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Wilson Leak Most Significant UFO leak of the 21st Century

The leak of a 15-page note by Dr. Eric Davis of his 2002 meeting with Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson represents the most significant UFO leak of the 21st Century. Richard Dolan has new information regarding the source of the leak. He also analyzes the overall scenario of how the meeting took place and t…

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UFO near Newark airport right near airplane and highway

At around 1:27 pm on Monday, June 24. My husband and I were driving on the New Jersey Turnpike that parallels Newark airport when we noticed what we thought might be a helicopter in the distance right near where the airplanes took off. The airplane would’ve been in the line of traffic from departing…

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UFO Inside America's UFO Sighting Investigations

Friday night June.15th 2019 was the History Channel's third episode of "Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation"... As it turns out, the UFOs seen off the coast of California are actually USOs... USOs are UFOs that can travel underwater or in the air and perhaps have bases in the sea... USO…

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UFO Disclosure Bombshell Recent Leak on Extraterrestrial Craft

Joe and Arjun discuss a new leaked UFO document that very strongly links some UFO sightings and crashes to extraterrestrials. Meaning, these crafts are not human-made. The government is aware of this but keeping it secret from the public for a number of key reasons we discuss. 

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