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Word: "q&a", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

fice and given him a briefing. The Q&A went as follows, Question: Good morn 2003 Page #202  
landing of aliens at HoHoman. In a Q&A session during a Houston lecture, Em 2004 Page #184  

Word: "q'\js", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ouP•.tJ:= o:r::.; s.c...-r-r"" st(.Q'\JS. 119                               2009 Page #125  

Word: "q1q", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

           -..,, J, .~ 7. !',If,.~ Q1Q.1E. 10.,..,,.:,_, i),,C ~--, c,:. Cu 2009 Page #103  

Word: "q\lj~jr", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 LS the cnn be prolr.ctel r:,i:1er q\lJ~Jr &eoerall; 51Bted !o 2009 Page #182  

Word: "q_t", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

AnglopAmerlcan Thi? Herald Tribune q_t:oles a. peri;onncl or vessel~." t-"" 2009 Page #184  

Word: "q_}", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

~0:' .,.."'.:", , Ill[ 0. ,;AA U) ,Q_},. ,_(Al Sv,..l (..~. \,()llilA A~( c 2009 Page #127  

Word: "qa", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rtffltJII or 1111y decision -·-:My Qa cstloo to hlai: Can yon takt a 20 poi 2008 Page #154  

Word: "qaawral", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 attaahod a draft of a dlraatiw ta Qaawral Wadoaajwr for jraar a^rowl*      2003 Page #220  

Word: "qaeda", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

erhood, a progenitor of today's al Qaeda terrorist organization. Hassan al- 2008 Page #139  
otherhood's name was changed to al Qaeda. One member was Osama bin Laden. B 2008 Page #140  

Word: "qanuary", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

of Jarclim Andere a few days later Qanuary 20). Perhaps they were informed  2005 Page #37  

Word: "qaughs", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 -closer than we thought we could. Qaughs) Paul: Yeah, we got a lot closer  2007 Page #170  
 stopped. Mom: We were very close! Qaughs) Paul: Yeah, because they only ha 2007 Page #170  
one ever said anything. We didn't! Qaughs) Paul: Yeah, I don 'c know if the 2007 Page #171  

Word: "qbovc", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

bul• 1 "Below the lnlTCI red:, nod Qbovc ... .,. . d lbc PJ.~lllC ~ml ttlt' 2009 Page #182  

Word: "qc", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t. PACI~•c CX.f.A.~ .n-t C.11:E,YS QC. A. s.-.1P A•,:; rt-....,r-~ ;..:.L S 2009 Page #128  

Word: "qccc", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

TL.V ,F-0._ ALJwl-C'ST A~':")'\. A QCCC:"-FOOT..,_,,. I..• !,l,\A.•.!0 \JFO 2009 Page #117  

Word: "qcfl", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 GONDOLA UFO (3G..,,...--Drs il.,l,QCfl!!,...~-,IJ-C.t.U.1 .:0S:VllA"''k -- 2009 Page #113  

Word: "qd", 26 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 ordered. These, together with the QD discussions of "captured" and "downed 2004 Page #130  
 the field of questioned document (QD) examination one needs to take a fore 2004 Page #243  
 understand the true nature of the QD. Our team has looked at seven element 2004 Page #243  
who typed the questioned document (QD) and saved a copy all these years. If 2008 Page #105  
             Clearly, the six-page QD would today be called a "white paper, 2008 Page #106  
ntative of a longer piece like the QD. I think that really good reference s 2008 Page #107  
ented for the Einstein-Oppenheimer QD. There seem to be differences in the  2008 Page #107  
by Einstein. Slide 20 compares the QD and the U.N. results and adds four mo 2008 Page #107  
 inputs from each source. When the QD is compared by the ALIAS program in s 2008 Page #108  
es, well within the scatter of the QD data, and they have been essentially  2008 Page #108  
 of the cited documents and in the QD. Research on ' the use of this word a 2008 Page #109  
e Linguistic Data for Pace Ein-Opp QD ■ Number of characters ■ Number of wo 2008 Page #117  
r nor Oppenheimer ■Oppenheimer vs. QD = 1000/o Opp. ■Cooper vs QD = 1000/o  2008 Page #118  
er vs. QD = 1000/o Opp. ■Cooper vs QD = 1000/o Coop. ■Einstein (27) vs. QD  2008 Page #118  
 = 1000/o Coop. ■Einstein (27) vs. QD 120/o Ein. ■Einstein (6 incl U.N) = 2 2008 Page #118  
.N) = 250/o Ein. ■Einstein (5) vs. QD = 27% Ein. Ten specific segments show 2008 Page #118  
nts show Einstein correlation with QD 2J 112 David Paces data QD U.N. O/o ■ 2008 Page #118  
on with QD 2J 112 David Paces data QD U.N. O/o ■Word length 4.98 5.11 3 ■Wo 2008 Page #118  
or Einstein's U.N. address and the QD Carole Chaski's data for 17 linguisti 2008 Page #118  
Bob Wood's data ■Word length Error QD -Einstein 5.23 0.15 5.08 -Oppenheimer 2008 Page #119  
"""oo outside the likely range :-; QD sentence length Opplt (21.79) by Chuk 2008 Page #119  
end ,..,.~ff.e.ct the scenario? 1; QD word length Opptnh•'"'• ('.64] _ Coop 2008 Page #119  
ra-na'i:iona I organization ... " (QD) ■ establishment of a supra-na'ionai  2008 Page #119  
s known Teller, and broke down the QD I into five parts. Each of these part 2009 Page #11  
t Teller was not the author of the QD I although some of the five po11ions  2009 Page #11  
ment of word length confirmed that QD l used shorter words than his other e 2009 Page #11  

Word: "qd2", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd the other is a leaked document (QD2) from another occasion to Tim Cooper 2009 Page #10  
ly for classification accuracy. If QD2 mentioned earlier (Teller's pitch to 2009 Page #11  

Word: "qdi", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

hat are highly similar to those in QDI. Dr. Carole Chaski, a forensic lingu 2009 Page #11  

Word: "qdl", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

o questioned documents: the first (QDl) is "UFO Technology and the Imbalanc 2009 Page #10  
ch to Reagan on SDI) is authentic, QDl will match it pretty well. So, more  2009 Page #11  

Word: "qds", 11 instance(s) (Back to Top)

o one of the Questioned Documents (QDs) that Ryan and I have been evaluatin 2004 Page #106  
exist? (yes or no) • References to QDs? (yes or no) • Confirmation sources  2004 Page #109  
 Relation to Questioned Documents (QDs) Slide 13 shows the seven reports th 2004 Page #117  
hat have some correlation with the QDs that have been the subject of my oth 2004 Page #117  
l biological agent correlates with QDs. Slide 11 EASY TRAILS TO CHECK • R5, 2004 Page #118  
 code word associated with several QDs, such as the Bowen manuscript, the S 2004 Page #119  
ve correlation with several of the QDs, thereby enhancing the authenticity  2004 Page #119  
ncing the authenticity of both the QDs and the witness reports. 116         2004 Page #119  
s a 1941 crash, and several of the QDs under study report on the Los Angele 2004 Page #123  
ome of the leaks. The leaks of the QDs that have come my way represent abou 2004 Page #125  
"control" of the media. One of our QDs states, "One of the most difficult a 2004 Page #125  

Word: "qf", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ieval Conference Sampler aircraft, QF 80, remote-controlled and containing  2005 Page #50  
ch books as The J\tlass Psychology qf Fascism. Reich's blasts at Soviet-sty 2005 Page #87  
,isks of 110 secreo• are the risks qf de111ocra9•." -Daniel Ellsburg 35     2007 Page #41  

Word: "qff", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ions with the Pentagon will be cut qff. I will keep you informed as the sit 2006 Page #164  

Word: "qfficer", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 at Aberdeen PD; we were nicknamed Qfficer Friendly and the S10,y Lady. Par 2008 Page #57  

Word: "qg", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 . lUoonaondatione have been aside qg 6© the typo and extant of aid, Milita 2003 Page #228  

Word: "qinetiq", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

DERA split into two organizations: QinetiQ, a private company, and the Defe 2006 Page #123  

Word: "qissisa", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

e s/(oh mKxns. n MESEUH. nsmm Xou? Qissisa will pre*e*d t* China without de 2003 Page #213  

Word: "ql", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n an Underwood Port•ble typewriter Ql.anuf& cturod in 1939. Idcnt if icatio 2007 Page #46  
OR, Ma!Ylall, Bush, Truman ■ ~;;l.(Ql.9.iled to TC) Ike, E-!OVAH, Teller on 2008 Page #115  

Word: "ql'l", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

CO,.,e;, ,._,_ t.w -o;...ce"' Sf.::Ql'l::.S OOOGST UfO!. • .:. I Striped To 2009 Page #127  

Word: "qlomela-s", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

sof!ll" Enorrrous; problbly 20:11 !Qlomela-s abo"'8Ell1h. Ten seconds, then 2009 Page #151  

Word: "qo", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 in 1977. The ink on p•ges 18'1, I QO, 288, and lbc co..,,, aloo 1n11chcs t 2007 Page #46  
20 25 30 35 40 45 • l1Ytt'1.9• for QO Unexamined issues for Einstein authen 2008 Page #119  
0 5.00 5.10 S.20 5.30 • aven1• tor QO Hapax legomana word? ■ "If the United 2008 Page #119  
 dlcd it v~& my raapcna1bi lity to qo through his eccrat files .and t.1ke i 2008 Page #120  
~ Pft:T IN OlAM~iC:.1'. ANO 80 'TO qo F-e eT t-l16H. H:!: S,,,,.W Ii '-"""' 2009 Page #124  

Word: "qocated", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 to the McDonnell Douglas facility Qocated northeast of Llano, California)  2005 Page #83  

Word: "qohnson", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

est respect for both you and Kelly Qohnson], I'd appreciate knowing if your 2005 Page #80  

Word: "qones", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

uld coincide with the object Steve Qones) is convinced landed, fell, hit or 2005 Page #69  

Word: "qq", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ck at as early a date as possible. QQ Re is generally familiar with the Chi 2003 Page #230  

Word: "qrano", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t or further official Chines* pro- Qrano uhioh do not confers to good and f 2003 Page #213  

Word: "qrtaa", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

te ta eewrt yaliagr with ragari te Qrtaa. I» yrteaartag the fl rtf aye c? y 2003 Page #215  

Word: "qs", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

&77" ~ .. -""' __ .,.._,,_ ,ta.~. ,qs •. illl"'?°A.. ..,..A - JIIEM WDUlfT  2009 Page #127  

Word: "qs1", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

boratories - Medpen 11. The Extraterres 2006 Page #208  

Word: "qsaidec14", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Hfoet I0I ne, foo — to ries in est Qsaidec14 wags rn the .11essonat Senn —  2006 Page #35  

Word: "qsbs", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

m. Is year ilaawari —■ with OMaeaa qsbS, laaiero la ymitiaso of rewpeowihfl 2003 Page #223  

Word: "qu0le", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n. sclcmlst it The Herald 'tribune qU0le?J;I weapon sn1ci 1? outr1val the a 2009 Page #184  

Word: "qu11", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 YIPflL'rdt; . k ?o{h m'-'1 •;pu.r qu11!it,ed to i _-II lmpo!3iblt. 2009 Page #163  

Word: "qua", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

there it h. ~ , ir. no posit:on to qua.rrel with judvn,:..nt.. Cer1. 2009 Page #163  

Word: "quack", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

hng being: \Xlh) bother? He was a "quack." During his lifetime Dr. \v'ilhel 2005 Page #87  
t given that the FDA knew he was a quack and orgonomy a fraud, it stood to  2005 Page #101  

Word: "quail", 6 instance(s) (Back to Top)

od (Wood & Wood Enterprises) 14004 Quail Ridge Drive, Broomfield, CO 80020, 2003 Page #2  
act: Wood & Wood Enterprises 14004 Quail Ridge Drive, Broomfield, CO 80020  2004 Page #2  
act: Wood & Wood Enterprises 14004 Quail Ridge Drive, Broomfield, CO 80020  2006 Page #2  
 \X/ood & \X/ood Enterprises 14004 Quail Ridge Drive, Broomfield, CO 80020  2007 Page #3  
: Wood & \.'load Enterprises 14004 Quail Ridge Drive, Broomfield, CO 80020  2008 Page #3  
act: Wood & Wood Enterprises 14004 Quail Ridge Drive, Broomfield , CO 80020 2009 Page #3  

Word: "qualification", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ge and 1 love reading and my other qualification s were French, Art, Maths  2007 Page #80  

Word: "qualifications", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ey out of it. As I didn't have any qualifications to speak ofl did a Mature 2007 Page #78  
d it all by experience rather than qualifications. MW: When would you say y 2007 Page #78  
valuate his stability, education , qualifications , or truthfulness. His is 2008 Page #14  

Word: "qualified", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ting was pinkish-purple, and later qualified it as being lavender. Jesse Ma 2004 Page #137  
a quick review of the forensically qualified original, not photocopies MJ-1 2004 Page #242  
chosis, that certainly should have qualified as a big news story and the ob 2005 Page #118  
to competition with a lot of newly qualified Microsoft Certified engineers. 2007 Page #82  
olve a potential for employment of qualified field intelligence personnel o 2007 Page #134  
technical departments staffed with qualified and knowledgeable analysts and 2009 Page #16  
eople who otherwise would not have qualified to purchase a home. She succee 2009 Page #88  

Word: "qualify", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

question answers itself. Those who qualify as "owners," albeit with the ass 2005 Page #75  
t relate to the alien but helps to qualify the period of time and what the  2005 Page #151  

Word: "qualit", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ur color prospectus primed on high qualit:y cardstock , in 3-D, along with  2007 Page #67  

Word: "qualities", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 science fiction, cults, anomalous qualities XIV. The Other Side of the Coi 2007 Page #45  
tern Russian city, or the singular qualities associated with the beings inv 2009 Page #140  

Word: "quality", 31 instance(s) (Back to Top)

re was a very sincere woman with a quality case worthy of a dedicated effor 2003 Page #38  
o a copy shop and I made very high quality copies from the original negativ 2003 Page #169  
as so hard to read. Using the high quality copies made later has resulted i 2003 Page #171  
 and g's. He provided me with high quality originals of type fonts. He said 2003 Page #179  
d Bob Wood found the frame r? High quality copying revealed all r Eight pag 2003 Page #182  
ritic has ever asked me for a high quality copy of the Manual. Even Don Ber 2003 Page #184  
problem. We took an air thing (air quality measuring device) down, you know 2004 Page #52  
g, the photos were of insufficient quality to visualize the details sought  2004 Page #231  
troversial, not only for its high- quality forensics, but also for its cont 2004 Page #242  
er, in particular when judging the quality of the men making these statemen 2005 Page #82  
ly, the cases in this book vary in quality and derail. Some are astonishing 2005 Page #121  
 in this book span the spectrum of quality, credibility, sources and eviden 2005 Page #134  
more cautiously. Given the varying quality of each case, it is important to 2005 Page #134  
ome of the film was in pretty poor quality but other parts of it were not t 2005 Page #148  
is needed, and has the translucent quality of real skin and flesh. There ar 2005 Page #149  
d below. It was also felt that the quality of the thought and findings of t 2006 Page #49  
mmunicate with. It might radiate a quality of super-human power which would 2006 Page #53  
Foundation, that Art would not get quality guests for the show, and that th 2006 Page #204  
 guests for the show, and that the quality of the show would suffer. Art di 2006 Page #204  
t research. Her role was to locate quality mediums that Robert Bigelow coul 2006 Page #207  
eillance ► High noise level, lower quality standards ► 'Preferred service'  2007 Page #39  
America's premier manufacturers of quaLity stuffed animals, and the additio 2007 Page #64  
Gce suggested char Jack use higher quality official Air Force photographs a 2007 Page #95  
ts of the report -such is the poor quality of the version that has thus far 2007 Page #140  
large enough for easy reading. The quality and sophistication of the thinki 2009 Page #8  
ted subtlety was thoroughly of the quality of Teller's thinking. My own ass 2009 Page #11  
elligence collection effort of top quality in this country. It has been all 2009 Page #15  
are of comparisons of quantity and quality. Probably the same will be said  2009 Page #19  
quantity of arms, the latter their quality and particularly the element of  2009 Page #21  
 element of novelty. Comparison of quality would be difficult even in the a 2009 Page #21  
ad in quantity and we are ahead in quality. It is somewhat disquietin g tha 2009 Page #21  

Word: "quali~", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

here witnesses, documents, overall quali~, length, sophistication and belie 2005 Page #121  

Word: "quantico", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ected to attend the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia and spent two years t 2003 Page #32  
d (2) the selection of the "annual Quantico conference" as a meeting time a 2009 Page #13  
rmore , while one could argue that Quantico is a long-established facility, 2009 Page #13  
as a premature date for the annual Quantico conference. I suspect that the  2009 Page #13  
to the subject. Perhaps the annual Quantico conference could provide an opp 2009 Page #28  

Word: "quantification", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Chain Reaction (PCR) tests, an RNA quantification method, on rodents and Ha 2006 Page #111  

Word: "quantify", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 understand the principles, we can quantify, describe and replicate ■ Such  2005 Page #4  

Word: "quantitative", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

d buggy with a rocket to the moon, quantitative comparisons become arbitrar 2009 Page #19  

Word: "quantities", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

is less sophisticated but computes quantities like number of syllables, len 2008 Page #106  
uter. Some of the more stylometric quantities that use number of syllables  2008 Page #106  
combine some of the basic measured quantities. There are four obvious peopl 2008 Page #106  

Word: "quantity", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t supply house and ordered a large quantity of a special type of glazed bri 2003 Page #61  
 buildings. G. At the time I was a quantity surveyor, just working for the  2004 Page #52  
the hardware itself. Bue the sheer quantity must force us to consider its p 2005 Page #78  
ed it from being produced in great quantity (see illustration #12, #27, #28 2007 Page #108  
mporary ones are of comparisons of quantity and quality. Probably the same  2009 Page #19  
hnology. The former emphasizes the quantity of arms, the latter their quali 2009 Page #21  
 is stated that Russia is ahead in quantity and we are ahead in quality. It 2009 Page #21  

Word: "quantum", 9 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ut a mighty and totally unexpected quantum leap. “I had a job to do, whethe 2003 Page #11  
1, 1996, author of Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics www.majesticdocument 2003 Page #15  
wer of Nothing . Measuring For= of Quantum 'Foam' Fluc-u.u,tJona"' ~ va,c.u 2005 Page #23  
 UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 22 Quantum vacuum creates momentum differen 2005 Page #24  
iding newsbreaks. A local company, Quantum Software, (which is no longer in 2006 Page #203  
1949. Now sixty years later, modem quantum physicists talk about parallel u 2008 Page #95  
ist and Nobel laureate who founded quantum mechanics; gaseous uranium centr 2008 Page #138  
enber g was one of the founders of quantum mechanics and Gerlach's specialt 2008 Page #138  
 cold fusion, or the more specific quantum mechanics , to most people mean  2009 Page #20  

Word: "quarantine", 4 instance(s) (Back to Top)

s, a logical reason to visit is to quarantine us until we develop a techniq 2006 Page #8  
posed' and impose an indeterminate quarantine under armed guard, which coul 2006 Page #202  
t? Possible Responses: ► Immediate quarantine of their home planet (i.e., n 2007 Page #37  
d to the human threat? ► Immediate quarantine of their home planet (i.e., n 2007 Page #37  

Word: "quarantined", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nd told them that the area was now quarantined and they had to leave immedi 2003 Page #60  
uals who could thus be arbitrarily quarantined. The definition of 'extrater 2006 Page #202  
in the nearby rown of Saratoga and quarantined the town allowing nobody to  2007 Page #128  

Word: "quarc", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ris na* xvn email al.'Ul 2'1 ftvl *quarc and lhe material *a* »pn ad i-n th 2003 Page #132  

Word: "quarles", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nal data had been obtained" Donald Quarles. See. of I S \F re RB'iR 1 -I No 2003 Page #118  

Word: "quarreling", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

g as we are divided, quibbling and quarreling, that's all the Defenders nee 2006 Page #182  

Word: "quarry", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

l below. The Diane parks above its quarry, and the recovery effort begins.  2006 Page #187  

Word: "quarter", 8 instance(s) (Back to Top)

the layered metal pieces next to a quarter coin for size comparison. Each p 2003 Page #102  
ilver side is up. An inch diameter quarter coin is for size comparison. Pho 2003 Page #103  
hes long, an inch wide and about a quarter of an inch thick. One side was d 2003 Page #103  
other on the right, both next to a quarter coin that is about an inch in di 2003 Page #103  
d tank car was flattened and blown quarter of a mile from its track. 47     2005 Page #49  
h Yorkshire police sergeant with a quarter of a century of service in the F 2006 Page #122  
ou're talking perhaps a mile and a quarter away from where it all occurred; 2006 Page #127  
ve the objects that I saw at close quarter were extraterrestrial in origin  2009 Page #59  

Word: "quarter-inch", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

hey measured in common terrestrial quarter-inch and inch sizes. However, Al 2003 Page #100  

Word: "quarterly", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 Ramsey. For example, in the first quarterly report of their capital expend 2004 Page #220  
n't!, Capt. Henry S. Shields, MJJI Quarterly, 1978 14 USAF Memorandum, 13 J 2008 Page #38  

Word: "quarters", 12 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Air Force Base States that in some quarters the explosions had been attribu 2003 Page #163  
is table raised a red flag in some quarters because it identified "Area 51  2003 Page #176  
 reacticn, particularly in foreign quarters, to the possible military signi 2003 Page #222  
 among others) states that in some quarters the explosions had been attribu 2004 Page #17  
r local residents, but about three quarters of the way through the intervie 2004 Page #217  
s began to virtually live in those quarters of Urucamp, among them Dr. Fort 2005 Page #32  
ted . Standard -frame house, three quarters of a mile from detonation . The 2005 Page #48  
 would be large temptation in many quarters to seek advantage. Fast occurre 2006 Page #66  
w the Ararat Anomaly at very close quarters. He further explains that rwo o 2007 Page #138  
lk River and then went about three quarters of a mile beyond to what was kn 2008 Page #51  
 Area (4,362 acres). Exactly three quarters of a mile beyond the bridge is  2008 Page #51  
llow evaluation to come from other quarters in the intelligence community a 2009 Page #16  

Word: "quarts", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t out, "The turbine runs on 3 to 4 quarts. If you lost ve,y much at all, yo 2008 Page #54  

Word: "quasi-human", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 signs of intelligent guidance, by quasi-human pilots. The authorities in p 2003 Page #18  

Word: "quasi-official", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t of the Reagan Administration , a quasi-official think-tank , comprised of 2008 Page #35  

Word: "quasi-spiritual", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

would also provoke a wide array of quasi-spiritual reactions, from doomsday 2006 Page #63  

Word: "qucsuons", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ntisu :l re deeply skeptical, misc qucsuons oboulhlsjudpnenL ... • Jo)m Hor 2008 Page #146  

Word: "quctcd", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

~,e .c-:.-. uu1 o! Aucklanci which quctcd chnn_i:eo •~e~~ a~d inf,o,m~l:ion 2009 Page #182  

Word: "que", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ver Mexico ■ The MJ1t2ry Abducllon Que:;llon ■ The Abortive Di:closure ■ Th 2009 Page #150  

Word: "queen", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

uals around the world, such as the Queen and the Pope, saying that indeed S 2006 Page #9  
, I guess we would call it a Dairy Queen, that is everybody else here would 2007 Page #124  
ould know it as, it wasn't a Dairy Queen, it '\Vas just a little hamburger  2007 Page #124  

Word: "queens", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n-quiet district in the Borough of Queens where he went into private practi 2005 Page #90  

Word: "queensland", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

outh Wales, Western Australia, and Queensland. Whether the Australian autho 2004 Page #16  

Word: "queer", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ually is with the 4602nd." "Sounds queer, Lou. They're not supposed to talk 2007 Page #133  

Word: "quell", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

t is equally possible he wanted to quell the growing public curiosity about 2008 Page #55  

Word: "queried", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

n rnll separated 111st October , , queried about the Aucklllnd re-The:,, l; 2009 Page #182  

Word: "quest", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

me with pieces of the puzzle in my quest to learn what that mysterious obje 2003 Page #56  
eing misled, but his single-minded quest revealed a blind spot. As long as  2003 Page #148  
Defense Intelligence Agency and my quest turned up no additional data — wit 2004 Page #11  
ons may never be answered, but the quest for the full story behind the Rame 2004 Page #238  
igm everywhere and everywhen. Your quest is not in vain. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: T 2006 Page #180  
invitation. Please join us in this quest. Together, we will turn the wheel  2006 Page #194  
 as names, places, and events, the quest is to determine whether or not the 2009 Page #91  

Word: "questio", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

de facto by our military. On every questio n of whether the United States w 2008 Page #113  

Word: "question", 191 instance(s) (Back to Top)

uotes *  iGeorge Filer “It isn't a question of whether or not flying saucer 2003 Page #15  
r or not flying saucers exist. The question is, what are they and who do th 2003 Page #15  
ich brings us to that ever nagging question, so how do we know that these f 2003 Page #26  
 At The Crash Site? To answer this question fairly takes considerable time; 2003 Page #29  
igin of the object remains an open question. The CFi Kecksburg Investigatio 2003 Page #65  
re not certain if this is simply a question of memory, or if other factors  2003 Page #66  
 sending people the wrong way. The Question of Bodies One of the most contr 2003 Page #67  
oversial aspect of the case is the question if any bodies were associated w 2003 Page #67  
e Berwyn Mountains on the night in question in January 1974. 71             2003 Page #75  
at a time. Slide 50 deals with the question of "Where is the document contr 2003 Page #181  
ccessful in unimaginable. The only question is what percent of today's tech 2003 Page #187  
 technology may track to UFOs; big question is what percent of it? s The Fe 2003 Page #188  
e president has only faced the UFO question twice during a news conference  2003 Page #190  
ace The Nation" show the following question and answer. Q: Mr. Ford, what a 2003 Page #195  
r after. It naturally leads to the question of whether there is a big brief 2003 Page #195  
 the Larry King show. In a call-in question, Florida UFO researcher Art Gre 2003 Page #197  
val Conference bodies. Here is the question and Shirley MacLaine's reply. K 2003 Page #198  
 reporter Sarah McClendon, and her question to Clinton about UFOs. Here is  2003 Page #199  
ke who was speechless when asked a question about Roswell on the Diane Rehm 2003 Page #200  
tonight, here's the answer to your question. No, as far as I know, an alien 2003 Page #201  
 the White House I had a chance to question Cheney on UFOs. He was on the D 2003 Page #202  
arted. I was first up with the UFO question and all the rest of the questio 2003 Page #202  
 an open-line talk show since. The question I asked him was the key questio 2003 Page #202  
e question I asked him was the key question of briefings. Because of his ba 2003 Page #202  
th the UFO subject, defined by the question of whether anyone had every wal 2003 Page #202  
briefing. The Q&A went as follows, Question: Good morning. Mr. Cheney, I ha 2003 Page #202  
Good morning. Mr. Cheney, I have a question. Since a statement made by Geor 2003 Page #202  
n "read-in" to the UFO program. My question to you is, in any of your gover 2003 Page #202  
and I couldn't talk about it. Host question: Is there an investigation goin 2003 Page #202  
y because he was not expecting the question. The government has always stat 2003 Page #202  
 still did not answer that crucial question: what was it that crashed at Be 2004 Page #10  
vided insight into the often-asked question of why UFOs don't just land and 2004 Page #32  
g Harbor. Corporal Werbiki's first question to Wickens was "have you been d 2004 Page #35  
ickens was caught off guard by the question but recovered and huffily repli 2004 Page #35  
ted, isn't that the most important question? No light houses and theories f 2004 Page #49  
eign discs? A 'yes' answer to that question was related to Andy Kissner by  2004 Page #65  
exico as Scully described. Another question the two men wanted to answer: W 2004 Page #70  
 to find facts about the important question: What does the United States go 2004 Page #75  
ls" was strange and he was asked a question years later to try and get him  2004 Page #99  
think that Earley is asking a fair question about how the retrieval teams w 2004 Page #127  
troduced myself, and asked him the question, "Len, if you had to make an ev 2004 Page #129  
se documents is still held open to question, of course, which is in part th 2004 Page #134  
or debris field during the week in question. Of course, there the possibili 2004 Page #136  
esident, he answered a schoolboy's question about it in front of a brigade  2004 Page #140  
ell Incident that the astronaut in question had UFO sightings, and the astr 2004 Page #145  
y Air Field for the time period in question were mysteriously destroyed wit 2004 Page #146  
d States has only publicly taken a question on UFOs twice since 1947. The f 2004 Page #176  
apers in July 1947. The second UFO question came during a December 1954 pre 2004 Page #176  
ked what he though about UFOs. The question had been inspired by a major fl 2004 Page #176  
the President has not been asked a question in 50 years. It is not hard, th 2004 Page #176  
and then there would always be the question "Do you believe?" I would alway 2004 Page #181  
ys say, "Yes, what are you crazy?" Question: In terms of psychic or UFOs? U 2004 Page #181  
 landed and two of them went away. Question: Why did it land? Shank: It app 2004 Page #182  
xtended and out came three aliens. Question: What did they look like? Shart 2004 Page #182  
the Pentagon, and if there was any question about anything they had the rig 2004 Page #183  
 was pretty straightforward. First question was, 180                        2004 Page #183  
rry King Live she was faced with a question about what Cage had said. In re 2004 Page #188  
hat Cage had said. In reply to the question which came from a Florida calle 2004 Page #188  
ents. I really couldn't answer his question so I asked Stanton Friedman and 2004 Page #191  
52 True Magazine article.' The key question is whether or not "Dr. Gee" rea 2004 Page #218  
ecurity. So, this sort of begs the question, do the withheld documents cont 2004 Page #219  
 incident is left with a very real question about Leo Gebauer — was he Scul 2004 Page #219  
cident at Aztec. This leads to the question — is there information in Behin 2004 Page #219  
. Ramsey asked himself the logical question, "If this base had just been bu 2004 Page #220  
e book was written, which begs the question — if the whole story was fake,  2004 Page #221  
usions. For now, we're left with a question that has been largely ignored b 2004 Page #223  
o records from USAF concerning the question at hand. Subsequent FOIA have r 2004 Page #231  
geometry. So I thought I'd put the question, would there be any way Andrew' 2004 Page #233  
 Roswell story before the AP? Good question, and I can only guess at the an 2004 Page #236  
on in both shots, yet the paper in question is not seen at all in the earli 2004 Page #238  
elow: Book Chapter Titles • I. The Question • II. The Start of It All • III 2004 Page #245  
sentatives, a clarification of the question is in order to ascertain the re 2004 Page #252  
d be suffice (sic) to redirect the question. Under no circumstances should  2004 Page #252  
 have an anachronism. However, the question remains — Is the concept of Fre 2004 Page #253  
ouza's testimony , cl1ough open to question, would help to explain the prom 2005 Page #37  
ding at Lunken Airport. During the Question and Answer period, following my 2005 Page #43  
other beings affect us? That's the question . To answer, we need to u 2005 Page #75  
earch has barely touched upon this question, other than repeating the most  2005 Page #75  
process, the merua, and so on. The question narurally arises, 111ho is in t 2005 Page #75  
 influence these institutions. The question answers itself. Those who quali 2005 Page #75  
ined therapist to investigate. The question of UFO disclosure cannot be div 2005 Page #77  
s, we would do well to ask another question: "does it matter that the prese 2005 Page #77  
laim?" Bue there is an even better question co ask, with a slighdy differen 2005 Page #77  
e a handwritten note in repl) to a question by John Andrews, a friend and a 2005 Page #80  
ategory A of the above? Purpose of question? Precision." Andrews' letter co 2005 Page #80  
. Sarbacher's response was without question a statement of his belief in Ca 2005 Page #80  
th Sarbacher's statement. Andrews' question to him was about as point-blank 2005 Page #81  
and Disclosure There can be little question that significant new technology 2005 Page #84  
l did not materialize, there is no question that the release of these docum 2005 Page #84  
se of information seems our of the question. If you admit to the blackworld 2005 Page #85  
that happens, watch out. The final question , l suppose, is, "what will IV( 2005 Page #86  
w experiments to shed light on the question, so inspired me when I first re 2005 Page #93  
ation with Mrs. Bradv. There is no question that The Ne1J1 Republic article 2005 Page #93  
inker of our time? I must face the question that was so often raised by his 2005 Page #103  
oes all tlus really come down to a question of Wilhelm Reich's sanity? Meru 2005 Page #103  
atl1 1isced as a heart attack, the question of murder is likely co remain a 2005 Page #104  
rs or Venus?" This was the burning question in the 1950s, at least for thos 2005 Page #118  
had become more sophjsticated. The question became, "Do UFOs come from Alph 2005 Page #118  
e are even more sophisticated. The question has now become, "Do UFOs come f 2005 Page #118  
sh on planet earth is a reasonable question. There is no definitive answer  2005 Page #121  
re is no definitive answer to this question, only speculation as to why UFO 2005 Page #121  
in this book. J\ifarshaU's memo in question is shown on the next page. From 2005 Page #123  
ents identifying anachronisms that question the authenticit y of SOM1-01. P 2005 Page #131  
troduced myself, and asked him the question: 'Len, if you had to make an ev 2005 Page #140  
 of the film still remains open to question. Claims made by Santilli about  2005 Page #146  
be of most concern, judging by the Question and Answer sessions, are the `W 2006 Page #4  
ly tribal warfare? Answers to this question are very much dependent on one' 2006 Page #5  
 blank page, save for the starting question, "What if...?" The Contact Plan 2006 Page #49  
critical uncertainties: Answer the question, "What are the uncertainties th 2006 Page #51  
nference closed doors, the biggest question would be humanity's chances of  2006 Page #65  
n. Many mainstream believers would question their faith or turn to radical  2006 Page #65  
and where it came from was another question. I was eventually referred to a 2006 Page #93  
am of researchers. Extra-sensitive question: did the U.S. employ this patho 2006 Page #108  
 the Four Corners investigation to question whether the venerable mystery o 2006 Page #112  
 a pattern here? One is tempted to question here—are there samples at Ft. D 2006 Page #112  
 Mountains on the fateful night in question has been the subject of several 2006 Page #119  
t around 8.30 p.m. on the night in question is not in doubt, however. "I sa 2006 Page #119  
to the islands? To date, this is a question that remains unanswered. (22) T 2006 Page #128  
t few years that have caused me to question things perhaps a little bit mor 2006 Page #130  
 during NASA's space missions, the question has to be asked: were they impl 2006 Page #132  
NTO A CLIFF? Exactly. That was the question as far as I know to this day th 2006 Page #155  
L AS AN AMERICAN? Oh, that's a big question! How does that make me feel as  2006 Page #163  
dispatched, and that the object in question had been identified shortly the 2006 Page #169  
n capabilities of radar, call into question all of the previous explanation 2006 Page #170  
an you trust? (Merely a rhetorical question.) Apparently the military part  2006 Page #173  
lled "paranormal" experiences, the question of human origins, or the ongoin 2006 Page #181  
 Carter Point, where the object in question was originally sighted. The lig 2006 Page #188  
 reported in the section of sky in question during the time of this event.  2006 Page #189  
 before plunging into the water. • Question #I: If, given the clarity of th 2006 Page #190  
s suace in two different places. • Question #2: Did divers Walker and Burke 2006 Page #190  
ng Richard Burke's diving boots. • Question #3: What was this mysterious ma 2006 Page #190  
the same spot and found nothing. • Question #4: How could the object(s), we 2006 Page #190  
t apparently step in. Finally, the question remains: What, if anything, did 2006 Page #191  
g the very short 24-hour period in question. The "It Was All a Hoax" theory 2006 Page #192  
se experiences and encounters, the question before us becomes, 'What do we  2006 Page #193  
Site, someone in the group asked a question about whether cattle had been r 2006 Page #201  
accepted by the Third Man, without question, thus establishing his identity 2006 Page #203  
 Electronics!) It does raise a key question, however: If a UFO were to cras 2007 Page #7  
. lt takes courage and strength co question the merua-created pseudo-em·iro 2007 Page #33  
        BOOK CHAPTER TITLES I. The Question II. The Start of It All III. Th 2007 Page #44  
Ben" 38 BOOK CHAPTER TITLES I. The Question: Introduces the controversy, of 2007 Page #44  
ight lead to the making of another question: Are Major Keyhoe, Ray Palmer,  2007 Page #48  
                          I 50 One question: wtiatwould our own UFOs pe use 2007 Page #56  
ashion Objects.' A more compelling question that seems to irregularl~ play  2007 Page #61  
arth? The boldest text answers the question, "\Xie are here for GenePORTER  2007 Page #62  
stituce's involvement with the UFO question is documented at least as far b 2007 Page #76  
onally knocked out of the sky. The question is, how and by whom? It's been  2007 Page #130  
id not occur on che fateful day in question. Initial inquires focused upon  2007 Page #143  
e\ ela satellite. The satellite in question, Vela 6911, had been launched o 2007 Page #143  
 the Vela satellite detection. The question remains: why? And there is an i 2007 Page #144  
e last week of May 1974 raises the question: \Vhat were Sandia and Manzano  2007 Page #162  
LL? Paul: I don't know. That's the question. I don't know. Aunt: It was eit 2007 Page #170  
 kind was found in the material in question. In other words, the anaJysis p 2007 Page #194  
                          The real question here is if we have a single sig 2008 Page #14  
ional security? The answer to that question is without doubt: "Yes." Indeed 2008 Page #23  
s that with respect to this latter question , a decision to massively downp 2008 Page #26  
aled that the "stream of light" in question had been specifically directed  2008 Page #32  
nd allegations that the weapons in question were nuclear in nature. This al 2008 Page #32  
sted in the woods on the nights in question ; or (B) American military pers 2008 Page #32  
lying at night where there was any question about what I was seeing. I have 2008 Page #54  
nrelated activities on the date in question, the investigator learns how a  2008 Page #58  
ten a great lie." Perhaps a better question for the military would have bee 2008 Page #60  
t a physicist's perspective on the question: could experiments with the COB 2008 Page #74  
twaters and Rendlesham region? The question is posed because internet rumor 2008 Page #75  
S THAN COBRA MIST? Absolutely , no question! I'M TRYfNG TO GET A REALITY CH 2008 Page #77  
eemingly telepathic lights and the question: what is their source? Author C 2008 Page #96  
. The author was responding to the question of how to handle the presence o 2008 Page #106  
rize the essence of the thought or question for each. The last sentence sta 2008 Page #106  
might be commas, periods, letters, question marks, or any other symbol you  2008 Page #106  
entence, which could be a quote, a question mark, a period, an exclamation  2008 Page #106  
ned the Index and lots of names, I question whether the second 30 pages mig 2008 Page #107  
o on slide 39 puts the subject and question in context. One should bear in  2008 Page #110  
 * .... * * * And now to the final question of whether the presence of ce-e 2008 Page #113  
■Sentence definition would include question marks as well as periods. ■Vari 2008 Page #116  
ore' ■ VP-verb--~,wen t, released, question ing ■ Subn-subord inatlor--whe1 2008 Page #118  
nt multinational corporations? The question is who controls these corporate 2008 Page #124  
 the Gulf ■ The Military Abduction Question ■ UFOs in Early 1991 ■ Flocking 2008 Page #167  
m here, up or down is the pressing question . It seems the collection of UF 2009 Page #15  
 to be left unexplored. And on the question of whether this briefing docume 2009 Page #24  
 of authenticity) , 25 there is no question about the legitimacy of the Nat 2009 Page #41  
p to the Soviet Union, there is no question that as an American defector, O 2009 Page #44  
ween have been the focuses of this question: 51                             2009 Page #57  
nniston or John Burroughs a single question. That made Sgt. Penniston suspi 2009 Page #68  
ND PRIME MINISTERS ... ? That ·s a question you have to answer yourself and 2009 Page #75  
d away on June 16, 1977. She wrote question marks next to the details of hi 2009 Page #93  
 on the Soviet economy , I have to question where that funding would have b 2009 Page #140  
d declined to answer any "leading" question about the research, development 2009 Page #161  
R.S. Park were able to discuss the question with U.K. scientists interested 2009 Page #170  
ed out further that the objects in question have been seen by many individu 2009 Page #178  
This brings up another interesting question -could some of the objects witn 2009 Page #178  

Word: "questionable", 10 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 and inaccurate documents, some of questionable provenance, some containing 2003 Page #41  
he information they contain highly questionable. The sort of situation we a 2004 Page #140  
 that Gebauer was engaged in some "questionable" activities, but these acti 2004 Page #218  
 of atoms" (750/o accurate , 250/o questionable) ■ "German scientists were  2005 Page #9  
oration by multiple witnesses, and questionable physical evidence. Yet the  2005 Page #166  
meteor was actually one of several questionable objects that flew over a to 2006 Page #97  
 UFO event reported by a seemjngly questionable source may have some basis  2007 Page #33  
 segment of their cuscomers. le is questionable whether legitimate abductee 2007 Page #74  
 are the drugs used to treat these questionable mental afflictions. Ritalin 2008 Page #141  
 any level of government , as some questionable local politicians had learn 2009 Page #95  

Word: "questioned", 40 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 The techniques for authenticating questioned documents are not mysterious. 2003 Page #178  
rly be expected. In the history of questioned documents, there is only a tr 2003 Page #184  
at might be favoring fake on every questioned document on this topic. A ver 2003 Page #184  
 on the study of the Manual, other questioned documents and other UFO repor 2003 Page #187  
ce Jimmy Carter It has always been questioned whether Jimmy Carter was told 2003 Page #196  
there is a reference to one of the Questioned Documents (QDs) that Ryan and 2004 Page #106  
trieval operations • 13% relate to questioned documents Some correlations e 2004 Page #109  
s to go to • 7 reports alluding to questioned docs Slide 7 106              2004 Page #109  
lude to items noted in some of the Questioned Documents that Ryan and I hav 2004 Page #115  
l Hesemann personally. Relation to Questioned Documents (QDs) Slide 13 show 2004 Page #117  
 that has been used on some of the questioned documents, but the legitimacy 2004 Page #123  
FO Crash Retrieval Conference been questioned. The Special Operations Manua 2004 Page #125  
. Anyone along the line could have questioned, and said — and I expected th 2004 Page #182  
 it. Strangely enough, no one even questioned the thing about the landing a 2004 Page #183  
pewriter expert — provide the core questioned documents results. Besides th 2004 Page #243  
ted into evidence. In the field of questioned document (QD) examination one 2004 Page #243  
member of MJ-12. As an analyst and questioned document investigator what I  2004 Page #247  
cided to shut him up before he was questioned about it. Coincidence? No way 2004 Page #249  
 is shown on the next page. From a questioned document perspectiv e, ocher  2005 Page #123  
 the usual crew of debunker s have questioned details of the Cutler memo, w 2005 Page #126  
milar to forensic investigation of questioned legal documents. Exhaustive r 2005 Page #129  
 Although Lazar's credentials were questioned and no record of his claimed  2005 Page #168  
tion Thunderchild was published, I questioned Nick Pope vigorously regardin 2006 Page #130  
elves. The UFO investigators where questioned about the distribution of fly 2007 Page #129  
have been the person who typed the questioned document (QD) and saved a cop 2008 Page #105  
0 I submitted some of the original questioned documents to forensic examine 2008 Page #109  
ities and libertarians alike. They questioned the act's sweeping proposals, 2008 Page #142  
e management companies . They also questioned the $41 O million apportioned 2008 Page #143  
ler and UFOs: Forensic Analysis of Questioned Documents Dr. Robert M. Wood  2009 Page #5  
ler and UFOs: Forensic Analysis of Questioned Documents By Robert M. Wood,  2009 Page #7  
e were. Linguistic Analysis of the Questioned Document Since one of the sec 2009 Page #9  
976 and into the 80s since another questioned document was about SDI (Strat 2009 Page #10  
paring these documents against two questioned documents: the first (QDl) is 2009 Page #10  
s that are identical to a credible questioned document in the form of the S 2009 Page #13  
 or analysis are seldom any longer questioned as legitimate and essential p 2009 Page #15  
omeone possibly from the press had questioned why a New Zealand scientist,  2009 Page #156  
 or structure of the development." Questioned about the classification of t 2009 Page #161  
 or structure of the development." Questioned about the classification of t 2009 Page #176  
r level was in the "know". Neither questioned the reality of the sightings. 2009 Page #178  

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of life in space. At this time his questioning encompassed the galactic cur 2005 Page #95  
 in Seattle. 4:28 AM: Upon further questioning, the crew of the Steeva 10 e 2006 Page #184  
ential" and he was very skilled at questioning. I decided to go along with  2006 Page #205  
ng. I decided to go along with his questioning, being honest, without being 2006 Page #205  
 the other motorists spoke briefly questioning each other as to what they h 2008 Page #58  
mena reflected active interest and questioning by Teller. Details of these  2009 Page #9  

Word: "questionnaire", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 was asked co fill out an official questionnaire. In March 1954, Reich sent 2005 Page #95  
usions of chem as spacecraft . The questionnaire came out of AFR 200-2, the 2005 Page #95  
dy knows. When Reich published the questionnaire in Co11tact IVith Space, h 2005 Page #95  

Word: "questionnrure", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 a UFO, they came co you with this questionnrure, and cold you it was secre 2005 Page #95  

Word: "questions", 143 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ion about next years conference or questions contact: Ryan Wood or Dr. Bob  2003 Page #2  
ant you to find the answers to two questions for me. One, Who killed JFK? A 2003 Page #7  
learances? They can’t answer these questions. They simply criticize with no 2003 Page #13  
e of anti-aircraft fire. Again the questions must turn to why is this docum 2003 Page #26  
sh? Now we come to the really hard questions. When may be easier then where 2003 Page #36  
lid progress has been made on both questions. We know from Charlette's test 2003 Page #36  
ory analysis of the shoe material. Questions were sent to over thirty shoe  2003 Page #48  
e friendships lost. One of the big questions that so many people ask is why 2003 Page #57  
 to what actually took place, then questions remain as to how this would re 2003 Page #65  
the ability to deduce thoughts and questions prior to them being asked. Som 2003 Page #100  
uth and magnesium/zinc, there were questions about the isotope ratios in th 2003 Page #107  
ealed a blind spot. As long as his questions kept him away from sensitive p 2003 Page #148  
king waves and asking inconvenient questions. To avoid confusion amongst in 2003 Page #150  
he could write me first asking any questions. In a separate interview with  2003 Page #179  
cArtor, whose job it was to answer questions of the public. This man was a  2003 Page #179  
n away from school children asking questions after speeches because, as Mar 2003 Page #198  
tic. Gibbons handled Rockefeller's questions and concerns related to declas 2003 Page #200  
as in a victorious mood, until the questions started. I was first up with t 2003 Page #202  
O question and all the rest of the questions were on Halliburton. I don't t 2003 Page #202  
ts. The challenge is to answer the questions of how and why these directive 2003 Page #203  
on about next year's conference or questions contact: Wood & Wood Enterpris 2004 Page #2  
ary occurred, they also raise more questions. The CIA's report of 15 May 19 2004 Page #9  
egardless, of the answers to those questions, the story does not end there. 2004 Page #9  
ie film will be forwarded to DIA." Questions abounded: From where did the s 2004 Page #11  
ember 1961, Smith — in response to questions from the investigators C.W. Fi 2004 Page #14  
hile his passengers plied him with questions. Werbicki answered the other l 2004 Page #35  
at the payphone and asked him more questions and Wickens told him about the 2004 Page #36  
first two possibilities raise some questions. First since everyone was awar 2004 Page #42  
ked over later for asking too many questions — I remember that Navy guy say 2004 Page #49  
 Secretary for Defence a series of questions* drawn from Left At East Gate: 2004 Page #53  
ly titled UFO Cover-ups. While the questions posed were primarily aimed at  2004 Page #59  
 be scheduled accordingly. * These questions appeared in the Parliamentag D 2004 Page #59  
prove embarrassing or give rise to questions which he or his colleagues mig 2004 Page #88  
, I circulated around asking a few questions about flying saucers, which st 2004 Page #89  
er it up. After asking a number of questions in the U.S., Smith returned to 2004 Page #89  
wer Wilbert Smith's September 1950 questions. 89                            2004 Page #92  
n posting your representative with questions be sure the questions asked ar 2004 Page #94  
ntative with questions be sure the questions asked are exactly what you wan 2004 Page #94  
." He would try to talk around the questions he was being asked, but ended  2004 Page #99  
him talk. Walker asked a number of questions trying to ridicule the story,  2004 Page #99  
 interview Armen asked Walker more questions about the MJ-12 type group run 2004 Page #99  
o trace. Lundahl and Neasham asked questions. Larsen used automatic writing 2004 Page #104  
ed automatic writing to answer the questions. After a series of questions a 2004 Page #104  
r the questions. After a series of questions a request for proof was made.  2004 Page #104  
ld be able to deal with reasonable questions even from unreasonable people. 2004 Page #121  
f hoaxes. Then there are the usual questions everyone needs to have a genui 2004 Page #121  
uch answers many of the procedural questions of the recovery team, although 2004 Page #127  
will once and for all settle these questions irrefutably. After more than f 2004 Page #133  
seum in search of answers to their questions that the government will not a 2004 Page #148  
esident has been shielded from any questions that would reveal anything he  2004 Page #176  
ld kind of chuckle. There would be questions like "What do you think they a 2004 Page #181  
 Some with obituary feedback • Key questions • Was the target murdered (Y/N 2004 Page #199  
 of Parliament • Posed a wealth of questions about British MI6 UFO activiti 2004 Page #210  
here are still too many unanswered questions, and there will probably alway 2004 Page #223  
rew Lavoie, RPIT Canada One of the questions concerning Roswell researchers 2004 Page #231  
y blanks to fill in and maybe some questions may never be answered, but the 2004 Page #238  
 \Xlhy? I mean, that asks some big questions. "Talking to the locals, they  2005 Page #68  
 scientific, social, and political questions we can confront. \Xie should s 2005 Page #73  
from reality; in which fundamental questions - such as "who owns what?" -is 2005 Page #75  
 the patience to answer many of my questions. Jerome Eden was an author, ed 2005 Page #88  
wn conclusions. Ask }Ourself three questions: 1) Do you trunk human science 2005 Page #117  
can hone your thoughts about these questions against the reports by compete 2005 Page #118  
eriod?" The answer to all of these questions appears to be "Yes". Perhaps a 2005 Page #118  
itors that man could not fly. Man) questions remain in the UFO controvers y 2005 Page #120  
ual is authentic due to formatting questions. Intensive research Jed by Dr. 2005 Page #127  
 Thjs raises a number of important questions. Was Newton (as a convicted an 2005 Page #133  
lves examining the answers to many questions. Where did the case come from? 2005 Page #135  
d research and answers to the many questions posed by the weighting factors 2005 Page #137  
ositive authenticity and worrisome questions as detailed in the seven attri 2005 Page #137  
las would only agree to answer our questions after receiving a fax giving h 2005 Page #148  
 about the metal provoked a lot of questions from the academics and electro 2005 Page #158  
cross as sincere, answering all my questions without hesitation and ro the  2005 Page #165  
on about next year's conference or questions contact: Wood & Wood Enterpris 2006 Page #2  
           Contents The UFO "Why?" Questions Stanton T. Friedman 1 The Cove 2006 Page #3  
                   "The UFO "WHY?" Questions" Stanton T. Friedman Copyright 2006 Page #4  
nd Answer sessions, are the `WHY?" questions. Why would saucers crash? Why  2006 Page #4  
l help the reader answer his "why" questions... or lead to more such questi 2006 Page #4  
 questions... or lead to more such questions. THE UFO WHY QUESTIONS WHY hav 2006 Page #4  
o more such questions. THE UFO WHY QUESTIONS WHY have you concluded that th 2006 Page #4  
in, of course doesn't answer other questions such as WHY are aliens coming  2006 Page #4  
                    THE UFO "WHY?" QUESTIONS in the boondocks. My view is,  2006 Page #6  
                    THE UFO "WHY?" QUESTIONS 0. They may be advance men see 2006 Page #8  
                    THE UFO "WHY?" QUESTIONS individual national government 2006 Page #10  
                    THE UFO "WHY?" QUESTIONS their references. Look careful 2006 Page #12  
robably had to answer about 40,000 questions at lectures and on talk shows  2006 Page #13  
ave been forced to think about the questions such as the why questions, mor 2006 Page #13  
bout the questions such as the why questions, more than most. D. I was very 2006 Page #13  
k for understanding, and answering questions about, classified procedures u 2006 Page #14  
cy might be to shoot first and ask questions later. Loss of planetary contr 2006 Page #68  
it, there might have been unwanted questions about his airplane's performan 2006 Page #75  
ointed and returned home with more questions than answers. I kept thinking, 2006 Page #91  
to outsiders, including me, asking questions about the monster. They knew I 2006 Page #91  
ften. Yes, I was back again asking questions and spent a lot of time in din 2006 Page #92  
d the country day and night asking questions about the monster. The calm, r 2006 Page #93  
monster incident. I asked her many questions and she explained what happene 2006 Page #93  
nd to me considering the amount of questions I bombarded her with. I learne 2006 Page #93  
ie and talk with them and ask them questions. I also met with some of the o 2006 Page #94  
 the Richter scale. In response to questions posed by eager journalists, Dr 2006 Page #120  
And Biological Warfare) Of course, questions remain: why, for example, was  2006 Page #130  
ts, we are left with a mountain of questions and very few definitive answer 2006 Page #130  
ly at war with extra-terrestrials? Questions about our participation in thi 2006 Page #131  
 personal interest in UFOs, tabled questions at an official level with Brit 2006 Page #133  
bly, the response to Hill-Norton's questions, that surfaced on January 25,  2006 Page #133  
is craft was manned or not. "Other questions also remain, such as why would 2006 Page #136  
sage raises (at least) two related questions: why an immediate high alert,  2006 Page #178  
December 8, 1950? Neither of these questions can be definitely answered at  2006 Page #178  
rth something. We know that asking questions is often more important than f 2006 Page #182  
d all be able to agree that asking questions is an essentially human activi 2006 Page #182  
ummi Island resident—starts asking questions around the Bellingham marina,  2006 Page #188  
ave been. PART THREE: Conclusions, Questions, Theories... The fundamental f 2006 Page #188  
 months before. Still, a number of questions remain.- Immediately prior to  2006 Page #190  
.752.1824 For further information, questions, comments, or additional obser 2006 Page #195  
four or more of five key indicator questions in the Poll suggesting that th 2006 Page #198  
eative ideas. One of the recurring questions that I was asked is "Was Rober 2006 Page #207  
on about next year's conference or questions contact: \X/ood & \X/ood Enter 2007 Page #3  
he first position begs a series of questions. Are some captains of industry 2007 Page #59  
such a program. So to our original questions. Are some captains of industry 2007 Page #76  
 was amazed, and immediately asked questions regarding how large, and how m 2007 Page #99  
earance to the incidence site rose questions. Upon further investigation ou 2007 Page #126  
rth -then among the most important questions facing Ufology are surely: 1.  2007 Page #132  
cular controversy? To answer those questions we have to turn our attention  2007 Page #132  
ary occurred, they also raise more questions than they answer. The CIA's re 2007 Page #142  
t of State in the dark? Those same questions remain as valid today as they  2007 Page #142  
. There was no point in asking any questions because we weren't going to ge 2007 Page #171  
so I starred contacting and asking questions to see if l could get other pe 2007 Page #172  
n about n_exr year's conference or questions contact: Wood & \.'load Enterp 2008 Page #3  
ion , didn't attempt to answer the questions they posed. They just noted th 2008 Page #8  
 critically important and relevant questions that potentially has major imp 2008 Page #23  
to the forefront, raising two main questions : To what extent, for the sake 2008 Page #26  
 line on UFOs and asked myself the questions: ls this of no defense signifi 2008 Page #34  
igator has also drawn me to deeper questions. The more evidence there is th 2008 Page #42  
lth of information but raised more questions; I interviewed one of the most 2008 Page #43  
 at one of those lights and ask it questions that come to your mind. That l 2008 Page #89  
rfaced , thus unable to answer any questions about their role, if any, in s 2008 Page #134  
on about next year's conference or questions contact: Wood & Wood Enterpris 2009 Page #3  
 Sep 2448 Attempts to answer three questions: 1976 What will be the novel i 2009 Page #10  
entical paragraph-sic) A number of questions about such a study and its pub 2009 Page #12  
de quick and ready reviews to hard questions regarding Soviet back channel  2009 Page #19  
t nature would permit. A number of questions about such a study and its pub 2009 Page #23  
r Charles Halt, who asked a lot of questions. Their third debriefing was wi 2009 Page #68  
three (3) hours and asking certain questions to keep eve,ything clear. Went 2009 Page #93  
his leaves us with many unanswered questions: 170 • Why would the Seal Proj 2009 Page #176  
ves in order to be effective? Many Questions -Some Possible Answers Is it p 2009 Page #177  

Word: "quibbling", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

defame. As long as we are divided, quibbling and quarreling, that's all the 2006 Page #182  

Word: "quick", 33 instance(s) (Back to Top)

car outside of Cape Girardeau. The quick summary of the event was that when 2003 Page #21  
 action would begin with NASA. The quick military response in 1965, and the 2003 Page #71  
 UFO sightings. There are a couple quick crashed saucer related stories tha 2003 Page #198  
 and UFO, and other AFCIN directed quick reaction projects which require in 2004 Page #4  
, is that Moon Dust personnel were quick to react to this crash and quick t 2004 Page #7  
e quick to react to this crash and quick to ascertain all relevant data — a 2004 Page #7  
s. During the time it took to do a quick search for a rowboat along the sho 2004 Page #37  
ward this to you. 17 years blew by quick — I tried to forget the UFO, but L 2004 Page #49  
one into print. Two breaks came in quick succession toward the end of our 1 2004 Page #51  
eport 62, Chihuahua, Mexico, 1974. Quick response helicopter team found Mex 2004 Page #118  
over nine elements. The first is a quick review of the forensically qualifi 2004 Page #242  
\Xie should start, however, with a quick acknowledgment as to 1vl?)' we bel 2005 Page #73  
icles in the desert, making short, quick, hopping motions, and then acceler 2005 Page #84  
 and UFO, and other AFCIN directed quick reaction projects which require in 2005 Page #142  
at Fort Ley, Virginia as part of a Quick Reaction Team. \Xfhile at Fort Bel 2005 Page #147  
al of "foreign space vehicles." • "quick reaction basis to recover or perfo 2006 Page #26  
ted Legionella in 1977. McDade was quick to suggest a viral cause and that  2006 Page #111  
ssing the horizon about that fast (quick hand motion gesturing how fast). W 2007 Page #121  
 the mountain was going out pretty quick. l mean it was going on for a week 2007 Page #125  
 and UFO, and other AFCIN directed quick reaction projects which require in 2007 Page #134  
 field intelligence personnel on a quick reaction basis to recover or perfo 2007 Page #134  
e that was als? ~ghly intelligent, quick witted, and possessed of superb me 2007 Page #136  
ment and all chose people ready so quick? Aunt: lt was Like they were stand 2007 Page #171  
nd let it go at that. Let's take a quick look at another aspect. The Air Fo 2008 Page #8  
ommand Post in the Tehran area. In quick succession, four calls arrived fro 2008 Page #31  
y Emergency Services Director, was quick to report he had a theory given wi 2008 Page #54  
tion point (800 degrees F). He was quick to point out, "The turbine runs on 2008 Page #54  
                                   quick conventional explanation for the C 2008 Page #55  
ff pursuit when the UFO proved too quick and when they ran low on fuel. Aft 2008 Page #67  
about the rest of it? Skeptics are quick to reject everything related to a  2009 Page #12  
oop on an on call basis to provide quick and ready reviews to hard question 2009 Page #19  
 an objective observer will not be quick to dismiss Crisman 's claims or th 2009 Page #34  
can press and broadcast media made quick work of any serious reporting of t 2009 Page #140  

Word: "quickl", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 through a door, which was just as quickl) closed. Eventually, serum was re 2005 Page #33  
s Bureau agents not only sought to quickl) ascertain and record the faces,  2007 Page #137  

Word: "quickly", 61 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ld Regan “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would  2003 Page #7  
ue smoke rose above the trees, but quickly dissipated. I am unaware of any  2003 Page #53  
ached the area. The smoke subsided quickly. The best approximate time of ob 2003 Page #54  
oint after hearing the screams, he quickly returned to the car. If these ac 2003 Page #71  
radiation contamination and it was quickly dispersed with a water/solvent w 2003 Page #99  
orhood of Albuquerque for what was quickly becoming a nightly ritual. For t 2003 Page #142  
times, the lights streaked away as quickly as a magician's sleight of hand, 2003 Page #142  
ch the enigmatic lights, Bennewitz quickly became convinced that extraterre 2003 Page #142  
ments, inspect for damage; send on quickly by covered transport with securi 2003 Page #177  
 is to play a clip which shows how quickly and dramatically opinions can ch 2003 Page #195  
t cards. Finally on Reagan, let me quickly discuss the role of your present 2003 Page #199  
of these reports which have spread quickly throughout the continent, partic 2004 Page #8  
and the story died in the media as quickly as it had surfaced. In August 20 2004 Page #16  
, excitement over the Aurora story quickly faded. Displaying an obvious lac 2004 Page #31  
itely something out there." Rumors quickly circulated about the impressions 2004 Page #56  
 V-2 research program moved fairly quickly, with flights scheduled at the W 2004 Page #64  
O Crash Retrieval Conference could quickly jump on good UFO cases with the  2004 Page #103  
ning in order to do this work both quickly and covertly? (b) How would they 2004 Page #121  
ng the recovered UFOs covertly and quickly. His background, although not so 2004 Page #127  
spacemen at the site. The military quickly arrived and warned Barnett and t 2004 Page #135  
r of those new "mistakes" that was quickly retracted. There are other locat 2004 Page #144  
n and Gebauer. My initial research quickly led me to Scott Ramsey, a busine 2004 Page #215  
300 an hour and their time adds up quickly. Two experts that constitute our 2004 Page #250  
e three girls' story was spreading quickly. Ordered to patrol the Jardim An 2005 Page #32  
etrieval Case food would be passed quickly through a door, which was just a 2005 Page #33  
 you do), you learn your interests quickly. You learn what issues to argue  2005 Page #76  
program. Word certainly got around quickly within the aviation and aerospac 2005 Page #80  
er. The smallest of openings could quickly widen to something in which it w 2005 Page #85  
begin to feel uncomfortable fairly quickly, possibly experiencing some dizz 2005 Page #90  
ure in the head. Any such feelings quickly dissipate when you exit. A perso 2005 Page #90  
ir contrails (made of water vapor) quickly dissolved. Twenty minutes after  2005 Page #100  
ged in 1958), a launch complex was quickly set up and used for the site's f 2005 Page #125  
e riddJed with errors and the case quickly collapsed as nothing more than a 2005 Page #134  
 ., _ _. "We are not alone!" would quickly give way to a frenzy of story an 2006 Page #58  
 with the NHI might subside rather quickly. The sense of familiarity will m 2006 Page #58  
ory" would fall off the front page quickly, replaced by more than the usual 2006 Page #61  
 disruption. Social cohesion might quickly unravel, and with it the ability 2006 Page #63  
cal cult worship. Government would quickly commandeer broadcast media in ef 2006 Page #63  
 Savvy stockholders would cash out quickly, crashing all financial markets. 2006 Page #65  
d effort; martial law could happen quickly. Extreme public reactions will o 2006 Page #68  
f an object in the western sky and quickly ran back into the house for a pa 2006 Page #120  
 Down and the mysterious cargo was quickly taken inside the facility. "Once 2006 Page #122  
ndings to the Diane's crew that he quickly returns to the surface without p 2006 Page #187  
so that it could transfer to my pc quickly. l saw probably about the top tw 2007 Page #86  
e development of these designs. It quickly became clear that only one count 2007 Page #111  
ipment ro the area. The fire moved quickly, nearly killing Joe's father and 2007 Page #128  
t's west-facing mountain. The crew quickly swung the aircraft around and he 2007 Page #137  
of these reports which have spread quickly throughout the continent, partic 2007 Page #142  
landri!J o, Wales, U. K. M.ilitary quickly moved in and cordoned off a hill 2007 Page #149  
, the military, for being there so quickly. It's hard reaily to say. Paul:  2007 Page #171  
hey got alJ that stuff together so quickly. lc's almost like it was a group 2007 Page #171  
ng intelligent control, the object quickly turned south along the Texas coa 2007 Page #185  
co just north of Presidio and were quickly at the location where the Mexica 2007 Page #187  
like a nuclear explosion but added quickly that it came from the wrong dire 2008 Page #9  
dar then reported that the UFO had quickly accelerated, had climbed above 3 2008 Page #29  
ro-Nazi masters. Project Paperclip quickly came under the control of an "ol 2008 Page #138  
etails of this and other incidents quickly came under a tight security umbr 2009 Page #17  
e enough, Rhanes and her crew were quickly on the scene. For the final time 2009 Page #54  
d and experienced. In Ufology, one quickly recognizes that the range of exp 2009 Page #154  
ot pivotal to the war effort as it quickly became apparent to allied comman 2009 Page #155  
all kinds, can be protected rather quickly from any conceivable forms of ba 2009 Page #159  

Word: "quiet", 20 instance(s) (Back to Top)

Why would the Government keep this quiet? • How could they possibly keep su 2004 Page #120  
terest and support, which keep him quiet and subservient on the issue. 194  2004 Page #197  
ay not be legitimate, to keep that quiet."23 As a result, the objective obs 2004 Page #219  
his wife Roberta where they live a quiet and secluded life near their child 2005 Page #174  
ber • Ogle- a "triangular -shaped, quiet aircraft ' Another a 'sigh speed a 2006 Page #30  
s says it was 136 that day. Mighty quiet there, too. Man can do lots of thi 2006 Page #44  
 the small town of Flatwoods was a quiet place and definitely not considere 2006 Page #92  
e calm, routine life of their once quiet town was turned completely upside  2006 Page #93  
y because I was maintairung such a quiet presence at the time l ilidn't tru 2007 Page #90  
en many things chat have been kept quiet. I'm sure if the government wanted 2007 Page #171  
f the government wanted co keep it quiet, they probably went co the radio,  2007 Page #171  
newspaper and cold them to keep it quiet because there was nothing on the n 2007 Page #171  
 shape and as it took off, heard a quiet whirring noise. He said that it he 2008 Page #14  
ston were told "it is best to keep quiet about what you have seen." But the 2008 Page #83  
at's why it's important to keep it quiet. (But) ... it doesn't make any dif 2008 Page #93  
pain ■ ET in the Himalaya s? ■ All Quiet in the West ■ The Ronald Reagan UF 2008 Page #159  
 ■ Conservativ e Ufology ■ 1985: A Quiet Year ■ Reagan's (First) Alien Inva 2008 Page #164  
real:s ■ Dr. Enc Wall:er ■ 1987: A Quiet Year of UFOs ■ GulfBreeze ■ The Le 2008 Page #165  
 Men In Black and was told to keep quiet about what he saw. Thereafter, Dah 2009 Page #30  
g here. 'I said, 'I've got to have quiet here. ' f 'd already paced it off  2009 Page #65  

Word: "quietly", 10 instance(s) (Back to Top)

j I therefore brought Wedemeyer in quietly yesterday and discussed the situ 2003 Page #230  
ansk, Poland. The Soviet Union had quietly massed more than one hundred tho 2004 Page #46  
ot of folks in ufology, Ramsey had quietly been conducting his own research 2004 Page #215  
to f1y very high, very slowly, and quietly. Then, during the early 1990s, a 2005 Page #82  
f how Reich came to arrive at that quietly historic moment in 1953 when he  2005 Page #88  
llowed over the years that the FDA quietly went about building its case. Ha 2005 Page #93  
 Porton Down allegations, had been quietly disseminated amongst the closed- 2006 Page #129  
the photographs were carefully and quietly processed and du!) classified. A 2007 Page #138  
er the Apollo I 3 'accident,' NASA quietly changed this official Apollo Pro 2008 Page #135  
. counterintelligence forces could quietly monitor any persons who suddenly 2009 Page #177  

Word: "quillan", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

erliner n Meter number links it to Quillan Drugstore, La Crosse, Wl a Two c 2003 Page #180  

Word: "quillin", 7 instance(s) (Back to Top)

■ Cantwell via TC 93-96 16 42 TS ■ Quillin via D. Berliner 1994 1 23 TSRMEO 2003 Page #169  
chivist via TC ■ Cantwell via TC ■ Quillin via D. Berliner ■ Tim Cooper/FOI 2003 Page #169  
Crosse, Wl, Mar 7, 1994; Issued to Quillin ’s DrugsNEW UFO HISTORY FACTS =  2003 Page #170  
e of the meter, and members of the Quillin family and one of the employees  2003 Page #179  
n in La Crosse, \XII, owned by the Quillin brothers. When the film was deve 2005 Page #127  
 TC 1992 ■ Cantwell via TC 93-96 ■ Quillin via D. Berliner 1994 ■ Tim Coope 2007 Page #42  
 TC 1992 ■ Cantwell via TC 93-96 ■ Quillin via D. Berliner 1994 ■ Tim Coope 2008 Page #115  

Word: "quillin's", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

eived by Don Berliner, mailed from Quillin's Drugs in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 2003 Page #170  
by Postalia, and issued for use by Quillin's Drugs in La Crosse WI. Postmar 2003 Page #171  
ides a clue and we have identified Quillin's Drugs as the source of the met 2003 Page #179  

Word: "quilln", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

U, Hillenkoetter, 1st Annual Rpt ■ Quilln via O. Berliner Special Operation 2008 Page #115  

Word: "quimico", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 laboratories in 1994, Laboratorio Quimico in Crumba, Ovalle, and Tratamien 2007 Page #200  

Word: "quinn", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ed on a northerly heading over the Quinn Canyon Range and Railroad Valley.  2006 Page #79  
y Dossey, Barbara Dossey and Janet Quinn. These were videotaped under the U 2006 Page #206  

Word: "quinn-martin", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

7." The show's production company, Quinn-Martin, also produced a series ent 2009 Page #32  

Word: "quintanilla", 5 instance(s) (Back to Top)

that the disinformation folks like Quintanilla, Menzel and maybe Hynek were 2003 Page #187  
ubject expressed by Colonel Hector Quintanilla in a book that he wrote in t 2004 Page #178  
a book that he wrote in the 1970s. Quintanilla was the head of Project Blue 2004 Page #178  
om 1963 till it shut down in 1969. Quintanilla said: Little did they (Air T 2004 Page #178  
ry 1949 Quo red in Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla, UFO's An Air Force Dile1111 2007 Page #193  

Word: "quintanilla's", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 - it was still Top Secret on it — Quintanilla's name was on it, of a launc 2004 Page #184  

Word: "quintessej'tul", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)


Word: "quire", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

f some UFOs are indeed alien, then quire possibly some alleged alien abduct 2005 Page #85  
ake-up effects crew. I ha,·e spent quire some time thinking over many ways  2005 Page #149  

Word: "quired", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ns . b. (U) All AFOSI units arc ,.,quired to m.-\intain and be aw:irc of th 2007 Page #175  

Word: "quired--r·o·", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

. RADA. '·SPi:CIAL HANDLIN,::: Ri:.QUIRED--r·o· .- R::LE S.I\SL:: TO '"'ORE 2007 Page #45  

Word: "quit", 2 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ortly after the incident, both men quit their jobs and disappeared. The nex 2007 Page #130  
traps faced by all investigators-I quit too soon. The Latin root of investi 2008 Page #55  

Word: "quite", 86 instance(s) (Back to Top)

rom!" I had never thought of it in quite that way. It was getting cooler, n 2003 Page #46  
ing to pick up and wax pieces, but quite another to gather personal materia 2003 Page #48  
d remember the events of that time quite well. In some cases, witnesses hav 2003 Page #57  
exaggerated. There has indeed been quite an emotional dispute over this loc 2003 Page #57  
Army was involved that night seems quite likely from the newspaper accounts 2003 Page #59  
cksburg location and was there for quite a while before Carl Metz, the stat 2003 Page #59  
ky. He walked around that area for quite a while. There were some landmarks 2003 Page #63  
an interest in the UFO mystery for quite a while. It was the Kecksburg inci 2003 Page #65  
he acetates of both Mg and Zn have quite similar physical and chemical prop 2003 Page #115  
and Kirtland Intelligence had told quite a pack of them. No records exist o 2003 Page #150  
ventional flying craft. It is also quite possible that these small craft we 2003 Page #151  
coveries prior to 1954, that it is quite logical that a manual of instructi 2003 Page #171  
ime frame. The cover (Slide 10) is quite an attention-getter, with the titl 2003 Page #171  
4; the software available then was quite crude. Furthermore, Ryan Wood has  2003 Page #179  
 man was a many-year employee, and quite a credit to the Public Printer. He 2003 Page #179  
m, the returns from the target are quite precise in time (and thus, distanc 2003 Page #183  
s visual information, one can make quite good estimates of distances. Furth 2003 Page #183  
ocuments, many of which seem to be quite authentic (and have not been prove 2003 Page #187  
ire might be substantial and it is quite unknown. □ There might still be a  2003 Page #188  
 evidence such as crashes. This is quite far from the truth. Once sworn in  2003 Page #189  
 the Chiefs of Staff paper was not quite realistic and solutions were offer 2003 Page #230  
nd (b) a global perspective? It is quite clear from examining the now many  2004 Page #5  
ave an overall impression of being quite large. What really bothered Wicken 2004 Page #34  
riends called him "Brath") as crew quite often and so was knowledgeable abo 2004 Page #38  
I will not soon forget and it left quite an impression on Budd as well. Thi 2004 Page #59  
ions. She indicated that they were quite friendly. Major Filer further info 2004 Page #85  
uthorities are investigating along quite a number of lines, which might pos 2004 Page #89  
om whatever it belonged to. It was quite heavy in terms of its size. He had 2004 Page #94  
ticism on this topic: the first is quite general, and the second is increas 2004 Page #121  
n started, and therefore makes him quite credible in this area. Although he 2004 Page #127  
alled a "doodlebug." However, it's quite possible that the tales Skully hea 2004 Page #136  
notorious tape show the tape to be quite wide — perhaps an inch wide. Jesse 2004 Page #138  
left a gouge. Jesse Marcel Sr. was quite explicit that there was no gouge.  2004 Page #143  
 Unless the authorities declassify quite a large number of documents that a 2004 Page #148  
uld make out something that wasn't quite right. Within a few days, Bond con 2004 Page #226  
el images side by side. I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong, b 2004 Page #233  
teur photographer something wasn't quite right about their geometry. So I t 2004 Page #233  
 his photo session. I believe he's quite correct. At his session where he t 2004 Page #236  
ermed source S-1, who has supplied quite a number of documents to Tim. This 2004 Page #248  
easily proven ■ His IC claims seem quite inaccurate ■ His fiber optic claim 2005 Page #12  
gence community.2 No wonder, since quite a few of these documents describe  2005 Page #73  
r institutions of our society seem quite adamant about controlling the UFO  2005 Page #76  
easonably clear, although not with quite the same level of certainty. This  2005 Page #77  
 least suggesting that he had gone quite mad during his last years. Such ma 2005 Page #102  
reckage, fearing the worst and not quite ready for it. It was tough walking 2005 Page #155  
ose frequency in the population is quite small (only one person in 10,000 h 2006 Page #7  
 their reality will never again be quite as it was. A slow-familiar -positi 2006 Page #59  
ollow the evidence I could provide quite a few additional case studies cove 2006 Page #86  
ons of mass destruction (WMD) were quite in vogue, both in the USA and the  2006 Page #105  
e four SED technicians to today is quite credible: • The samples were sent  2006 Page #112  
he crash supposedly happened. It's quite a long walk, so I first looked at  2006 Page #125  
 not like people are just going to quite believing in Jesus or anything. Co 2006 Page #162  
f the official "jitters" that were quite independent of the Dec.6 "emergenc 2006 Page #169  
follows was found by Don Berliner, quite unexpectedly, during a search of d 2006 Page #169  
its maximum range operation, it is quite likely that by December this radar 2006 Page #171  
ere traveling at least 300 mph and quite likely twice that and perhaps over 2006 Page #172  
edgling efforts. The Defenders are quite content to debunk, deny, and defam 2006 Page #182  
attle mutilations. The footage was quite graphic, the cattle missing udders 2006 Page #201  
non-judgmental ear. We followed up quite a few UFO sightings around the cou 2006 Page #204  
t. Unfortunately, merua rea]jty is quite different from the myth. The Ameri 2007 Page #8  
ir development has apparencly been quite rufferem from those observed or po 2007 Page #75  
ough, had lot of friends. I am not quite as gregarious and as outgoing as I 2007 Page #79  
epfather was from Falkirk which is quite near Bonnybridge and he had dreams 2007 Page #80  
ed me to become interested. That's quite a young age to join BUFORA between 2007 Page #80  
ed until I fought back. It took me quite a while though, which was about 1  2007 Page #82  
about 1 year of bullying. Which is quite a long time and felt bad at the ti 2007 Page #82  
in some respects one could through quite easy methods wander into these mac 2007 Page #87  
e the red clouds and me sun wasn't quite down yet. We saw a streak come acr 2007 Page #121  
e no other mountains around it for quite a ways. And we could see the fire, 2007 Page #122  
s with small chairs were mentioned quite often, as well as dead aliens. The 2007 Page #131  
ortant, preliminar y observations. Quite clear!}, this appears to be a rugh 2007 Page #143  
e 10 to 12 feet high. The disc was quite a bit taller than the men, but not 2007 Page #170  
his almost forgotten case received quite a bit of arrention in the Brazilia 2007 Page #193  
at was learned is true, then it is quite possible a craft from another worl 2008 Page #7  
ld me that he remembered the event quite well. He said, "The two of us were 2008 Page #11  
ake blocks when the fishing wasn't quite as good. He remembers what happene 2008 Page #43  
iting of some kind, but I couldn't quite distinguish it. So, T moved up to  2008 Page #82  
ar that Cooper and Oppenheimer are quite outside a credible range for consi 2008 Page #108  
) and some are UFO-related and are quite interesting (an original sheet ide 2009 Page #7  
he thinking for that era is really quite consistent with the excellence exp 2009 Page #8  
um was out in the desert, actually quite near to the town of Kingman. Anxio 2009 Page #54  
 that, just maybe, Bethurum wasn't quite the fantasist that so many believe 2009 Page #55  
own and/ell at ourfeet and we were quite concerned. The light was a ve,y br 2009 Page #70  
nd he said the object was therefor quite awhile. 1 went under hypnosis to t 2009 Page #80  
 Professor Yuri Lotozev, who l got quite close to in the course of our 1990 2009 Page #134  
ecrecy issue can also be dispensed quite easily. It is historical fact that 2009 Page #155  

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me that they were ready to call it quits on Saturday afternoon, but the Mou 2004 Page #42  
eparat facility • 1991: Ken Alibek quits Biopreparat and defects to the Uni 2006 Page #108  

Word: "quiu", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

XII, with people involved with the Pharmacy, leading eventually co  2005 Page #131  

Word: "qujte", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

eraman. Do you recognize this man? Qujte naturally Santilli expressed great 2005 Page #145  

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acts • Now, to maintain the status quo Slide 19 119                         2004 Page #122  
gerous is the person to the status quo • Official cause of death • Probabil 2004 Page #198  
for governments to maintain status quo while society adjusts current belief 2006 Page #67  
issues (economic & military status quo) _ 4) Legal fallout from the cover-u 2007 Page #36  
ing to protect the economjc srarus quo or make vast amounts of money -in sh 2007 Page #36  
 Sign secret report, February 1949 Quo red in Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla,  2007 Page #193  

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k on the e!Ject oI elcctnc: '_thcr quol!d 35 saylii1: that u1c;cutTcnts on  2009 Page #184  

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hur arr urrUtnt sdtnlhts and hlgll quolitJ \\imrss, s :1\":1iloblt • TI1trt 2008 Page #154  

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 UFO seen in hangar while guarding Quonset hut 58 1974 New Mexico, USA 0 0  2004 Page #113  

Word: "quotation", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

y books begin with this particular quotation: "Love, work and knowledge are 2005 Page #87  

Word: "quotations", 3 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 printing press. There are several quotations that deal with crashes, alien 2006 Page #103  
ak of the alien virus." These last quotations unite the discovery of lethal 2006 Page #105  
ssified. The preceding history and quotations augur to the ambitious studen 2006 Page #105  

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tatements in print (except a small quote from a spokesman, see below), nor  2003 Page #53  
    UFO Crash Retrieval Conference Quote* tn-ra ITO f\l‘l Rf* 1. "The relia 2003 Page #118  
eton and from 1968 to 1974. Let me quote from his cover letter: When Jim di 2004 Page #248  
mal military duties. The following quote describes the nature of the securi 2006 Page #20  
netary Phenomenon Unit report, the quote is... "12. The most disturbing asp 2006 Page #104  
rved judgment on this issue." This quote makes it clear that there were two 2006 Page #104  
feet from the perimeter fence. His quote to me was that the UFO's size was  2008 Page #34  
ordinary aspect of the story was a quote from the MoD Press Office, where a 2008 Page #67  
 of the sentence, which could be a quote, a question mark, a period, an exc 2008 Page #106  

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s liaison, United States Air Force quoted in Sightings: UFOs www majesticdo 2003 Page #11  
tral Television, 10 November 1967, quoted in Above Top Secret www.majesticd 2003 Page #12  
nment memorandum, 21 November 1950 quoted in Above Top Secret www.majesticd 2003 Page #12  
erth published in UFO News in 1974 quoted in Above Top Secret www.majeslicd 2003 Page #12  
heric sciences, senior physicist - quoted in UFOs: a Scientific Debate www  2003 Page #13  
 Robert M. Jacobs, U.S. Air Force, quoted in Sightings: UFOs www.majesticdo 2003 Page #13  
ce intelligence officer, 1958-1978 quoted in Sightings: UFOs www majesticdo 2003 Page #15  
Squadron based near Pittsburgh was quoted by the Greensburg, PA Tribune-Rev 2003 Page #53  
 in the radio broadcast, Murphy is quoted as saying, "The control tower at  2003 Page #54  
eadquarters in Greensburg, who was quoted as saying that the search, "uncov 2003 Page #55  
 from the 662nd Radar Squadron was quoted as saying, "that as far as the de 2003 Page #55  
d July 5, 1996, the writer finally quoted notes "from Grandad's journal" th 2003 Page #99  
e of the USAF Roswell report. They quoted the above Clinton statement stati 2003 Page #201  
ecords of the event. He was widely quoted as having disclosed the event and 2004 Page #87  
General Douglas MacArthur, who was quoted in the New York Times on October  2004 Page #133  
ukhoveev; leaks from son, Azizova, quoted by Anfalov • Comparison with Sans 2004 Page #168  
ident of Nalchik • Internationally quoted • Murdered by Mafiosi? Sverdlovsk 2004 Page #172  
the subject. According to a remark quoted to long time Washington White Hou 2004 Page #197  
the incident accurately but gave a quoted description of the figure as, "an 2006 Page #99  
n and Six Boys." This paper gave a quoted description of the giant figure a 2006 Page #99  
 late cljrector of CBS TV news, is quoted in rus obituary saying, "I wdn't  2007 Page #13  
Shift Commander , Mike Verrano, is quoted in the 1997 book, Left At East Ga 2008 Page #88  
cuss stories out of Auckland which quoted most reliable sources as saying t 2009 Page #159  
contributions. The Bismark Tribune quoted Leech associate W.A. Miller of th 2009 Page #159  
  The Indiana Evening Gazette also quoted Miller in an article: "New Weapon 2009 Page #160  
odgrass of Cincinnati , is further quoted as saying that the weapon was not 2009 Page #160  
eached Snodgrass in Cincinnati and quoted him as saying that he worked on t 2009 Page #160  
sts . However, when we compare the quoted statements of both Professors Lee 2009 Page #167  
wing tables: What T.D.J. Leech was quoted: Project Seal Report: Existence o 2009 Page #167  
rge VJ in London. Later a dispatch quoted Leech as saying he received the h 2009 Page #167  
ted to it What James Snodgrass was quoted: As awesome in its effects as the 2009 Page #168  
s." What Professor W.A. Miller was quoted: Notes: Prof. W. A. Miller of the 2009 Page #171  
      What an Anonymous Source was quoted: "Research on such an offensive w 2009 Page #172  
n, however, that Ile _himself a;id quoted him as sayin1, that he had receiv 2009 Page #184  

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       Contents Famous UFO-Related Quotes ................................. 2003 Page #3  
                Famous UFO-Related Quotes Ryan S. Wood Sir Winston Churchil 2003 Page #5  
                Famous UFO-Related Quotes President Ronald Regan “I occasio 2003 Page #7  
                Famous UFO-Related Quotes Governor Howard Dean Democratic C 2003 Page #9  
                Famous UFO-Related Quotes Albert M. Chop USAF Press Liaison 2003 Page #11  
                Famous UFO-Related Quotes James E. McDonald, Ph.D. “I speak 2003 Page #13  
                Famous UFO-Related Quotes *  iGeorge Filer “It isn't a ques 2003 Page #15  
                Famous UFO-Related Quotes Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Dubose I- ro 2003 Page #17  
                Famous UFO-Related Quotes 3 'I ’Cosmonaut Pavel Popovich: “ 2003 Page #19  
nts com Appendix Classified Famous Quotes Access Restricted MAJIC-12 Cleara 2003 Page #19  
\F re RB'iR 1 -I None of the abosc quotes are supported by data or referenc 2003 Page #118  
ently fell from the sky. The paper quotes a "Latin" correspondent's story f 2004 Page #7  
 on pieces of the debris. Friedman quotes Marcel at one point as saying the 2004 Page #137  
rs of July 27, 1984. These events, quotes, and the timeline itself are take 2006 Page #184  
ently fell from the sky. The paper quotes a "Latin: correspondent's story f 2007 Page #141  
000 [feet] when he saw a 'meteor' [quotes in original document] come out of 2008 Page #9  
 to north. An 'Air Force Colonel' (quotes in original] reported that object 2008 Page #9  
jacent punctuation such as commas, quotes, and a small variety of other ter 2008 Page #108  
of a national computer network and quotes him saying "I think Tass is explo 2009 Page #138  
et Weapon Tale" The Herald Tribune quotes a 39-year old American scientist  2009 Page #160  
el or vessels." The Herald Tribune quotes Snodgrass as saying that the Navy 2009 Page #160  

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iterature review • The credibility quotient i.e. how dangerous is the perso 2004 Page #198  
date of birth, death • Credibility Quotient • Legal declared cause of death 2004 Page #200  

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Eisenhower would be in attendance. Quoting Martin: "Thomas suggests that th 2005 Page #97  
ered from the Roswell crash field. Quoting from the briefing paper, "A simi 2007 Page #75  
v. 11, 1988 Hypnosis Excerpt 78 B (quoting Shift Commander): Heathrow Tower 2008 Page #84  
nt Penniston , what's going on? B (quoting Penniston): I don't know. B: It' 2008 Page #85  
 don't even remember crossing . B (quoting Penniston): Do you remember this 2008 Page #85  
? B: No, I don't remember this. B (quoting Penniston): Well, how did we get 2008 Page #85  
we get there? B: I don't know. B ( quoting Penniston): Could we have been m 2008 Page #85  
instein mildly criticizing him for quoting him incorrectly . Oppenheimer wa 2008 Page #107  
e disclosed. The Coshocton Tribune quoting the New Zealand Herald added: Ha 2009 Page #157  

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·concP.iva hly could fly arouncl a quottcl ao; ssint: th~ \\"C:tpon isj ,ci 2009 Page #183  

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d to "'u"'-in and · LN,ch hll! bHc QUO{ed a.5 nyia, lout ot form.auo n. Amo 2009 Page #163  

Word: "qust", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

nia) and the Lockheed installation Qust north of Helendale, California) The 2005 Page #83  

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 caramany of nil aucGoiaar, lxul«| qu« and phyalcal •Mhiuatlnn. It wia | Jr 2003 Page #91  

Word: "qwckly", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

ned control of the rurcrafr, whjch qwckly turned straight up, and departed  2007 Page #109  

Word: "qwto", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

f SOOI..OO"'l't T~~ ."Tl-yrt.TQ :..QwtO ,,._ - Pl!~P ,U,O ....,...0 '"'°"Ut 2009 Page #114  

Word: "qwtyurofljto", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

wBt.b ■ Dt. L'"lO WJ.!k• ■ tort: A QwtYuroflJTO, • CalflllN.-:. ■ 'I'hlLuzL 2009 Page #147  

Word: "qwuroa", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

 ,ut.ol .u.• tt.• ,!'» Ca-rrl•r .;.qwuroa, ■tat,~kN :a, .iUI 'toL ltt~ :-.. 2008 Page #19  

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........ ~ ~ .· A]~._.:; .,:,-.:_ ,q~1. ,oc.:~ 01 .... ."4T "C:U1AAS • NI«. 2009 Page #129  

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:. .. ,: ~ L-- ~ OCT. 1-::, 17q1,. Q~i c.o:.u1.\t1~S 0~Y O'iflt r7O vc::.5: 2009 Page #108  

Word: "q•", 1 instance(s) (Back to Top)

~!,.(, f•~ t'tiC-..-j !)\' U,'t r;:q•,-.... , _ _, (' "':':)\.J ttn.• ~e(!' 2007 Page #48