Cloaked UFO Captured on Video

I shot this UFO video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of July 17, 2015. After more and 5 years of capturing numerous videos of these amazing UFO Sightings, I have concluded that they are likely one of two things. Either they are the Tall Whites that Charles James Hall made famous when he wrote about his experiences as a Meteorologist for the Air Force back in the early 60s or they could very well be the secret space fleet that was made known to the world when Gary McKinnon found information on the computers at NASA and the Johnson Space Center suggesting there was a secret space fleet. Not only did Gary uncover text documents but he also uncovered photographs and there was even a comment about non-terrestrial officers and ship-to-ship transfers. Of course, neither of these things could be a possibility as well but if they aren't the Tall Whites or the secret space fleet what are they? Because of where they are located one would have to be pretty naive to believe that our military doesn't know about them and if they didn't then we are in a lot of trouble because that would make our military the most inept military on the planet which isn't possible. I am a Navy veteran who served during Vietnam and I'm not a conspiracy theorist however I have to say that any country that possessed this kind of Technology would do everything in their power to hide it so I don't hold it against the United States or our military. I do think it's time that we are told the truth though because it could be our tax dollars that are building much of what we see in the skies these days can we have a right to know.

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