UFO Witness to Crash Flying Disc Video

Examining the San Antonio Case, Jaime Maussán interviews Remigio Vaca, a witness to the crash of a flying disc. Not only was he one of the direct witnesses to the fall of the "UFO", he also shows a strange piece of metal that was extracted from the "UFO" craft itself. He recounts his experiences in the presence of unusual looking extraterrestrials, the characteristics of these beings and the telepathic messages and images he received when observing the "UFO" ship. Reme describes the experiences of those who were lucky enough to go inside the "UFO" ship before the military arrived. Presented by Jaime Maussan All Content on this channel is fully licensed, and or produced in-house at our studios in UK, Europe and USA. This channel in managed by Zohar Entertainment Group UK, Zohar Entertainment Group International Inc, USA and AdRev, USA.

UFO Researchers Reported Healing Cases

UFO healing cases are more common than you might think. This video presents more than 25 well-known UFO researchers, each who have investigated multiple cases of UFO healing. At least one healing from each researcher is presented. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are now more than 300 documented cases, stretching back more than 100 years and coming from all across the world. If you'd like to know more about the ET agenda on our planet, and learn about the more benevolent aspects of UFO contact, my book, "The Healing Power of UFOs: 300 True Cases" takes a comprehensive look at UFO healing cases, is now available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07...

Amazing Photo UFO Hovers in Orbit

This UFO hovered over my house for 3 weeks. It appears at 8:pm every night for 3 weeks because it stayed in a very low orbit in the same directional orbit every night. I was able to take pictures every night for over a week I was able to blow the pictures up and I was shock to see windows on the UFO. I sent you pictures in the same orbit not in blown up. mufon cms# 109167 Lancaster Texas U.S 5/5/20 Region has had a total of 5,961 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Bright Light UFO appears Lancaster Texas 5-5-20.jpg

Journal of UFO Psychopharmacology

UFO, NDE & DMT Conscious Intelligence Experiences! A peer reviewed article, written by a team of MD academics at the John Hopkins School of Medicine, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, on DMT encounters with Non Human Intelligence, references Chapter One and Two from my edited book "Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence". Many of their findings parallel the research findings of the FREE UFO Experience Research Study, thus providing continued support to my hypothesis on the relationship between Consciousness and the Contact Modalities. This hypothesis will be presented in my new edited book titled "A GREATER REALITY: THE NEW PARADIGM OF CONSCIOUSNESS, THE PARANORMAL AND THE CONTACT MODALITIES", to be published in October 2020. Link to DOWNLOAD the article:

Journal of UFO Psychopharmacology.jpg

New York Times UFO Story

Frank discusses recent UFO News including the New York Times story about US Navy UFO reports, a possible Times follow up on the Wilson “notes,” a review of Steven Greer’s movie “Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind” and a debunker dissection.

UFO Hovered over me and friends

1993 I was in High School at the time and my friends and I were on a mountain top area of what they call a park near Rancho Buena Vista High School in Vista California. We had a Getto blaster radio at the time that was playing music and we were dancing around up there by radio just being dumb teenagers. The time was around 11 pm to 2 am. Somewhere in that time frame. There is a small local airport near this location about 3 miles away but we all saw was not created by man that's for sure. Our radio stopped playing music and went dead, we started asking each other if it broke then I turned around to ask a friend to look at it because he is handy with electronics, then I saw it and pointed and told my friends to look at what was coming at us. Four huge round lights coming at us in the air w no sound. The light had no shine to it I mean like a headlight would. It was bright by not shining at anything if that makes sense. They were all side by side then as it got really close to us about 50 ft away above us it just hovered and we could see a huge black circle bottom to it perfectly flat and the 4 lights we saw in front of this thing merged into the front of it. I remember telling my friends, it has no sound nothing can do this. They just looked up in awe like I did and watched it like we were stuck there but conscious. The sky that night was clear as could be and you could see all the stars out. This UFO hovered over us for probably 2 min it seemed like and you could see the stars around the big black shape it had on bottom of UFO. Now I know Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base is near by as well but this was no military craft. There was no wind, there was a dog in a persons backyard nearby and he barked at us all night until that moment. There was no sound to anything.Then it slowly moved forward going south bound and we all saw the back of it or what looked like the back of it. On the back it had 5 white lights emerge from back of the Unidentified Flying Object, then I blinked and it was not there anymore. No sound of taking off just gone. The radio turned on and we immediately looked at each other and knew what we saw was not from here and we freaked out a bit and ran different ways home. One of my friends committed suicide that next year. We vowed to never speak of it unless it was between us because everyone has called us crazy through the years when I have tried to bring it up to others. I know what I saw. I felt a presence as well but no entity as what you may call it. I heard nothing in my head but I felt at that moment it would not hurt any of us. I moved from that area a year after my friend passed and didn't come back til a few years ago. Ended up dating one of my friends I saw it with. She was not on the mountain top. She said she saw it that night driving by in the back of a truck that night near the area. Tried to contact my old friends who were with me but don't know there last names anymore unless I can find a yearbook then I can find them to confirm. Its important to me I share my experience, I was scared for years and now I am not. I do not have a picture because it was back in the day for me before cell phones. I can draw it and I can tell you in person or phone. This was as accurate as I can tell on email right now. By the way it was only 50 ft above us and the main UFO was huge like a quarter of a football field and the four lights in front of it as it approached were probably maybe the size of 2 city dumpsters. The lights in back of the UFO Sighting moved forward before it left were about the size of a average dog like maybe 3 ft all the way around. mufon cms# 107426 Vista California 2/12/93 Region has had 10785 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Multiple Small White and Blue Orbs

Gathered in a large tree nearby after I flashing my light toward where I seen the first UFO orb.

I noticed small white flashes above my yard as I grilled. Shortly after, I saw a blue, three strobe orb fly a few feet above my house. I was completely shocked because I knew instantly that it was nothing I had seen before. As I stood there flipping my burgers, thinking about what I had just seen I had an idea.

I had my flashlight on my phone on, so I flashed my light 3 times up in the sky like whatever I had just seen fly overhead. Nothing happened the first time but when I done it again the thing came back around. This time it parked and hovered in a very tall tree not far from my house. It wasn't flashing anymore but a constant dim blue light slowly weaving through the branches of this very large tree.

As I continued flashing my light in flashes of three, I began to see 2 other small white lights in the same tree as the blue UFO orb. They made no sound at all. Couldn't of been a drone because it was in this large oak tree, moving around in the dense leaves. They looked sort of like fireflies but there are no fireflies out yet.

It was at about this time my wife came out and I filled her in. I tried repeatedly to get the lights to flash again but nothing. But sure enough as I was about to give up, all three lights began to move and light up! So my wife seen these lights and I knew this was something that was really there, maybe 100 yards from my house hanging in this very large tree. Doing what? I have no clue. But after she saw the lights she became frightened and she made me quit communicating with my light and go inside. This was the first time I have experienced anything like this, ever. NUFORC.org Golden MS U.S 5/13/20

Blue UFO Orb.jpeg

UFO Portals over Quartzsite Arizona

Witnessed many UFOs all entering at one point and all vanish at another space in the western night sky. My husband and I are retired seniors who spend the winter months dry camping in our RV out in the southern Arizona desert. Totally off grid. At night the sky is amazing. We have no lighting to interfere with viewing. Our TV program ended at 9 pm and my husband Carl went outside. He called to me a couple of minutes later to Come See! So I went out and what we watched for the next 20+ minutes really amazed us.

Venus, that beautiful brilliant lady, was to the west of our location. Up about 45-50 degrees from horizon.

Coming from barely to left of and just below Venus and traveling in a very straight line was a well lite dot, much like a small distant star. The "dot" traveled from south or left to north or right (Venus being west) from just below and south of Venus to north of Venus now the odd thing was, that the dot began at one specific place, just south of Venus and traveled to a specific place north of Venus and vanished... then another one came into sight same trajectory, and vanished at the same place the first one we saw did.... then another and another and another for over 20 minutes. Some were a little higher but still below Venus and others a little lower... all coming into view at the same place and vanishing at the same place like coming into a room through one door on the left, crossing the room and leaving though another door on the right. It was very odd indeed. The space between entering and exiting was about the width of two hands, if you extended your arms fully out with hands up like in the stop position two hands wide would have been the distance from seeing it to it vanishing.

The time it took to travel that distance was about 5-6 seconds. If you count one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand it was 5 or 6. It was way up there and just a tiny dot... so didn't seem unusually fast. Wasn't a zoom or flash... just a steady here it comes and there it's gone... here's another and it's gone. it looked like one was entering as one was exiting we have no idea when this began, but while we watched we lost count after 23 or so. So easily over 30.

We sky watch often and planes or satellites or the space station can usually be watched as they travel all the way across the sky. That's what made this siting so unusual. These all began at the same place and vanished at the same place they were not visible before the entry point or beyond the vanishing point. Since there is very low air traffic at this time the movements of these were seen right away.

They were too far away to detect shapes, hear anything or see any detail. Just coming into view, then vanishing. Any way that's what we saw and wondered if anyone else saw them as well. source nuforc.org UFO Sighting occurred on April 16th 2020.

UFO Ascends From Ocean Reported

I was working a summer job from college on a seismograph ship in the Gulf of Mexico.We were taking seismic recordings for a geophysical company several hundred miles out. Myself and four other people were soon getting off a midnight shift an we are standing overlooking the ships gunwales early dawn. It was hard to determine distance but we saw an UFO which came up from the surface of the water. UFO ascended straight up then did 4 or 5 Zig Zags with abrupt stops at each direction change, then UFO took off in a straight path at an incredible speed. We could not tell the size of craft due to distance but the only reason we saw this was because it left a heavy vapor trail in the sky up to the point departure where it disappeared. mufon cms# 108723 UFO Sighting Occurred on 8/13/75 Region has had 825 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


Two months after the Edwards AFB sighting, there occurs one of the most famous sightings in Blue Book History. On July 17, 1957 a RB-47 detects simultaneously visually and by radar an unknown while flying from eastern Louisiana into north Texas. The unknown is also detected by ground radar.

The RB-47 was the Air Force's state-of-the-art bomber converted to a research aircraft with electronic countermeasures (E.C.M) equipment onboard. In addition to a pilot, co-pilot, and navigator, there were three E.C.M officers specially trained in the use of E.C.M equipment and radar. What makes this case even more intriguing is that the E.C.M officers detect a radar signal beamed to their aircraft supposedly by the unknown.

One would think that the E.C.M data, the logs, and all manner of information would be available in this case. But as in all interesting cases, the AF has not kept the critical information. But there is an interesting note in the Project Blue Book files that makes one wonder if the AF investigators really wanted to find the truth. It is a letter written to then head of Project Blue Book, Capt. G.T. Gregory. It begins with, "This report is difficult to evaluate because there is such a mass of evidence which tends to all tie in together to indicate the presence of a physical object or UFO." This almost reads like the author is saying he has too much evidence to be able to discount the UFO as if that was his goal from the beginning. I would hate to hear what any of my college professors would have said if I had told them that I couldn't complete a lab report because I had too much evidence

There is too much detail to provide justice to this case here. Dr. James McDonald first analyzed the case, followed by debunker journalist  Klass (Chapters 19 and 20 of Klass' 1974 book UFOs Explained), and most recently by aerospace researcher Brad Sparks. A copy of Sparks' paper can be found at the NICAP site:
An updated version is available in the 3rd Edition of the UFO Encyclopedia by Jerome Clark. Having read all three papers, I would side with Sparks' version making the most sense based on the math involved in determining the path of the RB-47 as well as the qualifications of the E.C.M officers. IMHO, there are too many assumptions in the Klass article to make it tenable. One can always explain any case with a multiplicative combination of very unlikely possibilities. But as one chains together very unlikely possibilities, the resultant explanation's likelihood begins to approach zero. And as Sparks points out, the likelihood of the RB-47 being in the locations needed for the Klass explanation has already reached zero. But the reader can decide for themselves by reading all three papers. credit The UFO Files Group F.B

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