Metal UFO Spheres visit swimming pool


Dozens of hotel guests at the Axel Hotel in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria were sunbathing and swimming in the afternoon of the 8th July 2019 when one of the guests noticed some strange objects above the hotel in the sky. A number of guests took to observing these UFOs, including myself, and very much to our surprise these UFOs (that I can only describe as metallic spheres) appeared stationary above the hotel at a considerable distance (I'd guess around one mile above the hotel). At first, and as a former meteorologist at the RAF UK, I thought some met balloons had accidentally been released by the Spanish authorities, but this theory lasted less than 5 seconds when we suddenly observed these objects speed up in straight lines at speed, as if in a dance above the island, suddenly doing sharp turns of 90 degrees, effectively drawing squares in the skies above us. This lasted sufficiently long for me to grab my I-phone X-R and shoot two videos, of both stationary and moving spheres. the second video i shot in slow-motion in order to try and capture more frames it appears i managed to capture something for sure towards the end of the video. however, it is important to note that the both videos do not reflect what we saw with our eyes. While it is true that the I-phone X-R camera managed to capture both one stationary object (in video 1) and a fast moving object (in video 2), at that exact same time my eyes were seeing several objects (included in the field of view of the I-phone camera) that do not show on the video. only one object can be clearly seen for some unexplained reason, however there were at least 12 UFOs at the time when I recorded these videos. The whole parade of movement above the island lasted in all a total of around two hours, several guests took photographs, and I assume some might have also shot some videos. I am posted these here in case other tourists have footage that can be compared and added as evidence of a UFO Sighting. MUFON CMS# 107122 View submitted UFO Video here

Blue disk shaped UFO

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