command" "command's" "commandant" "commandante" "commanded"

"commander" "commander's" "commander-" "commander-in-chief" "commanders" "commanding" "commands" "commemorate"

"commemorated" "commemorates" "commemorating" "commemoration" "commence" "commenced" "commences" "commencing"

"commends" "comment" "commentary" "commentator" "commented" "commenting" "commentry" "comments"

"commerce" "commercial" "commercialization" "commercially" "commissariat" "commissary" "commission" "commissionaire"

"commissioned" "commissioner" "commissioner's" "commissioners" "commissions" "commit" "commitment" "commitments"

"commits" "committed" "committee" "committee's" "committees" "committing" "commodities" "commodore"

"commodus" "common" "commonest" "commonly" "commonplace" "commons" "commonwealth" "commotion"

"comms" "commugny" "communal" "commune" "communicate" "communicated" "communicates" "communicating"

"communication" "communications" "communicative" "communicator" "communicators" "communion" "communique" "communism"

"communist" "communists" "communities" "community" "community's" "community-wide" "commuter" "commuter-bus"

"commuters" "commuting" "comner" "como" "comodoro" "comoros" "compact" "compacted"

"compania" "companies" "companion" "companion's" "companions" "company" "comparable" "comparative"

"compard" "compare" "compared" "compares" "comparing" "comparison" "compartment" "compartmentalization"

"compartmentalized" "compartmented" "compartments" "compass" "compasses" "compassion" "compassionately" "compatibility"

"compatible" "compel" "compelled" "compelling" "compendium" "compensates" "compensating" "compensation"

"compete" "competence" "competent" "competing" "competition" "competitor" "compigny" "compilation"

"compilations" "compile" "compiled" "compiles" "compiling" "complacency" "complacent" "complaer"

"complain" "complained" "complaining" "complains" "complaint" "complaintant" "complaints" "complemented"

"complete" "completed" "completely" "completely'" "completes" "completing" "complex" "complexes"

"complexion" "complexioned" "complexions" "complexities" "complexity" "complexo" "complicate" "complicated"

"complicit" "comply" "component" "components" "compose" "composed" "composer" "composes"

"composing" "composite" "composites" "composition" "compositor" "compostela" "composure" "compounce"

"compound" "compounded" "compounds" "comprehend" "comprehending" "comprehension" "comprehensive" "compressed"

"compresses" "compressing" "compression" "compressor" "comprise" "comprised" "comprising" "compromise"

"compromised" "compromises" "compton" "comptroller" "comptrollers" "compufon" "compulsion" "compulsive"

"compulsively" "compuserve" "computations" "compute" "computed" "computer" "computer-like" "computerized"

"computerlike" "computers" "computes" "computing" "comrade" "comrades" "comsat" "comsec"

"comstock" "comte" "con" "conac" "conahan" "conant" "conarc" "conashaugh"

"concarneau" "concave" "conceal" "concealable" "concealed" "concealing" "concealment" "conceals"

"concede" "conceded" "concedes" "conceicao" "conceit" "conceivably" "conceive" "conceived"

"conceives" "concelles" "concentrate" "concentrated" "concentrates" "concentrating" "concentration" "concentrations"

"concentric" "concepcion" "concepción" "concept" "conception" "concepts" "conceptual" "concern"

"concerned" "concernig" "concerning" "concerns" "concert" "concerted" "conch" "conches"

"conches-en-ouche" "conciousness" "conclude" "concluded" "concludes" "concluding" "conclusion" "conclusions"

"conclusive" "conclusively" "concocted" "concocting" "concord" "concorde" "concordia" "concordia-vega"

"concrete" "concshaped" "concurred" "concurrently" "concurs" "concussion" "condado" "condamine"

"conde" "conde-sur-l'escaut" "condeixa" "condemns" "condensation" "condensed" "condensing" "condescendingly"

"condette" "condign" "condition" "conditioner" "conditioning" "conditions" "condluding" "condo"

"condom" "condon" "condon's" "condonreport-complete" "condor" "condove" "conducive" "conduct"

"conducted" "conducting" "conductor" "conductors" "conducts" "conduit" "conduits" "cone"

"cone-" "cone-beam" "cone-bell" "cone-cylinder" "cone-cylindrical" "cone-dome" "cone-figure" "cone-hat"

"cone-hats" "cone-like" "cone-mushroom" "cone-object" "cone-rectangle" "cone-saucer" "cone-saucers" "cone-searchlight"

"cone-shape" "cone-shaped" "cone-torus" "cone-ufo" "conejo" "cones" "coneshaped" "conf"

"confabulations" "confectioner" "confederate" "confederation" "confer" "conference" "conferences" "conferred"

"confess" "confessed" "confesses" "confessing" "confession" "confessions" "conficated" "confided"

"confidence" "confident" "confidential" "confidentiality" "confidentially" "confidently" "confides" "configuration"

"configurations" "confine" "confined" "confines" "confirm" "confirmation" "confirmations" "confirmed"

"confirming" "confirms" "confiscate" "confiscated" "confiscates" "confiscating" "confiscation" "conflagration"

"conflated" "conflict" "conflicting" "conflictions" "conflicts" "confluence" "confolens" "conform"

"conformed" "conforms" "confound" "confront" "confrontation" "confrontations" "confronted" "confronting"

"confronts" "confuse" "confused" "confusing" "confusingly" "confusion" "cong" "conga"

"congaree" "congareee" "congeal" "congealed" "congeree" "congo" "congolese" "congonhas"

"congratulating" "congregate" "congregating" "congregation" "congregational" "congress" "congressional" "congressman"

"congressmen" "conic" "conical" "conical-shaped" "conifer" "coning" "coningsby" "conisbrough"

"coniston" "conjecture" "conjectured" "conjunction" "conjunctivitis" "conked" "conklin" "conks"

"conley" "conn" "connair" "connally" "conneaut" "connect" "connected" "connecticut"

"connecting" "connection" "connections" "connective" "connectivity" "connector" "connects" "connell"

"connellsville" "connelly" "conner" "connersville" "connie" "conning" "connington" "connolly"

"connor" "connors" "conoco" "conolty" "cononley" "conowingo" "conquer" "conqueror"

"conquest" "conquet" "conquistador" "conrad" "conradi" "conrado" "conradín" "conroe"

"conrow" "conroy" "cons" "conscience" "conscious" "consciously" "consciousness" "consciousnesses"

"conscripted" "consecrated" "consecutive" "consecutively" "consejo" "consensus" "consent" "consents"

"consequence" "consequences" "consequently" "conservation" "conservative" "conservatory" "consett" "consider"

"considerable" "considerably" "consideration" "considerations" "considered" "considering" "considers" "considine"

"consiglio" "consigned" "consist" "consisted" "consistency" "consistent" "consistently" "consisting"

"consists" "console" "consoles" "consolidate" "consolidated" "consolidates" "consolidation" "consorting"

"conspicuous" "conspiracies" "conspiracy" "conspiratorial-minded" "conspired" "conspiring" "const" "constable"

"constables" "constabulary" "constance" "constant" "constanta" "constantcontact" "constantine" "constantino"

"constantinople" "constantly" "constants" "constanza" "constellation" "constellations" "constitucion" "constituent"

"constituents" "constitute" "constituted" "constitutes" "constitution" "constitutional" "constraints" "construct"

"constructed" "construction" "constructs" "construed" "consular" "consulate" "consult" "consultancy"

"consultant" "consultants" "consultation" "consultations" "consulted" "consulting" "consults" "consumed"

"consumer" "consumes" "consuming" "consumption" "cont" "contact" "contact-italy" "contact-usa"

"contacted" "contactee" "contactee-oriented" "contactees" "contacting" "contacts" "contagious" "contain"

"contained" "container" "containers" "containing" "containment" "contains" "contaminants" "contaminated"

"contaminates" "contaminating" "contamination" "contamionation" "contato" "contay" "contemplate" "contemplated"

"contemplating" "contemplation" "contemporaneous" "contemporanul" "contemporaries" "contemporary" "contempt" "contemptuous"

"contend" "contending" "contends" "content" "content-b" "contention" "contentious" "contents"

"contest" "contested" "contests" "context" "conti" "contin" "continent" "continental"

"continental-scale" "continents" "contingency" "contingent" "continual" "continually" "continuatio" "continuation"

"continue" "continued" "continues" "continuing" "continuity" "continuous" "continuously" "contoire"

"contour" "contours" "contra" "contraband" "contract" "contracted" "contracting" "contraction"

"contractor" "contractor-made" "contractors" "contracts" "contractual" "contradict" "contradicted" "contradicting"

"contradiction" "contradictions" "contradictory" "contradicts" "contrail" "contrail-like" "contrails" "contraption"

"contraptions" "contrarily" "contrary" "contras" "contrast" "contrasted" "contrasts" "contravene"

"contrecoeur" "contreras" "contrexeville" "contrexéville" "contribute" "contributed" "contributes" "contributing"

"contribution" "contributions" "contributor" "contrivance" "contrived" "control" "controllable" "controlled"

"controller" "controllers" "controlling" "controlman" "controlmen" "controls" "controversial" "controversies"

"controversy" "controversy-must" "convair" "convair-880" "convar" "convencionales" "convene" "convened"

"convenes" "convenience" "convenient" "convening" "convent" "convention" "conventional" "conventionally"

"converge" "converged" "convergence" "convergent" "converges" "converging" "conversation" "conversations"

"converse" "conversed" "conversely" "converses" "conversing" "conversion" "converted" "convertible"

"converting" "converts" "convex" "convex-shaped" "convey" "conveyances" "conveyed" "conveying"

"conveys" "convicted" "conviction" "convicts" "convince" "convinced" "convinces" "convincing"

"conviviality" "convoluted" "convolutional" "convoy" "convoys" "conway" "conyers" "cooee"

"coogler" "cook" "cook's" "cooke" "cooked" "cooker" "cookeville" "cookies"

"cooking" "cookout" "cooktown" "cool" "cool-white" "coolangatta" "coolant" "coolbaugh"

"cooled" "cooley" "coolidge" "coolie" "cooling" "coolly" "cools" "coolville"

"cooma" "coombes" "coombs" "coon" "coonabarabran" "coonalpyn" "coop" "cooper"

"cooper's" "cooperate" "cooperated" "cooperates" "cooperating" "cooperation" "cooperative" "coopersville"

"coordinate" "coordinated" "coordinates" "coordinating" "coordination" "coordinator" "coords" "coorong"

"coos" "cop" "cop's" "cop-car" "copacabana" "copahue" "copeipan" "copeland"

"copemiah" "copemish" "copenhagen" "copenharve" "copernicus" "copiago" "copiapo" "copied"

"copies" "copilot" "copilots" "coping" "copious" "copnor" "copoles" "copper"

"copper-" "copper-colored" "copper-green" "copper-like" "copper-orange" "copper-red" "copperish" "coppermine"

"coppers" "coppery" "coppet" "copronymus" "cops" "copse" "copter" "copters"

"copule" "copy" "copycat" "copying" "copyright" "coquil" "coquille" "coquimbo"

"coquitlam" "cor" "corabia" "coracões" "coral" "coral-like" "coralville" "coram"

"coraopolis" "corapeake" "corazon" "corações" "corbalan" "corbeanca" "corbeil-essones" "corbell"

"corben" "corbeta" "corbett" "corbigny" "corbin" "corbières" "corbola" "corby"

"corcelles" "corcovado" "cord" "corda" "cordele" "cordell" "corden" "cordenons"

"cordial" "cordoba" "cordoba's" "cordon" "cordoned" "cordoning" "cordons" "cordova"

"cords" "corduroy" "cordwood" "cordy-hedge" "core" "corfton" "corfu" "coria"

"corindie" "corindon" "coring" "corinth" "corisica" "cork" "corkscrew" "corkscrewed"

"corkscrews" "corlett" "corme" "cormeray" "cormery" "cormier" "cormorant" "corn"

"corn--one" "corn-drying" "cornard" "cornea" "corneal" "cornel" "cornelis" "cornell"

"corner" "cornered" "corners" "cornet" "cornett" "cornfield" "cornfields" "cornhusker"

"cornice-yellow" "cornine" "corning" "corno" "cornstalks" "cornucopia" "cornville" "cornwall"

"cornwallis" "cornwell" "corny" "coro" "coromandel" "corona" "coronado" "coronas"

"coronation" "coronda" "coronel" "coroner" "coroners" "coronet" "coronis" "corontalo"

"corozal" "corp" "corp=676242" "corpdetail" "corporal" "corporate" "corporation" "corporation's"

"corporations" "corporationwiki" "corporeal" "corps" "corpse" "corpses" "corpsman" "corpulent"

"corpus" "corradi" "corral" "corrales" "corralito" "corralitos" "correa" "correct"

"corrected" "correctional" "corrections" "corrective" "correctly" "correge" "correiro" "correlated"

"correlates" "correlating" "correlation" "correlations" "correlative" "correo" "correspond" "corresponded"

"correspondence" "correspondences" "correspondent" "correspondents" "corresponding" "corresponds" "correze" "corridoni"

"corridor" "corrientes" "corriere" "corrions" "corroborate" "corroborated" "corroborates" "corroborating"

"corroboration" "corroborative" "corrompu" "corrosion" "corrosive" "corrugate" "corrugated" "corruption"

"corry" "corrèze" "corrêa" "cors" "corsair" "corsairs" "corse" "corse-sud"

"corset" "corseul" "corsgam" "corsham" "corsi" "corsica" "corsico" "corsley"

"corso" "corte" "cortegana" "cortellazi" "cortes" "cortez" "cortez-bradenton" "cortile"

"cortile's" "cortina" "cortland" "cortvriendt" "coruche" "corum" "corumbiara" "coruna"

"coruscations" "coruña" "corvallis" "corvette" "corwin" "cory" "corydon" "coryell"

"cos" "cosenza" "cosette" "cosford" "coshocton" "cosimo" "cosme" "cosmic"

"cosmic-ray" "cosmo" "cosmodrome" "cosmologist" "cosmology" "cosmon" "cosmonaut" "cosmonautics"

"cosmonauts" "cosmopolitan" "cosmos" "cosne" "coso-bronze" "cosolapa" "cospaia" "cosponsor"

"cossatot" "cost" "cost-" "cost-effective" "costa" "costa's" "costard" "costas"

"coste" "costes" "costessey" "costigan" "costilla" "costilla&las" "costin" "costs"

"costume" "costumes" "cot-like" "cotagaita" "cote" "cote-d'or" "cote-de-thermont" "cote-st"

"cotentin" "cotes-du-nord" "cotes-nord" "cotile" "cotiniere" "cotmore" "cots" "cotswold"

"cottage" "cottages" "cotter" "cottingham" "cotton" "cotton-like" "cotton-pickers" "cottonwood"

"cottony" "cotulla" "couch" "couch'" "coudes" "coudette" "coudon" "cougar"

"cougar-like" "cough" "coughed" "coughing" "coughlin" "coughs" "couhay" "couid"

"coulandon" "coulange" "couldn" "couldn't" "coulee" "coulogne" "coulomb" "coulomb-a"

"coulomb-b" "coulomb-c" "coulommiers" "coulouris" "coulter" "coulterville" "coulthard" "coulthart"

"coulthart's" "coultier-gravier" "coultre" "coulvier-gravier" "council" "councillor" "councilman" "councilor"

"councilwoman" "counihan" "counsel" "counseling" "counsellors" "counselor" "counselors" "counsels"

"count" "countdown" "counted" "counter" "counter-clockwise" "counter-drone" "counter-intelligence" "counter-revolutionary"

"counter-rotate" "counter-rotating" "counter-terrorism" "counter-uas" "counteract" "counterattack" "counterclockwise" "counterculture"

"counterespionage" "countering" "counterintelligence" "countermeasures" "counterpart" "counterparts" "counterproductive" "counterproliferation"

"counters" "counterspace" "countersuit" "counterterrorism" "countess" "counties" "counting" "countless"

"countries" "country" "countryman" "countryside" "counts" "county" "countywere" "couny"

"coup" "coupal" "coupar" "couple" "couple's" "coupled" "couples" "couples--in"

"coupling" "cour" "coura" "courage" "courageous" "courant" "courbessac" "courbevoie"

"courchapon" "coureres" "courier" "courier-express" "courier-news" "courlay" "cournamont" "cournon"

"courrier" "courriere" "cours-les-barres" "course" "course-" "course-plotting" "courser" "courses"

"coursing" "courson" "court" "court-martial" "courtenay" "courteous" "courtesy" "courthouse"

"courtney" "courtright" "courts" "courtyard" "coushatta" "cousin" "cousin's" "cousineau"

"cousins" "coutances" "couthin" "coutinho" "couto" "cova" "cove" "covedale"

"covelo" "covemacker" "coventry" "cover" "cover-up" "coverage" "coveralis" "coverall"

"coverall-like" "coveralls" "coverd" "covered" "covering" "coverings" "covers" "covert"

"covertly" "coverup" "covey" "covid-19" "covilha" "covina" "covington" "covo"

"cow" "cow's" "cowan" "cowart" "cowbell" "cowboy" "cowen" "cowered"

"cowering" "cowers" "cowherd" "cowherds" "cowichan" "cowl" "cowles" "cowley"

"cowling" "cowlishaw" "cowlitz" "cowls" "coworker" "coworkers" "cowpad" "cows"

"cows'" "cowshed" "cox" "coxcomb" "coxe" "coyame" "coyle" "coyne"

"coyney" "coyote" "coyotes" "coypu" "cozad" "cozens" "cozes" "cozzi"

"coţoi" "cp" "cp-1" "cpb" "cpl" "cpn-18" "cpnar" "cpo"

"cps" "cps-1" "cps-3" "cps-4" "cps-5" "cps-6b" "cps6" "cps6b"

"cpt" "cpu" "cr" "crab" "crab-body" "crab-colored" "crab-legs" "crab-like"

"crab-saucer" "crab-wise" "crabb" "crabgrass" "crablike" "cracia" "crack" "cracked"

"crackers" "cracking" "crackle" "crackles" "crackling" "crackpot" "crackpots" "cracks"

"cracow" "cradle" "craft" "craft'" "craft's" "craft-blips" "craft-cloud" "craft-cylinder"

"craft-fireball" "craft-formation" "craft-saucer" "craft-wing" "craft-winged" "craft-wings" "crafted" "crafting"

"craftlike" "crafts" "crafts'" "craftsman" "crag" "craggy" "craig" "craigie"

"craigluscar" "craigmyle" "craik" "crain" "craiova" "crame" "cramer" "crammed"

"cramoisy" "cramp" "cramped" "cramped-looking" "cranberry" "cranbrook" "crandall" "crandell"

"crane" "cranes" "crania" "cranial" "craning" "cranium" "craniums" "cranks"

"cranleigh" "cranston" "crash" "crash-" "crash-landed" "crash-retrievals" "crash-sight" "crash-site"

"crashed" "crashed-saucer" "crashes" "crashing" "crate" "crater" "crater-depressions" "crater-like"

"cratered" "craters" "crates" "crato" "cravens" "cravero" "crawford" "crawford-pine"

"crawfords" "crawfordsville" "crawfordville" "crawl" "crawled" "crawley" "crawling" "crawls"

"crawlspace" "crayfish" "craze" "crazed-dies" "crazy" "creak" "creaked" "creaking"

"cream" "cream-" "cream-colored" "cream-yellow" "creamy" "creamy-yellow" "crease" "creased"

"create" "created" "creates" "creating" "creation" "creations" "creative" "creativity"

"creator" "creature" "creature's" "creatures" "creatures'" "creaturesmoving" "crebellate" "crecy"

"crecy-sur-tille" "credence" "credenhill" "credentials" "credenza" "credibility" "credible" "credibly"

"credit" "credited" "credulity" "creech" "creede" "creegan" "creek" "creeks"

"creel" "creely" "creep" "creighton" "creings" "cremated" "cremation" "crematorium"

"cremino" "cremona" "crenulations" "creon" "creosote" "crepaldi" "crepe" "crept"

"crescendo" "crescendoed" "crescent" "crescent-dome" "crescent-saucer" "crescent-shaped" "crescent-shapes" "crescent-sphere"

"crescent-ufo" "crescenta" "crescents" "crespo" "cressage" "cresson" "cresswell" "cressy"

"crest" "cresta" "crested" "crestlake-tansan" "crestline" "creston" "crestone" "crestview"

"crete" "creteil" "cretesti" "cretin" "creus" "creuse" "crew" "crew's"

"crew-2nd" "crew-cut" "crewe" "crewed" "crewline" "crewman" "crewmember" "crewmembers"

"crewmen" "crews" "creys-malville" "creysseilles" "criacao" "criaco" "crib" "cribellate"

"crich" "crichfield" "crick" "cricket" "crickets" "cridersville" "criderville" "cridge"

"cridovni" "cried" "crier" "cries" "crifo" "crime" "crimea" "crimean"

"crimes" "criminal" "criminals" "crimmins" "crimson" "crimson-red" "cringe" "cringing"

"crinkle" "crinkled" "crinkley" "crinkly" "criolla" "cripe" "cripple" "crippled"

"crips" "crisan" "crises" "crisis" "crisium" "crisman" "crisp" "criss-cross"

"criss-crossed" "criss-crosses" "crisscross" "crisscrossed" "cristian" "cristina" "cristo" "cristobal"

"cristoforo" "cristol" "cristovao" "cristóbal" "cristóvão" "criswell" "criteria" "criteuil-la-madeleine"

"criteuil-la-magdeleine" "critic" "critical" "criticality" "critically" "criticism" "criticisms" "criticize"

"criticized" "criticizes" "criticizing" "critics" "critique" "critiqued" "critiques" "critiquing"

"crittenden" "crittendon" "critters" "crixas" "crixás" "crk" "crm" "crn"

"croaking" "croaskey" "croatia" "croatian" "croce" "crock" "crocker" "crockerton"

"crockett" "crocodile" "crocq" "croespenmaen" "croesyceilliog" "crofter" "crofton" "crofts"

"croiseau" "croisic" "croissant" "croissy-beaubourg" "croix" "croix-daurade" "croix-en-champagne" "croix-en-plaine"

"croix-jartel" "croix-madame" "croix-sur-mer" "cromer" "cromford" "cromwell" "cronaca" "crone"

"cronica" "cronkite" "cronulla" "crook" "crooked" "crookes" "crop" "crop-circles"

"crop-formation" "cropduster" "cropped" "crops" "cros" "crosby" "crosier" "croskey"

"cross" "cross's" "cross-bars" "cross-bearers" "cross-breeding" "cross-country" "cross-examines" "cross-like"

"cross-member" "cross-members" "cross-pattern" "cross-section" "cross-sectioned" "cross-shape" "cross-shaped" "cross-universe"

"crossbar" "crossbars" "crosse" "crossed" "crosses" "crossett" "crossfield" "crossing"

"crossingville" "crossland" "crossover" "crossroad" "crossroads" "crossville" "crosswind" "croste"

"crosthwaite" "crothersville" "croton" "crotone" "crotsenburg" "crouch" "crouched" "crouching"

"crous" "crouse" "crow" "crowbar" "crowcombe" "crowd" "crowded" "crowder"

"crowdfunding" "crowdie" "crowds" "crowe" "crowed" "crowfoot" "crowl" "crowley"

"crown" "crown-like" "crown-saucer" "crowned" "crowning" "crowns" "crownsville" "croy"

"croyden" "croydon" "crozier" "crs" "crt" "cruces" "crucial" "crucified"

"crucifix" "crucifixes" "crud" "crude" "crudely" "crudest" "cruet" "cruis"

"cruisair" "cruise" "cruised" "cruiser" "cruiser's" "cruisers" "cruises" "cruising"

"crumble" "crumbled" "crumbles" "crumbling" "crumlin" "crump" "crumpled" "crumpler"

"crumrod" "crunch" "crunchbase" "crunching" "crusade" "crusader" "cruse" "cruses"

"crush" "crushed" "crushing" "crusselle" "crust" "crustlike" "crusty" "crutch-like"

"crutchfield" "cruthers" "cruttwell" "cruver" "cruz" "cruz's" "cruzeiro" "cruzille"

"cry" "crying" "crying-like" "cryogenic" "cryptanalysis" "cryptic" "cryptically" "crypto"

"cryptographer" "cryptographers" "cryptographic" "cryptologic" "cryptologic-spectrum" "cryptology" "cryptoterrestrial" "crystal"

"crystal-like" "crystalline" "crystalline-based" "crystallized" "crystallography" "crystals" "crítica" "cs"

"csaf" "cseh" "cseti" "cseti-papers" "csi" "csicia" "csis" "csoc"

"cst" "csur" "ct" "ct0909" "ct7943" "cta-102" "ctbt" "cto"

"ctr" "ctrl@listserv" "cty" "cu" "cuadernos" "cuadra" "cuajimalpa" "cuaranga"

"cuarta" "cuarto" "cuatro" "cub" "cuba" "cuban" "cubans" "cubatao"

"cube" "cube-" "cube-like" "cube-shaped" "cubed" "cubela" "cubes" "cubic"

"cubical" "cubicle" "cubicles" "cubly" "cubs" "cubzac" "cubzac-les-ponts" "cucamonga"

"cuch" "cucumber" "cucumber-like" "cucumber-shaped" "cudahy" "cuddingham" "cuddington" "cudgel"

"cudillero" "cueldner" "cuenca" "cuernavaca" "cuers" "cuesmes" "cuesnes" "cuesta"

"cueta" "cuevas" "cufflinks" "cuffs" "cufon" "cufon5" "cuforn" "cufos"

"cufos-ap" "cuges-les-pins" "cugnaux" "cugney" "cuincy" "cuisery" "cuisy" "cul-"

"culantro-a" "culberson" "culbertson" "culdesac" "culiacan" "cullen" "cullera" "culleredo"

"cullipher" "culloden" "cullompton" "culminated" "culminates" "culminating" "culmination" "culp"

"culpeper" "culpepper" "culprits" "cult" "cult-like" "culteducation" "cultists" "cultivated"

"cultivating" "cultural" "culture" "culver" "culvert" "cumanacoa" "cumarebo" "cumarin"

"cumberland" "cumbersome" "cumbica" "cumbre" "cumbria" "cumby" "cumby's" "cummings"

"cummins" "cumnock" "cumnor" "cumulative" "cumulonimbus" "cumulus" "cun" "cunderdin"

"cundinamarca" "cuneo" "cunha" "cunin" "cuningham" "cunnamulla" "cunningham" "cuntu"

"cup" "cup-saucer" "cup-shaped" "cupar" "cupboard" "cupcake-shaped" "cupey" "cupira"

"cupola" "cupolas" "cupor" "cupped" "cuppis" "cupra" "cuprammonium" "cups"

"curacao" "curas" "curate" "curator" "curb" "curbar" "curbarsi" "curbelo"

"curbs" "curbside" "curchy" "cure" "cured" "cures" "curfew" "curiam"

"curica" "curico" "curiel" "curies" "curing" "curiosities" "curiosity" "curious"

"curious-" "curiously" "curitiba" "curl" "curled" "curling" "curlwaa" "curly"

"curran" "currencies" "current" "currently" "currents" "currie" "curry" "curse"

"cursed" "cursory" "curt" "curtain" "curtain-like" "curtains" "curtan" "curtis"

"curtiss" "curtiss-wright" "curva" "curvature" "curve" "curved" "curves" "curving"

"curvy" "cury" "curzio" "cuscatancingo" "cushing" "cushion-" "cushion-shaped" "cusp"

"cusps" "cussac" "cussay" "cussed" "cussey-sur-l'ognon" "custer" "custodians" "custody"

"custom" "customarily" "customer" "customers" "customs" "cut" "cut-away" "cut-off"

"cut-outs" "cuthereil" "cutizi" "cutler" "cutler-twining" "cutoff" "cutout" "cutral-co"

"cuts" "cutter" "cutters" "cutting" "cuttings" "cuttingsville" "cuxac" "cuxac-de-aude"

"cuxhaven" "cuyahoga" "cuyama" "cuyamaca" "cuyo" "cuzco" "cuéllar" "cv"

"cv-34" "cve" "cvs5q" "cw" "cw-15" "cwm-bran" "cwmdare" "cy"

"cyanosis" "cyathus" "cybar" "cyber" "cybershot" "cybulski" "cyclamen" "cycle"

"cycled" "cycler" "cycles" "cyclic" "cyclical" "cycling" "cyclist" "cyclists"

"cyclops" "cycnos" "cygnet" "cyl" "cylinder" "cylinder's" "cylinder-section" "cylinder-shaped"

"cylinder-ufo" "cylinders" "cylindrial" "cylindrical" "cylindrical-shaped" "cylindrically" "cylindrically-shaped" "cymbal"

"cymbal-saucer" "cymbal-shape" "cymbal-shaped" "cynthia" "cynthiana" "cypress" "cyprien" "cyprus"

"cypselos" "cyr" "cyril" "cyrildene" "cyrille" "cyrillic" "cyrus" "cysoing"

"cyst" "cyzicos" "cz" "czech" "czechoslovakia" "czechoslovakian" "czekierda" "czerniaków"

"czernica" "czernów" "czestachowa" "czestochowa" "czk" "czluchow" "czornoh" "czysz"

"częstochowa" "człuchów" "cáceres" "cádiz" "cámara" "câmpia" "cârța" "céara"

"césar" "córdoba" "côte" "côte-d" "côte-d'or" "călin" "cărăbuş" "cỏ"


Word: "c'", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

-year-old river pilot of the 'Lisa C' and another crewmember on the Apalach 5/15/1978 #34984  

Word: "c-118", 9 instance(s) (Back to Top)

  W of Calif. coast, At Sea Man in C-118 Reports Silver Object (NICAP: 11 - 11/20/1958 #16950  
h preceded a mysterious crash of a C-118. No survivors. Eyewitnesses on the 4/1959 #17189  
           Orting, WA An Air Force C-118 transport plane with four passenge 4/1/1959 #17190  
estigator, R. Gribble, that as the C-118 passed over their area it was foll 4/1/1959 #17190  
achute-shaped objects and that the C-118 was missing its tail assembly. Mr. 4/1/1959 #17190  
arachute-shaped UFOs following the C-118 as it passed over their home. Chie 4/1/1959 #17190  
                   Near Tacoma, WA C-118 collides with unknown object, no s 4/1/1959 #17191  
Lewis-McChord] Tacoma An Air Force C-118 plane with four on board crashes b 4/1/1959 #17193  
r Force Base, California Air Force C-118 transport crashes, 3 persons kille 4/1/1959 #17195  

Word: "c-119", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                   Northern Africa C-119 paced by unknown object.           2/11/1953 #10023  
isia, and Tripoli, Libya UFO Paces C-119 Crew (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases,  2/11/1953 #10026  
                  A U.S. Air Force C-119 was paced by an unknown object whi 2/11/1953 #10028  
t. Herman Gordon Shields, flying a C-119 two miles west of Levan, Utah, see 4/18/1962 #18646  
ins in the rear portion followed a C-119 "flying boxcar" transport plane ov 10/7/1964 #20114  

Word: "c-124", 21 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                 Bellevue Hill, VT C-124 Crew Encounter Three Circular Obje 4/24/1952 #7354  
, Vermont Witnesses:  crew of USAF C-124 transport plane. Three circular, b 4/24/1952 #7358  
eer and aircraft commander of USAF C-124 transport plane. Two distinct gree 9/26/1952 #9372  
o the right and slightly above the C-124, and at one time seemed to turn to 9/26/1952 #9372  
 p.m. The pilot and crew of a USAF C-124 see two distinct green lights to t 9/26/1952 #9374  
 and aircraft commander of an USAF C-124 transport plane reported observing 9/26/1952 #9375  
o the right and slightly above the C-124 at 11:16 p.m. At one point the lig 9/26/1952 #9375  
ent Blip on GCA PPI While Tracking C-124 (NICAP: 09 - RADAR Cases, Code: R, 2/26/1953 #10074  
       Ryukyu Islands, South Japan C-124 Encounters 1,000 MPH Jack 'o' Lant 2/11/1955 #13420  
       At 7:15 p.m. a US Air Force C-124 crew flying over Ryuku Island, nea 2/11/1955 #13422  
-2s from Burbank, California, in a C-124 Globemaster II cargo plane, accomp 7/24/1955 #13711  
              Japan (S of), At Sea C-124 Encounters "Jack O'Lantern" At 1,0 2/11/1956 #14147  
 Lt. H.J. Cavender, in parked USAF C-124 transport plane.  One reddish, bli 8/10/1964 #20014  
t. Jones) were sitting in a parked C-124 transport plane at 5:15 a.m. when  8/10/1964 #20016  
DE Object On Collision Course With C-124 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code: 8/18/1964 #20033  
ilot lst Lt. J.F. Jonke, on a USAF C-124 transport plane.  One round, blurr 8/18/1964 #20034  
was on a collision course with the C-124 from ahead and below. The airplane 8/18/1964 #20034  
t 1st Lt. J. F. Jonke are flying a C-124 transport with the 31st Air Transp 8/18/1964 #20036  
Jonke were flying a U.S. Air Force C-124 transport plane 200 miles over the 8/18/1964 #20037  
e on a collision course with their C-124 from ahead and below. The airplane 8/18/1964 #20037  
 One large object, like a wingless C-124 transport plane; 75' long, 8' high 3/23/1966 #21607  

Word: "c-13", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nce report missing. (Fund Report * C-13; 2 pp.) (Project GRUDGE Report Case 10/14/1948 #4782  

Word: "c-130", 9 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t altitude. They are flying a in a C-130 turbo-prop transport from McMurdo  4/20/1964 #19716  
 of the crew of a U.S. Coast Guard C-130 spotted nine bright white flying o 4/20/1964 #19717  
AN Elongated Sphere Encountered By C-130 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code: 8/15/1966 #22308  
pons Storage Area, and an incoming C-130 is asked to do a fly-by of the are 10/1973 #29502  
s off to the northeast. A Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport that takes off  6/9/1987 #39983  
stimated to be comparable to three C-130 aircraft.                          9/1987 #40066  
mates its size as midway between a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft and a  3/31/1993 #42710  
elém to Salvador, Brazil, aboard a C-130 Hercules transport. One of the mil 8/3/2001 #46023  
 two silver spheres passed under a C-130 Aircraft while flying over Salida, 8/10/2001 #46031  

Word: "c-131-d", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                        Pixley, CA C-131-D hit by object; pilot radios it i 7/22/1956 #14442  

Word: "c-131d", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

r Pixley, California, in a Convair C-131D and is suddenly staggered and kno 7/22/1956 #14448  

Word: "c-150e", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

crew of a Canadian Forces Hercules C-150E are flying above Regina, Saskatch 8/16/1968 #25914  

Word: "c-17", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

er-shaped craft hovering over Gate C-17. The object is first spotted by a r 11/7/2006 #46784  

Word: "c-26a", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Mexican Air Force pilots flying a C-26A Metroliner using infrared equipmen 3/5/2004 #46473  

Word: "c-45", 11 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 is also sighted by the pilot of a C-45 at 5,000 feet off the right wing at 1/7/1948 #4479  
r Force pilot and copilot flying a C-45 transport ten miles southeast of Pi 9/11/1948 #4742  
             Blackstone (near), VA C-45 Transport Crew Encounters Object (N 1/24/1950 #5502  
t Theron C. Fehrevach are flying a C-45 transport plane from Pope AFB [now  1/24/1950 #5503  
able turn radius. Edwards puts the C-45 into a climb to 7,000 feet so they  1/24/1950 #5503  
 in the sky five miles away from a C-45 transport plane flying from Pope AF 1/24/1950 #5504  
alifax County, North Carolina. The C-45, flying at an airspeed of 160 mph,  1/24/1950 #5504  
ight Object In Vertical Climb Near C-45 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code:  10/30/1953 #10641  
                       Roswell, NM C-45 Encounters Three Objects (NICAP: 11 3/27/1957 #15014  
ary pilot Jay Cole, flying a Beech C-45 twin-engined utility plane.  One li 9/15/1968 #26039  
ary pilot Jay Cole, flying a Beech C-45 twin-engine utility plane, observed 9/15/1968 #26042  

Word: "c-46", 12 instance(s) (Back to Top)

           Iwo Jima (near), At Sea C-46 had engine trouble, lost altitude,  8/28/1945 #2766  
telligence specialists flying on a C-46 approaching Iwo Jima (in the Ogasaw 8/28/1945 #2767  
land onboard a U.S. Army Air Force C-46 shortly after the end of the war wi 8/28/1945 #2768  
uminous lights began to follow his C-46 transport plane as they approached  8/28/1945 #2768  
d J. Stringfield reported that his C-46 developed engine trouble when appro 8/28/1945 #2770  
 (Bet. Shreveport and), LA Crew Of C-46 Encounters Cream-Colored Disc (NICA 4/9/1952 #7211  
e, the crew of a Flying Tiger Line C-46 near Otto, New Mexico, sees a green 5/28/1952 #7575  
anford AEC Plant (at Richland), WA C-46 Crew Observe Disc Over AEC Plant (N 7/5/1952 #7930  
 wispy clouds directly above their C-46. The witnesses are Capt. John Baldw 7/5/1952 #7932  
opilot are flying a Varig Airlines C-46 cargo plane from Porto Alegre to Sã 11/4/1957 #15751  
r to follow 1/2 mile behind a USAF C-46 that has just taken off to the sout 11/4/1957 #15757  
 Light On Horizon Seen By Pilot of C-46 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code:  2/6/1963 #19187  

Word: "c-47", 69 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Fort Bliss El Paso, Texas As their C-47 prepares to land at Biggs Field, Fo Mid 2/1945 #2615  
s flying over Tampa, Florida, in a C-47 transport and sees a long cylinder  8/1/1946 #2965  
d Puckett, flying in a twin engine C-47 transport 40 miles north of Tampa,  8/1/1946 #2966  
aralleling the course of a landing C-47.                                    7/12/1947 #4066  
d as "round or oval, larger than a C-47, and traveling in level flight fast 1/7/1948 #4470  
or oval object about the size of a C-47 or larger [60+ feet] dropping out o 1/7/1948 #4479  
                              - AF C-47 transport plane buzzed by three obj 5/1948 #4574  
 Case #unknown. Unidentified. USAF C-47 transport buzzed / 3 objects. Type  5/28/1948 #4599  
t. Alexander Kokolonis is flying a C-47 at 6,000 feet six miles east of Mon 5/28/1948 #4601  
 (near Turner AFB), GA Co-Pilot in C-47 Sees Wingless Metallic Object (NICA 9/22/1948 #4750  
              Near Albuquerque, NM C-47 pilot sees huge green fireball appe 12/5/1948 #4858  
 Vegas (W of), NM AFOSI Case 8; AF C-47 Pilot Observes UFO Similar To Green 12/5/1948 #4861  
 William R. Goade is flying a USAF C-47 from Denver to Phoenix. Just west o 12/5/1948 #4863  
d follows a parabolic curve as the C-47 passes 20 miles northeast of Albuqu 12/5/1948 #4863  
ng east of Las Vegas, New Mexico a C-47 pilot and two others saw a huge lum 12/5/1948 #4864  
:00 - orange obj about the size of C-47 at 10,000 ft (NICAP: 01 - Distant E 3/27/1949 #5018  
   Hammond (bet Covington and), LA C-47 Crew Encounters 600 MPH+ Silver Sph 12/4/1949 #5420  
         Howard (near), KS Crew of C-47 transport saw a 30-60 ft silver foo 1/6/1950 #5465  
n, were flying in a U.S. Air Force C-47 transport plane near Howard, Kansas 1/6/1950 #5466  
le, FL Blue-White Flame Approaches C-47 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code:  3/23/1950 #5726  
ucson, AZ Triangular Object Passes C-47 At 700 MPH (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Ca 6/16/1950 #6022  
SANTA FE, NM Air Force jet / 30K'. C-47 with dark object below. Jet follows 8/7/1950 #6152  
 Holloman AFB (50 miles SE of), NM C-47 Crew Encounter Object Near "Gopher" 1/22/1951 #6486  
and another airman are flying in a C-47 heading east about 50 miles southea 1/22/1951 #6487  
0 feet long and as big around as a C-47 fuselage. The witnesses shout out,  3/15/1951 #6574  
 Friendship Airfield and), MD MATS C-47 Crew Encounter Object (NICAP: 11 -  2/12/1952 #7049  
  The pilot and co-pilot of a MATS C-47 transport plane flying between Frie 2/12/1952 #7050  
      Rheim-Main AFB, West Germany C-47 Has Near Collision With UFO (NICAP: 4/25/1952 #7367  
 An intercept was attempted with a C-47 but abandoned when the transport pl 6/2/1952 #7628  
-shaped flying object, the size of C-47 transport plane, flew across the sk 7/22/1952 #8269  
                Stuttgart, Germany C-47 Encounters Light Making Volent Mane 1/28/1953 #9951  
                Stuttgart, Germany C-47 Encounters Maneuvering Light (NICAP 1/28/1953 #9952  
 On Apparent Collision Course With C-47 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code:  2/12/1953 #10029  
                        Willow, AK C-47 Chases Maneuvering Light (NICAP: 11 2/16/1953 #10044  
eddish flying object passed a USAF C-47 transport plane flying over Anchora 2/16/1953 #10045  
he right nacelle of the observers’ C-47 aircraft, which is en route to Stea 4/12/1953 #10184  
 a greater radius than that of the C-47 and at a lower altitude. They are o 4/12/1953 #10184  
 over Sweetwater, Nevada in a USAF C-47 transport 80 miles southwest of Ren 4/12/1953 #10186  
. The co-pilot took control of the C-47, and turned to the right in a tight 4/12/1953 #10186  
of greater radius than that of the C-47, and at a lower altitude. The objec 4/12/1953 #10186  
Slimane AFB, Fr. Morocco Air Force C-47 Encounters Maneuvering Light (NICAP 9/2/1953 #10511  
st Lt. J.H. McInnis, flying a USAF C-47 transport plane. One very bright li 9/2/1953 #10512  
was on a collision course with the C-47, levelled out, made 180 degree turn 9/2/1953 #10512  
lot Lt. J. H. McInnis, flying in a C-47 transport plane at 140 mph at 6000  9/2/1953 #10513  
hen first seen and compares with a C-47 in size on the radarscope. The F-94 9/28/1953 #10563  
okesman claims the UFO was an RCAF C-47 that was never closer than 3-4 mile 11/23/1953 #10698  
 Climbing Blue Light Observed From C-47 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code:  11/27/1953 #10703  
n & Columbus, OH Something Follows C-47 & Observed By RB-47 Crew (NICAP: 11 6/23/1954 #11337  
 Atkins identifies as an Air Force C-47. The control tower vectors him back 7/2/1954 #11391  
                    San Marcos, TX C-47 Encounters Blue Object (NICAP: 11 - 8/15/1954 #11553  
Davis, Capt. R.D. Sauers, flying a C-47 transport plane.  One dark blue obl 8/15/1954 #11554  
 dark blue oblong object paced the C-47, veered away, then crossed in front 8/15/1954 #11554  
auers were flying a U.S. Air Force C-47 transport plane over San Marcos AFB 8/15/1954 #11555  
 blue oblong object that paced the C-47, veered away, then crossed in front 8/15/1954 #11555  
                    Toulab, France C-47 Pilot Sees Light Changing Color (NI 7/11/1955 #13680  
lliptical in shape, shorter than a C-47 but wider, a small steady red runni 5/22/1956 #14304  
near Bulls, the pilot of a Douglas C-47 Dakota lands and asks them whether  6/1956 #14318  
en as a white light by both air (a C-47 at 4,000 feet reports it passed und 8/13/1956 #14523  
excess of 4,000 mph. The crew of a C-47 confirmed a visual sighting of a bl 8/13/1956 #14524  
ia, SC Fiery Ball With Tail Passes C-47 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code:  3/9/1957 #14990  
 observe a domed disc pacing their C-47 cargo plane at 6,300 feet over Join 8/14/1957 #15350  
green dome buzzed a Varig Airlines C-47 flying near Joinville, Santa Catari 8/14/1957 #15351  
 Campos Araujo of a VARIG Airlines C-47, the Cargo Ship PP-UCC, reported th 8/14/1957 #15353  
rey Black Rectangle Encountered By C-47 (CIRVIS) (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Case 4/14/1958 #16475  
ss:  USAF Maj. D.G. Tilley, flying C-47 transport.  One grey-black rectangu 4/14/1958 #16476  
aj. R.O. Braswell, while flying an C-47 at 6500 ft. alt., spotted an UFO. “ 9/29/1959 #17507  
. O. Braswell, flying an Air Force C-47 at 6,500 feet over Texas, sees a “l 9/29/1959 #17508  
ah 11:00 a.m. An Air Force Douglas C-47 Skytrain is flying 25 miles southwe 7/1966 #22186  
 The crew of a Brazilian Air Force C-47 and the crew of a Serviços Aéreos C 3/27/1967 #23570  

Word: "c-47's", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

hite discs about the diameter of a C-47's wingspan (NICAP: 09 - RADAR Cases 5/1/1952 #7427  
hite discs about the diameter of a C-47's wingspan (95') flew fast, made a  5/1/1952 #7429  

Word: "c-47d", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

p.m. the crew of a U. S. Air Force C-47D transport plane flying over the Ph 10/29/1954 #12903  

Word: "c-50", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 of Hawaii Witnesses: crew of USAF C-50 transport plane.  One round yellow  10/19/1952 #9503  
               The crew of an USAF C-50 transport plane, flying 500 miles t 10/19/1952 #9505  

Word: "c-54", 22 instance(s) (Back to Top)

  US Paris, France 11:00 p.m. A US C-54 transport plane is at 7,000 feet ov 1/18/1946 #2818  
 AFB, CA Round Flat Object Size Of C-54 (NICAP: 01 - Distant Encounters, Co 7/6/1947 #3705  
 are recovered. Three fully loaded C-54’s carry debris to Los Alamos, New M 7/9/1947 #3960  
aped object the apparent size of a C-54 transport plane coming out of the c 7/10/1947 #4017  
can Airways, took photographs of a C-54 sized translucent disc-or wheel-sha 7/10/1947 #4025  
a huge black object, bigger than a C-54, silhouetted against the brilliant  8/1947 #4175  
 sky, it looks to be as large as a C-54. Intrigued, Peck dives on the objec 8/4/1947 #4205  
haust was seen by a U.S. Air Force C-54 pilot flying northeast of Rome, New 9/20/1949 #5345  
le turn during an observation by a C-54 crew flying from Westover to Goose  Early 1952 #6988  
f), Japan Huge Oval Encountered By C-54 Crew (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, C 3/4/1952 #7097  
g ovoid object passed by a US Army C-54 at a very high rate of speed. Proje 3/4/1952 #7098  
emore and), OK Bright Light Passes C-54, Drops Down (NICAP: 11 - Aviation C 3/7/1952 #7101  
               At 2:30 p.m. a USAF C-54 transport plane flying near Shrevep 4/9/1952 #7213  
ma island (Japan Sea, S of), Japan C-54 Crew Encounters Round Black Object  5/30/1952 #7585  
Maj. William D. Leet, copilot on a C-54 transport mission at 8,500 feet nea 5/30/1952 #7586  
 Barbara, California Witness: USAF C-54 transport pilot Tarbutton.  One blu 9/14/1952 #9263  
At 8:40 p.m. Mr. Tarbutton, a USAF C-54 transport pilot, sighted a blue-whi 9/14/1952 #9276  
D. Leet and his engineer, flying a C-54 troop carrier, watch an elliptical  10/13/1952 #9468  
d Bay, AK Red Fireball Hovers Near C-54 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code:  1/28/1954 #10892  
F KC-97 aerial tanker planes and a C-54 transport see one or two white or a 3/5/1954 #10986  
t. James F. Pullen, while flying a C-54 at 2,000 feet at Nouasseur base see 3/5/1954 #10986  
en rises and disappears behind the C-54 after completing its turn onto fina 3/5/1954 #10986  

Word: "c-5a", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Morocco The crew of a US Air Force C-5A Galaxy transport, flying at 500 mph 1970 #27099  
 craft as bigger than a "Hercules" C-5A military transport plane. It was to 12/10/1978 #35858  
Analysis of photo of UFO following C-5A aircraft inclusive. Photo analysis  11/17/1980 #37427  
Altus AFB in Oklahoma, flew a huge C-5A cargo aircraft behind a KC-135 tank 11/18/1980 #37437  
cribed as bigger than an Air Force C-5A transport, the object is shaped lik 5/5/1984 #39107  
ls were transported to the US in a C-5A cargo plane from South Africa.      5/7/1989 #40735  
bject has a wingspan larger than a C-5A cargo plane and flies slowly at 12– 11/19/2013 #47206  

Word: "c-60", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

co (near), VA Light Maneuvers Near C-60 Airliner (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Case 7/10/1952 #7969  
nks are flying a National Airlines C-60 airplane 15 miles south of Quantico 7/10/1952 #7971  

Word: "c-7", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

g a jet-like sound. (Fund Report * C-7; 2 pp.) (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases) 7/9/1948 #4646  

Word: "c-97's", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

, in airspace Bright Light Crosses C-97's Path (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, 6/28/1952 #7866  

Word: "c-99", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

shaped like a dirigible or Convair C-99 cargo plane, with 3 portholes, arri 10/23/1950 #6305  

Word: "c-circle", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 30' crop circle. Bull in separate C-circle nearby.                         3/10/1975 #31514  

Word: "c-l", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

icle titled "The NSA Cash-Landrum (C-L) UFO Document", under the section "T 1982 #38069  
y helicopters were involved in the C-L incident, but his mission was not to 1982 #38069  

Word: "c-shaped", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

o to three feet deep, one inverted C-shaped area with no lights, and a blue 12/2/1973 #30110  

Word: "c-span", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ofiles/daniel-goldin   https://www.c-span.org/video/?74189-1/life-mars   ht 8/7/1996 #44768  

Word: "c0254263", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ch Foundation” as a CA non-profit (C0254263) research and educational organ 1951 #6437  

Word: "c05515622", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

eblackvault.com/documents/cia/ufos/C05515622.pdf   https://archive.org/deta 4/26/1976 #32775  

Word: "c1", 9 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                       Memphis, TN C1 reported by Baird. No details availab 5/31/1969 #26745  
T Strategic Air Command (SAC) site C1. 4 RADAR's and visual. Saucer lights  11/8/1975 #32323  
o details on this close encounter (C1) (CUFOS) (NICAP: 02 - Close Encounter 3/28/1976 #32713  
                    Huntington, IN C1. Close Encounter listed but no detail 4/4/1976 #32733  
                      Alliance, OH C1, no details. (EGBA,685) (NICAP: 01 -  4/13/1976 #32742  
                  Fayetteville, TN C1. No details. (EGBA,493) (NICAP: 02 -  4/26/1976 #32773  
                     Jamestown, TN C1, one witness, no details. (EGBA,494)  5/20/1976 #32814  
No details except 5 witnesses of a C1. (NICAP: 01 - Distant Encounters)     12/17/1980 #37505  
No details except 5 witnesses of a C1. (NICAP: 01 - Distant Encounters)     12/27/1980 #37525  

Word: "c118", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

    ORTING, WA Saucers follow USAF C118? C118 Radios collision. 4 die. / MJ 4/1/1959 #17192  
TING, WA Saucers follow USAF C118? C118 Radios collision. 4 die. / MJ#252+/ 4/1/1959 #17192  

Word: "c119", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

        TRIPOLI TO/FROM TUNIS USAF C119 crew. Buzzed / disk. Falls back and 2/11/1953 #10024  
bject-cylinder/cigar-shape follows C119 cargo plane. No further details.    10/7/1964 #20112  

Word: "c124", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

            BELLEVUE HILL, VT USAF C124 crew. 3 blue circular objects pace  4/24/1952 #7348  
Bluebook Case #2126. Unidentified. C124 crew paced / 2 green night lights.  9/26/1952 #9370  
y Air Transport Service (MATS, US) C124 crew. Yellow-orange "Jack-O-lantern 2/11/1955 #13418  
y Air Transport Service (MATS, US) C124 crew. Amber pumpkin / 1000+knts / 7 2/11/1956 #14146  
 going quickly [to] under military C124. Makes 90° turn. / r185.            8/18/1964 #20032  

Word: "c130", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

         MCMURDO NAS, ANT 6 / USCG C130. 9 UFO's. Radio and RADAR electro-m 4/20/1964 #19715  
gnetic effect (EME). Engines stop. C130 keeps flying.                       4/20/1964 #19715  
eless round object follows landing C130 plane. Vanishes!                    8/27/1995 #44216  

Word: "c130+air", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

              NEAR RIO DJ, BRZ 7 / C130+Air Traffic Controllers. White nigh 2/8/1966 #21449  

Word: "c130s", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 BRISTOL CHANNEL, UK 1 observer. 3 C130s going southwest. White-glowing 'pa 7/17/1995 #44104  

Word: "c131", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

   PIXLEY, CA Blue Book. Air Force C131 hits saucer! Tail crushed. Crash la 7/22/1956 #14446  

Word: "c1310", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

glowing pear-shape hovers near RTE C1310.                                   4/2/1976 #32724  

Word: "c141", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

          ATHENS AIRPORT, GRC USAF C141 pilot. Classic saucer with colored  4/26/1987 #39961  

Word: "c2", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                    Cincinnati, OH C2, one witness. (CUFOS, 9/76) (NICAP: 0 6/7/1976 #32840  
                 Gravel Switch, KY C2, no details. Witness: Gilpin (SRUFOS, 7/18/1976 #32923  

Word: "c45", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

      OVER HALIFAX CO, NC 3 / USAF C45. 75M hemisphere maneuvers 5mi away.  1/24/1950 #5501  
      NEAR CROSSVILLE, TN 5 / USAF C45. 3 orange balls / equilateral/equal  9/15/1951 #6781  
triangular formation join and pace C45. / Narcap.                           9/15/1951 #6781  
 lights / collision course / USAAF C45. Pilot signals. Quickly going up.    3/27/1957 #15013  

Word: "c45h", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

              Ocala, FL Twin Beach C45H Encounters UFO / Gnd Radars Pickup  9/15/1968 #26038  

Word: "c46", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

eardrops pace Army Air Force (AAF) C46. / r215p52.                          8/28/1945 #2764  
              ARARANGUA, BRZ Varig C46 buzzed / red fireball. Electronics f 11/4/1957 #15727  
                   NEAR LIMA, PERU C46 pilot. Silent blinding white 25cm so 3/7/1966 #21502  

Word: "c47", 18 instance(s) (Back to Top)

     30 MI NORTHEAST / TAMPA, FL 3 C47 crew / 30K' altitude. 60M cylinder/c 8/1/1946 #2959  
             HOWARD, KS Blue Book. C47 Carswell going [to] Offutt Air Force 1/6/1950 #5464  
 white light / near collision with C47. Rises going northwest.              4/25/1952 #7366  
                    STUTTGART, GER C47 pilots chase night light and vice-ve 6/4/1952 #7635  
tapleton airport. Higher / passing C47.                                     9/24/1952 #9352  
white night light buzzes and paces C47. Makes 90-turn upward and gone.      2/13/1953 #10036  
                    SWEETWATER, NV C47 crew. 10 grey-metal saucers / changi 4/12/1953 #10180  
SIDI SLIMANE AIR FORCE BASE, MAROC C47 crew and Air Traffic Controller. Nig 9/2/1953 #10510  
fic Controller. Night light buzzes C47. 90+180° turns. No plane. / r185.    9/2/1953 #10510  
hite night light going east passes C47 / 6621 Squadron.                     10/18/1953 #10615  
     60 MI EAST / ROCK SPRINGS, WY C47 pilot. 2 red night lights / 1800mph. 12/29/1953 #10788  
                NEAR LAS VEGAS, NV C47 crew. Wingless fuselage / phenomenal 5/30/1954 #11242  
E, TX Project Bluebook Case #3166. C47 crew. Saucer makes 45° turn to avoid 8/15/1954 #11552  
   PACIFIC SOUTHEAST / TAIWAN USAF C47 crew. Long narrow blue object sparks 10/29/1954 #12895  
LLE, BRZ Domed saucer buzzes Varig C47. Engines and electric electro-magnet 8/14/1957 #15347  
                     LYNCHBURG, VA C47 pilot. Large dark-grey rectangular o 4/14/1958 #16472  
     EAST / KAYSERI, TURK Military C47 crew. Grey 20M ovoid buzzes C47. Cha 9/5/1975 #32025  
ry C47 crew. Grey 20M ovoid buzzes C47. Changes shape and size. Maneuvers.  9/5/1975 #32025  

Word: "c47+airliner", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

           LAS VEGAS, NM Air Force C47+airliner crew. Flash. Huge orange fi 12/5/1948 #4860  

Word: "c47+ground", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

  NEAR PORTO ALEGRE, BRZ Air Force C47+ground observer(s). Airliner paced / 3/21/1967 #23496  

Word: "c47+marine", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

            HOLBROOK, AZ Air Force C47+marine plane and Zuni / NM station/d 9/4/1953 #10518  

Word: "c5", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ll flights soon afterwards. A USAF C5 Galaxy is redirected to the station,  9/26/1994 #43571  

Word: "c50", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ject Bluebook Case #2175. 2 / USAF C50. 100' yellow saucer going quickly so 10/19/1952 #9498  

Word: "c537", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

           Escanaba, WI On Highway C537 three seventeen-year-old young wome 2/10/1982 #38119  
isconsin. At 11:35 p.m. on Highway C537 three seventeen-year-old young wome 2/10/1982 #38123  

Word: "c54", 15 instance(s) (Back to Top)

      NEAR CHERBOURG, FR Air Force C54 transport pilot. Odd meteor going do 1/16/1946 #2817  
00MI NORTHWEST / KAUAI IS., HI CAA C54 crew. 6 red night lights. Magnetic i 4/1950 #5803  
     DOWAGIAC, MI Farmer. Military C54 / 150m altitude! 8m saucer / under p 6/29/1950 #6060  
         15 MI WITH ASHIYA, JPN US C54 crew. Bright-orange 75' ovoid going  3/4/1952 #7096  
 BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, LA USAF C54 buzzed / 35' saucer. Jets chase 55 m 4/9/1952 #7209  
 JAPAN Location unknown. 3 in USAF C54. Cloud-saucer hides / clouds. Seen 5 6/30/1952 #7881  
GOING QUICKLY [TO] OSHIMA, JPN 2 / C54 plane. Rectangular clearing / clouds 7/18/1952 #8108  
            OVER STAFFORD, VA USAF C54. Shiny ovoid dances. Dead stops and  7/22/1952 #8228  
dentified green fireball parallels C54 transport / 10 second(s).            8/22/1952 #9001  
A, CA Project Bluebook Case #2086. C54 pilot. Blue-white night light south  9/14/1952 #9253  
               NORTH / OSHIMA, JPN C54 pilot and engineer. Saucer / clouds. 10/13/1952 #9464  
ght light lights clouds. 3X size / C54. Rises 7K' / 5 second(s).            12/29/1952 #9803  
                  COLD BAY, AK 9 / C54 crew. Red fireball-night light going 1/28/1954 #10891  
g down [to] 1500'. Stops and paces C54. Drops back and gone.                1/28/1954 #10891  
n buzz professor of aero tactics / C54. South going quickly north.          4/26/1954 #11115  

Word: "c54+", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

      NORTH / OSHIMA, JPN 3 / USAF C54+. Saucer-cloud hovers / 6 minute(s). 5/30/1952 #7584  

Word: "c54-size", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

FLD Air mechanics and more/others. C54-size saucer cuts arc / clouds. Photo 7/10/1947 #4000  

Word: "c97", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 / 5K' altitude rises to 10K' when C97 passes. Back down.                   7/30/1952 #8614  

Word: "ca", 1466 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                           BOWMAN, CA 2 separate observer(s). 3 very bright 10/25/1896 (approximate) #831  
                    BOLINAS RIDGE, CA Man hunting. 'Airship' / morning sky. 10/31/1896 (approximate) #833  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA Great airship over Sutro House. Beams 11/5/1896 (approximate) #837  
                       SUISUN BAY, CA Telegraph lineman. 'Powered balloon'  11/15/1896 #838  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA 90M cylinder/cigar-shape with searchl 11/17/1896 #840  
                        Sacramento CA On November 18, a peculiar aerial phe 11/18/1896 #842  
                            TAGUS, CA Farmer and 1 observer(s). Strange 'sp 11/20/1896 #843  
                    KNIGHTS FERRY, CA 2 ministers. Fireball skims ground. R 11/22/1896 #846  
RED BLUFF AND CHICO AND LEESVILLE, CA Several observer(s). Fast 30M cylinde 11/22/1896 #847  
                      SAN LEANDRO, CA Several observer(s). Large dark cylin 11/22/1896 #848  
                         STOCKTON, CA Several observer(s). Fast bright nigh 11/23/1896 #852  
                         SAN JOSE, CA Several observer(s). Bright night lig 11/23/1896 #853  
                          VISALIA, CA Several observer(s). 'Vessel' / sky a 11/24/1896 #856  
                           FRESNO, CA Airship with lights / both ends. Beam 11/25/1896 #860  
                           AUBURN, CA Several observer(s). Barrel-shape / h 11/25/1896 #861  
                          MODESTO, CA Several at bank. Night lights fly goi 11/26/1896 #864  
                      BAKERSFIELD, CA Several separate observer(s). Huge re 11/26/1896 #865  
           San Francisco Bay Area, CA An enigmatic craft appeared over San  11/26/1896 #868  
              SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA Many observer(s). Night light plays / 11/27/1896 #869  
                TULARE AND DELANO, CA 100+observer(s). Airship. Descends. R 11/29/1896 #872  
ng quickly west toward(s) Hanford, CA.                                      11/29/1896 #872  
       ANDERSON AND POTTER VALLEY, CA Several separate observer(s). Airship 11/30/1896 #874  
                      Sandy Beach, CA During the late 19th Century airship  12/1/1896 #877  
                        Watertown, CA Residents of Watertown reported seein 12/6/1897 #1206  
San Francisco (North Pacific off), CA Formation of three objects sighted by 2/28/1904 #1268  
             BRAWLEY AND IMPERIAL, CA Several separate observer(s). 21M air 8/4/1905 #1281  
                       Long Beach, CA In Long Beach, two unidentified airpl 4/17/1917 #1628  
                        SAUSALITO, CA Early / 1927. Cylinder/cigar-shape cr 2/1927 (approximate) #1780  
                      BAKERSFIELD, CA 1 observer. Metallic object rises / g 10/18/1927 #1790  
                          Oakland, CA About seven brilliant objects in a gr 1932 #1849  
titude of 56,850 feet in a Caproni Ca.161. It is still the highest a manned 10/22/1938 #2039  
                       NEAR INDIO, CA 4 / car. Red light / valley. Moon-siz 12/1940 #2092  
                      Bakersfield, CA Physicist and his wife north of Baker 1941 #2094  
                  KAISER MOUNTAIN, CA 150M disk / mountainside / 2 weeks. S 6/1941 #2109  
                      Los Angeles, CA Battle of LA                          2/24/1942 #2145  
                      Los Angeles, CA Multiple UFOs; anti-aircraft fire.    2/25/1942 #2147  
                      CULVER CITY, CA 1430 Anti-Aircraft guns/teams shells  2/25/1942 #2148  
                      Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA, searchlight case (NI 2/25/1942 #2149  
      Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA, searchlight case (NICAP: 08 - Photog 2/25/1942 #2149  
: UFO's appeared over Los Angeles, CA, yesterday morning. The 37th Brigade  2/26/1942 #2151  
                        San Diego, CA SAUCERS GIVE NAVAL GUNS THE BRUSHOFF  1943 #2237  
                     Unknown City, CA Object, international orange in color 1943 (approximate) #2239  
                       LONG BEACH, CA 2 observer(s). Classic domed saucer d 4/3/1943 #2264  
                       Long Beach, CA Flight instructor and student pilot s 4/5/1943 #2265  
                          Burbank, CA Skunk Works begins in Burbank CA. Loc 7/1943 #2287  
, CA Skunk Works begins in Burbank CA. Lockheed Engineer Kelly Johnson deli 7/1943 #2287  
                        ESCONDIDO, CA Family. Domed disk hovers over house. 11/1943 #2313  
                        Escondido, CA On a dark moonless night a family hea 11/1943 #2314  
ing night, Ed Ludwig (of Stockton, CA) while on watch notices a brilliant,  6/1944 #2400  
                        San Diego, CA Borderland Sciences Research Associat 2/1945 #2595  
                       LONG BEACH, CA Ann Druffel. Night lights exit large  7/20/1945? #2738  
                        San Diego, CA Newspaper/radio UFO reports after met 10/9/1946 #3069  
 after meteor shower over southern CA. BSRA received many phone calls. BSRA 10/9/1946 #3069  
                        SAN DIEGO, CA Several observer(s). Large batlike ob 10/9/1946 #3070  
                        MORRO BAY, CA Bat-saucer hovers / minutes. Drops be 12/30/1946 #3086  
                  SOUTH / SALINAS, CA 3 / farm. 9' saucer found / carrot pa 5/1947 (approximate) #3156  
                      Bakersfield, CA Ten "Almost Round" Objects In Formati 6/14/1947 #3218  
                      BAKERSFIELD, CA Pilot Rankin and 1+2. 10 30M saucers  6/23/1947 #3260  
                            UKIAH, CA Unidentified pilot. Saucers similar t 6/24/1947 #3281  
                        ROSEVILLE, CA Mrs. Wendt. Bright shiny disk turns a 6/24/1947 #3283  
                            LINDA, CA Several observer(s)? Saucer going [to 6/29/1947 #3358  
                      SAN LEANDRO, CA 5 observer(s). 25' flat oval disk / 5 6/29/1947 #3359  
                    WEST / BLYTHE, CA Bill Lear / P38 plane. 2 near collisi 7/1947 #3395  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA Highway Patrolman and 1. 6 25cm silve 7/2/1947 #3438  
                    San Francisco, CA The first instance of the ET hypothes 7/3/1947 #3451  
                          REDDING, CA 2 observer(s). Large bright fast sile 7/3/1947 #3452  
             20 MI WITH SAN DIEGO, CA 3 disks going east / 400mph. Circle a 7/3/1947 #3461  
                   SANTA ROSA NAS, CA 2 separate observations. 50' silver s 7/3/1947 #3463  
                          OAKLAND, CA Mrs. Devaughn. String / pearly lumino 7/3/1947 #3470  
                      OFF FT ROSS, CA Forest lookout. Ship burns and sinks  7/3/1947 #3473  
      SAN PEDRO AND REDONDO BEACH, CA 3+1 separate observer(s). 6 saucers g 7/4/1947 #3500  
                         OROVILLE, CA 1 observer. 2 saucers 30cm apart circ 7/4/1947 (approximate) #3504  
                      BAKERSFIELD, CA Several observer(s). Shiny pie-pan fl 7/4/1947 #3505  
                WEST / LONG BEACH, CA 2 / private plane. 50' skeet-saucer / 7/4/1947 #3520  
                     MALIBU BEACH, CA 1 observer. Several disks going quick 7/4/1947 #3531  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA Aircraft inspector. "Lima-bean" flies 7/4/1947 #3532  
                         ALHAMBRA, CA 2 / car. Ovoids cavort. Gyrate. Do fi 7/4/1947 #3540  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA 2 / (seen thru) binoculars and more/o 7/5/1947 #3583  
                       DANA POINT, CA 2+1 observer(s). 2 saucers going nort 7/5/1947 #3584  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA 2 observer(s). 6+disks / fast erratic 7/5/1947 #3586  
                    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA Air Force Sgt. and 2. Silent silver d 7/5/1947 #3590  
                           AUBURN, CA 50+observer(s). Several large silver  7/5/1947 #3596  
             SOUTH / REDWOOD CITY, CA Retired airman. A. Fernandez. 6' disk 7/5/1947 #3604  
                      SAN LEANDRO, CA Several / police and fire Departments 7/5/1947 #3608  
                    SOUTH OAKLAND, CA Several / Birch St. Large round very  7/5/1947 #3609  
                             LODI, CA Farmer. 60cm grey saucer 6m over grou 7/6/1947 #3639  
                   NEAR PITTSBURG, CA Pilot-engineer and 1. Silent silver d 7/6/1947 #3644  
                 FAIRFIELD-SUISUN, CA Project Bluebook Case #36. Air Force  7/6/1947 #3648  
                       LONG BEACH, CA Veteran pilot and teacher. Large silv 7/6/1947 #3653  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA 2+2 separate observer(s). Ovoid going 7/6/1947 #3655  
                       SANTA ROSA, CA 2 observer(s). White disk going quick 7/6/1947 #3660  
                       SAN RAFAEL, CA Cop and 3. Disk dips and rises / East 7/6/1947 #3683  
                 EAST LOS ANGELES, CA Newsman J. Harris. Blue-luminous whee 7/6/1947 #3694  
                         PALMDALE, CA 1 observer. Mother saucer with small  7/6/1947 #3699  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA 6-8 12' saucers dart to and fro / new 7/6/1947 #3701  
             Fairfield-Suisan AFB, CA Round Flat Object Size Of C-54 (NICAP 7/6/1947 #3705  
                      Los Angeles, CA Newspaper article: A P-38 tangles wit 7/7/1947 #3735  
                          Spokane, CA Newspaper article: “Army can’t locate 7/7/1947 #3736  
                            GLENN, CA 2 farmers. 25 saucers / 3 rows go lef 7/7/1947 #3739  
                        LANCASTER, CA Observer(s) unknown. Disk going down  7/7/1947 #3742  
                        RIVERSIDE, CA Separate observer(s). Many disks play 7/7/1947 #3743  
             MARBLE MTS AND YREKA, CA Many calls / sheriff. Colored saucers 7/7/1947 #3744  
                 US99 NEAR COLTON, CA Deliveryman. 8 silver saucers swish o 7/7/1947 #3751  
                        SAN BRUNO, CA 4+observer(s). Group / 15 disks spin  7/7/1947 #3760  
                       SAN CARLOS, CA 2 observer(s). 30 car-size silver dis 7/7/1947 #3763  
                        PITTSBURG, CA 3 observer(s). Disk hovers over yard  7/7/1947 #3769  
                     MALIBU BEACH, CA 3 teens. 4 gleaming round objects go  7/7/1947 #3778  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA 2 separate observer(s). 6 silver disk 7/7/1947 #3782  
                         FT BRAGG, CA 2 / beach. Glistening tire-size sauce 7/7/1947 #3783  
                    BEVERLY HILLS, CA 1 observer. "Little sun" altitude / b 7/7/1947 #3815  
             Muroc Army Air Field, CA Oscillating Sphere Observed By Test P 7/7/1947 #3826  
          HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE, CA Sgt. Baker and several. 3 round rolli 7/8/1947 #3859  
                         MUROC AB, CA 3 military observer(s). 2+1 saucers / 7/8/1947 #3869  
                  ROGERS DRY LAKE, CA Project Bluebook Case #1. F51 pilot a 7/8/1947 #3876  
                  SHINGLE SPRINGS, CA Don Barter and wife and others. ~50 d 7/8/1947 #3882  
                           AVALON, CA Hundreds / HIQ. observer(s). 3+3 sauc 7/8/1947 #3884  
                        LOS ALTOS, CA Lady and 2 boys. 8 disks / 3 formatio 7/8/1947 #3885  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA 1+several kids. Shiny disk maneuvers  7/8/1947 #3887  
                     REDWOOD CITY, CA 3 observer(s). 8 saucers in formation 7/8/1947 #3888  
40 MI SOUTH / MUROC ARMY AIR BASE, CA F51 pilot / 20K' altitude. Flat refle 7/8/1947 #3891  
                      SAN LEANDRO, CA Hundreds / observer(s). Silver disk h 7/8/1947 #3901  
               Los Angeles (near), CA F-51 pilot (M) (NICAP: 11 - Aviation  7/8/1947 #3907  
                        Muroc AFB, CA 9:30 AM: 2 disc-shaped or spherical o 7/8/1947 #3908  
                        Muroc AFB, CA 11:50 AM - Noon: Sightings of discs h 7/8/1947 #3909  
                        Muroc AFB, CA Noon. Others witnesses independently, 7/8/1947 #3910  
        Muroc AFB (40 miles S of), CA 4 PM: a flat reflective object with n 7/8/1947 #3911  
                     REDWOOD CITY, CA B. Ballard / 319 Woodside Road and He 7/9/1947 #3954  
         4 MILES NORTH / LE GRAND, CA 1 / car. Sent shiny metal Saturn-sauc 7/14/1947 (approximate) #4081  
                          CONCORD, CA CAA pilot. 12-15 5M objects / groups. 7/15/1947 #4091  
          HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE, CA 2 Air Force Officers. 2 saucers pace  7/29/1947 #4157  
                   Hamilton Field, CA Two 15-25' Spheres Observed By AF Men 7/29/1947 #4159  
              EAST / RED MOUNTAIN, CA Judge and Mrs. A. Turner / US395. 7 s 8/7/1947 #4218  
                      Placerville, CA Metallic highly polished chromium sur 8/14/1947 #4245  
                          Toronto, CA Toronto Globe. CANADA TRIED PHOTOGRAP 9/14/1947 #4317  
 Muroc Dry Lake (now Edwards AFB), CA — led to the F-86 Sabre               10/1/1947 #4364  
   EDWARDS / MUROC AIR FORCE BASE, CA Chuck Yeager / USAF. 1st supersonic f 10/14/1947 #4375  
         Pilot Hill (1 mile W of), CA High speed low altitude object traili 12/30/1947 #4439  
                         Van Nuys, CA (34.18° N, 118.45° W). (McDonald list 7/21/1948 #4665  
                   TWIN PEAKS, SF, CA 2 observer(s). Yellow-glow teardrop g 9/11/1948 #4741  
                        SAN PABLO, CA Project Bluebook Case #176. 2 observe 9/23/1948 #4753  
                        San Pablo, CA Fast-flying irregularly shaped transl 9/23/1948 #4754  
                       San Simeon, CA (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) (NICAP:  9/28/1948 #4761  
                    Crescent City, CA Blimplike object much too fast and ma 10/17/1948 #4794  
            TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, CA Air Traffic Controller. Fireball clim 12/3/1948 #4853  
             Fairfield-Suisan AFB, CA Round, white light fly with varying s 12/3/1948 #4854  
                           Bishop, CA Claude E. Steene Sr., Fullerton CA: W 1949 #4896  
CA Claude E. Steene Sr., Fullerton CA: While practicing in Bishop CA in 194 1949 #4896  
ton CA: While practicing in Bishop CA in 1949, was called on by a member of 1949 #4896  
                     Sanberg Pass, CA "Sausage" Circles T-11 At High Speed  2/23/1949 #4979  
                    SANDBURG PASS, CA Large jet-blimp glows. Going south. C 2/28/1949 #4985  
                        San Diego, CA An analysis of the Maury Island incid 3/1949 #4987  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA City park. Beam zaps man's arm. Arm g 3/1949 (approximate) #4988  
            CASTLE AIR FORCE BASE, CA USAF man. Saucer with clicking sound  4/4/1949 #5032  
                           Merced, CA Witness and dog heard an intense clic 4/4/1949 #5033  
             March AFB, Riverside, CA Four Dome-Shaped Objects Separate Fro 4/7/1949 #5044  
                         EL CAJON, CA Air Force pilot and many. 4 10M silve 4/24/1949 #5067  
                        LIVERMORE, CA 1 observer. 2 shiny saucers circle ea 5/6/1949 #5120  
                        Livermore, CA 2 shiny, disc-like objects rotate aro 5/6/1949 #5122  
                         GLENDALE, CA 2 women. Silvery disk going quickly n 6/2/1949 #5194  
                         GLENDALE, CA 18 observer(s). Semi-transparent obje 6/20/1949 #5217  
            TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, CA 4 military observer(s). Project Blueb 7/18/1949 #5250  
                 WEST LOS ANGELES, CA Silver 7M saucer 600M over intersecti 8/3/1949 #5285  
                     DEATH VALLEY, CA 8M saucer going down. Prospectors cha 8/19/1949 (approximate) #5306  
                       NEAR LEBEC, CA 2 pilots. 35' ovoid rises / foothills 9/5/1949 #5328  
                            Lebec, CA 2 USAF pilots flying military aircraf 9/5/1949 #5330  
                        Hollywood, CA Frank Scully’s Variety article “One F 10/12/1949 #5370  
                     Holloman AFB, CA H. S. Object Observed By Flight Engin 10/12/1949 #5373  
                      MT. PALOMAR, CA Astronomers and more. 18 night lights 10/14/1949 #5376  
          Mt. Palomar Observatory, CA Perfect "V of V's" formation of about 10/14/1949 #5377  
                      MT. PALOMAR, CA Small black dot zips along below 7K'  10/17/1949 #5380  
r Observatory and Palomar Gardens, CA Observatory Asst. Superintendent-Elec 10/17/1949 #5381  
                      MT. PALOMAR, CA Banana-object nearby. No Geiger radia 10/21/1949 (approximate) #5382  
          Mt. Palomar Observatory, CA Elongated slightly curved or banana s 10/21/1949 #5383  
           Novato (10 miles N of), CA Observed a white round solid disc-sha 10/30/1949 #5390  
                      Baja (near), CA Donnelly Case, (M) (NICAP: 11 - Aviat 11/3/1949 #5392  
                        Hollywood, CA Frank Scully Variety article “Flying  11/23/1949 #5409  
                      Mt. Palomar, CA Flying discs first observed near the  11/25/1949 #5411  
                         Muroc AFB CA, AFB in NM Pilot Chet Swital reported 1950 #5453  
                      SAN LEANDRO, CA 5+observer(s). 30' cone going north o 2/8/1950 #5531  
                     LA CRESCENTA, CA Numerous observer(s). Delta-gondola o 3/10/1950 #5606  
                          BURBANK, CA Near Lockheed works. Spoked wheel-obj 3/10/1950 #5607  
              CHUALAR AND SALINAS, CA 4 / car buzzed / saucer. Brill blue-l 3/11/1950 #5619  
        MEXICALI, MX AND CALEXICO, CA Many observer(s). Bright discs tumble 3/12/1950 #5622  
                       CLARKSBURG, CA Big glowing saucer descends. Hovers / 3/13/1950 #5630  
                       Clarksburg, CA Saucer-shaped object descended, hover 3/13/1950 #5633  
                           Ottawa, CA Dept. Transportation, Ottawa Canada,  3/22/1950 #5711  
                        MORRO BAY, CA Ex-Air Force aircraft-observer(s). 8  3/23/1950 #5720  
              WILLOWS AND CORNING, CA 2 police chiefs and co deputies. Silv 3/24/1950 #5729  
                  NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA Writer. Brilliant undimming ovoid nea 3/25/1950 #5735  
                      NEAR EUREKA, CA Yellow-glowing-cylinder/cylindrical o 3/28/1950 #5763  
                          OAKLAND, CA 5 observer(s). Luminous/glowing white 3/28/1950 #5764  
                           ALBANY, CA Teen. White cone saucer spins / 150M  3/29/1950 #5775  
                        SAN DIEGO, CA Night light going south. Circles city 3/29/1950 #5778  
                      Mount Diabo, CA Bay Area Aviation News, San Francisco 4/3/1950 #5812  
                   SOUTH / DELANO, CA Many calls to Edwards Air Force Base. 4/4/1950 #5813  
                  EAST / SAN JOSE, CA Mt. Hamilton Road. 1 observer. Dull w 4/5/1950 #5816  
                        San Diego, CA Letter sent from BSRA to President    4/7/1950 #5826  
                       LONG BEACH, CA 2 military observer(s). Pink pancake- 4/7/1950 (approximate) #5828  
ke-object flips in sky. / Brawley, CA newspapers.                           4/7/1950 (approximate) #5828  
                        EL CENTRO, CA Many observer(s). Hundreds / night li 4/7/1950 #5836  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA 2 saucers buzz house. Stop. Go going  4/8/1950 #5844  
                 NEAR TERRA BELLA, CA Rancher. Group / saucers swoop climb  4/8/1950 #5845  
                 SOUTH / MONTEREY, CA 7+separate observer(s) and cops. 30'  4/10/1950 #5861  
                       PEPPERWOOD, CA 3 / farm. Shiny disk circles / 5 minu 4/11/1950 (approximate) #5866  
                          SALINAS, CA 5 observer(s). Silent silvery "long-r 4/13/1950 #5869  
                      MOFFETT NAS, CA Many observer(s). Object hovers. 3 fl 4/13/1950 #5870  
                         CALEXICO, CA 2 cops. 3 dark silent 150' saucers sl 4/19/1950 #5894  
                           DORRIS, CA 1+2 observer(s). 7 silver round objec 4/24/1950 #5911  
                    SUTTER BUTTES, CA 2 / farm. Brilliant white objects pla 5/13/1950 #5972  
                     Unknown City, CA Geologist saw disc-shaped object loop 6/12/1950 #6016  
                 NEAR MILL VALLEY, CA Many observer(s). Huge disk hovers /  6/13/1950 #6019  
          HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE, CA Blue Book. 2+3 pilots. Saucer / 3000' 6/21/1950 #6028  
                     Hamilton AFB, CA Disc Makes Five Passes At Control Tow 6/21/1950 #6030  
                  Near Los Angles, CA Navy transport plane sees UFO pace ai 6/24/1950 #6035  
                     NEAR DAGGETT, CA Navy transport and all / airliners. C 6/24/1950 #6037  
                          Daggett, CA Navy transport pilot Case (AL, M) (NI 6/24/1950 #6039  
                          OAKLAND, CA 2 observer(s). Bomber flies over. Shi 6/27/1950 #6050  
                      SAN LEANDRO, CA 2 observer(s). Thunder-roar. Circular 6/28/1950 #6056  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA 2 good observer(s). 50' saucer / 1000 7/6/1950 #6083  
                 NEAR LOS ANGELES, CA 2 observer(s). 100' saucer hovers / 1 7/25/1950 #6116  
              SOUTHEAST / BIG SUR, CA Silent cylinder/cigar-shape hovers 5k 8/1950 #6130  
                       SAN RAFAEL, CA Mysterious cloud / 15K'. Going [to] a 8/2/1950 #6138  
           North of Orange County, CA Los Angeles Daily News. FOUR COUNTIES 8/8/1950 #6154  
           EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, CA Navy physicist Wykoff / (seen thru) b 8/10/1950 #6158  
                           POMONA, CA Geochemist. Wobble-disk going quickly 10/3/1950 #6257  
                           Pomona, CA Disc-shaped UFO reported by scientist 10/3/1950 #6258  
                     SAN FERNANDO, CA Flying wing / 6-8 lights in near coll 10/5/1950 #6260  
                     San Fernando, CA California Central Airlines plane buz 10/5/1950 #6261  
             San Francisco (near), CA Hardin/Conroy Case (AL) (NICAP: 11 -  10/5/1950 #6262  
                            BUTTE, CA Hundreds / silvery balls join and par 10/11/1950 #6269  
             MARCH AIR FORCE BASE, CA Blue Book. Air Force navigator in-fli 10/14/1950 #6277  
                        San Diego, CA Private letter from BSRA Director Mea 11/10/1950 #6328  
        Pacific Ocean off Southern CA San Diego Union. NAVY DESTROYER CHASE 11/10/1950 #6329  
               WEST / BAKERSFIELD, CA DC3. Large star / sharp turns and man 11/27/1950 #6352  
                          PT LOMA, CA 7 TEARDROPs maneuver near pilot ballo 12/23/1950 (approximate) #6428  
Sciences Research Foundation” as a CA non-profit (C0254263) research and ed 1951 #6437  
                            JOLON, CA Private pilot / Navion 4582K. 3 recta 1/14/1951 #6466  
                    BIG BEAR LAKE, CA Blue Book. Hillman and 3 / small plan 1/14/1951 #6467  
                            Jolon, CA Private Pilot Reports Mile-Wide Recta 1/14/1951 #6468  
                    Big Bear Lake, CA Pilot Sees 150' Circular Object At 30 1/14/1951 #6469  
                   REDWOOD VALLEY, CA Flash fades to night light. Night lig 2/24/1951 #6537  
                      Los Angeles, CA BSRA’s “Gerald Light” associate repor 2/25/1951 #6538  
         MCCLELLAN AIR FORCE BASE, CA Blue Book. 2 observer(s). 200' cylind 3/13/1951 #6563  
        McClellan AFB, Sacramento, CA Cylinder With Twin Trails (NICAP: 01  3/13/1951 #6564  
                           DOWNEY, CA 3 aero-science writers and more. 30 s 5/29/1951 #6614  
                      Los Angeles, CA ROWBOATS IN THE SKY. By Matt Weinstoc 6/29/1951 #6653  
                      Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Examiner. BALL OF FIRE FL 7/17/1951 #6679  
                      March Field, CA Radar-visual sighting of silvery obje 7/23/1951 #6685  
                          PACOIMA, CA 2 1M dull-grey orbs going southeast l 8/5/1951 #6701  
                 EAST / CLAREMONT, CA Project Bluebook Case #964. 2 USAF ob 9/6/1951 #6759  
                        Claremont, CA 6 orange lights in an irregular forma 9/6/1951 #6760  
                         RICHMOND, CA Slow fiery pencil-cloud going east fr 9/19/1951 #6792  
                        March AFB, CA Four F-86s attempt intercept of metal 9/23/1951 #6793  
             MARCH AIR FORCE BASE, CA RADAR / ground and air. Silver object 9/23/1951 #6794  
                WEST / LONG BEACH, CA 2+4 F86's can't reach cylinder/cigar- 9/23/1951 #6795  
orville (1st jets scrambled from), CA A bright silvery aircraft with highly 9/23/1951 #6796  
                        March AFB, CA Swept Wing Aircraft At Above 50,000'  9/23/1951 #6797  
                      Los Angeles, CA SAUCER SIGHTED OVER FREEWAY. Stanley  10/19/1951 #6855  
                SEQUOIA NT FOREST, CA 2 observer(s). 10M saucer buzzes fore 11/2/1951 #6882  
     Mojave (30 (35?) miles N of), CA 30 ft disk-shaped flying object in th 11/2/1951 #6884  
                      Los Angeles, CA The Examiner SAUCER IN SKY SNAPPED BY 11/4/1951 #6890  
                        Riverside, CA SAUCER OBLIGES CARPENTER, SECOND TIME 11/22/1951 #6914  
                          Oakland, CA SAUCER HEADS NORTH FROM SANTA BARBARA 11/27/1951 #6926  
                         TORRANCE, CA 2 / private plane. Shiny metallic foo 12/7/1951 #6941  
                    San Francisco, CA L.W. Clopton and J. Junkurth sighted  12/8/1951 #6948  
                      Edwards AFB, CA Radar specialist at Edwards AFB, CA s 1952 #6967  
A Radar specialist at Edwards AFB, CA saw UFO crash on radar. Later learned 1952 #6967  
                      WATSONVILLE, CA Cops and more/others. Blue-green fire 1/4/1952 #7002  
                 SOUTH / SAN JOSE, CA Private pilot. Group / odd red night  1/25/1952 #7025  
                           CORONA, CA Project Bluebook Case #2364. Unidenti 2/19/1952 #7060  
                         RICHMOND, CA Green orbs stop / midair. Shoot going 2/19/1952 #7061  
                       Mt. Diablo, CA On Collision Course & Definitely Not  2/20/1952 #7065  
                          OAKLAND, CA Engineer. Dark 45' saucers. 1 flies s 3/10/1952 #7104  
                          Oakland, CA An engineering metals inspector watch 3/10/1952 #7105  
             WEST / PT CONCEPTION, CA Project Bluebook Case #1077. B29 navi 3/24/1952 #7124  
 Point Conception (60 miles W of), CA Airborne Radar Tracks 3,000 MPH Objec 3/24/1952 #7125  
                       Long Beach, CA Two yellowish discs passed by slowly; 3/26/1952 #7131  
                      Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Times. ARE THESE VISITORS 4/7/1952 #7201  
                      Los Angeles, CA The Canyon Crier. HILL SCIENTIST AND  4/8/1952 #7205  
                         BIG PINE, CA TV-network engineer / (seen thru) bin 4/8/1952 #7206  
                 Big Pines (near), CA Disc-like UFO observed by TV network  4/8/1952 #7207  
                       Santa Cruz, CA 2 faint objects flying fast along the 4/15/1952 #7246  
                    ALUMINUM ROCK, CA Amateur astronomer and 4. 2 glowing-o 4/16/1952 #7256  
                        RED BLUFF, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) observer( 4/19/1952 #7304  
                          Toronto, CA Toronto Telegram. 50 VISIT TORONTO. A 4/20/1952 #7308  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA Aviation designer and 2. Silent flyin 4/20/1952 #7312  
         MCCLELLAN AIR FORCE BASE, CA Commercial pilot / ground. Night ligh 4/20/1952 #7314  
                         San Jose, CA UFO sighted flying over San Jose, CA, 4/25/1952 #7363  
 UFO sighted flying over San Jose, CA, near Mt. Hamilton by two scientists, 4/25/1952 #7363  
                         SAN JOSE, CA 2 scientists. 2m saucer wobbles over  4/25/1952 #7365  
                         San Jose, CA Scientists close encounter with small 4/25/1952 #7368  
                       George AFB, CA Five witnesses observe five daylight  5/1/1952 #7418  
            GEORGE AIR FORCE BASE, CA Project Bluebook Case #1176. 5 separa 5/1/1952 #7421  
                       George AFB, CA 5 flat white discs about the diameter 5/1/1952 #7427  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA Project Bluebook Case #1201. Clear ph 5/4/1952 #7446  
            GEORGE AIR FORCE BASE, CA Project Bluebook Case #1194. 2 F86's  5/9/1952 #7472  
                       George AFB, CA 1194-1 Two F-86 Pilots Sight Round Si 5/9/1952 #7473  
                       George AFB, CA 1194-2 2 [3?] PM MST - dull white arr 5/9/1952 #7474  
                          VENTURA, CA USAF man and 3. 4 orange silent glowi 5/10/1952 #7484  
            GEORGE AIR FORCE BASE, CA Civil flight-student. 3 metallic disk 5/11/1952 #7494  
                       George AFB, CA (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) (NICAP:  5/11/1952 #7496  
                    NATIONAL CITY, CA Pilot and engineer and amateur Ast an 5/13/1952 #7505  
                       George AFB, CA Observers In T-6 Watch Round Object ( 5/13/1952 #7507  
                    El Centro NAS, CA F9F Encounters "Shooting Star" (NICAP 5/13/1952 #7509  
                    National City, CA Meteor-like obj seen descending in a  5/13/1952 #7510  
                        San Diego, CA MYSTERIOUS S.D. AERIAL VISITOR SEEN H 5/14/1952 #7516  
                       George AFB, CA T-6G Crew Encounters Hovering Metalli 5/14/1952 #7518  
                       George AFB, CA 1:25 p.m. (PST) (McDonald list; FUFOR 5/20/1952 #7538  
           EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, CA Several high-Tech observer(s). 2 meta 5/29/1952 #7577  
            SAN GABRIEL MOUNTAINS, CA Hughes RADAR. Blip triples speed goin 6/1/1952 #7605  
                      Los Angeles, CA Radar Tracks Object Which Suddenly Cl 6/1/1952 #7608  
                      Los Angeles, CA The Mirror. L.A. GETS BATHED IN FIREB 6/14/1952 #7698  
                    Redondo Beach, CA Los Angeles Examiner. SAUCER OFF BEAC 6/18/1952 #7733  
 100M EAST / MARCH AIR FORCE BASE, CA Strange object paces USAF B25 / 30 mi 6/18/1952 #7736  
       March AFB (100 miles E of), CA UFO Paces B-25 (NICAP: 11 - Aviation  6/18/1952 #7742  
                       SANTA ROSA, CA Newsman. Round flat shiny saucer goin 6/20/1952 #7761  
                  OVER MT. WILSON, CA Observer(s) / (seen thru) binoculars  7/1/1952 #7897  
                         VAN NUYS, CA Night light hovers and shoots off / L 7/11/1952 #7975  
                   Montrose Beach, CA AF Officers, others, see large red ob 7/12/1952 #7983  
                            INDIO, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) observer( 7/14/1952 #8027  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA Airline exec to papers. Saucers 4 nig 7/15/1952 (approximate) #8043  
                      SAN ANSELMO, CA 2 boys. Bright yellow saucer stops. N 7/16/1952 (approximate) #8058  
                             Yreka CA, Chicago IL, and Dayton OH PACIFIC CO 7/17/1952 #8072  
                         BALD TOP, CA 2 / beach. 7 round flat objects / sea 7/19/1952 #8148  
                           POMONA, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) observers 7/21/1952 #8195  
                      Los Angeles, CA In an Air Mail reply from Dr. Einstei 7/23/1952 #8272  
                          Tujunga, CA Hollywood-Citizen News. ARE SAUCERS D 7/23/1952 #8273  
                      CULVER CITY, CA Aircraft workers. Silver ovoid launch 7/23/1952 #8276  
                       SANTA CRUZ, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) observer( 7/23/1952 #8284  
                         BERKELEY, CA Silver "blimp" enters cloud. Exits at 7/23/1952 #8288  
            LAX AIRPORT/APARTMENT, CA 3 Air Traffic Controllers / (seen thr 7/23/1952 #8289  
                       Long Beach, CA Oval Object Zig Zags Over Naval Ship  7/23/1952 #8296  
                      Culver City, CA Two Discs Emerge From Elliptical Obje 7/23/1952 #8297  
                       Santa Cruz, CA "Possible GCI Sighting" of Circular L 7/23/1952 #8307  
                        San Diego, CA BSRA sends a warning letter to the Pr 7/24/1952 #8330  
                         REDLANDS, CA CD-observer(s) / (seen thru) binocula 7/24/1952 #8336  
                           LENNOX, CA 1 observer. Odd star going / 20 minut 7/24/1952 #8341  
            BELLFLOWER AND RESEDA, CA Bright UFO / red rim splits / 3 piece 7/24/1952 #8342  
lits / 3 pieces. Same / Hawthorne, CA / 25 Jl.                              7/24/1952 #8342  
                       Travis AFB, CA At 2215 hours PDST, thirteen witnesse 7/24/1952 #8351  
            GARDENA AND HAWTHORNE, CA Several separate observer(s). Saucer  7/25/1952 #8371  
         POINT ARENA AND WILLIAMS, CA RADAR blip. F94 in cat and mouse game 7/26/1952 #8391  
               NORTH / SANTA CRUZ, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) post and  7/26/1952 #8402  
                         Williams, CA F-94 Intercept With ADC Detection (NI 7/26/1952 #8409  
                      Langley AFB, CA At 1450 hours an unidentified target  7/26/1952 #8410  
                      Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Times. SPACE TRAVEL ALREA 7/27/1952 #8429  
                        San Pedro, CA Los Angeles Times. NEW MYSTERY IN SOU 7/27/1952 #8430  
                     NEAR LINCOLN, CA Boy / 12 / ranch. 6M x 12M top saucer 7/27/1952 #8435  
                      NAPA VALLEY, CA John Foraythe. Metallic disk going qu 7/27/1952 #8438  
                  MANHATTAN BEACH, CA Aviation engineer and 7. 7 silver sau 7/27/1952 #8440  
                  Manhattan Beach, CA Large Object Separates Into 7 Discs ( 7/27/1952 #8458  
                 DEL PASO HEIGHTS, CA Blue Book. Star-like night light move 7/28/1952 #8486  
              HAYWARD AND ALAMEDA, CA USAF man and 1. 2 dark disks abreast. 7/28/1952 #8488  
                          BURBANK, CA Pale blue object circles / 1500' alti 7/28/1952 #8502  
                           MERCED, CA Project Bluebook Case #1738. Unidenti 7/29/1952 #8554  
                      CULVER CITY, CA Former pilot and several. Ovoid split 7/29/1952 #8558  
                     LAGUNA BEACH, CA 2 / roof. Hemisphere going east. Flat 7/29/1952 #8564  
                           Merced, CA Dark, discus shaped object, trailed b 7/29/1952 #8570  
              STA.CATALINA ISLAND, CA Group scouts. Metal saucer with windo 8/1952 #8653  
                      Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Herald Express. FIERY OBJ 8/1/1952 #8663  
                        LANCASTER, CA Project Bluebook Case #1771. 2 cops a 8/1/1952 #8673  
                   OFF HOPE RANCH, CA White oval cloud with 2 cones / top h 8/1/1952 #8682  
                        Lancaster, CA 2 brilliant red lights hovering and m 8/1/1952 #8688  
                           Muscoy, CA and south San Bernardino, CA San Bern 8/2/1952 #8699  
scoy, CA and south San Bernardino, CA San Bernadino Sun. FLYING SAUCERS SEE 8/2/1952 #8699  
                         Palmdale, CA Los Angeles Times. FLYING DISKS AGAIN 8/2/1952 #8700  
                            Indio, CA Los Angeles Times. SAUCERS WAVE BOMBE 8/2/1952 #8702  
     NEAR HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE, CA 8 silver UFO's in orderly change in f 8/2/1952 #8706  
                         Pasadena, CA Pasadena Sun. AIR FORCE SARGE BEGS TO 8/3/1952 #8715  
                Near Hamilton AFB, CA Radar/visuals of two huge discs; F-86 8/3/1952 #8717  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC). Large fl 8/3/1952 #8718  
(GOC). Large flares. 1350h. Chico, CA. Saucer beams white light. Jets scram 8/3/1952 #8718  
          HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE, CA Blue Book. Many / (seen thru) binocul 8/3/1952 #8721  
                       FORT BRAGG, CA Observers estimate 4-foot UFO at 5500 8/3/1952 #8722  
                     Hamilton AFB, CA August 3, 1952; Hamilton AFB, Califor 8/3/1952 #8726  
                  Huntington Park, CA Los Angeles Examiner. L.A. SAUCERS CA 8/4/1952 #8732  
y, North Hollywood, and Santa Ana, CA Los Angeles Times. THEY ASKED FOR THE 8/4/1952 #8735  
                           VENICE, CA 2 observer(s). Very large bright roun 8/4/1952 #8739  
                 FARALLON ISLANDS, CA Military Lt. Definite physical silver 8/4/1952 #8742  
                           SONOMA, CA AND MORE/OTHERS Several Ground Observ 8/4/1952 #8743  
               CUYAMACA MOUNTAINS, CA Observer(s) / El Cajon. Black disk ho 8/5/1952 #8757  
           SOUTHEAST / HEALDSBURG, CA 2 / car. 2 silver ovoids flip like co 8/7/1952 #8808  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA TV Tech. Black saucer hovers over fou 8/7/1952 #8809  
                       SAN CARLOS, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) observer( 8/10/1952 #8841  
              SOUTH / BAKERSFIELD, CA 100+/ drive-in. 2 silent UFO's seen a 8/12/1952 #8869  
                       CEDAR SPRS, CA 3 bright ovoids maneuver all over/all 8/14/1952 #8905  
                            DAVIS, CA Blue Book. 2+Ground Observer Corps (G 8/15/1952 #8918  
                             NAPA, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) observer( 8/15/1952 #8919  
                          ONTARIO, CA Bright ovoid leads B36. Darts in and  8/15/1952 #8921  
                        LOS ALTOS, CA 5 observer(s). 2 saucers / dogfight.  8/17/1952 #8939  
  SAN PABLO BAY EAST / SAN RAFAEL, CA 50' cylinder/cylindrical object / 700 8/17/1952 #8944  
                        FAIRFIELD, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) and 3 cop 8/18/1952 #8950  
                        Fairfield, CA Object change color from red green-or 8/18/1952 #8954  
                          VISALIA, CA 2 observer(s). Strange disk-like obje 8/19/1952 #8959  
                        LOS GATOS, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) observer( 8/19/1952 #8960  
                           COLTON, CA White saucer going quickly south. Div 8/19/1952 #8961  
NORTHWEST / SAN GORGONIO MOUNTAIN, CA Ground and air RADAR-visual (observat 8/19/1952 #8963  
                            Boron, CA GOC Observer saw 2 objects, shaped li 8/19/1952 #8965  
                        Red Bluff, CA USAF pilot saw tailess object (NICAP: 8/19/1952 #8966  
                           SONOMA, CA 2 / Ground Observer Corps (GOC). 2+1+ 8/20/1952 #8983  
               Rattlesnake Canyon, CA San Bernardino Sun. 'FLYING DISKS' IN 8/21/1952 #8992  
                          Ontario, CA Two Teardrop-Shaped Objects Cross Fli 8/22/1952 #9006  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA 2 observer(s). 2 150' washtub saucers 8/24/1952 #9026  
                  EAST / GLENDALE, CA Huge gold ball. Altitude = 30 km. See 8/25/1952 #9050  
      BLOOMINGTON AND MORE/OTHERS, CA 20+observer(s). Huge domed disk / low 8/25/1952 #9051  
              NORTHWEST / VENTURA, CA 3 / ground and pilot / air. Large sil 8/28/1952 #9093  
                          VENTURA, CA 2 observer(s). 1M multi-colored objec 8/28/1952 #9094  
                     SANTA MONICA, CA F. Hehr. Several rectangular objects  8/30/1952 #9121  
                     Santa Monica, CA Horizontal bar-shaped objects appeari 8/30/1952 #9125  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA Several reports / papers. Brill night 9/2/1952 #9153  
                         DANVILLE, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) post Ph-0 9/4/1952 #9169  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA Blue Book. Ground Observer Corps (GOC 9/4/1952 #9170  
                   CAMP DEL MARCH, CA 6 / U.S. Marine Corps (USMC). Large b 9/4/1952 #9173  
                      SAN ANSELMO, CA 2 observer(s). Plane passes. Silver o 9/6/1952 #9190  
                    SANTA BARBARA, CA Project Bluebook Case #2086. C54 pilo 9/14/1952 #9253  
                    Santa Barbara, CA Blue white light travel straight and  9/14/1952 #9257  
                    NEWPORT BEACH, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) observer( 9/23/1952 #9344  
                         INYOKERN, CA Project Bluebook Case #2128. Unidenti 9/27/1952 #9377  
                         Inyokern, CA 2 couples using a 5x telescope saw a  9/27/1952 #9379  
                      Edwards AFB, CA Two discs hover and darting, multiple 9/30/1952 #9404  
           EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, CA 3 photographs and more. 2 saucers cir 9/30/1952 #9405  
                      Edwards AFB, CA Aviation photographer, others, observ 9/30/1952 #9407  
                        PALO ALTO, CA Aero worker. 6 glowing-disks / V-form 10/12/1952 #9458  
                        Palo Alto, CA V-formation of six apparent discs. [U 10/12/1952 #9461  
                   IMPERIAL BEACH, CA 2 / Navy lookout tower. 5cm yellow sp 11/16/1952 #9627  
                                   CA George Adamski contacts man from Venu 11/20/1952 #9641  
          10 MI EAST / SALTON SEA, CA USAF B50. Night light hovers and chan 11/20/1952 #9644  
                       Salton Sea, CA B-50 Pilot Spots Object Changing Colo 11/20/1952 #9645  
                    EAST GLENDALE, CA 4 observer(s). 4 grey orbs going quic 11/24/1952 #9668  
                      CULVER CITY, CA Film crew. Saucer filmed overhead. US 11/28/1952 #9693  
                  SSE / SPRECKELS, CA Numerous observer(s). Round light goi 12/12/1952 #9757  
                        SAN DIEGO, CA 6 scientists and techs. 2 saucers man 12/17/1952 #9774  
                        San Diego, CA Two or more objects described as ciga 12/17/1952 #9775  
                          BANNING, CA Aero-technician. Mushroom-saucer quic 12/22/1952 #9786  
                       Marysville, CA Civilian witness(es). (NARA) (NICAP:  12/28/1952 #9798  
tracking equipment on Mt. Palomar, CA before the crash.  [Retrievals of the 1953 #9834  
                 NORTH / PASADENA, CA 1 / parade. Metallic ovoid between mo 1/1/1953 #9841  
                   OVER SANTA ANA, CA B29 pilots. V formation / blue night  1/9/1953 #9872  
                        Santa Ana, CA B-29 Bomber Crew Watch V-Formation (N 1/9/1953 #9875  
               NORTHWEST / SONOMA, CA Project Bluebook Case #2326. 2 HIQ ob 1/10/1953 #9882  
                           Sonoma, CA Flat Object At 2,400 MPR (NICAP: 01 - 1/10/1953 #9883  
                        MT. BALDY, CA Observer(s) / ski-lift. Silver ovoid  1/25/1953 #9920  
             MARCH AIR FORCE BASE, CA 2 Sergeants include/including Koonce. 1/27/1953 #9932  
                     OVER HANFORD, CA T33 pilot. Brilliant silver pie-plate 1/27/1953 #9933  
                        LIVERMORE, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) and air c 1/27/1953 #9934  
                       Mather AFB, CA Crew Of T-29 Encounters Several Objec 1/27/1953 #9936  
                 Livermore (near), CA Bean (P) (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases) 1/27/1953 #9937  
               OFF POINT MUGU NAS, CA Project Bluebook Case #1261. 3 / ship 1/28/1953 #9939  
                           MALIBU, CA 3 / test-plane. 4 huge metal saucers. 1/28/1953 #9940  
 FORCE BASE TO/FROM REDONDO BEACH, CA USAF Sgt. 5 silent orbs change V form 1/28/1953 #9941  
           5MI SOUTHWEST / CORONA, CA Air Force Sgt. 5 silent orbs in forma 1/28/1953 #9942  
                    NEWPORT BEACH, CA Air Traffic Controller RADAR and more 1/28/1953 #9944  
                       Point Mugu, CA 18-20-inch white, flat disc with fuzz 1/28/1953 #9947  
              El Toro Marine Base, CA Marine Fighter Asked To Check On Ambe 1/28/1953 #9948  
                           Corona, CA Five 25 ft green spheres fly in V-for 1/28/1953 #9949  
                     Mailbu Beach, CA Four B-36-Sized Discs Observed By 3-M 1/29/1953 #9967  
                    San Francisco, CA Two strange men from another planet h 2/1953 #9981  
ans discussing UAP in Los Angeles, CA.  http://www.project1947.com/shg/csi/ 2/9/1953 #10019  
                WEST / EMERYVILLE, CA Many separate observer(s). White fire 2/13/1953 #10032  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA Toll collector and many. "Blinky" bac 2/13/1953 #10034  
                         STOCKTON, CA Project Bluebook Case #2426. Air Forc 2/20/1953 #10052  
               Pittsburg-Stockton, CA Bright yellow light seen for 8 mins ( 2/20/1953 #10053  
                         Glendale, CA Jack Clerk (Jack Charles Pryal Clerk, 3/19/1953 #10126  
blic presentations at the Glendale CA Lions Club area about three Crash Ret 3/19/1953 #10126  
                   TUJUNGA CANYON, CA 2 women abduction / cabin. 1st / many 3/22/1953 #10137  
                      BRUSH CREEK, CA 2 observer(s). 7' saucer going down / 5/20/1953 #10252  
Bean reports that two fisherman in CA spot UFO’s                            6/20/1953 #10307  
                      BRUSH CREEK, CA Prospectors. Saucer and small humanoi 6/20/1953 #10308  
                            CHICO, CA UFO spews sparks. Sphere/orb/globe ov 7/13/1953 #10362  
Bean reports that two fisherman in CA spot UFO’s                            7/20/1953 #10374  
                 OFF SANTA MONICA, CA 2 fast shiny saucers. 90° turn over f 7/21/1953 #10377  
OCK / SEQUOIA NOT PLOTTED ON MAPS, CA Fireballs and 1000' saucer very close 7/23/1953 #10378  
      Sequoia-Kings National Park, CA USAF fighters attempt to force disc-s 8/1/1953 #10404  
                     SEQUOIA PARK, CA Large disk 3 nights / row. Jets circl 8/1/1953 #10405  
                       Castle AFB, CA TB-29 crew sees gray oval object; buz 8/20/1953 #10458  
                   NEAR JAMESTOWN, CA USAF #AF4076 circled / UFO's. Going q 8/20/1953 #10459  
       NEAR CASTLE AIR FORCE BASE, CA TB29 crew. Grey ovoid makes 4 passes  8/20/1953 #10460  
                Castle AFB (near), CA TB-29 Crew Files CIRVIS Report (NICAP 8/20/1953 #10462  
              COYOTE PASS / HEMET, CA Huge saucer lights house and 1/2 acre 8/25/1953 #10483  
                       San Rafael, CA Report to JCS, CIA, and NSA of fourte 8/28/1953 #10494  
                       SAN RAFAEL, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) observer( 8/28/1953 #10495  
                          ONTARIO, CA 4 USAF. "Wing tank" falls. Stops. Tur 9/22/1953 #10548  
                         Palmdale, CA (McDonald list) F-94C Tracks UFO at 2 9/28/1953 #10559  
                       LONG BEACH, CA Postman and several. 2 12' saucers. S 10/8/1953 #10583  
                       SOUTH GATE, CA Amateur astronomer. Ovoid with sharp  10/9/1953 #10590  
                    PLEASANT HILL, CA 4 discs / high altitude scare turkeys 10/13/1953 #10598  
                       Norton AFB, CA Daytime Bright Object In Vertical Cli 10/30/1953 #10641  
                     MEINERS OAKS, CA 2 observer(s). 2 silver saucers exit  11/12/1953 #10671  
                                   CA Rumors a saucer and its occupant were Mid 11/1953 #10680  
                           RESEDA, CA Huge silver sphere/orb/globe follows  11/16/1953 #10681  
                                   CA Meeting of a private “industrial grou 12/1953 #10707  
                      OFF PT MUGU, CA 4 aero engineers / WV2 test-flight an 12/16/1953 #10751  
oura (Ground site 3 miles WNW of), CA The Lockheed UFO Case (NICAP: 11 - Av 12/16/1953 #10754  
                         El Cajon, CA Two navy jet pilots see ten silver, o 12/24/1953 #10772  
                    OVER EL CAJON, CA 2 Navy F9Fs. 10 silver ovoids going q 12/24/1953 #10773  
                         El Cajon, CA Navy Lts. Encounter 10 Oval Objects ( 12/24/1953 #10774  
                  YUBA CO AIRPORT, CA Brilliant blue saucer hovers 300' ove 12/28/1953 #10784  
                       Marysville, CA Saucer with a brilliant blue light (N 12/28/1953 #10785  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA Blue-white disk over US101+radio towe 1/9/1954 #10858  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA Observer(s) unknown. 200' disk seen o 1/25/1954 #10884  
                        FAIRFIELD, CA 6 Ground Observer Corps (GOC). Orange 1/27/1954 #10888  
            6MI SOUTH / SANTA ANA, CA 60' saucer glows. Going [to] 25' over 1/29/1954 #10896  
                 Santa Ana (near), CA Car radio quit and motor missed as UF 1/29/1954 #10898  
                        LA PUENTE, CA 1 / (seen thru) binoculars. Classic s 2/1/1954 #10910  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA Amateur astronomer. Huge elliptical c 2/18/1954 #10941  
                         VAN NUYS, CA Former Air Force pilot and 4. Silent  2/18/1954 #10942  
                      Edwards AFB, CA Rumors of President Eisenhower disapp 2/20/1954 #10947  
                           Fresno, CA Sec. of Air Force Talbott's aircraft  3/1954 #10962  
aircraft paced by UFO over Fresno, CA                                       3/1954 #10962  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA Newsman. 3 luminous saucers hover / t 3/6/1954 #10988  
                      OVER FRESNO, CA Air Force Secretary Talbot and severa 3/24/1954 #11026  
                  OVER LONG BEACH, CA United Airlines (UAL) FLT193 near col 4/14/1954 #11079  
               San Nicolas Island, CA American military personnel see cigar 4/22/1954 #11091  
              SAN NICHOLAS ISLAND, CA Military observer(s). 120cm cylinder/ 4/22/1954 #11092  
              San Nicholas Island, CA 4-6 ft long gray cigar-shaped object  4/22/1954 #11094  
                NORTHEAST / CANBY, CA Railroad/railway crew. 2 large saucer 5/1954 #11129  
                         ELSINORE, CA U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) F3D-2 pilots 5/10/1954 #11163  
                         Elsinore, CA Dark blue almost black gun-metal "gli 5/18/1954 #11206  
                 SANTA ANA CANYON, CA 2 / car. 2 shiny objects rise / dam a 5/24/1954 #11227  
ystery Shrouds Muroc”. A source in CA writes in a letter that the US govern 6/4/1954 #11263  
            SUPERSTITION MOUNTAIN, CA 1 / car / US99. 12M metallic saucer h 6/7/1954 #11269  
                      VICTORVILLE, CA "White-hot" sphere/orb/globe / sky ne 7/2/1954 #11387  
                           ARCATA, CA 2 observer(s). Huge object hovers / 1 7/5/1954 #11401  
                          MODESTO, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) and more/ 7/23/1954 #11450  
                        Brentwood, CA "Sparkling green light" appeared to l 7/28/1954 #11465  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA B25 Test Pilot. Metal pencil-shape ho 7/30/1954 #11472  
     Los Angeles (15 miles SE of), CA Pencil-Shaped Object Encountered By B 7/30/1954 #11475  
          HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE, CA Saucers circle / sky. Stop. Assume di 8/3/1954 #11505  
                         WOODSIDE, CA Bang! 70x270' rectangular section / P 8/28/1954 #11606  
              SOUTHEAST / BARSTOW, CA Cops and more/others. Orange ball zig 9/21/1954 #11789  
                          Barstow, CA A red-orange ball giving off sparks ( 9/21/1954 #11793  
                        MT. BALDY, CA 2 / camp. 100 silver saucers going do 9/23/1954 #11818  
                 WEST / RIVERSIDE, CA Aircraft worker. Glowing object chang 9/23/1954 #11822  
                                   Ca’ Pisani, Rovigo, Italy 12:00 noon. Fa 10/14/1954 #12474  
is leading his cows to a pond near Ca’ Pisani, Rovigo, Italy, when an egg-s 10/14/1954 #12474  
                     APPLE VALLEY, CA 50+observer(s). Bright silver cylinde 12/16/1954 #13242  
                        SAN DIEGO, CA Navy observer(s). Metal saucer going  12/29/1954 #13294  
                        San Diego, CA Crew flying B-47 saw 2 objects pass t 12/29/1954 #13296  
                       WILMINGTON, CA WW1-helmet saucer going / low altitud 1/1955 #13325  
                        IDYLLWILD, CA Large fireball drops / sky. Hits bomb 1/14/1955 #13355  
                       CECILVILLE, CA 1 observer. Motionless saucer / air.  1/27/1955 #13369  
                    VALLEY CENTER, CA 1+2 kids / (seen thru) telescope. 7 s 1/28/1955 #13371  
                      MIRAMAR NAS, CA Project Bluebook Case #3416. Navy Com 2/2/1955 #13386  
                      Miramar NAS, CA Highly polished sphere, with reddish- 2/2/1955 #13388  
                         PASADENA, CA 2 observer(s). Round silvery object e 2/3/1955 #13395  
                  Knights Landing, CA Winged Unidentified Executes Verical  2/7/1955 #13403  
                            HEMET, CA 2 observer(s). Saucer / low altitude  2/8/1955 #13406  
              Los Angeles (SW OF), CA M-33 Radar Tracks Unidentified A/C At 3/1955 #13444  
                    BALDWIN HILLS, CA Domed saucers / infrared film. No vis 3/5/1955 #13458  
                 JOSHUA TREE PARK, CA Strategic Air Command (SAC) B47 pilot 3/16/1955 #13474  
       Salton Sea (35 miles N of), CA B-47 Pilot Sees Circular Object (NICA 3/16/1955 #13475  
             Sonoma (and Soledad), CA (McDonald list) Object Rises Almost V 3/29/1955 #13489  
                         BEAUMONT, CA Teen. Saucer = silver dollar / arms l 4/6/1955 #13506  
                         Beaumont, CA Briggs. (Hynek UFO Rpt p. 44; FUFOR I 4/6/1955 #13507  
               ARROYO SECO CANYON, CA 1 / car. Many 2' white silver saucers 5/9/1955 #13550  
                           MOJAVE, CA 9 grapefruit-size objects seen / 10 m 5/17/1955 #13561  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA Bright round object hangs / W. sky /  5/17/1955 #13562  
                           Mojave, CA Nine Moving Red Objects / TV Interfer 5/17/1955 #13563  
UNGA AND MONTROSE AND MORE/OTHERS, CA Thousands / observer(s). 3 silver dis 5/19/1955 #13567  
            NORTON AIR FORCE BASE, CA Ground-visual military observer(s). 3 5/21/1955 #13571  
                       Sacramento, CA Air/Grd Radar Tracks Vertical Descent 7/1/1955 #13655  
                       China Lake, CA (McDonald list) (NICAP: 01 - Distant  7/1/1955 #13656  
           NEAR SANTA CATALINA IS, CA Several / separate boats. 50' saucer  7/9/1955 #13671  
           Santa Catalina Channel, CA Family aboard boat saw a round cylind 7/9/1955 #13673  
                   CHINA LAKE NAS, CA 3 military observer(s) and RADAR. Fir 7/11/1955 #13678  
                       China Lake, CA Round reddish-orange light changing c 7/11/1955 #13679  
                         PALMDALE, CA Air Traffic Controllers / (seen thru) 7/12/1955 #13684  
                        GLEN AVON, CA AND LONG BEACH 2 separate observer(s) 7/13/1955 #13686  
               WEST / SANTA MARIA, CA Long silvery object emerges / ocean a 7/22/1955 #13703  
                           UPLAND, CA 2 observer(s). Orange-yellow fireball 7/28/1955 #13721  
              SF BAY OFF RICHMOND, CA 2 observer(s). White fireball / color 8/2/1955 #13749  
                           FRESNO, CA Weatherman / theodolite. Bright silve 8/2/1955 #13750  
                   NEAR RIVERSIDE, CA 12 kids. Saucers hover. 1 lands. Smal 8/22/1955 #13817  
               BOUNDARY PEAK, NV / CA 2 hikers. Beams from crescent light v 9/11/1955 #13876  
                    SANTA BARBARA, CA 2 observer(s). Night light streaks ov 9/12/1955 #13878  
                         PALMDALE, CA Blue Book. Saucer = silver dollar / a 9/13/1955 #13879  
                     MT. LA SALLE, CA Engineer. 2 large aluminum buttons wi 10/1955 (approximate) #13904  
                        SANTA ANA, CA 2 observer(s). Long large "pipe" with 10/29/1955 #13963  
                     SOUTH / CIMA, CA Astronomer and more/others. 800' meta 11/1/1955 #13970  
                    Mojave Desert, CA Astronomer observed cigar-shaped UFO  11/1/1955 #13971  
               DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA Globe / light responds / plane landin 11/14/1955 #13998  
               San Bernardino Mts, CA Pilot saw a globe of white light appr 11/14/1955 #14000  
                          BANNING, CA USAF flight instructor and doctor. Ve 11/25/1955 #14023  
                           Laguna, CA (McDonald list) Radar Ops Tracked Tar 12/17/1955 #14049  
                       Castle AFB, CA Late 1956; Castle AFB, CA, luminous e 1956 #14063  
tle AFB, CA Late 1956; Castle AFB, CA, luminous elliptical object and two F 1956 #14063  
                   Modesto (near), CA Late 1956; Castle AFB, CA. Luminous e 1956 #14064  
 (near), CA Late 1956; Castle AFB, CA. Luminous ellipt. object and two F-86 1956 #14064  
                    OVER PASADENA, CA 2 / plane. 3 15M saucers / 1900kph. C 1/2/1956 #14080  
                     MT. HAMILTON, CA UFO going quickly east / MACH 1+. Ret 2/1/1956 #14130  
                       FORT IRWIN, CA Military observer(s). UFO north going 2/2/1956 #14131  
                       Camp Irwin, CA Radar Tracks Objects In Three Instanc 2/2/1956 #14132  
                       CAMP IRWIN, CA 2 observer(s). Silent brilliant ovoid 2/9/1956 #14140  
                       COSTA MESA, CA 2 cops. 2 flame-color saucers hover / 2/10/1956 #14143  
                        RIVERSIDE, CA Navy pilot. Plain brown cylinder/ciga 2/15/1956 #14153  
                        Riverside, CA F9F Encounters Brown Cigar (NICAP: 11 2/15/1956 #14155  
          Goose Bay AFB, Labrador, CA Object Trailing Sparks Observed By Ai 3/23/1956 #14202  
                         EL MONTE, CA 1 / car. Silent half-egg hovers / 300 4/24/1956 #14252  
                            VISTA, CA Several observer(s). 'Mothership hove 5/8/1956 #14274  
                         LAKEWOOD, CA Nurse. Silent brilliant saucer with w 5/12/1956 #14285  
    NORTH / NORTON AIR FORCE BASE, CA 2 civilians / radio tower. Silent whi 5/16/1956 #14289  
                    5MI / BANNING, CA Silent domed saucer circles car / 100 6/6/1956 #14324  
                          Banning, CA Thin disc with a small dome, shimmeri 6/6/1956 #14325  
 5MI SOUTH / MARCH AIR FORCE BASE, CA Air Force ground-visual observer(s).  6/10/1956 #14331  
                          ENCANTO, CA Civil observer(s) / (seen thru) binoc 6/14/1956 #14341  
                          BANNING, CA Ground Observer Corps (GOC) and cops  6/29/1956 #14367  
         Los Angeles to San Diego, CA (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) Object T 6/29/1956 #14369  
            SOUTHWEST LOS ANGELES, CA Hundreds / observer(s) and Air Traffi 7/16/1956 #14412  
                   SAN BERNARDINO, CA Teen photographs classic saucer over  7/19/1956 #14425  
                       LONG BEACH, CA 1 observer. Brilliant light. Saucer w 7/20/1956 #14432  
                           AUBURN, CA 1+2. Silent 2M torpedo follows river. 7/21/1956 #14438  
                           Pixley, CA C-131-D hit by object; pilot radios i 7/22/1956 #14442  
               WEST / BAKERSFIELD, CA Oilmen and more. 6 disks going southw 7/22/1956 #14443  
     PIEDRA AND PIXLEY AND FRESNO, CA Pilots and many. Wave. Several report 7/22/1956 #14444  
    MOSQUITO RIDGE AND FORESTHILL, CA 2 observer(s). Torpedo-shape emits sm 7/22/1956 #14445  
                           PIXLEY, CA Blue Book. Air Force C131 hits saucer 7/22/1956 #14446  
                     WALNUT GROVE, CA Judge. Flying cornucopia going quickl 7/24/1956 #14455  
                         PASADENA, CA Separate Ground Observer Corps (GOC)  7/29/1956 #14466  
                   SAN BERNARDINO, CA Several observer(s). Night light fast 7/29/1956 #14467  
                         Pasedena, CA July 29, 1956; Pasadena, California,  7/29/1956 #14468  
                           RIALTO, CA Civil observer(s). Bright yellow obje 7/30/1956 #14470  
                         LA JOLLA, CA Blue Book. Large silver saucer crosse 8/6/1956 #14496  
                  SSE / PITTSBURG, CA 3 teens / (seen thru) binoculars. Cir 8/6/1956 #14497  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA 1 observer. Silent red night light go 8/6/1956 #14498  
                   CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA 2+observer(s). 25+Saturn-UFO's / roug 8/20/1956 #14543  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA 3+several observer(s). Fireball then  8/20/1956 #14544  
                         EL MONTE, CA Several kids. Saucer north going quic 8/20/1956 #14545  
                   Citrus Heights, CA Man & wife saw 25 or more bright, Sat 8/20/1956 #14546  
                OFF SAN FRANCISCO, CA USAF pilot. Fast "balloon" outmaneuve 8/21/1956 #14548  
                     Hamilton AFB, CA F-89 Crew Encounter Daylight Object ( 8/21/1956 #14552  
                          TURLOCK, CA 1 observer / bed. ORD-red ovoid flutt 8/22/1956 #14556  
                        FULLERTON, CA 3 kids. Large saucer hovers / minutes 8/23/1956 #14562  
                           GOLETA, CA 15 / National Guard. Moon-size saucer 8/23/1956 #14563  
                           COVINA, CA 4 kids / pool. 6M ball / light passes 8/23/1956 #14567  
                     NEAR CHESTER, CA Hunter. Human looking small humanoid  9/1956 #14604  
                         PASADENA, CA Airline(s)/airliner pilot and Ground  9/6/1956 #14636  
                         Pasadena, CA Airline Pilot Reports UFO To Air Defe 9/6/1956 #14640  
             NORTHWEST / ELSINORE, CA Ex Air Force pilot. Large silver ovoi 9/12/1956 #14661  
                         Stockton, CA Commercial Pilots Report High Speed O 9/13/1956 #14663  
            CASTLE AIR FORCE BASE, CA 2 F86's chase saucer. RADAR's defeate 10/7/1956 #14711  
                      CULVER CITY, CA 2 / back yard. Flat plain metallic ob 10/8/1956 #14714  
                   WEST ORANGE CO, CA 3 U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) F9F pilots 10/13/1956 #14721  
                       Castle AFB, CA Castle AFB, California: A.A. and J.R. Late 1956 #14723  
) were flying F-86’s near Modesto, CA, on alert duty due to civilian UFO re Late 1956 #14723  
                       Castle AFB, CA Radar/visual of disc-shaped UFO; two  Late 1956 #14724  
          Castle AFB, nr. Modesto, CA Cat.9/11. Luminous elliptical object  Late 1956 #14726  
                           Malibu, CA Flat oval object with three window-li 11/1956 #14749  
                      Point Arena, CA (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) Two Obje 11/4/1956 #14752  
                           MALIBU, CA Brilliant ovoid with windows / unders 11/5/1956 (approximate) #14755  
                EL TORO MARINE AS, CA Blue Book. RADAR-visual (observation) 11/11/1956 #14768  
 El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, CA Objects Seen & Tracked For Eight Hour 11/11/1956 #14769  
                        OCEANSIDE, CA 3+observer(s). White-glowing disk hov 12/5/1956 #14840  
                        HAWTHORNE, CA Airline worker and more/others / car. 12/10/1956 #14844  
                 HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA Several observer(s). 2-3 silver ovoid 12/26/1956 #14862  
                      Los Angeles, CA Real estate investor saw three spheri 12/27/1956 #14865  
                         EL CAJON, CA Girl / 17. Saucer appears / time laps 1/16/1957 #14908  
                         GLENDORA, CA Several observer(s). Noise shakes hou 1/27/1957 #14928  
                          BURBANK, CA Many observer(s). 3 bright saucers /  2/13/1957 #14947  
                      PLACERVILLE, CA Amateur astronomer. Meteor going sout 2/13/1957 #14948  
                          Burbank, CA Police received many calls about oval 2/13/1957 #14952  
                         PASADENA, CA Cops and many. Ovoids stop. Turn. Sea 2/14/1957 #14956  
                       NEAR INDIO, CA Miner. Disk hovers / mountain. 4-5 su 2/24/1957 #14964  
                       Castle AFB, CA (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) 6,000 MP 2/27/1957 #14967  
                       Point Mugu, CA (McDonald list) (NICAP: 01 - Distant  3/22/1957 #15000  
   Long Beach-Los Angeles Airport, CA (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) Rectangu 3/22/1957 #15001  
                       Oxnard AFB, CA Several independent witnesses saw man 3/22/1957 #15002  
   Long Beach-Los Angeles Airport, CA At 11:55 p.m., two objects then one w 3/22/1957 #15003  
                       Long Beach, CA Radar/visual of several UFOs, F-89 pu 3/23/1957 #15005  
                       LONG BEACH, CA CAA RADAR and USAF and hundreds. 4 re 3/23/1957 #15007  
                           OXNARD, CA Blue Book. Several Navy and cops and  3/23/1957 #15008  
                       PT HUENEME, CA Cops and hundreds. Unknown object wit 3/24/1957 #15012  
                           RESEDA, CA Blue Book. Observer(s) = Simon. DC6-s 3/28/1957 #15016  
                           Reseda, CA Cigar-shaped, golden in color, glowin 3/28/1957 #15017  
                          MODESTO, CA 1 observer. 5 luminous hubcap saucers 4/28/1957 #15072  
    EAST / EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, CA Cameramen. 30 frames / saucer. Balloo 5/2/1957 #15092  
                      Edwards AFB, CA Edwards AFB Case (NICAP: 08 - Photogr 5/2/1957 #15094  
Near Calif. coast (McClellan AFB), CA Lights Pass In Front & Below RC-121 ( 5/4/1957 #15099  
                Santa Rosa Island, CA Orange Objects Fly Over & Under Aircr 5/5/1957 #15100  
                    LAKE ISABELLA, CA 1 observer / lonely road. Small bubbl 5/10/1957 #15102  
                       CHINA LAKE, CA 16 white hemispheres maneuver. 2 / do 5/14/1957? #15112  
                      CHULA VISTA, CA Several observer(s) / (seen thru) bin 5/21/1957 #15120  
                            AZUSA, CA Saucer makes wobbling ascent. Amber l 7/1957 #15213  
                            Azusa, CA "Disc with amber lights around edge m 7/1/1957 #15222  
                        RIVERSIDE, CA Disk going quickly west over town. Li 7/13/1957 #15244  
                      JOSHUA TREE, CA 12M wingless flying fish going west s 7/15/1957 #15248  
                        CALISTOGA, CA Businessman. 2 brilliant white night  7/31/1957 #15321  
                        Calistoga, CA Businessman watched two erratically m 7/31/1957 #15322  
                    San Francisco, CA Radar detected a target on IFF Mode 2 8/3/1957 #15331  
                     SAN FERNANDO, CA 2+observer(s). Bright golden disks go 8/5/1957 #15334  
                   WOODLAND HILLS, CA Ex-Navy pilot. Solid white disk hover 8/15/1957 #15354  
                   Woodland Hills, CA Retired Navy pilot watched disc wobbl 8/15/1957 #15358  
                      CAMBRIA AFS, CA Project Bluebook Case #unknown. 6 inc 8/21/1957 #15374  
                         WHITTIER, CA Many separate observer(s). 6 domed sa 8/22/1957 #15378  
                      Cambria AFS, CA (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) Radar/Vi 8/22/1957 #15380  
                         GLENDALE, CA 2 flying cops. Dark 15' cylinder/cyli 8/28/1957 #15398  
                      PASO ROBLES, CA Silver saucer flies from north going  8/29/1957 #15401  
                      Paso Robles, CA Silver circular object flying N to W. 8/29/1957 #15404  
                         GLENDALE, CA Round object with dark center seen ta 9/27/1957 #15499  
                    SANTA BARBARA, CA 3 observer(s). 30M crosses sky / 15 s 10/1/1957 #15514  
                   SAN BERNARDINO, CA Civil observer(s). Cup-saucer maneuve 10/14/1957 #15570  
                     BORREGO SPRS, CA Big red object flashes / 2 second(s)  11/4/1957 #15733  
                       NEAR DIXON, CA Trucker. Meteor going down [to] fast. 11/5/1957 #15768  
                NEAR SANTA MONICA, CA 4 cars stalled. Saucer / beach. Small 11/5/1957 #15773  
               SOUTH / LONG BEACH, CA Air Traffic Controllers and weatherme 11/5/1957 #15776  
             Long Beach (Airport), CA Zibello (McDonald list; FUFOR Index)  11/5/1957 #15797  
                          ANAHEIM, CA Man photographs blimp over Disneyland 11/6/1957 #15842  
                     PALM SPRINGS, CA Shiny saucer leaves (something behind 11/6/1957 #15848  
   EDWARDS / MUROC AIR FORCE BASE, CA Widely separate MPs. Orange sphere/or 11/6/1957 #15855  
                        CAMARILLO, CA 2 separate observer(s). Triangle glid 11/8/1957 #15943  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA 3 disks bob going up and down [to] an 11/9/1957 #15974  
     EAST-NORTHEAST / LOS ANGELES, CA Airline(s)/airliner passenger. 250' m 11/11/1957 #16006  
                          BANNING, CA 2 white shapeless objects going quick 11/11/1957 #16007  
                SANTA SUSANNA MTS, CA 4 rocket engineers. Cylinder/cigar-sh 11/11/1957 #16008  
                      Canoga Park, CA Four engineers observed three UFOs fl 11/11/1957 #16009  
               Los Angeles (near), CA Airline passenger saw elliptical UFO  11/11/1957 #16010  
              San Fernando Valley, CA Rocketdyne engineers observed three U 11/11/1957 #16011  
         MOUNTAINS EAST / BANNING, CA 2 / private plane. Saucer returns lig 11/14/1957 #16023  
                        LA GRANGE, CA Huge 'cucumber' tumbles end over end. 11/15/1957 #16033  
                 WEST / DALY CITY, CA Cop and more. Huge white glowing-obje 11/15/1957 #16036  
               NEAR NEWBERRY SPRS, CA Separate observer(s). Metallic coin d 11/26/1957 #16097  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA Several observer(s). White ovoids cro 12/1/1957 #16139  
                      Los Angeles, CA Formation of oval UFOs photographed.  12/1/1957 #16140  
                         BRISBANE, CA Numerous observer(s) / US101. 2 fast  12/7/1957 #16162  
                       HEALDSBURG, CA Project Bluebook Case #5716. 2 observ 3/14/1958 #16417  
                       Healdsburg, CA 3ft round, black object come from the 3/14/1958 #16418  
                     SANTA MONICA, CA Boy / 9 / (seen thru) telescope. Cyli 4/4/1958 #16452  
                     Santa Monica, CA Cigar-shaped UFO with "windows" obser 4/4/1958 #16453  
                    Newport Beach, CA Police watched two UFOs with flashing 4/7/1958 #16454  
                    NEWPORT BEACH, CA Cops and more/others. 2 delta/triangl 4/9/1958 #16458  
                          FONTANA, CA 2 150' silver saucers stop 1K' over s 5/1958 #16499  
                          HAYWARD, CA 8+observer(s). Fireballs tumble going 5/17/1958 #16531  
                NEAR GRASS VALLEY, CA 2 / cab. 150M cloud cylinder/cigar-sh 6/10/1958 #16579  
                       EAGLE LAKE, CA Hunters / camper. Psi effects? Night  9/27/1958 #16777  
                           FRESNO, CA Woman. 2 flat silver disks going quic 10/11/1958 #16830  
                             LODI, CA Teen / (seen thru) binoculars. Twin s 11/1958 #16907  
                        RIVERSIDE, CA Biped reptile attacks and claws car.  11/8/1958 #16928  
                         BERKELEY, CA 2 / patio. Parachute saucer going qui 11/11/1958 (approximate) #16933  
                       SANTA CRUZ, CA Bright silver white saucers play and  11/29/1958 #16956  
                    NEWPORT BEACH, CA Harbor guards. UFO splits / 4. 2 goin 1/1/1959 #17025  
                    Newport Beach, CA County Harbor Department guards watch 1/1/1959 #17026  
                             Taft, CA Three Airliners See Silver Object (NI 1/4/1959 #17035  
                   IMPERIAL BEACH, CA 2 observer(s). Bright object with hal 2/9/1959 #17084  
                   Imperial Beach, CA Bright UFO with halo filmed. [NICAP U 2/9/1959 #17085  
                      VICTORVILLE, CA House lit. Dogs howl. 50M ovoid / 3 w 2/24/1959 #17103  
                      Victorville, CA Witness sighted a biconvex dull red o 2/24/1959 #17105  
                     PALOS VERDES, CA 1 observer. 5 orange saucers descend  2/25/1959 #17112  
                          Needles, CA (McDonald list) (NICAP: 01 - Distant  7/3/1959 #17317  
                       RIDGECREST, CA Project Bluebook Case #6962. Military 7/12/1959 #17342  
                Ridgecrest (near), CA Electronics mechanic at China Lake U. 7/12/1959 #17343  
                  NORTH / BARSTOW, CA 2 cops. 4 huge brilliant disks follow 8/31/1959 #17451  
                    NEAR PETALUMA, CA 3+/ car. Dull silver cylinder/cylindr 9/4/1959 #17461  
                         PROBERTA, CA Truck radio and lights electro-magnet 12/1959 #17615  
                     EAST FONTANA, CA 2 cops. Lampshade saucer lights area. 12/1/1959 #17620  
                    REDONDO BEACH, CA 2 / home. 8 saucers race and play tag 12/20/1959 #17637  
                          OAKDALE, CA Several observer(s). Bright orange 7M 12/23/1959 #17641  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA Hundreds / observer(s). Invisible cyl 2/5/1960 #17679  
                        Hollywood, CA Several witnesses (about 11:15 p.m. e 2/5/1960 #17680  
                     LAGUNA BEACH, CA Chemist. White ovoid going quickly ea 2/16/1960 #17691  
                     Laguna Beach, CA Retired chemical manufacturing compan 2/16/1960 #17692  
                        Red Bluff, CA State Police encounter with highly ma 4/13/1960 #17742  
                        Red Bluff, CA State Police encounter with highly ma 4/13/1960 #17743  
                        SAN MATEO, CA Amateur astronomer. Odd theramin soun 8/12/1960 #17891  
                        Red Bluff, CA Red Bluff, CA: CHP Officers Charles A 8/13/1960 #17893  
          Red Bluff, CA Red Bluff, CA: CHP Officers Charles A. Carson and S 8/13/1960 #17893  
                        PLUMAS CO, CA Cop and several. Formations / red and 8/13/1960 #17894  
                   EAST / CORNING, CA 2 California Highway Patrol (CHP) and 8/13/1960 #17895  
                        RED BLUFF, CA Cops and many and RADAR's. Red ovoid  8/13/1960 #17896  
                        Red Bluff, CA Police, vehicle encounter, light beam 8/13/1960 #17898  
                        Red Bluff, CA Red Bluff, California, G,V (NICAP: 09 8/13/1960 #17899  
                      LOS MOLINOS, CA Wave. Hundreds / observer(s) in many  8/14/1960 #17902  
                          CORNING, CA Cops and many. 2 red saucers and delt 8/16/1960 #17909  
                           EUREKA, CA Many observer(s). 6-8 bright red and  8/16/1960 #17910  
                          MINERAL, CA Cops and many. 6 objects dip and dive 8/16/1960 #17912  
        CONCORD AND PLEASANT HILL, CA Circular object maneuvers going up an 8/16/1960 #17914  
        HEALDSBURG AND SANTA ROSA, CA Deputy. Dull red flattened ball hover 8/17/1960 #17919  
                        ROSEVILLE, CA 2 cops and more/others. 2 lit up Oblo 8/17/1960 #17920  
                           FOLSOM, CA UFO / whining noise. 2 white lights / 8/17/1960 #17921  
                         DUNSMUIR, CA Highway patrolmen. Ovoid going down [ 8/18/1960 #17923  
                         REDLANDS, CA Domed disk with ring / red lights. Hu 8/18/1960 #17924  
                         HONEYDEW, CA Postmaster. Delta/triangle/box-like c 8/18/1960 #17925  
                        SONOMA CO, CA Cops. 6 UFO's / V-formation. Various  9/5/1960 #17956  
                    Sonoma County, CA Sheriffs observed six vari-colored UF 9/5/1960 #17957  
                       RIDGECREST, CA Project Bluebook Case #6962. 4 observ 9/10/1960 #17960  
                       Ridgecrest, CA 2 light gray glowing objects, saucer  9/10/1960 #17961  
                     SANTA MONICA, CA Cop. 3M triangle hovers 100M over Dou 9/16/1960 #17972  
                       Susanville, CA (McDonald list) (NICAP: 01 - Distant  9/19/1960 #17975  
                 EAST / RED BLUFF, CA Cop and dispatcher. Orange sphere cro 10/1960 #17990  
                    CRESCENT CITY, CA FAA expert and more/others. 2+3 Brill 10/30/1960 #18010  
                      CHULA VISTA, CA Project Bluebook Case #7133. 7 / trai 11/27/1960 #18034  
                      Chula Vista, CA Orange-red point of light, with white 11/27/1960 #18035  
                        SAN DIEGO, CA Blue Book. 2 Navy men. "Satellite" go 3/13/1961 #18151  
                       LONG BEACH, CA Sonic booms. 12 metal objects play /  5/19/1961 #18210  
                       Long Beach, CA Twelve shiny UFOs maneuvered erratica 5/19/1961 #18212  
                   SAN BERNARDINO, CA Several observer(s). 100' arrowhead w 7/30/1961 #18298  
                        SAN DIEGO, CA Blue Book. Amateur astronomers and mo 9/11/1961 #18352  
                       SANTA CRUZ, CA 2 boys / bus. Classic saucer with tra 11/2/1961 #18469  
d then take off again from Eureka, CA. The town of Eureka experienced a bla 4/18/1962 #18640  
LAKE.NV TO EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, CA 2 saucers filmed passing Air Force X1 4/30/1962 #18663  
                      Edwards AFB, CA X-15 flight, piloted by Joe Walker; P 4/30/1962 #18665  
                    MOHAVE DESERT, CA 2nd X15 / worlds record altitude / 31 7/17/1962 #18805  
                      Edwards AFB, CA X-15 flight, Maj. Bob White pilot. Ph 7/17/1962 #18806  
HEAST / AVALON / SOUTH CATALINA I, CA Strange submersible/USO seen. Very fa 7/28/1962 #18822  
                           ORLAND, CA Farmer. Silent ovoid hovers / 8M over 9/1962 #18907  
                            CAPAY, CA 50' saucer beams going down / field.  9/26/1962 #18971  
                          MODESTO, CA 7 observer(s). 100' crescent with por 2/27/1963 #19217  
                        SUNNYVALE, CA Bluish saucer hovers and circles slow 5/23/1963 #19293  
                        Sunnyvale, CA Bluish disc observed hovering and cir 5/23/1963 #19295  
                        PINECREST, CA Many observer(s). 3 green night light 6/26/1963 #19335  
                       Pine Crest, CA Four glowing greenish objects with ha 6/26/1963 #19340  
                          ONTARIO, CA 1 / car. Large (20M?) plain silent me 7/16/1963 #19364  
                        SUNNYVALE, CA Tech-writer and pilots. Saucer hovers 7/18/1963 #19368  
                        Sunnyvale, CA A technical writer for United Technol 7/18/1963 #19370  
                       SUSANVILLE, CA Project Bluebook Case #8548. 2 observ 9/14/1963 #19467  
                       Susanville, CA Round object intercept a long object  9/14/1963 #19468  
                        SUNNYVALE, CA Cops and many. Grey disk going west.  9/26/1963 #19486  
                      MONTE VISTA, CA 2 / cement works. Sunnyvale saucer pu 9/26/1963 #19487  
                        Sunnyvale, CA Police officer, many others, observed 9/26/1963 #19488  
                    San Francisco, CA Fireball observed, shock wave felt, o 11/7/1963 #19561  
                           Merced, CA 6-12 UFOs / F-106's Scrambled (NICAP: 4/10/1964 #19701  
                     NEAR MAGALIA, CA Truck malfunctions due to EME (electr 4/14/1964 #19708  
      US91 17KM SOUTHWEST / BAKER, CA 3 observer(s). Brown colored saucer h 4/30/1964 #19761  
                        RIO VISTA, CA 2 saucers glow. 1 lands / field. Also 5/13/1964 #19797  
                        SUNNYVALE, CA Dark saucer with vibrant bright recta 6/2/1964 #19857  
                     Palm Springs, CA Author of “Behind the Flying Saucers” 6/23/1964 #19907  
Frank Scully dies in Palm Springs, CA. In 1988 his large archive of 1950’s- 6/23/1964 #19907  
                         YOSEMITE, CA Project Bluebook Case #9049. Campers. 8/15/1964 #20025  
                    Yosemite Park, CA 3 bright silver, round objects, in a  8/15/1964 #20027  
Top Secret film at Vandenberg AFB, CA of a UAP shoot-down of a dummy nuclea 9/1964 #20064  
                      CISCO GROVE, CA Saucer. Small humanoids (or Greys) an 9/4/1964 #20067  
               Cisco Grove (near), CA Humanoids and "robots", physiological 9/4/1964 #20068  
               Cisco Grove (near), CA Hunter in tree saw 3 flying silvery l 9/4/1964 #20069  
                      Cisco Grove, CA A bow-and-arrow hunter separated from 9/4/1964 #20070  
                          Big Sur, CA The Big Sur Filming / UFO Disables Du 9/15/1964 #20093  
                         RIO DELL, CA Many separate observer(s) and (seen t 9/24/1964 #20101  
     SOUTHEAST / FALL RIVER MILLS, CA Large saucer hovers / Coble mountain. 10/18/1964 #20126  
                     REDWOOD CITY, CA Project Bluebook Case #unknown. Obser 11/2/1964 #20142  
                  BUTANO ST. PARK, CA Several observer(s). Night light play 11/3/1964 #20143  
             SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS, CA 6 observer(s) / park. 60M disk hovers 12/28/1964 #20214  
               OVER LAKE ELSINORE, CA Night lights. Bright / 5 minute(s) an 1/14/1965 #20269  
                        RIVERSIDE, CA Newsboy. 30M football hovers / 135M a 1/14/1965 #20271  
                         MONTEREY, CA Mayor and family. Vibrant bright obje 1/29/1965 #20326  
                    MANRESA BEACH, CA 70' saucer. Observer(s) taken / ride. 1/30/1965 #20329  
                   McClelland AFB, CA Blue-White Object Too Fast For Aircra 4/27/1965 #20470  
                        Sunnyvale, CA Police lieutenant and officer saw hov 7/6/1965 #20626  
                        Sunnyvale, CA Police lieutenant and officer saw hov 7/8/1965 #20634  
                        SANTA ANA, CA Highway inspector. 3 good photographs 8/3/1965 #20832  
                        Santa Ana, CA Santa Ana / Rex Heflin Photos (NICAP: 8/3/1965 #20836  
                        Santa Ana, CA Highway investigator Rex Heflin, thre 8/3/1965 #20843  
                        RIO VISTA, CA Cops and 400. Glowing-cigar lands by  9/22/1965 #21141  
                        RIO VISTA, CA 3 creatures visible / domed saucer. N 10/4/1965 #21195  
                      Edwards AFB, CA Ground radar tracked 12 objects and p 10/7/1965 #21201  
                      Edwards AFB, CA Major alert. Audio recordings (NICAP: 10/7/1965 #21202  
                      Edwards AFB, CA Radar-visual sighting of 12 UFOs, jet 10/7/1965 #21203  
                    OFF SAN PEDRO, CA 2 observer(s) photograph red-glow obj 12/2/1965 #21303  
                        San Diego, CA Envelope found with hand written note 1966 #21348  
                        LOS ALTOS, CA Rocket expert. Night lights maneuver. 1/3/1966 #21359  
                        Los Altos, CA Night. Army colonel expert on rockets 1/3/1966 #21360  
                   CHINA LAKE NAS, CA 2 observer(s). "Arrowhead" skims terr 1/18/1966 #21402  
                            Indio, CA 2:30 a.m. PST. Three glowing yellowis 3/11/1966 #21507  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA Large object / windows and antenna re 3/31/1966 #21729  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA Helicopter pilot and more/others. Obl 4/3/1966 #21769  
                    Playa Del Ray, CA 6:50 p.m. PST. Along the coast of the 4/3/1966 #21771  
    SOUTH / SANTA CATALINA ISLAND, CA 10 second(s) filmclip / ovoid-lens sa 4/15/1966 #21855  
                  Catalina Island, CA Catalina Island, CA (NICAP: 08 - Phot 4/15/1966 #21858  
talina Island, CA Catalina Island, CA (NICAP: 08 - Photographic Cases)      4/15/1966 #21858  
                         PASADENA, CA Chemist / private plane. 3 round obje 4/30/1966 #21989  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA Project Bluebook Case #sUNK. Night li 4/30/1966 #21990  
                       Sacramento, CA Woman saw a light move around the sky 4/30/1966 #21991  
                         Pasadena, CA Three objects near airplane (NICAP: 1 4/30/1966 #21992  
                      TEMPLE CITY, CA Green glow diamond-saucer hovers. The 5/16/1966 #22044  
                      Temple City, CA 12:30 p.m. PDT. A newspaper editor an 5/16/1966 #22046  
                      Temple City, CA About 1:10 p.m. at a school in the ar 5/16/1966 #22047  
                      Temple City, CA 4:15 p.m. PDT. A woman driving in Tem 5/24/1966 #22069  
                 NEAR TEMPLE CITY, CA Mercury capsule or chemical beaker sh 5/27/1966 #22071  
                       HEALDSBURG, CA 6-story object. Rainbow colors cascad 8/20/1966 #22336  
                           MALIBU, CA Ex-Navy pilot. Disk with dome makes c 8/25/1966 #22367  
                           Malibu, CA Sunrise, PDT. A diesel mechanic and f 8/25/1966 #22368  
                        Livermore, CA 4:25 p.m. PDT. Two Sandia Corporation 10/21/1966 #22588  
                        VACAVILLE, CA Anonymous observer(s) takes photograp 12/5/1966 (approximate) #22747  
                       Cedarville, CA Early a.m. An elliptical object with  12/14/1966 #22766  
                      MIRAMAR NAS, CA 14 military observer(s). 3 saucers in 12/16/1966 #22768  
            SOUTHEAST YORBA LINDA, CA Huge saucer over housing project. Als 1/4/1967 #22817  
          SOUTHEAST / YORBA LINDA, CA Teen photographs UFO. Looks fake but  1/24/1967 #22933  
                      Yorba Linda, CA 5:25 p.m. PST. A 14-year-old boy saw  1/24/1967 #22938  
                         STANFORD, CA 2 boys photograph huge silver donut s 2/2/1967 #23000  
                         Oakhurst, CA 11:55 p.m.PST. A couple saw a solid r 2/7/1967 #23040  
                       NEAR DAVIS, CA 2 / car and separate California Highw 2/13/1967 #23093  
                           Novato, CA 12:30 p.m. PST. A witness watching ai 2/13/1967 #23096  
                            Davis, CA 7:15 p.m. PST. Two women driving home 2/13/1967 #23098  
                         Woodland, CA 8:30 p.m. PST. An ex-Air Force man wi 2/13/1967 #23099  
                  Hannon, Ontario, CA Time not reported. A saucer-shaped ob 2/14/1967 #23107  
                       New Cuyama, CA Night. A teacher saw a dome-shaped ob 3/1967 #23258  
                            Linda, CA 4:30 a.m. PST. A woman saw a triangul 3/15/1967 #23455  
                        Camarillo, CA 8:50 p.m. PST (10:50 p.m. CST). A bar 3/22/1967 #23514  
                           HESSEL, CA Red-glowing domed object stops in fro 4/1/1967 #23604  
                           Hessel, CA 7:15 p.m. PST (10:15 p.m. EST). A fam 4/1/1967 #23607  
                LOS PADRES FOREST, CA Camper abduction / 4 small humanoids  4/5/1967 #23624  
                            Davis, CA 1:50 a.m. PST (4:40 p.m. EST).-A woma 4/5/1967 #23629  
                    North Salinas, CA 8:45 p.m. PST; 9:45 p.m. MST). A coup 4/6/1967 #23643  
                      Los Angeles, CA 10:05 p.m. PST (11:05 p.m. MST). Two  4/6/1967 #23644  
             Coastal Keys Highway, CA 8:30 p,m. EST. Six members of a team  4/12/1967 #23687  
                         Torrance, CA This picture, although a fairly clear 5/11/1967 #23885  
                 Colorado Springs, CA At 1640 MDT, at the Colorado Springs  5/13/1967 #23904  
                    Half Moon Bay, CA 1:30 a.m. PDT. A family saw a triangu 5/16/1967 #23921  
                    CASTRO VALLEY, CA 2 / porch. 16M saucer with rivets sho 5/25/1967 #23964  
                    Castro Valley, CA 10:30 p.m. PDT. A couple saw a metall 5/25/1967 #23967  
                   NORTH SAN JUAN, CA 2 boys. Good clear photographs / 10M  6/2/1967 #24020  
                      Los Angeles, CA 2:30 a.m. PDT (5:30 a.m. EDT). Two wi 6/21/1967 #24096  
        Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA R. T. (initials), with ALPHA RED TOP  7/3/1967 #24163  
orps at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA., states that he and his dogs were ai 7/3/1967 #24163  
               CORNING AND ORLAND, CA Separate cops. Ovoid with beams. Acce 7/4/1967 #24176  
                          Corning, CA 5:15 a.m. PDT. At least five witnesse 7/4/1967 #24177  
                         San Jose, CA 2:00 a.m. PDT. Two people saw two bri 7/15/1967 #24231  
                       WILMINGTON, CA 24M UFO low over lumberyard. Watchman 7/19/1967 #24268  
                     PACHECO PASS, CA Forester. Blue-glowing sponge maneuve 7/28/1967 #24315  
                           Gilroy, CA 9:30 p.m. PDT. A state forestry emplo 7/28/1967 #24316  
                           Gilroy, CA Oval object approached fire lookout t 7/28/1967 #24317  
                           Arnold, CA 1:00 a.m. PDT. Two witnesses saw an o 7/29/1967 #24318  
                        KERNVILLE, CA 2 observer(s). Night lights play / sk 7/30/1967 #24321  
                        Kernville, CA (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) (NICAP:  7/30/1967 #24322  
                           Venice, CA Daytime, PDT. A summer school class a 8/1967 #24338  
                     Walnut Creek, CA 10:30 p.m. PDT. Four people saw a boo 8/14/1967 #24445  
                  El Dorado Hills, CA 9:30 p.m. PDT. Two witnesses saw two  8/16/1967 #24454  
ed up into the sky and flew away. (Ca/gary Albertan, 10/18/67, NICAP files. 9/1967 #24536  
                          Barstow, CA 7:50 p.m. PDT (10:50 p.m. EDT). A man 9/14/1967 #24630  
                        San Mateo, CA 3:24 p.m. PDT. Two witnesses saw six  9/28/1967 #24715  
        VANDENBURG AIR FORCE BASE, CA Many unknown RADAR targets out at sea 10/6/1967 #24754  
                   Vandenburg AFB, CA Condon Case 35 (NICAP: 09 - RADAR Cas 10/6/1967 #24756  
                  NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA Couple follows UFO / miles into Tujun 10/8/1967 (approximate) #24764  
                         Berkeley, CA 10:04 p.m. PDT (11:04 p.m. MDT). A wo 10/17/1967 #24818  
                           SONORA, CA 35 mm movie drama footage. Ascending  11/1/1967 #24955  
                       Greenfield, CA 12:35 a.m. PST (2:35 a.m. CST). Two w 11/4/1967 #24973  
                         ELSINORE, CA Foggy weather. Car malfunctions due t 11/8/1967 #24992  
                         Elsinore, CA Red-orange disc, witness felt pressur 11/8/1967 #24996  
             75KM EAST / EL CAJON, CA Pilot. 12M bell saucer paces plane go 11/26/1967 #25086  
                       Coarsegold, CA Time not reported. A man saw 12 objec 12/1/1967 #25103  
                            Chico, CA Night. Two women saw a hat-shaped obj 12/11/1967 #25142  
                        CAMARILLO, CA Movie scene footage. Pale circular im 12/27/1967 #25186  
                           EXETER, CA 2 observer(s). Huge metallic cone exi 1/10/1968 #25231  
                         REDLANDS, CA 200+observer(s). 15M saucer / porthol 2/4/1968 #25302  
                         Redlands, CA 200 witnesses see low-flying disc - 5 2/4/1968 #25304  
                         Redlands, CA Barking dog alerts to slow moving rou 2/4/1968 #25305  
                         Redlands, CA Barking dogs, unusual sound, attracte 2/4/1968 #25306  
                      PINEY CREEK, CA 2 / remote ranch. 4 metallic ovoids g 5/5/1968 #25517  
                         LA HABRA, CA Dog wakens 2 observer(s). 2 saucers e 7/6/1968 #25721  
                    SANTA BARBARA, CA Several observer(s). Slow grey cylind 8/14/1968 #25898  
                        VACAVILLE, CA 1+4 observer(s). Red object lands / h 9/2/1968 #25996  
t. First investigated by Bay Area (CA) Subcommittee, then turned over to In 11/1968 #26184  
                       MENLO PARK, CA Airline(s)/airliner pilot. Thin objec 5/5/1969 #26689  
             NORTH / YUCCA VALLEY, CA Scientist and 4. UFO shoot strong bea 5/11/1969 #26694  
                             VINA, CA 3 separate cops. Bus-size object ligh 5/24/1969 #26735  
                     FRENCH GULCH, CA 5' dome takes off from grass. Odd met 10/30/1969 #27008  
                        San Diego, CA Private letter sent to BSRF from an a 1970's #27088  
                        SAN MATEO, CA Flash. 8M saucer hovers 15M over powe 2/10/1970 #27154  
                          ANAHEIM, CA Surgeon and wife. Saucer hovers near  2/23/1970 #27163  
                   Camp Pendleton, CA 8:00 p.m. 15-20 minutes While using n 3/21/1970 #27181  
ilar to August 3, 1965, Santa Ana, CA, photos (UFOE II, Section VII). (NICA 4/15/1970 #27208  
ilar to August 3, 1965, Santa Ana, CA, photos                               4/15/1970 #27209  
                      DONNER PASS, CA 2 / car. Orange saucer. 3 hours missi 9/1970 #27394  
              EAST / PALM SPRINGS, CA 1+Air Traffic Controllers. Night ligh 12/28/1970 #27531  
                          HAYWARD, CA M. Jaffe / motorcycle. Vivid red and  2/28/1971 #27612  
            SOUTH / SANTA CRUZ IS, CA 3 UFO's maneuver. Beam on ocean backl 6/1971 (approximate) #27728  
                       BEN LOMOND, CA Lights flicker. Static electric and s 6/18/1971 #27755  
                     PALOS VERDES, CA 2 abduction. "Brain" warns / nuclear  8/17/1971 #27870  
                        LA PUENTE, CA 3 observer(s). Odd object rotates cou 9/4/1971 #27890  
                       Coarsegold, CA About midnight a rancher and his wife 11/5/1971 #28037  
                       COARSEGOLD, CA 2 observer(s). 3 30M pyramids hover o 11/6/1971 #28039  
                      CANOGA PARK, CA Engineering Professor and more. Night 11/25/1971 #28054  
                       CHATSWORTH, CA Postman. Slow rotating disk with ligh 1/29/1972 #28135  
           SOUTHWEST / MENLO PARK, CA V brilliant UFO goes east to/from/bet 2/1972 #28137  
                           ORLAND, CA Rancher and boy. Bright white round o 4/14/1972 #28223  
                            ARVIN, CA Cop on patrol. Bright yellow classic  5/9/1972 #28252  
            GEORGE AIR FORCE BASE, CA USAF men and 30. Bright orange object 6/17/1972 #28296  
                       George AFB, CA 1:00 a.m. Two airman at George AFB, C 6/19/1972 #28298  
                        SAN DIEGO, CA 1 observer. 170' sharp circular shado 8/1972 (approximate) #28434  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA Oblong UFO's over house several night 8/1972 #28439  
                          TRUCKEE, CA 1 observer. Shiny 30' saucer WHIRRs o 8/4/1972 #28449  
NVILLE AND LAFAYETTE AND MARTINEZ, CA Several separate observer(s). 2 large 8/5/1972 #28453  
                        LOS ALTOS, CA 4 silver spheres pass. No further det 8/12/1972 #28483  
                          VERDUGO, CA Woman at home. 3 disks going south /  10/5/1972 #28629  
          BALBOA PARK / SAN DIEGO, CA Odd humming. Photographs / canyon. Ov 10/23/1972 #28665  
            NORTH / SANTA BARBARA, CA Phony scene / party house and guests. 11/4/1972 #28687  
             SOUTHEAST / ANDERSON, CA 3+observer(s). 20' black sphere/orb/g 11/13/1972 #28700  
                  NEAR BODEGA BAY, CA 3 girls abduction. Car floats. 4 hour 11/26/1972 #28721  
      Bt. Bedoga Bay and Woodland, CA Judy Kendall abduction, three types o 11/26/1972 #28723  
  Between Bedoga Bay and Woodland, CA Judy Kendall abduction, three types o 11/26/1972 #28724  
                        SANTA ANA, CA 7 separate observer(s). 50' domed sau 1/2/1973 #28796  
                        Santa Ana, CA At least eight witnesses observed a l 1/2/1973 #28798  
                           Conejo, CA Youths photographed disc-shaped objec 2/8/1973 #28855  
                           Conejo, CA Youths photographed disc-shaped objec 2/8/1973 #28857  
                       POINT DUNE, CA 3 teens. Bright sphere/orb/globe goin 3/23/1973 #28947  
                Los Angeles Basin, CA At least 16 sightings of round or egg 4/1/1973 #28985  
                Los Angeles Basin, CA At least 16 sightings of round or egg 4/1/1973 #28986  
                          TARZANA, CA Goodyear blimp up. 3 extra unidentifi 4/10/1973 #29006  
                           LOMPOC, CA AND STA.MARIA AND VANDENBURG AIR FORC 6/19/1973 #29160  
                       BURLINGAME, CA Astronomer. Night light northeast goi 7/1973? #29195  
                    LAKE ISABELLA, CA Car and motorcycle stop for 15' sauce 7/27/1973 #29245  
                    Lake Isabella, CA Dome-shaped object 15 ft. in diameter 7/27/1973 #29246  
                         DINSMORE, CA 1 observer. Silent 45' domed saucer s 9/1973 #29336  
                    Big Bear Lake, CA 11:00 p.m. Residents reported a serie 9/2/1973 #29345  
                          VALLEJO, CA 1 observer. "Flying ashtray" goes ove 9/9/1973 #29390  
             SR108 NEAR LONG BARN, CA 2 observer(s). 75+' silver-orange-yel 9/12/1973 #29405  
                        Long Barn, CA Two motorists in the early morning ob 9/12/1973 #29407  
                           SONORA, CA Woman sees large saucer / bedroom win 9/14/1973 #29416  
               EAST / SIMI VALLEY, CA 1 / SR118. Color domed delta/triangle 10/4/1973 #29531  
                       Chatsworth, CA Elliptical object with dome hovered a 10/4/1973 #29533  
                      Simi Valley, CA A man driving on the Simi Freeway saw 10/4/1973 #29534  
                       Chatsworth, CA Elliptical object with dome hovered a 10/4/1973 #29535  
                 WEST / EL CENTRO, CA Many stop / highway. Domed saucer ris 10/5/1973 #29541  
                       SANTA CRUZ, CA UFO going south 150' over Almar Ave n 10/16/1973 #29674  
                          BURBANK, CA Domed saucer / backyard. 4 figure(s)  10/16/1973 #29676  
                          Burbank, CA Landed UFO with humanoid figures insi 10/16/1973 #29680  
                          Burbank, CA Two children, ages 2 and 4, reported  10/16/1973 #29682  
                         GLENDALE, CA 2 observer(s). Saucer going quickly [ 10/24/1973 #29856  
                           BLYTHE, CA 1 / car chased / domed disk / low alt 11/8/1973 #29986  
                           Blythe, CA Motorist observed circular object wit 11/8/1973 #29991  
                 EAST LOS ANGELES, CA 2 cops and 12. Bright blue ovoid quic 11/12/1973 #30014  
                      LEMON GROVE, CA 2 boys. Domed saucer / ground. TV and 11/16/1973 #30031  
                   OFF SANTA CRUZ, CA Glowing-ovoid with rows of lights. Al 12/6/1973 #30128  
                        ESCONDIDO, CA 2 / car stop. 10M silent ovoid on roa 12/13/1973 #30166  
                    NEAR SAN ARDO, CA 2 / car. Silent saucer. Beam going do 12/14/1973 #30172  
                        Santa Ana, CA Martin W Barry, a Marine sergeant, wa 1/4/1974 #30246  
                        Santa Ana, CA Pilots report 5 objects circling plan 1/26/1974 #30310  
             COAST WITH SANTA ANA, CA 2 / light plane. 5 glowing-objects ci 1/29/1974 #30315  
                    ARROYO GRANDE, CA Numerous separate observer(s). Dull g 5/15/1974 #30707  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA 1 observer. Flashy 7' sphere/orb/glob 5/23/1974 #30729  
           HINES PEAK OBSERVER(S), CA Data rate / 4600A (seen thru) telesco 8/26/1974 #30997  
             I5 SOUTH / LOS BANOS, CA 3 / car. Silent 40' stingray delta/tr 9/1974 #31014  
                    HALF MOON BAY, CA Pilot sighting. 30' metallic saucer s 9/6/1974 #31032  
               SOUTHEAST / ORLAND, CA 2 observer(s). Cows frantic. 65' sauc 9/30/1974 #31102  
                           RAMONA, CA 5 observer(s). Round object lands. Al 10/15/1974 #31139  
                           Ramona, CA Many types of animals reacted to a ro 10/15/1974 #31140  
                          ANTIOCH, CA 2 observer(s). Ovoid / 90-turns. Tube 3/27/1975 #31550  
             SOUTHWEST / SAN JOSE, CA Scientist/science teacher / (seen thr 4/15/1975 #31619  
                         San Jose, CA Disc-shaped object with dome, light b 4/15/1975 #31621  
                         San Jose, CA Disc-shaped object with dome, light b 4/15/1975 #31622  
                           FRESNO, CA 3 observer(s). Huge saucer hovers ove 5/15/1975? #31694  
                           GILROY, CA 4 observer(s). 30' metal disk with le 8/10/1975 #31901  
                        LOS GATOS, CA Several observer(s). Orange sphere se 8/13/1975 #31916  
                           GILROY, CA Pilot and several. Silent delta/trian 8/13/1975 #31917  
                         STOCKTON, CA ANG helicopter pilot and Air Traffic  8/14/1975 #31925  
                         Stockton, CA ANG helo pilot & ATC's reported disc  8/14/1975 #31926  
                         Stockton, CA Pilots and air traffic controllers at 8/14/1975 #31927  
                          TUJUNGA, CA Helicopters circle saucer and flash b 9/3/1975 #32014  
                       MT. WILSON, CA 15' triangle / night lights maneuvers 9/5/1975 #32022  
                  INDUSTRIAL CITY, CA Gilroy observer(s) abduction here. 3+ 9/15/1975 #32047  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA 20 observer(s). Large ovoid hovers lo 9/26/1975 #32085  
        US99W 7MI SOUTH / CORNING, CA 2 farmers. Domed saucer with red and  9/30/1975 #32095  
                           Orland, CA Cows bolted at descent of domed disc  9/30/1975 #32098  
                          Corning, CA Domed disc hovered, illuminated area  9/30/1975 #32099  
  SR154 NORTHWEST / SOUTH BARBARA, CA 40' saucer on tripod. "Owl" / road fl 10/1975 (approximate) #32105  
                            Davis, CA 8:20 p.m. Seven witnesses including t 10/16/1975 #32152  
                       HAPPY CAMP, CA 2+3 observer(s). Star maneuvers close 10/25/1975 #32197  
             SR108 EAST / OAKDALE, CA 2 / car abducted to cave! Telepathic  11/1975 #32266  
                       HAPPY CAMP, CA Group / locals abduction/abducted "tr 11/2/1975 #32273  
              SKEDADDLE MOUNTAINS, CA Glowing saucer with antenna lights ar 11/6/1975 #32305  
                    SPRING VALLEY, CA 1 / car. Blob / lights east going wes 11/25/1975 #32408  
                      NEAR LOMPOC, CA 50' ovoid "hypnotizes" nurse / car. R 1/23/1976 #32559  
            CHICO TO/FROM TRUCKEE, CA Many and 3 California Highway Patrol  1/28/1976 #32572  
                         WOODLAND, CA 2 women. Extremely bright cone hovers 1/28/1976 #32573  
                     SANTA MONICA, CA 1 observer. Metal saucer low / sky. F 1/28/1976 #32575  
                       HAPPY CAMP, CA Early 76. MIB orders / can't eat dinn 2/1/1976 #32591  
                           CONEJO, CA 2 teens photograph silent 12M domed s 2/8/1976 #32600  
                   Rancho Cordova, CA 6:45 p.m. PST 8-10 discs were sighted 2/18/1976 #32627  
                       Marysville, CA 7:00 p.m. Sutter County sheriff's off 2/19/1976 #32632  
        PROJECT CITY / SHASTA DAM, CA TV electro-magnetic effect (EME). Clo 4/23/1976 #32762  
                   SOUTH / COLUSA, CA Cessna 172 buzzed / orange sphere. Se 6/4/1976 #32834  
                      NEAR MERCED, CA 3 / SR140. Cylinder/cigar-shape hover 6/5/1976 #32835  
                           Merced, CA 11:30 p.m. A glowing cigar-shaped obj 6/5/1976 #32836  
                    ANDREAS HILLS, CA 6+observer(s). Huge glowing-blimp hov 6/9/1976 #32842  
                          SUNLAND, CA Large red star hovers still. Silent.  6/14/1976 (approximate) #32855  
                       Strathmore, CA Dog alerts to huge cigar then hides ( 6/15/1976 #32860  
                        YUBA CITY, CA 1 observer. Formation / diamond-objec 6/17/1976 #32861  
          I680 SOUTH / PLEASANTON, CA 3 observer(s). Silent 40' Tuna-can wi 6/25/1976 #32888  
                           SONOMA, CA 12' ovoid over house. Static electric 8/29/1976 #33063  
                         PASADENA, CA 8cm clear bubble floats going [to] ba 8/30/1976 #33065  
           CANOGA PARK AND RESEDA, CA 2+2 observer(s). 2 silent saucers spi 9/5/1976 #33095  
                 WEST SIMI VALLEY, CA 6 observer(s). Disk spins slow. Fast  9/6/1976 #33099  
                           COLUSA, CA Power out. 150' domed saucer / 50' ov 9/10/1976 #33119  
                           Colusa, CA Low-hovering disc with dome, rotating 9/10/1976 #33121  
                           Colusa, CA Low-hovering disc with dome, rotating 9/10/1976 #33122  
                           EUREKA, CA 2 separate observer(s). Night light / 9/16/1976 #33138  
                           RESEDA, CA 2 / car. 50 = ' saucer near. Bright g 9/25/1976 #33179  
                           SYLMAR, CA 10+observer(s). 2 night lights seems  10/9/1976 #33210  
                   TABLE MOUNTAIN, CA 2+several. Big roar. Red night light  10/12/1976 #33215  
                           OXNARD, CA 2 / car. 10' silver-glowing ovoid goi 10/16/1976 #33224  
              SOUTHEAST PALO ALTO, CA 1 / car. Tuna-can object with array / 10/22/1976 #33240  
                NORTH SIMI VALLEY, CA Several observer(s). Domed disk brigh 11/2/1976 #33273  
                         ATHERTON, CA Saucer ducks between clouds. Very bri 11/13/1976 #33298  
             CHATSWORTH MOUNTAINS, CA 3 teens. Large glowing-dome and cloud 11/20/1976 #33318  
                         TUOLUMNE, CA Several observer(s). Bright egg-shape 12/1/1976 #33334  
             SOUTHWEST NORTHRIDGE, CA 3 boys / (seen thru) binoculars. Sauc 12/14/1976 #33358  
                          CONCORD, CA 1 observer. Night light zigzags going 12/19/1976 #33377  
                     FRENCH GULCH, CA Landed saucer rises. Zaps Chapins. Go 12/29/1976 #33397  
                           COVELO, CA 7 mutilated cattle since Nov. '76. "L 1/1977 (approximate) #33421  
                         GLENDALE, CA 2 cops. Black soup-can cylinder/cylin 2/1/1977 #33535  
                      VICTORVILLE, CA 2 observer(s). Metal domed saucer. Wi 2/20/1977 #33593  
                          ONTARIO, CA 1 high-Q observer(s). White triangle  2/26/1977 #33612  
                           SYLMAR, CA 2 Sec. guards. Tuna-can saucer with c 3/6/1977 #33624  
                           Sylmar, CA 1:05 AM. Mr. Kiese, a security guard, 3/6/1977 #33626  
                     Pebble Beach, CA On this night a husband and wife were 3/20/1977 #33682  
                      Los Angeles, CA 8:50 PM. Two witnesses on a flight at 3/21/1977 #33685  
             MARCH AIR FORCE BASE, CA AND AREA Numerous observer(s). Fast n 3/22/1977 #33687  
                          BURBANK, CA Amateur astronomer. Little dipper gai 4/2/1977 #33701  
           NORTHWEST / LOS OLIVOS, CA 2 / plane take 8mm movies / 4 white s 4/11/1977 #33732  
                        ENCINITAS, CA 15 kids and teacher. Large domed sauc 5/6/1977 #33825  
                        Encinitas, CA A large domed disc-shaped object desc 5/6/1977 #33826  
                   WEST PITTSBURG, CA 3 teens. Saucer with windows going do 5/20/1977 #33876  
                         BUCKHORN, CA SR88 northeast / pioneer. Large Oblon 6/20/1977 #33936  
                         VAN NUYS, CA 2 observer(s). Night light near moon. 6/26/1977 #33958  
                           BLYTHE, CA 5 / boat. Ovoid 3-4x moon-size. Darts 7/15/1977 #34036  
                       HAPPY CAMP, CA Lady. Sphere / light hovers near bed! 7/17/1977 #34047  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA 2 observer(s). Cone going down / ange 7/25/1977 #34074  
                       NORTHRIDGE, CA "Perseid meteor" stops. Hovers / 90 s 8/12/1977 #34154  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA "Perseid meteor" stops. Zigzags tight 8/12/1977 #34155  
                         VAN NUYS, CA Amateur astronomer. Vibrant bright ni 8/20/1977 #34178  
                          HAYWARD, CA 2 / car. Large silent rounded delta/t 8/28/1977 #34192  
                       HEALDSBURG, CA 3 50' saucers with windows. silhouett 8/30/1977 #34203  
                       NORTHRIDGE, CA 1 observer. Night light hovers / 5 ho 9/3/1977 #34221  
                       HAPPY CAMP, CA 2 women. Disk "was lit all the way ar 9/6/1977 #34226  
 EAST / VANDENBURG AIR FORCE BASE, CA 4 separate airliners. UFO type unknow 9/10/1977 #34239  
         150MI WITH SANTA BARBARA, CA 80' disk paces small plane / several  10/1/1977 #34304  
                           COLUSA, CA 3.5' small humanoid (or Grey) visits  10/18/1977 #34350  
                      NEAR SONORA, CA 2 / car. Sudden blue fog. Car malfunc 10/30/1977 #34399  
                    Sonora (near), CA A woman was driving with her husband  10/30/1977 #34400  
                    Sonora (near), CA A woman was driving with her husband  10/30/1977 #34401  
                        PLACENTIA, CA 2 teens. Clear silent moon-size sauce 10/31/1977 #34405  
                           OXNARD, CA 2 Air Traffic Controllers. 4 unidenti 12/8/1977 #34509  
        OXNARD TO/FROM LA AIRPORT, CA 2 bright circular lights pace and buz 12/8/1977 #34510  
                      Los Angeles, CA R/V involving airline crew (NICAP: 11 12/8/1977 #34512  
            Oxnard to Los Angeles, CA G,V, FAA radar (NICAP: 09 - RADAR Cas 12/8/1977 #34513  
                      Los Angeles, CA Four UFOs tracked on radar; bright, c 12/8/1977 #34514  
         NORTHWEST / SANTA MONICA, CA Private pilot. Domed saucer with 18 1 1/1/1978 #34603  
                     Santa Monica, CA Cessna Encounters Disc With Dome & Wi 1/1/1978 #34604  
                     Santa Monica, CA Veteran pilot observed domed disc wit 1/1/1978 #34605  
                      Los Angeles, CA Sphere flew below Cessna 150 (NICAP:  1/11/1978 #34641  
                     FRENCH GULCH, CA Mrs. Chapin. Strange big-nosed entity 1/14/1978 #34645  
 on Space and UFOs in Los Angeles, CA.                                      1/28/1978 #34688  
                           ORANGE, CA 4 observer(s). Intense humming. Dog h 2/4/1978 #34713  
                           Orange, CA Dog in house responds to hovering obj 2/4/1978 #34716  
            MARE ISL.NVL SHIPYARD, CA 1 / SR37. 2 3' silver disks. 1 hovers 2/22/1978 #34753  
                        ROSEVILLE, CA Air Traffic Controllers and several s 2/22/1978 #34754  
                         FILLMORE, CA 3 teens / car. Cylinder/cigar-shape g 2/22/1978 #34755  
                      WEST MALIBU, CA 1 / car. Low rumble. Huge triangle gl 2/25/1978 (approximate) #34766  
              WEST / PALM SPRINGS, CA 2 / car. Domed disk hums and hovers / 3/18/1978 #34816  
            6+50 MI OFF SAN DIEGO, CA 3 military planes electro-magnetic ef 3/27/1978 #34849  
                     LAKE TULLOCH, CA 3 fishermen. UFO / 50K' altitude. 900 3/29/1978 #34857  
                         SAN JOSE, CA 4 / car. Saucer with square windows h 4/3/1978 #34889  
                           GOLETA, CA Car slows. Radio dies. Night light ma 4/23/1978 #34924  
                           Goleta, CA Mrs. Castro was driving on Highway 10 4/23/1978 #34925  
                           KERMAN, CA Cop. Ovoid fireball hovers / street.  5/13/1978 #34966  
                         PASADENA, CA 2 / private plane. White saucer hover 6/4/1978 #35019  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA Pilot. Shiny 2-3' silver ovoid going  6/11/1978 #35035  
                      Los Angeles, CA Cessna pilot observed small silvery o 6/11/1978 #35038  
                      Los Angeles, CA Cessna pilot observed small silvery o 6/11/1978 #35039  
                PACIFIC PALISADES, CA Oval-glow drifts going northeast. The 6/22/1978 #35063  
                      SANTA PAULA, CA 2 / light plane. 3' saucer with shiny 7/4/1978 #35093  
                      Santa Paula, CA A small domed disc-shaped object, abo 7/4/1978 #35097  
                      Los Angeles, CA 3:15 PM. US private aircraft at 2800' 7/4/1978 #35098  
                          VENTURA, CA 2 observer(s). Flapping noise. Silver 7/22/1978 #35175  
                         LEWISTON, CA Date approximate. Boy. Small humanoid 8/1/1978 #35228  
                           ORANGE, CA Flash. 3+2 observer(s). 340' silent b 9/27/1978 #35522  
                           ORANGE, CA 10+observer(s). Huge dark saucer. Ver 9/29/1978 #35543  
           SIERRA MADRE MOUNTAINS, CA 2 observer(s). Huge (1.5mi) distinct  10/8/1978 #35575  
                           AGOURA, CA Chemical Professor-amateur astronomer 10/10/1978 #35593  
                      EAST / VINA, CA 2 bell shapes maneuver / mountain val 10/30/1978 (approximate) #35663  
                           ORANGE, CA 2 boys / (seen thru) telescope. Domed 11/2/1978 #35683  
          I15 SOUTHWEST / BARSTOW, CA Flash! Grey domed saucer tilted in cl 11/27/1978 #35779  
            San Bernardino County, CA Two huge UFOs came screaming over Lak 12/25/1978 #35976  
at Naval Air Station in Sunnyvale, CA in 1950 and saw a large, round saucer 1979 #36035  
          US101 NEAR SHERMAN OAKS, CA 4 / car. Fireball going up and down.  1/21/1979 #36138  
                          ATWATER, CA 3+observer(s). 3' x7'DISK hovers / po 5/12/1979 #36330  
                   NORTH / COLUSA, CA 2 observer(s). Silver bullet-object o 5/25/1979 #36350  
                           Colusa, CA 1:10 AM. A silver colored, heel-shape 5/25/1979 #36353  
                           Colusa, CA Two fishermen observed a hemispherica 5/26/1979 #36359  
           SOUTHEAST / CLEAR LAKE, CA Private pilot. 6' sparkly torus off w 6/9/1979 #36378  
s Angeles and San Fernando Valley, CA Flurries of sightings                 7/1979 #36417  
             Santa Clarita Valley, CA Ed knew immediately that the object w 7/13/1979 #36428  
                      SIMI VALLEY, CA 5 observer(s). Glowing white ball wit 7/21/1979 #36443  
                      CANOGA PARK, CA 4 teens. Large white night light make 7/25/1979 #36448  
                      CANOGA PARK, CA 3 observer(s). Diffuse white sphere/o 7/25/1979 #36449  
                      CANOGA PARK, CA 25 minute(s) / missing time. Waitress 7/25/1979 #36450  
                      CANOGA PARK, CA 2 cops and 5 / (seen thru) binoculars 7/25/1979 #36451  
                   WOODLAND HILLS, CA 2 observer(s). White night lights see 7/25/1979 #36453  
                      Canoga Park, CA A large white light made several pass 7/25/1979 #36454  
                           RESEDA, CA Corner / victory&Tampa. 2 observer(s) 8/3/1979 #36484  
                   NORTH / RESEDA, CA 1+1+many. 80' globe hovers / 8K' alti 8/3/1979 #36485  
                      CANOGA PARK, CA 2+3 observer(s). Silent saucer tilts. 8/4/1979 #36489  
                      Canoga Park, CA Large, glowing disc with bubble-like  8/4/1979 #36490  
                      Canoga Park, CA Large, glowing disc with bubblelike d 8/4/1979 #36491  
              SOUTHEAST / HAYFORK, CA 3 / California Highway Patrol (CHP) p 8/9/1979 #36498  
                          Hayford, CA Two discs below plane (NICAP: 11 - Av 8/9/1979 #36499  
                          Hayfork, CA Pilot observed two disc-shaped object 8/9/1979 #36500  
                      CANOGA PARK, CA 1 observer = Anapol. Pink-violet glow 8/24/1979 #36549  
                         OROVILLE, CA Elderly couple. Flying oil-drum with  9/3/1979 #36603  
             NORTHWEST / MARICOPA, CA 4+2 geologists. Cone offloads box. Bo 9/9/1979 #36629  
                      CANOGA PARK, CA 2 / car. Huge silent saucer over road 9/14/1979 #36660  
                      Canoga Park, CA Disc with flamelike jets around perim 9/14/1979 #36661  
                      Canoga Park, CA Disc with flamelike jets around perim 9/14/1979 #36663  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA 1 observer. 2 sharp bright slow silve 9/29/1979 #36714  
                          BURBANK, CA Rattle-noise. Large bowl over busy fr 10/12/1979 #36733  
                           Colusa, CA Roosters crowed, ducks quacked, geese 10/26/1979 #36747  
                          BODFISH, CA 2 / trailer. 48+hours missing time. H 12/11/1979 #36851  
                        FULLERTON, CA 1 observer. Weird silent grey octagon 12/23/1979 #36872  
                         VAN NUYS, CA 3+4 kids. Huge domed saucer drops 50' 1/3/1980 #36903  
                  SECOND GARROTTE, CA 3 observer(s). Unmarked 100M blimp wi 3/19/1980 #37002  
                       POKER FLAT, CA = Allegheny. 1 rancher. Huge tubular  3/24/1980 #37016  
                     FRENCH GULCH, CA Chapins. 4' small humanoid (or Grey)  4/4/1980 #37032  
                 WEST / SAN MATEO, CA 2 / car / I-280. 5 bright silent meta 4/20/1980 #37055  
                        San Mateo, CA Five apparently metallic Saturn-shape 4/20/1980 #37056  
                        San Mateo, CA Five apparently metallic Saturnshaped 4/20/1980 #37058  
                     MT. HAMILTON, CA Silver sphere/orb/globe going south.  5/2/1980 #37080  
                         San Jose, CA Shiny sphere flying with rapid up and 5/2/1980 #37081  
                          REDDING, CA 1+3 observer(s). Fog envelops car. 30 5/7/1980 #37092  
            NORTON AIR FORCE BASE, CA Air Traffic Controllers and many. Sil 8/2/1980 #37219  
       Norton AFB, San Bernardino, CA Three airmen and five civilians at se 8/3/1980 #37221  
                   NEAR RED BLUFF, CA 2 / Cessna 172. 1M metallic ovoid see 8/28/1980 #37261  
                   LAKE BERRYESSA, CA 45' Saturn-torpedo paces small plane. 11/5/1980 #37402  
                SAN PEDRO CHANNEL, CA 2 observer(s) / Hollywood. Cloud-cyli 12/10/1980 #37490  
Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo, CA operated by Hughes Aircraft. Basiago  1981 #37548  
                       CHATSWORTH, CA 25+observer(s) and film and more. Bri 1/25/1981 #37580  
                       Chatsworth, CA Hovering cigar- or spindle-shaped obj 1/25/1981 #37581  
                       Chatsworth, CA Hovering cigar- or spindle-shaped obj 1/25/1981 #37582  
       SAN JOSE AIRPORT/APARTMENT, CA 2 / Cessna and Air Traffic Controller 2/9/1981 #37601  
                         San Jose, CA Red object buzzed Cessna 150 (NICAP:  2/9/1981 #37602  
                         San Jose, CA Red-lighted object made pass at aircr 2/9/1981 #37603  
                  NEAR MOFFAT NAS, CA Orange silver sphere/orb/globe splits 2/16/1981 #37613  
       SAN JOSE AIRPORT/APARTMENT, CA 2+observer(s). Red night light back.  2/19/1981 #37618  
                         SAN JOSE, CA 2 observer(s). Luminous sharp-edged b 2/20/1981 #37622  
            NEAR SAN JOSE AIRPORT, CA Pilot and 1+1. Bright red night light 2/28/1981 #37631  
                           SONORA, CA 1 / car. Brilliant 50'CGR hovers. 2 w 3/1981 #37634  
San Luis Reservoir, Merced County, CA The complete failure of an aircraft's 4/4/1981 #37668  
               SAN LUIS RESERVOIR, CA Plane invisible / RADAR while buzzed  4/8/1981 #37669  
                        HOLLYWOOD, CA Bright white disk maneuvers / clouds. 4/18/1981 #37686  
                 WEST LOS ANGELES, CA Separate observer(s). Cylinder/cylind 4/19/1981 #37687  
                         San Jose, CA A teardrop shaped UFO with a spinning 8/8/1981 #37846  
                     MALIBU BEACH, CA 4 observer(s). Arrowhead / fish-shape 8/23/1981 #37865  
                         EL CAJON, CA Engineer abduction / car regressed. D 8/30/1981 #37872  
                           ALPINE, CA Cop abduction. 60' saucer. Missing ti 8/30/1981 #37873  
                    Alpine (near), CA UFO brightly illuminated car, witness 8/30/1981 #37874  
                         El Cajon, CA UFO brightly illuminated car, witness 8/30/1981 #37875  
                            TRONA, CA 2 observer(s). Silver disk extends do 8/31/1981 #37877  
                    POLLOCK PINES, CA 1 observer. Dogs bark and run. DC10 s 9/6/1981 #37887  
                     APPLE VALLEY, CA Disk hovers. Shoots away and back. Sp 9/17/1981 #37903  
                        KENTFIELD, CA Huge saucer over homes. Deep rumble.  9/17/1981 #37904  
                      SIMI VALLEY, CA 6+observer(s). Delta/triangle/box-lik 9/18/1981 #37907  
                 SOUTH / MOORPARK, CA 2+2 / SR23. 3 bright 50' delta/triang 9/18/1981 #37908  
                    Conejo Valley, CA Triangular objects with body lights,  9/18/1981 #37909  
                    Conejo Valley, CA Triangular objects with body lights,  9/18/1981 #37910  
                    THOUSAND OAKS, CA Family. Rounded delta/triangle/box-li 10/6/1981 #37945  
, Aerojet Electric Systems, Azusa, CA, states that he has given up trying t 10/19/1981 #37963  
                         GLENDORA, CA Numerous observer(s). Red rectangular 3/12/1982 #38172  
                 San Dimas (near), CA A mother and her two children were dr 3/15/1982 #38180  
                      SIMI VALLEY, CA Girl / 13 and more/others. White sile 3/20/1982 #38187  
                             OJAI, CA Allagash Jim "frozen" and partly levi 5/1982 #38244  
                  OFF CARPINTERIA, CA 2 observer(s). Round bronze object go 8/12/1982 #38359  
                       RIDGECREST, CA 2+1 observer(s). Small white night li 9/1/1982 #38378  
                          Auberry, CA Dogs bark and lights dim as disc foll 9/6/1982 #38384  
                SR36 WITH MINERAL, CA Paul Cerny. Chiles-Whitted rocket cyl 12/10/1982 #38498  
                       BUENA PARK, CA Several observer(s). Glowing church b 3/19/1983 #38578  
                       Happy Camp, CA 4:45 PM. California Highway Patrol of 3/24/1983 #38591  
                  NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 4 observer(s) / 1 known. Circular dom 9/14/1983 #38762  
                    SPRING VALLEY, CA Boy / 15. Dull 14' x5' perfect cylind 11/1/1983 #38829  
                       SEAL BEACH, CA 2 observer(s). Odd lone cloud drops b 11/22/1983 #38839  
                        RIVERSIDE, CA 1 / car. 18cm sphere with pegs protru 12/20/1983 #38869  
                        Riverside, CA 5:30 PM. Witness driving in Riverside 12/20/1983 #38870  
              SR14 NORTH / MOJAVE, CA Several separate / observer(s). Huge  1/9/1984 #38907  
             SOUTH / PEARSONVILLE, CA 4 / van. 14M cylinder/cigar-shape / 3 1/9/1984 #38908  
                     Pearsonville, CA 7:30 PM. A metallic object described  1/9/1984 #38911  
   Mojave, Kern County (north of), CA 10:30 PM. Several independent witness 1/9/1984 #38914  
                    VALLEY CENTER, CA 4 observer(s). 5 brilliant night ligh 1/27/1984 #38945  
                    Valley Center, CA 5:40 AM. Four witnesses observed five 1/27/1984 #38947  
                     SANTA MONICA, CA 1 observer. Silent 24cm red fireball  3/25/1984 #39034  
                        NEAR NAPA, CA 3 / car. 300' and delta/triangle/box- 4/25/1984 #39080  
                             Napa, CA 9:55 PM. Structural details of a UFO  4/25/1984 #39082  
                         Adelanto, CA 11:00 AM. An object shaped like the r 6/22/1984 #39166  
 make an emergency landing. Flight CA 933 is over Lanzhou, Gansu province,  6/11/1985 #39390  
 make an emergency landing. Flight CA 933 was over Lanzhou, the capital of  6/11/1985 #39391  
                         SAN JOSE, CA Pilot and 1 / car. Black disc hovers. 7/4/1985 #39406  
                    NEWPORT BEACH, CA Huge bronze triangle with painted nos 10/14/1985 #39472  
                      LOS ANGELES, CA 5 observer(s). 3 1M saucers east goin 10/18/1985 #39477  
                       SAN RAFAEL, CA 1 observer. Curved boomerang hovers.  10/25/1985 #39484  
                       ATASCADERO, CA 1 observer. Rectangular object with c 11/14/1985 #39495  
                        EL CENTRO, CA 4 observer(s). 3 large coppery disks  11/15/1985 #39496  
                         CORONADO, CA 3 observer(s). 3' clear bubble lands  12/1985 #39522  
                        ROSEVILLE, CA 3 observer(s). 300' saucer right over 1/3/1986 #39541  
S 395 NEAR EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, CA Long silvery rectangle hovers. Radio  1/19/1986 #39560  
                           ENCINO, CA Elderly observer(s). 10cm silver obje 4/2/1986 #39610  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA 6 observer(s). Large saucer splits go 4/6/1986 #39612  
                           NIPOMO, CA 2 observer(s). 4 bright night lights  4/26/1986 #39635  
                 NORTH / PETALUMA, CA Cops and Air Traffic Controllers = 12 5/22/1986 #39682  
                       SANTA ROSA, CA Several observer(s). Orange X-shape z 5/22/1986 #39683  
                          ANAHEIM, CA 2 observer(s). Big silent "plus-sign" 5/23/1986 #39684  
                          VALLEJO, CA 2 observer(s). Small sphere/orb/globe 5/25/1986 #39689  
                     GRASS VALLEY, CA 6 observer(s). 40' delta/triangle/box 6/20/1986 #39711  
                           SONOMA, CA Nurse. White glowing-disk follows car 7/6/1986 #39725  
                            CHICO, CA 1 observer. Silent saucer crosses roa 7/10/1986 #39733  
                           BANGOR, CA 2+1 observer(s). 2 saucers slow going 7/30/1986 #39754  
                      STUDIO CITY, CA 9 observer(s). White dot hovers / 4 m 8/1/1986 #39760  
                            VISTA, CA 2 observer(s) and more/others. Silent 8/8/1986 #39769  
                          MANTECA, CA 2 observer(s). Large saucer fast and  8/10/1986 #39770  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA 2+2 observer(s). Large delta/triangle 8/27/1986 #39796  
                        LIVERMORE, CA 1 observer. Diamond over town / 400'  9/13/1986 #39821  
      NORTHWEST / NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 1 observer / (seen thru) binoculars.  10/13/1986 #39841  
                      CULVER CITY, CA 1 observer. Huge silent manta-shape n 11/21/1986 #39868  
                         San Jose, CA The San Jose Mercury states that the  2/15/1987 #39915  
                         PASADENA, CA Movie producer Paul davids and 2. Sil 2/25/1987 #39917  
 MI EAST / EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, CA V-bright white box-shape. Larger / 74 3/12/1988 #40296  
               Edwards AFB (near), CA Nr Edwards AFB, California, G (NICAP: 3/12/1988 #40297  
                 NEAR TEJON RANCH, CA Couple abduction / 2.5HRS missing tim 8/1988 (approximate) #40406  
                  ANTELOPE VALLEY, CA 2 observer(s). 600' boomerang / 25mph 10/26/1988 #40491  
                      PORTERVILLE, CA AND FRESNO Boomerangs etc. reported ( 10/26/1988 #40492  
              SOUTH / WATSONVILLE, CA Sudden fog. 2 observer(s) minds go bl 12/1988 #40526  
                           CORONA, CA Several observer(s). 4 car-sized sile 1/3/1989 #40571  
                        TEHACHAPI, CA Multiple observer(s). 10-12 circular  2/14/1989 #40636  
                            POWAY, CA 1 observer. Bright fireball drops str 2/21/1989 #40641  
                           BISHOP, CA 2 observer(s). Silver fuselage with b 3/17/1989 #40670  
                           NOVATO, CA 2 observer(s). Dumbell UFO and 2 smal 4/15/1989 #40702  
                   EAST / JACKSON, CA 2 / light plane. Square domed object  4/19/1989 #40705  
           BAUTISTA CANYON / ANZA, CA 30' saucer over power lines. 6 figure 5/10/1989 #40736  
                         PALMDALE, CA Sec. guard and Air Traffic Controller 6/4/1989 #40772  
                       SAN MARCOS, CA Several observer(s). 300' boomerang o 10/14/1989 #40968  
                        LANCASTER, CA 800' black boomerang goes over downto 11/18/1989 #41032  
                        SAN DIEGO, CA 2+observer(s). Night lights over city 12/8/1989 #41099  
               GILMAN HOT SPRINGS, CA 66M "banana" over SR79. Either lands  1/18/1990 #41175  
                        LANCASTER, CA 1 observer. Saucer southwest going qu 5/21/1990 #41376  
                  PALOMAR AIRPORT, CA Triangle shines 2-3 bright lights / g 6/1990 #41399  
                        LANCASTER, CA 1 observer. 3 delta/triangle/box-like 10/3/1990 #41554  
                NORTH / LANCASTER, CA 1 observer. Delta/triangle/box-like c 10/25/1990 #41607  
                        LANCASTER, CA Delta maneuvers / northern sky. Brigh 11/25/1990 #41705  
                   CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA Silent perfect triangle passes 3000'  3/10/1991 #41804  
                        OCEANSIDE, CA 2 / patio. Silent 150' ovoid 50' away 4/4/1991 (approximate) #41826  
                         AHWAHNEE, CA Night lights / precise formation sugg 4/22/1991 #41843  
                 WEST / LANCASTER, CA 4 observer(s). Boomerang strobes mane 5/28/1991 #41872  
                         LARKSPUR, CA 1 observer. Rough circle / night ligh 11/29/1991 #42044  
                     TOPANGA CNYN, CA Night light follows 2 / car. Car lift 6/14/1992 #42289  
NORTHEAST / GEORGE AIR FORCE BASE, CA United Airlines (UAL) crew. 50' fusel 8/5/1992 #42347  
                        OCEANSIDE, CA 2 observer(s). 90M object going down  9/9/1992 #42409  
           WEST / LAKE SAN MARCOS, CA "200-watt" night light hovers / road  10/23/1992 #42484  
                          VENTURA, CA 2 women abduction / car / US101. 145m 11/20/1992 #42516  
                      SIMI VALLEY, CA Night lights. Silent flying triangle  11/25/1992 #42524  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA 2 separate observer(s). Small disks r 12/5/1992 #42539  
                            CHICO, CA Triangular UFO hovers 400' over dairy 12/30/1992 #42569  
                        LA QUINTA, CA 3 saucers hover 15 minute(s). 3rd sta 1/1/1993 #42579  
                        OCEANSIDE, CA Delta-ovoid comes in from sea. Stops  1/30/1993 #42616  
                      NEAR SONORA, CA Several separate observer(s). Wedge-s 2/1/1993 #42621  
                  Antelope Valley, CA Numerous sightings, photographs repor 6/1993 #42795  
                         ROSAMOND, CA 2 observer(s). Round white night ligh 6/8/1993 #42804  
                  Antelope Valley, CA Round UFO with satellite objects      6/8/1993 #42806  
                         PALMDALE, CA Several HIQ observer(s). Night light  6/12/1993 #42810  
                             ETNA, CA Night lights since Feb. '93. Dive at  6/17/1993 #42817  
                          GRIDLEY, CA Round UFO / rectangular-box shaped wi 6/26/1993 #42832  
                         PARADISE, CA Saucer scouts up / down feather River 7/4/1993 #42846  
                  Antelope Valley, CA Round UFO with satellite objects (sec 7/20/1993 #42869  
                  Antelope Valley, CA Round UFO with satellite objects      7/20/1993 #42870  
                  CLEAR LAKE OAKS, CA Several HIQ observer(s) and videos /  9/2/1993 #42971  
                     WILLOW CREEK, CA 3 / car / CA299. Row / night lights.  12/28/1993 #43130  
                          TOPANGA, CA 2 / car. Delta/triangle/box-like craf 1/16/1994 #43170  
                        CAMARILLO, CA 1 / car. 100+' delta/triangle/box-lik 3/1994 #43227  
                          MANTECA, CA 3 separate observer(s). Small glowing 3/11/1994 (approximate) #43249  
                  SOUTH / TOPANGA, CA 2 teens. Big "triangle-octagon" 100'  7/16/1994 #43419  
         OXNARD TO/FROM CAMARILLO, CA 3+2 observer(s). Huge silent manta-ob 9/20/1994? #43560  
to Air Force Plant 42 at Palmdale, CA. They wrote they believed the craft t 9/26/1994 #43572  
                           BISHOP, CA 28 separate observer(s) report 65 UFO 9/30/1994 #43573  
                  EAST / SAN JOSE, CA 1 observer and more. Fields lit. Roun 10/6/1994 #43583  
                            VISTA, CA 1 observer. Delta/triangle/box-like c 11/22/1994 #43654  
                            VISTA, CA 1+2 separate observer(s). Delta/trian 11/28/1994 #43665  
                            VISTA, CA 1 observer. Dog hides. Helmet saucer  12/17/1994 #43693  
                          ALTURAS, CA 3 / truck. Odd ovoid type unknown. Lo 12/30/1994 #43711  
                    MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 1 observer. Odd blue objects flit bet 1/15/1995 #43770  
                   GRIZZLY ISLAND, CA 2 ROTC students. Silver saucer-cylind 1/16/1995 #43773  
                 EAST / FAIRFIELD, CA 1+2 observer(s) adamant. Silver ovoid 1/20/1995 #43782  
                             ROSS, CA Private pilot / car. 2 silent V-cresc 2/2/1995 #43808  
                    MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 1+cops. 2 delta-craft. Lights blink / 2/12/1995 #43833  
            SOUTH / SANTA BARBARA, CA 2 / (seen thru) binoculars. Huge Asse 2/13/1995 #43842  
                            CHICO, CA 3 kids. "Round alien ship" overhead.  2/14/1995 #43844  
                    EL CENTRO NAS, CA Huge boomerang and objects in formati 2/23/1995 #43855  
                   WEST / FONTANA, CA 9 observer(s) and many 911 calls. 6-8 3/12/1995 #43884  
                     LAGUNA BEACH, CA 1 observer. Daytime disk hovers. Move 3/29/1995 #43917  
                      PLACERVILLE, CA Retired USAF / aerospace man. Odd vib 3/31/1995 #43925  
                      BAKERSFIELD, CA 2 observer(s). 3 odd objects like gre 4/3/1995 #43931  
                   SOUTH / GOLETA, CA Bizarre white ball / light descends / 4/10/1995 #43938  
                           CLOVIS, CA 2 observer(s). Saturn sphere with rin 4/19/1995 #43955  
                         MILPITAS, CA Ex-Navy man. Light beige disk going q 4/22/1995 #43963  
                            VISTA, CA 1 observer. Circular disk 1/2 moons d 5/9/1995 #43987  
                           DUARTE, CA Girl. Triangular ship hovers / southe 5/12/1995 #43993  
                          BRAWLEY, CA Ex-military airman. Sting-ray craft w 5/23/1995 #44016  
                           ALBANY, CA 1 observer. Bizarre rectangle with 4  6/7/1995 #44038  
                        FAIRFIELD, CA 2 / I680. Vibrant bright perfect circ 6/11/1995 #44047  
                    SAN FRANCISCO, CA 1 observer / Marin. Bright star hover 6/19/1995 #44060  
                            VISTA, CA Many observer(s). Night lights dart / 6/20/1995 #44061  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA Several observer(s). Square object wi 7/19/1995 #44105  
                      SANTA CLARA, CA 3 observer(s). 4 small metallic cylin 7/22/1995 #44112  
                          REDDING, CA 16 observer(s). 4 featureless cigars  7/22/1995 #44113  
                          BELMONT, CA 2 observer(s). Odd group / 3 "headlig 7/28/1995 #44126  
                           FOLSOM, CA 1 observer. Circular craft with kidne 7/28/1995 #44127  
                      CULVER CITY, CA Observer(s) watching planes. Large tr 7/29/1995 #44137  
                       SACRAMENTO, CA Observer(s) watching satellite. Small 8/4/1995 #44153  
                      BAKERSFIELD, CA Many observer(s) / 8 hours. Several o 8/6/1995 #44156  
                           FRESNO, CA 2 observer(s). ~10 red-purple 15cm gl 8/9/1995 #44165  
                          OAKLAND, CA 2 observer(s). Black spot near moon.  8/10/1995 #44166  
                  NEAR SACRAMENTO, CA Several cars stop / I80. Silver ovoid 8/11/1995 #44168  
                        FORT DICK, CA Several observer(s). 2 night lights g 8/13/1995 #44176  
                OFF CRESCENT CITY, CA 50-60 observer(s). Peculiar objects m 8/25/1995 #44210  
                          FONTANA, CA 5+separate observer(s). Orange fireba 8/26/1995 #44212  
                          BURBANK, CA 1 observer. Odd white sphere/orb/glob 8/28/1995 #44219  
                    POTTER VALLEY, CA 1 observer. Bright red dot hovers nea 9/13/1995 #44263  
 STANFORD UNIVERSITY/UNIVERSE(AL), CA 1 observer. Round object with ring ea 9/19/1995 #44279  
                      HUMBOLDT CO, CA Navy CPO. Red sphere/orb/globe near J 9/19/1995 #44282  
       US395 SOUTH / RED MOUNTAIN, CA 2 / car. 2 disks / stack formation. P 9/25/1995 #44307  
                        VACAVILLE, CA Several observer(s). Odd orange disk  10/1/1995 #44323  
 No further details. See Piedmont, CA.                                      10/1/1995 #44323  
                         PIEDMONT, CA Extremely bright disk flies over hous 10/1/1995 #44324  
                       SANTA ROSA, CA 1 observer. Dark object with blue lig 10/2/1995 #44328  
                    CRESCENT CITY, CA White oval light chased / 2 fast plan 10/17/1995 #44353  
                           AUBURN, CA Group / kids. Triangle with red dim l 10/22/1995 #44359  
                        GREENWOOD, CA Several observer(s). Up to 11 bright  10/28/1995 #44364  
                          SOLVANG, CA 2 young women / car. Large cylinder/c 11/11/1995 #44389  
                          REDDING, CA 1+kids. Orange ball / light bobs over 11/19/1995 #44407  
                         WOODLAND, CA Boy. Disk with flutter sound outside. 11/22/1995 #44416  
                          REDDING, CA 1 observer. Bright star hovers / 5 mi 11/29/1995 #44426  
                       GLEN ELLEN, CA 2 observer(s). Huge flying "Seaquest" 11/29/1995 #44427  
                         BIG PINE, CA Woman. 2X moon-size triangle going qu 2/1/1996 #44529  
                  MT. LOMA PRIETA, CA 7 observer(s). White ball / light lan 2/6/1996 #44538  
        VANDENBURG AIR FORCE BASE, CA CNN at shuttle landing. 3600 frames o 2/25/1996 #44576  
                         WOODLAND, CA Man. Shiny metallic diamond = 2 trian 3/20/1996 #44628  
                          FONTANA, CA Family and police report. Large orang 4/3/1996 #44648  
                          REDDING, CA Man. 2 glowing-balls descend. Trade p 4/20/1996 #44671  
               NEAR SANTA BARBARA, CA Man / car. Bright flash and missing t 4/24/1996 #44679  
                           BISHOP, CA 4+observer(s). Vibrant bright object  4/25/1996 #44680  
             NACIMIENTO RESERVOIR, CA 2 observer(s). 1/2 moon-size brillian 4/26/1996 #44682  
TRW for 25 years in Redondo Beach, CA; at TRW STG, Goldin managed advanced  8/7/1996 #44768  
                   JOSHUA TREE NM, CA UFO group. Silent 65' saucer / 200' a 9/21/1996 #44830  
             San Francisco (1896), CA Seals dive as airship emits beam of l 11/22/1996 #44912  
                      WEST COVINA, CA 4 observer(s). Gray disk passes overh 12/14/1996 #44937  
                      VICTORVILLE, CA Guard. Red-orange ball swoops going d 3/22/1997 #45035  
                          ANAHEIM, CA 3 / car. Shiny plane-size daylight di 4/20/1997 #45064  
                        OCEANSIDE, CA 10+observer(s) / (seen thru) binocula 5/2/1997 #45083  
                         RICHMOND, CA Amateur astronomer. Silent black equi 5/15/1997 #45092  
                 SR70 NEAR VINTON, CA 1 / car. Reddish barn-sized round obj 6/24/1997 #45134  
                         LA VERNE, CA House shakes. Large bright red glowin 3/29/1999 #45549  
                           BELDEN, CA 5+2 separate observer(s). Large metal 6/16/1999 #45584  
             WEST / LIVE OAK SPRS, CA 2 / car. Plain metallic silver cylind 11/11/1999 #45676  
                           Nipomo, CA Dogs bark/howl during aurora display  3/30/2001 #45953  
                 MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, CA Camper. Dark shiny disk going east /  8/7/2001 #46029  
                          JACUMBA, CA Border patrol. Dog reacts / warble. 1 1/31/2002 #46112  
                     Jewel Valley, CA Large flying disc, smaller discs & tr 1/31/2002 #46113  
partment complex in Pacific Beach, CA, after he had allegedly gone AWOL fro 7/2003 #46360  
in funding.  https://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~abatko/interests/conspiracy/mj12/    2004 #46439  
-threat/   http://www.doe.carleton.ca/~nagui/Appnotes/AttachToMail/PDF/Mayn 8/2004 #46525  
                      Santa Maria, CA Dog barks when dark object is near (N 10/16/2005 #46691  
                        Camarillo, CA Dogs aggressively bark and visually t 11/10/2005 #46704  
                         Martinez, CA Beagle reacts to movement in the sky  11/15/2005 #46705  
air, along with locations in Enzo, CA, Lancaster, CA, Edwards AFB, March AF 11/1/2013 #47202  
 locations in Enzo, CA, Lancaster, CA, Edwards AFB, March AFB and Eglin AFB 11/1/2013 #47202  
TS/SCI organization in El Segundo, CA. One time, he overheard a member say  3/6/2015 #47242  
TS/SCI organization in El Segundo, CA, he had lunch with a senior USAF NCO  3/6/2015 #47243  
Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo, CA, the same location Andrew Basiago cla 7/16/2016 #47265  
                        San Diego, CA Austin, TX TTSA’s “ADAM Project” (an  6/13/2018 #47340  
                          Toronto, CA American nuclear physicist and profes 5/13/2019 #47391  
                      Los Angeles, CA Radio and TV host Larry King dies at  1/23/2021 #47493  
ing dies at age 87 in Los Angeles, CA                                       1/23/2021 #47493  
n aerospace company in Long Beach, CA to go “deep undercover” to have acces 8/1/2021 #47525  
r aerospace company in Long Beach, CA that has that type of campus is The A 8/1/2021 #47525  
e company based out of Long Beach, CA.  https://youtu.be/r2jtaMVeNKM?t=4420 11/30/2021 #47549  
Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo, CA; the paintings show human beings flyi 10/20/2022 #47613  

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                                   CA' PISANI, ITL 2 observer(s). Dark rect 10/14/1954 #12430  
                                   CA' VENIER, ITL 2 / farm. Saucer on fiel 10/14/1954 #12457  

Word: "ca299", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

        WILLOW CREEK, CA 3 / car / CA299. Row / night lights. Craft unseen. 12/28/1993 #43130  

Word: "caa", 59 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Photographs were taken, and a big CAA investigation followed.              8/13/1942 #2199  
          Moscow, Idaho 10:30 a.m. CAA official Irving C. Allen is flying a 7/4/1947 #3557  
quickly northeast / single file. / CAA report.                              7/5/1947 #3594  
                       CONCORD, CA CAA pilot. 12-15 5M objects / groups. 20 7/15/1947 #4091  
Hundreds of calls flooded into the CAA office concernig the flying object.  7/25/1948 #4681  
LS, OR Project Bluebook Case #497. CAA technician. 6 silent metal plates pa 6/1949 (approximate) #5192  
ot Capt. W. H. Kerr reports to the CAA that he and two other TWA pilots (D. 3/8/1950 #5595  
gh altitude near Dayton, Ohio. The CAA has already received about 20 other  3/8/1950 #5595  
                  RENO AIRPORT, NV CAA Air Traffic Controller and 2 United  3/26/1950 #5742  
                          Reno, NV CAA control tower operator saw maneuveri 3/26/1950 #5743  
nal Airport Reno, Nevada 8:50 p.m. CAA Tower operator Marie H. Matthews and 3/26/1950 #5748  
   100MI NORTHWEST / KAUAI IS., HI CAA C54 crew. 6 red night lights. Magnet 4/1950 #5803  
gan Airport Boston Massachusetts A CAA control tower operator at Logan Airp 4/7/1950 #5838  
                                   CAA observers in Clarendon, Texas saw an 4/18/1950 #5891  
 crews discuss the matter with two CAA ground stations.                     6/24/1950 #6040  
                    Cincinnati, OH CAA flight engineer observed a "wingless 7/1950 #6069  
                    CINCINNATI, OH CAA flight engineer and many. Silent met 7/13/1950 #6098  
                    At 1:45 p.m. a CAA flight engineer, flying over Cincinn 7/13/1950 #6104  
 their altitude at 3,000 feet. The CAA control tower at Peublo estimated th 9/21/1950 #6237  
d City weather bureau and Aberdeen CAA in South Dakota estimate the object  11/26/1950 #6348  
ars to the northwest. In Aberdeen, CAA aircraft communicator William B. Hil 11/26/1950 #6348  
                         HURON, SD CAA observer(s). Glowing objects dart /  11/27/1950 #6351  
er(s). Glowing objects dart / sky. CAA also sees / Aberdeen, Sd. / r242p45. 11/27/1950 #6351  
                         Huron, SD CAA personnel saw hovering maneuvering U 11/27/1950 #6353  
ight 9 9:20 p.m. Sioux City, Iowa, CAA Control Tower operator John M. Willi 1/20/1951 #6481  
TE, IN Project Bluebook Case #985. CAA man and pilot. Huge metal ovoid cros 10/9/1951 #6823  
                   Terre Haute, IN CAA employee saw h.s. "flattened tennis  10/9/1951 #6828  
                   Terre Haute, IN CAA and pilot, "flattened sphere". (NICA 10/9/1951 #6829  
    Terre Haute, Indiana Witness:  CAA Chief Aircraft Communicator Roy Mess 10/9/1951 #6830  
                      At 1:42 p.m. CAA Chief Aircraft Communicator Roy Mess 10/9/1951 #6832  
iana ZIPPING AGAIN IN THE SKY. Two CAA employees say they saw an oval objec 10/10/1951 #6834  
y didn't believe it was a plane. A CAA spokesman said no plane had been kno 11/7/1951 #6893  
      SOUTHEAST / GORDONSVILLE, VA CAA / ground and airliner. USAF and mari 6/15/1952 #7705  
f 41,000 feet (reportedly Navy and CAA radars also track the object). At 12 7/22/1952 #8264  
y over Washington last night after CAA radar specialists had spotted betwee 7/28/1952 #8478  
                    Washington, DC CAA radar in the early morning tracked 8 7/29/1952 #8571  
d to check on the radar targets at CAA request at 3:00 a.m., he saw nothing 7/29/1952 #8571  
   Washington, D.C. Early morning. CAA radar tracks 8–12 UFOs at a time tra 7/29/1952 #8585  
adar targets at the request of the CAA at 3:00 a.m., he sees nothing. The t 7/29/1952 #8585  
othing. The targets disappear from CAA radar when the airliner approaches t 7/29/1952 #8585  
ying through pre-dawn black skies. CAA radar operators said as many as 12 o 7/30/1952 #8607  
54 have gone by. Munson alerts the CAA operator at the Rockford airport, wh 8/10/1952 #8851  
Hare Airport in Chicago 12:01 a.m. CAA radar controllers Robert L. Terneuze 9/2/1952 #9157  
 returns from tangible bodies, but CAA chief Bob Zeigler overrules them and 9/2/1952 #9157  
LORENCE, SC Many calls to news and CAA. CAA observer(s) also. Large silver  11/16/1952 #9626  
CE, SC Many calls to news and CAA. CAA observer(s) also. Large silver sauce 11/16/1952 #9626  
 pilot at 6,000 feet sees nothing. CAA Senior Airways Specialist Austin M.  11/30/1952 #9701  
y a searchlight. Bowley radios the CAA controller in Tucumcari, New Mexico. 12/29/1952 #9809  
reappears under the clouds and the CAA controller is told to look for it bu 12/29/1952 #9809  
 TX Strange lighted object seen by CAA tower operator and others. (NICAP: 0 1/6/1953 #9862  
anville, Texas, is notified by the CAA at Meacham Field [now Fort Worth Mea 1/6/1953 #9863  
shington National Airport A flawed CAA report states the July 1952 Washingt 5/1953 #10215  
                      ROCKFORD, IL CAA Air Traffic Controller. Saucer flash 2/21/1954 #10949  
 Missouri Witness:  J. Faltemeier, CAA communications specialist.  Twenty-t 9/4/1954 #11658  
 Missouri Witness:  J. Faltemeier, CAA communications specialist.  One silv 9/5/1954 #11668  
                  WILMINGTON, NC 2 CAA Air Traffic Controllers / (seen thru 12/3/1954 #13171  
                    LONG BEACH, CA CAA RADAR and USAF and hundreds. 4 red o 3/23/1957 #15007  
Frequency Range Station 10:45 p.m. CAA air traffic controllers R. M. Kaser  11/4/1957 #15757  
 Controller confirms. = UFO / Brit CAA. / r41.                              4/21/1991 #41838  

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               NEAR LANZHOU, CHINA CAAC flight 933. UFO 6 miles wide paces  6/11/1985 #39389  
 Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) closes the airport down, grounding 7/7/2010 #47093  
shows an airplane with a contrail. CAAC conducts an investigation but refus 7/7/2010 #47093  

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l dives / Army surplus truck. Hits cab. Very hot.                           7/30/1947 #4166  
getaway. He was still in the truck cab when one man spoke to him in a forei 7/27/1952 #8465  
 Valleys, Mexico Approximate date. Cab driver Salvador Villanueva, 40, obse 8/18/1953 #10453  
is day Salvador Villanueva, a taxi cab driver, was trying to repair his bro 8/18/1953 #10454  
taxi driver Gonzalo Rubinos Ramos' cab broke down in Ordenes, La Coruna, Sp 11/1/1954 #12943  
                  AUCKLAND, NZ 2 / cab. Swish sound. Large silent object wi 11/4/1955 #13979  
 the sighting as a meteor, but the CAB declares it unexplained after a thor 3/9/1957 #14991  
           Springfield, OH Car and cab stalled as UFO observed (NICAP: 03 - 11/5/1957 #15808  
         NEAR GRASS VALLEY, CA 2 / cab. 150M cloud cylinder/cigar-shape qui 6/10/1958 #16579  
and several cops. Big donut buzzes cab. Woman aboard hysterical.            9/26/1966 #22490  
road and locked himself inside the cab of his truck. The craft settled on a 1/5/1967 #22825  
hat a silver disc hovered over the cab of his truck for more than a minute. 4/5/1967 #23636  
ckel content. At 10:45 p.m. a taxi cab driver four kilometers outside of Ar 9/7/1967 #24588  
truck and climbs to the top of the cab to get a better view. He sees about  2/27/1968 #25360  
           SELSEY, WEST SUSSEX New cab malfunctions due to EME (electro-mag 8/1968 #25849  
          GREENACRE, AUSTRALIA 3 / cab. 10M saucer over park. Figure / wind 4/25/1969 #26662  
 net-camouflage hides / mountains. Cab gets ice cold.                       7/5/1972 #28345  
 Between Gulfport and Biloxi, MS A cab driver reported that he was confront 10/16/1973 #29681  
id that she twice leaves the truck cab and goes into the back. William mana 10/16/1973 #29687  
                Later this night a cab driver reported that he was confront 10/16/1973 #29692  
ng UFO that landed in front of his cab on Interstate 90 between Gulfport an 10/16/1973 #29692  
n light brown coveralls got into a cab and told the driver to take him to G 11/11/1973 #30011  
ld not start. When he got into the cab and closed the door the same four fi 3/21/1974 #30524  
cer!” Walton then steps out of the cab and walks toward the object. The oth 11/5/1975 #32304  
ight light illuminated his truck's cab and surroundings, and stayed with th 12/11/1975 #32453  
 saw a yellow light illuminate the cab. The light originated from a gray me 5/5/1977 #33819  
 saw a yellow light illuminate the cab. The light originated from a gray me 5/5/1977 #33822  
              LEICESTER, LEICS 2 / cab. Rugby-ball shape hovers. Absolute(l 5/21/1977 #33879  
° angle. The interior of the truck cab seems to glow with a greenish hue. A Summer 1977 #33943  
clothing scattered about the truck cab.                                     2/5/1978 #34722  
their helmets that illuminated the cab of the truck. The beings came closer 12/15/1978 #35913  
es a large object looming over his cab and hears two thumps. Even though he 8/29/1979 #36584  
ed, green colored UFO with an open cab or hatch fell into Lake Zaysan. Four 11/9/1981 #37998  
 Conductor Mironov gets out of the cab to examine the wheels, and as soon a 2/1985 #39344  
ntually it lets up; he reaches the cab and the train starts off as if it is 2/1985 #39344  
            SOUTHWEST / NOMAIN, FR Cab driver. Fireball going quickly north 2/2/1994 #43197  
ing in the middle of the cemetery; cab drivers rushed to the scene but coul 10/27/1995 #44363  
                 David L., a local cab driver, was taking several passenger 11/23/1996 #44915  
 by their presence, he stopped his cab and noticed that the lights were ova 8/5/1997 #45167  
 Cloud, Nebraska, illuminating the cab of the car while driving out in the  8/15/2001 #46035  

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oration involving an international cabal, primarily featuring a number of s 8/10/1991 #41943  

Word: "cabala", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 alien female who says her name is Cabala. She gives him a message warning  12/14/1983 #38865  

Word: "caballero", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Agency, amateur astronomer Alberto Caballero identifies a Sun-like star in  8/15/1977 #34165  

Word: "caballeros", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

        Canary Islands Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza Spanish journalist  6/26/1976 #32892  
hen shoots off towards Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza, covering 12.5 mile 6/26/1976 #32892  

Word: "caballo", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n, then down out of sight near the Caballo Reservoir.                       4/26/1964 #19747  

Word: "cabana", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

near the site. Later that night in Cabana Colony, Florida Mr. & Mrs. McGhee 12/13/1973 #30171  

Word: "cabanas", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

              A few hours later in Cabanas, Cuba a soldier fired 48 rounds  6/14/1968 #25606  
                                   CABANAS, PDR, CUBA Landed UFO zaps man.  6/15/1968 #25609  
               SOUTH CRISTOBAL AND CABANAS AND BAHIA HONDA, CUBA Wave class 12/14/1995 #44440  

Word: "cabansag", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nniston, Burroughs, and A1C Edward Cabansag) enter the forest to investigat 12/26/1980 #37520  

Word: "cabassi", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ergio Conti, Francesco Izzo, Renzo Cabassi, Stelio Asso, and Mario Pagni.   6/25/1977 #33957  

Word: "cabasson", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CABASSON, FR 1+dog. 4M saucer and helmet 10/17/1954 #12578  
                                   Cabasson, France A 65-year-old man was h 10/17/1954 #12591  
                                In Cabasson, France a 65-year-old man was h 10/17/1954 #12597  

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ro alleges Wackenhut Corp. and the Cabazon Indian Reservation used a joint  8/1/1993 #42897  

Word: "cabañas", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Cabañas, Pinar Del Rio (near), Cuba Afte 6/14/1968 #25602  
                                   Cabañas, Artemisa, Cuba Pinar del Rio Ha 6/14/1968 #25604  
uentes Ventura is on guard duty in Cabañas, Artemisa, Cuba, when he sees on 6/14/1968 #25604  

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of recently burned grass and skunk cabbage.                                 9/3/1947 #4304  
 his car and he woke up later in a cabbage field. GEPAN investigates and fi 11/26/1979 #36796  

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                   OREGON CITY, OR Cabbie. Green-glow "pear-shaped tube" go 7/24/1947 #4135  
 pseudo-human/entity talk trivia / cabbie / hours. "From space". Leave / sa 8/18/1953 #10452  
                NEAR ARRIONDAS, SP Cabbie. 4.5M glowing rectangular cylinde 9/7/1968 #26008  
some controls. Mrs Froml asked the cabbie, a Greek immigrant, to stop the t 4/25/1969 #26664  
ar, lighted area. Mrs F. asked the cabbie, a Greek immigrant, to stop the t 4/24/1971 #27658  

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              SOUTHAMPTON, HAMPS 2 cabbies / police report. Moon-size fireb 8/17/1995 #44190  
                    NEATH, WALES 3 cabbies. Large green glowing-ball hovers 8/31/1995 #44227  

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loring a remote mountain cave near Cabeca da Penha Mountain, Portugal and w 9/15/1996 #44817  

Word: "cabell", 45 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Craigie for a reply. Gen. Charles Cabell, the new chief of AFOIR, signs of 12/22/1947 #4434  
d Operations Brig. Gen. Charles P. Cabell, chief of the Air Intelligence Re 2/12/1948 #4511  
rd McCoy and Brig. Gen. Charles P. Cabell for stationing fighter aircraft a 3/3/1948 #4524  
irector of Intelligence Charles P. Cabell. The Rhodes photos and 99 other c 4/23/1948 #4566  
ir Force Intelligence Gen. Charles Cabell phones McCoy’s office at Wright-P 7/25/1948 #4682  
ector of Intelligence Gen. Charles Cabell. It is probably sent near the end 9/30/1948? #4763  
ions office and is hand-carried to Cabell. Cabell may or may not be shocked 9/30/1948? #4763  
ice and is hand-carried to Cabell. Cabell may or may not be shocked. With a 9/30/1948? #4763  
 (Gen. Donald L. Putt) in between, Cabell doesn’t want to decide this on hi 9/30/1948? #4763  
who rejects it and bats it back to Cabell with a strong sense of disapprova 9/30/1948? #4763  
led shortly afterward by Maj. Gen. Cabell10/1/1948 #4773  
                           Garrett Cabell Gorman A document from Project Si 10/7/1948 #4776  
t from Project Sign to Garrett and Cabell is an upbeat Sneider report on th 10/7/1948 #4776  
   Wright Field, Ohio Gen. Charles Cabell writes a firm letter to Wright Fi 11/3/1948 #4817  
ith Col. McCoy’s signature to Gen. Cabell. Written by Sign operative Albert 11/8/1948 #4822  
ins several comments agreeing with Cabell that the UFO phenomenon is not id 11/8/1948 #4822  
gton, D.C., to attempt to convince Cabell and Vandenberg on the ETH. It inc 11/12/1948 #4825  
y. On the Pentagon side, Boggs and Cabell are there and perhaps Vandenberg, 11/12/1948 #4825  
 exercised.” Signed November 24 by Cabell, Director of Intelligence.        11/24/1948 #4844  
              Maj. Gen. Charles P. Cabell, in an Air Staff Summary Sheet, a 11/30/1948 #4846  
ublishing articles like Shalett’s. Cabell has asked Secretary Forrestal for 11/30/1948 #4846  
gence Report number 102-122-79, to Cabell. It is later called “The Ghost of 12/20/1948 #4889  
ed enough to write Gen. Charles P. Cabell that the green fireballs look lik 2/11/1949 #4960  
, in a between-the-lines rebuke of Cabell’s order not to consider the ETH,  2/11/1949 #4961  
                         Maj. Gen. Cabell sets out a revised list of Air In 2/15/1949 #4967  
                        Los Alamos Cabell writes Von Kármán and says he has 2/18/1949 #4975  
ligence Director Maj. Gen. Charles Cabell and Scientific Advisory Board Cha 4/25/1949 #5075  
F Director of Intelligence Charles Cabell sends a report on “Unidentified A 4/28/1949 #5092  
July 1 letter from Gen. Charles P. Cabell inquiring about his April visit t 7/13/1949 #5247  
r.” AFOIN Director Gen. Charles P. Cabell believes that in fact AMC is taki 1/12/1950 #5475  
nouncing the closure. Months later Cabell discovers that AMC Intelligence u 1/12/1950 #5475  
ng a secret UFO investigation, and Cabell is forced to make up for AMC’s ne 1/12/1950 #5475  
       Kodiak, Alaska Gen. Charles Cabell, possibly inspired by the Kodiak, Late 1/1950 #5505  
 Intelligence Maj. Gen. Charles P. Cabell orders secret UFO field investiga 7/1950 #6070  
h and last until October 1951 when Cabell is replaced by Gen. John A. Samfo 7/1950 #6070  
                              Gen. Cabell, through his aide Col. Barber, se 7/7/1950 #6087  
ng interest by AFOIN Director Gen. Cabell and his dissatisfaction with AMC  9/8/1950 #6219  
ings to do and is out of step with Cabell’s renewed interest.               1/1951 #6451  
unn, gets a wire from Gen. Charles Cabell, who wants somebody from ATIC to  9/12/1951 #6774  
on, Cummings and Rosengarten brief Cabell, his staff, and a representative  10/1/1951 #6809  
 detailed notes about the meeting. Cabell supposedly learns that Grudge is  10/1/1951 #6809  
cer report is being investigated?” Cabell says there is a great deal of dou 10/1/1951 #6809  
                         Maj. Gen. Cabell is promoted to staff director for 11/1951 #6878  
 John A. Samford, who has replaced Cabell as USAF director of intelligence  12/19/1951 #6956  
                   Gen. Charles P. Cabell becomes deputy director of the CI 4/23/1953 #10209  

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                        OFF PUERTO CABELLO, VNZ 3 / plane. Luminous red dis 6/5/1957 #15154  
              VALENCIA TO/FROM PTO CABELLO, VNZ Luminous saucer buzzes DC3. 6/9/1957 #15166  
C-3 airliner flying between Puerto Cabello and Valencia, Venezuela. It flew 6/9/1957 #15167  

Word: "cabeso", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CABESO DOR MTS, BUSOT, SPAIN 3 night lig 3/6/1969 #26545  

Word: "cabin", 125 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Devonbaugh. The airship featured a cabin suspended beneath gas-filled cylin 4/16/1897 #1068  
bout 100 m long with a transparent cabin underneath showing narrow reddish  4/19/1897 #1093  
bout 100 m long with a transparent cabin underneath showing narrow reddish  4/19/1897 #1094  
ship, where he saw an 8-by-14-foot cabin with reclining chairs, incandescen 4/19/1897 #1106  
-shape going [to] over hills. Boxy cabin / bottom-center. Going quickly wes 7/31/1909 #1420  
, New Zealand. It had a box-shaped cabin on the bottom, center, and it flew 7/31/1909 #1421  
and a pressurized, air-conditioned cabin. (Chapter 7, Ref 301. This is the  1942 #2141  
 are sitting on the porch of their cabin on Lake Vassarajärvi in Norrbotten 7/19/1946 #2934  
 with a flat circular airfoil. The cabin at the top center is too small for 1948 #4450  
ibly some electromagnets below the cabin.                                   1948 #4450  
consisted of 2 parts, a cockpit or cabin about 6 ft. diam.; a ring approx.  1/16/1950 #5485  
across and 2 ft. thick surrounding cabin, resembling aluminum, but actual m 1/16/1950 #5485  
rs, 1 lands. Pseudo-human/entity / cabin. Smell and sound / jet engineer. G 3/18/1950 #5686  
on top was revolving above a glass cabin in which could be seen four tall m 3/18/1950 #5688  
on top was revolving above a glass cabin in which could be seen four tall m 3/18/1950 #5694  
 and his co-pilot came back to the cabin and reported a flying saucer had a 5/5/1952 #7447  
e in what appeared to be a control cabin in front. Windows lighted by an in 8/24/1952 #9037  
 being in something like a control cabin in front. Windows on the object we 8/24/1952 #9043  
NGA CANYON, CA 2 women abduction / cabin. 1st / many for both. / r41p525.   3/22/1953 #10137  
 who share an isolated one-bedroom cabin in the forest around Tujunga Canyo 3/22/1953 #10140  
w. An eerie silence falls over the cabin and neighboring forest. They get o 3/22/1953 #10140  
 the floor. The two women flee the cabin. As they run, they pass an apparit 3/22/1953 #10140  
d” person. When they return to the cabin two days later, they feel a sense  3/22/1953 #10140  
lock in the morning in an isolated cabin in Tujunga Canyon, California two  3/22/1953 #10141  
tting one-piece suits, entered the cabin through closed windows (that is, t 3/22/1953 #10141  
he craft were 2 swivel seats, oval cabin and lots of instrumentation and di 5/21/1953 #10257  
as told there were swivel steps, a cabin, instruments and displays. Werner  5/21/1953 #10265  
orted a series of red lights and a cabin with four portholes through which  6/24/1953 #10333  
visible. No occupant was seen. The cabin rose above the object, rotated, th 6/24/1953 #10333  
orted a series of red lights and a cabin with four portholes through which  6/24/1953 #10338  
sible. No occupants were seen. The cabin section rose above the object, rot 6/24/1953 #10338  
itude. He can also see an apparent cabin and portholes and he hears a sound Late 9/1953 #10555  
mer. 2 huge cigars / 3K' altitude. Cabin lights / nose and portholes / side 9/28/1953 #10558  
he passengers are tossed about the cabin, many suffering injuries. Kidd rad 10/19/1953 #10620  
ctor Sidney Gottlieb at a secluded cabin. Olson has a very bad trip and sti 11/19/1953 #10689  
at disk exits woods and stops over cabin / 20M altitude. Humming. Dwg.      8/1954 (approximate) #11488  
ide the object, entering a sort of cabin, and disappeared from sight. Then  10/24/1954 #12785  
t. In the center there was a small cabin, and at the two ends he could dist 10/24/1954 #12787  
h individuals disappeared into the cabin. Without any noise the two groups  10/24/1954 #12787  
 Joinville (near), Brazil Airliner cabin lights dimmed and engine sputtered 8/14/1957 #15349  
ich cough and wheeze, and dims the cabin lights.                            8/14/1957 #15350  
sc approached the plane, while the cabin lights also dimmed.                8/14/1957 #15351  
hing and missing, and that all the cabin lights dimmed and also went dead a 8/14/1957 #15353  
about 80 km/h. A small, windowless cabin was visible on the underside of th 12/11/1957 #16194  
r-shaped, 10 m in diameter, with a cabin showing several windows on top. Th 8/16/1958 #16695  
s on top. The outer disk below the cabin was spinning. As it came down towa 8/16/1958 #16695  
out 39 feet in diameter, and has a cabin on top with several windows. It ca 8/16/1958 #16696  
, 10 meters in diameter, and had a cabin with several windows showing on to 8/16/1958 #16697  
g on top. The outer disc below the cabin was spinning. As it came down towa 8/16/1958 #16697  
g from Stockholm, Sweden, to their cabin on Väddö island, about 20 miles to 11/9/1958 #16931  
to the relative safety of a nearby cabin.                                   8/20/1959 #17439  
dred Anderson are vacationing in a cabin on Movil Lake, Minnesota. The two  8/1962 #18839  
ng at them. The women shut off the cabin lights for a better look, and the  8/1962 #18839  
n lights. Anderson runs out of the cabin toward the object, which lifts and 8/1962 #18839  
n he sees a huge disc with a domed cabin suddenly appear below the aircraft 7/12/1964 #19943  
er and another employee run into a cabin to get their wives. The four watch 11/3/1964 #20144  
al objects were visible out of the cabin window of a Flying Tiger Airlines  2/11/1965 #20359  
s). 20M bowl saucer with hexagonal cabin hovers / golf course. Hums. Extrem 3/5/1966 #21496  
owl-shaped saucer with a hexagonal cabin hovered over a golf course in Melb 3/5/1966 #21499  
ll skirts walls and ceiling inside cabin. Ball-lightning?                   8/10/1966 #22296  
out the walls and ceiling inside a cabin.                                   8/10/1966 #22298  
oad, and locked himself inside the cabin. The craft settled on a tripod lan 1/5/1967 #22822  
70M cone saucers pace DC4 / 800km. Cabin lights dim. Radio Frequency Interf 2/2/1967 #23001  
 aircraft and hovers above it. The cabin lights dim, the plane’s compass fl 2/2/1967 #23006  
s left, then 20 degrees right, the cabin lights dimmed, and their radio wen 2/2/1967 #23007  
.m. When they reached an abandoned cabin they saw a conical light beam cast 8/23/1967 #24478  
ng off a green glow hover near his cabin. Radio interference.               9/18/1967 #24655  
ht sweeps the walls of the lookout cabin. He sees an object hovering to the 9/18/1967 #24657  
off a green glow hovering near his cabin. He also experienced radio interfe 9/18/1967 #24658  
ookout Station in Alberta when the cabin lights begin to flicker. He goes o 10/7/1967 #24762  
proaches to within 500 feet of the cabin. The object is about 75 feet in di 10/7/1967 #24762  
 woman living alone in an isolated cabin on Keats Island, British Columbia  1/29/1968 #25281  
       At dusk a woman living in a cabin near the coast on Keats Island, Br 2/21/1968 #25348  
he witnesses had gone inside their cabin, they saw a bright orange bus-shap 7/20/1968 #25767  
 Domed disk going east over remote cabin. 1 Polaroid photograph. NICAP inve 8/1/1968 #25859  
eing replaced by a “low beam” and “cabin lights.” A UFO is above the cane a 4/20/1969 #26646  
, domed object "half the size of a cabin" near Banff, Alberta, Canada. It h 9/25/1970 #27428  
en, domed disc "half the size of a cabin" at 8:20 p.m. Inside the craft cou 9/25/1970 #27430  
ver(s). Metallic domed saucer with cabin / bottom/underside going down. Low 8/1972 #28432  
TA Woman sees odd figure by remote cabin. Abduction to moon hours later! /  11/4/1972 #28686  
r portion he could see a spherical cabin with two windows, and in one windo 12/30/1972 #28772  
ra Beacon (area), NZ Sphere illum. cabin, E-M (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases)  2/2/1973 #28847  
    Piedmont, MO 10:30 p.m. From a cabin on the Rothwell Ranch, two men wat 6/23/1973 #29173  
                            From a cabin on the Rothwell Ranch in Piedmont, 6/23/1973 #29175  
ked like two saucers together with cabin on top. (NICAP: 02 - Close Encount 10/11/1973 #29594  
two saucers joined together with a cabin on top. The bottom of the craft wa 10/11/1973 #29604  
 dogs whimpered to be let into the cabin. The UFO then shot upward at a ste 12/10/1973 #30154  
          CORAM, MT 2 observer(s). Cabin lit. 5M saucer / woods. 2 pseudo-h 2/1974 #30320  
ow lights that revolved around the cabin. The object made no sound as it ho 4/16/1974 #30645  
ld see a round, clear, dome-shaped cabin on the upper portion of the object 4/16/1974 #30645  
wide and six feet high. Inside the cabin there were three seated beings who 4/16/1974 #30645  
istening to his radio in his small cabin in the middle of a field in Les No 5/26/1974 #30739  
 shone upon him. He re-entered the cabin and closed the door. Then he heard 5/26/1974 #30739  
e heard knocks on the door and the cabin shook. His dog started trembling,  5/26/1974 #30739  
ng, terrified. Re-emeging from the cabin, he saw an object resembling a rac 5/26/1974 #30739  
 in diameter, with a ten foot wide cabin structure. Although it made no sou 4/15/1975 #31623  
e with small wings and figure(s) / cabin. Colored instrument panel.         10/19/1975 #32170  
0 p.m. when he noticed a luminous "cabin" shaped object that was hovering a 9/20/1976 #33169  
three helicopters with glowing red cabin lights flying very low over the ad 2/10/1977 #33570  
st, a park in London, England near Cabin Hill. They had been walking their  5/8/1977 #33836  
dar tracking. Suddenly the plane’s cabin is flooded with brilliant yellow l 6/11/1978 #35041  
k 50' away. Observer(s) going [to] cabin. Noises outside. Latch moves!      1/13/1979 #36109  
t a couple staying in a beachfront cabin in El Combate, Cabo Rojo, Puerto R 11/30/1979 #36815  
gine stopping temporarily, and the cabin lights dimming.                    11/3/1980 #37398  
UFO penetrates the interior of the cabin and illuminates it with a bluish t 2/8/1982 #38113  
30 miles east of), OH 7:25 AM. The cabin crew of United Airlines flight 729 1/22/1984 #38931  
        Toledo, Ohio 7:25 a.m. The cabin crew of United Flight 729 is flyin 1/22/1984 #38936  
ase chain reaction) is outside his cabin in Mendocino County, California, w Summer 1985 #39398  
 walking on a road uphill from the cabin with no idea how he has gotten the Summer 1985 #39398  
n and dry. Mullis goes back to the cabin for some sleep. Later, he returns  Summer 1985 #39398  
so experienced missing time at the cabin, has the same reaction. Mullis has Summer 1985 #39398  
oes a bizarre UFO abduction in his cabin in upstate New York. After he is a 12/26/1985 #39531  
ucted again on this night from his cabin in Orange County, New York.        12/26/1985 #39532  
en the first time, from the family cabin in Orange County, New York. A huge 4/2/1986 #39611  
rns. Several beams. Figure moves / cabin.                                   11/5/1990 #41634  
                  A woman was at a cabin in the woods at Dorothy Lake, Mani 9/1/1993 #42970  
. Not wanting to disturb the other cabin occupants she left the bathroom do 9/1/1993 #42970  
t by. This shocked her because the cabin window is about eight feet above t 9/1/1993 #42970  
of the witnesses returned to their cabin, but that night all five witnesses 7/21/1994 #43430  
 other witnesses were staying in a cabin at an undisclosed location in Flor 1/7/1997 #44964  
isc-shaped craft hovering over the cabin. One witness loaded his gun and be 1/7/1997 #44964  
 happened they ran back toward the cabin. Their way was blocked by several  1/7/1997 #44964  
found on the roof and walls of the cabin.                                   1/7/1997 #44964  
him fall backwards into the boat's cabin. He grabbed his Rugger 10-22 rifle 1/30/2000 #45737  
ome scenery taken at 11:45 a.m. on Cabin Lake Road, northeast of Fort Nelso 7/7/2002 #46157  

Word: "cabin'", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

white object zigzags fast. 'Lit-up cabin'. Gone extremely fast.             11/23/1978 #35756  

Word: "cabin-", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 what appeared to be a transparent cabin- like section. (NICAP: 02 - Close  End of 1981 #38025  

Word: "cabin-like", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

re was seen moving around inside a cabin-like structure. It flew towards th 11/5/1990 #41668  
he garden. There she saw an ovoid, cabin-like object on the ground. She ent 1/24/1992 #42098  

Word: "cabinet", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nformant is a “British official of Cabinet rank,”, who said “Saucers were s 1950 #5450  
    12:30 p.m. Truman meets in the Cabinet Room with Gen. William M. Garlan 9/3/1952 #9167  
nformant is a “British official of Cabinet rank,” who tells her that the “s 5/22/1955 #13573  
 Prime Minister Benito Mussolini’s cabinet and once wrote of disc-shaped “f 1958 #16274  
o said in 1961 he was given a file cabinet from his superior General Trudea 1961 #18064  
deki Komura, an adviser to Japan’s Cabinet Research Office, admits that UFO 1977 #33418  
 with administration officials and cabinet and agency heads. Much seems to  Summer 1991 #41898  
stood briefly by a kitchen storage cabinet. She attempted to communicate wi 8/13/1992 #42365  

Word: "cabinet-level", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

another planet. An unnamed British cabinet-level official was cited as sayi 1944 #2357  
ation are dissolved and become the cabinet-level US Department of Energy, w 8/4/1977 #34122  

Word: "cabinets", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ine drawers in three wooden filing cabinets with Yale locks, doubly secured 1954 #10804  

Word: "cabins", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

turbines. They feature pressurized cabins in the center with an atmosphere  1942 #2141  
er. 40cm fireball scouts barns and cabins / 1m altitude. Follows road and c 10/1955 #13906  

Word: "cable", 35 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 bawling heifer entangled in a red cable connected to the airship. Despite  Mid 4/1897 #1011  
ject with the help of a strong red cable; it was found butchered in a field 4/19/1897 #1093  
ject with the help of a strong red cable; it was found butchered in a field 4/19/1897 #1094  
lf caught in a nearby fence with a cable knotted around its neck that conne 4/19/1897 #1099  
to the airship above. They cut the cable and the airship floats away. A few 4/19/1897 #1099  
tern Union to continue the wartime cable intercept program, both foreign an 8/1945 #2746  
tows coppery sphere/orb/globe on a cable?                                   7/10/1946 #2907  
-shaped 8 ft disc with a 5 ft long cable (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cases, Code: 4/9/1948 #4556  
er Snipes, is killed. An emergency cable sent to the Director of Air Force  6/24/1953 #10337  
ar the horse barn. It "had a black cable with a square thing hanging" from  8/7/1954 #11522  
ike craft spins. Going [to] WSW. / cable going [to] NASA. / r242p123+Flying 5/22/1960 #17812  
angle/box-like craft. Saucer drops cable going down / ground.               6/25/1962 #18772  
imprints on the site, as well as a cable with some thin aluminum strips and 11/25/1964 #20176  
was linked to the main object by a cable. It wore white clothing, appeared  4/23/1965 #20462  
oid hits apartment building. Power cable burnt out. / r83p327.              4/24/1966 #21958  
ry B. Eckert Jr. and Capt. Dick A. Cable of the 9th Aerospace Defense Divis 1/13/1967 #22861  
ject lowered a box on an arm-thick cable, and eight small humanoid figures  4/13/1967 #23697  
 large object and descended on the cable. They were the same size as the bo 4/13/1967 #23697  
ght occupants sliding down a thick cable. They wore masks and breathing app 4/15/1967 #23704  
g the overseas telephone calls and cable traffic of two prominent members o 8/1967 #24340  
. Four months later, a State Dept. cable subject line “Moon Dust” (referrin 3/1968 #25372  
 info on “space objects.”  Another cable shows the Royal Nepali Army showed 3/1968 #25372  
 The presence of the 1127th on the cable corroborates the USAF document “AF 3/1968 #25372  
or quick reaction teams. The above cable suggests the 1127th monitored and  3/1968 #25372  
The presence of MacDill AFB on the cable is potentially significant because 3/1968 #25372  
head and dark eyes. Soon a sort of cable with what appeared to be a needle  9/7/1970 #27405  
wing-ring hovers / ham radio mast. Cable burnt. Abduction-try / Mar. '73. L 2/3/1973 #28851  
tes. Finally, the creature loops a cable around da Silva’s ankle and hoists 9/9/1976 #33114  
ilva manages to get loose from the cable and falls 20 feet into a plant. He 9/9/1976 #33114  
Romania Around 12:00 midnight. Two cable car technicians at the Bâlea Lake  9/23/1978 #35503  
bducted. Forced to wear ring-hat / cable attached. Telepathy = "forget".    7/28/1980 #37209  
itored space debris and UAP, and a cable to Rep. Bill Archer from OES discu 2/25/1982 #38156  
rface. At one end was a horizontal cable, at the end of which was a red lig 7/13/1990 #41440  
ared to be held in place by a dark cable coming down from above. At the sam 5/15/1995 #44007  
made by a couple who had started a cable access UFO/paranormal TV show. The 11/13/2001 #46076  

Word: "cable-broadcasted", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rogram.  Mellon stated on the U.S. cable-broadcasted Episode 2, Season 2 of 5/22/1992 #42265  

Word: "cables", 25 instance(s) (Back to Top)

inous/glowing mushroom cap hovers. Cables hang / underside. Changes colors. 10/3/1954 #12050  
. Hides / towns and resumes after. Cables hang. / r138#9.                   10/3/1954 #12058  
nd maintaining a steady course. It cables a report to NASA in Washington, D 5/22/1960 #17815  
0+men work on 1st. Large boxes and cables. Subassembly. / r193#046.         11/25/1964 #20173  
lmet linked to the object by three cables. The being spoke slowly and with  4/1965 #20433  
object. Small humanoid (or Grey) / cables exits cylinder/cylindrical object 4/23/1965 #20460  
 in the area and was caused by two cables burning out a block away from the 4/23/1966 #21950  
tarting a pickup truck with jumper cables in Allen [or Fittstown], Oklahoma 9/22/1967 #24686  
long. A cask-like device with many cables attached to it was placed on his  5/14/1976 #32800  
RGEM GRANDE, BRZ 3M saucer drops 4 cables. Small humanoid (or Grey) going d 9/9/1976 #33111  
with the object 10 feet above him. Cables and hooks descend from the UFO, a 9/9/1976 #33114  
e meters in diameter, dropped four cables toward the ground in Vargem Grand 9/9/1976 #33117  
ain” look about it. Two hook- like cables are hanging down. Pecha approache 9/10/1976 #33123  
moves slowly away and retracts its cables. Two hatches open on either end,  9/10/1976 #33123  
 the underside it had 6-8 dangling cables, and on each were two arms with h 9/10/1976 #33125  
 slowly out over a field, with the cables still retracting. The white light 9/10/1976 #33125  
 a periodical to prove UAP-related cables exist. Over the next few years,   1/19/1978 #34666  
next few years,  other State Dept. cables are declassified by the Defense I 1/19/1978 #34666  
cade.  https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/1978USUNN05784_d.html             12/8/1978 #35851  
 see dark boxes, violet and yellow cables, and tapes and spirals hanging fr 8/8/1981 #37847  
df *   https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/P750054-1939_b.html *   https://w 2/25/1982 #38156  
 a power line and illuminating the cables below. The ambulance recommences  4/22/1986 #39628  
 sort of bed. He noticed numerous "cables" that appeared to be connected to 2/29/1996 #44586  
of the object there were also some cables that were apparently connected to 7/16/1996 #44756  
ut of the car to check the battery cables, and sees a bright bluish glow li 7/5/2005 #46653  

Word: "cabo", 16 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CABO FRIO, BRZ 20M object rises / sea. 2 9/1956 #14606  
                                   Cabo Frio, Brazil O. Guarichi was walkin 9/1956 #14608  
 PORTUGAL Odd cone shape seen near Cabo Carvoero. No further details. / a V 7/28/1965 #20746  
                                   CABO FRIO, BRZ Several observer(s). Nigh 3/28/1970 #27189  
ned at a radar base at Monte Pani, Cabo De Creus, Spain were alerted by ano 3/25/1971 #27631  
 a beachfront cabin in El Combate, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico saw a bright, mul 11/30/1979 #36815  
                               OFF CABO / GATA, SP Submarine/submerged crew 5/26/1980 #37122  
                              NEAR CABO ROJO, PR Hundreds / observer(s). Hu 12/28/1988 #40557  
                                   Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Lago Samán 7:45 p 12/28/1988 #40559  
ago Samán 7:45 p.m. Many people in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, see a huge, brig 12/28/1988 #40559  
 on this day over Puerto Rico near Cabo Rojo, east of Betances in Mayaguez  12/28/1988 #40560  
f several briefings since the 1988 Cabo Rojo incident.                      7/19/1990 #41447  
                                   CABO ROJO, PR Many observer(s). 5 grey s 8/31/1990 #41502  
 of parked cars in Lake Cartagena, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, and then down a  8/31/1990 #41504  
                    On this day in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico a UFO abductee wa 7/25/1992 #42331  
rge Alfonso was walking his dog in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil  2/4/1999 #45520  

Word: "caboc", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd, confirmed. Country: USA Name: “Caboc” YieldMax: 20KT                    12/16/1981 #38045  

Word: "caboolture", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Caboolture, Queensland, AU A couple note 5/20/1982 #38262  
uple driving near a golf course in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia saw a  5/20/1982 #38263  
                                In Caboolture, Queensland, Australia a woma 1/12/2000 #45724  

Word: "caborn", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                              NEAR CABORN, IN Night light follows train. Re 10/20/1973 #29807  
             Mount Vernon, Indiana Caborn, Indiana Belknap Evansville 6:50  10/20/1973 #29817  
 and heading east. When they reach Caborn, Indiana, he notifies the rear co 10/20/1973 #29817  

Word: "cabra", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd, confirmed. Country: USA Name: “Cabra” Yield: 20KT YieldMax: 150KT       3/26/1983 #38604  

Word: "cabral's", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

c, off Africa During Pedro Alvares Cabral's expedition, a luminous object w 1499 #164  

Word: "cabrejas", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                          Altos de Cabrejas, Cuenca, Spain 7:00 a.m. Busine 5/7/1974 #30694  
is wife and daughter near Altos de Cabrejas, Cuenca, Spain, when they see a 5/7/1974 #30694  

Word: "cabrera", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Security Forces member Christopher Cabrera states he was stationed at Nelli 10/1998 #45454  
r Security Administration (NNSA).  Cabrera states while on patrol he and th 10/1998 #45454  
ngst themselves or to anyone else. Cabrera states he was threatened by dish 10/1998 #45454  
the night before. While at Area 2, Cabrera’s colleagues told him they exper 10/1998 #45454  
s and shadow-like “humanoids,” but Cabrera never saw anything else personal 10/1998 #45454  
FB in Nevada 5:45 p.m. Christopher Cabrera is at the end of his patrol shif 12/1998 #45492  
.m. Security Policeman Christopher Cabrera is on guard an entry control poi Late 9/2002 #46205  
he beam lasts about one minute and Cabrera notices what looked like molten  Late 9/2002 #46205  

Word: "cabreria", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Cabreria, Argentina Night. A settler, Ro 6/19/1968 #25621  
                                   Cabreria, Argentina A settler, Romulo Ve 6/19/1968 #25622  

Word: "cabresto", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd, confirmed. Country: USA Name: “Cabresto” YieldMax: 20KT                 5/24/1973 #29115  

Word: "cabrillo", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd, confirmed. Country: USA Name: “Cabrillo” Yield: 20KT YieldMax: 200KT    3/7/1975 #31507  

Word: "cabriolet", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd, confirmed. Country: USA Name: “Cabriolet” Yield: 2.3KT                  1/26/1968 #25275  

Word: "cabrito", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                        Criacao do Cabrito, Azores Serafim Vieira Sebastiao 2/1/1968 #25295  
                        Criacao do Cabrito, Azores Serafim Vieira Sebastiao 2/1/1968 #25296  
ao, a military sentry at Criaco do Cabrito on the Azores Islands noticed in 2/2/1968 #25300  

Word: "cacamoundis", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t away. That same night Mr. George Cacamoundis saw a "winged man" crossing  10/26/1954 #12844  

Word: "cacapava", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                              NEAR CACAPAVA VELHA, BRZ Observer(s) 'hypnoti 8/1978 #35223  

Word: "cacaruaba", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                           FAZENDA CACARUABA, BRAZIL 25' cylinder/cylindric 1/15/1979? #36118  

Word: "cacciatore", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

atory in Italy, astronomer Niccolò Cacciatore detects a starlike object in  5/11/1835 #527  
          Sicily, Italy Astronomer Cacciatore reported an unknown luminous  5/11/1835 #528  
e to another star by May 14, 1835. Cacciatore considered it a comet or plan 5/11/1835 #528  

Word: "caccivic", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                            LURATE CACCIVIC, ITL Orange object spins. Stops 7/18/1978 #35165  

Word: "caccivio", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                            Lurate Caccivio, Italy A red-orange object hove 7/18/1978 #35166  
-orange object hovered over Lurate Caccivio, Italy. It resumed revolving an 7/18/1978 #35166  
-orange object hovered over Lurate Caccivio, Italy. It resumed revolving an 7/18/1978 #35167  

Word: "caceres", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                      In Miajadas, Caceres, Spain at 2:45 a.m., during the  2/28/1969 #26524  
 a.m. between Plasencia and Bejar, Caceres, Spain a man was driving through 8/5/1970 #27347  
                      VALDEHUNCAR, CACERES, SP White-yellow fuzzy night lig 1/27/1973 #28831  
                              NEAR CACERES, SPAIN 1 / car. UFO follows car  6/16/1974 #30802  
-old farm laborer was driving near Caceres, Spain when a bright object illu 6/16/1974 #30806  

Word: "cache", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Cache, Japan Radar/visual, F-61 aircraft 10/15/1948 #4784  
KUltra and related CIA programs. A cache of some 20,000 documents survive H 4/13/1953 #10188  
r of CIA Director Richard Helms. A cache of some 20,000 documents survives  1973 #28778  
 UFO was seen for 10-15 seconds in Cache Creek, British Columbia on this ni 4/1/1993 #42719  

Word: "cachoeira", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CACHOEIRA, BRZ Silent 60M saucer hovers  11/15/1957 #16035  
                                   Cachoeira, Brazil Several car motors fai 11/15/1957 #16039  
hovering 300' over an aerodrome in Cachoeira, Brazil. East of Viking, Minne 11/15/1957 #16042  
                          Carmo Da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil Some men 10/30/1978 #35664  
ir way to a local farm in Carmo Da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil when sud 10/30/1978 #35668  
 were jogging in the local park in Cachoeira de Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Bra 11/13/1999 #45679  

Word: "cachoeirinha", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                              NOVA CACHOEIRINHA, BRZ Night light hovers / c 7/27/1968 #25812  
 flying rapidly over the cities of Cachoeirinha, Canoas, and Gravatai, Rio  11/1/2002 #46231  

Word: "cackling", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s they approached. He was making a cackling sound that the girls thought so 8/13/1965 #20937  

Word: "caconde", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Caconde, São Paulo, Brazil 5:00 a.m. Cae 5/17/1968 #25542  
rom his job as a night watchman at Caconde, São Paulo, Brazil. In the court 5/17/1968 #25542  
                                   CACONDE, BRZ 17cm metal cylinder/cylindr 5/18/1968 #25546  
                                   CACONDE, BRZ Engineer and wife. Round ob 2/14/1969 #26493  

Word: "cacophonous", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

wo large warring armies generating cacophonous sounds. The heavens released 6/19/1550 #190  

Word: "cacti", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 take night photographs of saguaro cacti using flash-lighting effects. As t Mid 3/1977 #33671  

Word: "cactus", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ll (later called Jack Armstrong or Cactus Jack) also claims to have been th 7/5/1947 #3623  
ir, confirmed. Country: USA Name: “Cactus” Yield: 18KT                      5/5/1958 #16508  
r disk joined / gold saucer. Burnt Cactus and grass. / r41p264.             8/26/1968 #25951  
rned the old grass. A prickly pear cactus pad is found at the edge of the r 5/20/1983 #38651  

Word: "cactus-like", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 same night in Barcelona, Spain a “cactus-like” entity with four appendages 12/3/1967 #25121  

Word: "cacuso", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Cacuso Lucala, Angola 11:00 p.m. Two stu 4/1/1972 #28211  
. Two students are driving between Cacuso and Lucala, Angola, when suddenly 4/1/1972 #28211  

Word: "cad", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                     A 25-year-old CAD draftsman was in his bedroom in Cobb 7/15/1985 #39413  

Word: "cadair", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

        Llandrillo, northern Wales Cadair Bronwen mountain, east of the vil 1/23/1974 #30297  
bright. It appears to crash around Cadair Bronwen mountain, east of the vil 1/23/1974 #30297  
                                   Cadair Bronwen While the RAF rescue team 1/24/1974 #30304  
cue team is still operating around Cadair Bronwen, three family members see 1/24/1974 #30304  

Word: "cadaret", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

FREEWAY. Stanley Parker and Robert Cadaret, industrial art students, report 10/19/1951 #6855  

Word: "cadaver", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 photos allegedly showing an alien cadaver encased in glass in Wright-Patte 3/22/1980 #37010  
which features a photo of an alien cadaver similar to the ones he was given 5/6/1980 #37089  
eight more prints showing an alien cadaver encased under glass. One photo s 6/2/1980 #37133  
allegedly showing part of an alien cadaver is released by Charles Wilhelm a 8/1980 #37217  
r reported finding a strange hairy cadaver on the side of the road, somewha 4/22/2003 #46318  

Word: "cadavers", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

l and all died, and he heard their cadavers were sent to a medical center n 1953 #9836  
e of the witness were laid 4 human cadavers, one a Negro's. A dozen more li 5/4/1969 #26688  
s conducted medical tests on alien cadavers at a major medical facility in  5/1977 #33804  
 from this planet” and there were “cadavers.” Former CIA Dir. Robert Gates  7/8/2012 #47158  
e never saw any evidence of UAP or cadavers, etc.  https://www.huffpost.com 7/8/2012 #47158  

Word: "caddell", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ervers watched a light cavort over Caddell Mountain on this night for hours 10/26/1973 #29898  

Word: "caddo", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Caddo Lake, LA B-47 Tracks Oblong Object 12/13/1955 #14045  

Word: "cade", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ough his CB radio to officer Ricky Cade, who captures it on a cassette reco 3/17/1981 #37649  
 on a cassette recorder. Yokum and Cade look to the south and see a bright  3/17/1981 #37649  

Word: "cadena", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

f Pusharo Manú National Park Cuzco Cadena del Pantiacolla George Hunt Willi 7/10/1957 #15240  
 an area northeast of Cuzco called Cadena del Pantiacolla.                  7/10/1957 #15240  

Word: "cader", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

lights floating in a circle around Cader Mountain, east of the village. Aa  1/23/1974 #30296  
lights floating in a circle around Cader Mountain east of the village. Poli 1/23/1974 #30298  

Word: "cadet", 13 instance(s) (Back to Top)

CO, DF, MX Airport observer(s) and Cadet with telescope. Many see several s 3/11/1950 #5616  
iversity and ex-U.S. Navy aviation cadet. One bright white light hovered 8. 11/19/1954 #13093  
rsity and an ex-U.S. Navy aviation cadet, sighted a bright white light hove 11/19/1954 #13094  
ctor Capt. D.F. Ritzdorf, aviation cadet F.W. Miller in TB-25 bomber/traine 2/1/1955 #13383  
t. Delwyn F. Ritzdorf and aviation cadet Frederick W. Miller are flying a T 2/1/1955 #13384  
            JEDBURGH, SCOTLAND Air Cadet. Dog panics. Silent 40' silver cyl 8/1955 #13735  
O claiming that a Civil Air Patrol cadet named Craig R. Weitzel had seen an 7/1980 #37178  
e letter claims a Civil Air Patrol cadet Craig R. Weitzel photographed a UA 7/1980 #37179  
      Pecos, NM A Civil Air Patrol cadet along with several other witnesses 7/16/1980 #37195  
vering near Pecos, New Mexico. The cadet got closer to the object after it  7/16/1980 #37195  
  At 10:30 a.m. a Civil Air Patrol cadet along with several other witnesses 7/16/1980 #37196  
vering near Pecos, New Mexico. The cadet got closer to the object after it  7/16/1980 #37196  
nd flew towards the northwest. The cadet was later approached by a mysterio 7/16/1980 #37196  

Word: "cadets", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 German navy, allegedly told naval cadets that the U-boat fleet had created 1943 #2250  
         FRASERBURGH, SCOTLAND Sea cadets. Dark grey 'space-ship' over bay. 8/7/1955 #13769  
hire, England, seen by two student cadets returning late from leave. It bat 12/10/1963 #19608  
         TEXARKANA, TX 3 Air Force cadets and 1. UFO spins. Brightens. Sudd 6/5/1964 #19867  
     ELLYSON NAS / PENSACOLA, FL 2 cadets. 5M fireball-cylinder/cigar-shape 4/4/1965 #20439  

Word: "cadi", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

AT-ED-DOUAIR, ORAN, ALG 3 cops and Cadi. Strange luminous/glowing flying ob 7/30/1952 #8624  

Word: "cadillac", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ia A 31-year-old man driving a '64 Cadillac was at the intersection of U.S. 1/23/1965 #20303  
he made a gesture and a black 1963 Cadillac drove through the trees and pul 1/9/1967 #22842  
es to the interview, a large black Cadillac limousine pulls in front of him 5/3/1975 #31660  

Word: "cadillacs", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

em. In many cases they drive black Cadillacs or other limousine-like vehicl 1975 #31281  

Word: "cadivilla", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ndau saw a circular object land in Cadivilla, 9 m away from him. It was abo 12/9/1962 #19107  

Word: "cadiz", 11 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                             Rota, Cadiz province, Spain. At around eight o 8/14/1971 #27863  
                      Algodonales, Cadiz, Spain Pulsating yellow oval on ro 6/9/1972 #28287  
                      Algodonales, Cadiz, Spain Motorist experienced engine 6/9/1972 #28288  
0 p.m. a young man in Algodonales, Cadiz, Spain observed a very bright ligh 6/9/1972 #28289  
 a driver for the President of the Cadiz, Spain City Council, was driving t 3/17/1974 #30501  
ng between Sanlucar and Barrameda, Cadiz, Spain had his car engine die when 3/24/1974 #30546  
 ferry off the coast of Algeciras, Cadiz, Spain saw a round, intense torch- 4/15/1974 #30636  
. two teenagers in La Linea Beach, Cadiz, Spain saw a nocturnal light at hi 8/11/1976 #33008  
ia, Murcia, Alicante, Melilla, and Cadiz. At 1:50 a.m. several witnesses wa 12/20/1976 #33386  
             Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain A a local cattleman walked  7/20/1982 #38324  
cattleman in Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain was on his motorcycle using 7/20/1982 #38325  

Word: "cadmium", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ration Dew. The tests release zinc cadmium sulfide along a 100-to-150-nauti 3/26/1952 #7134  
the trials disperse clouds of zinc cadmium sulfide over large areas of all  3/26/1952 #7134  
ase of fluorescent particles (zinc cadmium sulfide) and plant spores (Lycop 4/1953 #10171  
search Council concerning the zinc cadmium sulfide dispersion program.      4/1953 #10171  
ave thermoelectric properties, and cadmium telluride has photovoltaic prope 8/2014 #47222  

Word: "cadmos", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 confirmed. Country: France Name: “Cadmos” Yield: 20KT                      12/8/1981 #38036  

Word: "cadnam", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Stovold family was driving between Cadnam and Fordingbridge, in Hampshire,  1/3/1978 #34617  

Word: "cadore", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                        Calalzo di Cadore, Italy UFO landed, witness had tw 8/15/1986 #39785  
                        Calalzo di Cadore (Bellino), Italy UFO landed, witn 8/15/1986 #39786  
                        Calalzo di Cadore, Belluno, Italy Pordenone 11:00 p 8/15/1986 #39787  
d couple on vacation in Calalzo di Cadore, Belluno, Italy, are sitting near 8/15/1986 #39787  
                     In Calalzo di Cadore, Bellino, Italy a witness saw a l 8/15/1986 #39788  

Word: "cadorette", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nomena were Normand Daigle and Luc Cadorette.                               8/29/1968 #25974  

Word: "cadotte", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Cadotte Pass, 75-100 miles from the Grea 1865 #623  

Word: "cadouin", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CADOUIN, FR 4 observer(s). Glowing-objec 7/1967 #24152  

Word: "cadours", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CADOURS, HGR Only cloud in sky drops. 3  8/18/1975 #31946  

Word: "cadre", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

lly it is Vannevar Bush’s existing cadre of brain trust from the still acti 7/3/1946 #2887  
of a local Chinese Communist Party cadre for nearly two hours. They appear  11/2006 #46782  

Word: "cads", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

th Atlantic coast. Later that day, CADS receives a UFO report from Edmonton 11/21/2018 #47359  
 High Prairie, Alberta. This time, CADS responds by notifying Canadian NORA 11/21/2018 #47359  

Word: "cadwst", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Cadwst, Denbighshire, Wales Dusk. A 12-y Summer 1900 #1236  
l is walking back to her farm from Cadwst, Denbighshire, Wales, when a larg Summer 1900 #1236  

Word: "cady", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t Winterhaven. ONR’s Willoughby M. Cady writes that Townsend Brown’s claims 1952 #6983  

Word: "cadzand", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CADZAND, HOLLAND 4 observer(s). Silver g 7/3/1976 #32896  

Word: "caelestia", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rp, Belgium Wim van Utrecht founds Caelestia in Antwerp, Belgium, to collec 1994 #43140  

Word: "caen", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                       NORTHWEST / CAEN, FR Separate observer(s) / (seen th 1/24/1974 #30302  

Word: "caernarvonshire", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                           Pwllhi, Caernarvonshire, Wales Eight lights were 2/17/1875 #683  

Word: "caerphilly", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAERPHILLY, WALES 2 men by landed cylind 5/18/1909 #1380  
                                   Caerphilly, Wales, UK 11:00 p.m. Mr. Let 5/18/1909 #1381  
                                   Caerphilly, Wales Mr. Lethbridge was wal 5/18/1909 #1382  
   Senghenydd Cardiff, South Wales Caerphilly Mountain 11:00 p.m. Charles L 5/18/1909 #1383  
iff, South Wales. At the summit of Caerphilly Mountain he sees a long, tube 5/18/1909 #1383  
ound 11 p.m. near the mountains in Caerphilly, Wales when he saw on the gra 5/18/1909 #1384  
                                   Caerphilly Mountain, South Wales Two sch 9/1914 #1575  
en and Hopkins are wandering along Caerphilly Mountain, South Wales, when t 9/1914 #1575  

Word: "caetano", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

conde, São Paulo, Brazil 5:00 a.m. Caetano Sergio dos Santos is returning h 5/17/1968 #25542  
                         Sr. Paulo Caetano Silveira, age 27, a typewriter t 9/22/1971 #27943  
three o'clock in the morning Paula Caetano Silveira awoke from sleep abrupt 10/11/1971 #27996  
three meters from his house. Paulo Caetano saw several small figures beside 10/11/1971 #27996  
                             Paulo Caetano Silveira's fourth "contact" expe 12/5/1971 #28067  
                               SAO CAETANO, BRZ 2 large opaque objects and  8/8/1997 #45171  

Word: "caetano's", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

or 10 minutes. At some point Paulo Caetano's head began to ache. The craft  10/11/1971 #27996  

Word: "cafe", 10 instance(s) (Back to Top)

   ALBUQUERQUE, NM 7+observer(s) / cafe. 2 40cm saucers. 1 hovers. 1 shoots 7/9/1947 #3939  
    NEAR CHARTRES, FR AV.mechanic. Cafe parasol follows car! Both stop. Oth 11/1955 #13968  
L 1 observer. 20' saucer just over cafe roof. Shines series colored lights  11/10/1971 #28046  
er motionless hands. In the entire cafe only the four of them seemed to be  7/12/1975 #31813  
shop again, intent on entering the cafe. He moved his head in their directi 7/12/1975 #31813  
tugal Two men leaving a beachfront cafe saw a bright bluish light flying lo 1/6/1978 #34621  
      Two men leaving a beachfront cafe in Santo Antonio de Caparica, Estre 1/6/1978 #34622  
 Expressway New York side Waterloo Cafe Blazing Star Burial Ground Evening– 7/14/2001 #46008  
on the New York side. The Waterloo Cafe, located opposite the Blazing Star  7/14/2001 #46008  
out 50, including the owner of the cafe, but not all come forward. Those wh 7/14/2001 #46008  

Word: "caferina", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Caferina Vargas Martin, age 20, of Escal 8/3/1977 #34119  
witness's presence. Feeling faint, Caferina sat down on a rock and then pas 8/3/1977 #34119  

Word: "cafes", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Sanlúcar also see the object from cafes. An F-5A fighter is scrambled from 9/1975? #32000  

Word: "cafeteria", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                   (1) High School cafeteria employees watched the landing  5/22/1964 #19829  

Word: "caffeine", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 riot control agents, alcohol, and caffeine.                                1/1956 #14078  

Word: "cafres", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                          PLAINE / CAFRES, REUNION 5M saucer lands. 2 90cm  7/31/1968 #25837  
                     La Plaine des Cafres Réunion Indian Ocean Madagascar L 7/31/1968 #25844  
s for his rabbits at La Plaine des Cafres on the island of Réunion (in the  7/31/1968 #25844  

Word: "café", 23 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Alice K. Wells sets up a roadside café, Palomar Gardens. According to cowo 1944 #2334  
n recognizes Arnold in a Pendleton café and runs out shrieking that he is “ 6/27/1947 #3323  
t Loma, California Palomar Gardens Café 1:15 p.m. Harley C. Marshall, manag 10/14/1949 #5379  
n at Alice Wells’s Palomar Gardens Café on the way in. After George Adamski 10/14/1949 #5379  
alomar, California Palomar Gardens Café An FBI informant meets with George  8/20/1950 #6176  
’s restaurant, the Palomar Gardens Café, south of Mount Palomar, California 8/20/1950 #6176  
                   Palomar Gardens Café California Albert and Betty Bailey  Late 8/1952 #9062  
y Bailey go to the Palomar Gardens Café in California to visit George Adams Late 8/1952 #9062  
s a group of fellow Americans at a café, one of whom is CIA mind-control an 10/1952 #9413  
                   Palomar Gardens Café The Baileys and Williamsons come up 11/4/1952 #9587  
for a visit to the Palomar Gardens Café. Adamski tells them he has been mak 11/4/1952 #9587  
                   Palomar Gardens Café Blythe, California Desert Center, C 11/20/1952 #9646  
drive out from the Palomar Gardens Café. They meet the Williamsons and the  11/20/1952 #9646  
                   Palomar Gardens Café in California Morning. George Adams 12/13/1952 #9759  
, this time at the Palomar Gardens Café in California, ostensibly so that O 12/13/1952 #9759  
 France. Mr. Alexandre Tremblay, a café owner, was driving on Route N138 at 10/7/1954 #12210  
wentynine Palms, California Tiny’s Café Contactee Orfeo Angelucci, now work 12/1954 #13158  
ne Palms, California, is at Tiny’s Café when he meets someone named Adam, w 12/1954 #13158  
he coded script is translated by a café proprietor from Scarborough named P 11/21/1957 #16070  
dience of 40 persons gathered at a café in Madrid, Spain. He says that the  5/31/1967 #24000  
 the kitchen of her family's small café in Pontejos, Santander, Spain at 9: 1/6/1969 #26395  
orted, "My friends own an Internet café, and I closed up late that night. I 9/25/2002 #46206  
but the rain stopped as I left the café at 3:30 a.m." It was a very dark ni 9/25/2002 #46206  

Word: "cagarra", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAGARRA ISLAND, BRZ Explosion. White 'pa 3/16/1966 #21529  

Word: "cagarras", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

               Atlantic Ocean Ilha Cagarras Ipanema, Brazil 5:45 p.m. Many  3/16/1966 #21532  
e Atlantic Ocean close to the Ilha Cagarras off Ipanema, Brazil. Some see a 3/16/1966 #21532  

Word: "cagayan", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ing next to Lake Nice Francisco in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, The Ph 6/14/2005 #46649  

Word: "cage", 18 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nkee, was situated in a steel wire cage with handles in front of him, while 4/1909 #1350  
s. Delgado installs a lever in the cage that, when pressed, activates the s 1952 #6975  
ly and pacify him. A female in the cage soon figures out the lever’s signif 1952 #6975  
n they are placed inside a Faraday cage. His experimental subject is none o 10/1952 #9412  
ed their attention on rabbits in a cage while speaking among themselves in  11/14/1954 #13068  
uman/entity / ground study birds / cage. Reboard / invisible stair.         4/4/1967 #23619  
 Missouri observed a cone-shaped, "cage like" object, 10 feet wide by 10 fe 2/18/1971 #27603  
 correspond to three wires of the "cage" to a point mid-way between the tip 2/18/1971 #27603  
n, that was going crazy inside his cage. The dog ran immediately towards so 3/25/1971 #27631  
 analysts. With Swann in a Faraday cage, the SRI team conducts a series of  8/1972 #28440  
and the family kept him in a small cage. Another local woman reported seein 11/15/1973 #30027  
 map, and several elk, frozen in a cage. The craft takes him to what seems  10/15/1974 #31141  
 pseudo-human/entity measure cow / cage. / r80p71.                          1/27/1978 #34682  
 and unable to move. Using a metal cage, the UFOnauts penned in one cow and 1/27/1978 #34683  
zed, unable to move. Using a metal cage, the entities pen in one cow and se 1/27/1978 #34685  
 and unable to move. Using a metal cage, the UFOnauts penned in one cow and 1/27/1978 #34687  
. 25' double counter-rotating bird cage curves going northwest! See referen 2/2/1978 #34710  
opod/motorscooter/motorbike. Glass cage / intersection. Bizarre hairy monst 8/1980 (approximate) #37214  

Word: "cage-like", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

           At 11:30 p.m. a bright, cage-like UFO shaped like an inverted bo 8/9/1967 #24424  

Word: "cage-mates", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s) in a macaque who terrorizes his cage-mates. Delgado installs a lever in  1952 #6975  

Word: "caged", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 in the birds Cammarata is keeping caged on the terrace, touching them occa 4/4/1967 #23623  
ses on their patio where they kept caged rabbits. When they looked out they 3/3/1980 #36975  

Word: "cages", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ey walk over to Lorenzini’s rabbit cages and stare at the animals, talking  11/14/1954 #13073  
heep, and 31 white rats are put in cages. Afterward, the contaminated area  4/24/1957 #15067  
ms (as test fabrics) are placed in cages a short distance from ground zero. 7/5/1957 #15231  
ange looking beings inspecting the cages. Two of the beings were five feet  3/3/1980 #36975  
tbulb that faced toward the animal cages. He then went outside to take a lo 8/2/2001 #46018  
 child standing next to one of the cages. However, the poor lighting was no 8/2/2001 #46018  
kly took shelter among Sepulveda's cages and the rabbit's squeals stopped.  8/2/2001 #46018  

Word: "caginas", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

     At around 5:30 a.m. Margarita Caginas, age 28, and Miguel Ruiz Sampeir 7/15/1976 #32916  

Word: "cagliari", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAGLIARI, ITL Several observer(s). Mini- 9/18/1974 #31071  
                                   CAGLIARI, ITL 2 observer(s). Cylinder/ci 11/10/1974 #31200  
            ELMAS AIR FORCE BASE / CAGLIARI, ITL Many observer(s). Glowing- 10/27/1977 #34385  
                                   Cagliari Elmas Airport on Sardinia, Ital 10/27/1977 #34387  
Decimomannu, Sardinia 5:35 p.m. At Cagliari Elmas Airport on Sardinia, Ital 10/27/1977 #34387  
                                   Cagliari Elmas Airport on Sardinia, Ital 11/2/1977 #34420  
 as well as the tower personnel at Cagliari Elmas Airport on Sardinia, Ital 11/2/1977 #34420  

Word: "caguas", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAGUAS, PR 2 unmarked military helicopte 12/19/1990 #41725  
irector of a local nursing home in Caguas, Puerto Rico, heard a scream simi 11/9/1995 #44386  

Word: "cahaba", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

e at one o'clock in the morning in Cahaba Heights, Alabama when they saw on 10/26/1975 #32205  

Word: "cahersiveen", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAHERSIVEEN, IRELAND 5 observer(s). 'Fly 7/10/1947 (approximate) #3986  

Word: "cahill", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

reek Belgrave Early morning. Kelly Cahill and her husband Andrew are return 8/8/1993 #42913  
rincipal witness 27-year-old Kelly Cahill, her husband and three children e 8/8/1993 #42914  
Victoria, Australia abductee Kelly Cahill awoke to see a slender, seven-foo 9/6/1993 #42981  
                        When Kelly Cahill awoke at 4:30 a.m. in her bed in  10/23/1993 #43045  

Word: "cahills", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

e. These witnesses, unknown to the Cahills, confirm the UFO landing site, a 8/8/1993 #42913  

Word: "cahn", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                           John P. Cahn publishes an exposé of Frank Scully 9/1952 #9132  
                           John P. Cahn publishes a second article in True  8/1956 #14484  
                              M.S. Cahn and G.M. Andrew of Northrop Norair  1968 #25206  

Word: "cahors", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAHORS, FR 2 / car. 2 large green-glowin 10/27/1973 #29900  

Word: "caiana", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Iturama, Minas Gerais, Brazil—João Caiana, his wife Valdeir Martins, daught 12/13/2000 #45901  

Word: "caiden", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ed as 3" wide by 1" thick. (Martin Caiden/Andy Roberts) (NICAP: 11 - Aviati 10/14/1943 #2309  

Word: "caiffe", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

texte, France On Route N631 at "La Caiffe," a technician, J. P. Mitto, was  10/9/1954 #12267  
oulouse Briatexte, Tarn, France La Caiffe 8:30 p.m. Jean-Pierre Mitto and h 10/9/1954 #12272  
ance, at a crossroads known as “La Caiffe” when they see two small figures  10/9/1954 #12272  
 At 8:30 p.m. on Route N631 at "La Caiffe," a technician named J. P. Mitto  10/9/1954 #12285  

Word: "cailar", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                LE CAILAR, FR AND AREA Several observer(s). 12/5/1973 #30120  

Word: "caille", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAILLE, FR 1 observer. 2 domes glow / gr 6/6/1994 #43350  
n the ground only 100 feet away in Caille, France at 1:30 a.m. The objects  6/6/1994 #43351  
                                   CAILLE, FR 2 observer(s). TV and lights  7/4/1994 #43401  
           At midnight at homes in Caille, France television sets and elect 7/4/1994 #43402  

Word: "cain", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 West Virginia, 13-year-old Sheila Cain and her sister were walking home wh 11/27/1966 #22717  

Word: "caipe", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

      TOLAR GRANDE TO/FROM/BETWEEN CAIPE, ARG Several observer(s). Top-sauc 8/5/1957 #15335  

Word: "cairanne", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAIRANNE, FR 2 observer(s). 2 blue-white 8/9/1985 #39432  

Word: "cairns", 13 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                      SMITHFIELD / CAIRNS, AUS Night light lights entire ar 5/29/1955 (approximate) #13590  
                  Smithfield, near Cairns, Australia Approximate date. Thre 5/29/1955 #13591  
                                   CAIRNS, QLD Separate observer(s). Bright 10/23/1958 #16863  
overhead, then circled the city of Cairns, Queensland. They did not keep in 10/17/1965 #21216  
                                   CAIRNS GOING QUICKLY [TO] IRON RANGE, QL 3/2/1968 #25376  
orseshoe Lagoon, Tully, Queensland Cairns Iron Range Melbourne, Victoria A  3/2/1968 #25379  
airliner flying at 6,000 feet from Cairns to Iron Range is paced by a UFO.  3/2/1968 #25379  
 was found in sugar cane near West Cairns, Queensland, Australia. It was ov 4/25/1968 #25497  
                                   CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA Ground and air observe 4/4/1975 #31586  
                              NEAR CAIRNS, QLD 8 / car going [to] Mt. Ida.  7/11/1981 #37777  
                                   CAIRNS, QLD 2 observer(s). Silent bright 11/4/1982 #38464  
        LAUNCETON AND KINGSTON AND CAIRNS BAY, TASM Separate observer(s). S 8/9/1994 #43460  
                            EAST / CAIRNS, QLD 250M object / 2km altitude g 1/16/1996 #44484  

Word: "cairo", 16 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAIRO, IL 5 observer(s). Chrome-ovoids m 6/28/1950 #6058  
                                   CAIRO, IL Ground Observer Corps (GOC) ob 7/28/1952 #8491  
                                   CAIRO, GA Boys. Silver grey domed saucer 4/1953 (approximate) #10167  
                       EL QAHIRA = CAIRO, EGYPT Astronomers and pilots orde 10/5/1954 #12128  
tara el-Sharqîya Suez Canal Helwan Cairo A spindle-shaped UFO is seen for 2 10/5/1954 #12147  
nomers to keep watch for UFOs over Cairo.                                   10/5/1954 #12147  
                                   CAIRO, IL Lady. Vibrant bright triangle  8/11/1955 #13779  
                                   Cairo, Illinois 9:30 p.m. A witness in C 8/11/1955 #13782  
o, Illinois 9:30 p.m. A witness in Cairo, Illinois, sees a triangular-shape 8/11/1955 #13782  
bright triangular object flew over Cairo, Illinois at 9:30 p.m. and rapidly 8/11/1955 #13784  
                                   CAIRO, IL 2 ovoids below clouds / 45 min 8/14/1957 #15345  
                                   CAIRO, IL TO/FROM CHARLESTON, MO Cops. S 1/19/1967 #22912  
                                   Cairo Mill Waterhead, Lancashire, Englan 10/8/1972 #28637  
ity guard John Byrne is patrolling Cairo Mill, an old factory at Waterhead, 10/8/1972 #28637  
ternoon a group of boys in Oldham, Cairo Mill, Greater Manchester, England  3/1/1976 #32662  
                                   Cairo, Egypt 3:43 AM. Two witnesses on a 8/7/1977 #34131  

Word: "caistor", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAISTOR, LINCOLNSHIRE 1 observer. Silver 8/15/1955 (approximate) #13788  

Word: "caithness", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ictoria, captained by George Henry Caithness, is becalmed in the Strait of  6/18/1845 #557  

Word: "caixwyh08mc", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rt.com/ed2.html   https://youtu.be/CaiXWYh08mc                              1/1989 #40570  

Word: "cajati", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                               Rua Cajati São Paulo, Brazil Three men watch Early 9/1976 #33078  
se white cloud hover low above Rua Cajati in São Paulo, Brazil. It dissipat Early 9/1976 #33078  

Word: "cajazeiras", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAJAZEIRAS, PB, BRZ Town terrorized / UF 11/1979 #36759  
                                   CAJAZEIRAS, BRZ Man / bike. Huge blue li 3/1991 #41784  

Word: "cajneiro", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CAJNEIRO, MARANHAO, BRZ Glowing fatman g 11/11/1983 #38836  

Word: "cajoling", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

, where she remembers the “leader” cajoling her to come on board, which she 1/4/1979 #36067  

Word: "cajon", 19 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                EL CAJON, CA Air Force pilot and many. 4 10 4/24/1949 #5067  
ACA MOUNTAINS, CA Observer(s) / El Cajon. Black disk hovers. Shoots going q 8/5/1952 #8757  
                                El Cajon, CA Two navy jet pilots see ten si 12/24/1953 #10772  
                           OVER EL CAJON, CA 2 Navy F9Fs. 10 silver ovoids  12/24/1953 #10773  
                                El Cajon, CA Navy Lts. Encounter 10 Oval Ob 12/24/1953 #10774  
                                El Cajon, California Witnesses:  U.S. Navy  12/24/1953 #10776  
                                El Cajon, California 8:04 a.m. US Navy Lts. 12/24/1953 #10777  
+ mph, straight and level, over El Cajon, California.                       12/24/1953 #10777  
ighted flying horizontally over El Cajon, California at 8:04 a.m. Two Navy  12/24/1953 #10778  
        Los Angeles, California El Cajon, California Newlyweds Ernest L. No 2/1954 #10909  
ear the Unarius headquarters in El Cajon, California.                       2/1954 #10909  
                                EL CAJON, CA Girl / 17. Saucer appears / ti 1/16/1957 #14908  
                                El Cajon, California Edmund Rucker was awak 12/1957 #16129  
                                El Cajon, California Night. Edmund Rucker i 12/1957 #16134  
 awakened by a roaring noise in El Cajon, California, and watches a strange 12/1957 #16134  
                    75KM EAST / EL CAJON, CA Pilot. 12M bell saucer paces p 11/26/1967 #25086  
                                EL CAJON, CA Engineer abduction / car regre 8/30/1981 #37872  
                                El Cajon, CA UFO brightly illuminated car,  8/30/1981 #37875  
e had been partially erased. In El Cajon, California a 27-year old computer 8/30/1981 #37876  

Word: "cake", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

  VALDOSTA, GA 2 / light plane. 1M cake pan / 600M altitude 1500M away. (Ca 7/10/1947 #3989  
e pan / 600M altitude 1500M away. (Cake pan missing!)                       7/10/1947 #3989  
sta, Georgia a one-meter diameter "cake pan" shaped object flew over at 600 7/10/1947 #4021  
eni, 57, is preparing some wedding cake at her home in São José do Rio Pret 5/27/1973 #29122  
looked like 90' diameter "birthday cake". (MORA) (NICAP: 08 - Photographic  10/1977 #34301  
ks like a gigantic faceted wedding cake with three layers. She hears a muff 9/17/1979 #36677  
 shakes house. Silver 2-deck layer cake with windows goes going up and down 7/25/1983 #38714  
ALBANY, IN 1 observer. Large layer cake object. Human-size figure(s) move / 6/19/1987 #39988  

Word: "cake-pan", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

observer(s). Daytime-hour unknown. Cake-pan saucer south going quickly nort 6/28/1947 #3330  

Word: "cake-tin", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                YORK BEACH, ME 10M cake-tin saucer going [to] in / sea. Rou 9/6/1952 #9185  
e exits. "Photographs" plants with cake-tin. Missing time?                  5/1963? #19264  

Word: "cakes", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

moving “roundish objects, like hot cakes, about 20 square yards” in diamete 5/5/1945 #2697  
i Lisboa was busily baking wedding cakes early in the morning at 2:00 a.m., 5/27/1973 #29124  
 seeing a waitress pulling out hot cakes from the oven, and sustaining thei 7/12/1975 #31813  

Word: "cal", 16 instance(s) (Back to Top)

erhead from "Airship Co., Oakland, Cal.," describing a successful scheme of 4/19/1897 #1103  
n Nuys, California at 7:32 p.m., a CAL airliner had a near collision with a 10/5/1950 #6264  
e, Wisconsin Witness: unidentified CAL airline pilot. Several light colored 4/14/1952 #7243  
         MIT Lincoln Lab Princeton Cal Tech MIT Center for International St 12/3/1952 #9708  
involvement, and that Princeton or Cal Tech would do, and that “it will be  12/3/1952 #9708  
                                   Cal Tech MIT’s Lincoln Labs H. Marshall  12/10/1952 #9753  
thematician Howard P. Robertson of Cal Tech to establish a panel of scienti 12/10/1952 #9753  
                      Sea of Japan Cal Tech Lt. Robert M. Olsson of Project 7/1953 #10346  
edly unsolved UFO cases of 1953 to Cal Tech physicist Howard P. Robertson i 7/1953 #10346  
        California Michael Savage, Cal. takes pic of saucer.                7/19/1956 #14422  
                            Flight CAL 841 over Cleveland, Ohio at 10:31 p. 7/29/1957 #15312  
ws conference in Washington, D.C., Cal Tech geochemist Harrison Brown sugge 12/1/1959 #17621  
ejane’s sister, and a sailor named Cal are intrigued and decide to return t 8/12/1983 #38740  
din of JLN Labs, James Woodward of Cal State University, Alfonso Rueda of C 5/2002 #46135  
State University, Alfonso Rueda of Cal State University, Bernard Haisch of  5/2002 #46135  
 James Woodward (see June 2001) of Cal State and Paul March of Lockheed Mar 4/2017 #47276  

Word: "cal-berkeley", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

d on electromagnetic propulsion at Cal-Berkeley and analyzed samples that w 1949 #4903  

Word: "calabash", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 middle of the craft and smoking a calabash pipe. The airship's searchlight 4/1909 #1350  
nd, confirmed. Country: USA Name: “Calabash” Yield: 110KT                   10/29/1969 #27007  

Word: "calabona", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 At 9:00 p.m. a dozen witnesses at Calabona Beach, Sardinia, Italy sighted  7/27/1993 #42887  

Word: "calabozo", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CALABOZO, VNZL 4 / truck. Area lit / day 8/27/1956 #14579  
                                   Calabozo, Venezuela 11:30 p.m. León Febr 8/28/1956 #14589  
ás Hernández are returning home in Calabozo, Venezuela, when the ground aro 8/28/1956 #14589  
                           SOUTH / CALABOZO, VNZL Man / light plane. Domed  2/13/1966 #21456  
                              NEAR CALABOZO, VNZL Several / car. Brilliant  7/28/1966 #22251  

Word: "calabrese", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                          Prudence Calabrese starts Transdimensional System 1997 #44955  

Word: "calabria", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 surface of the sea near Nicastro, Calabria, Italy for ten minutes. As fish 1/9/1964 #19648  
                          Cosenza, Calabria, Italy 8:00 p.m. A young man wa 9/21/1978 #35490  
an walking near a yard in Cosenza, Calabria, Italy, sees the area illuminat 9/21/1978 #35490  
s walking near a field in Cosenza, Calabria, Italy when the area was sudden 9/21/1978 #35492  
                         REGGIO DI CALABRIA, ITL 3 cops and 3. Frozen / bea 12/9/1978 #35852  
                         Reggio di Calabria, Sicily, Italy Police watched a 12/9/1978 #35853  
               Police in Reggio di Calabria, Sicily, Italy watched a multi- 12/9/1978 #35854  

Word: "calafell", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

        El Pas de la Casa, Andorra Calafell, Catalonia, Spain Day. A Dutch  7/1/1975 #31782  
a. They have the roll developed in Calafell, Catalonia, Spain, and are surp 7/1/1975 #31782  

Word: "calahan", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 same time, Arnold Bergh and James Calahan watch three silvery discs flying 7/12/1947 #4067  

Word: "calais", 13 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                    N1 SOUTHWEST / CALAIS, FR Bluish domed saucer dives / g 10/8/1954 #12226  
                                   Calais,, France On the road to Boulogne  10/8/1954 #12232  
 on the road to Boulogne in Pas de Calais department, France a bluish domed 10/8/1954 #12238  
France by a baker's assistant from Calais.                                  10/14/1954 #12480  
                              NEAR CALAIS, FR 1 observer. Saucer rises / fi 10/25/1954 (approximate) #12795  
a field nearby some beet scales in Calais, France. It was absolutely silent 10/25/1954 #12818  
                                   CALAIS, FR Several observer(s). Circular 6/29/1972 #28318  
for two minutes along the shore of Calais, France. It dropped some kind of  6/29/1972 #28321  
rthwest of Bully-les-Mines, Pas de Calais, France spotted a brilliant, lens 8/5/1974 #30914  
minous rounded rectangle flew over Calais, France silently to the southeast 9/11/1990 #41521  
                                   CALAIS, FR 1 observer. Huge luminous/glo 9/12/1990 #41523  
 garden in Noeux les Mines, Pas de Calais, France. It was just 0.6 meters o 10/30/1993 #43052  
four-lane highway in Arras, Pas d' Calais, France for 15 minutes.           12/5/1993 #43121  

Word: "calalzo", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Calalzo di Cadore, Italy UFO landed, wit 8/15/1986 #39785  
                                   Calalzo di Cadore (Bellino), Italy UFO l 8/15/1986 #39786  
                                   Calalzo di Cadore, Belluno, Italy Porden 8/15/1986 #39787  
m. A married couple on vacation in Calalzo di Cadore, Belluno, Italy, are s 8/15/1986 #39787  
                                In Calalzo di Cadore, Bellino, Italy a witn 8/15/1986 #39788  

Word: "calama", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CALAMA, CHL Thousands / observer(s). Hug 12/16/1978 #35917  
                                   Calama, Chile Shortly after Midnight. Ne 12/16/1978 #35922  
                                   Calama, Chile Antofagasta 8:00 p.m. Rada 12/16/1978 #35926  
t 10,000 feet in the region around Calama, Chile. Three F-5Es are sent from 12/16/1978 #35926  
                              Over Calama, near the city of Antofagasta in  12/16/1978 #35928  

Word: "calamine", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                LA CALAMINE, BELGIUM Several observer(s). S 11/29/1989 #41062  

Word: "calamities", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

minous omen, foretelling potential calamities for Provence and its ruler, p 2/1/1554 #198  

Word: "calamity", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n, supposedly to prevent potential calamity. Cheu Mih, the 14th-century chr 5/1295 #112  
 with good space people to avert a calamity. More Ouija sessions take place 8/2/1952 #8713  
ir, confirmed. Country: USA Name: “Calamity10/27/1962 #19032  

Word: "calamuchita", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

lic, hat-shaped disc over a dam in Calamuchita, Cordoba, Argentina. The pho 5/5/1979 #36319  

Word: "calan", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

France Jean Coachon, a resident of Calan near Lanvodan and Vannes, reported 4/1645 #263  

Word: "calasanz", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

inarist of the order of St. Joseph Calasanz, is reading in bed at his room  6/22/1972 #28304  

Word: "calaveras", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                  At 10:00 p.m. in Calaveras Big Trees, California a ball o 9/5/2003 #46393  

Word: "calcareous", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

d. They use these tools to collect calcareous soil from the riverbank. They 12/15/1954 #13237  

Word: "calcedo", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

icardone, Argentina 4:00 a.m. Raul Calcedo met two giants, almost 3 m tall, 7/1/1968 #25685  
         Ricardone, Argentina Raul Calcedo met two giants, almost 3 m tall, 7/1/1968 #25687  

Word: "calcerosa", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Calcerosa, Italy Two 12-year-old boys, G 11/25/1954 #13124  
                On this evening in Calcerosa, Sicily, Italy two 12-year-old 11/25/1954 #13125  

Word: "calcified", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd flew away. The ground was found calcified. Soil samples were taken by th 10/11/1954 #12359  

Word: "calcination", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

am of red light toward the ground. Calcination traces were found by police. 6/21/1968 #25638  
denly increased in speed and left. Calcination traces were found by police. 6/21/1968 #25640  

Word: "calcinations", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

am of red light toward the ground. Calcinations traces were found by police 6/21/1968 #25637  

Word: "calcined", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd flew away. The ground was found calcined. Samples were taken by police o 10/11/1954 #12343  
anches were broken, and a pole was calcined.                                11/1964 #20141  
veral trees were found uprooted or calcined at the site.                    1/25/1965 #20312  
light. Holes, traces of burns, and calcined matches were noted at the site. 4/21/1967 #23757  
ries of "bangs." Stones were found calcined at the site.                    5/7/1967 #23862  

Word: "calcium", 16 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 of aluminum, titanium, magnesium, calcium, chrome, and zircon. Dr. John E. 1/7/1947 #3101  
ous mass with traces of magnesuim, calcium, boron, and silicon.” It shrinks 10/9/1953 #10593  
 transparent residue.” It contains calcium, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, i 10/27/1954 #12868  
tory, finds it is 30% carbon, with calcium, silica, aluminum, iron, and 10  2/21/1955 #13435  
 the elements magnesium, aluminum, calcium, barium, and titanium. There wer 4/27/1961 #18188  
 near Bahia Blanca. It consists of calcium carbonate and potassium carbonat 5/12/1962 #18693  
 of an “amalgam of silicon, boron, calcium, and magnesium.”                 1/17/1963 #19167  
iameter. They consist primarily of calcium carbonate.                       10/21/1963 #19530  
white substance which proved to be calcium phosphate.                       8/1/1966 #22281  
and contain more soluble salts and calcium. They also produce less seed gro 11/2/1971 #28027  
licon, sulfur, chorine, potassium, calcium, iron, nickel. The substance is  10/22/1973 #29840  
 silvery powder residue made up of Calcium Oxide was found.                 11/26/1974 #31222  
70 times above normal), magnesium, calcium, and aluminum.                   7/5/1978 #35106  
urnt grass and dark jellied crud / calcium. / r5p93.                        8/2/1978 #35232  
con, chlorine, clay particles, and calcium. The Seven Network pays the Aust 1/20/1988 #40218  
ic and seem to emit radio signals. Calcium, copper, and iron are the most c 1998 #45277  

Word: "calculate", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ervation was used by Le Verrier to calculate the orbit of Vulcan. The objec 10/2/1839 #542  
 the images of the bright circles. Calculate how fast the object would have 1/1951 #6449  
ollision course, swiftly trying to calculate what to do next. The object is Spring 1953 #10131  
in real-time, enabling Rutledge to calculate the objects’ actual velocity,  4/1973 #28982  
er northern Nevada. He was able to calculate that the domed disc-shaped cra 4/23/2000 #45785  

Word: "calculated", 12 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ance in Cardiff. A local policeman calculated its speed to be between 60 an 4/1913 #1542  
uffolk, England, moving at a speed calculated to be faster than sound at an 1/16/1947 #3107  
as they flew past Mount Adams, and calculated that they were flying at a sp 6/24/1947 #3293  
tain and 1 / plane. Silver object. Calculated / 6000kph. / FBI / MJ#121. Ty 7/7/1947 #3779  
ow CFB Goose Bay], Labrador. It is calculated at going 9,000 mph at an alti Summer 1948 #4622  
e mountain range behind it, it was calculated to be going between 18,000 mp 4/24/1949 #5064  
s greater than 0.5°/min in azimuth calculated by Lincoln LaPaz. The object  2/24/1950 #5554  
t fighters. The object's speed was calculated as 22 miles/minute (1,200 mph 9/21/1950 #6243  
e, it exhibits controlled descent, calculated turns, speed reductions, and  8/25/1974 #30993  
ize and distance of the object was calculated by triangulation.             9/19/1975 #32057  
s visible until 5:30 a.m., and its calculated distance at closest approach  11/1/1977 #34416  
averfordwest and Pembrokeshire. He calculated its speed at 1100 mph. Accord 3/30/1993 #42702  

Word: "calculates", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

reball near Bernal, New Mexico. He calculates that it is flying directly ov 12/12/1948 #4881  
ve witnesses use binoculars. Hynek calculates a departure speed of 90,000 m 1/1/1954 #10823  
s high as 750–850 mph. At first he calculates that there are about 50 of th 11/6/1954 #13005  

Word: "calculating", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

the observation for the purpose of calculating an orbit for Vulcan, an intr 3/26/1859 #601  

Word: "calculation", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

b, requiring delivery by ship. The calculation in the memorandum shows that 3/1940 #2070  
but the triangulation results in a calculation by mathematician Wilbur L. M 4/27/1950 #5937  

Word: "calculations", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Giordano Bruno's formation, later calculations challenged this explanation 6/18/1178 #87  
disk, contributing to Le Verrier's calculations regarding Vulcan, a hypothe 3/12/1849 #575  
return at 19 miles distance (later calculations indicate it has a diameter  8/30/1956 #14599  
 at a speed of 20 times a minute. (Calculations indicate that this showed a 11/8/1956 #14763  
Venus. Ufologist Allan Hendry does calculations and agrees with the assessm 1/6/1969 #26394  
ears for 3 minutes and 53 seconds. Calculations of the object's size at var 8/10/1989 #40850  

Word: "calcutta", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                              NEAR CALCUTTA, INDIA Airport Air Traffic Cont 10/31/1954 #12916  
                    BOMBAY TO/FROM CALCUTTA, INDIA DC10 pilot. Large object 7/22/1976 #32927  

Word: "calcutta-dum", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Calcutta-Dum Dum [now Netaji Subhash Cha 5/2/1953 #10222  
 six minutes after taking off from Calcutta-Dum Dum [now Netaji Subhash Cha 5/2/1953 #10222  

Word: "calda", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ce 7:30 p.m. Four children—Gilbert Calda, 12, Daniel Hirsch, 9, J. P. Hirsc 10/8/1954 #12234  
tive, France Four children-Gilbert Calda, 12; Daniel Hirsch, 9; J. P. Hirsc 10/9/1954 #12265  
ve, France. Four children--Gilbert Calda, age 12; Daniel Hirsch, age 9; J.  10/9/1954 #12283  

Word: "caldas", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CALDAS DA REINHA, PORTUGAL Odd cloud dar 5/13/1952 #7502  
ng from white to green. Lt. Kleber Caldas Marinho chased another UFO which  5/19/1986 #39669  
nother F-5E, piloted by Lt. Kleber Caldas Marinho, chases a very intense re 5/19/1986 #39676  
 made about 10:550 p.m. Lt. Kleber Caldas Marinho, age 25, an F-5E pilot, w 5/19/1986 #39677  

Word: "calder", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                    On this day in Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, England t 7/15/1995 #44100  

Word: "caldera", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                        TEMUCO AND CALDERA, CHL 2 separate UFO report(s) /  7/14/1947 #4080  

Word: "calderon", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

0 a.m. pilot Sanvitti and co-pilot Calderon were onboard a Fawcett Airlines 2/2/1967 #23007  

Word: "caldwell", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                           NORTH / CALDWELL, ID 2 observer(s). 9 domed sauc 6/28/1947 #3333  
                                   CALDWELL TO/FROM NOTUS, ID 1 / car. 9-12 7/8/1947 #3896  
                                   Caldwell, Kansas Hedgerow Night. Two roo 8/1/1965 #20799  
ght. Two rookie police officers in Caldwell, Kansas, speed toward the airpo 8/1/1965 #20799  
L 9:00 p.m. Two witnesses (William Caldwell) reported that a "large, orange 1/1/1975 #31299  

Word: "caledon", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Caledon Wood, Scotland During the Roman  Winter 80 #5  
flames illuminating the skies over Caledon Wood for an entire winter night. Winter 80 #5  
ur famously defeated the Saxons at Caledon Wood.                            Winter 80 #5  
                                   CALEDON EAST, ONT Saucer descends / 4M a 10/31/1958 #16901  
                                   Caledon East, Ontario, CAN Civilian saw  10/31/1958 #16903  
                                   Caledon East, Canada A civilian reported 10/31/1958 #16904  
ying at two kilometers altitude in Caledon East, Ontario but it quickly des 10/31/1958 #16905  

Word: "caledonia", 19 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                               NEW CALEDONIA ISLAND Gypsum mine. Luminous " 1/31/1955 #13376  
                       FOCOLA, NEW CALEDONIA Flaming pear shape / sky. Expo 12/1966 #22734  
                                   Caledonia, Ontario, CAN 2:20 a.m. EST. A 2/10/1967 #23062  
                                   CALEDONIA, MO 2 observer(s). 10M silver  3/8/1967 #23360  
                                   Caledonia, MO 7:15 p.m. ST (8:15 p.m. ES 3/8/1967 #23371  
                                   CALEDONIA, ONT 15' saucer hovers 4M / gr 6/13/1967 #24068  
                                   Caledonia, Ontario, CAN 2:30 a.m. Three  6/13/1967 #24070  
                                   Caledonia, Canada An object hovering 4 m 6/13/1967 #24071  
                                   Caledonia, Ontario 2:30 a.m. Carmen Cune 6/13/1967 #24072  
.m. Carmen Cuneo, a mine worker in Caledonia, Ontario, steps out of the min 6/13/1967 #24072  
night shift worker at a factory in Caledonia, Ontario saw two objects near  6/13/1967 #24073  
                                   Caledonia, Ontario, CAN 2:35 a.m. EDT. T 6/15/1967 #24078  
                                   CALEDONIA, NS 2 / power station/depot/fa 8/15/1967 (approximate) #24449  
otia Light and Power substation in Caledonia, Nova Scotia About 12:00 noon. Mid 8/1967 #24452  
otia Light and Power substation in Caledonia, Nova Scotia. They notice stea Mid 8/1967 #24452  
                       NOUMEA, NEW CALEDONIA Silent disk turns and maneuver 5/28/1973 #29126  
               NORTH / POYA, NORTH CALEDONIA 30+observer(s). Brilliant sile 2/23/1978 #34759  
                         KONE, NEW CALEDONIA Separate separate observer(s). 5/5/1978 #34954  
                       NOUMEA, NEW CALEDONIA Blue box-shape arcs down and a 7/24/1993 #42876  

Word: "calen", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                               St. Calen, Switzerland Saw a fireball become 8/13/1963 #19426  

Word: "calendar", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

              A newly declassified calendar entry from former DCI Allen Dul 12/17/2022 #47618  

Word: "caleta", 9 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Caleta, Buena, Chile Luminous oval with  9/24/1971 #27949  
                                In Caleta Buena, Chile a police car engine  9/24/1971 #27950  
                                   CALETA BUENA, CHL 3+5 / separate cars. S 10/30/1971 #28017  
                           NORTH / CALETA OLIVIA, ARG 1 / car. 3M classic d 1/3/1975 #31316  
                            OFF LA CALETA, DOM.REP Night light drops tube t 6/24/1977 #33949  
                                La Caleta, Dominican Republic 1:00 AM. A UF 6/24/1977 #33951  
he sea from the coastal town of La Caleta. Sr. Cruz watched as the object e 6/24/1977 #33951  
he sea from the coastal town of La Caleta, in the Dominican Republic. Sr. C 6/24/1977 #33953  
                                   CALETA OLIVIA, ARG TV cameraman and seve 8/16/1995 #44187  

Word: "calexico", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                  MEXICALI, MX AND CALEXICO, CA Many observer(s). Bright di 3/12/1950 #5622  
                                   CALEXICO, CA 2 cops. 3 dark silent 150'  4/19/1950 #5894  

Word: "calf", 39 instance(s) (Back to Top)

alking in the carriage. They see a calf caught in a nearby fence with a cab 4/19/1897 #1099  
f a disc-shaped UFO. They caught a calf and took it on board the craft, the 4/1/1963 #19252  
EGRETE, BRZ 2 / ranch. Cows upset. Calf levitates. Becomes invisible. Never 10/28/1970 (approximate) #27464  
 Nebraska a dead mutilated cow and calf were found. The tails had been remo 3/31/1974 #30580  
ntelope County, NEBRASKA Mutilated calf found 9-6-74. No helicopters were s 9/6/1974 #31035  
                                 A calf was found mutilated in Pierce Count 9/7/1974 #31038  
the Rudy Wesseln farm. A mutilated calf was found on the adjoining Kleinsch 9/14/1974 #31064  
he caller thought it looked like a calf. The report was classified as "unfo 2/6/1975 #31405  
 / barn. Pregnant cow inside loses calf. No calf / afterbirth!              4/1/1975? #31563  
Pregnant cow inside loses calf. No calf / afterbirth!                       4/1/1975? #31563  
                (EASTERN), CO Bull calf found mutilated / surgical cuts and 6/28/1975 #31766  
ANCE GATE, CO Mutilated cow found. Calf embryo and all Repro organs gone.   7/6/1975 #31798  
                    A black heifer calf was found mutilated in Kiowa, Color 9/7/1975 #32029  
ng lights in the mountains after a calf was found mutilated in the area.    9/14/1975 #32045  
 The cow had just given birth; the calf was dead but untouched.             10/6/1975 #32130  
uadalupe County, TEXAS A mutilated calf was found on the 10th. There were u Mid 11/1975 #32373  
IMMS, MT Night lights land by dead calf 2 nights / row. 2nd time calf found 12/8/1975 #32438  
dead calf 2 nights / row. 2nd time calf found mutilated.                    12/8/1975 #32438  
 landed near the carcass of a dead calf two nights in a row. On this, the s 12/8/1975 #32445  
ow. On this, the second night, the calf’s carcass was later found mutilated 12/8/1975 #32445  
         NEAR SEGUIN, TX Mutilated calf found. Silent helicopters reported  12/10/1975 #32450  
                  A mutilated dead calf was found on a ranch near Seguin, T 12/10/1975 #32451  
he Philmont Scout Ranch. A buffalo calf was found mutilated along an aircra 7/8/1976 #32905  
 and blue. A classically mutilated calf was found on the same farm (on Oct. 10/10/1976 #33214  
ered in the area on 12-17-76 and a calf turned up missing.                  Mid 12/1976 #33365  
s day in Blue Springs, Missouri. A calf had been killed and mutilated with  12/13/1977 #34535  
y, Colorado on the Bartel Ranch. A calf had been killed and mutilated. Its  8/31/1978 #35377  
hwest of Cave Springs, Arkansas. A calf had been killed, and the eyes, tong 11/6/1978 #35691  
nvestigator Don Rystrom, who had a calf of his mutilated (see Introduction) 11/9/1978 #35713  
Charles.Reynolds found a mutilated calf on July 10th, but estimated it died 7/8/1979 #36426  
 two nonhuman creatures carrying a calf between them, each holding one of i 4/1980 #37025  
reupon he finds the carcass of the calf. It looks as though it has been tur 4/1980 #37025  
 UFO seen. 4 hours / missing time. Calf mutilated / alien base. Body parts  5/5/1980 #37086  
ers watching the aliens mutilate a calf. Hansen also remembers being taken  5/5/1980 #37087  
r hypnosis, she describes seeing a calf drawn up in a pale yellow beam of l 5/28/1980 #37124  
e with colored lights / underside. Calf missing after..                     2/27/1993 #42658  
was only 100 feet away from him. A calf was discovered missing.             2/27/1993 #42659  
 blue light beams going down. Dead calf missing brains and spinal column!   3/2/1995 #43867  
re sighted at around 9 p.m. A dead calf was later found missing its brain a 3/2/1995 #43868  

Word: "calf's", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 house. It left footprints "like a calf's." Then a small person like those  6/4/1970 #27267  

Word: "calf--occurred", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

wo cattle mutilations--a cow and a calf--occurred west of the Sand Dunes Na 9/20/1994 #43563  

Word: "calf-length", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 built, who wore a pair of silvery calf-length boots, met them inside. He c 3/11/1978 #34800  

Word: "calf-like", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ir seems to be swept back, and the calf-like ears stretch out about 3 inche 12/2/1974 #31240  

Word: "calfate", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                      BARROCAO AND CALFATE AND GAMELEIRA, BRZ Hundreds / ob 7/27/1965 #20737  

Word: "calfskin", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

low glow. Elongated saucer 'like a calfskin couch'.                         11/1954 #12925  

Word: "calgary", 44 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                           NORTH / CALGARY, ALTA Huge blimp with blinding l 8/10/1915 (approximate) #1595  
                              NEAR CALGARY, ALTA Theodolite observer(s). Si 6/8/1952 #7665  
                                   Calgary, Alberta During a launch of a pi 6/8/1952 #7670  
ing a launch of a pibal balloon at Calgary, Alberta, a silvery ellipse with 6/8/1952 #7670  
                                   CALGARY, ALTA 2 observer(s). Bright obje 1/1/1953 #9843  
 sky over the northwest horizon of Calgary, Alberta for ten minutes. It too 1/1/1953 #9848  
                                   Calgary, Alta. (near ), CAN Car motor mi 11/3/1957 #15707  
Alberta Victoria, British Columbia Calgary, Alberta 12:15 p.m. A Royal Cana 5/13/1958 #16523  
eading about 25 miles southwest of Calgary, Alberta, a large, thick, black  5/13/1958 #16523  
 communications with Cold Lake and Calgary suddenly cease working. The clou 5/13/1958 #16523  
ilot unsuccessfully tries to radio Calgary to request a flight path change  5/13/1958 #16523  
                         SOUTHWEST CALGARY, ALTA Red-orange tube exits clou 8/1/1963 #19390  
                                   Calgary, Alberta, CAN Dr. J. Allen Hynek 7/3/1967 #24167  
           Highwood Ranger Station Calgary, Alberta Canada American Colorad 7/3/1967 #24170  
ger Station, 50 miles southwest of Calgary, Alberta, take two color photos  7/3/1967 #24170  
and the engine died (EM effects). (Calgary Herald, 9/5/67, copies in NICAP  9/1967 #24538  
                                   CALGARY, ALTA Teen beamed to saucer / or 11/17/1967 #25048  
                                   Calgary, Alberta University of Alberta 6 11/17/1967 #25050  
t, 13, is crossing a vacant lot in Calgary, Alberta. He hears a high-pitche 11/17/1967 #25050  
                                   Calgary, Alberta, CAN 5:45 p.m. MST. Whi 11/19/1967 #25054  
              Three Hills, Alberta Calgary Airport 7:25 a.m. Two farmers dr 1/15/1968 #25239  
 a flying saucer. They contact the Calgary Airport, but officials there hav 1/15/1968 #25239  
                                   CALGARY, ALTA Dog stops. 30' saucer / gr 4/26/1969 #26666  
Arychuk was out walking his dog in Calgary, Alberta when he saw a circular  4/26/1969 #26669  
                            WEST / CALGARY, ALTA MD. Horse frantic. 40' sau 8/25/1970? #27382  
                   9MI NORTHWEST / CALGARY, ALTA Dog excited. Silver grey d 4/2/1978 #34879  
                                   Calgary, Alberta 8–9 miles northwest of  4/2/1978 #34886  
ry, Alberta 8–9 miles northwest of Calgary, Alberta 1:40 p.m. Warren Smith  4/2/1978 #34886  
en Smith is 8–9 miles northwest of Calgary, Alberta, when his border collie 4/2/1978 #34886  
ed on the Stan Jones farm north of Calgary. Three triangular patches were w 9/28/1981 #37927  
ck triangle shaped UFO was seen in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at 1:30 a.m. Th 8/29/1998 #45437  
                                In Calgary, Alberta, Canada two witnesses o 8/1/1999 #45616  
                                   Calgary, Alberta 6:30 p.m. An irregularl 3/11/2001 #45949  
gainst the wind above a witness in Calgary, Alberta, who manages to take a  3/11/2001 #45949  
artment of Geography University of Calgary 10:30 p.m. Farm manager George H 4/1/2001 #45956  
 Alan Hildebrand the University of Calgary doubts the crater was made by a  4/1/2001 #45956  
                                In Calgary, Alberta three witnesses reporte 9/9/2001 #46055  
ing home from work at 1:00 a.m. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and as he came  4/18/2003 #46315  
driver at close range northeast of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They buzzed th 3/5/2005 #46621  
haped objects were photographed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada several times a 9/13/2007 #46860  
tationary at first, was sighted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It then headed 9/6/2008 #46971  
d over three witnesses in a car in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and then hovere 11/30/2008 #47000  
                   Cincinnati area Calgary, Alberta Saskatchewan Day. A Car 11/17/2018 #47357  
flight from the Cincinnati area to Calgary, Alberta, observes bright lights 11/17/2018 #47357  

Word: "calhan", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rted hearing a helicopter north of Calhan (see August 9th).                 8/7/1975 #31893  
avlica heard a helicopter north of Calhan. On this date, Pavlica found a bl 8/9/1975 #31899  
r 16 on the Bill Dzuris ranch near Calhan - a most interesting case (see re 9/29/1982 #38406  

Word: "calhoun", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                In Calhoun County, Alabama at 7 p.m. a sile 1/2/1959 #17030  
                                   Calhoun, IL 10:00 p.m. State Police at P 5/23/1974 #30730  

Word: "cali", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                            EAST / CALI, COLOMBIA Numerous observer(s). 3 w 7/17/1976 #32920  

Word: "caliber", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rtillery Brigade begins firing .50 caliber machine guns and 12.8-pound anti 2/24/1942 #2146  
hey heard what sounded like "a .22 caliber rifle shot and the whine of a bu 8/1/1952 #8670  
eby was up in the hills with a .22 caliber rifle when he heard a "whooshing 8/20/1966 #22343  
eaches into the car and gets a .25 caliber pistol, loads it, and fires poin 5/13/1967 #23905  
ashbasin. De Souza, carrying a .44 caliber carbine, fired a shot at the nea 8/13/1967 #24444  
t at. It dodged bullets from a .22 caliber rifle. The first bullet made a " 11/24/1968 #26272  
 while Evelyn Clayton loaded a .22 caliber rifle. The creature stood outsid 8/21/1978 #35307  
 rifle and fired 100 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition at the bottom of the  1/30/2000 #45737  

Word: "calibrate", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 test. As he looks at the stars to calibrate his instrument, he notices a y 1/25/1954 #10887  

Word: "calibrated", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s, and the generator dials must be calibrated again. Shortly afterward, a l 12/24/1978 #35973  

Word: "calibration", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

te, leaving the dials badly out of calibration. Franchi feels paralyzed and 12/24/1978 #35973  

Word: "calibrations", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

d proof for the existence of UFOs. Calibrations of the RB-47’s electronic m 7/17/1957 #15261  
sets, as well as the serendipitous calibrations of the UFO signals against  7/17/1957 #15261  

Word: "calibre", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

UFO. Mr. D. Adams then fired a .22 calibre pistol at it and heard a metalli 4/28/1964 #19754  
ame frightened and emptied his .25 calibre Beretta in the direction of the  5/11/1967 #23888  

Word: "caliche", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 of four lights hovering above the caliche pad of an oil well. Later, in Oc 7/5/2012 #47156  

Word: "calico", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd that changed color, was seen in Calico Rock, Arkansas at 10 p.m. It also 8/9/2001 #46030  

Word: "caliente", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

riving on Highway 285 south of Ojo Caliente, New Mexico at 10:05 p.m. The l 2/16/1996 #44565  

Word: "calif", 15 instance(s) (Back to Top)

    Jack Northrop Field Hawthorne (Calif.) Municipal Airport The Northrop N 12/27/1942 #2236  
ack Northrop Field [now Hawthorne (Calif.) Municipal Airport] with pilot Jo 12/27/1942 #2236  
n W.H. (initials) of Yucca Valley, Calif., while still serving in the U.S.  1/1947 #3098  
           Pacific bet. Hawaii and Calif., in airspace Bright Light Crosses 6/28/1952 #7866  
alker, 23, took off from Pasadena, Calif., and landed a few hours later, on 7/18/1952 #8103  
           Pacific bet. Hawaii and Calif, At Sea Object Signals In Reponse  5/13/1954 #11185  
                              Near Calif. coast (McClellan AFB), CA Lights  5/4/1957 #15099  
                              W of Calif. coast, At Sea Man in C-118 Report 11/20/1958 #16950  
           Pacific bet. Hawaii and Calif, At Sea (McDonald list) (NICAP: 01 6/18/1959 #17282  
utes. (Marysville Appeal-Democrat, Calif., 3/15/67, report in NICAP files.) 3/15/1967 #23455  
er the house. (Redwood City Times, Calif., 5/16/67, copy in NICAP files.) ( 5/16/1967 #23921  
d the middle (see July 4, Corning, Calif.). A bright white light also was v 7/28/1967 #24316  
ht" on departure. (Sacramento Bee, Calif., 8/18/67, NICAP files.) (NICAP: 0 8/16/1967 #24454  
                         San Jose (Calif.) San Francisco Bay Area Los Angel 8/18/1996 #44782  
 Alliance” series in the San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News, with one long arti 8/18/1996 #44782  

Word: "california", 1529 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                           Sonora, California Charles A. Dellschau and a gr 1850's #579  
                          Northern California Reports of anomalous Victoria 1888 #776  
currences, some predating the 1896 California airship wave, feature instanc 1888 #776  
                west coast of Baja California, Mexico George W. Crusselle a 1/1892? #793  
 lagoons on the west coast of Baja California, Mexico, when they see a lumi 1/1892? #793  
                         San Luis, California In the 1896 California incide 1896 #823  
  San Luis, California In the 1896 California incidents preceding the 1897  1896 #823  
                    San Francisco, California Charles Abbott Smith of San F 8/11/1896 #829  
les Abbott Smith of San Francisco, California, is granted a patent for a cy 8/11/1896 #829  
         Telegraph Avenue Oakland, California Evening. A Miss Hagstrom is r 10/1896 #830  
le on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, California, when she notices an object w 10/1896 #830  
                           Bowman, California Fruit rancher Constant T. Mus Late 10/1896 #832  
T. Musso and his family in Bowman, California. watch three bright lights mo Late 10/1896 #832  
        Between Lodi and Stockton, California Two men near Lodi and Stockto 11/1896 #834  
ia Two men near Lodi and Stockton, California, witnessed three unusually ta 11/1896 #834  
k Richmond District San Francisco, California Evening. Some of the employee Early 11/1896? #835  
chmond District] of San Francisco, California, Mayor Adolph Sutro watch a b Early 11/1896? #835  
                         Woodland, California 8:00 p.m. Louis Charmak and o Early 11/1896 #836  
 and one other person in Woodland, California, notice three bright lights i Early 11/1896 #836  
 telegraph lineman in Suisun City, California saw a "powered balloon" flyin 11/15/1896 #839  
ghborhood of Sacramento Sacramento California Afternoon and evening. A myst 11/17/1896 #841  
. A mystery airship wave begins in California when residents of the Oak Par 11/17/1896 #841  
                            Tagus, California Afternoon. D. H. Risdon is wo 11/20/1896 #844  
 working in an orchard near Tagus, California, when he spots an object “lik 11/20/1896 #844  
                          Oakland, California San Francisco Folsom Sacramen 11/20/1896 #845  
sengers on a streetcar in Oakland, California, notice a “peculiar-looking c 11/20/1896 #845  
                     San Francisco California Maine Oroville Oakland Havana 11/22/1896 #849  
or fifteen years” and who moved to California from Maine in 1889. He claims 11/22/1896 #849  
s now hidden in the San Francisco, California, area as the inventor deals w 11/22/1896 #849  
 has been sworn to secrecy. Former California Attorney General William H. H 11/22/1896 #849  
                       Sacramento, California 5:30 p.m. Another mystery lig 11/22/1896 #850  
e southwest is seen in Sacramento, California, by many people. At times it  11/22/1896 #850  
 and 8th streets in San Francisco, California Golden Gate Twin Peaks downto 11/22/1896 #851  
land Alameda San Leandro San Jose, California Tacoma, Washington 7:05 p.m.  11/22/1896 #851  
 and 8th streets in San Francisco, California. Other people on the streetca 11/22/1896 #851  
d, Alameda, San Leandro, San Jose, California, and Tacoma, Washington.      11/22/1896 #851  
                            Chico, California Red Bluff, California 7:00 p. 11/23/1896 #854  
      Chico, California Red Bluff, California 7:00 p.m. A bright light is s 11/23/1896 #854  
right light is seen west of Chico, California, traveling to the northwest.  11/23/1896 #854  
r light is seen west of Red Bluff, California flying west at about 2,000 fe 11/23/1896 #854  
    Several observers in Stockton, California witnessed a fast moving, brig 11/23/1896 #855  
land, San Francisco, and San Jose, California.                              11/23/1896 #855  
            San Francisco Oakland, California Broadway 6:45 p.m. Several pa 11/24/1896 #858  
bay from San Francisco to Oakland, California, see an airship alternately s 11/24/1896 #858  
      Many witnesses in Red Bluff, California witnessed a light maneuvering 11/24/1896 #859  
l minutes at 7:00 p.m. In Visalia, California several observers saw a "vess 11/24/1896 #859  
                       Sacramento, California Galt, California Evening. A m 11/25/1896 #862  
      Sacramento, California Galt, California Evening. A mystery light flie 11/25/1896 #862  
rcular patterns around Sacramento, California, at a rapid rate of speed. Ob 11/25/1896 #862  
vening. A Professor Dodge of Galt, California, claims he can make out the “ 11/25/1896 #862  
                             Lodi, California 6:00 p.m. Col. H. G. Shaw and 11/25/1896 #863  
re riding in a carriage near Lodi, California, when their horse stops sudde 11/25/1896 #863  
           Monroe Street San Jose, California 7:00 p.m. Farmer John Bawl an 11/26/1896 #866  
 near Franklin Street in San Jose, California. It is lunging sharply from s 11/26/1896 #866  
                          Oakland, California San Francisco 8:00 p.m. Elect 11/26/1896 #867  
clear sky 1,000 feet over Oakland, California. It is flying northward again 11/26/1896 #867  
ysterious airship sightings across California, setting the stage for a broa 11/26/1896 #868  
                         Woodland, California 10:00 p.m. A prominent attorn 11/27/1896 #870  
t attorney and others in Woodland, California, see a cluster of lights atta 11/27/1896 #870  
                          Oakland, California Percy Drew watches an enormou 11/28/1896 #871  
hip with a red light over Oakland, California.                              11/28/1896 #871  
ver a hundred witnesses in Tulare, California watched an airship descend, t 11/29/1896 #873  
ot off to the west toward Hanford, California.                              11/29/1896 #873  
       In Anderson, Shasta County, California several independent witnesses 11/30/1896 #875  
                           Rumsey, California Davis, California Los Angeles 12/1/1896 #876  
         Rumsey, California Davis, California Los Angeles Harry Lytle watch 12/1/1896 #876  
st Ranges 3 miles north of Rumsey, California. He claims to recognize it as 12/1/1896 #876  
submitted to E. W. Brown of Davis, California, and which they constructed i 12/1/1896 #876  
witnessed a functioning airship in California. He recounted an encounter wi 12/1/1896 #877  
y 15 miles north of Pacific Grove, California and landed on the Pacific Oce 12/2/1896 #878  
                     Dixon Elmira, California 6:30 p.m. Travelers on a frei 12/4/1896 #879  
ht train between Dixon and Elmira, California, see two large, bright lights 12/4/1896 #879  
 town of Camptonville, Yuba County,California and landed nearby at 9:00 p.m 12/7/1896 #880  
                     Camptonville, California Residents were alerted by cri 12/7/1896 #881  
                           Acampo, California Just after sunset. People in  Mid 1/1897 #896  
st after sunset. People in Acampo, California, see an airship the size of a Mid 1/1897 #896  
letter with "Airship Co., Oakland, California" letterhead. The note read, " 4/19/1897 #1101  
r named Wilson mentioned among the California Aero Club members identified  4/23/1897 #1142  
Chattanooga, Tennessee Sacramento, California An airship in need of repairs 4/24/1897 #1143  
f. Charles Davidson of Sacramento, California, the inventor of the airship, 4/24/1897 #1143  
                       Sacramento, California Despite theories of an alien  11/17/1897 #1200  
ming plans to fly his invention to California. (Chapter 1, Ref 60)          11/17/1897 #1200  
                    San Francisco, California A San Francisco lawyer initia 11/22/1897 #1202  
                    San Francisco, California An individual claimed to have 11/22/1897 #1203  
                    San Francisco, California Two fishermen near San Franci 12/2/1897 #1204  
                           Fresno, California A letter in a Fresno newspape 12/7/1897 #1207  
               Guam San Francisco, California 300 miles west-southwest of S 2/28/1904 #1269  
ewell, from Guam to San Francisco, California. About 300 miles west-southwe 2/28/1904 #1269  
                            Yreka, California Mount Shasta, California Fred 1905 #1272  
   Yreka, California Mount Shasta, California Frederick Spencer Oliver’s bo 1905 #1272  
tive channeled by Oliver in Yreka, California, through automatic writing an 1905 #1272  
s at a temple inside Mount Shasta, California.                              1905 #1272  
       Silsbee El Centro Imperial, California Northeast 1:30 a.m. Farmer Jo 8/3/1905 #1280  
uthwest of El Centro) to Imperial, California, when a bright light flashes  8/3/1905 #1280  
                          Alameda, California In 1912, three teenagers in A 1912 #1503  
 1912, three teenagers in Alameda, California witnessed a group of UFOs fly 1912 #1503  
                          Alameda, California About 2:30 p.m. C. F. Rowling Fall 1912 #1511  
 in the northern sky over Alameda, California. They are traveling in parall Fall 1912 #1511  
                     Marin County, California In 1927, a woman in Marin Cou 1927 #1775  
 In 1927, a woman in Marin County, California, reported witnessing a dynami 1927 #1775  
                      Bakersfield, California Richard Sweed is driving west 10/18/1927 #1791  
t on the outskirts of Bakersfield, California, when he sees a bluish-gray m 10/18/1927 #1791  
ng low over a road in Bakersfield, California. A human looking occupant was 10/18/1927 #1792  
- Larry Reynolds of San Francisco, California saw a mysterious object in th Spring 1929 #1807  
nt Wilson Observatory in Pasadena, California Alice May Williams of Aucklan Summer 1931 #1845  
nt Wilson Observatory in Pasadena, California, describing her encounters wi Summer 1931 #1845  
                          Oakland, California 7:30 p.m. Teenager Fred W. Va Early Summer 1932 #1862  
bunch” over hills east of Oakland, California. They maintain the same altit Early Summer 1932 #1862  
tt Valley Reservoir Humbug Valley, California 9:15 p.m. Somewhere between B 7/31/1933 #1892  
alley Reservoir and Humbug Valley, California, high- school science teacher 7/31/1933 #1892  
              Contra Costa County, California 11:45 p.m. A chemist in Contr Fall 1933 #1898  
 A chemist in Contra Costa County, California, hears a humming sound outsid Fall 1933 #1898  
758 Manzanita Drive, Laguna Beach, California George Adamski, who has been  1/1934 #1913  
758 Manzanita Drive, Laguna Beach, California. The monastery serves as his  1/1934 #1913  
                     Laguna Beach, California Long Beach Los Angeles George 1/1936 #1971  
ding his meetings in Laguna Beach, California. Besides Adamski, talks are a 1/1936 #1971  
                     Laguna Beach, California George Adamski’s Royal Order  9/10/1937 #2008  
anizes a festival in Laguna Beach, California, dramatizing the “teachings o 9/10/1937 #2008  
       Laguna Beach Valley Center, California Palomar Observatory George Ad 3/1940 #2068  
g the Star Route in Valley Center, California, about 9 miles from where Pal 3/1940 #2068  
and his wife north of Bakersfield, California watch a long slender UFO trav 1941 #2094  
S Highway 99 north of Bakersfield, California A physicist and his wife are  1941 #2096  
S Highway 99 north of Bakersfield, California, and pull off to the side to  1941 #2096  
ear Uniondale, New York Riverside, California With the help of the American 5/1941 #2107  
ceptor Command based in Riverside, California. On both coasts, observation  5/1941 #2107  
     Baker Dry Lake Mojave Desert, California The Northrop N-1M, an experim 7/3/1941 #2114  
ker Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert, California, by test pilot Vance Breese f 7/3/1941 #2114  
                                   California In 1942, a broadcast company  1942 #2141  
ultiple UFOs at a military base in California. Speaking to a civic group in 1942 #2141  
                      Los Angeles, California Los Angeles County Pacific co 2/24/1942 #2146  
eles County Pacific coast Southern California The Battle of Los Angeles tak 2/24/1942 #2146  
aircraft barrage over Los Angeles, California. Air raid sirens sound throug 2/24/1942 #2146  
l foundation to take away Southern California’s war industries.” The Japane 2/24/1942 #2146  
 this night in Los Angeles County, California a formation of 6-9 luminous w 2/25/1942 #2150  
s. In the evening in Santa Monica, California a white disc was sighted hove 2/25/1942 #2150  
                    Santa Barbara, California A California aircraft spotter 1943 #2240  
       Santa Barbara, California A California aircraft spotter had a close  1943 #2240  
                        Escondido, California A woman witnessed a UFO hover 1943 #2241  
                       Long Beach, California A military flight instructor  1943 #2242  
                     Laguna Beach, California Air Craft warning observer sp Spring 1943 #2261  
                       Long Beach, California 9:50 a.m. Flight instructor G 4/5/1943 #2266  
at their aircraft near Long Beach, California. There is no propellor and it 4/5/1943 #2266  
lot reported that over Long Beach, California at 9:50 a.m. a round, orange  4/5/1943 #2267  
   Muroc Army Air Base Edwards AFB California The Northrop N-9M flying wing 5/19/1943 #2274  
c Army Air Base [now Edwards AFB], California, killing its pilot Max Consta 5/19/1943 #2274  
                          Burbank, California The Army Air Force’s Air Tact 6/1943 #2281  
d Aircraft Corporation in Burbank, California, to ask them to develop a jet 6/1943 #2281  
                          Burbank, California Lockheed Engineer Kelly Johns 7/1943 #2289  
he Skunk Works is born in Burbank, California, with Johnson at the helm. Th 7/1943 #2289  
                    Santa Barbara, California Goleta Valley 9:00 p.m. Wilbe 10/1943 #2305  
aching” her home in Santa Barbara, California, facing the Goleta Valley. Mo 10/1943 #2305  
Dead Mountains Wilderness Needles, California 11:00 p.m. 2Lt Thomas J. Duzy 10/1943 #2306  
s Wilderness northwest of Needles, California. Taking a stroll outside his  10/1943 #2306  
                 Palomar Mountain, California Palomar Gardens George Adamsk 1944 #2334  
s move closer to Palomar Mountain, California, along the Road to the Stars  1944 #2334  
           mountains near Auberry, California Two grammar school teachers a Spring 1944 #2389  
ing in the mountains near Auberry, California, when their car stalls and th Spring 1944 #2389  
           San Pedro, Los Angeles, California Wyoming Montana The Japanese  11/3/1944 #2499  
oating off San Pedro, Los Angeles, California. National and state agencies  11/3/1944 #2499  
                          Auberry, California Two women driving near a town 1945 #2557  
                        San Diego, California Meade Layne founds the Border 2/1945 #2597  
 Research Associates in San Diego, California, and publishes the first issu 2/1945 #2597  
                       Long Beach, California After 5:00 p.m. Future ufolog Summer 1945 #2714  
from her summer job in Long Beach, California, when she sees out of the lef Summer 1945 #2714  
                        San Diego, California In 1946, two individuals obse Mid 1946 #2868  
als observed a UFO near San Diego, California. Positioned on high ground cu Mid 1946 #2868  
rmy Air Field [now Edwards AFB] in California.                              6/25/1946 #2874  
    Denver, Colorado Mount Shasta, California Ray Palmer publishes a letter 10/1946 #3066  
visited caves inside Mount Shasta, California, inhabited by Atlantean maste 10/1946 #3066  
                    Mount Palomar, California San Diego Evening. George Ada 10/9/1946 #3071  
tain ridge south of Mount Palomar, California. He claims to meet a military 10/9/1946 #3071  
                       Sacramento, California Roseville 11:00 p.m. Air Forc 1947 #3093  
er going to a movie in Sacramento, California. As they drive northeast, the 1947 #3093  
           At noon in Bakersfield, California a man saw 10 flying saucers f 6/14/1947 #3219  
             Muroc AFB Edwards AFB California USAAF Col. Albert Boyd reache 6/19/1947 #3232  
 at Muroc AFB [later Edwards AFB], California.                              6/19/1947 #3232  
                      Bakersfield, California Afternoon. Disabled stunt pil 6/23/1947 #3266  
ion over his house in Bakersfield, California. About two hours later, 7 of  6/23/1947 #3266  
      Muroc AFB [now Edwards AFB], California Northrop delivers a second fo 6/26/1947 #3311  
ft to Muroc AFB [now Edwards AFB], California.                              6/26/1947 #3311  
r of sightings from Sonoma County, California where a forest fire lookout i 7/3/1947 #3486  
                    San Francisco, California The United Press service roun 7/4/1947 #3556  
 Ole J. Sneide from San Francisco, California, thinks they are “oblate sphe 7/4/1947 #3556  
                       Long Beach, California After 5:00 p.m. Private pilot 7/4/1947 #3563  
 at 5,000 feet west of Long Beach, California, when they see a disc about 2 7/4/1947 #3563  
                           Auburn, California 2:30 p.m. Automobile dealer K 7/5/1947 #3626  
ry discs flying south near Auburn, California. They appear directly overhea 7/5/1947 #3626  
e, but with many more reports from California and the Great Lakes. The majo 7/5/1947 #3628  
 in from the west over Sacramento, California. One banked sharply and heade 7/5/1947 #3629  
        Fairfield-Suisan Air Base, California Witnesses:  Army Air Forces C 7/6/1947 #3708  
d-Suisun Army Air Field Fairfield, California Day. Army Air Corps Capt. Jam 7/6/1947 #3711  
d [now Travis AFB] near Fairfield, California.                              7/6/1947 #3711  
hington Boise, Idaho Palm Springs, California Washington State A meeting is 7/7/1947 #3837  
Boise, Idaho; one in Palm Springs, California; and one in Washington State. 7/7/1947 #3837  
ona Hamilton Army Airfield Novato, California James E. McDonald 9:00 p.m. W 7/7/1947 #3842  
y Airfield [now closed] in Novato, California, visits Rhodes and takes the  7/7/1947 #3842  
shaped objects over Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico and that two had been 7/7/1947 #3845  
. in San Carlos, San Mateo County, California 30 round silvery objects circ 7/7/1947 #3847  
                  Muroc Air Field, California An Air Force major observed a 7/8/1947 #3912  
                   Muroc Air Base, California Witnesses:  lst Lt. Joseph Mc 7/8/1947 #3913  
 AFB [now Edwards AFB] in southern California, the Air Force’s aircraft tes 7/8/1947 #3918  
                      Mount Baldy, California 3:50 p.m. An Army National Gu 7/8/1947 #3927  
ard pilot flying near Mount Baldy, California, observes a flat object, refl 7/8/1947 #3927  
t Muroc Field (now Edwards AFB) in California at noon. The object reflected 7/8/1947 #3932  
y Airfield [now closed] in Novato, California Mt. Rainier, Washington Kenne 7/12/1947 #4064  
y Airfield [now closed] in Novato, California. He also submits a written st 7/12/1947 #4064  
                          Concord, California 12:15 p.m. Col. Frank A. Flyn 7/15/1947 #4094  
Vultee BT-13 Valiant over Concord, California, when a group of 12–15 object 7/15/1947 #4094  
 who was flying over over Concord, California, reported that at least a doz 7/15/1947 #4095  
                Hamilton Air Base, California Witnesses:  Assistant Base Op 7/29/1947 #4160  
    Hamilton Army Airfield Novato, California 2:50 p.m. Assistant Base Oper 7/29/1947 #4163  
y Airfield [now closed] in Novato, California. The objects are 15–25 feet i 7/29/1947 #4163  
                Hamilton Air Base, California At 2:50 p.m. PDT the Assistan 7/29/1947 #4164  
 Hamilton Army Airfield in Novato, California Crisman and Dahl bring heavy  7/31/1947 #4172  
 Hamilton Army Airfield in Novato, California. They quickly depart for Taco 7/31/1947 #4172  
                          Burbank, California COLLINS WON'T REPORT HIS TO P 8/1947 #4174  
, saw flying saucers over Burbank, California, where he was visiting his wi 8/1947 #4174  
y Airfield [now closed] in Novato, California Kelso, Washington Brown and D 8/1/1947 #4193  
y Airfield [now closed] in Novato, California. It explodes and crashes near 8/1/1947 #4193  
    Hamilton Army Airfield Novato, California Tacoma, Washington Lt. Col. D 8/8/1947 #4223  
y Airfield [now closed] in Novato, California, from Tacoma, Washington, say 8/8/1947 #4223  
             Muroc AFB Edwards AFB California USMC Maj. Marion Eugene Carl  8/25/1947 #4287  
ak at Muroc AFB [now Edwards AFB], California.                              8/25/1947 #4287  
ilderness area west of Lake Tahoe, California Dale Edwards and three friend 9/3/1947 #4304  
ilderness area west of Lake Tahoe, California, when one of them spots a hug 9/3/1947 #4304  
he sea off the shore of San Diego, California. An investigation by the U.S. 9/20/1947 #4333  
                Muroc Edwards AFB, California Test pilot Chuck Yeager unoff 10/14/1947 #4380  
ll X-1 at Muroc [now Edwards] AFB, California.                              10/14/1947 #4380  
 Jack Northrop Field in Hawthorne, California Muroc AFB The jet-propelled N 10/21/1947 #4389  
 Jack Northrop Field in Hawthorne, California, reaching Muroc AFB in 32 min 10/21/1947 #4389  
                        Muroc AFB, California Chuck Yeager again makes an u 11/6/1947 #4405  
91 mph in a Bell X-1 at Muroc AFB, California.                              11/6/1947 #4405  
Aids Experiment Station in Arcata, California Kenneth Arnold visits the Lan Spring 1948 #4530  
Aids Experiment Station in Arcata, California, and interviews Kenneth W. Eh Spring 1948 #4530  
                       Edwards AFB California A piston-driven YB-35 flying  5/15/1948 #4591  
 and only flight at Edwards AFB in California.                              5/15/1948 #4591  
                 Muroc Edwards AFB California Forbes AFB Topeka, Kansas A j 6/5/1948 #4608  
orth of Muroc [now Edwards] AFB in California after completing a number of  6/5/1948 #4608  
00 feet altitude over Mint Canyon, California. It trailed a column of flame 8/31/1948 #4736  
          Muroc [now Edwards] AFB, California USAF Maj. Dick Johnson reache 9/15/1948 #4747  
 Sabre at Muroc [now Edwards] AFB, California.                              9/15/1948 #4747  
                        San Pablo, California Witnesses: Sylvester Bentham  9/23/1948 #4756  
                        San Pablo, California. At twelve noon Sylvester Ben 9/23/1948 #4759  
             Fairfield-Suisan AFB, California Witness:  USAF Sgt., control  12/3/1948 #4856  
   Fairfield-Suisun AFB Fairfield, California Travis AFB 8:15 p.m. Sgt. Bru 12/3/1948 #4857  
AFB [now Travis AFB] at Fairfield, California, watches for 25 seconds a rou 12/3/1948 #4857  
            Mather AFB Sacramento, California Sacramento Mather Airport Eve 1949? #4899  
nto Mather Airport] in Sacramento, California. He and a few other people, i 1949? #4899  
                      Los Angeles, California Day. A student pilot is flyin 1949 #4901  
seat Taylorcraft over Los Angeles, California. Just as he turns to a wester 1949 #4901  
disc landings on military bases in California and New Mexico. Collins also  1949 #4903  
ft behind as the craft sped toward California. Dr. Edwin F. Carpenter, head 2/1/1949 #4952  
                           Merced, California Witness:  William Parrott, fo 4/4/1949 #5034  
 coloring at 10:20 p.m. in Merced, California. The object gave off a clicki 4/4/1949 #5035  
                        Livermore, California Witness:  C. G. Green. Two sh 5/6/1949 #5125  
 banked over a field in Livermore, California. One of the objects shot stra 5/6/1949 #5131  
                          Oakland, California CALIFORNIA SEES THEM AS 'SQUA 5/7/1949 #5133  
               Oakland, California CALIFORNIA SEES THEM AS 'SQUARES'. Benja 5/7/1949 #5133  
American Aviation, from Red Bluff, California, to Burns, Oregon.  Five to e 5/27/1949 #5183  
                        Red Bluff, California Burns, Oregon Hart Mountain,  5/27/1949 #5184  
 American Aviation from Red Bluff, California, to Burns, Oregon, sees 5–8 o 5/27/1949 #5184  
ttle Tujunga Canyon near Glendale, California at around noon. It traveled v 6/2/1949 #5196  
                     Death Valley, California Two prospectors are said to h 8/19/1949 #5309  
                     Death Valley, California Two prospectors, Buck Fitzger 8/19/1949 #5310  
crashed near them in Death Valley, California. Two little men jump out and  8/19/1949 #5310  
  Two prospectors in Death Valley, California allegedly observed a disc-sha 8/19/1949 #5312  
                 San Diego County, California Point Loma, California Paloma 10/14/1949 #5379  
ego County, California Point Loma, California Palomar Gardens Café 1:15 p.m 10/14/1949 #5379  
r Observatory in San Diego County, California, is driving away from the obs 10/14/1949 #5379  
ctronics Laboratory in Point Loma, California (Joseph P. Maxfield and G. L. 10/14/1949 #5379  
                    Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico 11:00 a.m. USAF Capt. 11/3/1949 #5395  
ut 2 miles north of Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, with a friend when h 11/3/1949 #5395  
ject north of Rosarita Beach, Baja California, Mexico. The objects had a ca 11/3/1949 #5396  
s over the Muroc Air Force Base in California and a New Mexico Air Force Ba 1950 #5453  
shoreline at Alameda Naval Yard in California. There were six military witn 2/7/1950 #5530  
ng driven from Chualar to Salinas, California. The UFO made a loop, then sh 3/11/1950 #5621  
                       Clarksburg, California Early morning. Army Signal Co 3/13/1950 #5635  
eserve) Maj. Taylor in Clarksburg, California, is sleeping when an odd dron 3/13/1950 #5635  
n over farm country in Clarksburg, California at 5:00 a.m. It made a dronin 3/13/1950 #5637  
                     Laguna Beach, California 8 FLYING SAUCERS SPOTTED OVER 3/23/1950 #5719  
spotted again, this time along the California coast by Dudley Gourley, 26,  3/23/1950 #5719  
at night on Highway 80 in Jacumba, California reported that she saw a littl 3/31/1950 #5799  
s buzzed a house in San Francisco, California. They stopped in mid-flight,  4/8/1950 #5856  
                     University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, Californi 4/10/1950 #5864  
 of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California Monterey, California San Fran 4/10/1950 #5864  
ley Berkeley, California Monterey, California San Francisco 7:00 p.m. Sever 4/10/1950 #5864  
co 7:00 p.m. Several University of California, Berkeley, graduate students, 4/10/1950 #5864  
bout 3–4 miles away from Berkeley, California, for two hours. It turns slow 4/10/1950 #5864  
 high school students in Monterey, California, see a gleaming object over S 4/10/1950 #5864  
 in New Mexico by 15 University of California scientists at 1:30 p.m. The s 4/17/1950 #5884  
                                   California 4:00 p.m. Working in a quarry 6/12/1950 #6018  
. Working in a quarry somewhere in California, geologist John Zimmerman and 6/12/1950 #6018  
                          Oakland, California The Oakland Tribune. THIS ONE 6/20/1950 #6027  
              Hamilton AFB Novato, California 1:35 a.m. Control tower opera 6/21/1950 #6033  
milton AFB [now closed] in Novato, California. The object shoots blue flame 6/21/1950 #6033  
                          Daggett, California A cigar-shaped UFO paces a Un 6/24/1950 #6040  
iper) for 20 minutes near Daggett, California. The object is also seen by t 6/24/1950 #6040  
  Big Sur coast at Anderson Creek, California Keyhoe’s article on the Adick 8/1950 #6135  
e Big Sur coast at Anderson Creek, California, at an elevation of 500–1,000 8/1950 #6135  
s day in San Rafael, Marin County, California a strange cloud was seen over 8/2/1950 #6139  
 be just north of Orange County in California, was seen over four counties: 8/8/1950 #6154  
vered the greater part of Southern California south of the city of Los Ange 8/8/1950 #6154  
                    Mount Palomar, California Palomar Gardens Café An FBI i 8/20/1950 #6176  
dens Café, south of Mount Palomar, California. In addition to the standard  8/20/1950 #6176  
                           Venice, California BOY ASTRONOMER PHOTOGRAPHS ON 9/1950 #6200  
           San Francisco Bay Area, California Norfolk, Virginia The first U 9/1950 #6207  
urs in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, using two types of bacteria  9/1950 #6207  
                        Hollywood, California Citizens-News. MYSTERY SHIPS  9/21/1950 #6237  
                           Pomona, California Geochemist J. D. Laudermilk w 10/3/1950 #6259  
ehind a mountain peak near Pomona, California.                              10/3/1950 #6259  
                  San Fernando, CA California Central Airlines plane buzzed 10/5/1950 #6261  
                                   California San Fernando Van Nuys A Calif 10/5/1950 #6263  
California San Fernando Van Nuys A California Central Airlines plane, pilot 10/5/1950 #6263  
between San Fernando and Van Nuys, California. Bands of blue light are visi 10/5/1950 #6263  
       While flying over Van Nuys, California at 7:32 p.m., a CAL airliner  10/5/1950 #6264  
                      Los Angeles, California J. Edgar Hoover sends a telet 10/13/1950 #6276  
al Agent in Charge in Los Angeles, California, asking him to determine whet 10/13/1950 #6276  
hed the Pacific Ocean off Southern California trying to track down a myster 11/10/1950 #6329  
 transport plane over Bakersfield, California at 9:08 p.m., flew parallel t 11/27/1950 #6356  
                    In Point Loma, California on this date in 1950 seven te 12/23/1950 #6429  
in an airplane over Big Bear Lake, California saw three circular or disc-sh 1/14/1951 #6470  
                    McClellan AFB, California Witnesses: USAF lst Lt. B.J.  3/13/1951 #6565  
cClellan AFB in Sacramento County, California. It made a turn to the north  3/13/1951 #6566  
objects--at least 30--over Downey, California.                              5/29/1951 #6615  
                      Bloomington, California 9:00 p.m. Louise McDougall is 9/1951 #6755  
e her trailer park in Bloomington, California, when she has the feeling som 9/1951 #6755  
                        Claremont, California Witnesses:  S/Sgt W.T. Smith, 9/6/1951 #6761  
                     In Claremont, California Sergeants W. T. Smith and L.  9/6/1951 #6763  
             March AFB Long Beach, California At March AFB [now March Air R 9/23/1951 #6798  
Air Reserve Base] near Long Beach, California, two F-86 jets try to interce 9/23/1951 #6798  
 a UFO that remained over southern California for nearly ninety minutes. Tw 9/23/1951 #6800  
 from George AFB near Victorville, California then vectored by air defense  9/23/1951 #6800  
n found near March AFB, Riverside, California to the NNW but the jets broke 9/23/1951 #6800  
                           Mojave, California Two forest observers were in  11/2/1951 #6885  
ters north of the Mojave Desert in California when they saw around 11 p.m.  11/2/1951 #6888  
                      Los Angeles, California Ed J. Sullivan, a technical w 12/1951 #6937  
s, and journalists in Los Angeles, California, who have been following the  12/1951 #6937  
ronca 65CV airplane over Torrance, California sighted a shiny metallic foot 12/7/1951 #6947  
e Intelligence Major, of Hollywood California, saw a brilliant flash with a 12/23/1951 #6958  
                        Livermore, California UC Radiation Laboratory at Be 1952 #6974  
atory is established in Livermore, California, as an offshoot of the UC Rad 1952 #6974  
                        San Mateo, California 6:30 a.m. A carpool of people 1952 #6979  
k at United Airlines in San Mateo, California, observe five smaller objects 1952 #6979  
                      Watsonville, California LIT-UP CIGAR SCARES COPPERS.  1/6/1952 #7003  
 Giant Rock Mojave Desert Landers, California Contactee George Van Tassel,  1/6/1952 #7004  
in the Mojave Desert near Landers, California, receives the first of many p 1/6/1952 #7004  
 Airport in San Bernardino County, California that grew to a golden shining 1/7/1952 #7005  
zagged for 15 minutes over Corona, California shortly after 6:00 p.m. In ad 2/19/1952 #7062  
ght stopped in midair in Richmond, California. They then shot away to the s 2/19/1952 #7062  
                          Oakland, California 6:45 a.m. Clarence K. Greenwo 3/10/1952 #7106  
e is waiting for a bus in Oakland, California. They pick up speed, one of t 3/10/1952 #7106  
  60 miles west of Pt. Concepcion, California Witnesses:  B-29 navigator an 3/24/1952 #7126  
                       Long Beach, California Day. Henry C. Davis is lookin 3/26/1952 #7132  
second-floor window in Long Beach, California, and listening to the radio.  3/26/1952 #7132  
        At 12:55 p.m. over Downey, California a bright, aluminum colored sp 3/27/1952 #7136  
                      Los Angeles, California Mayfair Hotel On the eve of t 4/2/1952 #7173  
 the Mayfair Hotel in Los Angeles, California, along with national media re 4/2/1952 #7173  
                      Los Angeles, California THEORY ON FLYING SAUCERS EXPL 4/8/1952 #7204  
between Pear Blossom and Big Pine, California. It made no sound as it flew  4/8/1952 #7208  
                       Santa Cruz, California Witness:  Mr. Hayes, brother  4/15/1952 #7247  
          That evening in Gardena, California a set of unidentified nocturn 4/15/1952 #7250  
McClellan Air Field in Sacramento, California saw eight luminous objects mo 4/20/1952 #7320  
                         San Jose, California Moffett Field, Santa Clara Co 4/25/1952 #7369  
iving to their office in San Jose, California, when they see a metallic-loo 4/25/1952 #7369  
                       George AFB, California Witnesses: three men on the a 5/1/1952 #7429  
          George AFB [now Southern California Logistics Airport] near Victo 5/1/1952 #7433  
gistics Airport] near Victorville, California Apple Valley, California 10:5 5/1/1952 #7433  
torville, California Apple Valley, California 10:50 a.m. At George AFB [now 5/1/1952 #7433  
0 a.m. At George AFB [now Southern California Logistics Airport] near Victo 5/1/1952 #7433  
gistics Airport] near Victorville, California, five independent witnesses i 5/1/1952 #7433  
. Four miles away at Apple Valley, California, the base’s wing director of  5/1/1952 #7433  
orge AFB in San Bernardino County, California watched five flat, white disc 5/1/1952 #7436  
                       George AFB, California Witness:  A/lc G.C. Grindelan 5/9/1952 #7475  
ject flying north from George AFB, California at 10:20 a.m. A Project Blue  5/9/1952 #7477  
                    National City, California 8:55 p.m. Aeronautical engine 5/13/1952 #7511  
object descend over National City, California, flying a curving path to the 5/13/1952 #7511  
 from El Centro Naval Air Station, California saw what appeared to be a sho 5/13/1952 #7514  
        Victory Boulevard Burbank, California Los Angeles River After 11:00 5/23/1952 #7547  
Boulevard from his job in Burbank, California, when he senses a force and s 5/23/1952 #7547  
San Gabriel Mountains Los Angeles, California Santa Monica Riverside Mornin 6/1/1952 #7617  
el Mountains north of Los Angeles, California. It is moving at 180 mph towa 6/1/1952 #7617  
aft radar facility in Los Angeles, California tracked a UFO that climbed to 6/1/1952 #7618  
 over Mill Valley in Marin County, California for five minutes.             6/12/1952 #7688  
                                   California Object paces B-25 for thirty  6/18/1952 #7735  
                March AFB southern California 5:00 p.m. USAF Capt. Erie P.  6/18/1952 #7745  
arch Air Reserve Base] in southern California, sight a silver object at app 6/18/1952 #7745  
                         Pasadena, California WAS REED A SPACE MAN? Authori 7/14/1952 #8022  
research (Project "Vortex") at the California Institute of Technology here, 7/14/1952 #8022  
e seen at sea level from Bald Top, California. One object ascended while fi 7/19/1952 #8171  
p Aircraft Factory in Los Angeles, California watched as two flying saucers 7/21/1952 #8221  
g Company Pueblo, Colorado Montana California Pikes Peak Broadcasting Compa 7/22/1952 #8261  
ter kept alive in a secret site in California. Rohrer claims he has been in 7/22/1952 #8261  
                      Culver City, California Hawthorne 7:00–8:00 p.m. Owne 7/23/1952 #8321  
craft Hydroforming at Culver City, California, see a bright silvery ellipti 7/23/1952 #8321  
Glendale-Hyperion Bridge Glendale, California Night. Contactee Orfeo Angelu 7/23/1952 #8323  
ndale-Hyperion Bridge in Glendale, California. He feels an odd sensation an 7/23/1952 #8323  
t aircraft workers in Culver City, California watched a silvery elliptical  7/23/1952 #8329  
                    San Francisco, California DISKS SPIRAL OVER BAY AREA. M 7/24/1952 #8331  
              Hamilton AFB Novato, California Colorado Springs Carson Sink, 7/24/1952 #8356  
milton AFB [now closed] in Novato, California, for Colorado Springs. They a 7/24/1952 #8356  
                    At Travis AFB, California a bright orange light witness 7/24/1952 #8358  
                                   California Jet chase of unidentified lig 7/26/1952 #8384  
                         Williams, California Case missing from official fi 7/26/1952 #8419  
                         Williams, California 5:15 p.m. Air Defense Command 7/26/1952 #8421  
radar detects a UFO over Williams, California. An F-94 jet interceptor is s 7/26/1952 #8421  
                  Manhattan Beach, California 6:35 p.m. A group of eight pi 7/27/1952 #8463  
igh altitude over Manhattan Beach, California. After it makes a turn, the U 7/27/1952 #8463  
ller objects over Manhattan Beach, California at 6:25 p.m.                  7/27/1952 #8467  
                           Merced, California Witnesses: Herbert Mitchell a 7/29/1952 #8581  
tchell and his employee in Merced, California sighted a dark, discus-shaped 7/29/1952 #8602  
                      Los Angeles, California Hollywood producer Clarence G 8/1952 #8660  
ight” in the sky over Los Angeles, California. Visible for 5 minutes, the o 8/1952 #8660  
                         Pasadena, California SNIPERS TAKE AFTER FLYING SAU 8/1/1952 #8670  
                        Lancaster, California Witnesses: sheriff's deputies 8/1/1952 #8692  
d for five minutes over Lancaster, California. Witnesses included sheriff d 8/1/1952 #8697  
 flying saucers flew over Southern California yesterday and reports from wi 8/2/1952 #8700  
                         Pasadena, California San Bernadino Sun. BALLOON TU 8/3/1952 #8716  
, CA August 3, 1952; Hamilton AFB, California, G,V (NICAP: 09 - RADAR Cases 8/3/1952 #8726  
              Hamilton AFB Novato, California 4:15 p.m. Two huge silvery di 8/3/1952 #8728  
lton AFB [now closed] near Novato, California. The ground observers are pil 8/3/1952 #8728  
over Hamilton AFB in Marin County, California. The discs appeared to be dog 8/3/1952 #8730  
nt from the University of Southern California reported from Burbank that he 8/4/1952 #8732  
                        Hollywood, California RANCH MARKET OFFERS NEW COME- 8/6/1952 #8781  
                        Hollywood, California L.A. TIMES HUSH-HUSHES CALIFO 8/6/1952 #8782  
 California L.A. TIMES HUSH-HUSHES CALIFORNIA SIGHTING. Jean Logan and her  8/6/1952 #8782  
 see https://angelusnews.com/local/california/the-tidings-118-years-old-and 8/8/1952 #8820  
                                   California Also Aug. 12, 1952. Los Angel 8/11/1952 #8852  
                          Oakland, California Hamilton AFB Novato Hamilton  8/13/1952 #8892  
me 9:10 p.m. A witness in Oakland, California, calls Hamilton AFB [now clos 8/13/1952 #8892  
            University of Southern California The Journal of Philosophy. PH 8/14/1952 #8899  
ller of the University of Southern California read a paper on Flying Saucer 8/14/1952 #8899  
                            Davis, California Napa, California 4:20 a.m. Gr 8/15/1952 #8929  
           Davis, California Napa, California 4:20 a.m. Ground Observer Cor 8/15/1952 #8929  
Observer Corps observers in Davis, California, see a rainbow-colored, round 8/15/1952 #8929  
e altitude. At 5:00 a.m., in Napa, California, GOC post observer Diane Robi 8/15/1952 #8929  
                        Fairfield, California Witnesses: three policemen.   8/18/1952 #8956  
     Three policemen in Fairfield, California sighted a UFO at 12:50 a.m. T 8/18/1952 #8957  
                        Red Bluff, California Witness: Ground Observer Corp 8/19/1952 #8968  
                        Red Bluff, California 2:38 p.m. Ground Observer Cor 8/19/1952 #8970  
t, level, and fast over Red Bluff, California.                              8/19/1952 #8970  
    Boron Air Force Station Boron, California 8:00 p.m. An oval disc is see 8/19/1952 #8971  
rce Station [now closed] in Boron, California. Two jet fighters are guided  8/19/1952 #8971  
        At 2:38 p.m. in Red Bluff, California Ground Observer Corps observe 8/19/1952 #8973  
              Palomar Gardens Café California Albert and Betty Bailey go to Late 8/1952 #9062  
 go to the Palomar Gardens Café in California to visit George Adamski and t Late 8/1952 #9062  
                    Santa Barbara, California Witness: USAF C-54 transport  9/14/1952 #9263  
                    Santa Barbara, California. At 8:40 p.m. Mr. Tarbutton,  9/14/1952 #9276  
                         Inyokern, California Witnesses:  two couples, usin 9/27/1952 #9380  
                Inyo, Kern County, California. Two couples, looking through 9/27/1952 #9382  
wards AFB Rogers Dry Lake Southern California 10:30 a.m. A North American A 9/30/1952 #9408  
mer, is at Edwards AFB in southern California to film some tests. They are  9/30/1952 #9408  
                       Salton Sea, California Pilot J. Slade Nash reaches 6 11/19/1952 #9640  
n F-86D Sabre over the Salton Sea, California.                              11/19/1952 #9640  
      Palomar Gardens Café Blythe, California Desert Center, California Des 11/20/1952 #9646  
 Blythe, California Desert Center, California Desert Center Rice Road 117 C 11/20/1952 #9646  
iamsons and the Baileys at Blythe, California, at 8:00 a.m., and they drive 11/20/1952 #9646  
, and they drive to Desert Center, California, taking Desert Center Rice Ro 11/20/1952 #9646  
                    Desert Center, California 2:15 p.m. As he is packing up 11/20/1952 #9649  
he group returns to Desert Center, California.                              11/20/1952 #9649  
t at MGM Studio L2 in Culver City, California.                              11/28/1952 #9695  
           Palomar Gardens Café in California Morning. George Adamski’s sco 12/13/1952 #9759  
ime at the Palomar Gardens Café in California, ostensibly so that Orthon ca 12/13/1952 #9759  
e coast and the city of San Diego, California. The objects moved at slow to 12/17/1952 #9776  
                       Marysville, California Case missing from official fi 12/28/1952 #9799  
                        Santa Ana, California 7:27 p.m. B-29 copilot 1st Lt 1/9/1953 #9880  
ching his aircraft over Santa Ana, California. Pilot 1st Lt. Lowell D. Bran 1/9/1953 #9880  
                           Sonoma, California Witnesses:  retired Col. Robe 1/10/1953 #9884  
           8 miles west of Sonoma, California 4:45 p.m. Retired Air Force C 1/10/1953 #9885  
r location 8 miles west of Sonoma, California. It is traveling about 2,400  1/10/1953 #9885  
 At 3:45 p.m. northwest of Sonoma, California two military witnesses with h 1/10/1953 #9886  
                         Pt. Mugu, California Witness:  R.W. Love, owner of 1/28/1953 #9953  
                           Corona, California Witness:  USAF T/Sgt. George  1/28/1953 #9954  
 Naval Base Ventura County Oxnard, California 1:06 p.m. R. W. Love and a Mr 1/28/1953 #9956  
 Base Ventura County] near Oxnard, California, see a white, flat disc with  1/28/1953 #9956  
                           Malibu, California 2:20 p.m. Northrop Aircraft t 1/28/1953 #9957  
x Hardy Jr. is flying over Malibu, California, when he and two other crew m 1/28/1953 #9957  
 Air Station El Toro [now closed], California Newport Beach Long Beach 9:00 1/28/1953 #9959  
 Air Station El Toro [now closed], California, spots a large, luminous, red 1/28/1953 #9959  
., 5 silent orbs flew over Corona, California in a V Formation. Flying at a 1/28/1953 #9961  
l Air Station at Point Mugu on the California coast, US Marine Corps jet fi 1/28/1953 #9961  
                     Malibu Beach, California 2:20 p.m. Northrup test pilot 1/29/1953 #9975  
adron formation over Malibu Beach, California. They estimate their height a 1/29/1953 #9975  
36 bomber, flew over Malibu Beach, California at a speed in excess of 1,000 1/29/1953 #9976  
                      Los Angeles, California USSR CIA agent Hayden Channin 2/9/1953 #10016  
nvestigation group in Los Angeles, California. North American Aviation proj 2/9/1953 #10016  
               Pittsburg-Stockton, California Witnesses:  USAF B-25 bomber  2/20/1953 #10054  
AFB near Glendale, Arizona Blythe, California Colorado River north of Parke 3/3/1953 #10092  
n F-84 at 25,000 feet over Blythe, California. He spots am object 300–500 f 3/3/1953 #10092  
  Tujunga Canyon north of Burbank, California 2:00 a.m. Sara Shaw and Jan W 3/22/1953 #10140  
d Tujunga Canyon north of Burbank, California, wake up when an odd light sh 3/22/1953 #10140  
 isolated cabin in Tujunga Canyon, California two young women in their earl 3/22/1953 #10141  
SAF T-6 pilot flying over Fontana, California spotted two amber colored, ci 4/28/1953 #10213  
                      Brush Creek, California Two miners, John Q. Black, 48 5/20/1953 #10253  
n Plumas National Forest, northern California Brush Creek area At the junct 5/20/1953 #10254  
n Plumas National Forest, northern California, titanium prospector John Q.  5/20/1953 #10254  
        Two miners in Brush Creek, California, John Q. Black, age 48, and J 5/20/1953 #10255  
 Bernardino International Airport, California Night. An F-94C Starfire with 6/1953 #10288  
Bernardino International Airport], California, there appears to be no open  6/1953 #10288  
                      Los Angeles, California Max B. Miller publishes the f 6/1953 #10291  
cers International in Los Angeles, California. It continues until the Fall  6/1953 #10291  
                                   California Coast Engineer Norman S. Bean 6/20/1953 #10307  
                      Brush Creek, California John Q. Black, witness of the 6/20/1953 #10309  
                      Brush Creek, California. John Q. Black, one of two mi 6/20/1953 #10310  
                       Salton Sea, California Lt. Col. William F. Barns att 7/16/1953 #10366  
n F-86D Sabre over the Salton Sea, California.                              7/16/1953 #10366  
                                   California Coast Engineer Norman S. Bean 7/20/1953 #10374  
and Kings Canyon National Parks in California A large UFO is seen for three 7/30/1953 #10391  
and Kings Canyon National Parks in California. Park Superintendent Elvind T 7/30/1953 #10391  
   Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, California Giant Rock Interplanetary Spa 8/16/1953 #10447  
pacecraft Convention near Landers, California Flying Saucers International  8/16/1953 #10447  
he Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, California, featuring contactee speakers 8/16/1953 #10447  
aunches the same day near Landers, California, for three days with speakers 8/16/1953 #10447  
                  near Castle AFB, California Witnesses:  crew of TB-29 bom 8/20/1953 #10463  
on and Development Center Atwater, California 9:05 p.m. The crew of a TB-29 8/20/1953 #10464  
ent Center], northeast of Atwater, California. The UFO makes four passes at 8/20/1953 #10464  
aircraft flying near Castle AFB in California reported that at 9:05 p.m. PD 8/20/1953 #10465  
                       San Rafael, California A Ground Observer Corps volun 8/28/1953 #10496  
s silently moving over San Rafael, California. One appears to be leading th 8/28/1953 #10496  
erver Corps watcher in San Rafael, California at 2:25 a.m. They flew silent 8/28/1953 #10497  
                                   California The book “Flying Saucers Have 9/1953 #10502  
                      Westchester, California Santa Monica Airline stewarde 9/1953 #10507  
wardess Gloria Lee of Westchester, California, begins to hear a voice in he 9/1953 #10507  
                      Joshua Tree, California Genevieve A. Johnston begins  9/1953 #10508  
netary News Digest in Joshua Tree, California. It continues through spring  9/1953 #10508  
                          Hayward, California Witness: civilian, Mr. Bray,  9/22/1953 #10549  
k" fell from the sky over Ontario, California. It stopped in midair, turned 9/22/1953 #10550  
ay by a man named Bray in Hayward, California in Alameda county at 11:45 a. 9/22/1953 #10550  
                         Palmdale, California Witness: radar observer of US 9/28/1953 #10560  
                          Newhall, California Witness: radar observer of US 9/28/1953 #10561  
                         Palmdale, California 7:10 p.m. In Palmdale, Califo 9/28/1953 #10563  
 California 7:10 p.m. In Palmdale, California, a UFO appears on an F-94C ra 9/28/1953 #10563  
                       Salton Sea, California USN pilot James B. Verdin rea 10/3/1953 #10578  
as F4D Skyray over the Salton Sea, California.                              10/3/1953 #10578  
to have occurred in Pleasant Hill, California this night.                   10/13/1953 #10601  
                       Salton Sea, California USAF pilot Frank Kendall Ever 10/29/1953 #10639  
0 Super Sabre over the Salton Sea, California.                              10/29/1953 #10639  
 hover over the river bed in Ojai, California and then vanish.              11/12/1953 #10672  
              San Fernando Valley, California A fluffy material streams out 11/16/1953 #10682  
 UFO over the San Fernando Valley, California, and falls to the ground. A r 11/16/1953 #10682  
he San Fernando Valley. In Reseda, California some "angel hair" residue was 11/16/1953 #10683  
                           Agoura, California Long Beach, California Pacifi 12/16/1953 #10756  
    Agoura, California Long Beach, California Pacific 4:58 p.m. Lockheed Sk 12/16/1953 #10756  
 and his wife Althea (near Agoura, California) and a Lockheed crew (Rudy Th 12/16/1953 #10756  
ing Star aircraft near Long Beach, California, independently of each other  12/16/1953 #10756  
nch of a V-2 rocket at Point Mugu, California many ground observers watched 12/16/1953 #10757  
                         El Cajon, California Witnesses:  U.S. Navy Lts. J. 12/24/1953 #10776  
                         El Cajon, California 8:04 a.m. US Navy Lts. J. B.  12/24/1953 #10777  
straight and level, over El Cajon, California.                              12/24/1953 #10777  
flying horizontally over El Cajon, California at 8:04 a.m. Two Navy F-9F Pa 12/24/1953 #10778  
                       Marysville, California Witness: Yuba County Airport  12/28/1953 #10786  
                       Giant Rock, California Contactee George Van Tassel b 1954 #10803  
ing the Integratron at Giant Rock, California, based on the rejuvenation te 1954 #10803  
            Edwards Air Force Base California A promotional photo of a Mart 1954 #10805  
ken near Edwards Air Force Base in California shows a saucer-like object in 1954 #10805  
                                   California Radio commentator Frank Edwar 1/1954 #10811  
s an “object” under examination in California.                              1/1954 #10811  
       6 miles south of Santa Ana, California Afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. 1/29/1954 #10899  
riving 6 miles south of Santa Ana, California, when they see a round object 1/29/1954 #10899  
ving six miles south of Santa Ana, California in the afternoon when their c 1/29/1954 #10900  
                      Los Angeles, California El Cajon, California Newlywed 2/1954 #10909  
 Los Angeles, California El Cajon, California Newlyweds Ernest L. Norman an 2/1954 #10909  
cademy of Science, in Los Angeles, California. Ernest, a spiritualist mediu 2/1954 #10909  
 Unarius headquarters in El Cajon, California.                              2/1954 #10909  
                        La Puente, California Mount Wilson Observatory 10:0 2/1/1954 #10913  
.m. Mrs. W. J. Daily of La Puente, California, sees a silvery, bright, roun 2/1/1954 #10913  
      Roosevelt Hotel Los Angeles, California Commercial airline representa 2/17/1954 #10938  
he Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California, and are told that pilots are 2/17/1954 #10938  
ightings were reported in southern California. In Los Angeles an astronomer 2/18/1954 #10944  
    Smoke Tree Ranch Palm Springs, California Edwards Air Force Base Roswel 2/20/1954 #10948  
 Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs, California, when he breaks the porcelain 2/20/1954 #10948  
                      Los Angeles, California Scripps-Howard papers report  2/23/1954 #10954  
ebruary 17 meeting in Los Angeles, California, so that the Air Force can in 2/23/1954 #10954  
       On this night in Hollywood, California three luminous discs hovered  3/6/1954 #10989  
treme maneuverability over Fresno, California on this day.                  3/24/1954 #11030  
od Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California Keyhoe meets with Ruppelt at  4/4/1954 #11054  
od Roosevelt Hotel in Los Anegels, California, and shares recent UFO report 4/4/1954 #11054  
 Giant Rock Mojave Desert Landers, California Contactee George Van Tassel h 4/4/1954 #11055  
in the Mojave Desert near Landers, California. Speakers include Orfeo Angel 4/4/1954 #11055  
                       Long Beach, California Night. Capt. John M. Schidel  4/14/1954 #11080  
an unknown object over Long Beach, California. One passenger (Coles Barber) 4/14/1954 #11080  
              San Nicholas Island, California American military personnel s 4/22/1954 #11095  
Outlying Field San Nicolas Island, California 2:00 p.m. USN Seaman Apprenti 4/22/1954 #11096  
Outlying Field San Nicolas Island, California, when they see a 4–6-foot lon 4/22/1954 #11096  
ound on San Nicholas Island on the California coast. Smoke was seen to rise 4/22/1954 #11098  
                         Elsinore, California Witness:  U.S. Marine Corps S 5/10/1954 #11166  
 F3D-2 jet fighters over Elsinore, California at 12:40 p.m. sighted a delta 5/10/1954 #11167  
                            Norco, California outskirts of Norco, Californi Late Spring 1954 #11200  
co, California outskirts of Norco, California Noon. A family living in a co Late Spring 1954 #11200  
cottage on the outskirts of Norco, California, is sitting down for lunch wh Late Spring 1954 #11200  
                                   California Private Frank Scully note at  5/20/1954 #11214  
driving between Indio and Brawley, California on US highway 99, a witness s 6/7/1954 #11272  
                      Los Angeles, California Witness: Hughes Aircraft test 7/30/1954 #11476  
                                   California Palomar Mountain One of the f 8/7/1954 #11521  
n One of the first UFO meetings in California is held on the slopes of Palo 8/7/1954 #11521  
                      In Woodside, California a mystery explosion was follo 8/27/1954 #11601  
                         Woodside, California Fragments from a hovering UFO 8/27/1954 #11603  
                          Barstow, California Witnesses:  two local policem 9/21/1954 #11795  
o'clock in the morning in Barstow, California two local policemen, four U.S 9/21/1954 #11800  
ur U.S. Marine Corps police, and a California highway patrolman watched a r 9/21/1954 #11800  
                     Palm Springs, California Aviation inventor Bill Lear s 12/1954 #13156  
 greenish light near Palm Springs, California. It hovers for 2 seconds then 12/1954 #13156  
                 Twentynine Palms, California Tiny’s Café Contactee Orfeo A 12/1954 #13158  
, now working in Twentynine Palms, California, is at Tiny’s Café when he me 12/1954 #13158  
tates Canada Solar System Southern California George Adamski’s Inside the S 1955 #13318  
n bars and restaurants in Southern California.                              1955 #13318  
                                   California, U.S. Unknown object hits win 1/14/1955 #13354  
                        Idyllwild, California March Air Reserve Base, River 1/14/1955 #13357  
March Air Reserve Base, Riverside, California 5:30 p.m. A luminous UFO drop 1/14/1955 #13357  
drops from the sky near Idyllwild, California. Immediately afterwards, a B- 1/14/1955 #13357  
 Air Reserve Base] near Riverside, California, that an “unknown object just 1/14/1955 #13357  
he wing of a USAF B-47 flying over California. The plane was able to make a 1/14/1955 #13358  
        Miramar Naval Air Station, California Witness:  USN Cmdr. J.L. Inge 2/2/1955 #13390  
 At the Miramar Naval Air Station, California at 11:50 a.m. USN Cmdr. J. L. 2/2/1955 #13394  
            Mojave Desert Landers, California George Van Tassel’s second Gi 3/12/1955 #13470  
in the Mojave Desert near Landers, California, attracts a smaller crowd tha 3/12/1955 #13470  
r witnesses in Arroyo Seco Canyon, California watched many 2-foot white sil 5/9/1955 #13551  
m Pasadena, Tujunga, and Montrose, California.                              5/19/1955 #13568  
 nine miles west of Newport Beach, California at 1:32 p.m. It was surrounde 7/9/1955 #13674  
 nine miles west of Newport Beach, California at 2:32 in the afternoon, a p 7/10/1955 #13676  
om Lake “Ranch” in Nebada Burbank, California Area 51 Lockheed’s offices in 7/24/1955 #13711  
rst delivery of U-2s from Burbank, California, in a C-124 Globemaster II ca 7/24/1955 #13711  
a on Monday mornings and return to California on Friday evenings.           7/24/1955 #13711  
                         Palmdale, California Pilot Horace A. Hanes attains 8/20/1955 #13807  
an F-100C Super Sabre at Palmdale, California.                              8/20/1955 #13807  
      Casa Blanca, near Riverside, California A group of children was playi 8/22/1955 #13818  
      Casa Blanca, near Riverside, California. At two o'clock in the aftern 8/22/1955 #13819  
 in Casa Blanca, Riverside County, California, from 4-15 years of age, saw  8/29/1955 #13846  
 the day over the Mojave Desert in California and then a second object, dis 11/1/1955 #13974  
1955, Dr. Leslie Ward of Redlands, California, was flying with a passenger  11/14/1955 #14002  
tion Laboratories at University of California at Berkeley, Burkhard Heim of 11/20/1955 #14014  
                    Redondo Beach, California 1:30 a.m. Patrolmen Marvin Po 2/9/1956 #14141  
d the breakwater at Redondo Beach, California. It bobs on the water’s surfa 2/9/1956 #14141  
      On this night in Costa Mesa, California two flame-colored discs hover 2/10/1956 #14144  
t and level course over Riverside, California by a US Navy enlisted man nam 2/15/1956 #14156  
                          Landers, California San Luis Obispo Los Angeles A 4/28/1956 #14256  
pacecraft Convention near Landers, California, contactee Dick Miller plays  4/28/1956 #14256  
overed for three hours over Vista, California in San Diego County. Several  5/8/1956 #14278  
. in Lakewood, Los Angeles County, California several witnesses had a close 5/12/1956 #14286  
                          Banning, California An object hovered about 30 m  6/6/1956 #14326  
                          Banning, California Witness:  Mr. Bierman. One th 6/6/1956 #14327  
                          Banning, California - At 5:30 a.m. PDT Mr. Bierma 6/6/1956 #14329  
                                   California Michael Savage, Cal. takes pi 7/19/1956 #14422  
. That afternoon in Panorama City, California three independent witnesses c 7/19/1956 #14431  
                    Panorama City, California Three witnesses independently 7/20/1956 #14433  
         Panorama City Los Angeles California Three witnesses in the Panora 7/20/1956 #14436  
 City neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, independently observe a huge 7/20/1956 #14436  
s seen in the sky over Long Beach, California. It appeared to be a saucer-s 7/20/1956 #14437  
 Three witnesses in Panorama City, California independently claimed to have 7/20/1956 #14437  
                     Highway City, California 5:30 a.m. Mrs. Ray Brown sees 7/22/1956 #14447  
om its rear end over Highway City, California.                              7/22/1956 #14447  
                           Pixley, California Kern County Airport [now clos 7/22/1956 #14448  
flying at 16,000 feet over Pixley, California, in a Convair C-131D and is s 7/22/1956 #14448  
ng between Bakersfield and Pixley, California reporeted seeing a bluish gre 7/22/1956 #14449  
ay City between Fresno and Pixley, California saw an egg-shaped object that 7/22/1956 #14449  
orces Training Base–Los Alamitos], California US Hawaii A group of US Navy  Late 7/1956 #14457  
orces Training Base–Los Alamitos], California, tell news reporters from Ora Late 7/1956 #14457  
                        Brentwood, California 9:55 p.m. Seven witnesses in  7/28/1956 #14464  
p.m. Seven witnesses in Brentwood, California, see a sparkling green light  7/28/1956 #14464  
as seen in the sky over Brentwood, California and something crashed in an o 7/28/1956 #14465  
edena, CA July 29, 1956; Pasadena, California, G,V (NICAP: 09 - RADAR Cases 7/29/1956 #14468  
                    300KM OFF BAJA CALIFORNIA 12M blot / light. Hovers and  8/1956 (approximate) #14473  
les and the San Fernando Valley in California on this evening for several m 8/21/1956 #14553  
t 11:30 p.m. was made in El Monte, California.                              8/21/1956 #14553  
 the bedroom a witness in Turlock, California saw an orange-red ovoid UFO f 8/22/1956 #14561  
 flying erratically over Pasadena, California at 1:10 a.m. and were reporte 9/6/1956 #14641  
                           Merced, California Castle AFB [now Castle Airpor 10/7/1956 #14712  
olice and civilians around Merced, California, reach Castle AFB [now Castle 10/7/1956 #14712  
        Castle AFB, CA Castle AFB, California: A.A. and J.R. (names withhel Late 1956 #14723  
                       Los Angeles California Alpha Centauri Contactee Gabr 1/1957 #14890  
r Clubs of America in Los Angeles, California. It assumes that UFOs are pil 1/1957 #14890  
                      Placerville, California 9:40 p.m. Amateur astronomer  2/13/1957 #14954  
a is walking south in Placerville, California, when he notices off to his l 2/13/1957 #14954  
cts were seen flying over Burbank, California at 7:00 p.m. They searched th 2/13/1957 #14955  
                        Camarillo, California Los Palos Hills North America 3/22/1957 #15004  
11:15 p.m. northeast of Camarillo, California. First they see a large, soun 3/22/1957 #15004  
 a UFO over Oxnard Air Force Base, California. Visual reports of the object 3/23/1957 #15010  
                      Edwards AFB, California Mojave Desert 6:55–7:20 a.m.  5/2/1957 #15095  
n camera operators at Edwards AFB, California, sends the standard two-man c 5/2/1957 #15095  
long the highway in Lake Isabella, California at dusk. The witness first sp 5/10/1957 #15106  
            Mojave Desert Landers, California While attending the Giant Roc 5/11/1957 #15108  
in the Mojave Desert near Landers, California, Wayne Sulo Aho goes for a wa 5/11/1957 #15108  
                    San Francisco, California 8:00 p.m. Captain C. G. Wertz 6/18/1957 #15192  
aming 150 miles off San Francisco, California. A third object joins them at 6/18/1957 #15192  
                          southern California Early morning. Contactee Trev Summer 1957 #15197  
os of the desert sky over southern California. When developed, the film rev Summer 1957 #15197  
Bernardino International Airport], California The Air Defense Command disba 7/1957 #15217  
Bernardino International Airport], California. Soon afterwards, the Air For 7/1957 #15217  
                          Burbank, California Skunk Works Radar technician  8/1957 #15324  
lity (the Skunk Works) in Burbank, California. His first assignment is to i 8/1957 #15324  
      Pacific Ocean San Francisco, California 7:45 p.m. 1st Lt. Robert J. S 8/3/1957 #15332  
 miles southwest of San Francisco, California, aboard an RC-121D aircraft,  8/3/1957 #15332  
on, Utah NAS Alameda [now closed], California Salt Lake City Airport 4:00 a 10/10/1957 #15556  
e out of NAS Alameda [now closed], California, with 36 persons aboard. Pilo 10/10/1957 #15556  
tion North Island tower San Diego, California Point Loma 7:00 p.m. The Nava 10/14/1957 #15572  
n North Island tower in San Diego, California, directs a Navy S2F-1Tracker  10/14/1957 #15572  
        Kearney, Nebraska Oakland, California Tulare County Late afternoon. 11/5/1957 #15815  
, Schmidt is convicted in Oakland, California, for grand theft after bilkin 11/5/1957 #15815  
                    Playa del Rey, California Richard Kehoe was driving nea 11/6/1957 #15883  
      Vista Del Mar Playa Del Rey, California 5:40 a.m. Richard Kehoe is dr 11/6/1957 #15893  
ng Vista Del Mar in Playa Del Rey, California, when his engine fails. Two o 11/6/1957 #15893  
g near the beach in Playa del Rey, California when his car engine stopped,  11/6/1957 #15906  
                        Camarillo, California 6:22 a.m. Connie Foster watch 11/8/1957 #15962  
heast to northwest over Camarillo, California. It is moving with the base f 11/8/1957 #15962  
                       Sacramento, California 12:15 a.m. A man is driving i 11/9/1957 #15981  
m. A man is driving in Sacramento, California, when his car engine and head 11/9/1957 #15981  
                     Hillsborough, California Fragments from a UFO landed,  11/9/1957 #15986  
       Desert east of Los Angeles, California A silvery elliptical UFO is s 11/11/1957 #16012  
er the desert east of Los Angeles, California. Robert D. Hahn, a jewelry de 11/11/1957 #16012  
                         El Cajon, California Edmund Rucker was awakened by 12/1957 #16129  
                         El Cajon, California Night. Edmund Rucker is awake 12/1957 #16134  
ed by a roaring noise in El Cajon, California, and watches a strange object 12/1957 #16134  
                        San Pedro, California 2:30 p.m. Z. Thad Fogl, radio 12/3/1957 #16147  
saucer off the coast of San Pedro, California. The photo appears in Flying  12/3/1957 #16147  
 circled in the sky over Brisbane, California at 7:10 p.m. One flew off to  12/7/1957 #16164  
                      Edwards AFB, California A USAF pilot attains 1,208 mp 12/12/1957 #16203  
nell F-101A Voodoo at Edwards AFB, California.                              12/12/1957 #16203  
                          Vallejo, California Diamond Head, Hawaii Cliff De 1/3/1958 #16287  
-old college student from Vallejo, California, shoots 90 seconds of film of 1/3/1958 #16287  
                       Healdsburg, California Two persons, in their backyar 3/14/1958 #16419  
                       Healdsburg, California Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. W.F.  3/14/1958 #16420  
 a.m. two residents of Healdsburg, California saw a round object one meter  3/14/1958 #16424  
                      Edwards AFB, California USAF Capt. Walter W. Irwin re 5/16/1958 #16530  
F-104A Starfighter at Edwards AFB, California.                              5/16/1958 #16530  
               Giant Rock Landers, California The fifth Interplanetary Spac 5/31/1958 #16556  
place at Giant Rock, near Landers, California. Dana Howard, Truman Bethurum 5/31/1958 #16556  
antic Ocean South Africa Berkeley, California Livermore branch [now the Law 8/27/1958 #16722  
 Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley, California, as a means to verify the Chr 8/27/1958 #16722  
ska Los Angeles AFB in El Segundo, California 6:40 p.m. At Offutt AFB, Omah 9/8/1958 #16755  
on, Los Angeles AFB in El Segundo, California; many other air base officers 9/8/1958 #16755  
  Hampton, Virginia Mountain View, California Brook Park, Ohio NASA begins  10/1/1958 #16790  
Research Center] in Mountain View, California; and Lewis Flight Propulsion  10/1/1958 #16790  
 Dell, and other towns in northern California report showers of cobweblike  11/9/1958 #16930  
 Väddö Bay Linköping University of California, Berkeley 10:00 p.m. Two carp 11/9/1958 #16931  
 James Harder at the University of California, Berkeley, who establishes it 11/9/1958 #16931  
et Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, California The Jet Propulsion Laboratory 12/1958 #16960  
Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, is transferred to NASA from  12/1958 #16960  
 for 90 minutes new Lake Elsinore, California. The observers signaled the U 12/1/1958 #16963  
                       Giant Rock, California George Van Tassel claims the  1959 #17015  
e of the Integraton at Giant Rock, California, a four-story domed structure 1959 #17015  
rbor Department in Corona del Mar, California Newport Beach 4:55 p.m. Deput 1/1/1959 #17028  
rbor Department in Corona del Mar, California, spots a bright object outsid 1/1/1959 #17028  
                      Victorville, California 10:00 p.m. A 17-year-old male 2/24/1959 #17107  
is younger brother in Victorville, California, when he sees a bright light  2/24/1959 #17107  
      At 9:10 p.m. in Victorville, California two young men reported that a 2/24/1959 #17109  
           McChord Air Force Base, California Air Force C-118 transport cra 4/1/1959 #17195  
ver over the desert in Ridgecrest, California.                              7/12/1959 #17344  
cers on a pistol range in Barstow, California saw four huge brilliant disc- 8/31/1959 #17452  
          Area 51, Nevada Burbank, California Employees of Lockheed’s Skunk 9/1959 #17457  
sts with wooden models at Burbank, California, proof-of-concept tests are t 9/1959 #17457  
andenberg Space Force Base Lompoc, California Francis E. Warren AFB Cheyenn 9/9/1959 #17470  
erg Space Force Base] near Lompoc, California, and Gen. Thomas S. Power, CI 9/9/1959 #17470  
ht Research Center at Edwards AFB, California The first powered X-15 flight 9/17/1959 #17489  
ht Research Center at Edwards AFB, California.                              9/17/1959 #17489  
Hamilton AFB [now closed], Novato, California Portland Seattle Center USAF  9/24/1959 #17496  
Hamilton AFB [now closed], Novato, California, which scrambles six F-102 je 9/24/1959 #17496  
n U.S. highway 99 near Marysville, California with two friends when he sudd 11/15/1959 #17600  
      US Highway 99 near Proberta, California Sierra foothills 5:45 a.m. La 12/1959 #17619  
rk on US Highway 99 near Proberta, California, when his radio begins making 12/1959 #17619  
                      Edwards AFB, California USAF Maj. Joseph Rogers attai 12/15/1959 #17632  
r F-106 Delta Dart at Edwards AFB, California.                              12/15/1959 #17632  
er the shoreline in Redondo Beach, California. They were bright yellow and  12/20/1959 #17638  
                          Oakdale, California Kenneth Lindsley and several  12/22/1959 #17639  
walking along a road near Modesto, California at around 11:50 at night when 12/22/1959 #17640  
minutes after midnight in Oakdale, California several witnesses sighted a s 12/23/1959 #17643  
d and La Brea Avenue in Hollywood, California 11:15 p.m. Many people see a  2/5/1960 #17682  
d and La Brea Avenue in Hollywood, California. Cars are stopped bumper-to-  2/5/1960 #17682  
                        Hollywood, California Sunset Boulevard and Sycamore 2/6/1960 #17683  
d object reappears over Hollywood, California, this time about one block fu 2/6/1960 #17683  
arch Center Edwards Air Force Base California NASA issues a press release s 5/5/1960 #17773  
nter] at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Premier Nikita Khrushchev an 5/5/1960 #17773  
ve UFOs were seen over Long Beach, California swinging in the sky in a pend 5/19/1960 #17808  
 Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California Contactee Gabriel Green annou 8/9/1960 #17886  
 Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, on August 13–14, but soon dr 8/9/1960 #17886  
[now Vandenberg Space Force Base], California North Pacific The Discoverer  8/10/1960 #17887  
[now Vandenberg Space Force Base], California. The primary goal of this ser 8/10/1960 #17887  
              EAST / CORNING, CA 2 California Highway Patrol (CHP) and more 8/13/1960 #17895  
          Red Bluff, CA Red Bluff, California, G,V (NICAP: 09 - RADAR Cases 8/13/1960 #17899  
         Highway Patrol Red Bluff, California Tehama County 11:50 p.m.–2:05 8/13/1960 #17900  
t, plus three others at Red Bluff, California, are on patrol when see what  8/13/1960 #17900  
cigar-shaped UFO in Tehama county, California twice approached a police car 8/13/1960 #17901  
 of Red Bluff and east of Corning, California on Hoag Road when they first  8/13/1960 #17901  
 Hundreds / observer(s) in many N. California towns. 13-20 August. 1 Case / 8/14/1960 #17902  
         At 10:30 p.m. in Corning, California pilots and many other witness 8/16/1960 #17918  
                       Ridgecrest, California Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. M.G.  9/10/1960 #17962  
                       Ridgecrest, California 9:50 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. M. G.  9/10/1960 #17964  
hen accelerating, over Ridgecrest, California.                              9/10/1960 #17964  
                    In Ridgecrest, California at 9:50 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. M.  9/10/1960 #17965  
as Aircraft plant in Santa Monica, California West Los Angeles police stati 9/15/1960 #17970  
as Aircraft plant in Santa Monica, California, and calls it into the West L 9/15/1960 #17970  
                       Long Beach, California Ruppelt dies of a heart attac 9/15/1960 #17971  
s of a heart attack in Long Beach, California, at age 37.                   9/15/1960 #17971  
                      Chula Vista, California Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. L.M.  11/27/1960 #18036  
ver Chula Vista, San Diego County, California at 7:30 p.m. for 20 minutes.  11/27/1960 #18037  
    200 miles SW of San Francisco, California (35' 50' N, 125' 40 W) Witnes 4/24/1961 #18184  
             Travis AFB Fairfield, California Sacramento Valley Capt. Rober Summer 1961 #18259  
uadron at Travis AFB in Fairfield, California, are scrambled in their F-102 Summer 1961 #18259  
                                   California coast 7:57 a.m. The radar ope 9/27/1961 #18400  
rning and Control aircraft off the California coast spots five targets on h 9/27/1961 #18400  
                      Edwards AFB, California US Navy pilot Robert G. Robin 11/22/1961 #18496  
4H-1F Phantom II over Edwards AFB, California.                              11/22/1961 #18496  
       Groom Lake, Nevada Burbank, California The first A-12 test aircraft  2/28/1962 #18588  
 Groom Lake, Nevada, from Burbank, California.                              2/28/1962 #18588  
AFB); Arizona (Davis Monthan AFB); California (Beale AFB).                  4/18/1962 #18646  
ud Lake, Nevada and Edwards AFB in California two disc-shaped craft are fil 4/29/1962 #18661  
                      Edwards AFB, California Ely, Nevada Seattle, Washingt 4/30/1962 #18668  
Joseph A. Walker from Edwards AFB, California, to Ely, Nevada, the instrume 4/30/1962 #18668  
                                   California Contactee Gabriel Green runs  6/5/1962 #18745  
el Green runs for the US Senate in California and claims to have received 1 6/5/1962 #18745  
                      Edwards AFB, California Maj. Robert Michael White is  7/17/1962 #18808  
ght 62 of the X-15 at Edwards AFB, California. He flies it to 314,750 feet  7/17/1962 #18808  
h from his desert takeoff point in California when he saw and took movie fi 7/17/1962 #18809  
 of Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California Before dawn. The skipper of a 7/28/1962 #18824  
 of Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California, sees several stationary ligh 7/28/1962 #18824  
n at dawn off the coast of Avalon, California. It made no noise and left no 7/28/1962 #18825  
                       Long Beach, California Santa Catalina Channel 2:00 p Late 8/1962 #18890  
Aileen Cummings are at Long Beach, California, when they see a small rectan Late 8/1962 #18890  
                           Orland, California A. T. Gray, a dairy rancher,  9/1962 #18908  
                                   California Washington, D.C. Jupiter Geor 9/1962 #18909  
shington University Hospital Miami California contactee Gloria Lee takes ch 9/1962 #18909  
                          Anaheim, California Arlene Cook is awakened by he Fall 1962 #18964  
ied son, at their home in Anaheim, California. He says something is in his  Fall 1962 #18964  
                            Azusa, California Patricia Ellingson is seeing  Fall 1962 #18965  
e lights” in her bedroom in Azusa, California, every evening. She thinks th Fall 1962 #18965  
n a farm near Capay, Glenn County, California at 9:45 p.m. a man named Gray 9/26/1962 #18972  
                      Los Angeles, California Two IBM engineers, C. D. Jack 11/13/1962 #19075  
ety annual meeting in Los Angeles, California, noting the alleged extraterr 11/13/1962 #19075  
             Stanford Los Angeles, California Mesopotamia Stanford astronom 11/15/1962 #19078  
ety annual meeting in Los Angeles, California, that explores models for the 11/15/1962 #19078  
 A. Mostaccieli in Chileno Valley, California reported seeing cattle panic  4/1/1963 #19252  
                        Pinecrest, California Four glowing greenish objects 6/26/1963 #19342  
cian and many others at Pinecrest, California. Three objects moving westerl 6/26/1963 #19342  
 east near the airport in Ontario, California at 300 meters altitude. It ma 7/16/1963 #19366  
                       Edwards AFB California The first flight of the USAF  8/7/1963 #19409  
tor, takes place at Edwards AFB in California.                              8/7/1963 #19409  
                       Susanville, California Witness: E.A. Grant, veteran  9/14/1963 #19469  
                       Susanville, California 3:15 p.m. US Forest Service i 9/14/1963 #19470  
ee a round object over Susanville, California, that at first seems to be a  9/14/1963 #19470  
       At 3:15 p.m. in Susanville, California E. A. Grant, a fire lookout w 9/14/1963 #19471  
cer and eight others in Sunnyvale, California observed a gray disc-shaped o 9/26/1963 #19489  
                            Nevada California President Lyndon B. Johnson h 2/29/1964 #19676  
based at Edwards Air Force Base in California.                              2/29/1964 #19676  
                            Baker, California Gloria Biggs, her husband, an 4/30/1964 #19765  
about 17 kilometers west of Baker, California on U. S. Highway 91. They los 4/30/1964 #19770  
                        Rio Vista, California A woman saw two objects, one  5/13/1964 #19798  
                        Rio Vista, California 10:15 p.m. Mrs. M. Walter McK 5/13/1964 #19799  
pull into a driveway at Rio Vista, California. It seems to be resting on th 5/13/1964 #19799  
woman in Rio Vista, Solano County, California saw two disc-shaped objects g 5/13/1964 #19800  
                    Santa Barbara, California north of Santa Barbara, Calif 6/1964 #19852  
California north of Santa Barbara, California 2:00 a.m. A young couple is d 6/1964 #19852  
mall place north of Santa Barbara, California, when a circular, glowing obj 6/1964 #19852  
housing construction in Sunnyvale, California. It flew off rapidly toward t 6/2/1964 #19863  
           Yosemite National Park, California Witnesses:  E.J. Haug, of the 8/15/1964 #20029  
tioning at Yosemite National Park, California. The three bright silver, rou 8/15/1964 #20031  
                  PACIFIC WELL OFF CALIFORNIA Saucer circles Atlas missile  9/3/1964 (approximate) #20065  
ng in the forest near Cisco Grove, California. One of the men, Mr. D. Shrum 9/4/1964 #20074  
                      Cisco Grove, California A hunter, who had lost his wa 9/5/1964 #20077  
                    Placer County, California Loch Leven Lakes Cisco Grove  9/5/1964 #20078  
an isolated area of Placer County, California, near the Loch Leven Lakes in 9/5/1964 #20078  
andenberg Space Force Base Lompoc, California Big Sur, California 8:27 a.m. 9/15/1964 #20095  
e Base Lompoc, California Big Sur, California 8:27 a.m. USAF Lt. Robert Jac 9/15/1964 #20095  
erg Space Force Base] near Lompoc, California. His crew films an SM-65F Atl 9/15/1964 #20095  
rhead to malfunction over Big Sur, California. At the time of the filming,  9/15/1964 #20095  
o Creek Girl Scout Camp Pescadero, California 8:15 p.m. A barking dog alert 11/3/1964 #20144  
ek Girl Scout Camp near Pescadero, California. He goes outside and sees a b 11/3/1964 #20144  
                         Palmdale, California The first flight of an SR-71  12/22/1964 #20212  
at Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, California, piloted by Robert J. Gillila 12/22/1964 #20212  
 the Nevada Test Site Los Angeles, California 10:58 a.m. The Kiwi Transient 1/12/1965 #20265  
 then drifts out over Los Angeles, California, and out to sea. The AEC call 1/12/1965 #20265  
     A newspaper boy in Riverside, California at 5:30 a.m. saw a 30 meter l 1/14/1965 #20278  
nd maneuvering over Lake Elsinore, California. They moved erratically in pa 1/14/1965 #20280  
                         Monterey, California In Monterey, California, Mayo 1/29/1965 #20328  
 Monterey, California In Monterey, California, Mayor George Clemens and his 1/29/1965 #20328  
        Manresa Beach Watsonville, California Hamilton AFB 2:00 a.m. TV rep 1/30/1965 #20331  
each near his home in Watsonville, California. He hears a jet-like noise an 1/30/1965 #20331  
 Manresa Beach, Santa Cruz County, California just before 2.00 a.m. when he 1/30/1965 #20332  
                      Edwards AFB, California Pilots Robert L. Stephens and 5/1/1965 #20472  
a Lockheed YF- 12A at Edwards AFB, California. The YF-12A also reaches an a 5/1/1965 #20472  
ellow police officer in Sunnyvale, California saw a hovering white object t 7/8/1965 #20635  
     Los Angeles County Santa Ana, California 12:37 p.m. Los Angeles County 8/3/1965 #20844  
ly stretch of road near Santa Ana, California. The object is silent, and a  8/3/1965 #20844  
 taken by Ray Heflin in Santa Ana, California. At 12:38 p.m. he took four p 8/3/1965 #20847  
                        Rio Vista, California Betty Valine and her 12-yearo 10/4/1965 #21197  
wing formation pass over La Jolla, California.                              10/17/1965 #21217  
                   200MI WITH BAJA CALIFORNIA Ship crew. Cloud going north. 12/16/1965 #21328  
aneuver in the sky over Los Altos, California, then shoot off to the west a 1/3/1966 #21361  
                      Edwards AFB, California Pilots Alvin S. White and Car 1/12/1966 #21388  
can XB-70 Valkyrie at Edwards AFB, California.                              1/12/1966 #21388  
 China Lake western Mojave Desert, California 4:55 p.m. Two surveyors are t 1/18/1966 #21407  
ake] in the western Mojave Desert, California. The surveyor using a theodol 1/18/1966 #21407  
val Ordnance Depot in Kern County, California at 4:55 p.m. when a black, hu 1/18/1966 #21409  
y were changing a tire near Essex, California at 11:45 p.m. when they saw a 1/23/1966 #21426  
                                   California The D-21 is first launched fr 3/5/1966 #21498  
ched from an M-21 off the coast of California. The drone is released but st 3/5/1966 #21498  
 seen resting on the ground in the California Desert. The brilliant luminos 3/11/1966 #21507  
d a car for 3 hours between Indio, California, and Salome, Arizona. (NICAP  3/11/1966 #21507  
                    San Francisco, California Two women observed a large ob 3/31/1966 #21734  
                 In San Francisco, California two women observed a large ob 3/31/1966 #21741  
flying near Santa Catalina Island, California a professional Hollywood movi 4/15/1966 #21859  
chnology MIT Harvard University of California Northwestern University Unive 4/22/1966 #21934  
es MIT, Harvard, the University of California, Northwestern University, and 4/22/1966 #21934  
                       Sacramento, California Witness: Anita Miller. One li 4/30/1966 #21993  
sky for 2.5 hours over Sacramento, California.                              4/30/1966 #21994  
nd officer manager in Temple City, California were called out to the parkin 5/16/1966 #22050  
s. Beverly Harding of Temple City, California was driving about a mile sout 5/16/1966 #22050  
 Mrs. Janice Oyler of San Gabriel, California was driving through Temple Ci 5/16/1966 #22050  
                          Barstow, California X-15 pilot Joseph A. Walker i 6/8/1966 #22104  
 into the ground north of Barstow, California, killing copilot Carl S. Cros 6/8/1966 #22104  
        150 miles off the coast of California The fourth and final launch o 7/30/1966 #22257  
isaster 150 miles off the coast of California. Unlike the three previous la 7/30/1966 #22257  
                      Heraldsburg, California Otto Becker, his son, and dau 8/20/1966 #22339  
their entire house in Heraldsburg, California bathed in bright light. They  8/20/1966 #22342  
 high speed maneuvers over Malibu, California.                              8/25/1966 #22370  
                     Santa Monica, California A $500,000 effort by the McDo 1967 #22798  
                      Yorba Linda, California 5:25 p.m. A 14-year-old boy i 1/24/1967 #22939  
 A 14-year-old boy in Yorba Linda, California, sees an object shaped like a 1/24/1967 #22939  
tructured object over Yorba Linda, California at 5:25 p.m. The photo was re 1/24/1967 #22940  
.m. two married women in Oakhurst, California watched as a solid round obje 2/7/1967 #23041  
EAR DAVIS, CA 2 / car and separate California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer. 2/13/1967 #23093  
 a triangle buzzed a car in Davis, California. It tipped up, revealing a di 2/13/1967 #23104  
, from as far west as Yorba Linda, California and as far east as Ascension  2/16/1967 #23140  
 in the sky above West Sacramento, California at a 45 degree angle. It then 2/18/1967 #23155  
                    Mountain View, California Michel M. Jaffe, a ham radio  3/1967 #23263  
m radio operator in Mountain View, California, begins publishing Data-Net R 3/1967 #23263  
car with five occupants in Hessel, California. The UFO hovered in front of  4/1/1967 #23613  
rshall, a sixteen-year-old girl in California, reported sighting a cigar-sh 5/12/1967 #23895  
turned to his home in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico at around 11:00 p.m.  5/15/1967 #23917  
  Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, California. At 1:30 a.m. PDT a family sa 5/16/1967 #23926  
   At 10:00 p.m. in Castro Valley, California Mr. & Mrs. Ofinowicz saw a me 5/25/1967 #23968  
                          Corning, California two independent locations abo 7/4/1967 #24180  
ons about 5 miles west of Corning, California 5:15 a.m. At least five witne 7/4/1967 #24180  
ons about 5 miles west of Corning, California, see an oblong, metallic-appe 7/4/1967 #24180  
lew in parallel emitting a sound. (California NICAP Subcommittee report, NI 7/15/1967 #24231  
                        Kernville, California Naval Air Weapons Station Chi 7/30/1967 #24324  
levation to the east of Kernville, California. It is later joined by a seco 7/30/1967 #24324  
             Colorado Edwards AFB, California The Colorado project obtains  9/1/1967? #24548  
 of a UFO sighting at Edwards AFB, California, on or around this date. A ci 9/1/1967? #24548  
            Vandenberg AFB Lompoc, California Pacific Ocean Northern Califo 10/6/1967 #24758  
 California Pacific Ocean Northern California coast 7:00 p.m. Radar at Vand 10/6/1967 #24758  
ar at Vandenberg AFB, near Lompoc, California, detects a very large station 10/6/1967 #24758  
the Pacific Ocean off the Northern California coast. Later, radar detects n 10/6/1967 #24758  
e seen overhead at Vandenburg AFB, California. At least two objects were pi 10/6/1967 #24759  
                          Big Sur, California Night. Comedian Dick Gregory  10/12/1967 #24801  
t a party with friends at Big Sur, California, when three lights appear in  10/12/1967 #24801  
                          Mendota, California 2:30 a.m. Physicist Lewis E.  10/14/1967 #24810  
 and son are driving near Mendota, California, when they see a reddish-oran 10/14/1967 #24810  
er Liggett Military Reservation in California when they all observed an ora 10/24/1967 #24883  
0 feet above a house at an angle. (California NICAP Subcommittee report, NI 11/4/1967 #24973  
                    Lake Elsinore, California 3:30–4:00 a.m. A business exe 11/8/1967 #24998  
ive is driving near Lake Elsinore, California, when his lights go out, the  11/8/1967 #24998  
                         Redlands, California Columbia Street Colton Avenue 2/4/1968 #25307  
. About 200 residents of Redlands, California, see or hear a huge, low-flyi 2/4/1968 #25307  
              Anza Borrego Desert, California Two prospectors, Ed Sampson a Spring 1968 #25425  
eeping in the Anza Borrego Desert, California, when they wake up at the sou Spring 1968 #25425  
a.m. a married couple in La Habra, California noticed a hovering cigar-shap 7/6/1968 #25722  
                       Long Beach, California Santa Catalina Channel 9:35 p 7/9/1968 #25735  
9:35 p.m. Witnesses at Long Beach, California, see a huge, glowing, cloud-l 7/9/1968 #25735  
t, at 9:35 p.m. PDT in Long Beach, California a diamond-shaped, grayish-whi 7/9/1968 #25737  
Heflin photographs from Santa Ana, California in 1965. The photographer was 8/18/1968 #25926  
c Ocean 930 miles off the coast of California 6:58 a.m. The Canadian destro 8/21/1968 #25937  
n about 930 miles off the coast of California. Four of the ship’s crew, inc 8/21/1968 #25937  
rps Air Station Miramar San Diego, California Groom Lake, Nevada The US Nav 3/3/1969 #26533  
Air Station Miramar] in San Diego, California. Its focus is on combat train 3/3/1969 #26533  
              Colorado Sacramento, California McDonald presents a talk that 5/28/1969 #26739  
olorado project at the Sacramento, California, section of the American Inst 5/28/1969 #26739  
                          Redding, California 10:00 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Chapi 10/30/1969 #27012  
g at their mine site near Redding, California, when they see a rattlesnake  10/30/1969 #27012  
 in a mountainous area of Redding, California. It was seen as it landed in  10/30/1969 #27013  
m. Two young men in Furnace Creek, California, are followed by a red ball o Early 1970's #27092  
ses in a rural area of Ben Lomond, California observed the house lights fli 6/18/1971 #27756  
 ball of light during a widespread California power blackout that lasted on 6/18/1971 #27756  
he Trinity River near Hawkins Bar, California heard a deafening roar come f 10/14/1971 #28002  
old abandoned mines in Coarsegold, California. They had red lights blinking 11/6/1971 #28044  
  In the desert of Lucerne Valley, California three men were out on a hunti 11/13/1971 #28048  
       On this day in Canoga Park, California a nocturnal light was seen sk 11/28/1971 #28055  
.m. in Chatsworth, Ventura County, California a slowly rotating disc-shaped 1/29/1972 #28136  
s in the Mojave Desert near Arvin, California sighted a bright yellow disc  5/9/1972 #28253  
ord Research Institute Menlo Park, California New York City artist and psyc 6/6/1972 #28281  
 SRI International] in Menlo Park, California, to begin remote viewing expe 6/6/1972 #28281  
:00 a.m. Two airman at George AFB, California, verified each other's report 6/19/1972 #28298  
 Research Institute in Menlo Park, California Ingo Swann returns to the Sta 8/1972 #28440  
 Research Institute in Menlo Park, California, as do the two CIA intelligen 8/1972 #28440  
ord Research Institute Menlo Park, California The CIA awards the Stanford R 10/1/1972 #28622  
 SRI International] in Menlo Park, California, a contract for $49,909 for a 10/1/1972 #28622  
ed. Later that evening in Verdugo, California three discs flew at a low alt 10/5/1972 #28630  
heard in Balboa Park in San Diego, California. Although he couldn't see any 10/23/1972 #28667  
curred ten miles west of Woodland, California in Yolo County.  There were t 10/26/1972 #28669  
theast of Anderson, Shasta County, California. The incident occurred at 6:1 11/13/1972 #28702  
                    San Francisco, California Physicist Peter A. Sturrock m 4/9/1973 #29005  
,175 members of the San Francisco, California, Chapter of the American Inst 4/9/1973 #29005  
ton Air Force Base San Bernardino, California, International Airport Hollom 5/1973 #29048  
ir Force Base [now San Bernardino, California, International Airport] the t 5/1973 #29048  
ses in the northern Mojave Desert, California observed the descent of a tor 7/17/1973 #29229  
omewhere in the vicinity of Indio, California she began to receive pictures 8/4/1973 #29275  
       Residents of Big Bear Lake, California reported a series of sighting 9/2/1973 #29348  
driving in Long Barn, near Sonora, California in the early morning hours ob 9/11/1973 #29402  
n the Simi Freeway in Simi Valley, California during the afternoon when he  10/4/1973 #29536  
st or vapor occurred in El Centro, California. At 8:00 p.m. a large, disc-s 10/5/1973 #29553  
s later, at 11:30 a.m. in Burbank, California another domed disc was seen m 10/16/1973 #29690  
es, but there were 10 reports from California including six close encounter 10/17/1973 #29734  
UFO close encounters over Anaheim, California at 2 p.m.; Shreveport, Louisi 10/17/1973 #29734  
    At 7:00 p.m. in Griffith Park, California two people watched a large ro 10/24/1973 #29874  
                         La Habra, California FBI Director Clarencc M. Kell 10/25/1973 #29884  
 letter to a resident of La Habra, California, that the investigation of UF 10/25/1973 #29884  
e drove to his home in Buena Park, California to get someone else to see it 10/25/1973 #29888  
st driving on I-10 east of Blythe, California observed a circular object in 11/8/1973 #29994  
 in the sky that evening came from California, Yugoslavia, and Spain.       11/13/1973 #30019  
                      Lemon Grove, California La Posta Astro-Geophysical Ob 11/16/1973 #30035  
-Geophysical Observatory in Campo, California 7:00 p.m. Two 11-year old boy 11/16/1973 #30035  
d boys are outside in Lemon Grove, California, intending to play in a vacan 11/16/1973 #30035  
-Geophysical Observatory in Campo, California, allegedly registers a pertur 11/16/1973 #30035  
e in La Selva Beach in Santa Cruz, California around 5 a.m. Appliances in h 12/6/1973 #30137  
 in Chula Vista, San Diego County, California spotted a flying saucer from  12/10/1973 #30153  
In Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, California early that morning at 5:50 a. 12/10/1973 #30153  
      At 9:43 p.m. in Paso Robles, California a solid red beam of light fro 12/14/1973 #30174  
                Pacific Palisades, California 2:15 a.m. Michael Wagner and  12/20/1973 #30192  
ert B. Klinn of Pacific Palisades, California, see a yellow, glowing blob h 12/20/1973 #30192  
owing blob over Pacific Palisades, California at 2:15 a.m. It had flashing  12/20/1973 #30193  
mile run in the park in Santa Ana, California. He was out running in a driv 1/6/1974 #30257  
 on a highway south of Enterprise, California saw a steady white light come 1/8/1974 #30271  
coast of Santa Ana, Orange County, California in the middle of the day when 1/29/1974 #30316  
yo Grande, San Luis Obispo County, California; it made no noise, and the si 5/15/1974 #30710  
-dawn hours near Mitchell Caverns, California when he was awakened by a hum 5/26/1974 #30738  
                                   California Bakersfield, California Betwe Summer 1974 #30822  
           California Bakersfield, California Between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. C Summer 1974 #30822  
fornia Between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. California Gov. Ronald Reagan and his pi Summer 1974 #30822  
 through the sky near Bakersfield, California. They follow the light for se Summer 1974 #30822  
est Site in Kazakhstan Menlo Park, California Monte Perdido, Huesca, Spain  7/9/1974 #30857  
 SRI International] in Menlo Park, California. In another experiment, Putho 7/9/1974 #30857  
east out of Half Moon Bay Airport, California spotted a daylight UFO hoveri 9/6/1974 #31034  
                           Ramona, California Santa Maria Valley Medicine B 10/15/1974 #31141  
g Night. Five witnesses in Ramona, California, watch a mysterious round obj 10/15/1974 #31141  
                        In Ramona, California five young people from the Ov 10/15/1974 #31143  
ose encounter on Highway 42 in New California, Ohio. At 7:04 p.m. two women 10/27/1974 #31172  
0 miles northeast of Palm Springs, California Just before sunrise. Actor Wa 1/1/1975 #31301  
0 miles northeast of Palm Springs, California, when they see an object movi 1/1/1975 #31301  
tics and Astronautics in Pasadena, California, physicist Peter A. Sturrock  1/20/1975 #31369  
urnalists come to cover "balloon / California". UFO's show instead.         1/25/1975 #31378  
City Washington, D.C. Los Angeles, California Alaska New York City psychic  2/1975 #31393  
sed female alien in a Los Angeles, California, supermarket. He concludes th 2/1975 #31393  
5 two police officers in Stockton, California saw an object hovering over p 3/19/1975 #31543  
eacher and six others in San Jose, California viewed an orange glowing dome 4/15/1975 #31623  
    In Gilroy, Santa Clara County, California four witnesses, including a 1 8/10/1975 #31902  
                         Stockton (California) Metropolitan Airport 9:35 p. 8/14/1975 #31928  
0 feet while approaching Stockton (California) Metropolitan Airport. Sudden 8/14/1975 #31928  
orial Airport, San Joaquin County, California were all witnesses to a disc- 8/14/1975 #31929  
                          Tujunga, California 8:00 p.m. Three witnesses in  9/3/1975 #32016  
0 p.m. Three witnesses in Tujunga, California, see two helicopters followin 9/3/1975 #32016  
               Los Angeles County, California 8:00-11:00 PM Near Tujunga, i 9/3/1975 #32019  
ut 20 people in and around Gilroy, California saw unexplained red and white 9/15/1975 #32048  
                      Los Angeles, California The American Institute of Aer 9/27/1975 #32090  
Os,” sponsored by the Los Angeles, California, section. The proceedings are 9/27/1975 #32090  
farm seven miles south of Corning, California and illuminating the dairy "l 9/30/1975 #32100  
     On this night in Santa Clara, California three witnesses had a close e 10/6/1975 #32128  
                         In Davis, California at 8:20 p.m. seven witnesses  10/16/1975 #32153  
  On the same night in Happy Camp, California three men, Harris, Gayer, and 10/25/1975 #32203  
   In Happy Camp, Siskiyou County, California just after midnight Steve Har 10/26/1975 #32206  
r creature sighting in Happy Camp, California about an hour earlier, accomp 10/27/1975 #32221  
to a UFO abductee in Garden Grove, California.                              11/21/1975 #32397  
night in the Siskiyou Mountains of California five young men witnessed a gr 12/8/1975 #32446  
           At 1:30 a.m. in Lompoc, California a nurse driving not far from  1/23/1976 #32564  
ICO TO/FROM TRUCKEE, CA Many and 3 California Highway Patrol (CHP) offices. 1/28/1976 #32572  
a V formation over Rancho Cordova, California. The objects were 3 to 6 mete 2/18/1976 #32627  
a V formation over Rancho Cordova, California. The objects were 3 to 6 mete 2/18/1976 #32630  
  Skunk Works Building 82 Burbank, California DARPA names Lockheed the winn 4/1976 #32719  
kunk Works Building 82 in Burbank, California.                              4/1976 #32719  
n Harbor City, Los Angeles County, California while driving on the San Dieg 4/21/1976 #32753  
sky between Carson and Long Beach, California.                              4/26/1976 #32774  
 flying over William AFB, Candler, California.                              5/13/1976 #32797  
 angle over highway 140 in Merced, California. It appeared to have windows. 6/5/1976 #32837  
state highway I-680 in Pleasanton, California when they saw an eighty-foot  6/25/1976 #32890  
             Beale AFB Marysville, California Capt. Eldon W. Joersz and Maj 7/28/1976 #32939  
rd over Beale AFB near Marysville, California.                              7/28/1976 #32939  
      3 miles southwest of Colusa, California 12:54 a.m. Bill Pecha Jr. is  9/10/1976 #33123  
 home 3 miles southwest of Colusa, California, when suddenly the picture cr 9/10/1976 #33123  
                           Colusa, California. At 12:45 a.m. mechanic Bill  9/10/1976 #33125  
                          Modesto, California 9:15 p.m. Six witnesses in Mo 9/16/1976 #33139  
:15 p.m. Six witnesses in Modesto, California, see a rolling orange ball of 9/16/1976 #33139  
                           Eureka, California 9:45 p.m. A witness in Eureka 9/16/1976 #33140  
nia 9:45 p.m. A witness in Eureka, California, sees a large orange light at 9/16/1976 #33140  
                           Sonora, California 7:30 p.m. Multiple independen 10/12/1976 #33216  
e independent witnesses in Sonora, California, are drawn outside by a loud  10/12/1976 #33216  
on Figueroa Avenue in Los Angeles, California. As they drove in front of a  10/31/1976 #33267  
                          Burbank, California Area 51 in Nevada Lockheed’s  11/16/1976 #33310  
e makeover, is flown from Burbank, California, to Area 51 in Nevada. After  11/16/1976 #33310  
                          Concord, California 6:20 p.m. A witness in Concor 12/19/1976 #33380  
ia 6:20 p.m. A witness in Concord, California, sees a silent, star-like lig 12/19/1976 #33380  
          At 6:20 p.m. in Concord, California a 53-year-old man sighted a n 12/19/1976 #33384  
                          Redding, California Mr. and Mrs. Chapin, who had  12/29/1976 #33398  
that their mine site near Redding, California, is unseasonably warm. Chapin 12/29/1976 #33398  
                                   California State University, Long Beach  1977 #33416  
te University, Long Beach Anaheim (California) Memorial Hospital California 1977 #33416  
eim (California) Memorial Hospital California State University, Long Beach, 1977 #33416  
l, carries out a study in Anaheim (California) Memorial Hospital to determi 1977 #33416  
 SRI International] in Menlo Park, California White House Alfred Webre join 1/1977 #33427  
 SRI International] in Menlo Park, California, as a senior policy analyst.  1/1977 #33427  
                         Glendale, California 9:05 p.m. A police sergeant i 2/1/1977 #33538  
.m. A police sergeant in Glendale, California, sees a bright red light 45°  2/1/1977 #33538  
man reported to police in Concord, California that on leaving a restaurant  2/2/1977 #33543  
                      Victorville, California 10:15 p.m. A domed disc is se 2/20/1977 #33594  
 a man and his son in Victorville, California. It is silver in color with t 2/20/1977 #33594  
                    Cyprus College California 7:45 p.m. A 16-year-old bicyc 2/25/1977 #33609  
d bicycling near Cyprus College in California is followed by a star-like ob 2/25/1977 #33609  
                          Ontario, California 9:00 p.m. An accident investi 2/26/1977 #33613  
 accident investigator in Ontario, California, sees a white triangle with r 2/26/1977 #33613  
factory's security gate in Sylmar, California. The UFO either landed or hov 3/6/1977 #33628  
s by the seashore in Pebble Beach, California when they saw a bright disc-s 3/20/1977 #33683  
                             W. of California, Pacific Ocean Object Tracked 3/29/1977 #33692  
                                   CALIFORNIA LAL, SOUTH AUSTR Weird 2M tra 5/2/1977 #33809  
                     In Encinitas, California a large domed disc-shaped obj 5/6/1977 #33828  
                           Fresno, California 4:45 a.m. Three witnesses in  5/11/1977 #33851  
45 a.m. Three witnesses in Fresno, California, see a bright yellow light ri 5/11/1977 #33851  
d, West Pittsburg [now Bay Point], California Suisun Bay 11:00 p.m. Three 1 5/20/1977 #33878  
d, West Pittsburg [now Bay Point], California, about a half mile from Suisu 5/20/1977 #33878  
            Colorado River Blythe, California 11:45 p.m. Adult witnesses on 7/15/1977 #34038  
on the Colorado River near Blythe, California, watch an oval light, 3–4 tim 7/15/1977 #34038  
 lake in Blythe, Riverside County, California watched an ovoid object, thre 7/15/1977 #34040  
                          Hayward, California 12:38 a.m. Two witnesses on a 8/28/1977 #34196  
rted rural boulevard near Hayward, California, see an odd triangular object 8/28/1977 #34196  
hovering over a street in Hayward, California. It abruptly turned and follo 8/28/1977 #34201  
dependent witnesses in Healdsburg, California watched a huge lighted object 8/30/1977 #34205  
riving with her husband to Sonora, California when suddenly a cloud of blue 10/30/1977 #34404  
                        Placentia, California 9:35 p.m. Several students in 10/31/1977 #34408  
.m. Several students in Placentia, California, watch a disc with four light 10/31/1977 #34408  
                           Oxnard, California Laguna Peak 8:00 p.m. Air tra 12/8/1977 #34515  
Air traffic controllers at Oxnard, California, track 4 UFOs about 3–5 miles 12/8/1977 #34515  
                     Santa Monica, California 12:45–1:00 p.m. Pilots Floyd  1/1/1978 #34606  
954) are flying over Santa Monica, California, at 7,500 feet when they see  1/1/1978 #34606  
several windows over Santa Monica, California at 1:07 p.m.                  1/1/1978 #34607  
                       In Redding, California a woman named Chapin woke up  1/14/1978 #34647  
                           Orange, California 3:30–4:00 a.m. A weird hummin 2/4/1978 #34717  
za and her two children in Orange, California. The sound increases in volum 2/4/1978 #34717  
          Interstate 80 Newcastle, California Auburn, California 9:40 p.m.  2/22/1978 #34756  
e 80 Newcastle, California Auburn, California 9:40 p.m. Brian Metcalfe, an  2/22/1978 #34756  
erstate 80, approaching Newcastle, California. Seeing two intense lights mo 2/22/1978 #34756  
a also see the object over Auburn, California, just before 10:00 p.m.       2/22/1978 #34756  
                    Arroyo Grande, California Grover City Arroyo Grande Cit 3/16/1978 #34809  
r Mark M. Millis of Arroyo Grande, California, and Mayor Al Dutra of Grover 3/16/1978 #34809  
                     Palm Springs, California Around 4:00 p.m. Leo Giampiet 3/18/1978 #34820  
ing 15 miles west of Palm Springs, California. He pulls over when he sees a 3/18/1978 #34820  
                        San Diego, California Pacific Naval Air Station Nor 3/27/1978 #34854  
ng a 9-hour period near San Diego, California, an F-14 Tomcat aircraft lose 3/27/1978 #34854  
1 in Goleta, Santa Barbara County, California at 7:30 p.m. when her car eng 4/23/1978 #34926  
                           Kerman, California Fresno Community Hospital 3:3 5/13/1978 #34968  
ano is on the outskirts of Kerman, California, when he sees a reddish glow  5/13/1978 #34968  
no was on the outskirts of Kerman, California when he saw a reddish glow ah 5/13/1978 #34971  
ered this day on a farm in Gilroy, California.                              5/15/1978 #34985  
g saucer-shaped UFO over Pasadena, California.                              6/4/1978 #35023  
                Pacific Palisades, California 1:30 a.m. A woman in Pacific  6/22/1978 #35065  
a.m. A woman in Pacific Palisades, California, watches an irregularly shape 6/22/1978 #35065  
                      Santa Paula, California 3:15 p.m. A small domed disc, 7/4/1978 #35100  
00 feet altitude near Santa Paula, California. Its dome is a bright chrome  7/4/1978 #35100  
      At 3:15 p.m. in Santa Paula, California a small domed disc-shaped obj 7/4/1978 #35103  
                          Ventura, California 1:15 p.m. A retired couple in 7/22/1978 #35177  
 p.m. A retired couple in Ventura, California, is attracted outdoors by an  7/22/1978 #35177  
in an isolated area near Lewiston, California.                              8/1/1978 #35230  
niversity of Hawaii San Francisco, California David W. Swift of the Univers 9/3/1978 #35396  
ociation meeting in San Francisco, California, on the disconnect among scie 9/3/1978 #35396  
           At 8:55 p.m. in Orange, California ten witnesses watched a huge  9/29/1978 #35549  
                  Huntington Park, California Sierra Madre Mountains 5:11 p 10/8/1978 #35582  
 p.m. A couple in Huntington Park, California, watch a huge black disc at a 10/8/1978 #35582  
                     Agoura Hills, California 6:35 a.m. A chemistry profess 10/10/1978 #35595  
emistry professor in Agoura Hills, California, goes outside to observe Jupi 10/10/1978 #35595  
 Mrs. K. in Keddie, Plumas County, California had a close encounter with a  11/28/1978 #35789  
rrowhead in San Bernardino county, California at 7:18 p.m. They made a soun 12/25/1978 #35980  
                      Palm Desert, California 5:00 a.m. Former USAF UFO spo 1/1/1979 #36048  
ountains southeast of Palm Desert, California. It is about 10 times as brig 1/1/1979 #36048  
the sky over Dixon, Solano County, California through binoculars. It looked 2/19/1979 #36209  
rs in Atwater, Los Angeles County, California watched a 3' x 7' disc hoveri 5/12/1979 #36331  
ar the Sacramento River in Colusa, California for three minutes. It had a r 5/25/1979 #36354  
lot flying southeast of Clearlake, California sighted six bright "doughnut" 6/9/1979 #36379  
      At 2:00 a.m. in Canoga Park, California a large white light made seve 7/25/1979 #36457  
         Canoga Park, Los Angeles, California Apartment Building 10:35 p.m. 8/4/1979 #36493  
est over Canoga Park, Los Angeles, California. Two humanoid beings with ove 8/4/1979 #36493  
ach their location in Canoga Park, California from the west. It then hovere 8/4/1979 #36494  
       SOUTHEAST / HAYFORK, CA 3 / California Highway Patrol (CHP) plane. 2 8/9/1979 #36498  
state police southeast of Hayfork, California at around ten o'clock in the  8/9/1979 #36501  
                         Oroville, California 7:30 p.m. Two witnesses watch 9/3/1979 #36609  
s” flying silently above Oroville, California, in a straight line.          9/3/1979 #36609  
aped object northwest of Maricopa, California. The box then flew along the  9/9/1979 #36638  
         Two women in Canoga Park, California witnessed a disc-shaped objec 9/14/1979 #36666  
                        Hollywood, California 8:45 a.m. A screenwriter sees 9/29/1979 #36715  
er spheres moving above Hollywood, California. Each is somewhat smaller tha 9/29/1979 #36715  
ver a farm near a river in Colusa, California at 12:15 a.m.                 10/26/1979 #36748  
                          Antioch, California 1:15 a.m. A man in Antioch, C 11/18/1979 #36787  
fornia 1:15 a.m. A man in Antioch, California, watches a bright red light f 11/18/1979 #36787  
abella, 35 miles from Bakersfield, California watching television when both 12/11/1979 #36854  
eeway Riverside Northeast Anaheim, California 3:30 p.m. A salesman exiting  12/23/1979 #36874  
at Riverside in Northeast Anaheim, California, sees an object silently pass 12/23/1979 #36874  
veling on Highway 57 in Fullerton, California had a daytime close encounter 12/23/1979 #36875  
                                   California Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rogo 1980 #36892  
ductions and UFO-related events in California involving several women over  1980 #36892  
 Research Center in Mountain View, California Richard F. Haines, an aerospa 1980 #36893  
 Research Center in Mountain View, California, publishes Observing UFOs, a  1980 #36893  
                      In Van Nuys, California a huge, domed disc-shaped obj 1/3/1980 #36904  
                        San Mateo, California Crystal Springs Reservoir 5:3 4/20/1980 #37059  
iving north on I-280 in San Mateo, California, on a fishing trip with his 1 4/20/1980 #37059  
        At 5:30 a.m. in San Mateo, California two witnesses in a car on I-2 4/20/1980 #37063  
                         San Jose, California Shiny sphere flying with rapi 5/2/1980 #37082  
      Santa Clara County San Jose, California Lick Observatory 10:15 a.m. A 5/2/1980 #37084  
are in the hills east of San Jose, California, when they see a shiny, mirro 5/2/1980 #37084  
ey was driving her car in Redding, California accompanied by her two teenag 5/7/1980 #37098  
                      Rio Del Mar, California 11:30 p.m. Students Kevin Smi 6/15/1980 #37156  
along Hidden Beach in Rio Del Mar, California, when a 4-foot-long, 10-inch- 6/15/1980 #37156  
 from a Cessna 172 over Red Bluff, California. It was solid, smooth, and me 8/28/1980 #37262  
                        Red Bluff, California 1:15 p.m. Flight instructor L 9/4/1980 #37275  
south of the airport in Red Bluff, California. His passenger, a school offi 9/4/1980 #37275  
                           Blythe, California 2:26 p.m. A woman watches a S 9/26/1980 #37319  
bject approach her home in Blythe, California, from the east and pass overh 9/26/1980 #37319  
      In Blythe, Riverside County, California at 2:26 p.m. a luminous Satur 9/26/1980 #37320  
                        San Diego, California 8:35 a.m. Betty Long and a fr 10/21/1980 #37360  
n the northern sky over San Diego, California. The bright sun makes them se 10/21/1980 #37360  
            Solano Avenue Vallejo, California 3:00 p.m. Mike Clampett and h 11/2/1980 #37393  
wroom on Solano Avenue in Vallejo, California. They see a group of people l 11/2/1980 #37393  
                   Lake Berryessa, California 8:45 p.m. A private pilot nam 11/5/1980 #37403  
at 8,000 feet near Lake Berryessa, California. He spots an orange, bullet-s 11/5/1980 #37403  
                     Monterey Bay, California 7:55 a.m. Nancy Parker is a p 11/6/1980 #37405  
 flight passing over Monterey Bay, California. She takes three photos of th 11/6/1980 #37405  
o Channel offshore of Los Angeles, California, giving off a pink glow.      12/10/1980 #37492  
                  Near Sacramento, California the main witness, John, was d 12/31/1980 #37542  
main witness, John, was driving on California Highway 5 heading toward Sacr 12/31/1980 #37542  
s. A recent study at University of California also suggested human brains w 1981 #37548  
                          Northern California Local concentration of sighti 1/9/1981 #37565  
Mr. & Mrs. Morgan in Corte Madera, California had a close encounter with a  2/19/1981 #37620  
               San Luis Reservoir, California 3:00 a.m. A private pilot nam 4/8/1981 #37670  
er II near the San Luis Reservoir, California, when a bullet-shaped object  4/8/1981 #37670  
San Luis Reservoir, Merced County, California at 3:00 a.m. The electronics  4/8/1981 #37671  
                                   California China Chinese UFO researcher  Summer 1981 #37761  
aul Dong (Moon Wai), a resident of California, becomes the editor of the Ch Summer 1981 #37761  
e off its left wing over San Jose, California on this day. Instruments onbo 8/8/1981 #37846  
e off its left wing over San Jose, California on this day. Instruments onbo 8/8/1981 #37848  
esses on a boat near Malibu Beach, California saw an arrowhead/fish-shaped  8/23/1981 #37866  
hich occurred in San Diego County, California on this evening separated by  8/30/1981 #37876  
s driving near the town of Alpine, California when he encountered a huge da 8/30/1981 #37876  
een partially erased. In El Cajon, California a 27-year old computer engine 8/30/1981 #37876  
w over the trees in Pollock Pines, California. It flew slowly at 10 mph to  9/6/1981 #37888  
ple Valley, San Bernardino County, California at 8:00 p.m. It hovered, shot 9/17/1981 #37905  
0 p.m. in Kentfield, Marin County, California a huge disc-shaped object pas 9/17/1981 #37906  
                      Simi Valley, California 8:45 p.m. Six members of a fa 9/18/1981 #37911  
embers of a family in Simi Valley, California, watch a light approach and s 9/18/1981 #37911  
rk Freeway north of Thousand Oaks, California Moorpark Olsen Road interchan 9/18/1981 #37912  
rk Freeway north of Thousand Oaks, California, when they notice three brigh 9/18/1981 #37912  
he SR23 Freeway south of Moorpark, California at 9:15 p.m. when they sighte 9/18/1981 #37913  
     Davies Valley Imperial County California After 12:00 midnight. A man a 11/1982 #38457  
in Davies Valley, Imperial County, California, when they are awakened by a  11/1982 #38457  
36 west of Mineral, Tehama County, California, as it sailed by heading to t 12/10/1982 #38503  
           Happy Camp, CA 4:45 PM. California Highway Patrol officer Harold 3/24/1983 #38591  
n routine patrol near the Northern California border with Oregon when he sp 3/24/1983 #38591  
r a neighborhood in Spring Valley, California at 9:40 a.m. by a 15-year-old 11/1/1983 #38831  
   A witness driving in Riverside, California at 5:30 p.m. had his car buzz 12/20/1983 #38871  
eseda neighborhood of Los Angeles, California A Hispanic male living in the 1984 #38885  
eseda neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, encounters odd lights in his 1984 #38885  
iles north of Mojave, Kern County, California. It was only 100 feet over th 1/9/1984 #38914  
iles north of Mojave, Kern County, California. It was only 100 feet over th 1/9/1984 #38918  
                    Valley Center, California 5:40 a.m. Four witnesses at V 1/27/1984 #38949  
. Four witnesses at Valley Center, California, see five stationary white li 1/27/1984 #38949  
                     Santa Monica, California 8:55 p.m. A driver in Santa M 3/25/1984 #39035  
:55 p.m. A driver in Santa Monica, California, sees a bright red ball of li 3/25/1984 #39035  
down American Canyon Road in Napa, California. (NICAP: 02 - Close Encounter 4/25/1984 #39082  
        American Canyon Road Napa, California 9:55 p.m. Three witnesses dri 4/25/1984 #39085  
merican Canyon Road south of Napa, California, see a huge triangular object 4/25/1984 #39085  
down American Canyon Road in Napa, California. The UFO was first seen at 9: 4/25/1984 #39087  
s car in her driveway in Adelanto, California at 11 o'clock in the morning. 6/22/1984 #39167  
                  North Hollywood, California Albuquerque, New Mexico Kirtl 12/11/1984 #39314  
xico Kirtland AFB North Hollywood, California, film producer Jaime Shandera 12/11/1984 #39314  
ish-white light entered a house in California through the ceiling. Landed o 3/1/1985 #39356  
                 Mendocino County, California Midnight. Biochemist Kary Mul Summer 1985 #39398  
ide his cabin in Mendocino County, California, when he sees a glow next to  Summer 1985 #39398  
  Las Vegas, Nevada Mojave Desert, California 12:05 p.m. British pilot Davi 9/9/1985 #39448  
 Nevada, with the Mojave Desert in California just coming into view, when t 9/9/1985 #39448  
 farm in Roseville, Placer County, California at 8:15 p.m. a 300-foot in di 1/3/1986 #39543  
                           Reseda, California 3:00 a.m. A woman in Reseda,  2/4/1986 #39573  
ornia 3:00 a.m. A woman in Reseda, California, wakes up with a sinus headac 2/4/1986 #39573  
jbect was seen over San Francisco, California. It split into two discs, the 4/6/1986 #39613  
                A nurse in Sonoma, California reported that a white glowing 7/6/1986 #39726  
          Sequoia National Forest, California Area 51 A Lockheed F-117 Nigh 7/11/1986 #39734  
rashes in Sequoia National Forest, California, killing pilot Maj. Ross E. M 7/11/1986 #39734  
cs flew slowly overhead in Bangor, California making a soft high-pitched so 7/30/1986 #39755  
. in Manteca, Contra Costa County, California a large disc-shaped object fl 8/10/1986 #39771  
                                   California Vicki Ecker and Sherie Stark  9/1986 #39803  
Stark launch a newsstand magazine, California UFO, which becomes one of the 9/1986 #39803  
. Later that night in Culver City, California a huge silent manta ray shape 11/21/1986 #39869  
                 East Los Angeles, California Valley in front of his house  2/25/1987 #39918  
s home office in East Los Angeles, California, when his children call him t 2/25/1987 #39918  
lose to his residence in Pasadena, California.                              2/25/1987 #39919  
              Gulf Breeze, Florida California 5:00 p.m. Edward Walters, pre 11/11/1987 #40118  
the case and CUFOS very skeptical. California ufologist and songwriter Zan  11/11/1987 #40118  
                         Pasadena, California Los Angeles County A family i 1/1988 #40181  
amily in the vicinity of Pasadena, California, notices a large, perfectly c 1/1988 #40181  
rds AFB (near), CA Nr Edwards AFB, California, G (NICAP: 09 - RADAR Cases,  3/12/1988 #40297  
ue and West Avenue K in Lancaster, California Sierra Highway 11:15 a.m. Kay 8/3/1988 #40409  
ue and West Avenue K in Lancaster, California, when she sees a shiny object 8/3/1988 #40409  
n Joaquin Valley Fresno Kingsburg, California 9:00 p.m. Many residents of t 10/26/1988 #40494  
alley around Fresno and Kingsburg, California, see a low- flying object wit 10/26/1988 #40494  
d V-shaped objects in Porterville, California. Beginning at 8:00 p.m. witne 10/26/1988 #40495  
fter 9:45 p.m. In Antelope Valley, California two witnesses reported that a 10/26/1988 #40495  
                       Utah Baker, California 5:00 p.m. A truck driver retu 11/11/1988 #40507  
iver returning from Utah to Baker, California, goes through a series of biz 11/11/1988 #40507  
        Norton AFB San Bernardino, California Aviation designer Brad Sorens 11/12/1988 #40509  
w at Norton AFB in San Bernardino, California, and is taken to a huge hanga 11/12/1988 #40509  
 body” at Norton Air Force Base in California. Schratt claims U.S. Senators 11/12/1988 #40510  
ms U.S. Senators Alan Cranston and California Congressman George Brown Jr.  11/12/1988 #40510  
tates Air Force Plant 42 Palmdale, California The Northrup Grumman B-2 stea 11/22/1988 #40514  
es Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, California, where it is assembled. This  11/22/1988 #40514  
               A woman in Redding, California reported six giant beige tria 1/29/1989 #40601  
                           Novato, California 5:30 p.m. A father and his 16 4/15/1989 #40703  
h from their front lawn in Novato, California, a slowly descending object s 4/15/1989 #40703  
 At 5:00 a.m a woman in Hollywood, California was on her way to work when s 5/1/1989 #40729  
 isolated area of Bautista Canyon, California when she saw a luminous 30-fo 5/10/1989 #40739  
loman AFB, New Mexico Edwards AFB, California Milton William Cooper produce 5/23/1989 #40756  
esident Eisenhower at Edwards AFB, California, and signed a formal treaty w 5/23/1989 #40756  
Air Force Facility 42 in Palmdale, California 7:45 p.m. A security guard an 6/4/1989 #40773  
Air Force Facility 42 in Palmdale, California, witness a silver flying obje 6/4/1989 #40773  
Air Force Facility 42 in Palmdale, California witnessed a silver flying obj 6/4/1989 #40774  
               downtown Lancaster, California Early evening. A large, black 11/18/1989 #41033  
ct glides over downtown Lancaster, California. Low-intensity lights, simila 11/18/1989 #41033  
e seen over the city of San Diego, California for about 30 minutes. One UFO 12/8/1989 #41102  
35 tanker aircraft over Lancaster, California. The passage of the UFO appea 5/21/1990 #41379  
ies Lobero Theater, Santa Barbara, California The Center for UFO Studies an 11/3/1990 #41622  
the Lobero Theater, Santa Barbara, California.                              11/3/1990 #41622  
22-year-old man in Citrus Heights, California observed a light gray triangu 3/10/1991 #41805  
       In Ahwahnee, Madera County, California a 53-year-old man spotted noc 4/22/1991 #41844  
                        Lancaster, California - At 11:00 o'clock at night t 5/14/1991 #41857  
                      In Larkspur, California at 11:00 p.m. a 35-year-old m 11/29/1991 #42045  
ly awoke in his bedroom in Malibu, California and found himself unable to m 6/9/1992 #42285  
                   Topanga Canyon, California -- According to the Lost Hill 6/14/1992 #42290  
at same evening in Topanga Canyon, California in the area called Saddlepeak 6/14/1992 #42291  
                                In California a woman named Connie awoke to 6/18/1992 #42293  
          George AFB [now Southern California Logistics Airport], Victorvil 8/5/1992 #42348  
a Logistics Airport], Victorville, California 1:45 p.m. Pilots of United Ai 8/5/1992 #42348  
theast of George AFB [now Southern California Logistics Airport], Victorvil 8/5/1992 #42348  
a Logistics Airport], Victorville, California, when an unusual aircraft com 8/5/1992 #42348  
orge AFB in San Bernardino County, California sighted a 50 foot-long object 8/5/1992 #42349  
ke San Marcos in San Diego County, California. The nocturnal light hovered  10/23/1992 #42486  
t, on US highway 101 near Ventura, California two women were abducted from  11/20/1992 #42518  
               A woman in southern California reported a series of bizarre  1/14/1993 #42592  
rs in Oceanside, San Diego County, California watched an ovoid object appro 1/30/1993 #42617  
s Angeles International Airport in California 6:00 p.m. A passenger on a fl 6/3/1993 #42799  
s Angeles International Airport in California sees a small cloud moving in  6/3/1993 #42799  
 England at 11:45 p.m. In Gridley, California at 4:32 a.m. Pacific Daylight 6/26/1993 #42835  
ported from her bedroom in Merced, California late on this night in a beam  11/8/1993 #43062  
m. a witness driving in Riverside, California reported seeing an object whi 11/26/1993 #43100  
 in Willow Creek, Humboldt County, California reported that a UFO hovered s 12/28/1993 #43131  
     El Mirage Field Mojave Desert California The first flight of a CIA-dev 7/3/1994 #43400  
Mirage Field in the Mojave Desert, California.                              7/3/1994 #43400  
d and Camarillo in Ventura County, California at 10:50 p.m. It then spirale 9/20/1994 #43564  
e desert in Alturas, Modoc County, California at 9:30 p.m.                  12/30/1994 #43713  
 in Joshua Tree National Monument, California at 11:30 a.m. when they notic 3/14/1995 #43890  
0 p.m. in Vista, San Diego County, California an elliptical disc-shaped obj 5/9/1995 #43988  
oman in Duarte, Los Angles County, California reported observing a triangul 5/12/1995 #43994  
passing over houses in Sacramento, California. The houses reportedly shook  7/19/1995 #44107  
rstate 80 highway near Sacramento, California at 8:40 a.m. to watch a silve 8/11/1995 #44170  
other witness awoke in Buena Park, California to briefly see an extremely b 8/15/1995 #44186  
 Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. It moved from east to west,  9/19/1995 #44283  
hovered over a house in Vacaville, California for a minute at 9:00 p.m., at 10/1/1995 #44327  
served maneuvering over Greenwood, California and engaged in what looked li 10/28/1995 #44365  
owly through the sky over Redding, California at 8:00 p.m. It hovered for 7 1/22/1996 #44504  
                   In Joshua Tree, California a disc-shaped object 65 feet  9/21/1996 #44832  
arious law-enforcement agencies in California. Some reports hinted at the p 10/3/1996 #44849  
 four counties made reports to the California Emergency Management Office i 10/3/1996 #44849  
                       Switzerland California Contactee Billy Meier’s ex-wi 1997 #44952  
(verifying the allegations made by California skeptic Kal R. Korff in 1981) 1997 #44952  
 San Diego County Rancho Santa Fe, California 3:30 p.m. The San Diego Count 3/26/1997 #45037  
ide in a house in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Two deputies find 39 bodies  3/26/1997 #45037  
 porch at 12:45 a.m. in La Grange, California the witnesses first thought t 4/18/1997 #45063  
 UFO reportedly landed in Hayward, California at 9:30 p.m.                  6/5/1997 #45110  
                   In Los Angeles, California a woman reported seeing a lar 7/23/1997 #45156  
n a V formation flying over Poway, California at 10:15 p.m.                 9/20/1997 #45208  
                    San Francisco, California The panelists from the Sturro 11/28/1997 #45249  
shop reconvene in a San Francisco, California, hotel to draft a statement o 11/28/1997 #45249  
                        In Oxnard, California at 10:50 p.m. a large cigar-s 12/18/1997 #45265  
f three living near San Francisco, California remembered hearing noises dur 2/6/1998 #45312  
was seen in the sky in Corralitos, California at 9:15 p.m. It had three whi 4/11/1998 #45345  
ockheed Martin) and Alfonso Ruedo (California State University) publish a p 8/1998 #45416  
tin Advanced Technology Center and California State University regarding ze 8/1998 #45416  
                      In San Jose, California two sets of five objects flew 9/26/1998 #45451  
 in Rialto, San Bernardino County, California as it hovered overhead. The c 4/20/1999 #45557  
M University and the University of California. *   https://patentimages.sto 5/17/1999 #45568  
Highland Park, Los Angeles County, California. It then rose vertically very 9/20/1999 #45649  
                       In Haywood, California at shortly after 9:00 p.m. a  10/23/1999 #45663  
       At 2:14 a.m. PDT a woman in California (exact location not disclosed 10/26/1999 #45665  
                       Sacramento, California A sample of “angel hair” is r 11/11/1999 #45677  
covered from a fall in Sacramento, California, and sent to analytical chemi 11/11/1999 #45677  
ight trajectory over Yucca Valley, California. It made a low humming sound  1/2/2000 #45716  
at the same time in Crescent City, California. The witness saw a bright lig 1/18/2000 #45731  
     There were three sightings in California reported on this day. At 11:0 1/23/2000 #45732  
ening in British Columbia, Oregon, California, and Arizona.                 1/28/2000 #45735  
 Farlon Island near San Francisco, California. The man was onboard his 25 f 1/30/2000 #45737  
                         Stockton, California Phoenix, Arizona In a campaig 3/1/2000 #45759  
aign press conference in Stockton, California, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) a 3/1/2000 #45759  
,000 feet altitude in Westchester, California.                              3/30/2000 #45774  
from Denver, Colorado to San Jose, California saw a "circular silvery objec 4/23/2000 #45785  
     At 10:30 p.m. in Paso Robles, California a formation of three small, s 6/30/2000 #45807  
ct hovered over a house in Covina, California at 9:30 p.m. The observers be 7/7/2000 #45812  
 time in nearby Pacific Palisades, California a white glow was reportedly s 7/7/2000 #45812  
                  In Sherman Oaks, California at 9:30 a.m. a white object,  9/19/2000 #45842  
observed for 10 minutes in Canyon, California at 12:01 a.m.                 11/13/2000 #45874  
f San Francisco Bay in Sebastopol, California.                              12/17/2000 #45905  
                     In Oceanside, California a triangular shaped object, 5 1/26/2001 #45933  
        Beale AFB near Marysville, California Cape Cod Air Force Station in 1/31/2001 #45936  
cluding Beale AFB near Marysville, California; Cape Cod Air Force Station i 1/31/2001 #45936  
   https://www.corporationwiki.com/California/La-Crescenta/light-city-techn 4/2001 #45955  
               In San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico a bright light was wi 4/25/2001 #45966  
ames Woodward and Thomas Mahood of California State University, and Paul Ma 6/2001 #45989  
 at about 10:00 p.m. in Floriston, California. It had a bright red strobing 8/16/2001 #46036  
ngle was sighted from I-5 in Weed, California. While driving and looking ou 8/20/2001 #46040  
ximately 1:30 a.m. in Joshua Tree, California. The UFOs were seen zipping a 8/24/2001 #46043  
angle-shaped craft in Studio City, California at 6:45 p.m. The sighting was 11/13/2001 #46076  
 seen in Placentia, Orange County, California at 5:45 p.m. It was actually  12/10/2001 #46086  
 discs were seen In Santa Barbara, California at 9:30 p.m. PST.             1/5/2002 #46105  
rt near Jacumba, San Diego County, California. A warbling sound emanated fr 1/31/2002 #46114  
in Chatsworth, Los Angeles County, California. It was a large, round domed  6/7/2002 #46148  
 in Danville, Contra Costa County, California saw a neon orange glowing sau 9/20/2002 #46202  
ving over Wheeler Springs in Ojai, California. The formation was one degree 9/26/2002 #46209  
                          Southern California Baja California, Mexico Day.  10/10/2002 #46216  
          Southern California Baja California, Mexico Day. A military pilot 10/10/2002 #46216  
ry pilot off the coast of Southern California or Baja California, Mexico, i 10/10/2002 #46216  
ast of Southern California or Baja California, Mexico, is looking down at t 10/10/2002 #46216  
Hacienda Heights, Turnball Canyon, California a huge round orange object wi 11/13/2002 #46239  
        At 7:00 p.m. in San Pedro, California a set of 7-10 flashing red li 11/13/2002 #46240  
       At 1:30 p.m. in Buena Park, California a silver disc was seen hoveri 12/31/2002 #46261  
angular craft flew above San Jose, California at an altitude estimated to b 1/2/2003 #46265  
 flew low overhead in Los Angeles, California.                              1/2/2003 #46265  
 in clear daylight in Chula Vista, California at 2:30 in the afternoon. Tha 1/4/2003 #46267  
er the mountains in Santa Barbara, California and at 10:00 p.m. in Union Ci 1/8/2003 #46273  
a and at 10:00 p.m. in Union City, California a UFO was seen entering a tri 1/8/2003 #46273  
tted a shower of lights in Oxnard, California. The object moved back and fo 1/22/2003 #46278  
ngular craft was seen in Carlsbad, California at 2:00 p.m. for half a minut 3/26/2003 #46305  
 four young women over Northridge, California. They were moving slowly at f 5/7/2003 #46327  
 in Ocean Beach, San Diego County, California noticed a low flying, silent  5/9/2003 #46331  
                                 A California Highway Patrol officer saw a  5/11/2003 #46333  
ng sky over the freeway in Goleta, California at 9:20 a.m. It was circular  5/11/2003 #46333  
g over the beach at Laguna Niguel, California toward the southwest. It soar 5/11/2003 #46333  
               At noon in Anaheim, California cars suddenly stopped because 5/13/2003 #46335  
ted over Yosemite National Park in California; one of the crafts was very l 5/16/2003 #46338  
us stop in Rancho Santa Margarita, California at 11:00 a.m. when they looke 5/16/2003 #46339  
observed crossing I-5 near Fresno, California. A boomerang-shaped UFO was s 5/19/2003 #46343  
haped UFO was spotted over Albany, California at 9:30 p.m.                  5/19/2003 #46343  
owly to the southeast from Lompoc, California. The sighting reportedly last 8/25/2003 #46383  
10:00 p.m. in Calaveras Big Trees, California a ball of light followed witn 9/5/2003 #46393  
          At 6 p.m. from Berkeley, California a huge illuminated object wit 11/23/2003 #46421  
he daytime over San Francisco Bay, California that moved "super fast" and s 12/15/2003 #46431  
         off the coast of southern California TicTac craft witnessed by Fra 2004 #46435  
ersonnel off the coast of southern California                               2004 #46435  
anchored offshore of Santa Monica, California. Those aboard took a photogra 1/3/2004 #46443  
 sky at 10:00 a.m. PST in Hayward, California. It was five feet in diameter 1/4/2004 #46447  
aveling south to north over Yreka, California. it flew at a high altitude,  2/11/2004 #46464  
                      In Torrance, California at 3:03 p.m. a high altitude  6/12/2004 #46512  
 During a power failure in Kerman, California that occurred at 1:20 a.m. Ms 7/26/2004 #46518  
 flying in a circle over Palmdale, California, spinning at fantastic speeds 8/16/2004 #46535  
s were seen and videoed in Sonora, California, moving in various directions 9/9/2004 #46552  
ght many witnesses in Los Angeles, California also saw a triangle UFO that  9/10/2004 #46553  
ject zoomed overhead in Palo Alto, California. It made no noise and pulsate 9/11/2004 #46555  
       Fulton Street San Francisco California Evening. Laura Simmons sees a 9/12/2004 #46556  
ve Fulton Street in San Francisco, California. She describes it as “very la 9/12/2004 #46556  
al Air Weapons Station China Lake, California Day. The crew of a military j 10/27/2004 #46571  
al Air Weapons Station China Lake, California, observes a dark gray, egg-sh 10/27/2004 #46571  
Poway Road and Gate Lane in Poway, California. The object was in sight for  10/30/2004 #46577  
ed UFOs were spotted in Santa Ana, California at 10:50 a.m. moving slowly i 11/5/2004 #46579  
Catalina and San Clemente islands, California Navy Chief Petty Officer Kevi 11/10/2004 #46583  
Catalina and San Clemente islands, California. He is startled by their slow 11/10/2004 #46583  
                                   California coast 9:30 a.m. Navy Commande 11/14/2004 #46586  
ll Douglas F/A-18 Hornets over the California coast on a routine training m 11/14/2004 #46586  
s's apartment building in Gardena, California at around one o'clock in the  11/27/2004 #46594  
the mountains in Rancho Cucamonga, California at 9:16 a.m.; they were shiny 1/22/2005 #46611  
                       In Oakdale, California a glowing orange-colored sphe 4/6/2005 #46625  
 the underneath part, from Lompoc, California to the National UFO Reporting 4/25/2005 #46628  
ean from a boat off Newport Beach, California. The came closer to the boat  8/6/2005 #46661  
                       In Big Sur, California at 2:00 a.m. a witness spotte 9/7/2005 #46672  
horizontally flew over Buena Park, California at 8:01 p.m. It had a red lig 10/8/2005 #46690  
ing lights was sighted over Tracy, California at 10:05 p.m. The sighting la 10/26/2005 #46697  
owing oval-shaped UFO in Martinez, California at 2:30 a.m. according to the 11/15/2005 #46706  
 Barbara freeway in Santa Barbara, California.                              12/15/2005 #46713  
rch was reported over Santa Maria, California at 4:30 p.m. It made erratic  4/27/2006 #46737  
y-Nine Palms USMC military base in California at 9:00 p.m.                  5/7/2006 #46744  
ver San Jacinto, Riverside County, California at 7:30 p.m.                  9/26/2006 #46771  
earth into outer space. In Quincy, California at 10:50 p.m. a tri-colored c 1/30/2007 #46806  
ng down the highway in Sacramento, California at 11:00 a.m. saw a cigar-sha 2/26/2007 #46812  
 in San Pedro, Los Angeles County, California at 3:48 p.m. The bottom of th 2/26/2007 #46812  
out onto his front yard in Irvine, California for a smoke before bed. Norma 4/17/2007 #46822  
ithout acceleration, over Reading, California at 11:08 p.m.                 8/16/2007 #46852  
          Anza Borrego State Park, California. Carl Mandeville (pseudonym)  9/16/2007 #46863  
 unincorporated area of San Diego, California. However, a forest fire in Ju 9/16/2007 #46863  
 between Glendale and Los Angeles, California for 15 minutes.               9/16/2007 #46864  
n passed silently over San Carlos, California at 11:15 p.m. at a very high  9/17/2007 #46865  
m Trabuco Canyon in Mission Viejo, California flying over Orange County tow 9/20/2007 #46868  
 craft that was seen in San Diego, California. It was reported to be larger 11/13/2007 #46899  
 In San Jacinto, Riverside County, California a black, pointed, shadowy obj 12/10/2007 #46905  
  On a nightly walk in Cloverdale, California a witness spotted a disc-shap 2/12/2008 #46924  
shaped craft flew over Long Beach, California. A large cigar-shaped object  2/26/2008 #46928  
s objects, flew over San Fernando, California at 3:30 p.m. At 9:00 p.m. wit 2/26/2008 #46928  
                        In Sonora, California a man saw what he descibed as 4/12/2008 #46932  
 in canyon country, Santa Clarita, California.                              5/9/2008 #46941  
       U.S. citizens near Needles, California report seeing an object crash 5/14/2008 #46943  
oklyn, Michigan and Mountain View, California.                              6/7/2008 #46951  
on a clear sunny day in San Diego, California, when the witness looked out  1/30/2009 #47015  
ts" passed over Sacramento County, California. The witness in Rancho Cordov 2/11/2009 #47017  
            Lagol, Ventura County, California 9:20 p.m. Retired police offi 7/5/2009 #47036  
nch home in Lagol, Ventura County, California. They notice seven bright blu 7/5/2009 #47036  
nd hovered over a house in Mather, California. It vibrated and zipped aroun 9/11/2009 #47051  
above an ocean beach in San Diego, California. They moved north, and then s 9/11/2009 #47051  
e from Rubidoux, Riverside County, California was reported to the National  11/8/2009 #47061  
               A witness in Tracy, California reported seeing a red and blu 11/24/2009 #47062  
n U.S. Highway 101 S. near Nipomo, California in San Luis Obispo County at  4/17/2010 #47081  
back and forth over the Livermore, California hills at 12:00 hours. Peter D 5/12/2010 #47088  
site on Berry Creek, Butte County, California viewed one cigar-shaped craft 7/15/2010 #47094  
in Silverlake, Los Angeles County, California. At 11:00 a.m. a disc-shaped  8/30/2010 #47102  
gineering Corporation, and led the California branch of the Thelemite Ordo  3/31/2011 #47131  
                          Northern California Oregon Portland, Oregon The F 10/25/2017 #47296  
t around 35,000 feet over Northern California towards Oregon. In an effort  10/25/2017 #47296  
                     University of California, Berkeley University of Linco 1/4/2019 #47366  
der L. Stubbs of the University of California, Berkeley, and Fernando Monte 1/4/2019 #47366  
estern tip of San Clemente Island, California 10:00 p.m. Two unmanned aeria 7/14/2019 #47406  
estern tip of San Clemente Island, California. The ship immediately activat 7/14/2019 #47406  
    San Clemente Island San Diego, California Carnival Imagination 8:39 p.m 7/15/2019 #47407  
San Clemente Island and San Diego, California, and by 9:00 p.m. the USS Kid 7/15/2019 #47407  
              San Clemente Island, California 7:56–10:39 p.m. The Navy dest 7/17/2019 #47409  
 southwest of San Clemente Island, California, when it spots a UAS (unmanne 7/17/2019 #47409  
                          Southern California 2:15 am. The USS Kidd reports 7/30/2019 #47414  
 Navy ships operating off Southern California. These events seem to have sp 7/30/2019 #47414  
s Angeles International Airport in California 6:45 p.m. An American Airline 8/29/2020 #47476  
s Angeles International Airport in California. About 10 minutes later, a Je 8/29/2020 #47476  
Los Angeles International Airport, California 1:45 p.m. A China Airlines cr 10/14/2020 #47479  
Los Angeles International Airport, California. The air traffic controller a 10/14/2020 #47479  
rsity System and the University of California.  https://documents2.theblack 6/25/2021 #47516  
 Century City area of Los Angeles, California 4:03 p.m. One adult and two c 9/15/2021 #47531  
 Century City area of Los Angeles, California. After watching it for a few  9/15/2021 #47531  
 Islands off the coast of Southern California, controlled by a group of ext 10/20/2022 #47611  
 tectonic plate movements near the California coast. The council of those E 10/20/2022 #47611  

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                                   California's Imperial Valley There were  1905 #1273  

Word: "california--100", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ilently. At 8:45 p.m. in Stockton, California--100 years to the night after 11/23/1996 #44916  

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                                   CALIG / CERVERA, SP 3 observer(s). White 10/24/1968 #26156  

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                                   CALIGNAIA, ITL 3 men / bridge. Dog barks 8/12/1976 #33010  
                                   Calignaia, Tuscany, Italy was visited by 8/12/1976 #33011  

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                                   CALINGASTA AND TAMBERIAS, ARG White sphe 12/12/1972 #28751  

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                                   CALISTOGA, CA Businessman. 2 brilliant w 7/31/1957 #15321  
                                   Calistoga, CA Businessman watched two er 7/31/1957 #15322  

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Witnesses: T/Sgt. Walstead, S/Sgt. Calkins of the 635th AC&W Squadron. One  7/28/1952 #8513  

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ins complains to the San Francisco Call that another newspaper, the San Fra 11/22/1896 #849  
er the grip of what press accounts call “aerialitis.”                       7/1909 #1403  
wa River. Responding to a distress call, he found a blond-haired, blue-eyed 1920 #1687  
o his family in a letter and phone call. Walter N. Webb reports on his inve Early 10/1941 #2119  
olingen, Germany, report what they call “scarecrow” dummy airplanes that ex 11/4/1944 #2500  
strenuously denies having made the call. Although the incident appears to b 1946 #2801  
it in Yakima at 4:00 p.m. and they call ahead to Pendleton, Oregon, to aler 6/24/1947 #3289  
ell Army Air Field, had received a call from Brigadier General Martin F. Sc 7/1/1947 #3399  
h Dan Dwyer on it, responds to the call. The site is about 35–40 miles nort 7/5/1947 #3621  
   United Press reports on a phone call to Einstein: “absolutely no comment 7/8/1947 #3854  
Information Officer and received a call from Col. William Blanchard who sai 7/8/1947 #3933  
rmy Air Field and received a phone call from Gen. Clements McMullen of Stra 7/8/1947 #3935  
r Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Another call to Hix comes from state police at a 1/7/1948 #4475  
 on his head. She dashes inside to call a friend, then runs outside again i 4/1950 #5805  
an AFB, New Mexico, when he gets a call that a UFO has been reported by one 7/1950 #6073  
nicate with them. The space people call earth “Saras.” Nah-9 says that the  8/2/1952 #8713  
r category, but Jacoby declined to call it more than a "light" for fear he  8/14/1952 #8897  
go Filter Center, who tells him to call again when the light settles down.  8/21/1952 #8996  
N, OH Several separate observer(s) call papers. 10m saucer up close. Landin 8/28/1952 #9086  
ding next to it. He tells Solem to call him “Paul 2.” He says he is from Ve Fall 1952 #9349  
UNNYBROOK, MD Boy calls cops. Cops call USAF. 3 orange UFO's hover. Seen to 10/13/1952 #9465  
lliamson and Bailey ask Adamski to call them before he attempts his next co 11/4/1952 #9587  
about this the same day in a phone call to Ruppelt.                         12/9/1952 #9745  
arly January 1953 (he confirms the call by teletype December 23).           12/22/1952 #9788  
son Panel findings, he proposes to call the project “inactive” and devote o 5/1953 #10216  
he was given a telephone number to call when the report was complete and it 5/21/1953 #10265  
 of consequences following a phone call he made in January 1982.  https://w 4/12/1954 #11075  
ooted to the spot and is unable to call for help. The anxiety dissipates, a 11/2/1954 #12957  
 rooted to the ground. He tried to call for help but no sound would come fr 11/2/1954 #12959  
edly the pilot cuts in his mike to call the Barquisimeto radio station. Aft 2/2/1955 #13392  
eer Jr and copilot Lt. Paul Daily, call sign Archie 29, and pilot Lt. Rober 7/5/1955 #13666  
ck and copilot Lt. David Cueldner, call sign Archie 91, are flying Boeing K 7/5/1955 #13666  
nsville in a car to respond to the call and sees several meteor- like objec 8/21/1955 #13815  
e managed to drive to his home and call for aid. Six weeks later, a New Jer 10/2/1956 #14703  
ted. Later he received a telephone call, “in an unearthly voice,” which rep 11/28/1956 #14811  
of about 20 beds, which the nurses call “The Zombie Room.” His “psychic dri 2/1957 #14932  
er to photograph anything, so they call it in, begin readying the scope, lo 5/2/1957 #15095  
 above ground. The witness went to call his family; the object had vanished 11/6/1957 #15887  
glowing coals. The witness went to call his family, but the object had vani 11/6/1957 #15909  
following week, but they decide to call no more witnesses at the suggestion 8/8/1958 #16677  
 Towson, Maryland, to make a phone call to the Ground Observer Corps and th 10/26/1958 #16879  
to take a look. He also puts out a call to nearby aircraft, and five other  2/24/1959 #17106  
igate possible plane crash. Please call law enforcement officers." A short  2/28/1959 #17126  
d, in a phenomenon the technicians call “instant taxidermy.” Oak trees turn 6/1959 #17261  
into the sagebrush. Area 51 pilots call it “The Hook.” For crosswind landin 10/1960 #17993  
e County Sheriff responds to their call, but he can’t see much due to swell 10/14/1961 #18434  
f the sun. They stopped the car to call Dauphin Island AFS radar site (693r 2/19/1962 #18578  
rcraft, Bun and the other deputies call off the search. The object seems to 4/18/1962 #18646  
ight approaching the airport. They call the airport manager, Luís Harvey, w 8/2/1962 #18846  
 Dobrynin and agrees after a phone call to the president that the removal o 10/26/1962 #19029  
n Model 1700 radar system with the call sign K12XBJ.                        1964 #19638  
t. The next morning, Holder gets a call from a colonel at the war room of t 4/24/1964 #19736  
 2,300° F. They return to town and call the state police, who notify the mi 4/25/1964? #19741  
 local publicity, Templeton gets a call from someone describing himself as  5/24/1964 #19835  
 in Roswell, New Mexico. He gets a call from an adjacent missile silo aroun Late 1964 #20122  
s commander Maj. Dan Gilbert got a call from 579 Site 6 or Site 8, south-so Late 1964 #20123  
 Trevor Foss responds to his son’s call to watch a light in the northern sk 11/9/1964 #20150  
 first. Huffer heard his companion call out to him, and when Huffer entered 1/26/1965 #20317  
lights over Dexter, Michigan. They call in a report that sets off a two-and 3/14/1966 #21524  
 Rep. Gerald Ford (R-Mich.) issued call for UFO hearings.                   3/28/1966 #21673  
ld Ford, congratulating him on his call for a congressional investigation,  4/6/1966 #21817  
n 10:45 p.m. On hearing a listener call in a live UFO sighting on WMEX radi 4/23/1966 #21950  
for Missouri. After receiving that call, Joplin’s Lt. Charles Hickman drive 1/13/1967 #22862  
rce jets approach in response to a call from the base, and the UFO’s lights 1/26/1967 #22963  
iately went back into the house to call his wife, but when the three of the 2/5/1967 #23027  
eighbor’s house. When she tries to call the neighbors, all she gets is a bu 5/1967 #23825  
dly tracked the object. (Telephone call report from Frank Edwards, 5/18/67, 5/15/1967 #23914  
an, the newspaper received a phone call stating, "Attention, it will begin  6/21/1967 #24099  
 again before disappearing. (Phone call from witness, 7/20/67, NICAP files. 6/25/1967 #24124  
 the observer or person making the call,” including “reports of sightings o 6/28/1967 #24138  
FO information and it was the last call made. The visitor’s ID allegedly sa 7/3/1967 #24174  
e center (body lights). (Telephone call 7/7/67, notes in NICAP files.) (NIC 7/6/1967 #24189  
sappeared after 10 minutes. (Phone call to NICAP) (NICAP: 01 - Distant Enco 7/17/1967 #24247  
    At around 1:00 a.m. a distress call came from a private pilot flying be 7/27/1967 #24313  
 eluded him over Lake Erie. (Phone call to NICAP from Walter Stroud, Toledo 8/29/1967 #24521  
 as it lands. When project members call Edwards, they get a runaround. Afte 9/1/1967? #24548  
 out of sight behind trees. (Phone call from witness, 9/12/67, NICAP files. 9/11/1967 #24613  
rection from the first two. (Phone call from witness's father, 9/15/67, NIC 9/14/1967 #24628  
erinary surgeon, and he and Farlow call the police from a nearby call box.  11/6/1967 #24987  
rlow call the police from a nearby call box. The witnesses note that there  11/6/1967 #24987  
been completely resurfaced and the call box has been repainted.             11/6/1967 #24987  
white lights (body lights). (Phone call, NICAP file memo.) (NICAP: 01 - Dis 12/1/1967 #25103  
 a pale red. Lt. Germonde took the call. Minutes later other witnesses repo 6/14/1968 #25607  
h weirder. Lt. Germonde received a call from a bar-restaurant owner reporti 6/14/1968 #25607  
isme, Posadas pleads that “We must call upon beings from other planets when 6/26/1968 #25657  
 overcome misery. We must launch a call on them to use their resources to h 6/26/1968 #25657  
 flying object or UFO. Some people call them spaceships, and if the people  7/22/1968 #25776  
her houses, and I couldn't move or call out to Mummy...and after that...I d 8/4/1968 #25870  
he others. Lights pulsated. (Phone call to NICAP) (NICAP: 11 - Aviation Cas 9/30/1968 #26098  
enough to the group for Mr. Vas to call out in alarm. The "spaceman" showed 1/14/1969 #26415  
 not move to re-enter the house or call out. An "enormous object" landed be 5/20/1969 #26724  
ing in his squad car when he got a call to assist personnel at the Port Aut 6/20/1969 #26803  
ng effect on her, and she tried to call out to her husband but could not sa 8/11/1971 #27858  
 (police) station received a phone call at 2:30 a.m. that an unidentified o 8/16/1971 #27865  
now becomes frightened and runs to call his mother. As he goes in the house 3/19/1972 #28195  
come from a planet that you people call a satellite." He also said that his 5/16/1973 #29085  
ness, she was nevertheless able to call out for help to her neighbor, but t 5/27/1973 #29124  
ain returned and she was forced to call her neighbor again. Her physiologic 5/27/1973 #29124  
ks away, but it is closed. So they call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office 10/11/1973 #29597  
                    GREENFIELD, OH Call to police. UFO lands / farm. Cow mi 10/14/1973 #29621  
ffrey Greenhaw responds to a phone call about a UFO on the outskirts of tow 10/17/1973 #29733  
e in response to the burglar alarm call and also saw the lights from the cr 12/6/1973 #30137  
le sections. After 10 minutes they call the police and the object disappear 1/24/1974 #30304  
, they flag down a passing car and call for a tow truck. When the tow truck 2/14/1974 #30375  
t Parkersburg, Illinois, took this call and relayed the information to CUFO 5/23/1974 #30730  
de of the camper wall. He tried to call out to his wife and children but wa 5/26/1974 #30738  
sychic Ingo Swann receives a phone call from a friend in a government agenc 2/1975 #31393  
 his radio was dead so he couldn’t call for help. The bright beam from the  8/13/1975 #31914  
ithin a short time, they receive a call from the pilot of a military airpla 8/20/1975 #31952  
roach to Jerez, when he receives a call from the Seville air traffic center 9/1975? #32000  
n officer Ragazzo received a radio call from Gross informing him of five "s 10/4/1975 #32122  
3:00 a.m. Suffern receives a phone call from a “Lt. Colin Hunter” from the  10/7/1975 #32132  
White House and leaves a number to call him back. He calls the number later 10/7/1975 #32132  
man, had a helicopter. But a phone call to Bockman was answered by him; he  10/7/1975 #32136  
 I called my wife and asked her to call Bockman to look at it." Bockman was 10/7/1975 #32136  
er near Limestone, Maine, when the call from the Command Post comes in. He  10/27/1975 #32218  
esume is a helicopter. They make a call to local flight services for possib 10/27/1975 #32218  
ice constables came on a follow up call by six nurses at the Pioneer Manor  11/11/1975 #32348  
County sheriff's office received a call reporting a UFO being observed by t 2/19/1976 #32632  
orstep in Cheshire, Connecticut to call in the children. When she looked up 3/5/1976 #32676  
    CHARLESTON, IL 200+observer(s) call WEIC disk-jockey. Flying-boxcar bac 8/19/1976 #33031  
sand feet in the air. Some of them call the nearby Mehrabad Airport, reachi 9/18/1976 #33148  
ngland took an emergency telephone call. The caller said that some strange  5/3/1977 #33815  
can States General Assembly with a call for a n international investigation 6/14/1977 #33925  
r Limestone, Maine, when he gets a call from a sergeant at Entry Control ab Summer 1977 #33943  
sed by lights in the sky that they call “Chupa Chupa” (literally “sucker-su 7/1977 #33982  
berland, England, are alerted by a call from a civilian who is watching two 7/30/1977 #34086  
ng it in view, they drive home and call the police. The woman sees the UFO  8/11/1977 #34147  
oves into trees to the north. They call police, but every time one visits t 10/29/1977 #34395  
vestigator, got an anonymous phone call reporting a UFO landing. He drove t 11/29/1977 #34472  
s a round circle in the snow. They call the police, who find a melted hole  2/2/1978 #34712  
ichigan Avenue in Wayne, Michigan, call in to say that 5 minutes earlier th 2/10/1978 #34731  
llinois Chicago Night. Ten persons call the Aurora, Illinois, police depart 4/29/1978 #34945  
ting craft. He tells his sons, who call to other neighbors, and together th 5/10/1978 #34962  
tional Forest, Florida, receives a call from Rocky Morgan reporting an oblo 5/14/1978 #34976  
      Jacques Vallée writes that a call from someone at McDonnell-Douglas t 6/8/1978 #35029  
, Coast Guard station gets a phone call from a man whose daughter and boyfr 7/28/1978 #35202  
o police officers respond to their call and watch the UFO as well, which fi 12/31/1978 #36019  
west over Sycamore, Illinois. They call the police, and Deputy Berna Van Vl 8/29/1979 #36583  
l d’Oise, France 5:00 a.m. A phone call to police in Pontoise, Val d’Oise,  11/26/1979 #36796  
           North Area, IL We had a call from the sheriff's department at 11 12/29/1979 #36883  
                   Doty receives a call from former astronaut Sen. Harrison 11/26/1980 #37456  
ange rarely approached the area. A call was immediately placed to Palmdale' 12/18/1980 #37507  
). 4-day wave / night lights. Cops call "UFO center in Washington DC".      3/16/1982 #38181  
30 p.m. A police officer answers a call at a location southeast of Danbury, 7/12/1983 #38699  
morning Debbie Tomey heard a voice call her in her bedroom at her home in s 10/3/1983 #38786  
nd loses control, makes a distress call, and is killed while ejecting. The  4/26/1984 #39092  
s toward the ground. The witnesses call the police at 10:22 p.m. A team of  4/26/1984 #39093  
t could be seen. He went inside to call his two neighbors to come back and  5/19/1984 #39126  
m. By the time the security police call Camp Smith, a National Guard base 1 7/24/1984 #39204  
 Alcir Pereira da Silva receives a call from CINDACTA in Brasilia asking th 5/19/1986 #39675  
trol facilities in the same sector call in to report the lights. Soon five  Fall 1986 #39830  
esearcher Jenny Randles receives a call from a British military man who ref 10/28/1986 #39851  
object move to the southwest. They call the FAA Center in Aurora, Illinois, 1/15/1987 #39894  
les, California, when his children call him to see a “flying saucer.” Looki 2/25/1987 #39918  
                      SAVOONGA, AK Call going [to] National Guard. 1 observ 3/17/1987 #39942  
akes contact, and later receives a call from EG&G, a high-tech company with 11/28/1988 #40520  
le breathing, and tried in vain to call out for help but could not scream.  2/18/1990 #41218  
g, after they were called out on a call from residents of Atlixco, Mexico b 7/7/1991 #41910  
t the alarms. Then he gets another call for a different site with the same  9/1991 #41974  
 Control Facility, he gets another call, and the team can see a blue, pulsa 9/1991 #41974  
roperty; the next morning he got a call from someone in the offices of Sen. 12/30/1991 #42067  
between an AWACS aircraft with the call sign Dragnet 51 from Tinker AFB, Ok 3/23/1992 #42193  
and two unknown aircraft using the call signs Darkstar November and Darksta 3/23/1992 #42193  
ymore." Shortly afterwards another call was received by the Sheriff's offic 6/14/1992 #42290  
her, but she was unable to move or call out. The being moved back and disap 2/1/1993 #42627  
orts, and local police. The police call ahead to alert the meteorological o 3/31/1993 #42710  
gency Agency supervisor received a call regarding a triangular ship in the  1/30/1995 #43797  
r night sky. Various color(s). 911 call. No further details.                3/23/1995 #43910  
Brazil, fire department receives a call from someone who asks them to inves 1/20/1996 #44490  
k it is a devil. They run home and call their mother, Luzia Helena da Silva 1/20/1996 #44492  
ted walking back into the house to call additional witnesses, she was confr 5/19/1996 #44702  
 unable to use his mobile phone to call for help. He stops and gets out of  1/27/1997 #44975  
aks to more than 700 witnesses who call her office, including police office 3/13/1997 #45026  
ounty Sheriff’s Office takes a 911 call from a man later identified as Rich 3/26/1997 #45037  
ation. The article underscored the call for transparency and accountability 4/2/1997 #45046  
fficers responding to an emergency call in Daniec, Poland, see two bright s 6/1997 #45104  
fologist Luis Sanchez Perry, "They call the UFOs robones (thieves) because  5/16/1998 #45366  
gentina at 11:00 p.m. when a radio call alerted him that police in neighbor 7/21/2002 #46162  
surface of the ice. The men try to call the local sheriff, but their cellph 1/31/2005 #46612  
20 minutes when they heard a voice call out from within the craft. They cou 6/14/2005 #46649  
of them next tried to make a phone call to a neighbor, but the phone was no 1/30/2006 #46723  
                        In a phone call now in the PUBLIC DOMAIN between NA 7/7/2007 #46841  
 watering of his eyes; he tried to call his wife on his cell phone, but it  9/14/2009 #47053  
al input calling. He kept getting "call failed", which had never happened b 9/14/2009 #47053  
                                 A call log from the Fergus County Sherriff 9/19/2012 #47162  
, the numbers of both parties on a call, as well as the location data, uniq 6/5/2013 #47179  
 data, unique identifiers, time of call, and duration of call are handed ov 6/5/2013 #47179  
ers, time of call, and duration of call are handed over to the FBI, which t 6/5/2013 #47179  
ims he received an anonymous phone call that told him not to talk about the 1/30/2015 #47238  
 blocked; he searched it after the call and it came up as a number associat 1/30/2015 #47238  
e company and manage it as what we call an “IRAD” or “Independent Research  5/9/2016 #47261  
SS Rafael Peralta receives a radio call from a passing cruise ship, the Car 7/15/2019 #47407  
ph, faster than any drone. A close call with a drone and a Flight for Life  1/8/2020 #47440  

Word: "call-in", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ecticut, where they took part in a call-in TV show about the Hudson Valley  3/21/1985 #39364  

Word: "callahan", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

cques Vallée, aviation expert John Callahan, and physicist Peter Sturrock.  11/8/2002 #46236  

Word: "callair", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nessman Kenneth Arnold, flying his CallAir Model A-2 from Chehalis to Yakim 6/24/1947 #3289  

Word: "callao", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   CALLAO, PERU 20+college. Luminous/glowin 8/24/1965 #21012  
                                   Callao, Peru A red object shaped like a  8/25/1965 #21017  
it allegedly landed on the roof in Callao, Peru. Faculty and students at th 8/25/1965 #21019  
ge Chávez International Airport in Callao 6:30 p.m. Capt. Oswaldo Sanvitti  2/2/1967 #23006  
ge Chávez International Airport in Callao.                                  2/2/1967 #23006  

Word: "callaway", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 this day on the Robertson farm in Callaway, Nebraska a dead mutilated cow  3/31/1974 #30580  

Word: "calle", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                                   Calle Bella Vista Petare Caracas Venezue 11/28/1954 #13143  
es are driving a panel truck along Calle Bella Vista in Petare, Caracas, Ve 11/28/1954 #13143  
                Mendoza, Argentina Calle Neuquén 3:42 a.m. Juan Carlos Pecc 9/1/1968 #25994  
sino in Mendoza, Argentina. On the Calle Neuquén, their car stops and the l 9/1/1968 #25994  
ranger in the bar at the corner of Calle Alsina and Calle Pringles, in Tres 11/28/1972 #28729  
 at the corner of Calle Alsina and Calle Pringles, in Tres Arroyos. Their d 11/28/1972 #28729  
               Sr. Eduardo Ignacio Calle was driving on the higway in his F 5/14/1973 #29075  

Word: "called", 376 instance(s) (Back to Top)

as the notion of a “certain region called Magonia, from which ships, naviga 812 #36  
was the popular belief in a region called "MAGONIA" from where ships would  815 #39  
esitated to confirm it as land. He called upon Pero Gutierrez and Rodrigo S 10/11/1492 #161  
. Initially not too frightened, he called out to the figure and demanded it 11/10/1660 #286  
hapel. Seeking confirmation, Carre called his wife to observe, and she also Late 7/1663 #299  
ming the aircraft used a substance called "supe" or "NB" with anti-gravity  1850's #579  
ossible larger secret organization called NYMZA. (Chapter 1, Ref 78)        1850's #579  
            Scutari, Albania (then called Uskudar, a part of Ottoman Turkey 11/2/1885 #762  
uickly northwest / great altitude. Called Great Airship.. .                 11/26/1896 #864  
ith a British accent. The craft is called the Aeribarque, and they are on a 4/21/1897? #1119  
hts. The lawmen took their rifles, called the strangers, and were told that 5/6/1897 #1177  
hts. The lawmen took their rifles, called the strangers, and were told that 5/6/1897 #1179  
 large base on the Ross Ice Shelf, called Little America. This was the firs 10/1928 #1800  
ARY Flaming cartwheel seen / days. Called ball-lightning. WSW / Baja.       8/18/1940 (approximate) #2088  
ingfield, that her grandfather was called out to give last rights to some c Spring 1941 #2104  
eter, had a dome with windows. She called her husband and son to join her.  1943 #2241  
ner comic strip, which has a place called “Skonk Works” where a strong beve 7/1943 #2289  
ce of white flares dropped in air; called foo fighters. (Page 145-146 Ref.1 3/9/1945 #2642  
hausts from a Japanese development called a Baka Bomb, but exhaust flames c 7/1945 #2719  
am, both foreign and domestic, now called Project SHAMROCK. No courts, no w 8/1945 #2746  
entary about the operation. It was called The Secret Land and won an Academ 1946 #2794  
 onto a lane when they reach a pub called The White Dog. Amid great securit 1946 #2801  
o find the farm. They locate a pub called The White Hart and a farmer named 1946 #2801  
 Soviets establish a rocket center called NII-88 [now TsNIIMash] at Kalinin 5/13/1946 #2845  
iets have developed guided rockets called V-3 and V-4 that are able to fly  8/6/1946 #2972  
th the occupants and the object is called the Kareeta.                      10/9/1946 #3071  
ighting has caused. A preacher has called him from Texas to say that the fl 6/27/1947 #3323  
al man named Larry Campbell (later called Jack Armstrong or Cactus Jack) al 7/5/1947 #3623  
r over the horizon. Both witnesses called the police.                       7/5/1947 #3633  
er officer, Maj. Irving Newton, is called in to identify the debris as from 7/8/1947 #3929  
her Charles in the late 1960s, who called Crisman a “smooth-talking con art 8/7/1947 #4221  
 whether or not the reports of so- called flying disks in the Tacoma area o 8/8/1947 #4223  
y and he glanced up to see what he called the flying disc. This strange obj 8/13/1947 #4239  
                    The final EEI, called “Analysis of Flying Disc Reports, 12/22/1947 #4434  
 An airman stationed in Arizona is called out with a scientific team to exa 1948 #4450  
ar object appeared and Rev. Eberly called Robert Downs of the Times-Record  5/26/1948 #4596  
theast. Captain Slater in the F-80 called the Racecard DF Radar Station whi 11/23/1948 #4843  
102-122-79, to Cabell. It is later called “The Ghost of the Estimate” by so 12/20/1948 #4889  
acticing in Bishop CA in 1949, was called on by a member of a special milit 1949 #4896  
eastern Washington in an operation called Green Run. The radioisotopes are  12/2/1949 #5418  
           US This period has been called the "Dark Ages" of UFO investigat 1950 #5448  
th experience in radar technology, called the local FBI agent, Mr. Robey, t 3/1/1950 #5572  
"conning tower." When his daughter called to him it apparently alarmed the  6/17/1950 #6026  
lysis. A week or so later they are called in and questioned by a young firs 7/1950 #6073  
d. He later refers to a real group called MJ-12 and admits attending meetin 8/1950 #6133  
 to gather quality UFO data. It is called Project Magnet.                   12/2/1950 #6375  
gs, and a Lt. Col. from ATIC, were called to Washington to brief a General  9/15/1951 #6780  
ying saucer directly above him. He called the airport and asked if there wa 12/7/1951 #6939  
cer sighted over Rio Wednesday and called them the best he had ever seen of 5/10/1952 #7479  
eeded to the nearest telephone and called the C.A.A. to report the unidenti 6/21/1952 #7771  
lar wing aircraft, and it flew. We called it the "flying doughnut". There i 7/6/1952 #7934  
apt. Edward J. Ruppelt says he was called out to see it over Wright- Patter 7/23/1952 #8322  
 decided to visit a nearby hilltop called Mormon Mesa because he heard it w 7/27/1952 #8465  
e Air Route Traffic Control Center called in jet fighter planes from Newcas 7/28/1952 #8478  
r name is Aura Rhanes. Her ship is called a “scow,” and her crew is from th 7/28/1952 #8514  
-shaped object high in the sky and called its attention to other NCOs prese 8/5/1952 #8752  
 silver and then back to red. They called the police who gave them a Sycamo 8/6/1952 #8782  
-Telegram runs a daily comic strip called Twin Earths. It deals with a plan 8/7/1952 #8802  
feld Jr. on his father's farm were called to the attention of the family an 8/14/1952 #8898  
idway Airport Tower supervisor has called them at 2:50 a.m., saying there a 9/2/1952 #9157  
remembers being “trapped in a box” called a Skinner box and given a “forced 10/1952 #9415  
tablished the MJ-12 group in 1947. Called Majestic-12, the group supposedly 11/18/1952 #9635  
                        At a place called "La Butte" on Belle-Ile, France a 11/21/1952 #9658  
h] and claims that early UFOs were called vimanas in Sanskrit epics like th 9/1953 #10506  
ng men dressed in black suits have called on him, told him the answer to th 9/28/1953 #10562  
 U.S. Army and U.S. Navy proposal, called Project Orbiter, to put a scienti 1954 #10797  
nous object slowly coming down and called the control tower to report it. W 1/4/1954 #10830  
nous object slowly coming down and called the control tower to report it. W 1/4/1954 #10832  
ce at 9:00 p.m. He went inside and called the control tower to report it. W 1/5/1954 #10839  
of the lake in all directions. She called in another tenant of the building 4/8/1954 #11068  
szak, who also saw the object. She called the Coast Guard to report it. The 4/8/1954 #11068  
neighborhood drug store and he was called and warned of consequences follow 4/12/1954 #11075  
 sightings of the radar target are called in to sheriff’s offices and news  6/21/1954 #11322  
t sight of it, would be glad to be called upon to verify saucer light. Pilo 8/12/1954 #11540  
. It quickly left when the witness called to his wife.                      10/5/1954 #12152  
 an object land in the village. He called his neighbors, and they observed  10/7/1954 #12204  
France shortly before midnight. He called his neighbors, and they observed  10/7/1954 #12218  
n is very similar to the substance called angel hair which has been seen st 10/14/1954 #12459  
inous disc hovering in the sky and called to her family. When everyone saw  10/23/1954 #12766  
ching his flock on a mountain peak called “Moumboa”, located at about 800 m 10/24/1954 #12787  
or, she regained self-control when called by her niece and withdrew from th 10/27/1954 #12867  
s able to regain self-control when called by her niece and withdrew from th 10/27/1954 #12874  
Rubinos Ramos is driving at a spot called Curva del Obispo 42 kilometers fr 11/1/1954 #12939  
ng rabbits near an unfindable town called Carera along the Transandean High 12/9/1954 #13209  
estruction. The cataclysm has been called off: “The little group, sitting a 12/20/1954 #13271  
opher of the space people,” who is called “the Master.” Adamski says he and 1955 #13318  
ked in a secret Douglas think tank called Advanced Design, tasked with help 3/1/1955 #13451  
in that the pilot of the Archie 29 called direction changes of the UFO to g 7/12/1955 #13681  
at night. A man from Cheviot, Ohio called Donna Meiers to tell her that he  8/26/1955 #13842  
 musical “pings.” Some adults were called to come see it, but they saw noth 8/29/1955 #13846  
xcellent to poor. For a case to be called identified, two analysts must ind 10/25/1955 #13952  
ee on a solution; for a case to be called unidentified, all four analysts m 10/25/1955 #13952  
e publisher of a mimeographed zine called The Little Listening Post, which  Spring 1956 #14199  
ed target return on the screen, he called fellow employees. Six of his coll 11/8/1956 #14763  
ave all sorts of trouble"; witness called out-doors in time to see red disc 1957 #14877  
ave all sorts of trouble"; witness called out-doors in time to see red disc 4/1957 #15026  
 support, and an amphibian tractor called the LVTP5. Despite the AEC’s assu 7/5/1957 #15231  
ark] in an area northeast of Cuzco called Cadena del Pantiacolla.           7/10/1957 #15240  
5 p.m. A national defense alert is called when the first of two or three su 9/20/1957 #15482  
rs toward Russia, but the alert is called off when the UFOs disappear. NORA 9/20/1957 #15482  
N TV interference (audio); viewers called out by neighbors to see UFO (NICA 11/4/1957 #15744  
s an inquiry into UFOs. Ruppelt is called to give testimony.                Mid 11/1957 #16041  
Lusar claims. Vesco states a craft called the “Feuerball” developed in Ober 1958 #16274  
d to build it a working spacecraft called the OTC-X1—circular, 45 feet in d 2/3/1958 #16358  
s a round metallic looking object (called a “Flying Saucer” by the guard).  5/1958 #16497  
ce station 2,000 miles in diameter called Trijanon. Other people tell their 6/28/1958 #16616  
lders visits a New York City group called the Bureau of UFO Research and An Early 12/1958 #16964  
aliens represented an organization called the "Universal Association of Pla 7/9/1959 #17336  
ed the object, and the police were called. The dense underbrush prevented i 8/13/1959 #17419  
o craft land on a hill near a farm called Capin Acu, near the ocean in Para 5/13/1960 #17790  
two craft land on hill near a farm called Capin Acu. He went near them and  5/14/1960 #17792  
two craft land on hill near a farm called Capin Acu in Paracuru, Brazil. He 5/14/1960 #17794  
mous interstellar space probe (now called a “Bracewell probe”) sent for the 5/28/1960 #17820  
nda and Astrogildo de Medeiros are called to the scene of a sighting on the 6/5/1961 #18245  
 and climbed aboard. The fishermen called out but the figures ignored them, 8/1/1962 #18842  
touched the water. Another witness called police. The luminous object took  9/15/1962 #18930  
touched the water. Another witness called the police. The luminous object t 9/15/1962 #18934  
 by a civilian man. Several people called authorities to report that they h 2/21/1963 #19207  
ned that a tiny, pencil-sized part called a pilot tube, a device that contr 5/24/1963 #19296  
Victoria, AU TV difficulty, viewer called outside to see UFO. Object hovere 9/20/1963 #19484  
eating them for what will later be called PTSD.                             1/4/1964 #19645  
for air speed by a secret aircraft called the A-11—a fictitious name for th 2/29/1964 #19676  
ent, within which is a secretariat called S4 (Air) that deals with, among o 4/1/1964 #19689  
ovoid landed. Photo reconnaissance called. / r214p117.                      4/30/1964 #19760  
 p.m. Citizens and police officers called to the scene, witnessed a UFO. Th 5/17/1964 #19813  
indentations. The US Air Force was called and performed a perfunctory, slop 9/4/1964 #20073  
ver his house at treetop level. He called the police, who also reported see 9/15/1964 #20094  
nroute to Port Moresby, New Guinea called Townsville Air Traffic Control at 5/28/1965 #20522  
D. Armstrong, a former airman, was called outside by his sons and saw a sph 6/2/1965 #20532  
D. Armstrong, a former airman, was called outside by his sons and saw the s 6/2/1965 #20533  
 behind the ship at high speed. He called the captain and tracked the objec 7/6/1965 #20628  
 the ship moving at high speed. He called the captain and tracked the objec 7/6/1965 #20631  
 The witness entered his house and called the Air Force. Twenty minutes lat 8/13/1965 #20933  
ute 150 to investigate. When he is called to investigate Muscarello’s repor 9/3/1965 #21066  
seven-foot tall being appeared. He called to them by name, and conversed wi 1/23/1966 #21426  
ve a neighbor's house. The witness called out another neighbor to see the o 3/23/1966 #21604  
I From LIFE magazine: In a hastily called press conference, the USAF spokes 4/1/1966 #21748  
Congress. Only Air Force witnesses called to testify. Hearings used as foru 4/5/1966 #21805  
 Weston, Massachusetts police were called to investigate two reports of an  4/16/1966 #21863  
2:15 a.m. EST. Citizens and police called to the scene to investigate saw a 4/19/1966 #21899  
object circling and hovering. They called the police. Two officers arrived  4/22/1966 #21931  
per editor and office manager were called outdoors to see a grayish-green o 5/16/1966 #22046  
er in Temple City, California were called out to the parking lot to see an  5/16/1966 #22050  
           Niteroi, Brazil A woman called police to report a luminous objec 8/20/1966 #22340  
oi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil a woman called the police to report a luminous o 8/20/1966 #22344  
 Finland 8:20 p.m. LT. A woman was called by her two daughters to observe f 8/31/1966 #22381  
 her husband, who also saw it, and called her married daughter, Mrs. Janet  10/2/1966 #22514  
own is “Indrid Cold” from a planet called Lanulos in the “Ganymede galaxy.” Early 11/1966 #22634  
        At 10:15 p.m. Richard West called police to report that a "batman"  11/21/1966 #22696  
y, he located traces of burns, and called the Air Force and the University  12/30/1966 #22792  
s a hitchhiker Tad slowed down and called to him. The man did not reply but 1/26/1967 #22966  
ore "shiny, silvery wetsuits." She called her sons Gene, age 18, and George 1/29/1967 #22976  
ltitude over a nearby cemetery. He called his 17-year-old granddaughter Mar 2/5/1967 #23027  
ly. It launches a newsletter first called International Sky Scouts Newslett 4/1967 #23600  
t to it was a medium sized man. He called out "hello" but got no response;  4/21/1967 #23769  
ter watching for 10 minutes, Cuneo called co-worker Marvin Hannigan to see  6/13/1967 #24073  
 for punishment. RT states when he called APRO about the CR he began receiv 7/3/1967 #24174  
e rest of the way home. At home he called out his sister Joanne, and her bo 7/17/1967 #24253  
his home when a bright green light called his attention outside. He saw an  11/25/1967 #25083  
 Brazil by a telepathic voice that called his name. He got out of bed and u 11/28/1967 #25090  
 and the two psychological experts called in to evaluate the case developed 12/3/1967 #25120  
ing closer to the object. When she called out to him he turned and ran down 1/17/1968 #25241  
rs in response to hearing her name called, and saw a saucer with windows an 5/3/1968 #25515  
ver been told or not. They weren't called UFOs." (George Filer) (NICAP: 11  Summer 1968 #25636  
ies were a danger to society. They called themselves "Dodonians." The witne 6/23/1968 #25645  
lligible words. The security guard called out for help, at which point the  7/23/1968 #25787  
arks in the ground. A country club called “La Soucoupe Volante” (Flying Sau 7/31/1968 #25844  
e late afternoon at a private camp called Buff Ledge two teenage camp couns 8/7/1968 #25881  
er college's alumni department. He called her and asked her if she would li 8/7/1968 #25881  
gs with a strange, nameless man he called "Mr. Bied." He would hear a whist 11/1/1968 #26193  
two other women, including a woman called Paquita. All three women then ope 1/6/1969 #26395  
e, guttural” sounds. When a friend called out to the witness the entities w 2/6/1969 #26470  
later that same morning at a place called Chacara Do Benedito, Pirassununga 2/6/1969 #26471  
nd Benedito Paulino Ramos, age 13, called to her attention a “shining littl 2/6/1969 #26471  
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, called the report: "a strange sort of sc 4/1969 #26617  
d about 600 yards away, in a place called "Kidnappers Hole." Christopher Tr 8/27/1969 #26906  
inson in Springdale, Arkansas. She called the police and Officer Ken Speedl 9/6/1969 #26927  
from a robotic-sounding voice that called itself “Spectra.” The voice claim Early 1970's #27091  
e of a bird at Groom Lake, Nevada. Called Project Aquiline, the agency want 1970 #27097  
saw a long gray animal, which they called a "dog", make a giant leap from t 6/4/1970 #27267  
n earlier came out of the barn and called the "dog" to him with a snap of h 6/4/1970 #27267  
Hospital in Wisconsin, a nurse was called by an upset patient. He said he s 10/5/1970 #27446  
the house to tell their mother who called the sheriff; but the UFO had depa 1/22/1971 #27573  
sc-shaped UFO emerging from a lake called Lago de Cote.                     4/9/1971 #27644  
d headed towards him. Concerned he called for other witnesses and noticed t 8/19/1971 #27874  
 fibers in the soil of an organism called Actinomycetales actiniomycete noc 11/2/1971 #28028  
lowing egg-shaped UFO. He went and called the police, and at 9:00 a.m. Serg 6/26/1972 #28314  
 worker from Eau Claire, Wisconsin called radio station WLS in Chicago to r 8/25/1972 #28532  
tation. They circled the craft and called for a supervisor, a Captain Henry 10/14/1972 #28656  
tek, and he showed Mercado what he called "sky charts". Enrique is informed 10/22/1972 #28664  
as was not frightened---in fact he called out to the occupants of the objec 12/30/1972 #28772  
 Ufotutkija beginning in 1997 (now called Yhteydeksi).                      1973 #28782  
ome 2-3 feet above the base. Brian called this to his companion's attention 2/4/1973 #28854  
iss Kinckler's home in Kimba, they called the local police and a constable  2/4/1973 #28854  
 unpublished manuscript of Gleason called “The Great One.” Larry Bryant, ed 2/19/1973 #28882  
ttle people from Mexican folklore, called the Chaneques. Investigators late 5/22/1973 #29109  
e Goshen, Indiana rubber plant was called outside by one of his men who had 7/10/1973 #29218  
 arrived at his friend's house, he called them outside. By this time the ob 9/11/1973 #29403  
 arrived at his friend's house, he called them outside. By this time the ob 9/12/1973 #29409  
ng they were children, the witness called out to them, whereupon they laugh 9/27/1973 #29479  
ampoux, Florent Papillon and a man called J. R. were camping near a lake--L 9/30/1973 #29492  
In West Melbourne, Florida a youth called the sheriff's department and said 10/19/1973 #29797  
two cars drove up a small mountain called Le Malmont to investigate the sig 10/19/1973 #29798  
was glowing with a blue light. She called her husband on her CB radio and d 10/19/1973 #29800  
went to a neighbor's farmhouse and called the state police. When the state  10/25/1973 #29887  
re was a “secret” UAP project that called him from time to time to see if R 10/27/1973 #29904  
ea when his 13-year-old son Manuel called his attention to the presence of  10/29/1973 #29920  
y. Balvidares went to the pond and called out to them. They "disappeared im 10/29/1973 #29920  
tes from the crash site at a place called Porton Down military personnel op 1/23/1974 #30296  
tes from the crash site to a place called Porton Down where the UK Ministry 1/23/1974 #30297  
n Streets. The witness immediately called the local newspaper to report the 2/17/1974 #30380  
approach from a lighted area. They called out and got no answer. Frightened 3/1/1974 #30446  
t out of the road; then his fiancé called his attention to a pyramid-shaped 3/15/1974 #30494  
hotos taken. Boys sight UFO, Hynek called in. (Review Vernon, IL, May 23, 1 5/5/1974 #30687  
nessee when she heard her nickname called ("Tomboy") and was telepathically 5/5/1974 #30689  
es looking down at him. The beings called him by his name, and then he pass 5/9/1974 #30701  
 human in appearance and said they called themselves "the Psycheans". He cl 9/21/1974 #31077  
he same time that a family of four called the Lumberton County Sheriff's di 12/29/1974 #31272  
nto sightings of a winged creature called Mothman in the area around Point  1975 #31281  
p the hotel structure. Nervous, he called the station manager Jose Manuel i 4/6/1975 #31609  
 and saw four luminous "forms". He called Patrick, who also saw them. Both  8/18/1975 #31949  
ff a dirt road by a helicopter. He called for help on his CB radio and two  9/22/1975 #32069  
pters flying low over ranches were called in to the sheriff's office.       10/7/1975 #32135  
Cheyenne when, at 8:45 PM, a woman called to report an object that looked l 10/7/1975 #32136  
movements, very fast, I thought. I called my wife and asked her to call Boc 10/7/1975 #32136  
 go down and its lights go out. "I called for a special deputy to take my p 10/7/1975 #32136  
ur and a half later, the same lady called and reported the object in the sa 10/7/1975 #32136  
a road leading to Tripp Pond (also called Thompson Lake). The UFO was there 10/27/1975 #32219  
torage area. Army Nat. Guard helos called in to assist in locating UFO. NOR 10/29/1975 #32238  
s. He watched for 15 minutes, then called radar site. Not observed on radar 11/15/1975 #32367  
eings from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He asserts that Sumerian  1976 #32492  
nt Test Center, Eglin AFB, Florida called and reported a UFO sighting from  1/31/1976 #32583  
p.m. A woman living near Lake City called the sheriff's office to report a  2/10/1976 #32609  
 approximately 0345 EDT, the ANMCC called to indicate they had received sev 7/30/1976 #32951  
e at 3:30 a.m. and were at a place called Slaughter Neck when they saw two  12/6/1976 #33344  
s paralyzed and unable to move. He called the police at 5:33 a.m.           2/2/1977 #33543  
ion. Jos did not fire his gun, but called to his friend Alair Narby, also 1 4/6/1977 #33715  
in which no face was visible. They called the BUFORA investigator Randall J 4/23/1977 #33780  
in which no face was visible. They called Randall Jones Pugh, the BUFORA in 4/24/1977 #33783  
Moraru establish an informal group called “Romanian UFO Researchers” (RUFOR 7/17/1977 #34049  
ood near the light on the hill and called out with an "ooh, ooh" signal. (N 7/23/1977 #34067  
, 3:45 a.m., the older witness has called her mother, who notifies the stat 7/23/1977 #34068  
ood near the light on the hill and called out with an "ooh, ooh" signal. Th 7/23/1977 #34069  
, 3:45 a.m., the older witness had called her mother, who notified the stat 7/23/1977 #34069  
, IL 6:30 PM. University professor called wife and secretary to see a silve 7/31/1977 #34090  
k in the afternoon when her mother called their attention to a white disc-l 10/30/1977 #34403  
d yards offshore is a rock outcrop called Stack Rocks, rising up 80 to 100  10/30/1977 #34403  
isolated road in a flat boggy area called Simonswood Moss in Rainford, Engl 1/2/1978 #34612  
d like a "chicken coop" at a place called Bakers Creek Falls, near Armidale 1/10/1978 #34633  
d like a "chicken coop" at a place called Bakers Creek Falls, near Armidale 1/10/1978 #34636  
 Burlington County, New Jersey, is called to help investigate a low-flying  1/18/1978 #34660  
 in a surprised manner. When Julio called out to his dog, the sound of its  2/5/1978 #34723  
olice at WPAFB and around 1973 was called to duty in a secret area where he 8/1978 #35227  
itnesses fled inside the house and called the sheriff's office. The hairy b 8/21/1978 #35307  
 but she remembers the police were called. Years later her mother told her  9/15/1978 #35456  
llis Air Force Base officials were called but more or less ignored the repo 11/27/1978 #35778  
t take off from behind a house. He called for help and was later found unco 12/6/1978 #35841  
cCarran International Airport (now called Harry Reid International Airport) 12/16/1978 #35916  
od for the family Alsatian dog and called him from the garden, but he flopp 1/4/1979 #36069  
e dog returned to normal, and Jean called the police. The electric clock in 1/4/1979 #36069  
the family Alsatian dog, Hobo, and called him from the garden, but he flopp 1/5/1979 #36077  
e dog returned to normal, and Jean called the police. Her electric wall clo 1/5/1979 #36077  
rcle Unterburg and Gaisburg. Later called Venus..                           1/9/1979 #36096  
                 The Moreno family called a local newspaper to report the s 1/14/1979 #36114  
 Mexican troops; he also claims he called a Mexican Army Gen. who commanded 8/13/1979 #36521  
olored reptilian like humanoid who called himself "Dargos", whom he had met 12/2/1979 #36821  
ling her son to come see. She also called her mother in-law on the telephon 2/11/1980 #36949  
ts death in the early 1950s. It is called an Extraterrestrial Biological En 9/8/1980 #37285  
f] was watching from his house. He called to his mother-in-law, who ran int 9/23/1980 #37312  
an for an Air Force colonel (later called “Falcon” by Moore) who Moore firs 9/30/1980 #37329  
n the ground at the cattle station called White Acres. He got to within 50  9/30/1980 #37330  
Doty forges a communication (later called the “Aquarius document”) from AFO 11/17/1980 #37428  
de official intelligence channels” called the Aquarius Project. Bill Moore  11/17/1980 #37428  
 after 4:00 a.m., local police are called to the scene, but they report tha 12/26/1980 #37520  
a.m., the Suffolk Constabulary are called out again, this time to see the i 12/26/1980 #37520  
ting equipment to a large clearing called Capel Green. At 12:30 a.m., he is 12/28/1980 #37533  
 only a few minutes had passed, he called his girlfriend to tell her about  12/31/1980 #37542  
 he saw another one. After Nolette called the Coast Guard he received calls 6/28/1981 #37763  
f sight; the next day, the witness called Fort Hood and was told there was  1982 #38078  
ona to meet William Moore, who has called him to propose a non-fiction book 1/2/1982 #38080  
ed and ran inside. The police were called and searched the area but failed  7/22/1982 #38332  
ing object. The witness, D. Keogh, called the nearby Adler Planetarium, but 11/6/1982 #38466  
s, South Dakota, after having been called out on a reported sighting of the 3/6/1984 #39009  
 around 10 p.m., after having been called out on a reported sighting of the 3/6/1984 #39011  
to run toward the farmhouse. Carol called to him that another car was comin 7/15/1984 #39193  
itness from Danville, Pennsylvania called the UFO Reporting Center in Seatt 5/9/1986 #39655  
ous objects.  The press conference called for transparency and urged respon 6/25/1987 #39995  
found saying that NSC members were called to a civil defense exercise on Ju 7/22/1987 #40008  
currently abandoned. Another group called "Orange" is based on the west slo 6/6/1988 #40377  
bodies, adding that the aliens are called Alien Life Forms (ALFs) and that  12/18/1988 #40551  
rt white glowing figures, whom she called angels, near a large glowing UFO. 4/19/1989 #40707  
 they were going to visit a planet called “Erra.” She was then taken to a p 5/1/1989 #40729  
 scientific advisory group in 1960 called the Jason Group to “discover the  5/23/1989 #40756  
bject close by at ground level. He called a second, female witness, who wat 8/13/1989 #40857  
                       A woman was called by her granddaughter to look at s 9/27/1989 #40921  
 moved slowly. When he got home he called his son-in-law, who also saw them 11/1/1989 #41004  
sts that worked with the President called the “Special Committee.” He state 1990 #41154  
sating red light on the bottom. He called his wife and another witness to c 2/5/1990 #41206  
ell-known atmospheric interference called Bragg scattering, in which an air 3/30/1990 #41295  
ying outside in Tecumseh, Oklahoma called their mother to come see a UFO. T 5/16/1990 #41369  
cy official—of a mysterious agency called the UFO Working Group, a top secr 9/1990 #41507  
ds, and the next day the search is called off.                              9/19/1990 #41531  
 Municipal police and the RCMP are called and they also view the UFO. Aroun 11/7/1990 #41677  
g it is an ambiguously named group called Soviet Military Unit 73790.       1991 #41734  
fic control specialist on duty, is called by radar control and informed tha 6/8/1991 #41888  
r on this evening, after they were called out on a call from residents of A 7/7/1991 #41910  
 a contractor. Greer claims Wilson called the contractor and they told him  7/28/1991 #41932  
ntuitively.  Sherman claims it was called Project Preserve Destiny, and tha 1992 #42072  
etween a group centered in the CIA called Aquarius (around a powerful cente 5/13/1992 #42259  
nga Canyon, California in the area called Saddlepeak over 200 glowing spher 6/14/1992 #42291  
at about 60 mph. Several witnesses called MUFON field investigator George H 8/20/1992 #42382  
ion to another." The first witness called the others to come out, who viewe 8/25/1992 #42387  
area, witnesses observed what they called a "procession of monks" walking i 9/24/1992 #42435  
e pilots, Lt. Col. Doru Drăgoi, is called into the radar room where operato 11/1992 #42496  
l aircraft. This maneuver has been called the “Herbst maneuver” after Wolfg 4/29/1993 #42752  
g on to each other. The friend who called her sat in a chair curled into a  8/18/1993 #42942  
oises coming from the kitchen. She called out but got no response. Puzzled, 8/20/1993 #42944  
s being had slits in his eyes, and called himself the "leader." He remember 9/11/1994 #43530  
the government knows about UFOs… I called Curtis LeMay and I said, “General 10/1/1994 #43575  
erver(s). Photographs. Cone saucer called laser lights. Spiral / lights / c 10/24/1994 #43607  
s it hovered, one of them mentally called to it to come closer, and it appr 10/28/1994 #43612  
m. a La Veta Pass, Colorado family called UFO investigator Christopher O'Br 11/22/1994 #43656  
              At 8:25 p.m. a woman called to report seeing a large black tr 9/24/1995 #44306  
m. in Tacoma, Washington a witness called the UFO Reporting Center to repor 10/31/1995 #44370  
 flare up. He quickly ran away and called the police. It is not known if th 12/9/1995 #44436  
ng on Route 185 near a horse track called El Comandante at seven p.m. when  1/4/1996 #44463  
emen who ask him about a UFO group called the Truth-Seekers. It turns out t 3/1997 #45012  
rs of a religious millenarian cult called Heaven’s Gate, were leaving their 3/26/1997 #45037  
white and Bonnie Nettles (formerly called Bo and Peep).                     3/26/1997 #45037  
of the television show UFO Hunters called “Arizona Lights,” Symington says  6/19/1997 #45129  
ave chase and it ran away, but she called her dogs back. The creature was l 6/26/1997 #45139  
 and Colchester, Vermont witnesses called the UFO Reporting Center in Seatt 12/17/1997 #45263  
0. Past the DarkStar was something called “Astra,” an ultra high speed reco Late 1990's #45278  
htened, she ran to her trailer and called nearby Wright Patterson Air Force 2/27/1998 #45322  
wn pear hovering above a field. He called his wife and both watched the obj 3/8/1998 #45329  
elieved UAP were demonic in origin called the “Collins Elite” published a l 3/11/1998 #45330  
ehovah in 1992 and at one time was called Zodiac. He claims the original MJ 7/7/1999 #45597  
elected. It states the program was called Zodiac, and had different subdivi 7/31/1999 #45614  
iend were hiking on a remote trail called the Ice Age Trail near Lodi, Wisc 8/22/1999 #45630  
hnological device or secret weapon called Die Glocke (“The Bell”). It is la 2000 #45710  
 were multiple independent reports called into the UFO Reporting Center.    2/16/2000 #45751  
secret reverse-engineering project called Zodiac. Eric has compiled his own 5/8/2000 #45791  
 he ran to wake up his partner and called the police, who searched the area 7/11/2000 #45814  
o open them again. Frightened, she called additional household members but  7/31/2000 #45824  
hat resembled gridwork. The couple called the Lebanon City Police Departmen 4/25/2001 #45964  
at Norton Air Force Base allegedly called “Flux Liners.” He also claims Loc 5/9/2001 #45983  
un where?" When they got home they called the police to report it, as well  12/10/2001 #46085  
e. Around 6:30 p.m. the girls were called down to have dinner, but at 8:30  7/28/2002 #46167  
m. in Wildrose, North Dakota a man called to report that he saw a gray tria 1/16/2003 #46276  
were not conventional aircraft. He called 911, and a Winfield police office 3/14/2003 #46302  
h, FL belonging to the Coast Guard called Peanut Island, a property near a  2004 #46439  
sts Commission launches a campaign called “Freedom of Information Now!” wit 4/15/2004 #46488  
 uncovered it in 1984-85, which he called a “bizarre special access program 8/7/2004 #46529  
appeared. During the sighting Mike called his girlfriend on his cell phone, 8/16/2004 #46535  
 over Mount Cobb, Pennsylvania and called his mother and two sones to come  9/10/2004 #46553  
ing committee (Comité de pilotage) called COPEIPAN, headed by Yves Sillard. 7/2005 #46652  
ublishes a 155-page report and has called for a government inquiry and impr 11/7/2006 #46784  
 the web through a private company called Footnote.com (now called Fold3),  2007 #46798  
e company called Footnote.com (now called Fold3), totaling nearly 130,000 p 2007 #46798  
 on a well-known French TV program called C dans l’air. Questioned bluntly  3/30/2007 #46818  
 very precise in their movment. He called his sister to come out back to se 5/16/2010 #47089  
e in Montana shows a U.S. civilian called about seeing two silent V-shaped  9/19/2012 #47162  
nd Launch Control Center. Dispatch called Malmstrom who stated they had no  9/19/2012 #47162  
et bombers. The ambitious program, called Project 1794, was initiated in th Late 2012 #47164  
hts, but they were huge. The woman called her mother on her bluetooth cell  6/1/2013 #47178  
space contractor within a location called “Possum Plant”   Area 51 had a tr 4/5/2016 #47258  
 Area 51 had a triangle Astra-TR3B called “the Locust” that exploits curvat 4/5/2016 #47258  
laundering money through an entity called “SWEEP,” a network of funding str 4/5/2016 #47258  
 all underground, a newer facility called “The Cube” past Lancaster in Edwa 4/18/2016 #47260  
 Stargate Project. Another project called “Invisibility Cloaking” was heade 1/9/2018 #47313  
eedom of Information Now” campaign called “We Have the Right to Know.” The  2/2018 #47314  
182's Tom DeLonge, unveils a video called "Go Fast" and other UAP-related m 3/11/2018 #47333  
graphic evidence. The military are called in with special anti-drone equipm 12/19/2018 #47363  
 working on what's euphemistically called 'the program' in or around Huntsv 5/2022 #47572  
un by a Chinese-American scientist called Ning Li…there is a very active an 5/2022 #47572  
s in 2015, Puthoff and Green again called him and suggested he buy Skinwalk 10/27/2022 #47614  

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                                   CALLELA, SPAIN Thousands / observer(s).  9/26/1969 #26953  

Word: "caller", 12 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nhabitants of the planet Ummo. The caller speaks in a slow monotone and wit 11/28/1966 #22721  
mith County, TEXAS An unidentified caller reported to the sheriff's office  2/6/1975 #31405  
 hanging beneath the craft and the caller thought it looked like a calf. Th 2/6/1975 #31405  
aine. The telephone rings, and the caller identifies himself as vice presid 9/11/1976 #33128  
lt Forest Country Park 3:55 a.m. A caller tells police in Hainault, northea 5/3/1977 #33812  
k an emergency telephone call. The caller said that some strange UFO was ov 5/3/1977 #33815  
cated radio show and responds to a caller who asks him whether the story ab 10/13/1988 #40467  
                                 A caller into the Billy Goodman show on KV 1991 #41736  
“big heads and little bodies.” The caller claims he was assigned the job by 1991 #41736  
        On this night an anonymous caller to the National UFO Reporting Cen 4/22/1999 #45558  
                    According to a caller to the National UFO Reporting Cen 8/11/1999 #45620  
 UAVs, including one reported by a caller to police in Bangor, Northern Ire 1/1/2021 #47490  

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e to “go on leave.” Too many phone callers into the base are asking to spea 7/8/1947 #3925  
shes and vanish when observed. The callers sounded sober, according to disp 12/29/1974 #31272  
th Australia at 1:25 a.m. multiple callers reported sighting a number of "s 11/25/1996 #44919  
            At 10:30 p.m. multiple callers reported a number of intense bri 11/25/1996 #44920  

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                                   CALLERY, PA 2 / car follow saucer going  4/14/1971 #27646  
                                   Callery, PA Close-range sighting of disc 4/14/1971 #27648  

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       Pennsylvania Delaware River Callicoon, New York 7:30 p.m. Jennifer F 7/3/1977 #33994  
nia across the Delaware River from Callicoon, New York, when they notice a  7/3/1977 #33994  

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ming sphere accompanied by angels. Calling upon Servandus the Deacon as a w 540 #21  
d by a bright light, heard a voice calling his name, and was lifted from th 9/29/1504 #166  
 and mental dictations by a spirit calling itself Phylos the Tibetan, an At 1905 #1272  
th Night Fighter Squadron suggests calling the objects “foo fighters,” a na 12/14/1944 #2530  
alls announcing they were lost and calling for assistance. A huge rescue se 12/5/1945 #2789  
imated their diameter at 100 feet. Calling the report an "unusually well-su 7/3/1947 #3487  
 and says that a crackpot has been calling him, explaining everything that  7/30/1947 #4167  
ity Council issues Directive 10/2, calling for covert action against the US 6/18/1948 #4614  
.” Fourth Army Intelligence is now calling UFOs “unconventional aircraft” a 3/22/1949 #5012  
            US Air Force Magazine. CALLING HERR GENERAL FREUD. "It is concl 2/1950 #5517  
he Navy analysis of the Utah film, calling the objects “high reflectivity o 1/17/1953 #9903  
 Estimate of the Situation without calling it that. Loedding shows a study  10/10/1954 #12311  
s able to maintain visual contact, calling direction change of the object t 7/5/1955 #13666  
 13 and May 25, 1956) from someone calling himself Carlos Miguel Allende, w 4/1956 #14215  
to WCHS- AM radio where someone is calling in a UFO report. They rush to a  7/1958 #16622  
to present a lecture. By now he is calling himself Prince Neosom of Tythan, Early 12/1958 #16964  
ommittees in the House and Senate, calling for congressional hearings. NICA 2/27/1960 #17700  
 Messages supposedly from spacemen calling for a halt in nuclear testing co 3/1962 #18591  
k writes a letter to the Air Force calling for a systematic study of UFOs.  7/1965 #20588  
static on the phone as the boy was calling his mother to describe it. When  10/14/1966 #22563  
uss the sighting, the press begins calling the creature “Mothman” based on  11/15/1966 #22671  
the ranch house, so he ran outside calling to him. The light went out and t 4/1/1967 #23611  
ado project issues a press release calling for photos of UFOs taken by priv 5/1/1967 #23830  
s. In August, another photographer calling himself Antonio Pardo produces t 6/1/1967 #24017  
attacking McDonald’s integrity and calling him a habitual liar.             12/16/1967 #25166  
. Edward Roush and NICAP have been calling for are held as a “Symposium on  7/29/1968 #25827  
o be moving constantly, apparently calling the girls; it also had a pair of 11/9/1968 #26222  
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, calling it a “strange sort of scientific 4/1969 #26618  
rd a voice clearly and insistently calling. She got up, went to the front d 3/7/1972 #28168  
 Mrs Maureen Puddy "heard a voice" calling her name. The next morning she p 2/22/1973 #28894  
ixing something. In the process of calling the police, she hears a loud, de 10/21/1973 #29829  
uction and the order was repeated, calling him "friend." Justice did so, an 8/1/1974 #30902  
ens allegedly stored in Hangar 18, calling it the “worst-kept secret in the 11/2/1974 #31190  
, a friend, came through the woods calling for him. He also saw the UFO. Th 8/28/1975 #31981  
         Waldport, Oregon Colorado Calling themselves The Two (or Bo and Pe 9/14/1975 #32044  
 faint whistling sound and someone calling Bennett’s name.                  10/15/1976 #33220  
en she returns to the window after calling other family members, the object 4/19/1977 #33763  
 United Nations issues a statement calling for “open discussions on the ver 7/7/1978 #35116  
 northward. Italian ufologists are calling it a UFO rather than a meteor be 9/14/1978 #35443  
Rep. Horace Buckley of Jackson and calling for a complete US Senate investi 2/1979 #36170  
n front area. He ran to the house, calling his family, but only his wife jo 7/13/1979 #36428  
adio is bent at 90°. Brekke, after calling the Center for UFO Studies in Ev 8/27/1979 #36568  
ain out a window, at the same time calling her son to come see. She also ca 2/11/1980 #36949  
ijing, China. After unsuccessfully calling media outlets, he goes back outs 4/25/1981 #37698  
man was awakened by a voice slowly calling her name. When she got up from b 6/3/1982 #38277  
ork was awakened by a voice slowly calling her name. When she got up from b 6/3/1982 #38279  
ead that constantly talked to him, calling him by the name of "Zehaas." He  5/1/1988 #40347  
nce Center, the UFO Working Group, calling on CIA, FBI, and other resources 9/1990 #41507  
inoculars. While the witnesses was calling the airport the "robot" disappea 7/17/1993 #42864  
e Roswell Declaration, a statement calling for an “Executive Order declassi 3/1994 #43228  
eadaches and heard metallic voices calling her name.                        8/2/2000 #45826  
in "knew" it was the power company calling them to force them to use this n 9/3/2003 #46392  
ey were looking at him. He started calling family members and friends on hi 2/15/2006 #46726  
 address book or with manual input calling. He kept getting "call failed",  9/14/2009 #47053  
de that the sound is caused by the calling song of the Indies short-tailed  1/4/2019 #47366  

Word: "callison", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

lesburg, Illinois 10:00 p.m. Grant Callison of Galesburg, Illinois, looks o 5/10/1968 #25528  
night in Galesburg, Illinois Grant Callison and his wife noticed three wing 5/10/1968 #25529  

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. On May 20, around 9:00 p.m., the Callisons have another odd sighting of a 5/10/1968 #25528  

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habited by living beings, whom the calls “Selenites.”                       1638 #251  
words "Boy, boy, come away..." The calls, which originated from different d 1/18/1644 #261  
ate is questionable since Mortimer calls this a “Thursday” and December 16  12/16/1742? #376  
ugh the air as well as a vessel he calls an “ark.” He hears a voice suggest 7/25/1868 #638  
which they constructed in 1893. He calls it the Nonesuch. On an alleged tes 12/1/1896 #876  
it sways to and fro in the air. He calls R. J. (or R. T.) and J. L. Trethew Mid 4/1897 #1030  
ect at an altitude of 500 feet. He calls his father, Milo S. Warn, and they 4/24/1897 #1144  
her. Running back to the house, he calls for his mother and brother, and al 6/1904 #1271  
tended some of Robinson’s séances, calls him “as slippery as a human eel.”  10/27/1926 #1771  
fter it circles past him again, he calls his wife and she sees the ball mak 6/1932 #1861  
                     Sweden Sweden calls off its hunt for the ghost fliers, 3/4/1934 #1931  
utcry against the broadcasters and calls for regulation by the FCC, which d 10/30/1938 #2041  
up. Rep. Leland M. Ford (R-Calif.) calls for a congressional investigation, 2/24/1942 #2146  
pades of a madcap fire fighter who calls his fire truck the “Foomobile.” Sm 12/14/1944 #2530  
nd made increasingly frantic radio calls announcing they were lost and call 12/5/1945 #2789  
unyon in Westerham, Kent, England, calls the British Technical Intelligence 1946 #2801  
ppears high in the sky. One person calls it “a great white bird; another, a 8/15/1946 #3003  
thern CA. BSRA received many phone calls. BSRA mediums established contact  10/9/1946 #3069  
lice and fire Departments and many calls. White disk circles / 30 minute(s) 7/5/1947 #3608  
shed aircraft of some kind. Wilcox calls the local fire department to alert 7/5/1947 #3621  
s field. KGFL reporter Frank Joyce calls Wilcox, who tells him Brazel is in 7/6/1947 #3709  
     MARBLE MTS AND YREKA, CA Many calls / sheriff. Colored saucers and fir 7/7/1947 #3744  
      ATHENS, GA Airport swamped / calls. 3 silver saucers over town. / Ath 7/7/1947 #3817  
for AF Secretary Stuart Symington, calls concerning the Shreveport, Louisia 7/7/1947 #3835  
ington Airport] in Houston, Texas, calls concerning the Shreveport disc. 4: 7/7/1947 #3835  
eport disc. 4:20 p.m., Col. Warren calls back and says the incident is a ho 7/7/1947 #3835  
him what they have seen. Blanchard calls base Provost Marshal Maj. Edwin D. 7/8/1947 #3915  
MPs to the debris field. Blanchard calls Eighth Air Force headquarters in F 7/8/1947 #3915  
claims Roswell Army Air Field next calls him and asks him to change the sto 7/8/1947 #3934  
  Vandenberg 11:58 a.m. Vandenberg calls President Truman.                  7/9/1947 #3967  
bove Grand Falls, Newfoundland. He calls other people to watch them as well 7/9/1947 #3975  
e FBI of this information. He also calls Lieut. Gen. Nathan Twining, who le 7/27/1947 #4143  
ngton Tacoma Winthrop Hotel Arnold calls United Airlines pilot Capt. Emil J 7/30/1947 #4167  
nalist Ted Morello of United Press calls Arnold and says that a crackpot ha 7/30/1947 #4167  
y cannot locate the photos. Arnold calls Brown and Davidson at Hamilton Arm 7/31/1947 #4172  
quickly depart for Tacoma. Morello calls Arnold and says his informant know 7/31/1947 #4172  
ir Force Day the next day. Morello calls again and says his informant told  7/31/1947 #4172  
ut. After hearing the news, Arnold calls Palmer and offers to return his mo 8/1/1947 #4193  
fied CONFIDENTIAL.” The Derry memo calls for review by a classification boa 8/9/1947 #4224  
he September 23 Twining letter. It calls for a discreet canvass into findin 11/10/1947 #4407  
d renewed interest in the case and calls for further disclosure and the dec 1/7/1948 #4468  
 faint exhaust trail. Project Sign calls it Venus, because it disappears ab 1/7/1948 #4480  
e northeast at terrific speed. Coe calls it a “ray or blob of light” and in 2/20/1948 #4518  
 on unidentified radar targets (he calls them “gizmos”) that cannot be seen Spring 1948 #4530  
er the city of Yakima. Hundreds of calls flooded into the CAA office concer 7/25/1948 #4681  
irst SAC Emergency War Plan, which calls for dropping 133 atomic bombs on 7 3/1949 #4990  
ence on the telephone line when he calls the report in.                     3/31/1949 #5024  
isc continues to glow. Hundreds of calls are received by Cincinnati Post an 8/19/1949 #5311  
d in letters, telegrams, and phone calls demanding information about flying 12/24/1949 #5430  
y out of sight at high speed. ATIC calls it the planet Venus, with radar re 3/8/1950 #5595  
. Loops. Going quickly south. Many calls.                                   3/11/1950 #5619  
 off to the south. There were many calls to the authorities reporting sight 3/11/1950 #5621  
over peak. Newpaper lines jammed / calls. Also Hobbs and Albuquerque / NM.  3/16/1950 #5666  
TUCUMCARI, NM Daily news swamped / calls. Saucers all over. 1 larger / rest 3/17/1950 #5676  
           SOUTH / DELANO, CA Many calls to Edwards Air Force Base. 65cm ro 4/4/1950 #5813  
feet altitude, and there were many calls to the police and news media. A wh 4/25/1950 #5923  
night received dozens of telephone calls from persons reporting a "ball of  7/17/1951 #6679  
loud going east from bay. Dozens / calls to police.                         9/19/1951 #6792  
et MIT Lincoln Laboratory (Ruppelt calls it the Beacon Hill group) in Cambr 1/29/1952 #7033  
t meets with the MIT scientists he calls the Beacon Hill Group, which recom 3/26/1952 #7133  
e lasts 15 minutes. The biochemist calls Moffett Field in Santa Clara Count 4/25/1952 #7369  
ice switchboards reported numerous calls from persons who said the phenomen 6/14/1952 #7698  
 over country / low altitude. Many calls.                                   7/3/1952 #7911  
. He watches them for 5–6 seconds, calls out to Hospitalman 1st Class Thoma 7/16/1952 #8067  
. At 1:00 p.m., Maj. Dewey Fournet calls Ruppelt to come to a briefing with 7/21/1952 #8215  
, after the Democratic Convention, calls CIA Director Walter Bedell Smith a 7/28/1952 #8519  
what is going on with UFOs. Landry calls ATIC and eventually reaches Ruppel 7/29/1952 #8586  
, sees a strange looking cloud and calls her two teenage daughters (Laura a 7/30/1952 #8635  
's substation said it received six calls describing the objects which hover 8/2/1952 #8700  
r saw before." Subsequently, phone calls were made to the weather bureau at 8/5/1952 #8752  
ould possibly have been before the calls were made.                         8/5/1952 #8752  
in Pasadena. This number said many calls had come in, and that no weather b 8/6/1952 #8782  
rator at the Rockford airport, who calls O’Hare Airport in Chicago, which s 8/10/1952 #8851  
 A witness in Oakland, California, calls Hamilton AFB [now closed] in Novat 8/13/1952 #8892  
s the light begins to hover, Scott calls Turner again, and Turner has at le 8/21/1952 #8996  
                  NEWPORT, RI Many calls going [to] police. 2 small orange  8/24/1952 #9029  
                DENVER, CO Flood / calls. Meteor shoots by. 2nd object dart 9/5/1952 #9181  
                      HEARNE, TX 6 calls to military. Orange-yellow saucer  9/29/1952 #9390  
              COCOA, FL Hundreds / calls. White ovoid hovers to 0020hrs. Ne 10/3/1952 #9426  
                SUNNYBROOK, MD Boy calls cops. Cops call USAF. 3 orange UFO 10/13/1952 #9465  
             WEST / NICHOLS, SC 20 calls to police. Silver saucer whirls an 11/16/1952 #9625  
          WEST / FLORENCE, SC Many calls to news and CAA. CAA observer(s) a 11/16/1952 #9626  
ied aerial threats (UFOs). Ruppelt calls ADC to say that he will not be abl 12/22/1952 #9788  
m another 4 minutes. Gordon Thayer calls it an inferior mirage.             3/1953 #10085  
clares today World Contact Day and calls upon the UFO occupants to make a p 3/15/1953 #10122  
ng in their wake. Townsend-Withers calls his pilot on the microphone and te Spring 1953 #10131  
akdown of the search radar set. He calls two other airmen to witness it. On 6/30/1953 #10343  
e first airman gets hysterical and calls the Charge of Quarters at the Dome 6/30/1953 #10343  
uppelt personally investigates and calls it “the best” in the USAF files, H 8/5/1953 #10420  
 three head-on passes. These close calls alarm the pilot so much he lands i 8/6/1953 #10424  
reat Falls AFB [now Malmstrom AFB] calls and tells him to show up at the ba Autumn 1953 #10552  
 seconds. Air Minister George Ward calls it a “balloon”; when author Desmon 11/3/1953 #10657  
lloon”; when author Desmond Leslie calls him up to suggest this is incorrec 11/3/1953 #10657  
n New York City. The US government calls it a suicide, the Olson family all 11/28/1953 #10705  
 Air Force Gen. Bengt Nordenskiöld calls in reports from all relevant Swedi 12/15/1953 #10748  
the water of Lake Michigan. Stoker calls the Coast Guard. A cutter appears  4/8/1954 #11067  
                  ZURICH, SWITZ 50 calls going [to] police. Saucer circles  6/11/1954 #11288  
o broadcast, generating more press calls to ATIC. Capt. Charles A. Hardin,  6/12/1954? #11296  
 to him in an unknown language. He calls for his boss, and the creature run 10/5/1954 #12148  
 radio contact. None missing. Many calls.                                   12/15/1954 #13231  
e light maneuvering in the sky. He calls John Hunt, a reporter at the North 12/26/1954 #13285  
tta, KwaZulu Natal, that she later calls Flying Saucer Hill. There she clai 12/27/1954 #13286  
 MALVERN AND MELBOURNE, AUSTR Many calls. Huge "flying poached-egg" going q 2/9/1955 #13408  
 engine begins to stall, the pilot calls Naha Airport on Okinawa, which ale 3/24/1955 #13483  
he spots at 2 o’clock high what he calls a “craze” in the windshield. He ca 7/1955 #13654  
ls a “craze” in the windshield. He calls the others’ attention to it. He gi 7/1955 #13654  
e, Soviet delegate Leonid I. Sedov calls a press conference and announces t 8/2/1955 #13752  
with the revised test. Hynek later calls the Battelle report a “shamefully  10/25/1955 #13952  
 New Kensington, Pennsylvania, who calls himself Carlos Miguel Allende [a p 1/13/1956 #14094  
 on UFOs in the New York Times. He calls Wilkins a mystic, Keyhoe “repetiti 1/22/1956 #14116  
  Burbank, CA Police received many calls about oval-shaped objects over cit 2/13/1957 #14952  
king fast and erratic motions. She calls a military friend and then 1st Lt. 3/22/1957 #15004  
onstantly changing altitude. Radar calls Ott back and says they have a scra 3/22/1957 #15004  
o clearly defined discs. Constable calls them “critters” and thinks they ar Summer 1957 #15197  
ct is also seen by his sister, who calls his attention to it. It gives off  8/20/1957 #15370  
 Worlds radio drama. Some 60 phone calls come in from listeners who think t 10/9/1957 #15546  
ine restarts. A frightened Saucedo calls the occurrence in to Patrolman A.  11/2/1957 #15681  
UFO passes overhead. The Air Force calls the Levelland sightings ball light 11/2/1957 #15681  
 storms in the area. Donald Menzel calls it a mirage.                       11/2/1957 #15681  
ars up the next day. The Air Force calls it a hoax based on the Levelland s 11/4/1957 #15754  
om his house. 20 minutes later, he calls to bring the dog back and sees Fri 11/6/1957 #15894  
          OPORTO, PORTUGAL Several calls / newspaper. Big strange object be 11/14/1957 #16028  
aid and that he is from a world he calls Gharnasvarn (which we know as Venu 11/16/1957 #16047  
sighting. The alignments, which he calls “orthotenic lines,” do not necessa 1958 #16265  
th a cockpit on top. The commander calls the Pentagon for authorization for Spring 1959 #17165  
y 1400 hours." They hurriedly made calls to the Washington radar center to  7/9/1959 #17336  
uates are submitted to what Murray calls “vehement, sweeping, and personall 9/1959 #17459  
and he takes six photos of what he calls a flying saucer. A few days later, 10/1959 #17515  
y. During the observation, the man calls his wife and two neighbors to watc 12/13/1959 #17630  
t in Santa Monica, California, and calls it into the West Los Angeles polic 9/15/1960 #17970  
 The show generates numerous phone calls and letters to NBC, most of them c 12/5/1960 #18047  
nce-based public policy by what he calls a “scientific-technological elite. 1/17/1961 #18101  
r hearings in early 1962. The plan calls for a statement by Roscoe Hillenko 5/1961 #18196  
ent by 21 American scientists that calls for an open investigation by UFOs  5/1961 #18196  
              Pease AFB Betty Hill calls Pease AFB and reports her UFO inci 9/21/1961 #18390  
. Henderson of the 100th Bomb Wing calls back with a few questions.         9/21/1961 #18390  
g (an assessment James E. McDonald calls “nonsensical”) as explanations.    10/2/1961 #18413  
 to swells on the lake surface. He calls the Air Force and Coast Guard to m 10/14/1961 #18434  
ver ball trails string. Makes duck calls!                                   10/23/1962 #19016  
on seen here and entire area. Many calls.                                   7/25/1963 #19384  
alifornia, and out to sea. The AEC calls it a “safety test,” but the USSR s 1/12/1965 #20265  
 sees a human in a flying suit who calls himself “Xeno” and gives Padrick a 1/30/1965 #20331  
ma control tower, he hears frantic calls from Joji Negishi, the pilot of a  3/18/1965 #20412  
Bryant thinks might be Russian and calls himself Yamski. He says that he is 4/24/1965 #20464  
ge Adamski died. One of the beings calls himself "Yamski." The witness was  6/7/1965 #20546  
the reports and incoming telephone calls for three hours. The reports begin 8/1/1965 #20795  
05 a.m., the Warren base commander calls to say that the Quebec LCF southwe 8/1/1965 #20795  
he witness goes into his house and calls the Air Force. About 20 minutes la 8/13/1965 #20936  
usually has a clear signal. Harold calls the house on an intercom, then run 8/19/1965 #20981  
In the daytime, the police station calls Pease AFB [now Pease Air National  9/3/1965 #21066  
                  SALEM, MASS Many calls. Cylinder/cigar-shape with hump ho 10/2/1965 #21191  
ve arrived, in response to several calls to the station from alarmed citize 12/9/1965 #21318  
 astronomer J. Allen Hynek. Menzel calls the Exeter police officers “hyster 2/27/1966 #21482  
ol. Jorge Alberto Silveira Martins calls the Army and Air Force. After 30 m 3/12/1966 #21511  
RREN AND ANN ARBOR, MI Cops and 30 calls. Night lights dive / swamp. Blink  3/28/1966 #21665  
 police received over thirty phone calls from residents reporting lights in 3/28/1966 #21678  
D ONTARIO AND SENECA CO Hundreds / calls / police. Saucers and more/others  3/30/1966 #21711  
 in Oswego, New York received many calls over a two-hour period reporting U 3/30/1966 #21725  
rgh International Airport. Beighey calls Panzarella and says the Air Force  4/17/1966 #21878  
any wind-borne object. Quintanilla calls Spaur to ask him about “this mirag 4/18/1966 #21891  
ennsylvania) of Venus. Quintanilla calls Spaur’s superior, Portage County S 4/22/1966 #21933  
                       Quintanilla calls Spaur again and tells him to be re 5/8/1966 #22024  
t hovers. One girl, Donna Glosser, calls it to the attention of others who  8/1/1966 #22279  
n of it in the Saturday Review. He calls for the release of the full docume 9/3/1966 #22406  
her husband, who also sees it, and calls her married daughter, Mrs. Janet E 10/2/1966 #22513  
ssed by Condon’s statements, so he calls both Condon and Low. Both assure h Mid 10/1966 #22571  
wspaper editor responding to phone calls saw a glowing white, cigar-shaped  10/28/1966 #22608  
ay, he locates traces of burns and calls the USAF and University of Colorad 12/30/1966 #22794  
se of a creek. She runs inside and calls her neighbor Mrs. Judd Alford, who 2/22/1967 #23187  
                    Washington Low calls Keyhoe and reveals that none of th 3/1967 #23261  
                     DETROIT, MI 8 calls / police. "Burning orange ovoid" o 3/8/1967 #23362  
center, one of the FAA controllers calls him over to look at 5 unidentified Mid 3/1967 #23457  
issiles go into “no-go” status. He calls the missile site to see if there i 3/16/1967 #23470  
ts over Belvedere, New Jersey. She calls her sister Olive to watch, and sud 3/16/1967 #23471  
 appears and behaves similarly. He calls his NCO and the two men watch as t 3/24/1967 #23542  
loser. A few minutes later the NCO calls him again and shouts that a red, g 3/24/1967 #23542  
s round object paces 2 / car. Many calls / radio station/depot/facility. Ob 3/26/1967 #23560  
 at a photo lab on June 2. He then calls newspaper photographer Antonio San 6/1/1967 #24017  
Lofty Ranges, South Australia. She calls her mother and they go outside to  7/1967 #24160  
hroughout several states, distress calls were heard on Citizen's Band radio 7/27/1967 #24310  
 monitoring the overseas telephone calls and cable traffic of two prominent 8/1967 #24340  
 runaround. After 2 weeks of phone calls, they find that no X-15 flew on Se 9/1/1967? #24548  
ed, metallic object in a field. He calls the police, who send it to the gui 9/4/1967 #24569  
roject participated in, even phone calls. He wants to write a section on th 11/13/1967 #25016  
                          McDonald calls Low on the phone and expresses his 1/19/1968 #25249  
p home. He sees a large object and calls to his father to come outside. The 1/20/1968 #25256  
mbassy in Mexico City, where Vidal calls a relative in Maipú to report that Early 5/1968 #25512  
                            Condon calls together Craig, Gillmor, Roach, an 9/13/1968 #26029  
gnated as Blue Book liaison and he calls the report in at 4:30 p.m. after S 10/24/1968 #26160  
o Contact Space People. Owens, who calls himself the “PK Man,” attributes h 1969 #26376  
 Leary, Georgia. One of the guests calls his attention to a strange object  1/6/1969 #26394  
 Suddenly one of Machado’s friends calls out to him, and the beings walk ba 2/7/1969 #26474  
nd about 10° above the horizon. He calls his mother, who sees a steady red  5/23/1969 #26733  
igh speed to the north. The mother calls the radar station at Kalamunda, wh 5/23/1969 #26733  
 of a True White Brother, publicly calls for the appearance of the flying s 7/12/1969 #26836  
er had received repeated telephone calls from a robotic-sounding voice that Early 1970's #27091  
, too, had received such telephone calls twenty years earlier, at the age o Early 1970's #27091  
de a view of its interior. Kendall calls for other witnesses, who arrive in 1/1/1970 #27109  
owing saucer with blue edges. Many calls. No RADAR.                         7/22/1970 #27321  
            FAYETTEVILLE, ARK Many calls. Orange flash. Sonic boom! White s 9/17/1970 #27416  
area reported the same object, all calls reaching the authorities within a  6/26/1971 #27772  
se Ops received more than 50 phone calls about the UFO.                     11/14/1971 #28050  
it dashes home, grabs a rifle, and calls the police. He shoots at the objec 6/26/1972 #28313  
y three children. KXOK received 13 calls. (SL-72, page 10) (NICAP: 02 - Clo 7/22/1972 #28402  
n arrow overhead / 30 minute(s). 6 calls / police. Vanishes. (Newspaper acc 7/25/1972 #28409  
ce departments reportedly received calls concerning the strange object. (Se 8/11/1972 #28474  
hunks of surface tar dug up, so he calls the Middelburg police about it. Go 11/12/1972 #28699  
olice reportedly were swamped with calls regarding a "giant ball" which mov 3/15/1973 #28933  
ng into the clouds. There were six calls to the police reporting the object 7/17/1973 #29228  
DERSVILLE, GA AND MORE/OTHERS Many calls going [to] radio station/depot/fac 8/30/1973 #29329  
by some. Police received about 100 calls. Approx 1.5 hours. Unseen shape wi 10/5/1973 #29549  
es. At 7:20 p.m. hundreds of phone calls were received by the police in Con 10/5/1973 #29553  
sing from fields in the north. She calls over two workmen doing repairs at  10/6/1973 #29560  
ffic Controller / Baer Field. Many calls. UFO / RADAR / unbelievable speeds 10/9/1973 #29569  
15+police reports / UFO's. Also 20 calls / Highway Patrol.                  10/15/1973 #29636  
rowler, she phones a neighbor, who calls the police at 12:10 a.m. A few min 10/16/1973 #29688  
 the helicopter into a descent. He calls Mansfield (Ohio) Approach Control  10/18/1973 #29773  
 Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Many calls were made to the police about ape- 11/1/1973 #29940  
r hear anything, but Mrs. Beaudoin calls the police. Investigator Walter N. 11/2/1973 #29953  
 DC-9 en route from Turin to Rome, calls to the control tower: “I see a shi 11/30/1973 #30091  
orts were made simultaneously with calls pouring into RAAF officials regard 4/15/1974 #30631  
    SARATOGA LAKE, NY Flurry / UFO calls. Cops and more/others. Night light 8/20/1974 #30978  
p of bright lights to the east. He calls his wife, Clarice, and they both v 1/31/1975 #31387  
ing in March at 3:00 a.m., Axelrod calls Swann and asks him to be in Washin 2/1975 #31393  
ouch with APRO’s Jim Lorenzen, who calls him on August 21. Moody now has a  8/13/1975 #31921  
Albany, New York, receive numerous calls about UFO sightings. State Trooper 8/20/1975 #31952  
Ontario 8:00 p.m. After his sister calls and alerts him to a “fiery glow” n 10/7/1975 #32132  
ments later, he receives two phone calls telling him not to interfere. On O 10/7/1975 #32132  
aves a number to call him back. He calls the number later and talks to a mi 10/7/1975 #32132  
n the bottom. An Air Force officer calls the UFO Education Center in Wiscon 1/21/1976 #32558  
ral hundred UFO buffs whom Moseley calls “nonsubscribers.”                  2/1976 #32588  
 southwest of Bermuda. The lookout calls his attention to a green light dea 4/23/1976 #32765  
                CHILLICOTHE, IL 14 calls / police. Cylinder/cigar-shape wit 4/25/1976 #32770  
bs back to his cruise altitude and calls on the radio to flight control at  8/13/1976 #33012  
  TAPPAN AND PEEKSKILL, NY Several calls / cops. 3 bright flashing objects  8/30/1976 #33066  
         NORTH / TEHRAN, IRAN Many calls and airport/apartment Air Traffic  9/18/1976 #33145  
he sees a bright light outside and calls her father. From their balcony the 11/5/1976 #33284  
attempt to retrieve the object, he calls a friend, Bob Palmer, who arrives  1/10/1977 #33476  
o a small size, and vanish. Siegal calls the RCMP from a nearby friend’s ho 3/4/1977 #33620  
that of a flashbulb. Boston Center calls them and asks, “United 94, where a 3/12/1977 #33663  
 otherwise clear sky. Ground radar calls the plane’s attention to a target  4/14/1977 #33742  
ng in the air for 2 hours, Lopez’s calls for help are recorded and played o 4/29/1977 #33797  
nds near the light on the hill and calls out an “ooh, ooh” signal. The othe 7/23/1977 #34068  
art professor in Normal, Illinois, calls his wife and secretary to see a si 7/31/1977 #34091  
rm. At this point she hysterically calls for help on a telephone intercom s 10/9/1977 #34328  
        BARREIRO, PORTUGAL Several calls and airport weathermen. UFO zigzag 12/13/1977 #34527  
ve their car for 30–50 seconds. He calls the radio station and speaks on ai 2/10/1978 #34731  
 characteristic zigzag pattern. He calls the police, who drive him home. Th 3/18/1978 #34821  
       I91 NORTH / HARTFORD, CT 60 calls / police. Big round object with ro 4/10/1978 #34903  
l radio station was inundated with calls. Nellis AFB officers offered some  7/9/1978 #35124  
the command post started receiving calls, said the bright light may have be 7/9/1978 #35124  
USCG STATION/DEPOT/FACILITY, MI CG calls two rivers / WS. "Very fast UFO go 7/28/1978 #35199  
          LISBON, PORTUGAL Several calls / radio station/depot/facility. Sa 8/30/1978 #35364  
      MAITLAND BAY, NSW Hundreds / calls. Cars electro-magnetic effect (EME 10/18/1978 #35612  
tronics, and Television, the group calls itself BPVTS for short. Members in 11/1978 #35677  
king off from behind the house. He calls for help on the radio. When his co 12/6/1978 #35837  
ississippi House Resolution No. 14 calls for a complete U.S. Senate investi 2/1979 #36172  
 orange light in the northwest. He calls his wife Kathleen and others, and  7/27/1979 #36460  
It hovers for about 30 seconds. He calls to his wife to verify the observat 8/1979 #36468  
ore sees it apparently land, so he calls his two dogs and heads toward the  8/1979 #36469  
eck and the shoulders. The witness calls out to them, but they begin runnin 8/1979 #36469  
 a red bump on his forehead, so he calls an ambulance. At the hospital, Dr. 8/27/1979 #36568  
lent and resembles a satellite. He calls two other witnesses, during which  1/17/1980 #36918  
e trunk shows large gouges. Browne calls the police, but the object is gone 2/7/1980 #36942  
 His passenger, a school official, calls his attention to a shiny object ah 9/4/1980 #37275  
ir Force Base. He meets the man he calls “Falcon” (described as elderly and 9/8/1980 #37285  
d the Aquarius Project. Bill Moore calls it a retyped version of a real AFO 11/17/1980 #37428  
n Kirksville, Missouri, receive 25 calls or so. The basic description is a  11/18/1980 #37437  
ight for about one minute. When he calls his girlfriend again to tell her,  12/5/1980 #37484  
s, and the RAF receive hundreds of calls reporting four or five “comet-like 12/25/1980 #37515  
the panelists; then he takes phone calls for two hours.                     2/7/1981 #37600  
called the Coast Guard he received calls from more than fifteen people aski 6/28/1981 #37763  
 lights over the water were. Other calls to the Coast Guard came from Portl 6/28/1981 #37763  
the friend does not show, Breiland calls him up from a pay phone. Immediate 10/2/1981 #37939  
John Spencer Carr of Clearwater FL calls ufologist Leonard Stringfield and  2/6/1982 #38108  
light goes out. The police receive calls of power outages and blue flashes  4/3/1982 #38219  
ight went out. The police received calls of power outages and blue flashes  4/3/1982 #38220  
ödos on Cyprus listen to the radio calls of the American crew for 90 minute 10/19/1982 #38443  
ated, withered leaves. The witness calls the Gendarmerie, who inspect the g 10/21/1982 #38446  
               POUGHKEEPSIE, NY 25 calls / police. Boomerang UFO. Cop follo 3/17/1983 #38576  
 their switchboard is flooded with calls reporting a large, boomerang-shape 3/24/1983 #38596  
 and New Castle receive a flood of calls as well, describing an object as l 3/24/1983 #38596  
actor, but Doty does not show. She calls Jerry Miller, chief of reality wea 4/9/1983 #38619  
 Miller drives her to his home and calls Doty, who arrives promptly. Doty’s 4/9/1983 #38619  
ni-wave / deltas. Police swamped / calls.                                   3/25/1984 #39032  
 and lighting up bits in turn. She calls her son, who arrives just as the U 4/25/1984 #39084  
e in Peekskill receive quite a few calls that evening. Police Sgt. Hoffman  7/24/1984 #39204  
       PETIT LOMONT, 25, FR Police calls. Saucer hovers. Also orange ball / 11/28/1984 #39304  
ectly over a house. She leaves and calls the Madison police department.     11/19/1985 #39504  
hasset, New York were swamped with calls reporting a silent, delta-shaped U 11/22/1985 #39515  
rusive examinations by entities he calls the “visitors” unfolds under the d 12/26/1985 #39531  
,700 members and is receiving many calls per day, mostly IFOs.              1/1/1986 #39539  
RWINTON AND MORE/OTHERS Hundreds / calls going [to] cops. Huge delta/triang 1/9/1986 #39553  
        FORTALEZA, CEARA, BRZ Many calls / Air Force. Dark cigar-shape. / J 5/21/1986 #39679  
d-the-scenes participant. Steinman calls Walker, saying he is inquiring abo 8/30/1987 #40060  
e (no reaction to the display) and calls to his wife Janet. She joins him a 11/23/1987 #40128  
 National Archives Barry Greenwood calls the MJ-12 documents hoaxes, most l 12/1987 #40137  
of the incident changes. Singleton calls it a genuine recall. Spencer now r 12/1/1987 #40141  
Later in the month, T. Scott Crain calls Walker, who says he cannot talk ab 4/1988 #40321  
      JOKKMOKK, LAPLAND 1 observer calls military. Silver cylinder/cigar-sh 6/27/1988 #40388  
 Physicist Edward Teller allegedly calls the out-of-work physicist and elec 11/28/1988 #40520  
   Las Vegas, NV Dr. Edward Teller calls Area-51/S-4 worker Bob Lazar       11/29/1988 #40521  
iff’s Office receives more than 50 calls from citizens in surrounding commu 2/10/1989 #40628  
Multiple observer(s) and 40 police calls. Bright round object bigger / hous 2/24/1989 #40644  
above the Obolon neighborhood. She calls her neighbors, and one of them nam 6/24/1989 #40790  
             At around 10 p.m. ten calls were received by the Coast Guard a 9/28/1989 #40927  
hdel (pseudonym “Armen Victorian”) calls Eric A. Walker and has an extended 1/26/1990 #41186  
                   Henry Azadehdel calls Eric A. Walker a second time. Walk 3/8/1990 #41249  
top. Slowly, it begins to rise. He calls a friend and the sheriff’s office. 4/5/1990 #41307  
orange as its upper part rises. He calls his wife to watch the UFO too. She 5/4/1990 #41352  
ng, iridescent, perfect sphere. He calls Manakov and together they study th 9/27/1990 #41544  
 group the Farsight Institute, who calls it a “Death Trap.” Former SRI cont 1/1991 #41740  
VNZ 5 glowing UFO's prompt spate / calls to local radio station.            4/2/1991 #41823  
Company of the Military Police. He calls colleagues and is greeted with jok 4/11/1991 #41830  
 to meet a source about a story he calls “the Octopus.” This centers on a s 8/10/1991 #41943  
requently received harassing phone calls late at night; that some of them w 8/10/1991 #41943  
       WYONG AND TOUKLEY, AUS Many calls / cops. Round silent object with b 4/28/1992 #42229  
Night. A man in Brighton, England, calls the RAF to report a brightly lit U 11/1992 #42495  
nd it at 2:20 a.m. There were four calls to the Ohio Highway Patrol of UFO  4/8/1993 #42727  
     BRIGHTON, ONT MUFON swamped / calls. 10 night lights join large orange 6/23/1993 #42826  
constituents and witnesses. Schiff calls the lack of response “astounding”  1/12/1994 #43166  
         BARKING, LONDON, ENG Many calls. 4 bright white night lights circl 2/21/1994 #43219  
LMER, AK 15 observer(s) and police calls. Silent cylinder/cylindrical objec 3/17/1994 #43256  
ght lights and horseshoe shape. 30 calls / 1 day. Date approximate.         6/22/1994? #43374  
                JACKSON HOLE, WY 7 calls / NURC and news. 1-7 night lights  9/18/1994 (approximate) #43557  
              BACUP, LANCS Several calls / police. Metallic pink-glow kidne 10/4/1994 (approximate) #43578  
              CLARKSON, KY Several calls / police etc. UFO on videotape. Me 12/4/1994 #43676  
ANA, CA 9 observer(s) and many 911 calls. 6-8 arrowhead objects become squa 3/12/1995 #43884  
 fake silo hovers low. Observer(s) calls / car-phone. Object going [to] clo 4/15/1995 #43948  
he surface of the still water. She calls her husband, who gets binoculars a 4/18/1995 #43953  
de. 1 larger / others. Several 911 calls and MUFON investigating.           5/19/1995 #44009  
                  LANGLEY, VA Many calls. Army helicopters. Cylinder/cylind 6/11/1995 #44045  
HYALLA, SOUTH AUSTR 6 cops and 100 calls. Very big red night lights going u 7/19/1995 #44106  
just over house. Whirring sound. 6 calls.                                   7/21/1995 #44111  
                CONCORDIA, KS Many calls / sheriff. "2 circular spheres wit 9/21/1995 #44291  
                              Many calls were received by the Sheriff depar 9/21/1995 #44293  
d(s) Lake Butte des Morts. Several calls / cops.                            11/2/1995 #44375  
             GOSFORD, NSW Dozens / calls to police. Huge cylinder/cigar-sha 12/30/1995 #44447  
he cattle, which are agitated. She calls her husband, Eurico Rodrigues, and 1/13/1996 #44477  
Souza, He replies yes, and the man calls him over and says, “What you saw,  1/13/1996 #44478  
t tall. Later that morning several calls came into the local fire departmen 1/20/1996 #44494  
k going east / 300' altitude. Many calls.                                   5/27/1996 #44710  
n the media, and MP Martin Redmond calls for an investigation by RAF Air De 10/5/1996 #44853  
tor in Jackson, Ohio, receives two calls describing a group of red lights m 10/16/1996 #44870  
oes not reveal this until 2007; he calls the object “otherworldly.” One ove 3/13/1997 #45026  
Safety Arizona Gov. Fife Symington calls a press conference, stating that “ 6/19/1997 #45129  
ues Vallée writes that Bob Bigelow calls him and tells him Jim West, presid 1/24/2000 #45734  
ld Noarlunga, South Australia, and calls out his wife to watch. Over the ne 8/5/2000 #45828  
moving at a high rate of speed. He calls a neighbor to come watch the displ 7/26/2002 #46166  
 station but they had had no other calls.                                   9/15/2002 #46199  
an undisclosed party.  Wilson next calls a program manager attached to the  10/16/2002 #46218  
st before 9:00 p.m. Many telephone calls came into the fire department of T 6/22/2003 #46357  
s red and shiny as a Coke can. She calls her husband, Mark Murphy, who is i 8/11/2003 #46374  
 elderly whistleblowers—a woman he calls the Black Widow, Al Barker, Bill S 6/2005 #46648  
ter, and a retired military man he calls the Colonel. In 2001, the Black Wi 6/2005 #46648  
wing FAA aware of multiple inbound calls about “disc” seen by employees and 1/1/2007 #46800  
h the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, calls Maj. Karl Lewis, spokesman for the 1/8/2008 #46917  
 Parliament Member Mario Borghezio calls for the European Union to have its 6/14/2010 #47092  
ia hotlines are flooded with phone calls. Two luminous objects circling in  10/11/2010 #47109  
     Author Nick Redfern states he calls a representative of the Air Force  3/31/2011 #47131  
luding the use of what GCHQ itself calls ‘false flag operations’ and emails 2/24/2014 #47211  
  Sweden Russia Netherlands Sweden calls off its search for the mysterious  10/24/2014 #47229  
ff’s Office, receives more than 30 calls from locals reporting drones “zipp 12/31/2019 #47438  
rger, and states he received phone calls from a “mechanical voice” when he  3/20/2020 #47455  
e by the end of June 2021. It also calls for a streamlined reporting struct 12/27/2020 #47487  
r Dean Kirby analyzes 128 separate calls to 16 police forces since 2016 tha 1/1/2021 #47490  
y have no easy way of counting the calls and three saying they would each h 1/1/2021 #47490  
ources are now “terrified” when he calls them.  https://www.reddit.com/r/UF 12/17/2021 #47552  
l Defense Authorization Act, which calls on the military to provide an annu 5/17/2022 #47577  
rt on UFOs, or what the government calls unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP 1/12/2023 #47624  

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ich is also identified here by its callsign “Giant Killer,” is not able to  11/18/2013 #47204  

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 the weather remained consistently calm and serene throughout this remarkab 2/1382 #124  
s remarkable event, witnessed on a calm night, led Michelangelo to paint an 1513 #168  
 above them. The sky was clear and calm, and these objects remained visible 11/13/1547 #186  
ême and Cognac, France A clear and calm day turned unusual when a multitude 1608 #232  
e crew reefing topsails, an abrupt calm ensued accompanied by intense heat  6/18/1845 #558  
currence took place under warm and calm weather conditions.                 8/25/1846 #561  
 was seen gliding along rapidly in calm air over Le Pin, Isere, France by f 9/16/1954 #11736  
 was watching his cows on a clear, calm morning when he suddenly observed,  5/31/1955 #13594  
ear, starry night, and the sea was calm. A big orange-colored ball of light 6/12/1958 #16584  
y appear only when she is mentally calm. The lights are the size of a quart Fall 1962 #18965  
y restless animals and went out to calm them. Fifteen min later he saw an o 1/11/1963 #19164  
y restless animals and goes out to calm them. Fifteen minutes later he sees 1/11/1963 #19165  
tless farm animals and went out to calm them. Fifteen minutes later he saw  1/11/1963 #19166  
, and all three of the boys become calm and frozen. For a few more minutes, 8/28/1963 #19454  
d, telling the witnesses to remain calm for there was nothing to fear, and  2/21/1965 #20373  
e school. Three adults came out to calm the child and also saw the object c 4/22/1966 #21931  
m, and it took a period of time to calm him sufficiently to get his story.  11/2/1967 #24965  
Strange curtain drops. Voice = "be calm". Cube going down. 30 minute(s) / m 6/2/1969 (approximate) #26763  
.m. He then heard