UFO Reports from the Korean war

 UFO News: A book of UFO reports from the Korean war, plus some background as to the military campaign over the period of its duration. During one incident a UFO was fired at with an M-1 rifle. The armour piercing projectile made a metal-to-metal sound when it struck the UFO. A second shot made no contact. The UFO then fired an apparent beam weapon. The private first class who made the report said that following being hit by the beam he suffered extreme headaches, memory loss of three days, ongoing periods of disorientation, weight loss from 180 pounds to 138 pounds and ongoing difficulty keeping his weight up.

In another case just as a pilot readied his guns to fire at a 600 feet diameter UFO his radar went haywire. He realized it was jammed. His receiver was blocked by a strange buzzing noise. Another pilot had a UFO Sighting in the center of his scope, but then it went from 6000 yards up to 24000 yards in about fourteen seconds. Haines reports that a Brigadier-General who was the USAF Deputy for Intelligence found that the radar sets were working normally and that the UFO Sighting accelerated at 650 ft/sec/sec, "or approximately 20 "G" acceleration (which is much more than the human body can stand for more than a fraction of a second)."

Some of the cases are fairly routine, but there is one in which a round black cloud was observed to detach itself from the rest of a cloud formation. It appeared darker than the other clouds and had "an almost circular shape, but somewhat flattened on top and bottom." One of the contributors is C. B. Scott Jones, who encountered a "silver disc" over Korea in 1952. Jones is one of the "Aviary" described by Airmen Victorian in his book Mind Controllers. by Richard F. Haines credit UFO Files Group

This short book has an enthusiastic introduction by Jacques Vallée."  https://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Aerial-Devices…/…/0961808217

UFO reports from the Korean war

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