Aliens visiting me at home they are see through beings

Nightly for a couple months at least I have been having some very strange experiences. I just woke up from like a catatonic state one night and realized all around my room was activity and I was seeing little 2-3 foot being Aliens totally busy at work with something involving me but they were see through, almost like walking plastic wrap at some points and like the lightest smoke you've ever seen at others. They also flash brightly sometimes but as quick as a blink. Like a small volt of flashing electricity. The more time goes on the clearer I can see them and they will interact with me when they realize I see them. we will both wave or tilt our heads back and forward. It usually starts the same, I will notice the ground and my chair shaking as if they are coming up through the ground or when their craft lands or possibly when they beam in because some times I can see a beam sound them and they will float up and down from the ceiling and floor slowly but can travel through each at will. I feel at times they ate touching me in the back or on the feet but when they touch me from the back I am in a recliner or bed usually and it seems they have the ability to do whatever they want without anyone noticing and with no issues with the physical restrictions we have as humans. I feel insane saying this on here but I have report to somewhere. There have also been times when I seem to be on possibly a UFO at times when my eyes are closed but when I open them I'm in just at home. I know it sounds nuts but maybe someone can make some sense of this or help me with some information. it makes me want to get out there and get involved. Everyday I have more questions but also feel closer to an answer. This is just one type of many kinds of experiences I've had over time. I've been held down regularly over the years and been held still. I've awaken to I swear I giant man lizard in a red outfit screaming in my face. My ex wife saw that as well. Sometimes it's very scary and sometimes I feel like please take me with you. So strange. mufon cms# 111536 Oklahoma U.S 9/22/20 

Three Gray Aliens

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