Ilona & Ivana Podhrazska Alien UFO ET

Telepathic contact Ivana Podhrazska, writing ILona Podhrazska:

In 1993, Ilona and Ivana made contact with an Extraterrestrial from ELieLjil. This story is the personal human experience of two sisters, Ilona and her sister Ivana who lives in Telc part of the Czech Republic, for which The area in itself is fascinating because it’s near the Danube River, with a rich history that goes all the way back to the Vinca culture. EBE Olie states: I 'm not a ghost, I'm an alien from the planet ELieLji . "In America we say EBE” . " ENERGICAL BIOLOGICAL ENTITIES". My name is OLiE from planet ELieLji " We come in peace, and we want to protect your planet Earth from nuclear explosions to prevent the destruction of the Universe. We are glad that you believe in our existence. Ivana is endowed with special powers . Ivana is the mediator between Earth, and the planet Elielji . The transmissions are a kind of navigator through a computer transmitter, to communicate with people at a distance.This book is Spellbinding, Fascinating, and a must read for the Automatic Writing Community.I find their story to be true, as it rings authentic from my perspective as an experiencer. - Bret C. Sheppard 

Message From EBE OLIe:   CERN is also close to trying to develop anti gravity energy and accelerate particles from space. Particles obtained from extraterrestrial races, not Reptiloids, but from Alpha Centauri. They from Alpha Centauri have a program connected with scientists at CERN for an anti gravity forces project into space time. From the Alpha Centauri constellations they have an innocent appearance from Alpha Centauri They have nice eyes, blue as crystal, brilliant as crystal and blue. With us we have yes we have crystal ravines, gorges and also not completely white, transparent. Transparent and opaque as well as gorges give power and color to light blue. They have a similar planet as to us. But we do not have crystal eyes, even blue. We have eyes, shadow over our eyes, cover membrane.We have energy in our eyes and we cannot sunshine. It would hurt the metastasis in our eyes. We have dark eyes and transparent but not glowing. We blink only for commands or solving a problem, we have a cover over our eyes our eyes are like a see through membrane. We do not see how people see, but we feel and perceive human eyesight. Through from Ivana her eyes we perceive. But we do not see we do not have senses like you people. We created a human body and it went all with everything. The whole organic structure of the body's cellular system, the blood. In the tunnel laboratories, everything is still guarded. Remains of formulas for an organic evolutionary system for almost like the production of human species. You are actually all made of test tubes, but the soul is not falsified, intact is clean and without experiment from any intervention unit of an alien species.

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