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Word: "y&bly", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rt!'lduy hono:3 Ju. or Kir.~ 1 ~l!!Y&blY c.oul:l n, TAllund n e1:y for tn d 2009 Page #182  

Word: "y'iqc", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Al :.1;,-rtt. ln M~tMC"teJ l4St ll.Y'IQc. .. -"I~~ ...... I·-· l::n ~.':1:6 2007 Page #176  

Word: "y's", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

their version of the Carvel Compan y's famous Flying Saucer ice cream sandw 2007 Page #65  

Word: "y-", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

17 R2 - 0.5393 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 y- 0.8109x -0.7385 R2 = 1 5.0 0.0 I T T  2004 Page #239  
-,,.:;-,,.,-,~ · c:..J-~ 't;:, ,._.y-.;a.,:,,~,~ --~ "-'..,_.._... 0 c.;~ ~ 2007 Page #162  
rm I anding of 'shining disk· ••• ,y-,. .... -t--- _, _______ ,~-- ===-=~.. 2009 Page #150  

Word: "y-i", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 I ovt 110:.-. c..:.1 i.-~S-~\./.\ Y-i.£.; c:· • ~~ , ~ · . ..;-:""; cc:n., 2007 Page #73  

Word: "y1ne", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

N J.1■1Nn atna., w..t Coast lMo ■, Y1ne S\., S.l~, Callt. .-.a• ....._ • ~  2009 Page #174  

Word: "y1ng", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

                            THE FL Y1NG TRUSS BRIDGE - (SIGHTED W~RCH !,TH. 2009 Page #114  

Word: "y2k", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 brand, King of UFO, Sauce A Pore, Y2K Yakisoba (spiced pork flavor)." We c 2007 Page #66  
of the term 'King of UFO,' but the Y2K product was of course manufactur ed  2007 Page #66  

Word: "y=", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

1.0 18.0 15.0 12.0 9.0 6.0 3.0 0.0 y= 0.8092x - 0.857 = 1 y= 0.7419x - 0.52 2004 Page #239  
6.0 3.0 0.0 y= 0.8092x - 0.857 = 1 y= 0.7419x - 0.5272 = 1 le tx Co cb PNC3 2004 Page #239  

Word: "y\j60~l", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

'0:'J 'TO 1:H iAr...E,-. '11,,IA'T Y\J60~L.J, V ~FIC\Al...\ AIU S'TUO"OH U- 2009 Page #114  

Word: "ya", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n.nd "hi lf~ hr.-t,c:.r;: {or r:r;,ya il~r=o:-Ct.:.y .. n-... .-1 :ii 1 Gl  2008 Page #57  

Word: "yag\gahtic", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

.NO SlLH 8Y Tk:)US,AJoiO~; !1'&.J..YAG\GAHTIC ~(:M,•SK.~ U..J.:A5EO u,o ·s. 2009 Page #115  

Word: "yakisoba", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd, King of UFO, Sauce A Pore, Y2K Yakisoba (spiced pork flavor)." We can o 2007 Page #66  

Word: "yakov", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Much Western Exposure at Cambridge Yakov B. Zel'dovich • Worked in Space an 2004 Page #159  
 • Pyotr Kapitsa • Marshal aukov • Yakov Zel'dovich • A. Ioffc • Yakov Terl 2004 Page #160  
ov • Yakov Zel'dovich • A. Ioffc • Yakov Terletslcy • Mstislav Keldysh • Ig 2004 Page #160  
ual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference Yakov Terletsky • Beria Controlled opera 2004 Page #165  

Word: "yakovlev", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

oyan- Gureivich • (MiG) • Sukhoi • Yakovlev • Ilyushin Tsarist UFO Flap of  2004 Page #165  

Word: "yale", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 the other. Or between Harvard and Yale versus your local community college 2005 Page #76  
ning for the Episcopal ministry at Yale University Divinity School. He curr 2006 Page #195  
 Harrimans had been members of the Yale secret society Skull and Bones and  2008 Page #129  
l, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT and Yale. One of the institutions closely co 2008 Page #134  

Word: "yaliagr", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

gMaa wrtah 4a art iwrfrte ta eewrt yaliagr with ragari te Qrtaa. I» yrteaar 2003 Page #215  

Word: "yallay-", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

hlsh 4a as* iWot to aMst Ac^sfcsn. yallay- with rajiwt. to Chlaa* Xa jaooor 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yaluable", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Majic E)'es 011b1, Ryan has done a Yaluable service to all UFO researchers  2005 Page #119  

Word: "yandemark", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Men and the Atomic Bomb, by Brian YanDeMark, 2003). After the war, he was  2009 Page #9  

Word: "yaoi", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

umentary team directed by Jun-Ichi Yaoi chartered a plane and flew, with Co 2006 Page #177  
 the interview video by contacting Yaoi through independent channels. We we 2006 Page #177  

Word: "yapacane", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n the area of Buen Retiro near the Yapacane River. According to the informa 2004 Page #11  

Word: "yar", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

iratallV af —to.Ing  taaaral tada —yar to Cklaa vltk a f— saalrtaata to cob 2003 Page #221  
Centers Tracking Stations Kapustin Yar Plesetsk Balkonur PSS TsUP NIPS Spac 2004 Page #156  
-2(A-4) missiles moved to Kapustin Yar • Korolev, Glushko and others moved  2004 Page #158  
ushko and others moved to Kapustin Yar • Later in early 1960's a UFO study  2004 Page #158  
FO study unit placed near Kapustin Yar Lavrenti Beria KFB • Infamous as hea 2004 Page #158  
rash Retrieval Conference Kapustin Yar Crash of 12.08.89 • Disk was Eight-n 2004 Page #173  

Word: "yard", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

dobe house with a weU in the front yard and a nice shiny pickup truck that  2005 Page #153  
 a young boy standing in our front yard with the rest of my family, staring 2006 Page #182  
generation Center (AMARC) or "bone yard" at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (A 2009 Page #72  

Word: "yardli", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

d they ret0k943 trivSy Ina. he ....Yardli to a rays hariler 150 Oktlibd IS  2006 Page #30  

Word: "yards", 14 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rge sole which was found about 150 yards below the gap. I think it original 2003 Page #48  
 first. On a rocky slope about ten yards away, I found the small dried rubb 2003 Page #49  
e tiny pieces of sole ended up ten yards up the slope is a mystery. The lay 2003 Page #49  
 now that's an area of about fifty Yards square, underground, where the und 2004 Page #52  
 down a plane at a range of 20,000 yards at an altitude of 30,000 feet." Fo 2004 Page #66  
saw "a UFO not more than a hundred yards away. It was making absolutely no  2005 Page #70  
/e finaU) worked our way to within yards of the wreckage, fearing the worst 2005 Page #155  
ted flight path and the whole nine yards. YOU SAY 'X, Y, 0.' MOST PEOPLE WO 2006 Page #152  
 oh I'd say, three to five hundred yards where it went across the sand." It 2006 Page #176  
 creating large splash approx 1500 yards northwest" 32 of their boat. The r 2006 Page #184  
 splashdown roughly 1,000 to 1,500 yards off of Carter Point on southern Lu 2006 Page #184  
 down approximately 1,000 to 1,500 yards off the southern end of Lummi Isla 2006 Page #188  
sign and drove down about 10 to 20 yards to where there is a road that goes 2008 Page #79  
            and I was thrown a few yards. I lost my senses for a moment, bu 2008 Page #100  

Word: "yardstick", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

d its charge (the k-number) is the yardstick of performance. \Xlith air as  2005 Page #171  

Word: "yarn", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

y—iMltty yea nM ■eke it wlaar that yarn are an a fact-Hartl ng adnaian asad 2003 Page #226  

Word: "yarns", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rs, had been "firmly traced to the yarns spun by [Newton and Gebauer]," 25  2004 Page #219  

Word: "yarsatlaal", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

aaald deal site tto a£teatl — la a yarsatlaal and to—Halal aa—ar« Ito jpobS 2003 Page #221  

Word: "yartame", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s? co^saha ef the rtmW ( —tit. art yartaMe erteaqpMMM if vMate yea 9^ reeaa 2003 Page #215  

Word: "yartisalar", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ralsal of the sltaatlca there with yartisalar reforeaeo ta aa oooaaals al*  2003 Page #223  

Word: "yartlcalatr", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ww trip Jtea* 4© aafc* an _oi lij© yartlcalatr x«f«r©a*t t© ^tn «ccn«djB pr 2003 Page #216  

Word: "yas", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

saica in Ksb * Merino is ccopletsd yas. ■cdSX proceed on a brief trip to tt 2003 Page #212  

Word: "yasiliev", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ounts of Tunguska (Crash) by N. V. Yasiliev, A. F. Kovalevsky , S. A. Razin 2008 Page #103  

Word: "yasr", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

wi that aaalstaaao la.aat yiwnu *m yasr wtsrlm la Chim Is smylstot ym will  2003 Page #223  

Word: "yasysyyttn", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

41. To 2hi4f of Nottl POrcomel t 4:yasysyyttn, ,...ffteer.Atlantla 2449.1o. 2006 Page #39  

Word: "yaw", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 you* nlaalm la China in eanplated yaw will pranat co a brief trip te Keren 2003 Page #226  

Word: "yawning", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

to a particular market. There is a yawning social chasm dividing the Nen1 Y 2005 Page #76  

Word: "yawr", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

tailwaa ef the Oa— aaib* fa Making yawr afpndaal it in daalrad that y* '□Sf 2003 Page #226  

Word: "yayshaleioal", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ypealaal f the political, amaooio, yayshaleioal aa* clS£t37?7 aiteaMaoe — r 2003 Page #223  

Word: "ya•jis~e", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

:i tY SJ:~ TM~ .G" ~f. ~r..:. 1,uD YA•JIS~E.O o·..-,i: 'Tl-IE f40((Jl.Ot,.. 2009 Page #128  

Word: "ycloepdia", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

1be1~ 1952, pages 2, 4 The UFO El/(ycloepdia , 2'1d Edition, Jerome Clark,  2007 Page #77  

Word: "ycor", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

.:.:.;r---.; c:i.;...:.:.-:.. help ycor c.c.nrch. J wJ 11 t'IO)d b.'K·~ ir; 2008 Page #57  

Word: "ycra", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

er to ascertain whether be desires ycra to es©@© st3 Tia Kirtland AXE. Im w 2003 Page #212  

Word: "ye", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

•a ?'-."lj',X..-.!':!i '" =i,:,cry ye.arc ;1,--p ::.nly cc:,:un ~U--ct:. .a 2008 Page #57  
 Scenes ■ 1975: An E..'traordinary Ye:ir ■ 1975: UFOs and the Spanish I\·Wi 2008 Page #159  
.KY SATl:1.i..1n ~~ VIIJ&l,.l 0 I. YE A.NO SlLH 8Y Tk:)US,AJoiO~; !1'&.J..Y 2009 Page #115  
)On was not conneclcci In :my tl1c ye.irs lllat preceded Ilic wa_t·· jw.:y  2009 Page #184  

Word: "ye-a", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Cases at the End of 1980 ■ 1980: A Ye-a r of Intrigue ■ The Cash-Landrun 1  2008 Page #162  

Word: "yea", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 year ayyrtlrtl it la rtartrt that yea )TMm4 with CoCcriirrsS tm aaar frtHa 2003 Page #215  
tag the fl rtf aye c? y~E? rteaiaa yea artel* aartawer te atate ae aaartaal 2003 Page #215  
t. art yartaMe erteaqpMMM if vMate yea 9^ reeaartai^ aaa trt jrakatle eaeee 2003 Page #215  
aae it art gtaau Tea vlU tart with yea ahrt ■ayarta  aMaarw art aaalataata  2003 Page #215  
t the omatry. Mfsro ywlac to loros yea will eommdsaie with team! laahrthor  2003 Page #223  
or ta ssoortsiii whether he *aalrm yea ta promo* ▼la Tokyo. Im will take wi 2003 Page #223  
d iMtav ia peeltitan af may—iMltty yea nM ■eke it wlaar that yarn are an a  2003 Page #226  
           :?O FEB 1954 -MUROC AFB YEA, RlGHT -\VANNA BUY A BRlDGE? THE ONE 2008 Page #153  

Word: "yeah", 54 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ced the night before, he replied, "Yeah they get plenty big around here, bu 2003 Page #46  
 friend floored him by saying, "Oh yeah, the Shag Harbor crash. But you kno 2004 Page #44  
ompton was down there... Friedman: Yeah. Sarbacher: I was told that they ha 2004 Page #92  
at year this was? Sarbacher: Well, yeah. Let's see... Freddie (Darwin) was  2004 Page #92  
nything, did we learn anything? A: Yeah. I think so. In a later interview A 2004 Page #99  
 or UFOs? UFOs. I would always say yeah. I would always say, "What — Are yo 2004 Page #181  
 Air Force base." He kind of went "Yeah, well, I'll tell you." Emenegger we 2004 Page #184  
Conference That's what we thought, yeah! (laughs) BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING 2006 Page #147  
or four times. WITH UFOS ON RADAR? Yeah. AND SOMEBODY SAYING THIS DID NOT H 2006 Page #148  
 THAT PULSE OF WHATEVER ENERGY...? Yeah, I called him up later on another l 2006 Page #148  
AT. IT WAS JUST A NORM) EXERCISE.' Yeah, well, that's the way they used to  2006 Page #150  
UT YOU ALL KNEW THAT WAS A LIE Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Bill: "I've always been  2006 Page #150  
 KNEW THAT WAS A LIE Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Bill: "I've always been wanting to 2006 Page #150  
 other damage. OR BURNS? Or burns, yeah. Here is another rendition (Photogr 2006 Page #159  
ND THIS REMINDED YOU OF REPTILIAN? Yeah, you could tell it was sort of rept 2006 Page #159  
THAT ALSO REMIND YOU OF A REPTILE? Yeah. [Picks up another drawing of alien 2006 Page #159  
KING ABOUT THE 1940S TO THE 1990S? Yeah, from the 1940s to 1990. They had b 2006 Page #162  
to the Bible.' 1 asked him, 'Look, yeah, you have the Bible, OK? But it's n 2006 Page #162  
e able to handle it. He said, 'Oh, yeah, you think so? Could you handle it? 2006 Page #163  
in the lake and they were gone." ■"Yeah, right. ~--·--- IN TH£ BLEACH ms h  2007 Page #44  
London and lived with my step dad. Yeah, I remember them sitting me down an 2007 Page #79  
oned by you outside of school? GM: Yeah l don't think they even had any com 2007 Page #80  
. Did you find the case? GM: Yeah my Physics teacher was great :M\XI: 2007 Page #80  
e sensible family around ) ou? GM: Yeah they are pretty unmarked . One of m 2007 Page #82  
us trouble for things you did. GM: Yeah I got into trouble for ripping up l 2007 Page #82  
irst job? Was it eaS) for you? GM: Yeah it was ok because to me it was all  2007 Page #82  
                        L --GM: Oh yeah! You wouldn't be threatened with 70 2007 Page #87  
 links co the UFO subject. :.M\X/: Yeah I think hacker lore says ,cNever ha 2007 Page #89  
ilitary network in Washington! GM: Yeah and if it had really happened then  2007 Page #90  
my dad. DeBow: He was scared? Joe: Yeah my dad was scared. You know my dad  2007 Page #123  
idents of Albuquerque, New Mexico: Yeah. Aunt: We heard that it had landed  2007 Page #166  
ediately! Aunt: Immediately! Paul: Yeah, he was very agitated. Aunt: He mea 2007 Page #168  
Aunt: He meant what he said. Paul: Yeah, he was very, very serious and he l 2007 Page #168  
ople around it. mil' Mom and Aunt: Yeah. The 1tary. 162                     2007 Page #168  
r direction towards the cars. Mom: Yeah. Paul: But for the most part, they  2007 Page #169  
 or less on a rod.-y surface. Mom: Yeah, the hjlJ was at an angle to it. IS 2007 Page #169  
re corrung up the road also. Paul: Yeah, there were other people corrung up 2007 Page #169  
p there in that line or not. Aunt: Yeah, I don't remember seeing anybody ah 2007 Page #169  
body ahead of us or in back. Paul: Yeah, I was pretty young and I don't rem 2007 Page #169  
) behind us that I remember. Paul: Yeah, because we came up and we were spa 2007 Page #169  
IS ALREADY IN OPERATION . All: Oh, yeah! Paul: They were here before us, wh 2007 Page #170  
hjcles driving into the area. Mom: Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. A 2007 Page #170  
 we were that rught. Mom and Aunt: Yeah!· Paul: We were -for this kind of t 2007 Page #170  
we thought we could. Qaughs) Paul: Yeah, we got a lot closer than you would 2007 Page #170  
 We were very close! Qaughs) Paul: Yeah, because they only had one guy turn 2007 Page #170  
D ABOUT 40 FEET IN DIAMETER? Paul: Yeah, approximately 40 feet, judging by  2007 Page #170  
 the side of a hiil. Mom and Aunt: Yeah! (both laugh) Mom: Very strange. AN 2007 Page #171  
g lower in altitude. Mom and Paul: Yeah, I'm sure they saw it for a long ti 2007 Page #171  
anything. We didn't! Qaughs) Paul: Yeah, I don 'c know if they were contact 2007 Page #171  
't going to get any answers. Paul: Yeah, yeah because he was very, very ste 2007 Page #171  
ng to get any answers. Paul: Yeah, yeah because he was very, very stem abou 2007 Page #171  
h -that's what you would see. WOW! Yeah! Yeah, to say the least. It was ve, 2009 Page #65  
t's what you would see. WOW! Yeah! Yeah, to say the least. It was ve,y unus 2009 Page #65  
E OF US HAVE HEARD ABOUT EVEN YET? Yeah, here we are 30 years later. We sti 2009 Page #85  

Word: "yean", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

presented Xnox County for eighteen yean. •rotks are almost hysterical• Even 2007 Page #145  

Word: "year", 182 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Cape Girardeau being the town, the year, in spring, she said light jackets, 2003 Page #36  
 the small shoe sole was found the year before. Whether the sole was washed 2003 Page #49  
sed on the observation of an eight year old boy, who lived within walking d 2003 Page #54  
utes before five." I was a sixteen year old teenager in 1965 when the Kecks 2003 Page #54  
object fell into that wash area. A year later (1988) , a tip was received t 2003 Page #63  
ssified by the Government's Thirty Year Ruling tell an intriguing tale. In  2003 Page #74  
ansfers to Princeton the following year. It is also at Princeton that he de 2003 Page #85  
lon dies. He also marries the same year. His wife Josephine Ogden is a form 2003 Page #85  
all Street and is making $70,000 a year by 1938, a millionaire by contempor 2003 Page #85  
 dies of a heart attack later that year, Roosevelt has Forrestal sworn in a 2003 Page #86  
cept an unknown. That June of that year the Soviet Army blockades West Berl 2003 Page #88  
owed your broadcasts over the last year or so and have been considering whe 2003 Page #97  
m the University of Michigan. That year, he had also completed his Ph.D. co 2003 Page #111  
 had occurred on July 16th of that year. Whoever had written the letter had 2003 Page #146  
ppened in early August of the same year. But had these lights been flying a 2003 Page #148  
bjects being kept there® ?ng=fe of year sadouluu. there win deal with the n 2003 Page #212  
of State 7/9/47, elb XTMK S3 raMay year ayyrtlrtl it la rtartrt that yea )T 2003 Page #215  
aa aaaaaaaay ta trt effWetiWMaM af year rtaalrt. "Approved Harrs'- S. Truma 2003 Page #215  
ag ibjj •f your otowtow yw ^o«M k° year X tb» Maraotw, •M®*, mUtrwe ukM jw  2003 Page #216  
* cO&tsy ®£SX b1m1s la the arm. Is year ilaawari —■ with OMaeaa qsbS, laaie 2003 Page #223  
 rurart and jnM. Ja the scssrco ■£ year awrvay yen will mi ptala Uaiaan wit 2003 Page #226  
n* Xa jiraaanMRg the £te£t£?zcc af year niaaiaa yon ahawM andaawr ta wtata  2003 Page #226  
aa aeeeoeary te the affkel hare of year nlaalcBu Jhly 9» 1947 Approved (Sgd 2003 Page #226  
es sometime in It-late August this year. The President was given a Limited  2003 Page #234  
 that showed that in the following year (specifically the month of August), 2004 Page #10  
he CIA's papers for August of that year: Writing in the German magazine "De 2004 Page #12  
had occurred in the same month and year in the eastern part of Somaliland.  2004 Page #16  
ill note, -this report is almost s year old and was originally classified m 2004 Page #18  
lestr !testicle' ettvorle up to W. year l9S5 4-1 the atcOnd stage tract tha 2004 Page #20  
S5 4-1 the atcOnd stage tract that year lentil !OW, s 'being planned." , ri 2004 Page #20  
The government." Case died about a year later. With the headstone and grave 2004 Page #31  
dger Part 1: The Beginning When 18 year old fisherman Laurie Wickens dialed 2004 Page #34  
e coast. Part 3: The Story About a year and a half before I got involved in 2004 Page #42  
 investigating the case for over a year. Chris' friend floored him by sayin 2004 Page #44  
there to house these people, for a year, all of them. Now, we're talking tr 2004 Page #52  
of these documents this twenty-two year old news story was news again, and  2004 Page #58  
al national MUFON conference, that year held at American University in Wash 2004 Page #58  
 disc each saw in Hart Canyon. The year given was 1948. Now, for the first  2004 Page #72  
 from the press and public. In the year 1952, Truman's appointed Majestic-1 2004 Page #80  
nt itself. In 1967, the centennial year of the country, the Defense Ministe 2004 Page #87  
 west. Friedman: OK. Any idea what year this was? Sarbacher: Well, yeah. Le 2004 Page #92  
cuments is Tim Cooper. In the past year, the Woods have released a commenda 2004 Page #101  
er near Washington in July of that year — 1952. I showed it to the Admiral. 2004 Page #102  
h up until that time. In that same year — 1957 — and until 1970, Stringfiel 2004 Page #108  
Cincinnati UFO Society. A landmark year for Stringfield was 1977: he served 2004 Page #108  
 as an advisor in November of that year to Prime Minister, Sir Eric Gairy o 2004 Page #108  
80 REPORTS • Report number • Event Year • Location and Country • Alien? (ye 2004 Page #109  
gned a Report Number, relating the year involved — preferably a crash retri 2004 Page #110  
ens, craft, and recovery teams. No Year Location A C T 0 D Contacts Report  2004 Page #110  
h he could no longer remember what year it had happened. The base commandin 2004 Page #134  
ncident, often claim that no fifty year cover- up of such profound dimensio 2004 Page #140  
 mentioned at this conference last year, Bourassa was also important becaus 2004 Page #176  
ed as being true twice in the last year. 177                                2004 Page #180  
rces were trained at least twice a year just to keep up their proficiency.  2004 Page #188  
f Moore's, and a speaker here last year, described how the contact was made 2004 Page #189  
the annual MUFON symposium of that year, Leonard Stringfield related the ac 2005 Page #41  
 and alien bodies from the crucial year of 1953 surfaced. ln a letter dated 2005 Page #42  
a in 1953 -significantly, both the year and location of the Kingman crash:  2005 Page #43  
nt Sorenson, who died earlier this year.                                    2005 Page #60  
'0' offices had been able to deny, year after year, any interest whatsoever 2005 Page #73  
 had been able to deny, year after year, any interest whatsoever in UFOs, t 2005 Page #73  
tive system of government, pressed year after year for open congressional h 2005 Page #75  
 of government, pressed year after year for open congressional hearings on  2005 Page #75  
b and actual truth is substantial. Year after year goes by, and the positio 2005 Page #76  
l truth is substantial. Year after year goes by, and the position of the Un 2005 Page #76  
 repeat this to the general public year after year. The academic establishm 2005 Page #76  
s to the general public year after year. The academic establishm ent also h 2005 Page #76  
 replied that he could not. Yet, a year later, he confided to Goodall that  2005 Page #82  
ht in complete silence. Again, the year of the Norton Air Force Base demons 2005 Page #84  
ncisco Franco in 1975 led within a year co the release of several hundred S 2005 Page #84  
na in 1954. On December 14 of that year, this series of cloud-bustin g oper 2005 Page #88  
mmonplace from 1934 on. Lacer that year, Reich immigrated to Scandinavia. H 2005 Page #89  
ash Retrieval Conference following year. He settled in Forest Hills, a then 2005 Page #90  
ould have met in Tucson later that year, but Douglas had to be hospitalized 2005 Page #97  
d to receive this film because the year before, at the 1993 Mutual UFO Netw 2005 Page #126  
A Decade Later Photographer of the Year three times. He is, in fact, the mo 2005 Page #149  
re than four decades later, in the year 2002, they were brought together th 2005 Page #154  
dded to the list up to the present year. However, investigators have obtain 2005 Page #166  
nts Dr. Robert M. Wood 98 1974 The Year of Crashed UFOs Alien Viruses and B 2006 Page #3  
i. These are only 118th of a light year apart from each other, but are a bi 2006 Page #5  
 going through O'Hare Airport in a year and the huge variety of reasons for 2006 Page #6  
 first A-bomb (1949) by at least a year. C. What if an announcement were ma 2006 Page #9  
e served in the U.S. Army for a 22 year period from 1969 to 1990. He claims 2006 Page #16  
arios of Contact 7. For the entire year of 1949, there is virtually no UFO  2006 Page #46  
were on the site. I hope that next year I can provide an update on the hard 2006 Page #47  
ished," he insisted. The following year, my friend and colleague Tony Moore 2006 Page #80  
 recall the exact date or even the year. A researcher might be lured into t 2006 Page #85  
Mrs. May and a visiting cousin, 17 year old Eugene Lemon, grabbed their fla 2006 Page #90  
 were joined by another boy, a six year old, who straggled along behind the 2006 Page #90  
oduct of 'mass hysteria." Did a 32 year old woman and six country boys all  2006 Page #99  
was revealed in July, 1952 of that year and only weeks before September 12, 2006 Page #99  
vement with the UFO's earlier that year and the 96                          2006 Page #99  
ritish Astronomer Royal, 1956, one year before Sputnik 4 Shklovskii and Sag 2006 Page #101  
2 In summary, Villas-Boas was a 23 year old farmer in Brazil on a tractor i 2006 Page #109  
e runner, Merrill Bahe, a nineteen year old Native American of the Navaho n 2006 Page #110  
n the way to the funeral of his 24 year old girlfriend who had died less th 2006 Page #110  
ent population were both huge that year • The epidemic (later identified as 2006 Page #112  
 mutilations occurred in 1976, one year after Stockholm's gold lined Temin' 2006 Page #113  
e of CJD, one case per million per year. In familial CJD, it is known that  2006 Page #114  
                         1974: THE YEAR OF CRASHED UFOS, ALIEN VIRUSES, AND 2006 Page #119  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #120  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #122  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #124  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #126  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #128  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #130  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #132  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #134  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #136  
now dead. Only in February of this year did the notes and documents come in 2006 Page #136  
rash Retrieval Conference the same year - and possibly in Rencilesham Fores 2006 Page #137  
                         1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And  2006 Page #138  
: Military Voices Title Slide Last year 1 began reporting about the researc 2006 Page #139  
avy in Naples, Italy. Earlier this year, he contacted me to talk on the rec 2006 Page #156  
 an old file, but the gauge of the year would have to be from the 1930s or  2006 Page #158  
 for the excitement of an election year and the anticipation of an upcoming 2006 Page #183  
ornia Angels). Near the end of the year, in the cold, crisp light of day, a 2006 Page #186  
nted criminal to be jailed for one year and fined $5,000.00: "The NASA admi 2006 Page #202  
still sends a Christmas card every year! Physical Evidence Occasionally, in 2006 Page #206  
h Lecture Series. During that same year, Robert Bigelow financed several UN 2006 Page #206  
jll, perhaps, a few Americans each year? ► U.S. government secrecy which ha 2007 Page #36  
tional product was aimed at 3 co 8 year olds and formulated for public as w 2007 Page #63  
ve." .... -.... ·• ·. '•/ -~l .. A year after introducing their version of  2007 Page #65  
associacion . Throughout 1989, the year the Soviet Union began to disintegr 2007 Page #67  
n fifty and one hundred times that year. In 2006 the distingwshed UFO write 2007 Page #67  
 person wili spend 5,880 minutes a year on our celJ phone, leaving 519,720  2007 Page #70  
en after sitting in a drawer for a year. The ad appeared in Pop11/ar Scienc 2007 Page #71  
of this world" as well. Early this year a similar abduction themed ad appea 2007 Page #71  
l. GM: Funnily enough in the first year and second year at secondar y schoo 2007 Page #80  
nough in the first year and second year at secondar y school there was an a 2007 Page #80  
s they said it was a three co five year period in the militaf)' when you jo 2007 Page #81  
 a while though, which was about 1 year of bullying. Which is quite a long  2007 Page #82  
h to get by. However there was a 5 year period where I was just living in a 2007 Page #92  
f looked egg-shaped. DeBow: \Y/hat year approx..imatel y are you going to e 2007 Page #122  
 know, that particular time of the year, it was not unusual to get what we  2007 Page #122  
a veritable rash of reports in the year 1960 alone. One such report reads t 2007 Page #139  
r 1974 headlines -a year that stands out in the past half ce 2007 Page #145  
 Holloman AFB near Alamogordo. One year later on July 1, 1971, ~rtla~~ merg 2007 Page #162  
to the one that crashed nearby one year later. Also similar were the three  2007 Page #191  
                          even the year of the event was uncertain. In this 2007 Page #200  
, especially given the time of the year. It would mean that something had f 2008 Page #14  
Sign and Grudge. Between 1948 (the year that saw the creation of Project Si 2008 Page #23  
ion of Project Sign) and 1969 (the year in which Project Blue Book was offi 2008 Page #23  
d into force on 10 October of that year: In the exploration and use of oute 2008 Page #36  
mber industry is boom or bust this year. In 1979 Larry Sweet worked as a sh 2008 Page #43  
 June 14, 1987, Donald Betts, a 67 year old area resident completed a MU FO 2008 Page #47  
rcement officers, I learned the 18 year old son of resident Deputy Wenzel,  2008 Page #48  
of these acts was the so-called 30 Year Rule, which did pretty much what it 2008 Page #61  
artment I left in 2006, after a 21 year career, was virtually unrecognizabl 2008 Page #62  
oD UFO documents was taken in that year. It was agreed by Defense ministers 2008 Page #62  
 extent until 1921. It was in that year that Leonid Kulik, who was a Russia 2008 Page #98  
ip he had made during the previous year to see the atomic devastation that  2008 Page #102  
930s, Lee was being paid $25,000 a year for disseminating pro-Nazi propagan 2008 Page #127  
is, having worked undercover for a year in Vichy, France. After serving as  2008 Page #131  
ttee for Aeronautics. In 1933, the year Hitler came to power, Hunsaker beca 2008 Page #133  
ecretary of the Army in 1949 and a year later was named a special assistant 2008 Page #133  
ace Station] program was already a year behind schedule , another minor del 2008 Page #136  
olice Commission in 1924, the same year J. Edgar Hoover became director of  2008 Page #139  
SO CONUNDRUM • We (NIDS) knew Couo year, b • I chtdtd 1w story in depth and 2008 Page #151  
nment Policies Elsewhere ■ 1977: A Year of Aerial Encounters ■ UFOs that Ki 2008 Page #161  
servativ e Ufology ■ 1985: A Quiet Year ■ Reagan's (First) Alien Invasion S 2008 Page #164  
 ■ Dr. Enc Wall:er ■ 1987: A Quiet Year of UFOs ■ GulfBreeze ■ The Le::u Le 2008 Page #165  
ze ■ The Le::u Letters ■ 1987: The Year in Review ■ The Kno\;Jles Family En 2008 Page #165  
mployees on classified pages. Last year l focused on the content of two lea 2009 Page #8  
s a manned Mars landing before the year 2000. We will be comparing these do 2009 Page #10  
eetings held there by at least one year. Both of these concerns are valid.  2009 Page #13  
 document date but for a different year. Furthermore , while one could argu 2009 Page #13  
ble persons would have to certify, year by year, that continued secrecy is  2009 Page #21  
ons would have to certify, year by year, that continued secrecy is required 2009 Page #21  
ous letter about Crisman that same year, 1968, suggesting that he was invol 2009 Page #33  
ggests the month of September. The year is estimated to be in the early 196 2009 Page #39  
 Network (MUFON) Symposium of that year, Leonard Stringfield related the st 2009 Page #49  
irginia Weslyan College in 1962. A year later on February 7, 1963, he enlis 2009 Page #68  
t follow were made a little over a year before June Crain died on August 23 2009 Page #89  
 like that and her life. Just this year there has been a critically importa 2009 Page #91  
hio.43 It turns out I 94 7 was the year Wright-Patterson contracted with Ba 2009 Page #91  
 data and evidence for more than a year. They inspected the area beneath th 2009 Page #137  
o included in the documentary. One year later Lotosev and his investigators 2009 Page #137  
ld have even considered doing so a year earlier, but given the drastic chan 2009 Page #137  
FO events of June and July of that year, including: May 16, 194 7 -V2 rocke 2009 Page #156  

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For further information about next year's conference or questions contact:  2004 Page #2  
I — Downes being a speaker at last year's UFO Crash Retrieval Conference —  2004 Page #16  
is was presented in detail at last year's conference by Ryan Wood and is in 2004 Page #117  
For further information about next year's conference or questions contact:  2006 Page #2  
he very early morning hours of New Year's Eve? It would be extremely coinci 2006 Page #192  
For further information about next year's conference or questions contact:  2007 Page #3  
or further information about n_exr year's conference or questions contact:  2008 Page #3  
an Rammer's Letter I attended last year's Crash Retrieval Conference with m 2008 Page #57  
Westport UFO Crash file after last year's conference. She told me Alan Ramm 2008 Page #57  
                            On New Year's Day, 1924, the financial fate of  2008 Page #127  
For further information about next year's conference or questions contact:  2009 Page #3  

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es for over 10 years. Twenty-seven year-old Myrna Hansen had told Bennewitz 2003 Page #143  
xico on May 5th when she and her 8 year-old son saw two huge, silent object 2003 Page #143  
 is it? I'm not an expert on fifty year-old radar systems (or modern ones,  2004 Page #220  
ton's sister, Elizabeth, a twenty- year-old bank clerk, then took over the  2006 Page #120  
ores on the Washington coast, a 72 year-old woman was outraged by the Ballo 2009 Page #87  

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 for being aloof yet friendly. His yearbook refers to him somewhat propheti 2003 Page #85  

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 A slieren =Dee math of Saithnore. yearrahead of his times in dove). _Jonat 2006 Page #45  

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For further information about next years conference or questions contact: R 2003 Page #2  
nald, Ph.D. “I speak ...from three years of detailed personal research, inv 2003 Page #13  
m Lt. Robert M. Jacobs “For thirty years I've held that image in my mind. W 2003 Page #13  
m the crash site.” Source: UFOs 50 Years of denials airing on the Learning  2003 Page #14  
came from many sources in last few years, with the freshly revealed Majesti 2003 Page #21  
a specialist that spent about four years in a location to build churches, t 2003 Page #22  
 a Linotype yprinting machine a 27 years at SE Missourian newspaper d Has t 2003 Page #31  
 No children, a nephew ■ Spent two years at the FBI Academy during ‘41-’46  2003 Page #32  
n Quantico, Virginia and spent two years there on and off between 1941 and  2003 Page #32  
rvived by four brothers b Spent 34 years as Fire Chief a Wrote first electr 2003 Page #33  
would have heard about it over the years or in secretive conversations or w 2003 Page #34  
working on this case for about two years and talking with Charlette Mann on 2003 Page #38  
ation. I, like Leo Stringfield ten years earlier, came to the same conclusi 2003 Page #38  
pioneer junk piles for twenty-five years, I knew it was unique. Every piece 2003 Page #45  
s teams of archaeologists over the years. I dared not even consider any oth 2003 Page #45  
 the nearby water course in recent years because of a large blockage above. 2003 Page #45  
a virus had wiped them out several years before. 41                         2003 Page #45  
 fit an older child, ten to twelve years old. There is curling in both the  2003 Page #48  
er the sole was washed in over the years was uncovered where it lay, I do n 2003 Page #49  
the time would become so important years later. Included in the radio broad 2003 Page #54  
g the local library since I was 10 years old, searching for what informatio 2003 Page #54  
ent. Credit: Stan Gordon In recent years, more people who had involvement w 2003 Page #57  
ighbors directly involved. In past years, I had the opportunity to intervie 2003 Page #57  
len object. Romansky, who has many years experience as a machinist, said th 2003 Page #60  
hing to the affect that "in twenty years this will all be public knowledge. 2003 Page #62  
dent What Was the Object? Over the years many explanations have come to my  2003 Page #65  
ce back in those days. Mike was 14 years old then, and he remembers that ni 2003 Page #67  
 site at Kecksburg. In more recent years, I have heard rumors that are not  2003 Page #67  
irst came to my attention about 13 years ago from a tip which indicated tha 2003 Page #68  
the woods in 1965. I have said for years, "The proof is in the trees." At t 2003 Page #71  
efusal of the government almost 38 years 67                                 2003 Page #71  
                Cosmic Crashes For years it has been rumored that RAF Rudlo 2003 Page #77  
 Sutton Place. Over the next dozen years while most Americans are strugglin 2003 Page #85  
retary ’ai Mr Fnrreetal, who la 57 years reaponee to caro. I-ateat rapnrta  2003 Page #91  
 deterioration dated back over two years." Both passages - one from a good  2003 Page #94  
 belief. So it was that fifty four years ago the architected of our modern  2003 Page #95  
timonies have emerged the past few years about crashed or landed discs in d 2003 Page #98  
andad's samples. They have sat for years inside a closet with his personal  2003 Page #103  
 Layered Metal." "For the past two years, internal changes in the molecular 2003 Page #112  
" ' MostMAJOR CONCLUSIONS AFTER 37 YEARS ___■___W • J____________________ X 2003 Page #117  
ed a nearly perfect life. For many years, Bennewitz had also harbored a kee 2003 Page #141  
craft. The CIA and USAF spent many years ridiculing and downplaying the phe 2003 Page #141  
ling grounds of Kirtland. Over the years, various employees of private Air  2003 Page #142  
trange "people." For the last four years, Gabriel Valdez, an officer in the 2003 Page #143  
ting UFO contact cases for over 10 years. Twenty-seven year-old Myrna Hanse 2003 Page #143  
UFO spotters for the next 15 or 20 years. By short degrees, he began to sus 2003 Page #144  
t floated around the grapevine for years afterwards. Part of the disinforma 2003 Page #149  
 July and August Si'i 1947 missing years before, after intact . • Roswell A 2003 Page #160  
happening • Declassification takes years, you are tagged, tracked and keep  2003 Page #167  
age collected from various sources years 1947-1953 inclusive. ” 11'•8-2 203 2003 Page #174  
ed eight entries over nearly three years replacing or removing pages from t 2003 Page #181  
ults, apply the technology for ten years in the military, then release it t 2003 Page #185  
 species have been visiting us for years, and the two EBE Types I and II sh 2003 Page #187  
orldwide occupant reports over the years. Second, we have had success almos 2003 Page #187  
t we have been doing for nearly 50 years. How far have we come? To what ext 2003 Page #187  
ien species have been involved for years □ We have kept the crash recoverie 2003 Page #188  
ice during a news conference in 55 years. Franklin D. Roosevelt The only st 2003 Page #190  
 Hamilton Holt, came forward a few years back to tell a story of an inciden 2003 Page #190  
lowing has been uncovered over the years of research. MJ-12 had a "cover" u 2003 Page #194  
the National Enquirer in 1983 four years before Gleason's death. It was a s 2003 Page #194  
nfirmed the story she told so many years ago as being true. Gerald Ford Ger 2003 Page #195  
munity many times over the last 55 years. As the story goes a live alien wa 2003 Page #198  
he military industrial complex for years, and has been the focal point of m 2003 Page #202  
ncern UFO crashes in the formative years of the late 1940s and early 1950s. 2004 Page #4  
 the object. Perhaps, more than 40 years on, it still lies dormant deep bel 2004 Page #5  
.S. authorities. Nevertheless, two years later, UFOs were still very much i 2004 Page #6  
tal and military agencies over the years, I was accustomed to receiving thr 2004 Page #11  
ll the story refused to die. Three years later, I discovered, a seldom-seen 2004 Page #13  
rious one-word note, scrawled many years previous by an anonymous NSA emplo 2004 Page #14  
we don't know whether it was a few years ago — or a few hundred years ago.  2004 Page #15  
a few years ago — or a few hundred years ago. In addition, Smith made the f 2004 Page #15  
 source advised him, "but for many years now I have believed that what we h 2004 Page #15  
elve such spheres in less than ten years. By far the most interesting piece 2004 Page #16  
a source of controversy. Every few years the story is brought up again by v 2004 Page #26  
e into common usage for nearly 100 years. There were hoaxes associated with 2004 Page #28  
x about the spaceship." She was 12 years old on the day of the crash, her f 2004 Page #29  
operty in 1945 and lived there for years. Brawley died about the time the 1 2004 Page #29  
rora broke. "I heard the story for years," said Mrs. Oates, adding, "Nothin 2004 Page #29  
. Oates, adding, "Nothing grew for years in that one spot in the field wher 2004 Page #29  
ess was Mary Evans, then almost 92 years old. She said, "I was only 15 at t 2004 Page #29  
dn't know what to expect. That was years before we had any regular airplane 2004 Page #29  
his account. As a boy less than 10 years old, he was with his father puttin 2004 Page #29  
lking about the crash. "During the years I was growing up he told me the st 2004 Page #30  
 Stephens, adding he was almost 20 years old before he heard about the dead 2004 Page #30  
the grave? To compound the puzzle, years later my wife who was teaching sch 2004 Page #31  
 skies of North Texas in 1897, six years before the Wright brothers flew at 2004 Page #32  
others flew at Kitty Hawk, NJ, six years before anything man made was in th 2004 Page #32  
e of Norm Smith's uncle some three years later. The two young men, both 18  2004 Page #36  
 later. The two young men, both 18 years of age were in Dave Kendrick's Che 2004 Page #36  
g. There had been a perception for years, mostly clue to a misleading press 2004 Page #37  
ary sea foam, the fishermen stated years 36                                 2004 Page #39  
 and avoided that general area for years after when sailing through the Sou 2004 Page #40  
 to track him down after nearly 30 years, but 1 did late in 1997 and interv 2004 Page #44  
friend of his who had retired some years before from the Air Force. They ha 2004 Page #44  
t seen one another for about three years. They worked together in the circu 2004 Page #44  
nd U.K. bookstores more than seven years ago, our intention had been to giv 2004 Page #46  
lishers to forward this to you. 17 years blew by quick — I tried to forget  2004 Page #49  
the Air Force for more than twenty years and still held the appropriate sec 2004 Page #51  
oodbridge, Suffolk. Seven or eight years earlier he had been employed by th 2004 Page #52  
 been for hundreds and hundreds of years. If you walk, if you go down Frida 2004 Page #53  
from a tunnel that has been bored, years ago. You know where I'm talking ab 2004 Page #53  
ed from the Air Force after twenty years service. She had been stationed at 2004 Page #54  
ssue. It wasn't till almost twenty years later I read on the Web about the  2004 Page #55  
n these impressions. More than ten years later, I received a call from Dock 2004 Page #56  
ppi I hadn't heard from in several years. He called to say he saw previews  2004 Page #56  
pondence. As had been the case two years earlier, none of these pages repre 2004 Page #58  
d Larry first met more than twenty years ago at a MUFON conference in June  2004 Page #58  
her in upstate New York almost ten years later. He also gave Budd his mothe 2004 Page #58  
 Jersey. For the next half a dozen years or so, Larry would occasionally at 2004 Page #58  
irst going public more than twenty years ago. Nonetheless, it was still wit 2004 Page #59  
rew Kissner, written in 1994 after years of private interviews with employe 2004 Page #60  
he messages were destroyed over 40 years ago, making further inquiry about  2004 Page #61  
from 1947 to this day. For several years, one of Andy Kissner's most import 2004 Page #61  
talized experience for the past 57 years with few, even in the relevant con 2004 Page #63  
t has been in effect for nearly 60 years. If denial and misinformation in t 2004 Page #73  
 New Mexico prior to 1950. Several years ago I received a military officer' 2004 Page #73  
 animal mutilation mystery. For 25 years as an investigative reporter, I ha 2004 Page #75  
k, Alabama, February 10, 1993 Four years later on February 10, 1993 in Grov 2004 Page #77  
anada as early as 1950, only three years after the first explosion of flyin 2004 Page #85  
ert Brockhouse Smith. His brief 12 years of UFO research is one of the most 2004 Page #85  
 who had then had been dead for 20 years. Smith, you see, was dying of canc 2004 Page #86  
ing. Smith called off the landing. Years later I was one of three researche 2004 Page #87  
 you any more at the present time. Years later Dr. Sarbacher recalled that  2004 Page #91  
 the official Secret Act lasted 25 years. Therefore, I explained, after 198 2004 Page #93  
it because that would have been 25 years after his father's death. At that  2004 Page #93  
odies was not made public until 20 years after Schwartz wrote of Newton's c 2004 Page #98  
nt of Penn State University for 15 years. Walker had also been Executive Se 2004 Page #98  
ed Walker over the period of eight years to get him to tell what he knew. D 2004 Page #98  
MJ-12. I have known of them for 40 years. I believe that you're chasing aft 2004 Page #99  
trange and he was asked a question years later to try and get him to elabor 2004 Page #99  
om the military — but not on duty. Years after Dr. Walker died Canadian res 2004 Page #100  
n analyzing for the last number of years. The main figure at the center of  2004 Page #101  
950, joined Dubois Chemical for 31 years, became Director of PR and Marketi 2004 Page #107  
Second World War, he worked for 31 years at the DuBois Chemical Company, Oh 2004 Page #108  
. He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Dell, and by his daughters Collet 2004 Page #110  
uments that Len created cover many years, and include different numbering s 2004 Page #110  
 has been in the public domain for years. To do an effective assessment, it 2004 Page #117  
 keep such a thing secret over the years? Specific: • How did the military  2004 Page #120  
 numerous craft recovered over the years, why doesn't the common man unders 2004 Page #121  
g crashed flying saucers all these years, let alone reverse engineering the 2004 Page #121  
ed in recovery operations over the years. A concluding but critical factor  2004 Page #125  
d equipment have been in place for years. • Army Corps of Engineers knows h 2004 Page #126  
ed his scenario. In any case, five years or so later, Don was the recipient 2004 Page #127  
ash retrieval program underway for years, hiding the truth from everyone wi 2004 Page #129  
Inspection." The crises of earlier years have been coming out slowly. Len s 2004 Page #129  
ne would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that thi 2004 Page #132  
, Wells was writing about the last years of the 20th century. Do his words  2004 Page #132  
 Force Investigators, almost fifty years after the Roswell Incident, that h 2004 Page #133  
tors" for thousands or millions of years. Among the group of ufologists tha 2004 Page #133  
irrefutably. After more than fifty years of dispute about UFOs, we still do 2004 Page #133  
 his dad when Jesse Jr. was eleven years old in 1947. Jesse Jr. referred to 2004 Page #135  
on, a "real straight shooter." For years, Barnett told friends how he had c 2004 Page #135  
t they had seen. Nevertheless, for years Barnett told the story to friends. 2004 Page #135  
about the incident followed twelve years after The Roswell Incident book, i 2004 Page #136  
nterview with Bill Moore, a couple years after a National Enquirer story by 2004 Page #138  
he Roswell incident. About fifteen years later he declared exactly the oppo 2004 Page #139  
e seen in the desert five or seven years after the Roswell Incident happene 2004 Page #140  
inton the first president in fifty years to make a statement about the Rosw 2004 Page #140  
could not have fathomed that fifty years later, computers on the desk of ev 2004 Page #141  
oad to Roswell emulsion from fifty years ago is like a Rorschach Test — you 2004 Page #142  
 was so strange, he insisted, that years later when he met up with a counte 2004 Page #143  
 the stuff while riding the range, years after the army had come by to vacu 2004 Page #143  
pletely inconceivable that several years later, soldiers would have been se 2004 Page #143  
ked and made persona non grata for years. Talk about punishing the messenge 2004 Page #146  
m planes until about five or seven years after the Roswell Incident, but we 2004 Page #148  
eople tend to forget the dates and years that they saw all these dead space 2004 Page #148  
y occurred between 3,500 and 5,000 years ago. Tsarist Rocket Exam Results I 2004 Page #167  
as not been asked a question in 50 years. It is not hard, therefore, for th 2004 Page #176  
he NBC TV show Project UFO for two years in the late 1970s. Emenegger descr 2004 Page #182  
s which was stationed at the base. Years later on a show called UFO Cover-u 2004 Page #182  
ry that was being researched a few years back by PBS in Washington D.C. The 2004 Page #188  
d we will do that over a period of years if you cooperate with us." And he  2004 Page #190  
 destroy, he said no. Based on his years in the vault he believed there wer 2004 Page #191  
 were approached during the Reagan years and the point was hammered home —  2004 Page #195  
3 meeting with Richard Doty. A few years later she received an interview wi 2004 Page #195  
addition • Chapter 18, p243.."Four years have passed..." a RV answer: murde 2004 Page #205  
onferences over the past couple of years, I've met some of these folks. The 2004 Page #215  
he established version for so many years. As a result, my latest UFO docume 2004 Page #215  
uth based upon the evidence, fifty years after the "truth" had supposedly b 2004 Page #215  
 the key arguments raised over the years by the skeptics.' Eyewitnesses One 2004 Page #216  
y story that he had "parked" a few years earlier: Doug told an interesting  2004 Page #217  
 a study of early July, 1950 — two years after the Aztec incident — the "pr 2004 Page #220  
 by mainstream ufology for so many years, but which can be ignored no longe 2004 Page #223  
 virtually ignored for the next 50 years, until George Filer received a tel 2004 Page #226  
which has been around for 10 or 11 years, and not anything new and exotic.  2004 Page #227  
erning Roswell researchers for 20+ years has been the need to establish an  2004 Page #231  
e. My father declined. A couple of years later Mac's son, Bill Brazel, show 2004 Page #240  
out this UFO matter. Even after 50 years, it might be worthwhile to intervi 2004 Page #247  
 little more clear, remember a few years back when you got that JFK memo? W 2004 Page #249  
g forgotten history of the Kennedy years or to potentially point the finger 2004 Page #254  
any ■ Retired as Lt. Col. After 21 years service MILITARY RECORDS RELEVANT  2005 Page #8  
 flying saucers. However, in later years when he asked for more details, hi 2005 Page #44  
d seen "somethin g strange" twelve years previously. Woolcott thoNght that  2005 Page #44  
urvived . That would have been six years after the more famous Roswell cras 2005 Page #45  
ngelands during the severe drought years of the 1930s had deteriorated, aff 2005 Page #52  
laque, UNESCO, Biosphere Forry-one years later on October 26, 1976, the Uni 2005 Page #54  
t substantially changed in m·er 50 years." ''\XIHY IS IT TRIANGULAR?" ''\Xl 2005 Page #67  
d from a deep sleep when he was 12 years old, that would have placed it rig 2005 Page #68  
e about what is going on. Luckily, years of official denial by the relevant 2005 Page #73  
firmation of this information many years later (in 1983) by Dr. Robert Sarb 2005 Page #79  
5, he stated: "About ten or twelve years ago l made an effort to find out w 2005 Page #80  
 classified above Top Secret." Six years later, Goldwater wrote in another  2005 Page #80  
erestin g, as it was less than two years since Sarbacher wrote his letter v 2005 Page #80  
of technologica.l "freebie"? Eight years later, in 1993, Rich spoke at the  2005 Page #81  
de severa.l rimes over a number of years. See Cox, Billy, "Apollo 14 astron 2005 Page #81  
on. Amazingly, after nearly twenty years, there remains a strong public deb 2005 Page #82  
e to tell all until 2025 (about 40 years later!) Another of Goodall's infor 2005 Page #82  
tinuing crisis of \,Xlatergate and years of social strife over Vietnam and  2005 Page #84  
nfess I have underpla) ed for many years, wruch I've lately been thinking a 2005 Page #85  
 in flames, and over the next four years World War One swept the empire and 2005 Page #88  
Freud's assistant for the next six years. They parted ways in 1929 when Rei 2005 Page #89  
is associates constructed over the years varied, from that of a small box u 2005 Page #90  
in German, said, in part: "Several years ago I discovered a specific biolog 2005 Page #91  
 numerous others of the past sixty years. But then one of Einstein's assist 2005 Page #92  
 to change hands over the next few years, but no resolve was ever achieved  2005 Page #92  
rrilous articles followed over the years that the FDA quietly went about bu 2005 Page #93  
cation that had seen none in fi, e years. Bur by that evening the humidity  2005 Page #100  
was convicted and sentenced to two years in Lewisbur g Federal Penitentiary 2005 Page #101  
 , Pennsylvania. He was fifty-nine years old. Once in prison Reich underwen 2005 Page #101  
had gone quite mad during his last years. Such material is often presented  2005 Page #102  
loyal friend and colleague of many years, seemed convinced these findings w 2005 Page #102  
 the mists of history nearly fifty years past, they continue to remain as s 2005 Page #104  
ubiquitous UFOs. In fact, for many years, many people, including this write 2005 Page #118  
as done significant work in recent years by acquiring, analyzing and verify 2005 Page #119  
sands of citizens-and this was six years before the \X/right brothers first 2005 Page #120  
others' achievement for almost rwo years after the fact because their "expe 2005 Page #120  
ould survive a trip of hundreds of years while cutting-edge ph) sicists o f 2005 Page #120  
multiple craft were recm·ered five years before the nowfamous Roswell incid 2005 Page #123  
ed . It was not until 1972, thirty years after the ~Iarshall memo, that res 2005 Page #123  
story of a downed satellite" three years before a satellite went to space t 2005 Page #130  
ultiple investigators working over years with highly consistent evidence, d 2005 Page #134  
 mistake in the modern era, but 50 years ago in the company of other genera 2005 Page #137  
idence of the case, often for many years. Medium-High Level of Authenticity 2005 Page #137  
Second World War, he worked for 31 years at the DuBois ChemjcaJ Company, wh 2005 Page #138  
r of leaked UFO documents after 43 years as an 137                          2005 Page #139  
ash retrieval program underway for years, hiding the truth from everyone wi 2005 Page #140  
erned a crashed object 20 Over the years this unit has been redesignated se 2005 Page #142  
opsy film. Over the next couple of years, Santilli purchased the fi.lm and  2005 Page #146  
ce to the contrary. For the last 3 years, I have received assistance in fur 2005 Page #146  
 use in the film industry for many years. Also it would be one of the most  2005 Page #149  
inues: "Having been asked over the years co supply horror and gore effects, 2005 Page #149  
 like a badly made dummy. About 10 years ago I supplied the make-up effects 2005 Page #149  
ual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference years. The bond between a married-couple 2005 Page #150  
on tape for the first time in many years. I asked Santilli if he stuck to h 2005 Page #150  
 to remove It. During their school years, Baca and Padilla would sometimes  2005 Page #154  
that ha,·e been uncovered from the years 1941 through 1953: 1941, Cape Gira 2005 Page #163  
he list has gotten longer over the years. The Roswell incident has been the 2005 Page #166  
ber 4, 1960. Bill Uhouse served 10 years in the Marine Corps as a fighter p 2005 Page #169  
Corps as a fighter pilot, and four years with the Air Force at \'(fright-Pa 2005 Page #169  
rimental aircraft. For the next 30 years, he worked for defense contractors 2005 Page #169  
tight be expected from ten or more years of intensive development -similar  2005 Page #171  
solete for space travel 50 years." was at a time when the mul 2005 Page #172  
, is prepared to fl) such a craft. Years ago, Glenn ·Martin's vice-presiden 2005 Page #173  
he Open Mind talk-radio show a few years ago, there was a secret showing of 2005 Page #173  
(\X/right-Patterson AFB, OH) for 7 years and then after resigning, co-start 2005 Page #174  
aft was unique and developed after years of study. CEO Ben Rich, the handpi 2005 Page #174  
te? Why have you kept at it for 39 years? Why hasn't the government taken y 2006 Page #4  
s, had a security clearance for 14 years, and find it perfectly obvious tha 2006 Page #4  
 stars. It is almost 100,000 light years across which, according to Frank D 2006 Page #5  
ther civilization "only"1000 light years away. This would, of course, make  2006 Page #5  
 of the 1000 stars within 54 light years, especially the 46 that are very s 2006 Page #5  
d fancy technology for perhaps 100 years. But the earth is about 4.5 billio 2006 Page #5  
But the earth is about 4.5 billion years old and has been suitable for life 2006 Page #5  
e for life for well over a billion years. Just down the street, 39.2 light  2006 Page #5  
. Just down the street, 39.2 light years away, we find a pair of sun like s 2006 Page #5  
from each other, but are a billion years older than the sun. Inpther words, 2006 Page #5  
by a Southern Radio Observatory 10 years ago. One would think he knows what 2006 Page #6  
raft and that it would take 70,000 years to get to the nearest star, trips  2006 Page #6  
 really nothing in public until 25 years later despite the obviously great  2006 Page #8  
better off today than they were 17 years ago?? G. Because I am convinced th 2006 Page #10  
ted vehicle coming from many light years away could possibly crash. Please  2006 Page #10  
o, had polio, or HIV. I spent many years chasing neutrons and gamma rays. N 2006 Page #11  
easily be thousands or millions of years ahead of us. An AM radio doesn't p 2006 Page #11  
ly that its public emergence forty years later would be the product of a mo 2006 Page #15  
rom the Army in 1989 (after twenty years of service) was opposed by the 'Co 2006 Page #17  
red. This indicates that in the 25 years since SOM1-01 was crafted, a great 2006 Page #19  
imated to have occurred over these years, and the knowledge gained through  2006 Page #19  
d with the US Air Force for twelve years (1982-1994) and received a number  2006 Page #21  
 He worked on PPD for almost three years. Significantly, Sherman's military 2006 Page #22  
hnologies in use • One contact (12 years at Groom Lake) says. "Absolutely,  2006 Page #27  
p Hacks various agencies for seven years, on and off. U.S. Space Command si 2006 Page #31  
be extradited to US Faces up to 70 years in prison PART FIVE: MONEY AND STR 2006 Page #31  
ing the sane have been known natty years. For exampk, electroimebc tryns000 2006 Page #35  
onably well defined, even after 40 years, and the surrounding terrain was l 2006 Page #76  
eed's Skunk Works: The First Fifty Years by Jay Miller (the first-ever auth 2006 Page #79  
ed in the Railroad Valley for many years and recalled the incident in detai 2006 Page #80  
een publishing stories for several years regarding rumors of 50 to 70 "F-19 2006 Page #81  
ylon (bomb rack). Over the next 12 years I revisited the site six more time 2006 Page #84  
d at the [Groom Lake] test site 20 years earlier" and spread the parts at t 2006 Page #85  
confound treasure hunters. Several years later, F-117A Flight Test director 2006 Page #85  
airplane. Over a period of several years I was able to study the Bakersfiel 2006 Page #85  
craft. KEDLOCK (Article 1003) Some years ago, I read a book called A Histog 2006 Page #86  
 a flying saucer." More than forty years later, I discovered this long forg 2006 Page #89  
 locals had been sighting UFOs for years. A number of these sightings actua 2006 Page #89  
to change my life over the next 15 years, it was the story of the "Flatwood 2006 Page #89  
ter had several nicknames over the years. Early on, it was called "The Phan 2006 Page #91  
t continues to be shown over fifty years later. I began to study this case  2006 Page #91  
ods Monster" incident. For several years I investigated this incident and w 2006 Page #99  
leaked into the outside literature years later. This might explain why the  2006 Page #105  
r the Four Corners more than forty years later. Remember that outside of a  2006 Page #108  
 his health declined, and in a few years he was dead. He passed through the 2006 Page #109  
g in age from twelve to sixty-nine years were infected by Viral Hemorrhagic 2006 Page #109  
 slowly gained acceptance over the years. Nobel laureate Carleton Gadjusek  2006 Page #114  
ntists would have seen this coming years ago, and the "classified world" co 2006 Page #116  
iably fatal, but the disease takes years to decades, e.g. CJD. This would b 2006 Page #116  
nature. This event took place many years ago and I am now retired from the  2006 Page #123  
ation and Research Agency, and six years later DERA split into two organiza 2006 Page #123  
a dossier over the previous twenty years, to indicate that there was defini 2006 Page #125  
ce of radiation in the area twenty years ago 122                            2006 Page #125  
t of Fort Detrick. "I spent thirty years in the Royal Air Force as an aircr 2006 Page #126  
 the war of the Falklands fourteen years previously could not have been his 2006 Page #128  
red on the Berwyn Mountains thirty years ago? Certainly, there is now demon 2006 Page #129  
inistry's stance over the last few years that have caused me to question th 2006 Page #130  
ions of what had occurred fourteen years previously. During the course of h 2006 Page #132  
 was then called by insiders. Five years later in 1952, MJ-12 assembled its 2006 Page #140  
unter with this kind of thing at 5 years old because on my birthday at that 2006 Page #152  
 the vehicles that I stared at for years were — it looked like to me they c 2006 Page #153  
m C. Sheppard.) Moving forward ten years to 1976, I've had other communicat 2006 Page #156  
on November 30, 1995, after twenty years of service. Provided by Tom C. She 2006 Page #156  
rence Now, we're going back thirty years to Thanksgiving night in 1976. Tom 2006 Page #157  
n their teeth. Tom said that a few years later he learned that was possible 2006 Page #160  
t seen him (Howard) in over thirty years now. 157                           2006 Page #160  
ept this under wraps for all these years and what did it have to do with th 2006 Page #162  
re is to it. Enough is enough. For years, I've understood the need for secr 2006 Page #163  
in an interview done more than ten years later with Mr. Acheson. It differs 2006 Page #166  
und in Memoirs of Harry S. Truman: Years of Trial and Hope 1946-1952 (Vol.  2006 Page #166  
the time rather than upon memories years afterward, says the unidentified o 2006 Page #168  
le told but, when writing about it years later, they could not recall or co 2006 Page #173  
at the video was lost or destroyed years ago. Zechel still has audio taped  2006 Page #177  
! For one thing, since some twenty years had elapsed, most of the principal 2006 Page #180  
 fishing, Papetti relates that for years after the incident, whenever he wa 2006 Page #193  
rk. Having worked at PEAR for five years 4, I was to be the liaison between 2006 Page #196  
 this type took place in the early years of the Foundation and included suc 2006 Page #198  
scinating yet unsettling. In later years I was again offered the opportunit 2006 Page #199  
 (MIBs). One local resident, seven years previous to the show, had a MIB wa 2006 Page #204  
 continued his contact for several years after I left the Foundation and st 2006 Page #206  
is ear. He told me that, about ten years before, he had an emergency surger 2006 Page #206  
der was hunting deer, about twelve years ago, near Bend, Oregon. He was hun 2006 Page #206  
 we need to go back into the early years of the 201h century and examine ho 2007 Page #9  
I actually began in 1935, some six years before Pearl Harbor. Nore char Nav 2007 Page #16  
                          Over the years, many American have come to accept 2007 Page #35  
OLVED ■ How to get to orbit in ten years? ■ SO books later ... ■ Amazing! T 2007 Page #42  
l products has not dimmed over the years. Children were the target audience 2007 Page #62  
 trying to keep under wraps for 50 years. Fina!Jy, you can taste the Alien  2007 Page #71  
al1 started after school, teenager years. MW: \Xlhat was your family situat 2007 Page #79  
They just started chat in my later years at secondar y school. M\XI: 1 find 2007 Page #80  
nterest. When I was about 12 or 14 years of age I joined BUFORA, The Britis 2007 Page #80  
d pa)~ng my membership after a few years. MW: Can you describe the way you  2007 Page #84  
You wouldn't be threatened with 70 years in prison and 1.75 million dollars 2007 Page #87  
was arrested in 2002 and the three years between my rearrest I was allowed  2007 Page #90  
d get extradited to the US? GM: 60 years imprisonment and 1.5 million dolla 2007 Page #91  
f your life? So is it a fine or 60 years? GM: Actually 1 think its both. M\ 2007 Page #92  
t him for it even though it was 10 years ago and wasn't illegal at the time 2007 Page #92  
the case that if it wasn't illegal years ago to do a thing just because the 2007 Page #92  
ed Scates Air Force. Now, after 60 years, the true story of the U.S. involv 2007 Page #94  
f slave laborers, and took several years to complete. It was his written op 2007 Page #114  
tails mentioned by Jack Pickett 12 years earlier. Mr Botz clearly remembers 2007 Page #114  
s number steadjjy upward in recent years. But there seems co be a clear pat 2007 Page #121  
 and successful sealed for over 30 years until I met Joe Hoover and got his 2007 Page #121  
 have come forward in the last few years, all with pares of the puzzle that 2007 Page #127  
een a fire in the park for over 10 years. Additional witnesses in the area  2007 Page #129  
archer in the world -a man who for years sat outside General [\v'illiam] Od 2007 Page #135  
acular career that spanned sixteen years, during which time she made thirty 2007 Page #136  
acted on Mount Ararat thousands of years ago and that has been the subject  2007 Page #138  
evertheless, documents reveal, two years later Moon Dust was still deeply i 2007 Page #140  
as valid today as they were thirty years ago. The Vela Incident, 1979: Some 2007 Page #142  
; and by 1979 it \\ as already two years past it scheduled Jjfe-span. Jr is 2007 Page #143  
d. -as far as we could go after 33 years of housing developments spreading  2007 Page #168  
IS TOTALLY BOTTLED UP ALL OF THESE YEARS? Paul: There have been many things 2007 Page #171  
r weird or something. But over the years, it's gotten to the point to where 2007 Page #172  
, Jimmie D Ol\lcKecvcr, Paul D Ten years after the Sandia hills even, Paul  2007 Page #172  
ul clid not know was that only six years after he and his Mom and Aunt saw  2007 Page #174  
erse? 2) What if an ET race is 100 years more advanced than us? 1,000? 100, 2007 Page #184  
tacted us about a second pit. Some years ago, David, a local resident who e 2007 Page #190  
(Sr. Ramirez) that "about 30 or 40 years ago" (between 1967 and 1977), 50 t 2007 Page #190  
iation mechanics, who was for many years the personal pilot of former presi 2007 Page #196  
ain. (Another sister was born many years after the incident.) Sergio Poulai 2007 Page #196  
................. 59 Tunguska: 100 Years Later Nick Redfern ............... 2008 Page #5  
ky. I talked to Maggio a number of years ago as I was investigating this st 2008 Page #8  
 other, similar sightings over the years. The object approached them rapidl 2008 Page #12  
 , such assertions abound. Several years ago, for example, I interviewed a  2008 Page #37  
ading the general public for sixty years on not just the existence of UFOs, 2008 Page #37  
lured me to investigate. Almost 35 years of my work has been related to inv 2008 Page #41  
n or the reason why. When I was 13 years old I heard a radio program where  2008 Page #42  
nvestigation Begins - For almost 8 years I was unaware of the Westport Cras 2008 Page #42  
w that he has retired from over 20 years service with the Sheriff's office, 2008 Page #43  
y had poached deer and partied for years. The maze of half-overgrown loggin 2008 Page #45  
njght in November 1979. She was 64 years old when I interviewed her in Apri 2008 Page #49  
t glided over her home. She was 57 years old in 1979. She was also credible 2008 Page #50  
 in the woods in the area for many years, he tried to drive into the area f 2008 Page #51  
 Other Witnesses Henry Harnden, 52 years old in 1987, was another area resi 2008 Page #52  
th his son, Andy Hamden who was 23 years old then. His recollection was muc 2008 Page #52  
and then live in the same area for years, working the timber or fishing job 2008 Page #53  
mer; he has worked for the last 25 years on public outreach programs for th 2008 Page #57  
rk for the MoD in the UK and for 3 years l ran their UFO project. My remit  2008 Page #61  
 files wouldn't be opened until 30 years after the most recent document. So 2008 Page #61  
on the subject had been reviewed 5 years after closure and might be either  2008 Page #62  
ire process is likely to take 3 -4 years. The Asbestos Files While most fil 2008 Page #63  
the incident and only mentioned it years afterwards , at a reunion. While T 2008 Page #66  
 interview with Torres, undertaken years after the event and forwarded to M 2008 Page #66  
 MoD. It was on my office wall for years, but was removed by my Head of Div 2008 Page #67  
s Office. Unfortunately , too many years had elapsed since the event; the d 2008 Page #70  
           SLIDE# 4 SLIDE# 5 Seven years later in 1958, RAF Bentwaters and  2008 Page #72  
LIDE# 6 Cobra Mist Patch 66 Thirty years before that closure -beginning bac 2008 Page #72  
ts pushed me to the ground." Eight Years Later in 1988 Hypnosis # I -John B 2008 Page #84  
ht IS the life form." Twenty-Eight Years Later in October 2008 Hypnosi s #  2008 Page #89  
what he had said. Finally fourteen years after the Bentwaters events, on Se 2008 Page #90  
ips can go forty or fifty thousand years. They can't go back much further.  2008 Page #92  
ook was written in 1949. Now sixty years later, modem quantum physicists ta 2008 Page #95  
ers are humans from a place 50,000 years into the future where humanity is  2008 Page #95  
n given for traveling thousands of years into the past was to avoid affecti 2008 Page #95  
 still reverberating nearly thirty years later in 2008 with so much power t 2008 Page #96  
                     Tunguska: 100 Years Latter Nick Redfern Copyright 2008 2008 Page #97  
nguska as its central theme. Eight years later, Astronauts was adapted into 2008 Page #102  
ed by Russian time-travelers . Two years later, Bruce Sterling and Rudy Ruc 2008 Page #102  
 all living creatures. One hundred years on, the mystery of what did or did 2008 Page #103  
s that have been acquired over the years, showing the source, the date, the 2008 Page #104  
genc e (DD/Cl) in the CIA for many years. It is interesting to speculate th 2008 Page #105  
nt (QD) and saved a copy all these years. If she was, say, 21 in 1947, she  2008 Page #105  
f CIA Counterintelligence for many years. Salina claims she worked there fo 2008 Page #110  
claims she worked there for twenty years. If you take the transmittal note  2008 Page #110  
not enter public parlance for many years. In conclusion, the evidence is mo 2008 Page #112  
But what do we do in lee's say ten years from now? When arcificial satellit 2008 Page #114  
 a retired GA employee with thirty years in Cl under Jim Angleton. There ar 2008 Page #115  
y fuses per month, more than three years after Pearl Harbor. More interconn 2008 Page #128  
d with this activity for almost 30 years and probably have the longest cont 2008 Page #134  
 have] been analyzmg for almost 15 years," reported Hoagland. "This new evi 2008 Page #135  
t am1 of the Gestapo. During those years, Interpol was headed by some of th 2008 Page #139  
otings and teen suicides in recent years. Virtually every one of the horren 2008 Page #141  
Hill since about 1997, about three years after the GOP gained control of th 2008 Page #142  
in g in the Reagan and Bush Senior years." He was referring to neo-conserva 2008 Page #142  
event of 1947. Furthermore , a few years later Teller and Luis Alvarez (of  2009 Page #9  
d at the end of this paper. ln the years I 946-1955 1956 1958 I compiled in 2009 Page #11  
y read in I 956. More than--teR 20 years have passed since I collected all  2009 Page #12  
ackage to throw at UFO researchers years after the real use was over. 6     2009 Page #12  
se approach to the problem. Thirty years later we find ourselves no better  2009 Page #15  
 , than at any time in the past 30 years. The future of U.S. intelligence i 2009 Page #15  
warning system unprepared for last years air space violations of Loring AFB 2009 Page #18  
d the scenes, the CIA had for some years been charting as precisely as poss 2009 Page #18  
knowledge burst on the first forty years of this century, a revolution so g 2009 Page #19  
nts should be published within two years of issue. That would fully preserv 2009 Page #21  
he Department of Defense for seven years under both Republican and Democrat 2009 Page #21  
er was perceived in 1939, only two years before a UFO was captured and Pear 2009 Page #21  
AINED HEREfN . fNTRODUCTION In the years 1946-1955 I compiled information f 2009 Page #23  
 widely read in 1956. More than 20 years have passed since I collected all  2009 Page #23  
awJ1 Island UFO, came out thirteen years ago, and another one has not been  2009 Page #30  
 passed through in the last twenty years. 1 do not mean that his Ii fe has  2009 Page #32  
of it that I swear were told to me years ago by Mr. Crisman ... and I know  2009 Page #32  
 files in late 1961, less than two years later Kennedy would embark on a co 2009 Page #40  
man, Arizona, approximately twenty years previously. According to Werner: T 2009 Page #48  
 flying saucers. However, in later years when he asked for more details, hi 2009 Page #51  
ad seen "something strange" twelve years previously . Woolcott thought that 2009 Page #51  
survived. That would have been six years after the more famous Roswell cras 2009 Page #51  
 reason for contact after almost 6 years was recalled as follows: the vesse 2009 Page #53  
 Moulton Howe Over the past thirty years in England -Royal Air Force Bentwa 2009 Page #57  
 RAF Mildenhall, England. But four years later in 1984, Col. Halt was promo 2009 Page #68  
nce officer for the next seventeen years. Col. Halt                         2009 Page #68  
ted perspective on the past thirty years since his involvement in the Rendl 2009 Page #77  
in the trees. The stories over the years coming out saying I jumped on some 2009 Page #78  
 problem I have is that I spent 26 years in the U. S. Air Force and what ha 2009 Page #78  
alked to Adrian on the phone a few years later, he said that yes, the light 2009 Page #80  
nt then the blue Sorry its been 30 years ... wish I could recall beter deta 2009 Page #83  
OUT EVEN YET? Yeah, here we are 30 years later. We still have no clear answ 2009 Page #85  
 town of Dayton, Ohio. She was I 8 years old. Later she married one of the  2009 Page #87  
e June Cubbage. During the next IO years she worked for the Army Air Corps, 2009 Page #87  
ight Field in 1942 when she was 18 years old. The papers she gave me, now a 2009 Page #87  
 a new library. In 1993 she was 68 years old when I met her for the first t 2009 Page #88  
 that I will never forget, "I'm 72 years old; I've outlived two husbands an 2009 Page #88  
d who was recalling events from 50 years prior, the accuracy of the details 2009 Page #90  
Sgt. Clarence. Over the span of 50 years she was unable to recall his last  2009 Page #90  
plastics and alloys of the last 50 years; she emphasized that she had never 2009 Page #91  
istent with what she told me seven years later. During our conversations sh 2009 Page #95  
her memory wasn't perfect after 50 years. The facts remain -the documents s 2009 Page #95  
ce investigator with a total of 24 years experience, I found her sincere an 2009 Page #95  
ons , the largest he'd seen in ten years. In December 1989, Yuri Lotosev an 2009 Page #137  
anges. Larry Warren and I were two years along in our investigation of the  2009 Page #137  
ded soon after. Over the _next few years we discussed many things, includin 2009 Page #139  
s who appeared in that park twenty years ago? Could the whole thing have po 2009 Page #140  
¥Intng lt,e ttus ,n a!l lhe IWenlY years ttut I """" "°rled as an ar traffi 2009 Page #144  
nvestigated UFO Phenomena over the years, I often found myself in awe at th 2009 Page #154  
ially when contending with 60 plus years of UFO history. 1 could replace th 2009 Page #154  
 frequently before his death a few years ago, that he knew, how to produce  2009 Page #158  

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 named Bart \X right was about 12- years-old, living with his large famiJ)  2005 Page #69  
urgh, Pennsylvania, and is now 69- years-old. He received a B. A. in Econom 2009 Page #68  

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yrogrsa la Xmea aa* Its relatim ta yeasral poHtlsal aa* naada snaMtisas thr 2003 Page #223  

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iod under review for this book the yea~ 1973 to 1991), the database recorde 2009 Page #152  

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s. But very few take it seriously. Yee it may be easier to accept the spiri 2005 Page #117  

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Finds Air Saucer '",r“ On Ranch in yeic Mexico 114                          2003 Page #118  

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 a white light. It streaked into a yel!O\vish-orange blue, co a orange-yell 2007 Page #121  

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oom had suddenly changed, becoming yelJowish." It also appeared to him that 2005 Page #36  

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mselves, "it's a meteor!" and some yelled "it's a flying saucer!" as they r 2006 Page #90  

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e site. Joel remembers one officer yelling out that "we ain't got much time 2003 Page #69  
tained classified material and was yelling for Toppen to join him. Tom Shep 2006 Page #157  
ee youngsters ran to the apartment yelling for their parents to come out. A 2007 Page #166  

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not sure. What they saw was a pale yellow light on top of a vagueness, a da 2004 Page #35  
. It was then that he saw the pale yellow light out on the Sound. Corporal  2004 Page #37  
he thickness or height of the pale yellow light above the water. At the ver 2004 Page #39  
ssured the Mounties that the "pale yellow light" they were seeing on the wa 2004 Page #39  
a foam. The light picked it out, a yellow, glittery and thick substance flo 2004 Page #39  
lights slowly changed from red, to yellow, to orange, and then went out of  2004 Page #45  
actually written a book called the Yellow Book which told the history of th 2004 Page #195  
 with DRES facility highlighted by yellow arrow. I'm standing inside the od 2005 Page #51  
2005. Three miles away beneath the yellow arrow is the U. S. Forest Service 2005 Page #51  
 lakebed and DRES highlighted with yellow arrow in distance. ln 1933, a lar 2005 Page #53  
953 hjgh altitude photographs. The yellow arrow marks the location of the D 2005 Page #53  
, on October 5 and 6, three large, yellow UFOs hung low over the southern h 2005 Page #96  
hortly thereafter, a second light (yellow) appeared in the west. After two  2005 Page #96  
ary use for uranium was to prepare yellow glazes for pottery. Zirconium and 2006 Page #7  
ain why we have black, brown, red, yellow and white races. G. This may be a 2006 Page #7  
ight—a disc. A big, shiny, whitish yellow thing that glittered with a blind 2006 Page #44  
of a different color — red, green, yellow, and purple. David Upton's sister 2006 Page #120  
ured a gray alien head with either yellow or red beams emanating from its e 2007 Page #63  
holding a glass and sucking down a yellow cocktail through a straw. The ad  2007 Page #64  
-threaterung Little green man with yellow cat's eyes peered at you from the 2007 Page #68  
ite, the aft section having a more yellow color to it." Later in that same  2008 Page #10  
raft. Some were red and blue, some yellow -or orange -I guess more orange.  2009 Page #64  
 Palmer saw a blue, green, red and yellow light come straight for them over 2009 Page #83  

Word: "yellow-white", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

son. The colors were off-white and yellow-white. The men estimated that the 2006 Page #200  
f a roar." He glanced up and saw a yellow-white flame going west, heard a s 2008 Page #11  

Word: "yellowish", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

a small central orifice yielding a yellowish thin waterish discharge. • The 2006 Page #109  
 over the mountains. The color was yellowish but other people in the valley 2006 Page #120  
tion, wa a clearly distinguishable yellowish color. I would say the object  2008 Page #10  

Word: "yeltsin", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

works at Ft. Detrick • 1992: Boris Yeltsin 'officially' cancels Russia's 'o 2006 Page #108  

Word: "yen", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

jnM. Ja the scssrco ■£ year awrvay yen will mi ptala Uaiaan with fwarl. — d 2003 Page #226  
 the eeuAiy. BuCorw ga&ag te Keren yen will eenonAaobe with Oenaenl MaaditM 2003 Page #226  
eaad ala Takye* Tan will take with yen enah aapexta, adwlaera and anaistast 2003 Page #226  
hosette. peer Art Ikansa‘ Inclosed yen idal find a lemorandon Report on the 2004 Page #18  

Word: "yeoman", 10 instance(s) (Back to Top)

parate interview with witness Navy yeoman Dale Bailey, he asserts that he s 2003 Page #179  
y have seen the manual. U.S. Na,') Yeoman 2nd Class Dale Bailey, who served 2005 Page #130  
om Jackass Flats." U.S. Navy Chief Yeoman Describes "Extraterrestrial Biolo 2006 Page #156  
nake." — Thomas C. Sheppard, Chief Yeoman, U. S. Navy (Retired) Slide 27: 1 2006 Page #156  
 SHEPPARD (Thomas Colman Sheppard, Yeoman 2" Class, 1980, U. S. Navy, Naple 2006 Page #156  
 an E-7 Chief Petty Officer, Chief Yeoman. He was born in 1957 and is now 4 2006 Page #156  
shown in one of his photo I.D.s as Yeoman 2nd Class in 1980 with the U.S. N 2006 Page #156  
 as E-7 Chief Petty Officer, Chief Yeoman, U. S. Navy, on November 30, 1995 2006 Page #156  
 as E-7 Chief Petty Officer, Chief Yeoman, in Austin, Texas. Photo courtesy 2006 Page #156  
 1: Tom Sheppard, U. S. Navy Chief Yeoman (retired 1995): "And I saw Howard 2006 Page #157  

Word: "yeors", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

an spare shuttle Or the Last three yeors. 33wOrgan- neer b., motntraileti a 2006 Page #31  

Word: "yer", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Rocket Units NI1-4 NI-B8 Kap-vStin Yer Counce of Ministers Ustinov Space Ac 2004 Page #155  
 one's household bills? Not today. Yer whac if possibilities in a wider com 2005 Page #117  
, is testing of the paper and ink. Yer with limited resources accorded to t 2005 Page #131  

Word: "yers", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 to state as concisely as possible yers 1 csfefento of the ahcrmter® pioLsl 2003 Page #212  

Word: "yer~", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ta -.-ated that tbe a.niceo 01' ~c,yer~..ent ,-!ose-rvntion lie~ ill~ to np 2009 Page #174  

Word: "yes", 78 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nitive statement when interviewed "yes, I heard of a space ship with 'littl 2003 Page #31  
nc alloy? It appears the answer is yes. The acetates of both Mg and Zn have 2003 Page #115  
arefully explain what he had done. Yes, he had 142                          2003 Page #146  
rrmt aa* yrojowte*. Xa the emvm of yes? ixarwy ysa will mint* la Hol am wit 2003 Page #223  
hat concrete bomb-proof hanger is, yes? At the far side of that, there's a  2004 Page #51  
 WBS: Then the saucers exist? RIS: Yes, they exist. WBS: Do they operate as 2004 Page #91  
ect of saucers is classified. RIS: Yes, it is classified two points higher  2004 Page #91  
 some time before? Sarbacher: Well yes. The conversation was that it had be 2004 Page #92  
se the word flying saucers? James: Yes, on a couple of instances I remember 2004 Page #93  
So it came from the States? James: Yes. SDI: You actually saw some of these 2004 Page #93  
ese pieces as well, Jim? James: Oh yes, I saw them when he unpacked the box 2004 Page #93  
 shown bodies at one point. James: Yes, he was in the States a lot, partly  2004 Page #96  
ymore, I did ask him and he said, "Yes he had seen the bodies." SDI: Did he 2004 Page #96  
d you mentioned the bodies. James: Yes. Cameron: And Buchanan mentioned the 2004 Page #96  
d you ever hear that story? James: Yes. Cameron: OK. Did you hear that stor 2004 Page #96  
es of occupants." Walker replied, "Yes, I attended the meeting concerning t 2004 Page #98  
nly weeks before. Walker replied, "Yes. I know of MJ-12. I have known of th 2004 Page #99  
establishments of the military? Q: Yes, Doctor, that is what I meant. A: We 2004 Page #100  
cer. Is that statement correct? A: Yes. That is correct. I visited with Adm 2004 Page #102  
king in the right direction? AFFA: Yes. According to a Dr. J. Allen Hynek,  2004 Page #104  
r • Location and Country • Alien? (yes or no) • Vehicle? (yes or no) • Retr 2004 Page #109  
y • Alien? (yes or no) • Vehicle? (yes or no) • Retrieval Action? (yes or n 2004 Page #109  
? (yes or no) • Retrieval Action? (yes or no) • Confirmation sources exist? 2004 Page #109  
no) • Confirmation sources exist? (yes or no) • References to QDs? (yes or  2004 Page #109  
 (yes or no) • References to QDs? (yes or no) • Confirmation sources listed 2004 Page #109  
published in the early 1950's. And yes, Skully's name was the inspiration f 2004 Page #136  
at were nearly his last words, "Oh yes, the creatures..." Roswell pilot Oli 2004 Page #144  
you believe?" I would always say, "Yes, what are you crazy?" Question: In t 2004 Page #181  
why me. I had the choice to make — yes it will be me or no it won't be me_  2004 Page #190  
arbacher . Sarbacher conceded that yes, he had been peripherally involved i 2005 Page #79  
nale for his expulsion being that, yes, the once-brilliant young scientist  2005 Page #89  
will and means to implement it? Oh yes: without a doubt. And with the offic 2005 Page #104  
 of these questions appears to be "Yes". Perhaps all of the above is true a 2005 Page #118  
he obtained the film. He replied: "Yes I do. Absolutely. There's no reason  2005 Page #150  
oting on location hither and yon. [Yes, indeed, secrets can be kept. The an 2006 Page #8  
ging around their town more often. Yes, I was back again asking questions a 2006 Page #92  
ins when I visited Braxton County. Yes, I was kin. I then explained that th 2006 Page #92  
S AN HOUR? According to the radar, yes. AND BILL SAW THEM AT LEAST DO 1,100 2006 Page #145  
R AT NORM) ABOUT THESE BEING UFOS? Yes, they called them 'UFOs.' DID YOU AL 2006 Page #146  
G THAT DAMAGED ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT. Yes, countered it with something that wa 2006 Page #149  
NNING IN AND SAY, 'X IS GOING ON'? Yes, the commanding officer that night c 2006 Page #149  
JUST A NORAD EXERCISE, DOESN'T IT? Yes. NORAD came on the line and told us  2006 Page #149  
 IT WAS UNKNOWN, IT WOULD FLASH X? Yes. So, if the tech was to put the box  2006 Page #153  
 DISCS, EACH IN A VERTICAL COLUMN? Yes. That is correct. I'll tell you some 2006 Page #153  
it. THAT OUR GOVERNMENT WAS USING? Yes, what we had recovered. FOR? For pur 2006 Page #162  
S THE PLANET IS LIVING A HUGE LIE. Yes, of course it does, especially when  2006 Page #163  
What? Did he say a Crashed Saucer? Yes, he did. And here is what happened,  2006 Page #174  
ou used co watch Scifi series? GM: Yes 1 was an avid reader. 1 think my ste 2007 Page #81  
is was at the age of teenager? GM: Yes, teenager. Back then l was more inte 2007 Page #81  
onsider joining the militaf)'• GM: Yes I did and the police force. I was ta 2007 Page #81  
                               GM: Yes, l was an only child to my parents b 2007 Page #82  
 teaching people computers. Gi\lf: Yes, very casual training,] wasn't up th 2007 Page #83  
k, did the buck stop with you. GM: Yes I was the only one. However it was a 2007 Page #83  
r intrusions into) our system? GM: Yes well the director who disappeared an 2007 Page #83  
 for UFO data on the Internet. GM: Yes it was in 1999 when l first joined t 2007 Page #84  
e systems for the information. GM: Yes sure. You can FTP (Note: File Transf 2007 Page #85  
ators know you had been there. GM: Yes, I always used to set a password whe 2007 Page #89  
ke to work in computers again. GM: Yes MW: What are the current penalties a 2007 Page #91  
he 0.1.C. specificall y told Jack "Yes, l know about that aircraft". This w 2007 Page #110  
ce Service Squadron , of course?" "Yes. It's a hush-hush unit. They have in 2007 Page #133  
ANNOUNCEMENT. Mom and Aunt: Right. Yes. AND THEN YOU TOOK OFF. Mom: Right A 2007 Page #167  
t was at the end of 1ifenaul. Mom: Yes! Aunt: l remember hearing that an un 2007 Page #167  
hing. Aunt: They were armed. Paul: Yes, they had M-16s and they ·were facin 2007 Page #169  
HO \\'.IERE RJNGJNG THE DISC? All: Yes, there were. Paul: They had M-16s. \ 2007 Page #172  
rial that can produce this effect. Yes, a slight change of hue or tone caus 2007 Page #199  
o that question is without doubt: "Yes." Indeed, a thorough , in-depth stud 2008 Page #23  
no relevance to national security? Yes: evidently we are expected to swallo 2008 Page #27  
 of the Air Staff was a fair one? "Yes and no. I felt extremely uncomfortab 2008 Page #34  
SYMBOLS AND YOU SET OFF A PROGRAM? Yes. The craft was repairing itself. All 2008 Page #91  
T THEM COMING FROM THE FUTURE? Oh, yes .... This time they (time travelers) 2008 Page #92  
w,just to name a few. It also owns YES Solutions, a large provider of creat 2008 Page #143  
in at their home in Santa Barbara. Yes: the cracks in the relationship were 2009 Page #54  
AGE? Well, did !feel intelligence? Yes! But, here's something that is odd.  2009 Page #67  
ORAGE AREA? I could see something, yes. SO, FOR THOSE RADIO REPORTS THAT WE 2009 Page #71  
NCES INTERACTING WITH THIS PLANET. Yes, I certainly cannot disagree. I don' 2009 Page #75  
ne a few years later, he said that yes, the light appeared to pull me up in 2009 Page #80  
 counter-spy scenario speculative? Yes it is, but in Ufology there are no s 2009 Page #179  

Word: "yesterday", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

efore brought Wedemeyer in quietly yesterday and discussed the situation wi 2003 Page #230  
ir Force Base were scrambled early yesterday after radar detected an unknow 2006 Page #28  
w. slow-flying aircraft about I am yesterday. according to a military offic 2006 Page #28  
OT to discuss over e-~il. This was yesterday, July L It is a 9- page docume 2008 Page #119  

Word: "yesterdey", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ry, Robert Kiviat Producer) UFO's: Yesterdey, Today and Tomorrow, TV Docume 2004 Page #149  

Word: "yesteryear", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

e minds of many, the Contactees of yesteryear most certainly do not stand s 2009 Page #55  

Word: "yet", 136 instance(s) (Back to Top)

othesis, though I think it's early yet to worry about such an intrusion. ”  2003 Page #18  
ved everyone was sworn to secrecy, yet upon returning home to 1530 Main Str 2003 Page #21  
ad been mention of a ball of fire, yet there was fire around the crash site 2003 Page #23  
ence for pre-Roswell crash events. Yet the most stunning evidence for pre-R 2003 Page #25  
and arrived in the summer of 2000. Yet, other Majestic documents that arriv 2003 Page #27  
cause of misspelling of celestial, yet at the same time discounted the very 2003 Page #27  
Southeastern Missourian newspaper, yet in 1941 he supported the paper via c 2003 Page #34  
 he had a doctorate in psychology, yet Friedman was unable to verify his cl 2003 Page #36  
 allegedly a doctor of psychology, yet no records DOB. Aug 1921, SS# 720-09 2003 Page #36  
in the aerial photography have not yet been visited at the time of this wri 2003 Page #37  
 this narrow in front of the heel, yet the projected length of 14 centimete 2003 Page #49  
 made a trench as it came to rest. Yet, right next to the location was a dr 2003 Page #63  
eserved reputation for being aloof yet friendly. His yearbook refers to him 2003 Page #85  
"insider asset." He didn't know it yet, but that asset was going to be UFO  2003 Page #146  
e associated tabs are declassified yet. If you believe in Roswell event in  2003 Page #157  
 ER - Executive Registry correct • Yet, CIA can find the document again Nov 2003 Page #159  
ed only on "institutional memory." Yet the unit "was formed as in-house pro 2003 Page #162  
he concerns and the responses. Not yet mentioned today is the criticism tha 2003 Page #184  
y. No other supporting evidence is yet available, but MUFON Ohio is still w 2003 Page #190  
ad contact with the president, and yet George Filer of "Filer's Files," sta 2003 Page #191  
in 1955, which I haven't confirmed yet. Another person who adds evidence fo 2003 Page #194  
ngress. It hadn't even been opened yet. This was a new building. They had a 2003 Page #197  
cided the screw the president with yet another Roswell report, this one cal 2003 Page #201  
eymer directives are not identical yet they are similar. Table 1 shows gros 2003 Page #205  
annotations, format and signatures yet all are authentic. See Table 2. Tabl 2003 Page #205  
tuation there". Notice the proper, yet subtle deletion of a whole phrase th 2003 Page #206  
brief trip to Sandia AEC facility" yet Sandia is in New Mexico, why mention 2003 Page #207  
ing to be plundered. And there are yet more Moon Dust reports that have a b 2004 Page #5  
ns of the state on April 10, 1897. Yet hoaxes could not account for all the 2004 Page #28  
 zinc with "a few trace elements." Yet it was not magnetic like stainless s 2004 Page #30  
assing over the state of Indiana." Yet another witness, a Judge Love of Wax 2004 Page #32  
However, it is a story that is not yet completed, but seems to expand as mo 2004 Page #45  
 civilians were not ready for this yet. I will try to get in touch with oth 2004 Page #49  
 windows. No heavy equipment there yet. • 2. Report 53, Norton AFB, 1973. A 2004 Page #116  
ey are designed to prevent leaks • Yet, we have 76-80 leaks via Stringfield 2004 Page #124  
telligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as men bu 2004 Page #132  
 to believe there were aliens. And yet the public relations personnel at Wr 2004 Page #144  
 them as improbable or impossible. Yet across the gulf of space, intellects 2004 Page #148  
s„ giber specialists, we may notes yet noir pile their names and other phol 2004 Page #164  
 releasable if found. • He had not yet found a document, and if he did he w 2004 Page #191  
MJ-12 on it. • Although he had not yet found any MJ-12 documents, he did ha 2004 Page #191  
e says "He just says it's off." In yet another case, Robert Emenegger was o 2004 Page #196  
Clinton administration. 1 have not yet found an indication that Clinton had 2004 Page #196  
can people are self-confident. .." Yet despite the remarks it appears that  2004 Page #197  
oomsday Conspiracy • Fictionalized yet plausible accounts of "officially sa 2004 Page #200  
ve that Gebauer was "Dr. Gee," and yet he wrote his article as if he had. U 2004 Page #219  
lems with the MJ-12 documents, and yet in his book, Case AfJ-12, his key wi 2004 Page #224  
there is a letter and not a space, yet are unable to determine what the let 2004 Page #228  
r any other alphabet organization. Yet all of our attempts to find out what 2004 Page #231  
 photographer there, the story had yet to break into the mainstream news me 2004 Page #238  
y the same position in both shots, yet the paper in question is not seen at 2004 Page #238  
documents, that is understandable. Yet it creates an opening to consider fa 2004 Page #243  
eitag?) for JJA," is researchable. Yet at the time of this writing, we are  2004 Page #252  
investigations with a legal basis. Yet, there was a glimmer of hope, at lea 2004 Page #254  
o nonsense," adding that a lot was yet to be said about the affair. On the  2005 Page #33  
fection. "But what led to death is yet unclear. An immunodeficienc y, for s 2005 Page #34  
rors, Leonard Stringfield provided yet further data in support of the 1953  2005 Page #44  
pattern, so vivid from the air and yet so difficult to detect on the ground 2005 Page #61  
Research Experimental Station. But yet, based on the logbook, we've got mil 2005 Page #68  
 source replied that he could not. Yet, a year later, he confided to Goodal 2005 Page #82  
nofficial reality will only widen. Yet, history shows us that change is ine 2005 Page #84  
e have to the whole topic of UFOs. Yet, l maintain that while fear would be 2005 Page #86  
eloped the cloud-buster , a simple yet effective apparatus which, when prop 2005 Page #88  
om other worlds without due proof. Yet when the judge ordered him to be exa 2005 Page #103  
ources we haven't even imagined as yet. Due to the government 's policy of  2005 Page #118  
 and secure government facilities. Yet, secret government test craft does n 2005 Page #119  
on as to why UFOs sometimes crash. Yet this book provides data that there h 2005 Page #121  
ain, on April 9, 1990, in reply to yet another researcher's FOIA request (r 2005 Page #123  
p one day after his 74th birthday- yet not before adding immeasurabl y to w 2005 Page #139  
t of orbit and other space debris. Yet would this also include unidentified 2005 Page #141  
different forms in recent decades. Yet the fundamental phenomenon that call 2005 Page #143  
 with the color being matched, and yet it looked faked. 1 had to re-do the  2005 Page #150  
ife, or death for that matter, and yet it still looked faked. The point I'm 2005 Page #150  
as no one involved in its creation yet stepped forward? Not knowing what ou 2005 Page #150  
truth." Santilli went on to state, yet again, that he believes the camerama 2005 Page #150  
of film chat haven't been examined yet even b) us. You know, that is someth 2005 Page #151  
plains: Since the research has not yet been completed, we have agreed to ma 2005 Page #157  
nd questionable physical evidence. Yet the stories persist and the list has 2005 Page #166  
n g presentation of evidence; and, yet the incense security surrounding the 2005 Page #167  
crashed at a velocity of 100 knots yet it had no dents, marks, or scratches 2005 Page #169  
t was the dream of the future, and yet Stine was preclicting its obsolescen 2005 Page #172  
would be using artificial gravity, yet the 1995 debut of Boeing's most adva 2005 Page #173  
d of modern anachronisms, and have yet to find any evidence for it being a  2006 Page #15  
oatann mimed Is Gatvaarl, NASA hes yet to eompty wan • 2040 le, me, Rowe, a 2006 Page #32  
 for decades or centuries to come, yet rarely mentioned around the water co 2006 Page #61  
inertial navigation system had not yet been programmed, the vehicle was ung 2006 Page #79  
 absence of a similar pathogen, as yet unknown to the American people? In s 2006 Page #112  
. We just don't know the equations yet. 113                                 2006 Page #116  
 myth and fantasy? Or can there be yet another, even more intriguing, expla 2006 Page #123  
we couldn't move into the cottages yet. That night — January twenty- three  2006 Page #128  
icly so dismissive about UFOs; and yet on the other it bent over backwards  2006 Page #131  
tely 200 miles from U.S territory, yet U.S. air defenses extend to a much g 2006 Page #136  
uman Aerial Craft and Entities AND YET, BILL SAYS WITHIN THREE OR FOUR DAYS 2006 Page #150  
ans were preparing to attack." And yet, the radar had detected something. I 2006 Page #164  
nternational News Service reported yet another explanation: "Washington D.C 2006 Page #169  
ly buried, Air Force documents not yet released which clarify this situatio 2006 Page #173  
ublicity, speculation, and debate. Yet, by the time I arrived on the scene, 2006 Page #183  
le of the night following what was yet another hot summer day. Even at this 2006 Page #184  
ghting as somewhat like lightning. Yet they also report the skies are compl 2006 Page #184  
same spot only a short time apart, yet their air bubbles surfaced in differ 2006 Page #191  
was all intriguing and fascinating yet unsettling. In later years I was aga 2006 Page #199  
pany's advertisin g agency gave us yet another original offer 2007 Page #71  
ien technolog y. ln another simple yet powerful layout, a late model hand h 2007 Page #71  
   L creative hopper and result in yet another treatment of the ET ad theme 2007 Page #77  
louds and me sun wasn't quite down yet. We saw a streak come across the hor 2007 Page #121  
 just a baby and Marie wasn't born yet. So there was my sisters, my mom, an 2007 Page #123  
k to town, we hadn't seen anything yet. Bue once my dad had gotten everythi 2007 Page #124  
ta on this case does exist, it has yet to see the light of day. By the mid- 2007 Page #140  
he men will stand guard all night, yet none of them really knows what he ls 2007 Page #145  
ng plane, its exact origin has not yet been determined. We were also taken  2007 Page #189  
en the fragments were recovered ." Yet further examinations were done b) MI 2007 Page #195  
seen. No radar pick up reported as yet. Visual sightings only." About fifty 2008 Page #9  
dn't actually have an explanation, yet they had explained it. So, in the en 2008 Page #16  
his particularly startling affair. Yet, once again-and despite the fact tha 2008 Page #31  
try of Defense has never disputed. Yet, as I have been reminded on a number 2008 Page #31  
er-flown by a structured craft and yet we had nothing on radar and absolute 2008 Page #34  
lice sergeant. For some reason not yet revealed, Ken "Tuffy" Miller was ide 2008 Page #53  
e of the alleged alien device have yet to be disclosed. While the idea that 2008 Page #102  
cumstances whose condicions cannot yet be foreseen. However, we can make a  2008 Page #112  
tice in New York City, contributed yet another $20 million, according to th 2008 Page #125  
e of the effort to both understand yet publicly deny the existence of UFOs  2008 Page #130  
The simple answer is "I don't know yet." I think the words by LCR are a hoa 2009 Page #13  
feels are more manageable threats. Yet at the approach of the next decade t 2009 Page #15  
                               not yet grasped the new ideas. To most of us 2009 Page #20  
ics , to most people mean nothing, yet from these three sets of ideas, occu 2009 Page #20  
it to be realistic and acceptable. Yet such a proposal is made here, both t 2009 Page #21  
cale experimental model and is not yet capable of carrying a man. It could  2009 Page #22  
·ors, Leonard Stringfield provided yet further data in support of the 1953  2009 Page #50  
 was to be their last meeting -and yet, it certainly was. Rhanes escorted B 2009 Page #55  
T NONE OF US HAVE HEARD ABOUT EVEN YET? Yeah, here we are 30 years later. W 2009 Page #85  
 anything could be that strong and yet be "light as a feather." She was ove 2009 Page #91  
mber what that J " paragrap 1 was. Yet again subsequent events proved June' 2009 Page #92  
omjse was broken, and I don't know yet if June interviewed Dr. Wern.her von 2009 Page #94  
 was bound by her loyalty oath and yet she had no tolerance for deception b 2009 Page #95  
 working on a real secret project, yet they misrepresent many aspects of th 2009 Page #176  
mbers of Soviet agents who had not yet been identified. A counter-intellige 2009 Page #177  

Word: "yet--to--be--completed", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 to Offutt AFB for storage for the yet--to--be--completed Air Force Museum  2007 Page #114  

Word: "yeuow", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ntelligence community. The ones in yeUow, 1 have argued, have played a clea 2007 Page #28  

Word: "yezovshchina", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 J.V. Stalin's Workers' Paradise • Yezovshchina • Kolkhozi • Beria • NKVD • 2004 Page #154  

Word: "ye·", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

:· • '.\" : · . . "\~-..r~"'·:.~)~:Ye· ~~~~~/ · ",;. ~ 't 1~:: ';. -, ~· •  2009 Page #28  

Word: "yf-", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

he next day, the two-man crew of a YF- 12A (Article 1003) was forced to eje 2006 Page #87  

Word: "yf-12a", 10 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n as the Blackbirds) including the YF-12A interceptor, M-21 mothership (to  2006 Page #72  
plane (for the USAF). In 1964, the YF-12A variant became the 69             2006 Page #72  
t early in the program, before the YF-12A had been publicly surfaced. At th 2006 Page #73  
 the accident involving a Lockheed YF-12A known as Article 1003. The YF-12A 2006 Page #87  
 YF-12A known as Article 1003. The YF-12A, developed under project KEDLOCK, 2006 Page #87  
s sounded very much like a damaged YF-12A engine nacelle (Fig. 15). From a  2006 Page #87  
verage is also consistent with the YF-12A incident. It was scarcely mention 2006 Page #87  
s newsworthy. In fact, news of the YF-12A crash was included, almost as an  2006 Page #88  
s from eyewitnesses, I located the YF-12A crash site in 1996. I found a var 2006 Page #88  
early identified the aircraft as a YF-12A. The lack of composite anti-radar 2006 Page #88  

Word: "yfng", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

lludes to this possibility: 172 FL YfNG DISCS -The Bureau, at the request o 2009 Page #178  

Word: "yf~tr", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

"'~"'£:. Fe,. s,cc, .. :, :-.c.-., Yf~tr.. s.c-~t r,r-:~ ws-i·A OK A.vtc..: 2009 Page #123  

Word: "yg--", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rt' m 1.a n...~.-..~n,.,. J111J •u.YG--.,;cowc.._"': r.•11-,1r:::,,·u.::r " 2005 Page #124  

Word: "yhe", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 STATEMENT l!I ~\'.'"•L"'"b,.f'lfA YHE HiGHEST CLAss(!1c'.i.lffd'tfFDR mis  2007 Page #45  

Word: "yhirl", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

--!h ■OOl■t Cl09Wwd tDlandcan1neat,yhirl...,. tl rerN01«t tor Oll4"' m 1to1 2007 Page #165  

Word: "yi", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

wn aDi "'"ti: 1s l'.nclDN SI.M:t w:YI 89. TfO! CFI.DlDILtil CA" !iCt!l: lhU 2009 Page #150  

Word: "yield", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

urate distance Varying view angles yield shape Airborne radar would have no 2003 Page #186  
esearch time in the Archives would yield emergency plans for moving large e 2004 Page #129  
urrent clielectrical materials can yield 6 and use of barium aluminate can  2005 Page #171  
t wouldn't even start the metal to yield." According to Willingham, some ti 2006 Page #176  
nd could reasonably be expected to yield different syntax. Her conclusion i 2009 Page #11  
ed of two detonations, each with a yield of 23 kilotons: the first test was 2009 Page #173  

Word: "yielded", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

om bodies found in New Mexico have yielded new strains of a retro-virus not 2004 Page #80  
s on separate trips. Each trip has yielded more credible and consistent inf 2006 Page #47  
f desert. The first search attempt yielded nothing of interest. The largest 2006 Page #80  
m bodies found in New Mexico, have yielded new strains of a retro-virus not 2006 Page #105  
the sample that you provided to us yielded the following compositions for f 2007 Page #197  
collected by various U.S. agencies yielded little in useful data that convi 2009 Page #15  

Word: "yielding", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 preventing his power supply front yielding more than 47 kilovolts.         2006 Page #41  
, and random number generators are yielding a wealth of impressive data in  2006 Page #102  
 each with a small central orifice yielding a yellowish thin waterish disch 2006 Page #109  

Word: "yields", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

careful reading of this book by me yields 159 marginal notes where I either 2003 Page #184  
izing the result to a percentage , yields five possible levels of authentic 2005 Page #137  
Beorse. Search by Civil Air Patrol yields no results. "Helicopter exhaust f 2008 Page #48  

Word: "ying", 11 instance(s) (Back to Top)

y's original account, Behind the F/ying Saucers. This requires us to take a 2004 Page #217  
able on the subject at the time, F/ying Sa11cers from 011ter Space. The aut 2005 Page #94  
 Wood. PhD. AN ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF FL YING SAUCERS Presented to the Fifth Annu 2007 Page #42  
ailability! AN ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF FL YING SAUCERS by A. Vernon Bowen Edited b 2007 Page #49  
                               "FL YING SAUCERS FOR REAL ! !" 'ULTRA TOP SE 2007 Page #97  
·---- ·(ALSO ,iPPROX •10') =O= "FL YING SAUCERS FOR REAL ! !" co,.r.:-~•.t  2007 Page #97  
cicle together, there was a UFO/Fl ying Saucer sighting wruch occurred rure 2007 Page #109  
 were and have been complicit in t,ying to subvert the significance of what 2009 Page #59  
                 POLICE OFFlCER FL YING TRIANGLE SIGHTING - (OC100E.R; rtl- 2009 Page #122  

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!? c.evclopmen t Snoder,1ss as s.i.yinr, the Ni'\'r'Y bornb ns crechtP.c1 t 2009 Page #184  

Word: "yint", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ol." 1 PRlt...\DET,?R!A, June 13-r Yint rt:fJOrls that ruch rc:.c:irch j (A 2009 Page #182  

Word: "yipfll'rdt", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

-rruir,:I". bin, nnr:-Uk..i.t..1'1 YIPflL'rdt; . k ?o{h m'-'1 •;pu.r qu11!i 2009 Page #163  

Word: "yirion", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

le-strand linear RNA molecules per yirion and reverse transcriptase (RNA to 2004 Page #81  

Word: "yiw", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s~1 nilitary emadala la the im. In yiw ifliwutt cWj @^jzcso wCflalalB and i 2003 Page #226  

Word: "yiwnu", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

la ■&Lo swi that aaalstaaao la.aat yiwnu *m yasr wtsrlm la Chim Is smylstot 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yi~", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Tl\OC"-...,..OS. , ,. Ht£~ 0-q rl..YI~ t;l'U~511t"'• ,_~..,, C--'llll ~AHL£ 2009 Page #102  

Word: "yj", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

l\UEI\IATIC DA:VIPED [ARTIFICIA.LL YJ P:-.'UE:',.V.TIC D,\:1-IPED (A:Ul~ICl 2007 Page #113  

Word: "yl", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)


Word: "yl'lo", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)


Word: "ylall", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

hotos ■ S-3 (mailed to TC) FOR, Ma!Ylall, Bush, Truman ■ ~;;l.(Ql.9.iled to 2008 Page #115  

Word: "yle", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ge, Close Encounters chandelier-st yle craft hovers above its house. The co 2007 Page #66  

Word: "ylhittl", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s^cco c£ waking an appmlaal af the ylHIttl, wiwli, pey^e^giGal csd ■Hilary  2003 Page #226  

Word: "yltv", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 A. •~•NO .X'Sl"°"1 r'l..At.0 01 h.YltV,..00•10, ~-..w A.~ ~o..G Pa.lU·$.~C 2009 Page #116  

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 ■ayarta  aMaarw art aaalataata «a ym teaa aaaaaaaay ta trt effWetiWMaM af  2003 Page #215  
ero la ymitiaso of rewpeowihfllt y ym will gSssf that ym are m a fheWlailag 2003 Page #223  
rewpeowihfllt y ym will gSssf that ym are m a fheWlailag daalm aa* that the 2003 Page #223  
*m yasr wtsrlm la Chim Is smylstot ym will yr saw at aa a hrlsf triy to Isr 2003 Page #223  
romo* ▼la Tokyo. Im will take with ym such ewperts, aJwlsers aa* asdstaats  2003 Page #223  
ewperts, aJwlsers aa* asdstaats as ym *eaa asoeweary to the effoetiwaeea of 2003 Page #223  

Word: "ymca", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 , International Red Cross and the YMCA. Today's electronic media would be  2008 Page #143  

Word: "ymitiaso", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ri —■ with OMaeaa qsbS, laaiero la ymitiaso of rewpeowihfllt y ym will gSss 2003 Page #223  

Word: "ymr", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

a asoeweary to the effoetiwaeea of ymr aissim.                              2003 Page #223  

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Slide 27: 1980 U. S. Navy Photo of YN2 Thomas C. SHEPPARD (Thomas Colman Sh 2006 Page #156  

Word: "ynaaima", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 aartawer te atate ae aaartaaly aa ynaaiMa yocs? co^saha ef the rtmW ( —tit 2003 Page #215  

Word: "yo", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s, M., and Raphael, C.: Passion of Yo"th: An Alftobiogr,rpl?J'· New York, F 2005 Page #105  
 end 1pproximauly ftfty to ...,..,,yo.11 !wt In df..,,...,.. II wn conS1NC1 2007 Page #165  
. •l!. : ;-,."' t tel:.:. .fO.J u, yo..i::-c!for~! =. .. 1:,t..c tr. 2008 Page #57  
t the MJ-12 Dlrcctivco Ix, sent to yo, .ind hop~fullj·, be dissea:iin.1tcd  2008 Page #121  
                   J:JM.E ~-ri,1.s,YO,,U\,1T•LY _, _ _,..,,,~~:=:ii:G 4-,,\ 2009 Page #106  

Word: "yoakam", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

cLachlan, Martin Sheen, and Dwight Yoakam. We carefully followed the key fa 2004 Page #134  

Word: "yocs", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

r te atate ae aaartaaly aa ynaaiMa yocs? co^saha ef the rtmW ( —tit. art ya 2003 Page #215  

Word: "yogurt", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ables, fruit, milk, mixed soup and yogurt. There was no contact between the 2005 Page #32  

Word: "yoiu", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

hcre Is ·one cJuc 1n the re- ?'\EW YOIU,, _June 1-J {.AP)- ior Wl1ctJ1cr It 2009 Page #184  

Word: "yol1c", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

w 25, leaves CIA and purchases New Yol1C /nqu/r&r(laler renamed Nattonal En 2007 Page #26  

Word: "yon", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

etod. Xa &ho course of your survey yon will oontaat Chinas* officials oekS. 2003 Page #213  
 your appraisal it is desired that yon prooeed vith ©©©plots objectivity an 2003 Page #213  
vouz aiiuraaanl it 1? uesired that yon proceed wi di^ic •;«*»;!. fr.»- •i-. 2003 Page #214  
MRg the £te£t£?zcc af year niaaiaa yon ahawM andaawr ta wtata aa awaaljaaXy 2003 Page #226  
apexta, adwlaera and anaistasta aa yon daaa aeeeoeary te the affkel hare of 2003 Page #226  
.. shooting on location hither and yon. [Yes, indeed, secrets can be kept.  2006 Page #8  
r Dom berger, a close associate of Yon Braun; Werner Heisenberg, physicist  2008 Page #138  
sion -·-:My Qa cstloo to hlai: Can yon takt a 20 point bll In Ott polls? tU 2008 Page #154  

Word: "yone", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

y. She stated, "He was telling eve,yone about it, and then he would not say 2008 Page #53  

Word: "yon~__", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ently underwer.t intenSJve mterro ;yon~__. ~::,:~:Will~~ The Structure of S 2009 Page #152  

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bjects are nonsense. ” Source: New York Times, February 28. 1960 www.majest 2003 Page #10  
glas MacArthur October 8,1955, New York Times"Bec 2003 Page #10  
h as you might think." Source: New York Times, August 18, 1945 wwwjnajestic 2003 Page #16  
ounty in what is now is Beacon New York in 1892. His father is a contractor 2003 Page #85  
 or three weeks. On May 17 the New York Times reports that both visitors an 2003 Page #90  
volved in the 1965 blackout of New York City. In fact, he wrote a report to 2003 Page #193  
d the craft in a secret lab in New York State and had decided to take it fo 2004 Page #32  
uding a feature article in the New York Times. An indirect result of this c 2004 Page #58  
had with his mother in upstate New York almost ten years later. He also gav 2004 Page #58  
84 at a conference in Brewster New York. In early December Budd spoke at le 2004 Page #58  
was near La Guardia Airport in New York where a United Airlines plane took  2004 Page #68  
 syndicated columnist with the New York Herald Tribune, published the story 2004 Page #103  
ash was earlier 21 1952 Bronx, New York, USA 1 1 0 0 0 Witness Robert Olive 2004 Page #111  
cArthur, who was quoted in the New York Times on October 8, 1955, stating:  2004 Page #133  
 the head of the University of New York secret Mogul balloon research proje 2004 Page #138  
said: IF FOUND, PLEASE CONTACT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. Even Charles Moore, dir 2004 Page #143  
 in the Washington Post or the New York Times. Was there no obituary becaus 2004 Page #146  
Study of the Roswell Incident (New York: Marlow & Company, 1992); Aztec 194 2004 Page #223  
 Government's UFO Conspirades (New York Harper Torch, 2)02), pp. 10 - 26; a 2004 Page #224  
his evidence, according to the New York Times, corroboration would still ne 2004 Page #254  
ing social chasm dividing the Nen1 York Times and the Jim Lehrer Ne111s Ho1 2005 Page #76  
pic handled seriously by the Ne1JJ York Times, or the major networks, I wil 2005 Page #76  
invited to join the faculty of New York City's New School for Social Resear 2005 Page #89  
ct With Space Reich moved from New York to an area just outside the town of 2005 Page #94  
r, Professor Paul .Matthews of New York University observed in hjs 1973 rev 2005 Page #103  
ilhel111 Reich and A.S. Neill. New York: Farrar &Giroux, 1981. Croall, J. ( 2005 Page #104  
le: The UFO Assault 011 Earth, New York, The Exposition Press, 1973. Greenf 2005 Page #104  
V'ilhelm Reich VS. The U.S.A., New York, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1974. 2005 Page #104  
f Yo"th: An Alftobiogr,rpl?J'· New York, Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1998. Reic 2005 Page #105  
tters and ]011mals, 1940-1947, New York, Farrar Straus Giroux, 1999. Robbin 2005 Page #105  
o11011a1, Volume 24, Number 2, New York, Orgonomic Publications, Inc, 1990. 2005 Page #105  
-gonovry, Volume 25, Number 1, New York, Orgonomic Publications, Inc, 1991. 2005 Page #105  
 Biograpl?J of lVilhelm Reich, New York, St. Martin's Press/Marek, 1983. We 2005 Page #105  
ly, and with Jackie Onassis in New York. Maloney has informed us on tape th 2005 Page #149  
long it would take to fly from New York to Los Angeles by putting a feather 2006 Page #6  
", Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York, 2001, 399 pages. 3. Berliner, Don  2006 Page #13  
ically south towards Lockport, New York crashes. • 1196. Varginha, Brazil.  2006 Page #29  
fe, Albert A. Harrison, Ph.D., New York: Plenum Press, 1997. Confirmation o 2006 Page #70  
og of UFO Crashes (Avon Books, New York, 1995). For the purpose of this pre 2006 Page #72  
onwide television talk show in New York called 'We the People." Mrs. May sa 2006 Page #91  
C. on September 12, 1952. "The New York Times" headline read, "FLAME OVER W 2006 Page #95  
nt page headline story in the "New York Daily News" that read, "The Thing 1 2006 Page #99  
tomic bombs to drop on Boston, New York and Washington, D.C.? "Impossible," 2006 Page #164  
e repercussions in Alaska. The New York Times published a story with a Dece 2006 Page #169  
unt for the Skinwalker. (1995) New York: Paraview Pocket Books. 10. http:// 2006 Page #208  
ing Stone. EventuaUy, even the New York Times and other big news companies  2007 Page #12  
eak our. In March of 2001, the New York Times reported that the CIA had a c 2007 Page #13  
s to fool people. Evidence for New York Times I Robertson Panel cooperation 2007 Page #23  
al reasons to suspect that the New York Times had also playing a propaganda 2007 Page #23  
 25, leaves CIA and purchases Ne1v York lnq11irer (later renamed National E 2007 Page #26  
re.:,s is lioted as 65, New York 7, Now York. Other page.:, hove ano 2007 Page #46  
oted as 65, New York 7, Now York. Other page.:, hove another w11term 2007 Page #46  
on began to disintegrate, the NeIV York Times repeatedly ran a small box ad 2007 Page #67  
d attitudes and behavior." The New York Times covered the release of this r 2007 Page #76  
nda, Jim Marrs, HarperCollins, New York, 1997, pages 22 The Chesapeake Co11 2007 Page #77  
r Sullivan, 1964, McGraw-Hill, New York, pages 278, 288 \Xfith special than 2007 Page #77  
ected 11 miles up the coast of New York City as a "trial run". under the di 2007 Page #111  
t of a sighting as far away as New York. A NORAD astronomer said that the o 2008 Page #9  
 responding to a letter from a New York resident claimed that "The official 2008 Page #15  
ct was tracked and traced over New York, Kansas, Utah, Idaho, Montana, New  2008 Page #16  
ge , including articles in the New York Times and coverage on CNN News. On  2008 Page #61  
 Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, physicist and electrical engineer  2008 Page #75  
ing Cornell University Ithaca, New York 70 Audio: Prof. Michael Kelley and  2008 Page #76  
 The Rise of the Fourth Reich (New York: HarperCollins Publishers , 2008) M 2008 Page #123  
itions and his law practice in New York City, contributed yet another $20 m 2008 Page #125  
the Rockefellers, employed the New York law firm Sullivan and Cromwell to r 2008 Page #126  
By 1936, the Schroeder Bank of New York had entered into a partnership with 2008 Page #126  
ercent of Schroeder," reported New York Times writer Charles Higham. "Their 2008 Page #126  
ben chief Schmitz, hired famed New York publicist Ivy Lee to pass proprieta 2008 Page #127  
nk and his personal account at New York Trust Company . Another solid condu 2008 Page #127  
ependent National City Bank of New York which also handled Standard , Sterl 2008 Page #128  
h reported directly to the IBM New York headquarters . Data processing allo 2008 Page #128  
y of commerce, and governor of New York State. Both Harrimans had been memb 2008 Page #129  
ngs were conducted through the New York private banking firm of Brown Broth 2008 Page #129  
lso placed with major banks in New York City to include National City Bank  2008 Page #137  
Trust (now part of the Bank of New York). "The great German combines were t 2008 Page #137  
 and Rockefeller University in New York City. These Rockefeller-funded inst 2008 Page #140  
n-Kettering Cancer Center, the New York City-based cancer center built in 1 2008 Page #140  
 an EMP stonn causing the 1977 New York Citv blackout. Comments on the Impl 2009 Page #10  
 1962 and was picked up by the New York Times in which General LeMay predic 2009 Page #16  
atment of UFOs? What drove The New York Times to devote three major article 2009 Page #134  
 the Soviet news agency. Tass' New York City headquarters were in Rockefell 2009 Page #137  
tory even made page one of the New York Times as "A Tass Bulletin: Knobby A 2009 Page #138  
hich lasted for several days." New York Newsday headlined "Close Encounters 2009 Page #138  
 of the Soviet Kind" while the New York Post announced "THEY'RE HEEERE!" Mo 2009 Page #138  
n Saturday , October 141'\ the New York Times printed an editorial entitled 2009 Page #139  
ent Bush, life in Voronezh vs. New York, The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident 2009 Page #139  

Word: "york-based", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

othberg, the former owner of a New York-based antique store, and Dorothy Ki 2007 Page #135  

Word: "yorkers", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Poll, Aug. 30, 2004: Half of L ew Yorkers bebeve U .. leaders had foreknow 2007 Page #40  

Word: "yorkshire", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 \v'oodhall Drive, Batley, \'(/est Yorkshire, England, \'(/f17 7S\Y/; orb)  2005 Page #152  
tigator Tony Dodd, a retired North Yorkshire police sergeant with a quarter 2006 Page #122  

Word: "yosalbla", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

1 istnwir to stats as osaalaaly so yosalbla ^Jtlasts of tbs shmater, sat^t  2003 Page #223  

Word: "yosemite", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

LANl), N. z., June 13-mite Fnll in Yosemite Valley, (AP-:N«"!•r~ ~ 2009 Page #182  

Word: "you'd", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

you were out there and called 911, you'd be lucky to get one in a reasonabl 2004 Page #216  
you could be forgiven for trunking you'd had an extraterrestrial experience 2007 Page #60  
ip on what the aerial objects are. You'd think that would be kind of import 2009 Page #85  

Word: "you'll", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

anyone who tried. "They are afraid you'll dig up grandma," explained Decatu 2004 Page #31  
hing. Get the pkise in the air and you'll go free." 155                     2004 Page #158  
So, here are some definitions that you'll need to know to understand the su 2006 Page #113  
uisition radar, which is the radar you'll see in all the movies where the s 2006 Page #145  
urchase. Their motto? "Try one and you'll believe." .... -.... ·• ·. '•/ -~ 2007 Page #65  
study the Project Blue Book files, you'll find nearly 4000 cases labeled as 2008 Page #16  

Word: "you're", 25 instance(s) (Back to Top)

d Ryan from Belfast. Now, Ryan, if you're out in the crowd tonight, here's  2003 Page #201  
p the Wedemeyer directive and when you're done send a copy along for the Pr 2003 Page #209  
 them for 40 years. I believe that you're chasing after and fighting with w 2004 Page #99  
d him to say, "My dear man, I know you're not guilty or anything. Get the p 2004 Page #158  
ially recruited into something and you're given a choice — you're either in 2004 Page #190  
ething and you're given a choice — you're either in or you're out. You real 2004 Page #190  
ven a choice — you're either in or you're out. You really don't know what y 2004 Page #190  
back, "Listen, I'll have your ass. You're going to do it." I was not there  2004 Page #193  
d in New Mexico. That's not right. You're right. Someone did say you can me 2004 Page #196  
 added: "I saw d1e creature [d1at] you're talking about. It was real and "I 2005 Page #40  
fore, there is no genuine caveat: "You're not smart enough to understand ou 2006 Page #116  
and onto the top of the mountains, you're talking perhaps a mile and a quar 2006 Page #127  
 who was telling me, 'Look at what you're looking at here, OK?' These were  2006 Page #159  
f time and on up to present day... YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT THE 1940S TO THE 19 2006 Page #162  
ust need to keep this under wraps. You're not in trouble or anything, OK? A 2006 Page #162  
, if you know what's good for you, you're going to keep this under wraps. Y 2006 Page #162  
pecially when you accept that when you're in the military. You accept that  2006 Page #163  
 military. You accept that because you're working with SECRET material all  2006 Page #163  
fiches. When you fail to find what you're looking for over the Internet, it 2006 Page #180  
velopment civic offering asks, "lf you're beginning to think the perfect pl 2007 Page #61  
 pure Madjson Avenue at its best: "You're right off the plane. They don't k 2007 Page #68  
bduction: "Its pouring witl1 rain, you're miles from anywhere and your car  2007 Page #71  
.. Mom: Don't want people to think you're crazy. Paul: ... to think you're  2007 Page #172  
k you're crazy. Paul: ... to think you're crazy or weird or something. But  2007 Page #172  
 in investigating UFO sightings if you're not going to do it properly. I on 2008 Page #68  

Word: "you've", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

really believe in flying saucers - you've called for a congressional invest 2003 Page #195  
. Ford, what about flying saucers? You've had some in Michigan in the past  2004 Page #177  
really believe in flying saucers — you've called for a congressional invest 2004 Page #177  
t at the counters. I don't know if you've ever seen the game, Centipede. It 2006 Page #152  
ess somebody's trying to trick me. You've heard of the 4602nd Air Intellige 2007 Page #133  
t is a genuine mystery but clearly you've made all the checks that we could 2008 Page #34  
e under fire in a war zone. Unless you've been there and done it, you can o 2008 Page #68  

Word: "you-they", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

details and she said, "/can't tell you-they 'II come and arrest me." At the 2009 Page #88  

Word: "young", 61 instance(s) (Back to Top)

. Private research report by Kenny Young, May 1999 15. FBI FOIA requests an 2003 Page #39  
t reportedly fell. The boy and his young sister were outside playing at the 2003 Page #54  
r 6:30 P.M. that the mother of the young boy who saw the object fall, repor 2003 Page #59  
with the two investigators was the young boy who saw the object fall, and h 2003 Page #59  
 wants her son to become a priest. Young James attends local schools but ha 2003 Page #85  
's beyond my..." Clark Clifford, a young advisor of Forrestal's and future  2003 Page #89  
IA Request Examples • 15 Oct 1947, Young to R&D Board - Secret, RG341. E-17 2003 Page #165  
nguage analysis of the work of Dan Young from abductees as well as worldwid 2003 Page #187  
rd so much. Newt is a very warsome young man, being a populist, but he coul 2004 Page #32  
approach him. One said, "See here, young man, don't give this thing away. W 2004 Page #32  
ing on and off. Werbicki asked the young fisherman if he would mind returni 2004 Page #36  
le some three years later. The two young men, both 18 years of age were in  2004 Page #36  
his clothing. O'Brien examined the young man's arms and clothing but could  2004 Page #40  
ly and bloodless removed from this young male calf. SLIDE #34: Rectal excis 2004 Page #77  
 on about the JFK assassination. • Young Tim said what's wrong? and Harry r 2004 Page #212  
cer, and then another gentleman, a young guy.' Well, Doug was nineteen at t 2004 Page #217  
e. I asked him who and he said two young guys, maybe three, that stood at t 2004 Page #217  
Later that day, around 3 p.m., the young women who would turn out to be the 2005 Page #31  
ushes by the side of the road. The young man was scared and drove away as f 2005 Page #35  
ebruary 3, 1971, the date that two young men with an interest in UFOs -Jeff 2005 Page #39  
men with an interest in UFOs -Jeff Young and Paul Chetham -conducted an int 2005 Page #39  
cali) on May 21, 1953. Chetham and Young were the first people within the U 2005 Page #39  
. Accorrung ro the newspaper, Jeff Young had interviewed a man who asserted 2005 Page #39  
l defense needs. The man stated to Young and Chetham that he and a colleagu 2005 Page #39  
pecific part of the interview with Young and Chetham that dealt with the Ki 2005 Page #40  
those forty." He went on to inform Young and Chetham that he had been alert 2005 Page #40  
icago and from there to Phoenix."' Young and Chetham were further informed  2005 Page #40  
 previousl y only spoken with Jeff Young and Paul Chetham - became known as 2005 Page #40  
ich he had imparted to Chetham and Young. Werner explained this by saying t 2005 Page #40  
source interviewed in 1971 by Jeff Young and Paul Chetham, and interviewed  2005 Page #41  
 Arizona incident. Said Jill, as a young teenager, when he was told about t 2005 Page #44  
eing that, yes, the once-brilliant young scientist was now manifesting symp 2005 Page #89  
ca Reme Baca and Jose Padilla were young boys living in San Antonio, Ne\\ M 2005 Page #153  
eir overall stature reminds one of young children. It is believed that ther 2006 Page #104  
 same mysterious illness, with the young woman, who resided in a trailer ne 2006 Page #110  
s.24 Such symptoms in a patient as young and athletic as Bahe were shocking 2006 Page #110  
rest in space stuff. I recall as a young boy standing in our front yard wit 2006 Page #182  
id you gather this interest whilst young or older -what started your intere 2007 Page #80  
 become interested. That's quite a young age to join BUFORA between 12 and  2007 Page #80  
 in back. Paul: Yeah, I was pretty young and I don't remember all the speci 2007 Page #169  
 The piece ,:vas then taken to the Young Laboratories in Campinas, where it 2007 Page #194  
f which claimed that he had been a young lieutenant at Nellis AFB on the ni 2008 Page #14  
und. She described them as ··rowdy young men" who weren't likely to accept  2008 Page #45  
out literally their backyard . The young men told Mrs. White they tried to  2008 Page #45  
-knit and places where some of the young people grow and move away, but man 2008 Page #53  
eresting programs for children and young adults. One of the most popular pr 2008 Page #57  
wo other vehicles, one driven by a young woman with a baby, and the other b 2008 Page #58  
ulture of the Westport area, where young men considered the logging roads t 2008 Page #60  
ams-the Dawes Plan (l 924) and the Young Plan (l 928). Both plans, engineer 2008 Page #126  
 Recall that Russell A. Nixon, the young attorney for the U.S. Military Gov 2008 Page #131  
ng with Heydrich at Interpol was a young SS officer named Paul Dickopf. Aft 2008 Page #139  
 known. Even Pope Benedict XVI, as young Joseph Ratzinger in Poland, was a  2008 Page #145  
'lzing Encounter Over Alaska ■ The Young Internet ■ Tracking Fastwalke rs a 2008 Page #164  
r, as provided to researchers Jeff Young and Paul Chetham in 1971. Chetham  2009 Page #48  
 Paul Chetham in 1971. Chetham and Young were the first people within the U 2009 Page #48  
. According to the newspaper, Jeff Young had interviewed a man who asserted 2009 Page #48  
e Arizona incident. Said JLD, as a young teenager, when he was told about t 2009 Page #51  
he security of safe combinations . Young June Crain 83                      2009 Page #89  
ol-like device which it aimed at a young man walking in the vicinity. Witne 2009 Page #136  

Word: "young-chetham", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

"contact with an alien craft." The Young-Chetham interview revealed that th 2009 Page #48  

Word: "younger", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

survivors. At one point one of the younger men on Constable O'Brien's vesse 2004 Page #40  
en at the time, and said that [the younger] police officer was about his ag 2004 Page #217  
ore than 600 college lectures, the younger generation, which, unlike me, wa 2006 Page #9  
as your family situation like when younger, did they take an interest in yo 2007 Page #79  
sins was a bit unruly ·when he was younger but that's all. M\X/: So back in 2007 Page #82  
ttorney General Yvelle Feb 1755 J. Younger. "A negative decision on the Sun 2009 Page #10  

Word: "youngsters", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

hoto of three on stairs. The three youngsters ran to the apartment yelling  2007 Page #166  
en by more than a million American youngsters. A I 986 edition of The Inter 2008 Page #141  

Word: "yoursch", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

I\Pro-·pronol61-he, she, It, them, yourscH • EOC-edge of clause punctuation 2008 Page #118  

Word: "youth", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Poland, was a member of the Hitler Youth. Using German advances in the stud 2008 Page #145  

Word: "youthful", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s produced a list of five healthy, youthful adults, all expiring from an ac 2006 Page #110  

Word: "youtube", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ogy (Tor) -, Direct Broadcasting : YouTube, Google video, etc. :,. Easier a 2007 Page #38  
ology (for) , Direct Broadcasting: YouTube, Google video, etc. ► Easier acc 2007 Page #39  

Word: "yp", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n 1939. Idcnt if ication of. the t.yp,e:font required & survey of several h 2007 Page #46  

Word: "ypewriter", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

o watorm.a t"k. Tho tent ot t.he c.ypewriter which produced t.ho 334 page d 2007 Page #46  

Word: "yprinting", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ics s Learn to operated a Linotype yprinting machine a 27 years at SE Misso 2003 Page #31  

Word: "yr", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

wtsrlm la Chim Is smylstot ym will yr saw at aa a hrlsf triy to Isrws to as 2003 Page #223  
t AFB Ohio, USA 1 0 0 0 0 Witness "YR. only III, 19-20 Bodies observed whil 2004 Page #111  
oon Dust activated for this Others yr Writ erelI-Joar...:« fie4113: ro wAte 2006 Page #29  
ion ..414 woe v.... • rargrarroll ?yr • r••••=.7.., r , • *or. orrftrO .rs. 2006 Page #39  
h notation: D.O. unc. word. and 8? yr. older)                               2009 Page #94  
 rcc:i.lJcd having spol,e11 to DLI yr::ia :i~. S8) In,. th_~. thr. weapon \ 2009 Page #184  

Word: "yraaaat", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

«r appraisal it Is tsslyal that yw yraaaat with £raa aay fheUac af yrfar eh 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yraatiaax", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

SZI dJcoJL with tha aitaatloa ia a yraatiaaX aad haw Halal aamoora Sa jrahl 2003 Page #220  

Word: "yrabamla", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 a— wMak yw any rweeuiaMd* and tka yrabaMLa a—awE.i:a in tha evwad that aaa 2003 Page #226  

Word: "yreym", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 reset aaa ■raaiiar assistewm la a yreym af weQy IT the CMasm towrwaaat pre 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yrfar", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

yw yraaaat with £raa aay fheUac af yrfar ehlfyattas ta sapyort or to offUri 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yripwa", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

pyact g? £o ftuAhar aftlalal CM.—a yripwa wttLah da nat ooafiam aoart Aaarl 2003 Page #226  

Word: "yro", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)


Word: "yrogrsa", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

salar reforeaeo ta aa oooaaals al* yrogrsa la Xmea aa* Its relatim ta yeasr 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yrohshla", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

^ffloae wMA yw my fusawml, sat ths yrohshla aoaooqwoaoos la ■&Lo swi that a 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yrojowte", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

* clS£t37?7 aiteaMaoe — rnrrmt aa* yrojowte*. Xa the emvm of yes? ixarwy ys 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yrrtabla", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

tlasts of tbs shmater, sat^t , sat yrrtabla iiaasyisasos *f asr^s^ffloae wM 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yrs^waa", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ta sapyort or to offUrial flhfwsss yrs^waa whlsh 4a as* iWot to aMst Ac^sfc 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yrteaartag", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t yaliagr with ragari te Qrtaa. I» yrteaartag the fl rtf aye c? y~E? rteaia 2003 Page #215  

Word: "ys", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

4\Ut. PACI~•c CX.f.A.~ .n-t C.11:E,YS QC. A. s.-.1P A•,:; rt-....,r-~ ;..:. 2009 Page #128  
s concernll\P, ! " ,·.iriety of w,,ys. One oC these: 1hc purport..d devclop 2009 Page #182  

Word: "ysa", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

jowte*. Xa the emvm of yes? ixarwy ysa will mint* la Hol am with Jaarlssw d 2003 Page #223  

Word: "ysis", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

mpulsive Characte1; Character .Ana/ysis, People I,, Tro11ble, The lvf.ass P 2005 Page #89  
available for open scientific anal ysis. Although we know their metallic an 2007 Page #202  

Word: "ysisol--", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

NIUL ftlllKI_IIC_ r..i.aacDG. ~.--.YSISOl-- -fODP'...U, •.. P•'IIIUl.c:.tLS 2008 Page #149  

Word: "ystem", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

President. Our early warning radar ystem in Canada had picked up formations 2006 Page #167  

Word: "ys«r", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Ltot Stetas Gs73 z?E2^J o & rahiag ys«r appraisal it Is tsslyal that yw yra 2003 Page #223  

Word: "yt", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 major news sen,;ces (UPI, AP, l\T"YT, etc.) ► 3) f\..T)'T publisher Arthur 2007 Page #23  

Word: "yt1", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

, ~1unc 14·, ell Dr. Lci!Ch :ts sn.yt1,g hi.~ wcnp-t/\P}-P1·0!. W. A. MIile 2009 Page #184  

Word: "ything", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 should have been debriefed on eve,ything that happened to us. People have  2009 Page #79  
king certain questions to keep eve,ything clear. Went back to the lab and t 2009 Page #93  

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-:. ■ 'I'hlLuzLt1 ·•:1 ■ 1H7. 1"he Ytu a r..v.w ■ Tbt J:.Jio111MS ~ t.n:o=- 2009 Page #147  

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-tmmu,: Polr ,u Ela,d1e.n ■ l'JTU, Yu, of ......,ilE.nooun2c • UFO, t!u, K. 2009 Page #143  

Word: "yue", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

th • lh,1' md lavlsicn ■ I CJeO: A Yue or icquo ■Spuni;~ ■ n. lllym,, H..,. 2009 Page #144  

Word: "yuiiidence", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

illuiuiJujii; =T u C'j-;jni'j 7/ua/yuiiidence                               2003 Page #117  

Word: "yuixr", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Tirrip'i.n in t&a ascoo In. Making yuixr appraisal it is desired that jrau  2003 Page #212  

Word: "yuma", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ar Mannheim; UFO recovered 46 1967 Yuma, Arizona, USA 0 1 0 0 0 Proven hoax 2004 Page #113  
rt 46, 1967, UFO seen in hangar in Yuma; conclusively proven hoax • Report  2004 Page #122  
1946 a UFO was seen in a hangar in Yuma, AZ; another alleging that in 1979  2005 Page #132  

Word: "yunque", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s had reportedly crashed in the El Yunque rainforest and — along with their 2004 Page #16  
 that reportedly crashed in the El Yunque rainforests/mountains on February 2004 Page #16  

Word: "yuri", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ian expedition to the site, led by Yuri Labvin, was launched , and reported 2008 Page #102  
nt's key investigators , Professor Yuri Lotozev, who l got quite close to i 2009 Page #134  
gues among the first on the scene. Yuri Lotosev is a structural engineer an 2009 Page #136  
en in ten years. In December 1989, Yuri Lotosev and his colleagues appeared 2009 Page #137  
 a potential colleague. I wrote to Yuri Lotosev the following week and he r 2009 Page #139  
 changes ' ' ' going on around us. Yuri sent me Soviet, then Russian UFO ne 2009 Page #139  
o the surface. On August 28, 1990, Yuri wrote, "My special gratitude is for 2009 Page #139  
wnright superstitious . I do thank Yuri Lotosev for his contributions to ou 2009 Page #140  

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Reactors. Memo to Attorney General Yvelle Feb 1755 J. Younger. "A negative  2009 Page #10  

Word: "yvonne", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Knapp, Don Berliner, Walt Andrus, Yvonne Smith, Richard C. Hoagland, Raymo 2006 Page #203  

Word: "yvur", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 necessary to the effectlTBoess of yvur                                     2003 Page #212  

Word: "yw", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

krrwrnjeOfft*UU ICHIt: . In waking yw appraisal It 4* tha* 2T«?a prgpjod gU 2003 Page #216  
 ? In pwanUag ibjj •f your otowtow yw ^o«M k° year X tb» Maraotw, •M®*, mUt 2003 Page #216  
 tivt •aaUtaiw* 4* ^ct giABm* '■Wn yw 4a Chin*, da aosplsted you MU- P.3?®® 2003 Page #216  
 ys«r appraisal it Is tsslyal that yw yraaaat with £raa aay fheUac af yrfar 2003 Page #223  
ortia ths fSatlags aS J7CS7 atsaUa yw shoal 1 istnwir to stats as osaalaaly 2003 Page #223  
a iiaasyisasos *f asr^s^ffloae wMA yw my fusawml, sat ths yrohshla aoaooqwo 2003 Page #223  
bla a—aipimsgaa c2 aaaf at a— wMak yw any rweeuiaMd* and tka yrabaMLa a—awE 2003 Page #226  
;:.~.i,, ■ Lat • 1'75 1SJ Lcmd:2 r;Yw ■ UP'Q ?:.AC,. ·• ~ 1: Global Strange 2009 Page #141  

Word: "ywlac", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

tisas thrwwyhnat the omatry. Mfsro ywlac to loros yea will eommdsaie with t 2003 Page #223  

Word: "ywn", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Mr te aaaertaiw whetkar ha deeirae ywn te praeaad ala Takye* Tan will take  2003 Page #226  

Word: "ywr", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

«f a dlrastiw ta Ossa—1 —aaysr far ywr appro —1, Tte law atari — af tor and 2003 Page #221  
a wtata aa awaaljaaXy as pcooSLMLo ywr eatiaate af tha eknraatar, aoAaot, a 2003 Page #226  

Word: "yycs", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

cne. In presenting the findings of yycs 5 rtlsndea you should endeavor to s 2003 Page #212  

Word: "y~e", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

a. I» yrteaartag the fl rtf aye c? y~E? rteaiaa yea artel* aartawer te atat 2003 Page #215  

Word: "y~ttis", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

x,:i,t $4UU,,{" Sl&IT• ,:,t/6$ Al':Y~tTIS :UIJsr;r.ArED Hl.C:.$&,O Y.:Xtoe: 2009 Page #126  

Word: "y©®", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nt *d projected® xn the ©otsrao of y©®? s^vuy you win mWjriw Kriwnrt with t 2003 Page #212  

Word: "y·", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

tll b, a CR-1/.1.ENGE _.,.,.' TODA ; REAL J;SI • 110~11; l'OR1:c1.o,ti1n: 2008 Page #156  

Word: "y•", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

~\.Ot•l •,-.:,,l,T1l''!E'.J.:.'...(Y• I arm -••· eus .. .. -~$" ~T .. ;. SJ 2009 Page #120